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Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

Red Yeast Rice

Posted by Denise (Ga) on 04/14/2017
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Red yeast rice stained the bottoms of my feet within 3 days of taking to reduce cholesterol. Luckily I stopped and the stains went away within a week and a half. No thanks.

Posted by Friend4u (Mi) on 12/12/2015
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All of my adult life I have always had high cholesterol. I've been eating a vegan diet for many years and didn't understand why my cholesterol was so high. I found something online where it said that coffee raises cholesterol. I love coffee and was a regular at the local coffee shop. In the last six months I also started drinking it at home.

When my cholesterol was checked 08/26/2015 it was higher than it's ever been. My total cholesterol was 353 LDL 263 Triglycerides 163. This report did not even show my HDL.

The first month I didn't do anything and continued drinking coffee.

The second month I started taking Red Yeast Rice Complex that also had CoQ10, Policosanol, Pantethine and Plant Sterols. I took 600 mg twice a day. My cholesterol was checked again on 10/24/2015. My total cholesterol was 276 HDL 73 LDL 183 and Triglycerides 87.

The third month I quit drinking coffee and continued taking this dosage for about another two weeks and then took 600 mg once a day until the bottle was gone.The beginning of the third month I also started a Terrain Modification program where I am only drinking nutrient dense liquids through out the day and eating one meal per day that is mostly raw. I just had my cholesterol checked again on 12/04/2015 and the total cholesterol was 239 HDL 87 Triglycerides 128 and LDL was 126.

My cholesterol ratio went from 6.2 down to 2.7 in just a little over three months.

Posted by Patricia (Hartsville, Sc) on 10/14/2009
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High Cholesterol: My bad cholesterol was over 200. After taking one 1200 mg. of red yeast rice tablet in the morning and one in the evening for 3 months, it dropped to 170 and my good cholesterol rose. I saw a report on this on the national news health watch segment. They reported that is does as well or better than statin drugs.

Replied by Carolyn
Hobbs, Nm Usa
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Response to Patricia. Yes the red yeast rice works better than the statin drugs and it is all natural. Much better for the body. But be sure you take at least 200 mg. of COQ10 with it because red yeast rice takes COQ10 out of your body. Besides COQ10 protects the heart. My husband has been doing this for years and his doctor can't believe how good his cholesterol levels always are.

God Bless,

Replied by Susan
Plymouth, Ma

Can you tell me the brand of red rice yeast you took? It looks like in the USA the statin ingredient that you need is taken out. The FDA doesn't want competition for big Pharma. I am looking for one that is made outside of the USA. Or a way to make it yourself. Maybe Ted can find one outside of USA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have very high hereditary cholesterol and refuse to take statins. My blood pressure has always been perfect; and there is no family history of heart problems but I am tired of Dr's telling me I need statins.

Replied by Olddude
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Check out Whole Food Plant Diets,, your heart should be fine on it...

Replied by Bill

Hi Susan...I used to be able to buy red yeast rice when I was living in Luzon in the Philippines but have since moved to Cebu. There are also several other effective ways to help reduce high cholesterol. Here is a short list of recommendations for you:

* Take Ted's protocol to reduce high cholesterol.

* Take Chanca piedra(CP) tea on its own three times a day or supplement CP capsules(500mg) three times a day with meals. Chanca piedra safely lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, reduces blood sugar, protects the liver and does so much more for your health.

* Take niacin (100mgs to 500mgs three times a day always with meals). If the niacin flush is too much for you then just reduce the dosage. Niacin acts to unclump sticky blood(it does this electrically) to help reduce blood pressure safely.

And here's a video by Dr Joel Wallach on the causes and cure for high cholesterol problems:

Joel Wallach -- High Cholesterol

Posted by Sandra (London, England) on 02/07/2009
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I decided to try red rice yeast after taking statins for several years for high cholesterol. I changed my lifestyle; eating oats for breakfast every day and walking at least 30 minutes per day. Then I substituted red rice yeast instead of the statins. Two months after stopping the statins and taking red rice yeast, my cholesterol is down to 5.5. With the guidance of my medical herbalist, I am reducing the red rice yeast gradually, and expect not to need it at all eventually.

Replied by David
Flagler Beach, Fl

Cholesterol can easily be lowered, in fact your body will normalize all functions if you just transition to a plant based lifestyle and alkalize to 7.365. Cheating sets you back a long way so no cheating. The food must be seasoned properly or it won't taste good and taste is the attraction to liking the food of course. We are health ministers and we know what it takes to be healthy. Be patient you didn't get that way overnight and it won't go away over night. But it will go away if it isn't normal.

Posted by Aldo (Westfield, Ma) on 12/12/2007
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My cholesterol has always been high around 276 and my doctor did not believe at that time to treat it, I am in good shape, but when I turned 64, he put me on simvastatin 20 MG. My legs started to cramp up immediately, so I stopped and told him i would research other ways.I saw some data on Red Yeast Rice and took it for 3 months and had my blood tested, my cholesterol droped 40 points my TG went down, he said keep doing what you are doing. I also take 1000 MG of Flax seed. The Red Yeast Rice I cut back to 600MG every other day. I will get my blood tested next week and see what is going on. Test Kidney and Liver. I cut back because i had some very minor stomach reaction. I found that you should check all the ingredients in Red Yeast Rice, you want no other items in it. I purchase it from a Health Store where i can talk to the owner who is an Herbalist. By my dropping the dosage it may not be that effective. I will wait for my tests and then I will react. I have no intention on trying to reduce cholesterol to below 200, I think you can put to much of anything into your body. I will post after my blood tests. Thanks

Replied by Katie M
Hale, Mi

I've read a few of the posts on red rice yeast and I would like to comment as an RN. First, keep in mind that if you have the misfortune of having hypercholesterolemia, you must continue treating it. Your LDL may lower with treatment but will return to high # when you stop treatment. Secondly, to the gentleman who doesn't want to lower his # below 200? I will see you in my CCU unit someday when you have a heart attack because your cholesterol was too high! Don't forget about the HDL! (Good cholesterol) it is just as important! It helps to eliminate the "Bad" LDL. Omega-3 fatty acids! 2-3 grams daily.

Replied by Trudyg

I disagree. I got my cholesterol down using red rice yeast, but I'm keeping it down by watching my diet. I no longer take something for it. Years back I was on zocor but it had horrible side effects (not due to zocor, says dr). I exercise, eat a variety of fresh vegetables, use coconut oil, eat fresh fish often--and it stays down with a good ratio of ldl/hdl.

Replied by Tinydancer
Dayton, Ohio, Usa

Protecting yourself against heart disease requires far more than just simply lowering your cholesterol levels. In fact, 50 percent of the people who are hospitalized with heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels, and 25 percent of people who develop premature heart disease have no traditional risk factors at all. Maybe elevated cholesterol isn't the real cause of heart disease in the first place.

Trillions of dollars are spent on cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) and heart disease is still the leading cause of death. What is wrong with this picture?

Replied by Jess G.

@Tinydancer: I agree, read the book The Great Cholesterol Myth, it makes perfect sense to me. High Cholesterol does not mean heart disease. My cholesterol is sky high but I will never take statins, I know lots of people on them, I work with the elderly, and all of them have horrible side effects. I am considering the Red Yeast Rice but am a bit dubious.

Go with your gut feeling, doctors are not keen on alternatives and generally won't even listen.

Posted by Brendan (Santa Barbara, California) on 11/19/2007
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My osteopath prescribed red yeast rice for elevated triglycerides/cholesterol. Despite looking fit my triglycerides were so high that I was borderline diabetic. I took these daily and now my triglycerides are normal and my cholesterol is below 200 (very important as my Father died in his 40s from heart disease). Red Yeast rice is a statin and is so effective that a prominent drug company tried to get it taken off shelves as they argued it was infringing on their patent. Red yeast rice is available at most health food stores and is best taken with coenzyme q10.

Posted by Charles (Titusville, FL) on 03/25/2006
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I have been on four different cholesterol meds and all have affected my legs. I even tried the Red yeast Rice and had the same results. Am now trying one more new prescription. Red yeast rice was not effective Wife having problems now and is try a med plus is going to try the vinegar and water.

Replied by Carolyn
Northwest, Oh
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Better But With Side Effects

I also experienced leg cramps while taking red yeast rice. However, I found that switching to taking it in the a.m. and not the afternoon or p.m. made a huge difference. I don't even get cramps every day now.

I am pro Red Yeast because after taking it about a year, my total numbers dropped 50 points! From 289 to 233 and my ratios all improved (they were good before, now even better). Not much change in diet other than that. I take just ONE 600 mg capsule per day.

Posted by Brenda (Altoona, PA)
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I take red yeast rice, which you can purchase at any vitamin store. It lowered my cholesterol 40 points.

Soy Lecithin

Posted by Katkat (Lexington) on 12/21/2017
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I took soy lecithin for cholesterol years ago and didn't see that it made a difference. I just ordered some red yeast rice, so it should arrive Sunday afternoon and I'll start taking it. Any idea how long it takes to work? Also, as to keeping the arteries clean---it is my understanding that cholesterol acts like a bandaid in your veins, covering irritations so that they can heal. Most irritations are inflammation, so anything that corrects inflammation should correct the cholesterol issue. Inflammatory foods are sugars, processed foods/flour, etc. (I confess, I had been eating sweets since Halloween and brought my problems on myself). Anyway, I am also adding garlic and turmeric to my daily routine of niacin and acv. I am on day 4 of my bone broth fast, so will start adding dairy kefir to the diet (still taking the broth) for another 4 days. After that I'll go to the ibs diet (easy to digest, lightly cooked, mostly veggies) I'm doing this for my ibs, but it's too soon to tell if it's doing anything. So, the plan is to continue as explained here and, when it comes, add the red yeast rice to the mix. I only bought 1 bottle, so a month's supply, that's why I wondered how long it takes to work. When I go to the dr in January, I plan to have another cholesterol test done to compare results to my work one. So, I have 5 weeks to improve. Wish me luck.

Replied by Jan

Good luck and be sure to let us know.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

See: https://ted.earthclinic.com/cures/cholesterol3.html

Hope this helps....Blessings Charity


Posted by Elaine (Huntsville, Al) on 11/18/2013

About 5 years ago, my dr put me on zocor for cholesterol. I was on it for about 6 months and stopped because I developed neck pain--like a stiff neck, but never got better. A short time after that, my gastro dr put me on something for my ulcer, I don't recall the name, but the neck pain increased and so I got off it pretty quickly. I still have the neck pain--I take a good bit of astaxanthin for the pain, which helps but I still have the pain. During all this time, I also had pain in both large toes. This pain is not in the joint (not gout), but lengthwise up the center of the largest part of the toe. I'm thinking peripheral neuropathy? Comments, anyone? Do you think this is still from the statins? What should I do? I take the astaxanthin, 4 mg 4x/d, d3, calcium/magnesium tablet, and a multivitamin daily. Can someone ever overcome the longterm effects of statins? Thanks.

Replied by Prioris

I would go to a good chiropractor to look at stiff neck problem. Stiff neck (along with headache) is one of the symptoms of chronic meningitis. Usually stiff neck due to cold from open window will go away.

There are all sorts of things for neuropathy but I would consider experimenting with seanol given that it addresses many other things besides the neuropathy. Maybe you luck out and it addresses other things. It is a more powerful and long lasting antioxidant than astaxanthin also but I would keep taking the astaxanthin also.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Elaine,

Yes, the problems are from the statins...or so assume. Good you got off when you did.

Suggestion on dealing with the continuing problem, eg neck etc.

To get the statins out of you, cleanse. I mean deep cleanse. There are different cleansers The best to get to the cellular level, lemon drink while fasting. Six lemons cut in half and squeeze a half in purified glass of water. Twelve glasses of that a day; so six lemons daily...for ten days. By the third day, you'll be visiting rest room every thirty minutes; the lemon will clean out down to the cellular level. Also you'll knock out any kidney stones you happen to have.


Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Never take a statin without also taking CoQ10. Never take CoQ10 without also taking Selenium and Vit-E as these work best together. Muscle stiffness and soreness is a result of the statin depleting what little CoQ10 the body makes, and muscle wasting is the results. From personal experience, the best form of CoQ10 is combined w/ Glutathione. To help rebuild muscle eat quality meat or supplement Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and/or Creatine.

Dr Sinatra recommends splitting the statin tabs in half and in some cases quartered so as to reduce the bad side effects, while modifying the diet and supplementation.

Replied by Marie
New York

Hi, would this work for gallstones or gallbladder. I have been drinking two lemons a day and using olive oil since I haven't done a flush... some days pain is there and some days it is not..

Maybe I am drinking too many lemons. I watched a video from Andrias Moritz once and he said to drink two whole lemons a day... no water...for an extended amount of time..

How does one know if you are detoxing...

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh


There is a Yahoo Group for people who have permanent damage from statin drug use. Most of the people only took statins for a short period of time, yet sustained significant permanent damage that has altered their lives. Most were very active, health conscious people who are now living with severe muscle damage, autoimmune diseases and memory problems. These adverse reactions are usually not reported by our doctors, so the number of people affected is not known. The group can be found here:


Someone at this site may be able to give advice. Those who have seen doctors specializing in statin damage have reported they take a certain kind of absorbable CoQ10 and high doses of fish oil. Best wishes.

Replied by Elaine
Huntsville, Al

TimH: If I take CoQ10 for relief of pain from statins I took years ago, then I have another question. My ldl is still high, so can I take red yeast rice w/ coQ10 in it and then more CoQ10 for more relief? I still need to reduce that ldl, but I started getting a cramp in my calf from the rry, so stopped it. It has coQ10 in it, but I'm still in pain from the zocor. Thanks.

Replied by Gavin
Northland, New Zealand

I read after a good try out with lemons that after a few weeks the first sign of a zit or boil, is the sign to knock it off. I started to get some boils forming for no good reason. Otherwise the results were excellent. In fact I had never felt better.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Elaine: Try Glutathione/CoQ10 combination for best results which should help w/ energy but for the ldl do take the red yeast rice twice daily plus a flush free niacin like niacinamide or inositol hexaniacinate 1 500mg 2x day. For the muscle loss take BCAA's and or Creatine (C also enhances muscle energy production very effectively).

Also, I have had very good results w/ L-Methionine 500 or 1000mg daily for fat burning. DMG works very well w/ Methionine for energy production and fat burning plus boosted detoxification.

You may also want to consider supplementing Coconut oil to enhance metabolism; lots of good reports on c.o. here. A good source of natural Iodine like Kelp will help metabolism by enhancing thyroid function. L-Tyrosine 500 mg daily will also boost thyroid and energy production. High ldl is almost always a side effect of low thyroid.

Replied by Elaine
Huntsville, Al

Timh, thanks for your advice. I did a search but could not locate a coQ10 that includes glutathione. Is there one? I pretty much use iherb. I can do both supplements. I'm so tired of being in constant pain, not severe but enough to slow me down. Thanks again.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Elaine: Swanson Foods has one, as well as Vitacost L-Glutathione Plus CoQ10 -- 250 mg - 60 Capsules. This will definitely up your energy and help detox any residual statin metabolites, but do also try the other recommends I posted previously as it seems you will need more than just gth/coq10. Eat 2 or three Brazil nuts for selenium to boost the gth/coq10.

Are you vegetarian? Do get some quality protein in the diet.

Something else that will definitely help straightway, is a good hot bath w/ 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup epsom salt. This is very good detox and muscle helper. Potassium is also recommended to improve the electrolyte status which helps the neuromuscular action.

Hoping on some good news from you.

Replied by Elaine

Thanks, Timh. I eat what I consider a pretty good diet. I have chickens and have had them tested for salmonella, so I can eat raw eggs and generally eat 2/day. I also was given a gift of 1/2 an organically grown, grass-fed steer for Christmas, so have high quality angus beef to eat (I don't eat much red meat). I eat lots of avocados and use coconut oil exclusively when cooking, try to use lots of herbs and spices (ginger, garlic, tumeric, etc) in my foods. Not a lot of fresh veg's b/c they are now out of season and my local farmer's market has closed, so mostly frozen. thanks for the assist, will start bs & empsom salts baths. I ordered a seperate coQ10 and glutathione and will commence when they arrive. Thanks again.

Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 11/07/2013 2110 posts

Allow me to add some more info on the ongoing Statin discussion.

Several months ago my almost lifelong normal cholesterol reading spiked considerably as well as triglycerides. Dr. gave me free samples of a Statin. Being cautious and very much not wanting to even give them a try, I asked for a prescription for Cholestramine (a fiber powder supplement). Unfortunately the grand marketing scheme must bow to the taste and fancy of the populace so they add sweeteners and such (which irritates my stomach). Last thurs I go back to Dr. and check high on the C and very high on the T once again.

Sure I buy into the theory that cholesterol is good and even necessary BUT, like sugar, too much is dangerous; so I try half an 10mg Atavastatin and 8 hrs later the other half. Next day take one tab.

At this point it is necessary to note that I am going thru extreme oxidative stress induced by free radicals that's been prominent factor in a lengthy environmental disease. Prior to the Statin, I was rendered almost non functional and was in need of personal assistance. I spent most time in bed and lost almost all appetite and energy ... until I began the statin. Three, four days later I am very much improved and completely out of the semi crisis situation of which I had plumbed. I need to also state that I show many obvious symptoms of a mycoplasma infection that could be considered somewhat severe.

OK, that's the good news. The Statin seems to have gone a long way toward correcting a fatty acid metabolic disorder complicated by a mycoplasma infection (as we know mycoplasma feeds on cholesterol). I witnessed a substantial decrease in chronic diarrhea the two days of Statin.

Now for the bad news. I also noticed a marked increase in my Peripheral Neuropathy (lower extremities). After only a few minutes of research, I find that Statins do cause P.N. in a small percentage of the population. And if that isn't enough, I also find the same small (5%) suffer pulmonary fibrosis (of which I have some obvious symptoms but no diagnosis for almost 20 yrs.). My P.N. seems some better today so I am not fearing anything permanent here, as I only took 2 tabs.

Anyway, I am going to give the Red Yeast Rice a trial as there seems some big potential for correcting the fatty acid metabolic disorder and inhibiting mycoplasma (especially in the liver and gut) as well as lower the cholesterol and triglycerides.

Replied by Prioris

Statin drugs will damage ones health over the long term.

High cholesterol is a manufactured health problem. It makes no sense why you should be concerned about cholesterol. High cholesterol may be a tip off that you have blood coagulation problems. I have had cholesterol near the 400 range for over 50 years. I'm not the least bit concerned about it because I know it is an imaginary problem.

Assume that you have mycoplasma, you could try erythromicin, borax and other things.

You would also have blood coagulation problems. I would strongly suggest fibrolytic enzymes like nattokinase and serrapeptase since it addresses the core problem. Experiment to see what combination is the best.

You do not need to take the Red Rice since it isn't addressing the core problems.

You talk about oxidative damage then why not take astaxanthin. it is a very powerful anti-oxidant. Take at least 8-12 mg per day

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
2110 posts

Prioris: Thanks for your feedback. A little more detail may help.

A 20yr undiagnosed atypical pulmonary fibrosis has left me w/ a terribly toxic body and almost dead on more than one occasion despite all efforts to regain health. Pulmonary Fibrosis is notorious for reducing the ability of the body to produce Glutathione. I have only recently began homemade oral liposomal gth w/ good results, but there is obviously much more to do. Also, as for antioxidants, I am going to create a mixture of several fat & water soluble anti's for liposomal encapsulation which, in theory, should provide the antioxidant protection I have not been able to achieve by standard oral.

The substantial decrease in diarrhea from only 2 days on Statin is a definite tip on some type fatty acid metabolic disorder. The Red Yeast Rice should produce the same effect w/ no bad side effects. Inhibiting the cholesterol in the liver seems to be preventing the overgrowth of the myco in the gut.

From what I've read, a severe mycoplasma infection may take up to 6 or more months Doxycycline and may need rotating w/ other cycline antibiotics. I tried liposomal berberine w/ no noticeable improvements. Borax baths help. Colloidal Silver nebulized kills the mycoplasma from the lungs for maybe 2 or 3 wks, then repeat.

I have taken systemic enzymes in the past and am now taking Nattokinase 2 caps daily.

Replied by Prioris

Thanks for clarification regarding pulmonary fibrosis.

The things I have come up with and you probably already know about:

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
  • Systemic enzymes
  • Nebulized Glutathione
  • Serrapeptase
  • Acetyl Glutathione

I would think you'd want to take the enzymes probably 3 times a day

Posted by Wayne (Huntington Beach, Ca Usa) on 04/04/2012

Hello: In late January, I had bad cholesterol of 181. I don't know what the other numbers were. I was prescribed statins. I didn't take any. Instead, I started an exercise and diet program.

DIET: I cut out all red meat, switched to soy milk. Primarily, I would eat pinto beans with brown rice for dinner with salsa and avocado, sometimes a veggie chicken patty with brown rice and veggies. Breakfast was nonfat greek yogurt or a flax muffin. Lunches were sushi or a subway veggie delight sandwich on wheat. Occasionally, I would eat chicken and fish. I tried NOT to eat anything with saturated fat at all. Lots of bran!

EXERCISE: This might be the most important element. I exercised nearly every day. 45 minutes on the eliptical M-F and an hour on the weekends, plus some weights and crunches on the weekends. If you want to lower your bad cholesterol, YOU MUST EXERCISE LIKE THIS.

PILLS: I started out trying lecithin and red yeast rice, but I read that red yeast rice is identical to taking a statin, and not regulated so they can have a lot of impurities in red yeast rice. The lecithin made me headachy and, I think, made me have heart palpitations. So instead, I decided to try one pill of D-Limonine (Orange Oil), one pill of Fish Oil and one pill of Psyllium every day.

RESULT: I think I started this on January 25 or so. My blood was tested on March 29. Got the results today and my bad cholesterol was only 127!!!!! Hooray!!!

I don't know what the other numbers were, I was just too happy about my bad cholesterol. No idea if the Orange Oil was the key, but I am going to keep taking it and try to get my bad cholesterol under 100. I think exercise and weight loss are critical, however. I lost about 20 pounds in about two months. Good luck to all!

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Starr4046, I would urge you to stay away from statins. Not long ago, I heard Kevin Trudeau speak at the Longevity Now Conference and what he had to say regarding statins was absolutely frightening. He said that without a doubt, over time you will absolutely lose muscle mass. Something we already have difficulty holding onto as we age. These drugs have so many side effects I wouldn't even consider them an option. There are so many ways to lower your cholesterol in natural ways that are fairly well- known. Simple things such as oatmeal, garlic, diet, exercise, niacin, artichoke leaf extract, medicinal mushrooms. Do some research because there is plenty of information available regarding this.

Many people here on EC write in saying that apple cider vinegar really helped bring their cholesterol down. Check ou the cholesterol section here on EC. And good for you that your goal is to live your life without drug use! Wishing you the best of health, Lisa

Replied by Pahlee
Phila, Pa.

Thank you for that info. on statins, because I have been taking them for awhile to control my cholesterol.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Lorene A (Montgomery, Tx) on 10/01/2013

RED YEAST RICE, according to research findings from Dr. Mercola (internet), RYRice is a STATIN drug. We were very surprised and were using as this information was not divulged. It is Lovastatin (Mevacor and Altocor). So if you believe you are taking a natural supplement - Surprise! Provided your tests after statin drugs were good, you are better off to NOT take anything for cholesterol, eat heallthy and take lots of vitamins. Statins are a danger to the liver, as we all know. Same goes for Red Yeast Rice. Manufacturers are very clever hiding the statin facts. Also if the RYR contains citrinin, it is dangerous. Should be removed. Again that information not found on most supplements on the market. Good cholesterol is one of our best friends and is vital componet of every cell membrane. Eat healthy to maintain good cholesterol levels. Love this site - very beneficial. I go no where else to get natural remedies. Wonderful site!

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Lorene A, re Red Rice/Cholesterol,

Your advice is the same as mine and I did try the Red Rice once; maybe three years ago. The friend who was recommending it warned me that he did experience what he thought was a side effect; brain fog. Well, I'd never had problems with brain fog so decided to give the Red Rice caps a try and in two weeks was having trouble concentrating; perhaps a coincendence but I immediately got off the Red Rice and cleared up immediately. I read how the Red Rice works and as you point out and Mercola points out, it works like a statin.

A statin works at the liver level to STOP cholesterol production. But as bad a rap as cholesterol has taken in the past 20 years, cholesterol is essential for cellular health and especially the brain. The problem with cholesterol, is that if there is not enough Vitamin E (natural, not synthetic) in the system, then any fat might start sticking to the veins and arteries. The cause of plaque build up is not the presence of cholesterol but the absence of Vit E.

Got that? The cause of plaque build up is not the presence of cholesterol but the absence of Vit E.

So I got off the Red Rice and the fog went away and I just keep on taking my 800 iu daily of natural E (d alpha tocopherol/ NOT dl alpha tocopherol... The "l" after the "d" tells you it is synthetic. Just get your E at the health food store. Drug stores sell synthetic. ) My cholesterol has always been high but I believe the use of E, CoQ 10, magnesium and potassium, arginine and hawthorn etc has warded off heart issues all these years. I'm 64 and have good BP and can still engage in vigorous exercise. No circulatory issues at all.


Thyroid Meds

Posted by Brian (Fort Worth, TX) on 06/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

low thyroid increased my total cholesterol to 756 and my tryglcerides to 461, after taking armour thyroid my total cholesterol went down to 261 and tryglcerides to 358.

Understanding Cholesterol Jumps

Posted by Robin (Rural Va) on 01/03/2014

Help me understand this. I recently had labs done, and had a 70 point jump in cholesterol since my last labs about a year ago. It went from 190 to 261. I don't have the breakdown, as it was a conversation with a nurse over the phone. I am 55 and just in menopause. I am currently not exercising, but during the spring and summer I walk 3 to 6 miles a day. I am not totally sedentary; I am a special education teacher, and walk from one end of the campus to the other several times a day. I recently lost 20 lbs, and am not overweight. I eat a fairly natural diet. However, I did have the labs done during the holiday when I had been eating fudge, and other holiday goodies. Would this cause the difference?

I have just been looking over the Cholesterol pages, and these are the things that I am already doing: Eat oatbran with EVCO every day. I take niacin 1,000, everyday. I take fish oil, and Evening Primrose Oil. I cook only with Coconut oil, and don't even have vegetable oils in my house. I sweeten my oatbran with BSM. I drink green tea at least once a day; any more than that makes me feel dehydtrated. I never drink sodas.

About two weeks ago I did the gall bladder cleanse with Olive Oil and lemon juice, and epsom salts, due to a pain under my ribs on right side that lasted two days.

I feel like I am doing pretty good for my age. I do have sciatic pain, and have just started having hot flashes, and have had insomnia for about 10 years.

I have read the comments that we should not be worried about our cholesterol. My concern is why the increase when I am already doing things that should prevent it. These things I do were not done to prevent high cholesterol, but for overall health.

Dr. wants me to go on a lowfat diet and recheck in 6 months. I feel I am already on a lowfat diet, except for the this holiday period. Any suggestions or explanations would be appreciated.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Dear Robin,

The spike up could just be a bad reading...that happens all the time. It's cheap to get another reading from an outside lab to confirm the aberrant jump.

I'm one of those who consumes Vitamin E (natural/ not synthetic) and so believe that cholesterol readings ... at least for me.... do not matter because the E keeps platelets "slick" as well as arteries and veins and hence foreign substances will not stick and form clots. Thus the damage that might happen will be kept from taking place. The problem with trying to keep cholesterol from forming by statin drug use misses the essential point that the body (the liver) intentionally makes cholesterol and cholesterol is essential for body health.

Google Dr.Ron Rosedale's " exposing the cholesterol myth" a you tube video...only 9 minutes long. Very informative.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

The reason people want to lower cholesterol is because of heart disease. People should be aware that medical studies concluded many years ago that there is no correlation between heart disease and cholesterol. Same with salt. People with low cholesterol die from heart disease at the same rate as people with high cholesterol.

Heart disease (and stroke) comes down to one thing - cleaning your arteries. You use fibrolytic enzymes like nattokinase and serrapeptase for that. You take them on emnpty stomach. They protect you from strokes and heart attacks. Cholesterol is there to protect you. If it wasn't for that, you'd be dead. Do the research. Even the so called "bad" cholesterol is turning out to be good. Stop worrying about cholesterol and focus on cleaning your arteries.

For your sciatica - Take a form of highly absorb-able Hyaluronic Acid on empty stomach. I know the Biocell formula works. This will replenish your synovial fluid.

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Robin: I will second most of the advise posted and would particularly second Prioris's recommend for "artery cleanse" w/ systemic enzymes. This could be done taken once daily for the contents of the bottle at least once yrly.

Also, you should include some herbal liver support because the liver is the metabolic factory for cholesterol (as one poster verified). Here's a list: Milk Thistle Seed, Artichoke Leaves, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Yellowdock Root, Beet Root. Try to find an otc product w/ as many of these herbs in combination as possible. These will increase bile flow which also increases the solubility of fats. Triple strength lecithin also increases the solubility of cholesterol.

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Hi Robin... Regarding the problems of high total cholesterol, I do not follow the modern medical belief that high total cholesterol is bad, bad, bad.

Current opinion concerning healthy cholesterol levels follows The Lipid Theory which assumes that fats, particularly saturated fats, are bad for you.

I prefer Linus Pauling's Unified Theory concerning cholesterol which seems to make much more sense. Here is a comparison of these two theories given in a very easy to understand document which was written by a knowledgeable pharmacist that might help you to understand these two points of view:

Comparing the Unified Theory with the Lipid Theory

In your own case, your total cholesterol certainly has suddenly risen considerably. Cholesterol is needed in the body to help build and to help repair damaged cells. Therefore a sudden high rise in total cholesterol tells me that there might be damaged tissue or a damaged organ (not necessarily the heart) in your body -- which has caused the sudden rise in needed cholesterol.

Since you are also having menopause problems(you are taking Primrose oil) this could also be causing your cholesterol levels to suddenly fluctuate. Cholesterol is also essential to manufacture hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.

The best way to help both your cholesterol and menstrual issues or changes would be to supplement lugols iodine or Iodoral(lugol's iodine in a pill). Iodine helps to balance the hormones by converting estrone (strong psuedo-estrogen) to estriol (weak estrogen).

The iodine, when combined with the niacin that you are taking, should also help to safely lower cholesterol levels and also help reduce any menstrual issues.

If you decide to take the Iodine Protocol then you should take all the iodine companion nutrients as advised in this document:

A Guide to Supplementing Iodine

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Robin: God made raw wild harvested whole foods for his lovable creatures to enjoy so they could be well and happy. Watch raw food videos and become an 80/10/10er. We happen to be all across the globe. The head gurus are Dr. Doug Graham, Andrew Kim, and David Avocado Wolfe. Hear the excellent reviews from many ordinary people. All the problems can be remedied and you can feel and think better than in your entire life very rapidly. Thank you.

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Thank you for everyone's suggestions. I will make a plan.

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I agree that it's probably the holiday eating. I had the same thing happen to me--jumped very high. I'm in the same situation as you, menopause/insomnia/eat fairly well/exercise enough/weight ok. I fasted for 12+ hours before my last test, but the several days prior we had been out of town and you have to eat what your host presents to you and it was all fried/high fat/high sweets. I'll know better next time to eat right the entire week or so before the text. I take niacin for insomnia, eat oats, only use evco, eat very well, etc. There was absolutely no other reason for it to have gone up like it did. The only difference I am doing now is eating at least 1 apple/day. This is because I read that a pink lady apple helps prevent ulcers, so for a different reason and the pectin will help with cholesterol.

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Hi Trudy, The slightest bit of tension or stress can have a great influence on your cholesterol. When you are relaxed it is much lower also what you eat has an influence on cholesterol.