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Top 8 Natural Candida Remedies for Effective Relief

Baking Soda, Lemon Juice, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Anonomous (Everywhere, Usa) on 06/23/2010

My 2 cents on Candida

I won't go into great detail, but I had a rash for several years and I tried everything you can imagine. Borax both internally and externally, Niacinamide in large doses, Raw garlic in high doses, urine therapy and alot of other creams and natural cures. Some helped, but you can tell when something really starts to kill the stuff. And for me that was BAKING SODA 1/4 teaspoon in lemon juice 3 times daily, and coconut oil about one to teaspoons 2 or 3 times daily.

All the itching stopped, stuff came out of my skin and the rash went away finally... I DID NOT change my diet either and since then I eat and drink whatever I want to. Even Beer!

So, I am not saying this will work for everyone, but it worked for me. I did this for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Replied by Emma
(Salt Lake City, Ut)

So quick question, do you ingest the lemon juice, baking soda combo and the coconut oil or apply it directly to your skin? I'm going to give this one a try.

EC: Most likely ingesting... The lemon juice & baking soda added to water is one of Ted's alkalizing remedies:

Replied by john

Hi Anonomous (Everywhere, Usa),

Please, could you please elaborate on the Baking Soda(BS) in lemon juice mixture?

Did you mix the BS in only lemon juice, no water? If so, in how much lemon juice did you mix the 1/4 tsp. BS?

When did you drink the BS+lemon juice mixture in relation to meals? Like did you drink it during meals, or 30 min before meals or right after meals, or 2 hours after meals?

Also, an important detail is the brand of the coconut oil. The one you took obviously worked. Many coconut oils on the market are worthless. So which brand of coconut oil you took?

Thank you very much

Baking Substitutions

Posted by Bobbie (Jamestown, Pa) on 01/17/2011

I know this is not a website for baking recipes. But I have a very aggravating problem. I am using your website to get off the sugar, to kill off the candida in my body. I have to bake sweet things for my husband all the time, every 2 days or so. He wants nothing to do with my healthy food. So I am on a search for something I can bake for myself, ingredients I CAN use. Is anything from tapioca ok to use? They sell tapioca starch. They mention rice flour, & xanthum gum, all these for gluten free recipes. I wanted to alter the recipes by putting stevia in them. I have tried buckwheat flour, to make my muffins, with cinnamon in them... Oh boy :(. I am about to try millet now. Hope it tastes better!

I know I have to get off the sugar addiction, but I am almost "freaking out" here, trying not to touch my husband's goodies I am making him. (By "freaking out", I mean I am getting mean-spirited! ) It would be easier if I did not have to bake his stuff for him, but I do.

Can you help me? Or refer me to a site that will tell me more? Thank you so very much, Bobbie ps... I tried to register on your site, it won't let me for some reason.

Replied by Analoggal
(Rancho Cordova, U.s.a.)

Hi Bobbie,

There is a really great website that deals entirely with candida/yeast issues. Go to this address: Over to the left of the page there are tabs, click on the one that says Blog. From there you will see different subjects and one of those is for recepies. If you need more recipes than what is listed, then contact Dan, he is the creator of the website. Just click on the tab that says, Contact me, he is really caring, and responds usually within 24 to 48 hours. Good luck!

Replied by Imma
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


I wish to offer a suggestion in regard to a craving for sweets that the writer of the above email refers to as being difficult to manage. At times I have found myself in the same predicament, and there is a really great solution to this problem, a solution one can use when working on getting rid of candida, or attempting to lose weight.

Brown rice is a complex carbohydrate and very nutritious. My preferred type is Lundberg organically grown that here in Canada can be purchased in health food stores. It has to be simmered to about 45-50 minutes. The best and most therapeutic way to consume it is to eat a small amount - perhaps 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup every 2 hours or so, but it should not be eaten as one would eat regular food; rather, it should be MASTICATED IN THE MOUTH UNTIL IT BECOMES LIQUID, which will mean that one has to chew it about 100 times. If you pretend to have a chewing gum in the mouth instead of food, and it will be easy. This is extremely valuable as nourishment, for much of the breakdown of the food will have occurred in the mouth by the enzymes in the saliva, which is very helpful for those that have a compromised digestive system. Furthermore, the complex carbohydrates of brown rice will stabilize the blood sugar and sugar cravings will vanish. Consumed in this way, simple brown rice ends up being a highly beneficial balancing, nourishing and healing food. It also is rich in roughage and will promote excellent elimination.

Many blessings of health and joy to all......... Imma

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

There was an article in this past week's Woman's World magazine claiming that if you eliminate wheat and products containing wheat from your diet altogether, that the sugar cravings will stop.

About the brown rice, I just started using Success brown rice that you boil for 10 minutes. It doesn't taste bad at all and I wonder if it would have the same effect? I am not good at chewing my food well, by the way.

Something I recently tried was chopping garlic and letting it sit for 10 minutes to release the allicin and then putting it in steamed veggies with a capful of olive oil. Delicious!

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I just read this on another site:

It is important to restore the normal acidophilus and bifidus organism in the GI tract which are killed with antibiotics and predispose to candida.

If there is a situation of low stomach acidity , betaine HCL needs to be added as the candida organisms thrive best in an alkaline environment. You want to make an inhospitable neighborhood for them. If food allergies have developed, further digestive enzyme support may be needed.

It is also helpful to support the immune system with thymus fractions.

What surprised me about this excerpt is that it says candida thrives best in an alkaline environment!!! Here we are, alkalyzing like crazy. What does TED think about this?

What helped me is using coconut oil mixed with the contents of a neem capsule and then heading out for sunshine. Last night I tried a concoction that was from the site on how to make Neem soap. I mixed together as many ingredients as I could, applied it, and then took a normal shower. Here are the recipies. If you don't have all the ingredients, it's OK. Helped my vitiligo that may be presenting from a candida condition. Skin feels better already!!! Looks better too. Hyperpigmented areas seemed to lighten. I think it is better to treat it twice a day also.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

The following is what is written on the site you gave: "If there is a situation of low stomach acidity , betaine HCL needs to be added as the candida organisms thrive best in an alkaline environment. You want to make an inhospitable neighborhood for them. If food allergies have developed, further digestive enzyme support may be needed." ... The alkaline environment that the author is talking about is in the stomache which is why she recommends betaine HCL. The alkalizing that is talked about here (EC) is to help alkalize your body, not your stomache acid, which is why it is not recommended that you eat for one and a half hours after taking any of the alkalizing remedies plus to wait a minimum of half an hour after a meal before taking any alkalizing remedy.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Love the neem soap recipe link, thanks for the info.

Bentonite Clay

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Posted by Vanessa (China (from Nm, Usa)) on 03/02/2014

Hi, this question is for Bill. My husband has had systemic candida for at least 40 years (he is 61 years old). His main symptom of candida is serious depression. He refuses to take anything that kills candida because the die-off reaction is also depression. Do you know if bentonite clay can reduce the die-off since it flushes toxins out of the body? Thanks for your time!

Replied by Bill
(San Fenando, Philippines)

Hi Vanessa...Bentonite clay will certainly help against candida. Bentonite should be taken in a glass of water outside mealtimes together with psyllium husks for best effect. Azomite is another one that is used in the same way. What I would also advise is to add a squeezed lemon to the bentonite, psyllium and water as well as to regularly take milk thistle and a magnesium supplement(Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Citrate forms are best).

Bentonite is renowned for its detoxing properties which include removal of parasites, bacteria, toxins and many heavy metals. For more on Bentonite's health properties see here and here.

One caveat with Bentonite. Don't use bentonite together with allopathic drugs at the same time -- because bentonite will also act to remove synthetic drugs from the intestines as well. So do not supplement bentonite within 2 hours of any allopathic drug use.

Also, supplementing Molybdenum or sodium molybdate acts to generate and increase an enzyme in the body called aldehyde dehydrogenase (AD) which is the main enzyme that removes aldehydes and alcohols from the body. The majority of toxins emitted as waste by candida are aldehydes which can seriously effect the brain and mood. The AD enzyme converts aldehydes to acetic acit which is actually beneficial for the body. Additionally, adding pantethine and pantothenic acid to this protocol will also help to remove and safely neutralize dangerous candida toxins in the blood and this will consequently help to remove the depression and improve your husbands mood. Because sodium molybdate also kills candida -- this means that candida will be killed while, at the same time, acting also to neutralize and remove candida toxins so no side-effects on the mind should happen on die-off. See this link for the full details on dosages for molybdenum, pantethine and pantethenic acid(Vitamin B5). Taking a regular laxative (Philip's Milk of Magnesia should also be used -- this will also help to kill candida because of its high alkalinity and will remove alot of intestinal debris quickly).

Since your husband has had candida for over 40 years, then its practically a certainty that his fungal infection will be system wide or a systemic infection -- this means that his candida infection will not be just in the intestines but will also be in the blood, organs and tissues of his body.

For now, because of the amount of candida in his body and his extreme sensitivity to die off, I would simply concentrate on the complete removal of all candida from his intestines which always tends to be the throne of candida. Once this has been achieved and the symptoms reduced then perhaps you can move him on to a proper and full anti-candida protocol that will get rid of the candida and other bacterial infections from his blood. If you do not attempt to remove the systemic candida form from his blood, then it will simply act to come back in to repopulate and re-infect his intestines later. There is a full candida protocol, which includes diet here on EC.

Veronica S.

Brilliant info just what I was looking for are there any updates to this protocol? As it's been 8 years!

Replied by Lardiver
(Abbotsford Bc)

Try kefir, it has been used for thousands of years, its natural and will do everything for you and get rid of the candida


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Posted by Larisag (Lancaster, Pa) on 08/12/2012

HI. I am coming to the realization this awful itching, burning, "crawling" rash that started on my forehead and has spread to down my face even onto my neck a little bit could be a Candida yeast infection. I am overwhelmed with all the possible ways yo cure this - Threelac, Fivelac, Biotin, etc. I will try them all! I am curiuos about your Biotin. IS this over the counter? fast can I expect this to work? THANKS!!!

Replied by Matthew
(Toronto, On, Canada)

Hi Larisag, Biotin is actually a vitamin. It should be available wherever you can get a wide selection of vitamins (I got mine at the supermarket).

For me, the effect was noticeable after about a week. Within a few weeks, everything cleared up almost completely, and it just keeps getting better and better.

From what I've read, biotin works by preventing the formation of rhizoids (they're like roots that allow the fungus to attach to your intestines). In other words, it doesn't kill fungus at all.

Because of this, I think the treatment should be continued until long after the symptoms have subsided and it may be useful to add other approaches to the mix.

For me, eating more vegetables and fiber while reducing my consumption of coffee made a big difference.

I use virgin coconut oil every now and then too. It wasn't enough by itself, but it does seem to work well alongside the Biotin.

Posted by Matthew (Toronto, On, Canada) on 08/11/2012

Hi There, Over the past few years, I've had lots of trouble with Candida. My whole body had gone fungal - skin eruptions everywhere, terrible fatigue, brain fog, illness, etc. I've tried many things, including coconut oil, antifungal medications, alkalizing diets, black walnut, etc. While all of those things seemed to help temporarily, the problem would recur after a few days.

I finally got rid of it when I discovered an article on another site about some promising research conducted using Biotin as a mitigating agent for rhizoid formation. Since I've had great success, I would like to share my findings.

I've been using about 3000 micrograms of Biotin daily for a few weeks now, with a spoonful of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, as well as a strong lactobacillus acidophilus yogurt (50 million bacteria per serving) and a diet high in vegetables and low in sugar.

Within 3 days of starting the treatment, my facial eruptions disappeared, the spots on my arms started to turn back to normal color, and my itching stopped. My dandruff is nearly gone, my eyelashes are no longer shedding little flakes, and some kind of fungal growth on my big toe rubbed right off in the shower - as if my body rejected it.

I hope it continues to work as well as it has. I'll update in a few weeks if the situation changes.

Replied by Marilyn
(Coulterville, California)

Since I came to the United States, my body chemistry has changed and has been afflicted not only with candida but also psoriasis. I have a strong feeling that it is a result of consuming western diets, which I have never exposed before having come from the PI and had only eaten what's grown from the ground and some occasional seafood and some chicken meat.

I have been having a total war with psoriasis and candida by discipling myself and being careful with what I put inside my mouth. I have replaced eating white rice with brown or wild/ black rice. I have also replaced eating white punky bread with whole wheat bread and have gone almost to eating vegetarian diet. I have almost replaced meat consumption with eating pulses/legumes. They are very cheap but very nutritious source of protien and fiber free from cholesterol and diseases. I also have elliminated cheese from my diet and those sweet/chocolate stuff (dessert) I replaced it with carob from the health food store and just be temperate with sweets like only eat less than a teaspoon for only a taste. I 've been using almond milk/ soy milk and seldom have soda's. I am disciplining myself to be eating large amount of veggies (cooked and raw). I have been noticing that my psoriasis has been under control now and is slowly going away. I have a lot of energy and do not feel any crawling or itchy feeling whenever I eat legumes or faked meat from Morning star product.

I haven't tried taking Biotin for candida, yet and have been thinking of going back eating to a natural, simple diet that grows from the ground and not made and manipultaed by man for profits.

Replied by Sarmad
(Punjab, IN)

I read an article here and I follow some home remedies, and worked well for me within just 12 hours. and the good news is that it was treated at home without any expenses, and medicines

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Jess (Texas) on 10/29/2023

Black strap molasses ( for candida)

**Background **

Mom (f 64) and I (f 28) had been struggling with candida for several years (mom 6 years, me 2 years) she would be so itchy and red that she could no longer sleep plus would have an oozing discharge from under her breast and her skin would flake off ( Dr gave her a pill in the beginning ( lamosil I believe but I could be wrong )but she ended up with a fever 102, hives, chills and body aches so bad she couldn't get out of bed plus the candida became even worse) so we started trying every home remedy we could find. Instead of having the rash all day everyday it became a nightly problem only but did not disappear. Cue 4 years later I started having a rash on my cheeks, thrush, and itching under my chest plus a oozy discharge from my navel I managed to get rid of it for a few weeks but it kept coming back. We also had insomnia sometimes only sleeping 1 to 2hrs a night.

Both of us had darker skin along candida hotspots and our arms( mom used to call me her chocolate chip as I was so dark when I should be golden brown)

Mom was diagnosed with fatty liver so she had quite a bit of swelling in her abdomen plus many liver spots.

***trying Black Strap molasses***

Fast-forward 2 years and through pure chance I found out about Blackstrap molasses for painful menstrual cramps and upon further research I found out it had ⅕ of your daily iron in it plus it is 50-97% absorbable as I was also struggling with pms and anemia I decided to try it despite it possibly triggering the candida.( so did my mom )


It did trigger a rash on the 1st day but we persisted as we both finally got a full night's sleep!!!! We felt so well rested finally!!! It was worth the rash!!!!

We decided to take wormwood to control the candida somewhat...But

***Within 3 days we noticed no more itching!!!!! No more rash!!!!! We both are feeling better then we have in a long time!!!!

*** Dosage***

started with 1 tbsp once daily went to 3 tbsp throughout day***

My research showed you can take 6 tbsp but please do you own research

As this has a lot of potassium about 700 mgs per tbsp ( drs say 99mgs per day but apparently we can take more do your own research please)

**** side effects****

Die off is not fun those 3 days were terrible but as we hadn't slept for so long it was worth it

People warn about sugar spikes but I have noticed it Dropping my sugar instead mom did as well(she's had hypoglycemia since childhood she knows the signs)

Made me super sleepy to the point of dizziness for the 1st week after that it balanced out and I can take it anytime of day now

I started loosing weight and needing to eat more as my metabolism has kicked into gear ( plus sugar levels dropping)

In the first few days my urine smelled really strong and was very dark plus I needed to pee more often this slowed down after about a week or two

Week 2

I started having mood swings

( but still the sleep was worth it)

Week 3

I started noticing pains in my bones and body to (but I could still tell this is helping me I'm getting better so I continued) taking niacin helped with the aches

Week 4

I started losing my appetite but was still getting hungry faster so I made myself eat( it was hard) but still feeling better as my body felt stronger

Week 5

My fingers started swelling up and hurting (but again I still know this is helping) niacin helped and this only happened on and off through 2 days never happened again for me

Week 6

I feel awesome no side effects or die off symptoms I feel great!!!!

Though mom just started having mood swings lack of appetite and the swelling fingers all at once(probably cause she had those problems so much longer???)

But still no rash!!!! We're sleeping every night full 8hrs!!!! Body feels stronger and swelling of mom's liver is going down!!!! Skin color is clearing up!!!! More energy!!!! Age spots on mom are going away!!!! Her hair is turning back to brown most of the top of her head was silver!!!! My hair is fuller and has more volume!!!! We feel awesome we keep getting stronger!!!!

Ps uncle tried this too

His many liver spots are going away!!! And his skin is clearing up

Replied by john


Which brand of molasses did/do you use?

Do you take it with meals or empty stomach (1 hour before or 2 hours after meals)?

Dissolved in water or straight?

Thank you

Replied by Bj

John, it needs to be unsulfered black strap molasses. It is also recommended that it be organic. I have used various brands of organic unsulfered black strap molasses with good results.


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Posted by Michelle (New Plymouth, New Zealand) on 08/22/2014

I have just started taking borax for my candida and need some advice. I have battled candida for years and currently it is systemic following a bout of antibiotics 2 months ago. I am high in heavy metals, namely lead, and have been taking iodine for a while to cure FBD but unfortunately it seemed to make my candida worse, perhaps because it mobilised the metals which spread the candida.

Anyway I heard about Borax some time ago but was too scared to try but now in desperation I have just started taking 1/16th of a teaspoon in 750 ml of water and sipping it throughout the day. I have been doing this for 5 days now. My question is, is this the right amount? I haven't noticed much yet, other than being a bit more tired and a slight headache and some aches and pains in my chest area. I normally get severe herx reactions from any antifungal so I thought I'd start slow, but perhaps I'm not taking enough? I have read about some amazing cures on this forum just one or two days into using Borax. I have continual brain fog and blocked sinuses on and off, just some of the symptoms of my candida, so I am waiting in hope that this will clear suddenly.

Also why do some take Borax for 4-5 days and then stop for a couple of days? Should I be doing this? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks :-)

Posted by Pooped (San Luis Obispo, Ca) on 12/04/2011


I have had candida symptoms for almost 3 years. I got several rounds of prescriptions for fluconozole 100 mg. Everytime the symptoms disappeared within 3 days but returned after 3 or 4 months. I tried taking ACV everyday (2 tbsp diluted in a glass of water) for a while. It made me feel better but not completely cured. In the last 3 weeks I have had severe depression for the first time in my life and an overall "depleted" feeling. I finally decided that it might be linked to the candida. I had 20 mule borax in the house and decided to start taking it as prescribed by Ted: 1/8 tsp in a liter of water throughout the day, everyday for 5 days.

I am on day 5. I started feeling better after day 3. Now on day 5, I woke up with severe flu like symptoms, feverish, headache, extreme weakness, fever blisters, sinus congestion, and a crawling sensation under my skin. I am thinking that either I caught a bug or these are "candida die off" symptoms, which I never experienced with fluconozole. I will stop the borax cure for 2 days as prescribed by Ted and then resume for 5 days. I will post again to share the results.

Replied by Linda
(York County, Southern Maine)

Hi Pooped.... Have you tried enzymes and/or probiotics? I spoke with my local natural foods store proprietor and that's what was recommended for me. Also, my chiropractor performed a muscle test & recommended a wafer that has done wonders as the yeast overgrowth I was experiencing affected my skin. I have been a bit fatigued, dreading everything I needed to do/not really WANTING to do much.... The itchy, dry skin in my outer ears - accompanied by occasional draining - is all better; I've been plagued for months and months. I feel a bit more energized..... I've been ingesting the wafers for about a month along with a calcium lactate whole food suplement & a couple of others. I don't find the supps expensive at all and wonder if they may act a little faster than the borax.... Just a thought! I hope you resolve this soon - we all deserve to feel well~Linda

Replied by Pooped
(San Luis Obispo, Ca)

I am now on my fourth week with Borax and can say that my candida symptoms have pretty much disappeared. I had tried probiotics as well, and of course a candida diet. It helped but I was not completely cured, symptoms always seemed to come back. Now I feel a real difference. The candida die-off effects only lasted about 24 hours. Borax worked for me! I still feel a little pooped, so I am adding coconut oil and ACV to my regimen. I wanted to try oil pulling but I'm too worried my old amalgam fillings might come out.

Replied by Denise
(Waxahachie, Texas)

I would recommend you remove those amalgam fillings asap! They contain mercury. I went so far as to remove my root canaled teeth! All 8. But then I had infections and cavitations. If you read up on them and Weston A Price DDS Foundation, you will find information regarding these types of fillings. Best to you...

Replied by Rads
(Montreal, Canada)

Before u start removing fillings, specialy old ones please read this. (read the whole page :)

Posted by Sue (Manchester, England ) on 12/10/2010

Please could you tell me the right Borax to take that Ted mentions in his article. I dont know the right sort. Also have people had good results taking Borax for systemic candidasis. I Look Forward to Hearing From you.

Replied by Self

Ted generally buys B.P. Grade or U.S.P. Grade borax (Sodium tetraborate) from a chemical supplier or you can look in google products for a 100% Sodium tetraborate or borax. If he can't find this, he'll use the one sold in the supermarket laundry aisle (e. G. 20 Mule Team Borax).


Boric Acid

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Posted by April (Steubenville) on 01/27/2006

Make your own boric acid suppositories by filling size 00 gelatin capsules. insert one capsule in the vagina at bedtime for 2 weeks. To prevent a recurrent infection, boric acid can be used twice a week for 6mo. to 1 year. I am 37 yrs old and put up with chronic yeast infections for the past 10 yrs. I tried this treament after every medication had failed. I have been yeast fee for almost a year! This really works, I told my gynocologist about this treatment and he is now letting this patients in on the cure! You can go to a website to read more about it.

Replied by Leigh
(Dallas, TX)

My vote is a big NAY!

Boric Acid is a systemic poison. It is used as an insecticide! Actually works great. Kills roaches almost as soon as they ingest it. It is highly absorbable through mucos membranes - such as the vagina. The lethal dose is approximately 15 grams. On-line recommended doses for vaginal yeast infections vary between 1 and 2 capsules as suppositories per day for 14 days. Wikipedia references 600 mg per day as a suppository for 14 days - which if you care to do the math adds up to 8.4 grams. If you double this number to get 2 capsules for 14 days the result is a whopping 16.8 grams which goes well beyond the LETHAL DOSE! 00 capsules hold between 540 and 1090 mg! I would NOT recommend using Boric Acid to anyone I cared about!

Replied by BJ
(Vancouver, BC)

This same boric acid remedy stopped recurrent yeast infections I had been having for several years. Just as a side note, make sure you buy the boric acid in the pharmacy that's for minor cuts, not the borax from the laundry aisle.

Replied by Joc
(New Orleans, La)

They sell a natural bacterial vaginosis remedy in the feminine section of the drugstore that is primarily boric acid with some other herbs mixed in. I took this remedy (with little result) but experienced no ill effects from the boric acid. It was there right next to the OTC yeast infection remedies. I guess it is to restore the PH balance

Replied by Renee
(New York)

For the past 3 months I have been suffering with BV & yeast infections. I've never had this problem before, at least not simultaneously. My Dr. has tried a few creams and nothing has worked. Most recently she prescribe Boric Acid suppository's for 14 days. This seems to be doing the trick however, I was just told by another Dr. (in the same office) that the Boric Acid might not be safe while I am breastfeeding. My daughter's pediatrician wasn't sure either. Can anyone clear up this contradictory information? It seems Dr.'s become numb when it comes to medicine & breastfeeding and I feel like I'm left to fend for myself. Thank you in advance for your information.

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City, The Land Of Oz)

In response to 10/01/2008: Leigh from Dallas, TX:

It isn't appropriate to add up the dosage over a two week period like this. Lethal Dose information informs how much is deadly if taken in one sitting. It certainly does not inform you how much can be taken over consecutive days, let alone a two week period.

I could quite safely drink 3 glasses of wine a day over 2 weeks. However if I drank all that alcohol in one sitting I would certainly die. Even the meat we consume over two weeks would cause death from protein poisoning if we were to eat it all at once (yes, there really is such a thing as protein poisoning).


Brewer's Yeast

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Posted by Candy (Stuart, FL) on 06/15/2022

I started using Brewer's Yeast (Nutritional Yeast) about 30+ years ago. I have discovered over the years how it has cured the worst diarrhea and vaginal candida. Since 2016 I started taking it not as a solution to a problem but an almost daily supplement and have amazing results. I sleep so well when I take it regularly. Cures all types of insomnia. I also have been taking it to keep me healthy. I have not had a cold for years and I was using it while working in the classroom. If I forget to take it I have gotten sick over the years but I have learned to take it right away when I am coming down with something and it helps amazingly.

I use 2 heaping tablespoons in a small cup of warm water. (tastes the best). Make sure you stir it and taken best like a "shot". I really don't mind it. I look at it as feeding the health gut bacteria that works for me.

Replied by Tamara

Do you find that there is a specific time of day that works best?

(Kansas City)

Brewers Yeast is wonderful on salads, eggplant, even popcorn.

Replied by Cfitz

Nutritional Yeast is not Brewers Yeast – which is used either to make beer or bread ...

See explanation on Dr Berg's video here:

Replied by Heather

I would really like to know what time of day do you take the brewer's yeast?

The other question did you start off with a smaller dose and work up to the amount you take now?

Replied by Reba
(Colorado Springs CO)

When is the best time of day to take it and how often?

Replied by Trista
(Sydney, NSW)

Hi there, what is the brand and type that you use?

Brewer's Yeast
Posted by Rachael (Alabama) on 05/13/2016

Georgina, finding your post has changed my life!! I have been suffering for years and recently discovered why..Candida. Nothing I read on the Internet has worked until I discovered Brewer's Yeast. This immediately abated a lot of the symptoms. Adding the yeast flipped the switch to OFF! I can't Thank you enough.. Your post was a answer to a prayer. I have my life back. God Bless your sweet soul!!

Brewer's Yeast
Posted by Georgina (Portland, Or) on 07/22/2013

I have been strugging with candida overgrowth and all its symptoms for about 15 years now and brewers yeast has been the single most effective form of management. I wrote a college paper on candida overgrowth and stumbled across a book called "The Life Bridge" by Paul Schulick, Thomas M. Newmark, & Richard Sarnat which explained that brewers yeast is an antogonist yeast to candida. The brewers yeast kills candida yeast, but instead of colonizing the body it goes on its merry way. Nice! I was, as many others have been, feeling quite desperate for something that consistently worked. So I tried it with amazing results. I don't culture it, I just mix about 1-2 tablespoons with about a third of glass of water and chug it down before each meal. It prevents the "5 month pregnant" bloat that would happen after eating, as well as reining in all the other terrible symptoms like itchy skin, fatigue, asthma, and yeast infections. It's also chock full of B vitamins and gives me quite an energy boost. Try a different brand if the taste puts you off too much, I found they vary quite a bit. I gave the brand I didn't like to my dogs and it worked fantastically here in the flea infested NW to keep my pooches from being eaten up. It also helps keep pets healthy and some research shows it prevents colds and illness. Bonus! Just don't accidentally buy NUTRITIONAL yeast, because it is not the same, and it made my symtoms much worse! I hope you all find healing and vibrancy... Never give up!

Replied by Gingermegs

Hi, When you says brewers yeast, do you mean the kind that you use to make bread? Or is it dead yeast?

Replied by Mike
(Denver, Colorado)

Gingermegs: The live brewers yeast used to make bread is a very effective home remedy. There are before and after photos on the web of children who had thrush who were cured in a very short time.

Replied by Julie
(Pierre, Sd)

I am having a real hard time believing brewers yeast could be an answer to the horrible systemic Candida that I have been fighting against for years, I say this because every time I eat even a little bread Candida rears its ugly head and all my symptoms are back. I have been for most part, eating the healthiest foods, and no beverages but water. Food grade hydrogen peroxide I thought was the answer to my problems, it makes me feel symptom free, but I have to stay on a long term high dose to maintain and people are putting fear in me by saying long term use is highly dangerous. I am beside my self and think this nightmare will never go away, as you can tell it has me down today. I don't think there is any real cure, just ways to knock it back, and I have so many of them and spent a lot of money, has any of you ever heard or talked to anyone who has truly beat Candida?

Replied by Vibegirl
(Buffalo Ny)
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Hi Julie

If you notice on this site with pretty much any issue or condition...there are multiple remedies mentioned because everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for someone else.

This site is all about answers! :) As far as the brewers yeast, simply do not consider it as an option for you your mind set can affect any results you are wanting for yourself. And perhaps lay off the hydrogen peroxide for a while, and can always restart it again at a later date if so inclined.

That being said. There are loads of ways to manage or get rid of frankly we all have some issue with balance of bacteria being 'off' at some point in our lives. Knowing how NOT to feed it, while also knowing what will help eliminate it, is what keeps it in check.

Good you are eating healthier as that is half of the issue. Stress however is another BIG contributor to Candida as it raises cortisol levels which then can increase blood sugar and well, we all know that yeast loves sugar. So how are you managing your stress on a DAILY basis?

Pau d' arco, garlic, olive leaf, organic unrefined coconut oil, infused oregano oil, food grade diatomaceous earth, all help kill the yeast/candida..I usually suggest 2 of these..start out with low doses so as not to overdo it initially.

As I'm big in mindset affecting health and our expectations...maybe try to soften your outlook from a 'nightmare' to an annoying situation you are simply in the process of fixing. ;)

Healthfully yours,


Replied by Andreas

Im suffering from terrible candida. I would love to try this brewers yeast. But nothing is mentioned about what kind of yeast it is, I mean there is saccharomyces cerevisiae active yeast, and then there is inactive. Which one is supposed to be used?

Candida and Acetaldehyde Neutralization

Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 03/12/2014

Recently, I read on Earth Clinic that 10-20 milligrams of molybdenum is needed for optimum acetaldehyde neutalization results, and therefore one had to use powdered molybdenum to enable this dosage; whereas molybdenum pills are down in the range of about 900 micrograms. Can anyone suggest a source of powdered molybdenum? Thanks.

Replied by Bill
(San Fenando, Philippines)

Hi Larry...For a source of Sodium Molybdate -- try See this link. If you buy the powder then you will probably need to also buy a digital weighing machine to measure out the correct 10 mg to 20 mg dosages that Ted recommends. And you may want to also buy a pill making machine as well to make the pills in batches for convenience.

Candida and pH

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/06/2006 391 posts

Very few people, except maybe doctors, know that candida albicans grows when your body's pH is acid and therefore, it makes for feasibility of taking baking soda to raise your body's pH but also using some potassium carbonate to further raise the pH as a means of killing Candida albicans appears to be quite feasible.

Candida albicans optimum growth pH is a 4, but it can grow between pH 3 - 7, however most hospital's antiseptic is usually acid which makes it rather ineffective in the killing and the spread of candida albicans. The research below also implies that taking digestive enzymes supplements will also destroy the candida also. Ted

Here is a research abstract:

Effect of pH and human saliva on protease production by Candida albicans.

G R Germaine and L M Tellefson

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract

The elaboration of extracellular proteolytic activity by Candida albicans during growth in laboratory broth or in human whole salivary supernatant was investigated. Growth of the organism in broth at pH 3 to 7 followed by assay of culture supernatants at pH 4 (optimum for activity) indicated protease was only present in cultures grown at a pH of less than 5. In contrast, growth in sterile human whole salivary supernatant over the pH range of 3 to 7 uniformly failed to result in production of protease. Growth of the organism at pH 4 in broth supplemented with saliva resulted in a saliva-dependent inhibition of protease production. Although the addition of up to 16% (vol/vol) saliva had essentially no effect on growth, 4% saliva caused a 50% reduction in proteolysis of substrate protein. Due to the low pH requirement for protease production and activity and the demonstration that saliva is a potent inhibitor of protease synthesis, we conclude C. albicans most likely does not produce extracellular protease in the human oral cavity.

Replied by Sunny
(Spgfd., Mo)

Try oil of oregano for candida

Replied by Anon

dont take *huge* amounts of baking soda /sodium bicarb it can raise blood pressure-more is not necessarily better

Replied by Labes
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Ted, Could you please kindly explain more about how the Ph will influence the virulence of Candida. Because the body will never become Alkylin neither acidic. The homeostatiea always will keep the body acidity around 7±0.4. If the blood becomes ph 6, it means we will die, and if it reaches 8 the same thing.

Regarding the article that you put and explains the activity of the protease of candida, it doesn't say that Candida is unactive at the mouth but it just explains that candida has no protelytic activity in the oral cavity.

I will very pleased to hear from you.

Thank you very much.

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