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Red Yeast Rice
Posted by KAYJAY (TEXAS) on 01/13/2024


So three months ago, I found out I have a high total cholesterol of 229. My LDL was 165. I am 51 and I am active only as a mom and one who does pilates four days a week. I call myself a vegan slash pescatarian slash vegetarian low on the dairy though slash turkey or chicken maybe once every two week. Put it like this people were shocked when i told them i had high cholesterol. Anywho my nurse practitioner decided to have me tested for this genetic disorder. My brother actually has the genetic disorder that makes his cholesterol high so he's on statins. Well i refuse to get on that medication because i understand the side effects are not good but to each his own and no judgment here. Not at all. My nurse practitioner put me on fish oil and red rice yeast to treat my high cholesterol but check this out before being put on red rice yeast my a1c was good. It was 5.4, but after three months on red rice yeast my a1c which has never been high shot up three points 5.7. I am wondering if this red rice yeast caused my a1c to rise. I heard prescription statins do the same thing. I meet with my practitioner this week and will ask her if this is a side effect of red rice yeast. If it is i want to get off. I have already started adding more carido to my exercise routine and cut those carbs out i know are not good for me but they taste so good even if theyre organic and used with good ingredients. Okay so what are your thoughts on red rice yeast and the possibility they elevate your a1c? I have a gut feeling it has increased my a1c. Also, my three month check up my total cholesterol went down from 229 to 209. My LDL went down from 165 to 140. So it appears it is working but I also believe changing my diet and doing intermittent fasting 16:8 has helped too. I appreciate any comments and i look forward to reading them. Bye

Red Yeast Rice
Posted by Carolyn (Northwest, Oh) on 03/31/2010


I also experienced leg cramps while taking red yeast rice. However, I found that switching to taking it in the a.m. and not the afternoon or p.m. made a huge difference. I don't even get cramps every day now.

I am pro Red Yeast because after taking it about a year, my total numbers dropped 50 points! From 289 to 233 and my ratios all improved (they were good before, now even better). Not much change in diet other than that. I take just ONE 600 mg capsule per day.