Top Remedies to Dissolve Calcium Deposits Naturally

Avoid Calcium Carbonate
Posted by Debra A. (Ohio) on 04/07/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I had a lump behind my ear since childhood related to a maxillofacial injury possibly. I tried a series of natural and herbal remedies, one being chanca Piedra. The lump was gone in a week of using the remedies. And I passed a golf ball size stone, and white powder. None of the remedies were white powder. If the remedies dissolve the calcium deposits entirely I will not need maxillofacial surgery that could cost near $100,000 if joint replacement.

A well known doctor from Naples, Florida, a specialist in health and nutrition, has said the rock calcium is not organic calcium and never should be in vitamin supplements or food. He said calcium carbonate causes pea gravel calcium deposits in the brain. Calcium carbonate is rock calcium. It could be what the deposits are from. I had one calcification in the brain area on a CT. He said calcium citrate is the right organic calcium. I switched to it.

I am not sure if calcium carbonate in toothpaste is an issue. But most don't eat it. I am guarding against that bad calcium and seeing some results with the chanca Piedra. I use herbs cautiously. I am going into another round of chanca Piedra and see what results I get before going into a possible $100,000 surgery. I believe God gave us herbs in Genesis. I figure it is the right way to go.