High Cholesterol
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

Understanding the Role of Cholesterol

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Posted by Swissophie (Switzerland) on 11/06/2015
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Please read the article “The Cholesterol Myth That Is Harming Your Health” on Dr. Mercola's site (Google will find it). What an eye opener! It explains why cholesterol lowering drugs are so dangerous, why we need cholesterol, and why it might be high (repairing damage done by arterial inflammation). Taking ACV should help lowering the inflammation and with it most probably the cholesterol, but do not give up healthy fats, including eggs. Be well!

Replied by Nat
(Brooklyn, Ny)

There is evidence that just as high cholesterol is dangerous, so is (too) low cholesterol.

Low cholesterol is associated with higher rates of aggression, violent behavior, depression, suicide, also cancer, Parkinson's, memory loss, and other illnesses. So, while lowering cholesterol lowers risks of heart disease, it raises risks of other health issues.

In the book Uninformed Consent the authors quote a recommendation of around 230 as being the (all around) safest cholesterol level.

So if someone is fighting anger, depression, etc, maybe he should check his cholesterol levels and if they are on the low side try to raise them to around 230.

Maimonides, a Jewish sage and doctor taught that in personal traits the middle way is balanced and healthy. To get to the middle and balanced way one should examine one's personal traits and strive to bend any unbalanced personal trait to its opposite, (after-which, in most cases, one should bring the trait to the middle; with anger, however, one should bend it too its opposite without afterwards going to the middle). And what is the opposite of anger? Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna said that one should bend anger to mercy (and this will help a person overcome anger). Nachmanides, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman taught that one should train oneself to always "speak all one's worlds, calmly/gently/softly to all people, at all times, and in all circumstances, and in this way one will be saved from anger".

Vitamin C

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Posted by Chuck (Tukwila, WA) on 07/16/2007
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I was reading where high Cholesterol can be fixed by taking 3000-5000 mg of vitamin C per day. The theory is cholesterol attaches itself to lesions in your blood vessels. The Vitamin C repairs the lesions thus allowing the body to flush the cholesterol that is not needed naturally. Further the articles stated Cholesterol is needed to heal nerves that get damaged. The statin drugs stop the body from making cholesterol thus the nerves don't get healed. I took a fall 2 years ago and no one can figure out why I am in pain. I have been on statin drugs for 4 years. My theory is I damaged nerves in the fall and the lack of cholesterol is not allowing my nerves to heal. I weaned myself off the Lipitor. And am taking 1500 mg 3 times a day of vitamin C. I don't know if it will work I hope so. But I have noticed my memory is getting better.

Vitamin D

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Posted by Pamela B (Walhalla, SC) on 02/10/2008
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I am taking 10,000 units of Vitamin D for cholesterol. I really want to know what to do about belly fat, and how others have beat the battle of the bulge.

Replied by Tanja
(Melbourne, Australia, Victoria)

Hi there. Try rebounding or using a mini-trampoline. It's the best exercise on earth. A rebounder costs around 50 bucks and the benefits are numerous. I do 20 minutes per day which is equal to 1 hour of jogging (plus it's 68 percent more effective than jogging without the added stress on the joints). Look it up and try it! All the best. Tanja

ps. you can do abdominals and crunches til the cows come home. They don't work.

Replied by Jen
(TF, ID)

Does this really work? Is that too much vitamin D? I gotta get my cholesterol down. It's been high for years. Doctor put me on a statin and they aren't good. Looking for something natural.


If you juice a bunch of celery every morning and drink it you will lower your cholesterol. I did it for 3 weeks between appointments and it brought it way down.


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Posted by Coty (Gate City VA)
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WATER Is the best thing for high cholesterol.

Replied by Missisippi Girl
(Brookhaven, Mississippi)

Water may be the answer but how much? You can drink too much water also....... Mississippi girl.