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ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Ladygamer (Philippines) on 08/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hello I was diagnosed with hpv last june 2017 I have 1 at the hood of my clitoris 3small pcs on my perinium then 2 on my vulva..i was deeply devastated I dunno what to do...then I surf the web looking for a natural remedy coz my doctor told me that they will burn the warts and she is asking for 700 to 800 usd (30k to 35k php) that a huge amount for yeah I searched for home remedy instead..i came across to this website and saw the popular remedy for genital warts which is the pure ACV, I tried it...soaked a cotton ball with Apple Cider Vinegar and put it on the warts for 2 hours daily, it was very painful... as in... but I endure the pain for 1 week...i stop cause ive got bells palsy OMG I feel like what is happening to me... my immune system is crashing down :(...i deal with my bells palsy first so after 2 weeks the warts multiply its like crazy...i feel so down and depressed... I started again the Apple Cider Vinegar for 2 weeks but still no changes and no improvement at all, instead it multiply more...i feel so hopeless I was devastated, super...genital warts invade my vagina, it looks like it has multiple cauli flower on octopus suctions on thier was located all over my genital...i was like what should I do now... I keep on reading here on earth clinic . I saw the 40 crished aspirin +2 tsp ACV + 2tsp Castor oil... I give that remedy a shot. I buy the ingredients plus I added 2 tsp of tea tree oil and vit e on the paste.

1st day I put on the paste generously at night then I washed it in the morning ... OMG it started to fell off then after showering I put another paste on it thank goodness after office I showered and 50%of my gw was gone literaly... I stop putting the paste on it to rest...instead of paste I put tea tree oil and castor oil...after 4 days I put onother paste and I am very happy for the result... in summary I am putting the paste every 4 days untill they are gone... now I believe I am wart free with the BIG help of praying to God and the instrument he used this website and "the paste"... I know there is a chance that it will recur but by Gods grace, I am praying for the best.. thanks and God bless

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Gwremedy ( Usa) on 04/27/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hey guys. I am so grateful I came across this website/GW forum. In return, I thought I would tell you my experience and what worked for me. A couple months ago I had hard, skin colored bumps down there that appeared out of nowhere. I haven't had many sexual partners, nor have I been sexual active in about half a year. I couldn't understand what was happening. Went to walk in clinic and got diagnosed with GW's. I was embarassed and horrified. If you do your research, you will come to understand that this condition is fairly common and I could have had it from 4 partners ago, you're not able to tell. A lot of people have it and don't even know. Until your body can't fight it anymore and perhaps an event in your life such as high stress will finally bring them out. So, I picked up my prescription, condyline. I applied it to the area twice daily, 3 days in a row. Watts turned white but no sign of progression. I thought there has to be something else out there when I came across this website.

My home remedy: stopped applying condyline. I made a paste of 2 extra strength aspirin (crushed), tea tree oil, vitamin e oil and apple cider vinegar until consistent. I applied it on a few pieces of gauze and put it down on my spots for 20 minutes. It was highly uncomfortable and painful, as in burning. Took it off and carefully cleansed myself. For the next couple days I was in pain. I burned myself. Good news was that all the warts were wiping off until there were none! I was ecstatic and my region healed from the burning. (I applied aloe Vera a few times a day and vitamin e oil to ease the pain). I think because I used condyline right before that treatment, that also burned Mr it was a lot at once so that's why I burned myself).

Also tip: the Apple Cider Vinegar makes all the warts turn white and you can see all the regions affected that may not have popped out yet. Extra precautions: take apple cider vinegar tablets daily. I take 2-4. (This isn't new to me). Now and then drink a glass of water in the morning with 1-2 tbsp. Of Apple Cider Vinegar as well.

Go to your local health store and pick up immune system strengthening pills, do a trial. Your immune system needs to be strong again! Apply tea tree oil every now and then. Eat healthy and exercise. You gotta do what you gotta do. Healthy lifestyle, keep taking precautions and keep that happy level up and stress low. Now chin up! You got this.

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sadtosayigotit (Austin, Texas) on 02/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I recently found a cluster of "skin" tags right where the "taint" area is and it looked like a step ladder to my anus area. The skin was white and it just disgusted me. I hadn't been careful (stupid me) and I have an idea of who gave me this "gift".

I knew what I had was either herpes, or warts, but when I did research it didn't sound like herpes at all. True it wasn't as bad as the HPV pics I saw, but I knew that I had to have that. Well I don't know how I got here but I found this site this weekend, and figured hell I have organic ACV. So I've started.

When I'm home I soak cotton balls in Apple Cider Vinegar and apply directly to the spot, I can't use a band aid because they area they are is weird. But I clench that area closed tight for at least an hour.

Right now it's burning. But I can take it. During the day I use a asprin, ACV, vit E, and an essential oil and make a past apply to the area and go to work. You can't smell the mix, but I can bare dealing with it all day.

Just after one day I was able to take a bath wash the area and 2 warts have dislodged themselves already. I have about 4-6 more. I'm hoping that in 2 weeks everything will be gone.

Please try it! I didn't think it would work for me, but it is!!!

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Chionlynx (Pawtucket, Ri) on 11/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there. I couldn't wait to get to my computer this morning. Last week I discovered to my horror (having never had an STD before!) that I had genital "that w word"...ok I'll say it...warts! I'm learning this is fairly common, but the negative stigma is hard to overcome, and the emotional upset is real.

This weekend I tried the crushed aspirin (325mg), ACV and Vit E oil paste with VERY good results. Into the crushed aspirin I dropped in a little ACV at a time until it turns into a nice pasty paste, not too runny. Then add about a TBSP of Vit e oil. I applied it twice on Saturday, and once on Sunday for 30 minutes at a time. On Saturday, inbetween paste treatments, I used a cotton ball to dab on a mixture of Elderberry and Green Tea extract (30 drops each). This also burned like hell, but the burning does subside after a six or so minutes. For the 30minute segments of each treatment (not fun!!), I would try to lie down and stay still, breathe deeply, watch TV... or meditate on the fact that the burning is a good thing...removing those warts!
I've read many of the comments on here...and I think people who are suffering with pain and horrible sores after the treatment, are leaving it on for too long! I was also very raw after the first paste treatment, but I took care of the area diligently with two drops of Tea Tree Oil in a little water (dab it on with rolled some toilet paper, or large cotton ball), followed by a healthy dose of Vit E oil. My round hand held mirror became my best friend!! After the ACV paste treatments, the warts will turn white and it's quite shocking to see how many there actually are! Don't be afraid because the whiteness also means they got dosed with vinegar which is a good thing! During the day, esp after "potty" time, I'd clean up with a little Hydrogen Peroxide, and then the Vit E oil. Don't over do the Tea Tree Oil.

Today is Monday. I feel like a new woman this morning. I feel consideraby better, both physically and mentally. And for the first time in a long time, I feel "normal" down there! (Some of the areas are still red and a little raw, but the swelling and itch has gone away!) Thanks to all of you for the advice and open sharing on this site. I'm a professional woman, with good habits...this can happen to anyone, there's no shame in any of it!! Don't wait til things get bad. Stay on it. There's hope. Trust and believe.
I also plan to see my doctor, for a pap smear and check up. (But I'm not sure I'll be taking any prescription meds at this time).

Oh, and I've also started taking a multi vitamin, Vit C, Echinacea, 40 drops of Olive Leaf extract (3xdaily) (blech tasting). The Olive Leaf is a good antiviral. This is all to boost the immune system.

I only have one remaining issue... and that's the discharge. I'm not sure if there's anything one can do to combat that???? Anyone?

Be well!!

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Lotus_flower (Bentonville, Ar, USA) on 08/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am a nurse, and I just found out I have GW from HPV. I went to the doctor and I was prescribed a topical acid. First of all, that with insurance cost me 130 dollars, and I damn near passed out. But, I wanted the GW gone and probably would have paid anything. I began the treatment as directed. It burns and it is imperative not to get any on the healthy skin, which is difficult and adds to the anxiety of the whole thing. After a month and a half, it had worked-but it wasn't all gone. After reading on this site about ACV, I thought I really can't go wrong-I've waited over a month, been in pain for a while. I went to the store and got the following: vitamin E oil, pure tea tree oil, 325 mg aspirin and apple cider vinegar.

Make a paste with the ACV and aspirin. I had eyeballed it to make the right consistency. Add a few drops of vitamin E to the mix with a dropper. Apply it to the area and leave it on for a half hour and try it twice a day. You can apply tea tree oil all day if you want-it has penetrating power and the best part: takes away pain!!

I did the other treatment for a month and a half, and the result was sorta better-for 130 dollars.

I did the ACV treatment 3 times, and the area is COMPLETELY CLEAR after 3 treatments-for 10 dollars.

This doesn't harm healthy skin, and there's hardly any uncomfortable moments. I didn't think it would work, I admit. I was wrong, way wrong! I can't wait to go to the doctor in 2 days-he'll tell me that the treatment worked, and I get to say, "I have a was ACV!" I'm sure the look on his face will be priceless!

Hang in there all, there IS hope!! :)