C-Diff Remedies

| Modified on Jan 22, 2024

Often called a “superbug,” C. diff is a bacterium that can range in severity from mild diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation in the colon. No matter the severity of the condition, however, finding an effective remedy can be difficult, which is why we have done our best to come up with a list of effective natural remedies. Probiotics, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal are among the most operative natural treatment options for C. diff.

The Problem with Antibiotics Alone

Many people think that they can simply take an antibiotic to kill off the bacterial cause of C. diff, but what they don’t realize is they could actually be doing more harm than good by doing so. At the onset of the condition, antibiotics are often to blame for the infection, as they kill off the good bacteria in the system. At later stages, however, antibiotics are often ineffective for treating C. diff because the bacteria are resistant to the antibiotic; these treatments further damage the balance in the system, preventing healing.

How Can I Naturally Treat Clostridium Difficile?

That being said, natural treatment options are much more effective for treating C. diff or Clostridium Difficile. The condition can be extremely difficult to treat and often recurs, but these natural options function to rebalance the system. Probiotics, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal are the most common treatments; however, you could also use oregano, colloidal silver, and kimchi.

C. diff. spores are able to reinfect after being outside the body for up to 5 months. It's recommended that surfaces be wiped down with a mixture of 10 parts water and 1 part bleach. Don't forget phones, doorknobs, bedrails, computer and mouse, etc.

1. Probiotics

A number of probiotics can help treat C. diff, but S. Boulardii and L. Reuteriis are considered the most effective. Probiotics help restore the natural balance of bacteria in the body.

2. Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is made from volcanic ash and is an effective detox agent. Bentonite clay draws the toxins out of the body and can even balance bacteria in the gut.

3. Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal functions in much the same way as bentonite clay. It helps draw out toxins and restores the natural balance of the body.

While C. diff is difficult to treat, these natural remedies will restore the natural balance of your gut in no time. You can also cycle these natural options with antibiotic remedies to get even better results.

Keep reading below to learn more natural treatments recommended by Earth Clinic contributors and let us know what you've tried!


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Posted by Tome (Hendersonville, Nc) on 04/02/2011


I filled a prescription for Clindamycin two months ago at Wal... And was not warned about this aggressive bacteria and came down with it. Very nasty, could eat only Kefir for a month. I filled another prescription for Clindamycin two days ago and finally another pharmacy warned about this bacteria and cautioned not to use pain medicine or anti-diarrheal medicine to treat it as both will make it worse. Unfortunately, this Patient Information Leaflet did not advise patients that to prevent the c. Diff. You need to take acidophilus along with your antibiotic. I tried successfully the acidophilus from the health food store. My dentist told me about acidophilus that is coated and will last a long time outside the frig. Big price difference. Health food store refrigerated acidophilus capsules cost $22 while the coated acidophilus pills only cost $4.79 for 100 captabs. The caplets contain much less acidophilus than the refrigerated capsules, but I think the capsules are overloaded because the acidophilus does not last well and a lot of the acidophilus is lost once the bottle is opened. I am just guessing on this. This is a very bad bacteria that actually can (and in my case did) come back a couple of times. I just went back on the acidophilus regimen and it cleared up promptly. The Patient Information Leaflet should have advised us how to prevent this nasty bacteria but it did NOT.

Replied by Lori
(Atlanta, Georgia)

I first had c-diff 15yrs ago when I took clyndamycin for a dental problem. Since then I got it every time I took any antibiotic orally or as a shot. Cholestryamine shorted the duration. The last 2x I took bactrim for surgery and a UTI. With each dose I took acidophilus capsules from a health food store that needs to be refrigerated and contains 50 billion cultures per capsule, usually 1cap a day. For the first time ever, no c-diff. I am thrilled that I have finally found help!! ... And I hope it this might help someone else.

Replied by Liza
(Greenville, North Carolina)

What was the brand name name of your probiotic?

Replied by Shilo
(Shingle, California)

Just want to add another success story to the c-diff thread. I too got this horrible affliction after taking clindomycin for dental surgery. I had taken this before, but this time I was under a lot of stress from my mom having a stroke, and spending all my spare time at the hospital. the perfect storm to get a c-diff infection.

As I had no idea what was happening I put up with the diarrhea and cramps, weakness for weeks before I finally could not get out of bed and ended up in the emergency room. The first round of antibiotics helped, but I still felt lousy. Lost 20 pounds that month. Not a diet I recommend. Three days after the antibiotics ran out, it came back WHAM. Called doctor, on a friday of course, suffered all weekend, got another scrip for antibiotic. Felt better right away, although far from great. 2 weeks later, 3 days after the antibiotic ran out WHAM it's back. I wish the doctors would take this more seriously.

When the doctor prescribed the same Flagyl treatment for the THIRD time I thought this is ridiculous. So I searched for advice elsewhere.

Here is what worked for me:

Get the Flagyl. Then get the probiotics with Lactobicilli and friends, and Sacromyces boulardii. Get good quality oil of oregano.

First week, take the Flagyl as directed(2 times daily). Take the probiotics three times a day. Take the oil of oregano twice a day, before you eat. I used two drops on Kimchi, as it helps it go down. This stuff is STRONG

Second week take the Flagyl once a day, all else the same. Third week, flagyl every other day, all else same.

by the Fourth week, 3 times a week Flagyl, keep up the rest.

Fifth week one Flagyl per week. Here I had a couple of flareups, took one extra Flagyl. Keep taking that oil of oregano, it is key!

By the sixth week I stopped flagyl totally. keep up probiotics 3x day for this week, oregano still twice.

Seventh week probiotics twice a day, oregano in evening. ( my flareups occured at night for some reason, this helped).

By the eighth week I stopped the oregano, but will continue to take the probiotics twice a day forever I think. It has now been 2 and a half months episode free, and I am feeling great. Please anyone suffering from this and not getting a good answer from your doctor, do this!!!

Replied by Ck
(San Diego, California)

I am new to this site and I am glad to have found it as I believe that I am suffering from cdiff again. I had it a couple of years ago, fortunately I recovered pretty quickly. When I had cdiff the first time my Dr. explained why the antibiotics to treat cdiff are prescribed for a few days and then stopped for a couple and then restarted. The reason is because the cdiff infection produces spores but the antibiotic doesn't kill spores, it only kills them once they sprout so the antibiotic is stopped every few days to allow the new spores to sprout, once they do the antibiotic when it's restarted will kill them. I guess the trick is to try and get all the sprouts killed before they can produce new spores. (Sorry, I didn't know what to call them except sprouts and spores) This is how it was explained to me so I hope that it helps. Thank you all for the information, I had forgotten some things which have probably contributed to it coming back.

Replied by Tulsadennis23
(Tulsa, Oklahoma, Usa)

Ck from San Diego... What you're referring to and what was explained to you by your physician is called "pulse dosing" and it's exactly what it sounds like. You take the antibiotic for a few days (or weeks depending on the severity of your infection) and then you stop for a few days (pulsing). This makes the bacteria think that the "threat" of the antibiotic is gone from your colon; once they "think" the threat is gone, they begin to transform from their survival mode or "spore" state to their normal vegetative or "active" state as living bacteria. When you restart the antibiotic again after a few days (pulsing), those bacteria that were protected as spores will then be killed by the antibiotic. Physicians use this technique for treatment when normal antibiotic therapy has failed to eradicate the entire infection and the bacterium has returned after a reoccurence.

According to the latest research, a reoccurence of a C. Diff infection occurs in 25% of patients who have had at least one bought with the nasty pathogen. This means that 25% of patients will experience another infection regardless of antibiotics taken; this infection is not caused by new organisms that have entered the body through exposure (such as in a hospital setting) but by bacteria that have survived the original treatment with antibiotics by becoming resistant spores. These spores are so hardy and "kill-proof" that even boiling them in water for hours on end does nothing! The only thing that really kills the spore on a hard surface is bleach. I wouldn't recommend drinking bleach!!! It is a disinfectant (used on non-living tissues such as counter-tops, door handles etc. ) as opposed to an antibiotic or an antiseptic (used on living tissues such as within the body or on the skin) like alcohol sanitizers.

I have been struggling with C. Diff for over 2 years now (I am 23 years old) and have had 4 reoccurences. Lucky me. I'm in that 25% category. I will be discussing other treatment options such as "pulse dosing" with my physician very soon because I am sick and tired of this. It's frustrating and for all of you suffering from C. Diff, trust me, I feel your pain. Keep fighting though! Don't give up, otherwise you have lost the fight to a primitive bacteria! And that ought to make you feel lousy.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

FYI, fecal transplants are 100% effective in curing C Diff. Might be worth looking into in your situation. Best wishes!

Replied by Tricia
(Washington State, US)

Fecal transplants are sadly not 100% effective in curing c diff. After two years and five rounds of antibiotics that did not work for me I spent $1800 to have two rounds of FMT. 36 pills each time. I am still testing positive for C Diff and now also for E Coli and may have SIBO from the transplant. I have no insurance and have maxed out my credit cards on doctors and treatments. Finding a natural approach is now my only hope.

Replied by Shayna
(San Diego, California)


Where are you at with your infection now? I am on my fourth round of antibiotics for C. Diff. Doctor suggested FMT this morning, but I'm not sold quite yet. I would feel better if other possible factors such as ulcerative colitis and Chron's were ruled out before undergoing a procedure that isn't FDA approved, nor covered by my insurance. Has anyone else had any luck with probiotic therapy?

Any advice would be so appreciated!!! Shayna

Replied by Alex
(New York)

I recently had FMT that only worked about 3 weeks before I relapsed. Prior to FMT, I was on three rounds of Flagyl, followed by a month of Vancomycin. I even experimented taking Flagyl and Vaco at the same time. Relapsed each and every time. My advice to anyone suffering from cDiff is to self-administer FMT via enema. There are a few good sources on how to do that online. At least go to like Quest diagnostics to have your donor screened (blood and stool). May need doctor's prescription for that.

Replied by T

I had a terrible bout of c. diff over ten years ago and was hospitalized for over 2 weeks. I had one serious relapse since, a few weeks later (this one didn't land me back in the hospital). After that I determined that I would not be sick again. At the time, there wasn't a lot of information about dietary changes, but there was some info about probiotics. I took culturelle and s. boulardii and another probiotic on an empty stomach (morning and night). Since then, I have learnt a lot about diet and the body's ability to heal itself. I avoid gluten entirely. I have learnt that it is also advisable to avoid dairy and alcohol and consume very little sugar. It may sound extreme but I have found a low sugar paleo diet to be very beneficial, with some leeway once you have "detoxed" for a while. I also avoid antibiotics at all costs, as you can imagine, although I believe I have had to take antibiotics a couple of times since and did not suffer a reoccurrence. Oh- if I ever feel something coming on I don't eat until I feel well again, but that hasn't really happened since I changed my diet (knock on wood! ). Apparently your body has an opportunity to detoxify when it is not busy digesting food. I still take probiotics - the s. boulardii, culturelle, and ultimate flora critical care, all on an empty stomach.

I encourage you to do your own search for information about healing c.diff or healing your gut and nutrition. I know that individuals with other intestinal problems try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which I don't know too much about.

I hope this information is helpful and hope that you all find/regain good health!

Replied by Debi

i was wondering how bad you had c diff, I was put on flagyl for 14 days felt better but the side effects of the flagly was not fun. I got constipated on it. Anyway, finally had bm after 5 days after antibotics. My bm are off and on kinda normal then diarea. oh. I have gas and off and on adominal pain. I am taking florgen 3 probotics.2 xday now. I'm just lost, can't see the gi Dr. til tuesday and the id. dr til thursday. My drs. put me on vacomicin. but haven't took it yet. They also told me to hold off til I see id Dr. I just dont understand why they dont take this seriously. im getting stressed out. Worried my son will get it since we have to share a bathroom and everything. Anyway, what is the name brand of the oregeno oil you bought??/help please

Replied by Debbie

I got c diff in sept. of this year from taking chymayicin (sorry spelled wrong) from getting a staph infection. (only took 2 doses of it) anyway, I think its back. My stools go from snake like to runs. I'm taking florgen 3 and now florgen, but I'm wondering what you guys eat, I can only eat toast. But I don't have alot of adominal pain unless its related to gas (which I get kinda alot) but I was reading about eating formented foods and using toxic binders like bentonite clay and all kinds of stuff. I lost 20lbs in 6 weeks. I was told not to worry about it today by my gastro. Dr.

Does anyone happened to know what probiotics work better?? I am trying to keep my spirits high and stay postive and less stress but its hard considering, cant eat, you share your house with others and worried about effecting people. If anyone can share the names of products they use that will really help or even foods to try.. oh can I pulse or taper if this is my second time with c diff?? Does anyone had any reactions to any antibiotics given???..

I need help please.

Replied by KT

Hi Debbie, I alternate "Culturelle" and "accuflora". The "Culturelle" is in a capsule that I have to open and empty the contents on unsweetened applesauce. Sometimes I make a "paste" of about 1 TBSP PB and 1/2 C applesauce with 1/4 tsp. magnesium powder before adding the "Culturelle". If unsweetened is not available, I add about 1/8 tsp. (a little more) of ground cloves. I mix a variety of concoctions so it just depends on what I've eaten or if I feel bloated.

The "accuflora" seems to work better when taken on an empty stomach with about 8 oz. of water...I chug 6 to 10 gulps after taking two before bed.

Replied by Debi

Thank you, I was wondering did anyone have any other health problems like h.pylori or anything since having c diff? It's really hard to figure out what to get and that to combat c diff, when I have to watch out for other infections. Does anyone have any suggestions that can work for both even though they are treating for c diff first? Praying that the h.plori goes away. Plus I have a bladder infection. Ugh..help please.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

My Urinary Bladder Infections stopped after I stopped eating sugar in any form, including fruits. I tried cranberry juice and tablets many times but they have never worked.

Replied by Catherine

Hi Debi,

For H-pylori, try deglycerized licorice root (DGL) or chios mastic gum. Most effective treatment I know of. Licorice root can raise blood pressure over time, but not the deglycerized form.

Replied by Sally


Have you heard or tried SCD? I'm trying to find a GI doctor that would be open to the idea of healing through a diet plan like SCD if medication can be avoided. I have IBS and most likely IBD. Thank you

Replied by Cris
(Lake Tahoe)

My boyfriend got C-diff after a dental extraction and course of Clyndamiacin (sp?) I don't understand why the doctor did not tell us to take probiotics as this antibiotic is famous for causing C-diff. It came back 2x with 2 hospital stays. The third time it came back he couldn't keep any food down. We immediately gave him Kefir yogurt smoothie with Reuteri probiotics. He was able to keep it down and better in a matter of hours. We make sure he takes the pill each morning with the Kefir on an empty stomach. So far, so good. I think he may need to take the probiotics permanently.

Replied by Lauria
(Black Mtn. Nc)

I'm in the hospital with it now and can't wait to get home to start this. Thank yu for sharing.

Replied by Bonneebee
(Land Of Lincoln)

Hi Debi (Usa 10/19/2015)

I hope your h. pylori is gone by now (5/30/17). H. pylori will not go away on its own. Several years ago, my husband was successfully treated for h. pylori with sulfer drugs & Pepto Bismal. It has not returned.

Replied by Jmb

Hi. I've had a fecal transplant, and it's not 100% effective for treating C. Diff...it flared back up after 35 days. It is very hard to get rid of.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Kefir without the flavors would help you, start with a tablespoon and if you are okay, then work your dose up higher and try a good multi digestive enzyme and here is a post on EC about barley water:

Amanda (Minnesota) on 04/05/2017:

Omg I just want to thank u commenter and this site! I have had c diff 2 times in 2 yes. I'm healthy and youngish. Anyway, this last time after the antibiotic was finished, it was about a week or so later that I either got c diff again or was getting it. I stumbled upon this site and read numerous, if not all posts. I went and just got pearl barley. Like 1 commenter Put 2 cups of it and filled crock pot up put on low/ warm. Drank and drank it for a day plus. I actually added more water in there after I took it out. Another commenter said they were taking that yeast probiotic on the hrs ever hr. I take florastor. And that combo, I think I'm cured!! I just can't believe it. Thank u to everybody!!

A side note that peeps should be aware of. Drink plenty of water. I think the barley kind of dries u up...

Replied by Kellym

I had a very bad case of C.Diff in 2014 due to 6 months of antibiotics. I have tested negative since rhythm until this post weekend.

I started out sick around the 9th June, doctor sect me to ER, they have me a strong antibiotic for possible UTI, I told them that I have had Diff in the past, said I'd be fine. Got diarrhea two days later and stored the meds they sent me home on. Was okay after that until father's day started loose stools again went to doctor Monday hurting bad said I had a bug, back to the ER on the 24th everything checked out. Went seen a Gastrology a last week( now July) got an email tested positive for C.diff..

Called me in meds for it. But I'm home and me and my boyfriend and his two girls live together. I'm not sure what to do.

I've bleached everything, he's making meals and taking care of the girls needs.

Should he not be sleeping with me, should I be kept in my room. I'm lost at what's the best precaution to take. I've got not fever, no diarrhea, although my stomach seems some and scared to eat anything.

I'm on 100 billion probiotic, cod liver oil, Nancy live yogurt, kefir and the need they put me on yesterday metronidazole.

Thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Lydia (Las Vegas, Nv) on 06/18/2013

C. Difficile-Associated Diarrhea Cured With Apple Cider Vinegar.

OK, I was a skeptic... A desperate skeptic but a skeptic just the same. When I came to earth clinic looking for a cure, I probably would have tried anything I read at that point as I have been battling C Diff for over 6 weeks, lost almost 25lbs, lost all my strength and was very close to losing my sanity. I had literally tried every drug cure they. Prescribe, every over the counter and was still racked by round the clock diarhhea along with pain, spasms, dehydration and weakness. I AM NOT EXAGERATING... I took 2 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar in 6oz of water & in 20 minutes felt relief.

When you have chronic diarhea, there is always a "tense" or "sick" feeling in the pit of your stomach; like you are just waiting to get sick again. ACV took that away on my first dose. By my second dose I was able to go 2 hours without visiting the bathroom- it was a real miracle. I actually slept for the first time in weeks by my 3rd dose (2 Tbs, every 2 hours- organic, with the mother- in 6-8oz of electrolyte water. )

ACV is a miracle! I would have never believed it, but I am a believer now. I will never be without a bottle. I know this sounds dramatic but I honestly believe ACV might have saved me a major health battle. I was going downhill fast. My Dr. had given up and I was supposed to check in the hospital the day I tried ACV. I never had to go to the hospital, I am still in shock that such a simple cure worked but I am a true believer now!

Replied by Maggie

The apple cider vinegar worked for me. Thank you for posting.

Barley Water

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Posted by LeAnn (Georgia, USA) on 10/31/2023

I've used barley water for my husband very successfully over the last three years. He's had numerous colon surgeries and developed c diff, as a result; plus he's on omerprazole, lowering his stomach acid. From the research I've read, it seems that unstrained barley water doesn't cure c diff but works wonderfully mainly because its both super hydrating and has a high fiber concentration. So the body's ability to process and eliminate toxins is turbo charged.

In addition, barley has free radical fighting properties. Also, its vitamins and mineral support the immune system. When a squeeze of fresh lemon, lime or orange is used, that's more vit. C. (WebMD, NewMed, HealthLine are my sources.)

Also, I've read on a micro-biologist's site, (can't find the link), that in his research he found chitinase crystalizes toxins in the gut. He used the term "petrifies" and explained the chitinase acts much like amber encapsulating anything it flows onto. He went to say that toxin elimination is done in a variety of processes, but he believes chitinase has tremendous benefits to people with any type of gut issue, especially c diff without having the side effects.

So it seems to be that it stops the diarrhea by adding fiber and hydration, then the chitinase surrounds the toxins and then flushes them out of the body. Also the micro-biologist said that any grain containing silica works well with flushing (his favorites being oatmeal and next lentils), but most grains and beans lack the hydration properties of barley water.

I use one cup of pearl barley to 5 cups of water, bring to a boil, turn it down on simmer and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain and drink warm or cool. Add a splash of fresh lemon, lime, or orange and honey if desired.

Replied by M-L Bloch

Hi LeAnn,

Instead of omeprazole, you can use Gastric Soothe. I learned this from Dr. Tom o'Brian. He took this over from a Prof. who is specialized in stomach and colon problems. He has anyway a rather easy system and it helps the most. Colostrum, Zink L-Carnosin (Gastic Soothe), Omega 3. rgs from Switzerland

Replied by Jeff
(Daytona, FL)

Regarding Silica, if that helps, bamboo extract is loaded with it.

Barley Water
Posted by Amanda (Minnesota) on 04/05/2017

Omg I just want to thank u commenter and this site! I have had c diff 2 times in 2 yes. I'm healthy and youngish. Anyway, this last time after the antibiotic was finished, it was about a week or so later that I either got c diff again or was getting it. I stumbled upon this site and read numerous, if not all posts. I went and just got pearl barley. Like 1 commenter Put 2 cups of it and filled crock pot up put on low/ warm. Drank and drank it for a day plus. I actually added more water in there after I took it out. Another commenter said they were taking that yeast probiotic on the hrs ever hr. I take florastor. And that combo, I think I'm cured!! I just can't believe it. Thank u to everybody!!

A side note that peeps should be aware of. Drink plenty of water. I think the barley kind of dries u up...

Replied by Silvia
(Woodland, Ca)

Hello on the thread in which people are talking about barley water for c diff. What type of barley do you think they are using? I got some from the Nugget Markets, some organic barley. Will that work??

Replied by Ellie

Yes. That should work.

Replied by Doris

Can this be made with pot barley or just pearl barley? Thank you!

Dorena Rode

Yes, they would be the same. Pot barley has a little more bran.

Barley Water
Posted by Kubakuba (Ohio) on 01/11/2017

Barley water absolutely works for C-Diff. I get C-Diff once a year and this is truly a life saver for me. The relief is almost instant and I am usually up and running again after only a couple days of drinking this. I also take Saccharomyces Boulardii with a flare-up. Thanks Earthclinic!

Replied by Kelly

How much sachromyces b. Did everyone take for c-diff?

Barley Water
Posted by Mel (Southern Utah ) on 01/01/2017

My husband suffered with 2 bouts of cdiff. Each time he was on 4 weeks of heavy duty antibiotics. I used 1 cup pearl barley in 4c. of water in a pot, bring just to a boil, then turn off heat and let steep for 30-60 min. Then strain the water from the barley and drink the barley water. My husband preferred it warm. He noticed relief from stomach pain and frequency within 12 hours. This barley water saved his life.

Barley Water
Posted by Be (San Diego, CA) on 09/06/2014

I tried barley water after a desperately long night and on/off research on this website about C-Diff. It truly worked immediately, stopping the pain and loose/bleeding stools. I was close to going to the hospital but realized that there are far more natural cures on this website I needed to try first after having the success of barley water. Thank you for sharing and being a guardian angel for all of us who suffer with this horrible condition.

Replied by Cat
(Florida, US)

Did anyone else have nausea/upset stomach with c.diff? This has been my major complaint. Not sure if infection is back. Finished with that antibiotic on July 19th and am now having more bad days than good. Anyone else have the same complaint?

Mad Scientist
(Joshua Tree, Ca)

Yes and yes to the nausea and upset stomach, although these only came when it was pretty bad (first time I went septic). I am going AMA (against medical advice) and not taking a combination of Cipro and Metronidazole. They did not do a stool culture and told me it was Colitis. It seems really odd to me that they would not do this test. The thing is, at 63 years old, I never had colitis before the C. Diff. so I am making probiotic suppositories with L. Reuterii. The probiotics are 70% more available this way as they do not have to survive the stomach acid. I have apple cider vinegar and I think barley in the pantry, so I think I will brew up some Barley Water.

Replied by Georgianna
(NH, US)

Hi there! I was wondering how you make the barley water to help with the c diff? What do need and how do you prepare it? Please help, I have recurrent c diff not responding to anything :(

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Georgianna (NH, US)

To make barley water use pot barley and put on gentle boil till almost done. Switch off and let stand for half an hour or so. Use a lot of water for this as you want to drink the liquid. Add lemon/ lime and honey if you like.

For your needs the herb SLIPPERY ELM is of great help as it repairs the gut and is easily digested especially when there is pain. For bad stomach pains it is a blessing. It is a powder and available at health stores.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Ankit

Om from Hope Bc,

Thank you for listing the recipes. However, in your posts, you have listed barley groats (hulled), unhulled barley, and pot barley. Which variety is supposed to be used? Thank you.

Replied by Annalea
(Eugene, Or)

How often should the barley water be used?

Replied by Nan
(Port Colborne, Ont., Canada)

So happy to come across re. barley water. My husband has colitis c, diff. On Flagyll 500 mg 3x daily x 10 days, on his 7th day. Also started him on Shaklee products for C. Diff program. Takes 4 kinds, 2tabs, 3x daily. Been drinking green tea, rice water. Need help bad, thank you and God bless.


The reason barley water may help, is because it contains beta-glucans which may bind w/the c-difficile or their toxins and carry them out of the body. This is why s. boulardii with Bio-MOS helps too -- it also contains beta-glucans.

Barley Water
Posted by Mhall (Palm Desert, CA) on 08/30/2014

The barley water worked instantly! Thank you. 2 weeks now, and no sign of c-diff. I was on flagyl, prebiotics and probiotics, with no signs of diarrhea stopping, and was scared. I'm continuing juicing to build my strength, and Sacromyces boulardii to help good flora to flourish. God bless you for sharing this breakthrough!!!!

Replied by Wm
(San Francisco, CA)

I'm trying to find out what kind of barley, is it the plant, the barley grass sprouting seed, I would really appreciate it if you can give some information about this because my wife has been suffering from c-diff for over a year.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Hello, Wm (San Francisco, Ca) -----

For barley water you buy organic barley groats from the health food store . Wash the groats. I use the crock pot on slow almost all day with two cups of groats and water to the top. Until they have almost completely opened up. Switch off and let cool. Use a sieve to separate the groats from the liquid. You can flavour the liquid with organic lemon juice if you like. Use the barley instead of rice or other.

I have this from the UK where it is an ancient remedy and strengthener for what ails you.

All the best. Namaste, Om

Replied by Lucie

I cannot seem to find barley groats, is it same as Organic Barley Seeds - - Unhulled Barleygrass Seed?

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Lucy --- try to find pot barley and failing that, pearl barley. I find it is harder now to find pot barley. So one has to put up with refined pearl barley.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Pam H
(Chesterfield, Mo.)

I tried the barley water a few days ago (have had C-diff for a month). I drank about 3 cups over a 12 hour period. Because I didn't notice any benefit, I didn't take it the next day, but still have some in my fridge. Does anyone know if it is still good after 3 days? Also, how many doses and how often are you drinking the water? Are there some people who might not notice a benefit until after a few days? Thanks, Pam

Replied by Didi54
(Montreal, Qc)

Barley water is the only thing that seems to be working for me. I took it at the end of a real bad day last friday with CDiff back a few days after taking the flagyl. I was so ill, after a few cups, was finally able to go to sleep having calmed my stomach etc... The next day took practically only Barley water to give my intestines a break. Took also two probiotics bioK C diff caps in morning. Drank Barley water all day and wrested. I ate very little, a bit of mashed potatoes, very well cooked carrots, a banana at noon. Today my stools are practically normal... I also took 12 caps of this intestinal drawing formula made with slippery Elm bark, sprouted flax seed and chia, activated charcoal and bentonite clay, etc...

What's important in the beginning is to stop eating or drinking whatever is irritating stomach and intestines.

The molecule acting in Barley is Chitin. Here is a very good article explaining it's benefits etc. http://www.stimulife-ind-dist.com/ARTICLE-chitin.htm

Other foods contain it and maybe one can buy capsules of it... Krill must contain a lot of it I would think and krill capsules are available.

Replied by Agnes

Bless you for suggesting barley water. I'm on Flagyl after suffering for 10 days. While I felt improvement after two days on Flagyl, the true miracle is barley water. I feel almost normal again, my stools are firm and color is good and I feel like this helping me battle this. I'm also taking charcoal after meals two pills 3 X a day.

Barley Water
Posted by A (Portland, ME) on 08/13/2014

I tried this and it immediately worked! I was having explosive diarrhea about 2 weeks after finishing Flagyl and after drinking this barley water, I'm back to solid stools. I'm not sure if the c diff is killed, though, or only the diarrhea is cured. The intestinal cramps are decreasing as well, though.

Replied by Jeannie
(Olean Ny)

I was looking for natural remedies to help cure and treat these symptoms of my reoccurrence of cdiff. I was put on another course of flagyl 500 after it came back 2 weeks after I ended my first treatment. I was having such horrible stomach pain they were close to labor pain! This is coming from a mother of 5 children :). I instantly made this barley water and it is a God send. I do not have any cramping when I drink this. As far as it helping my stools, I haven't noticed a change yet but I'm 2 days into the flagyl. I'm hoping it clears up and never comes back!

Replied by Sue
(Fairfax Va)

I had C-Diff from Zithromax several years ago. My nutritionist/MD prescribed 3 supplements: Saccharomyces Boulardii capsules, IgG 2000 powder (I used Xymogen brand), L-Glutamine powder, and also cholesterymine, a prescription drug for cholesterol that also binds and removes the C-Diff; I had no side effects from it. All these things together cured it, grateful to say. I hope you have success, it is a horrible ailment.

Replied by Patty
(Panama City, Fl)

Where do you get barley water? Or do you cook barley & save the water? I am 4 weeks with diarrhea & on flagyl. I'm miserable. Please advise. Thank you!!

Replied by Tanya Bilham

Hi Sue, do you mind me asking, was barley water all that you took to treat C.dificile or where you on the flagyl too? and if so, how much of everything did you take?

I'm still having symptoms but they're milder and the test isn't detecting it because of all the probiotics and S.bouradi I took brought it down, but I can't get rid of it. Any info would be so greatly appreciated. I don't think I'll be able to get treatment through my doctors...

Replied by Nancy

Are you sure that Cholestyramine "binds and removes" C. Diff? Did you test after its use to ensure that you are now testing negative for C. Diff?

Barley Water
Posted by Agatha (Las Vegas Nv ) on 06/09/2014

My sister was literally dying with C-diff. My Grandmother was told this by a pharmacist in Mexico. It worked Immediately, saving my sister's life. C-diff can readily be cured with chitan. The plant form is found in Barley. Here is what we did for sis per the pharmacist. Boil the barley yet don't cook it all the way, remove from heat and let it steep. Have patient drink the barley water after it steeps about 20 minutes. It is like a miracle for c-diff. Also stops any diarrhea quickly. Other Chitan is found in crab or shrimp shells. Health stores sell in capsules. We did not try those as the barley water so phenomenal!!

Replied by Julie
(Arlington, TX)

Interesting. So just plain store bought barley? I have had c-diff 3 times this year.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hi Julie -- buy organic unhulled barley. If you have a slow cooker, great. Use four times or more water and cook slowly . When the grain has opened up much, switch off and let stand for a while. You should have 10 fl.oz. water or more which you dilute with lemon juice. In the UK this is called the "Royal Barley Water". The barley groats can be used for meals. Very strengthening and full of vitamins, even for pets.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Carolyn
(Washington, USA)

Thank you everyone! This is exactly what I've been looking for. Tried and true natural stuff to fight this thing. I was put on antibiotics to combat the c-diff I contracted from a patient in long-term care while in training. They didn't know he had it right away but while changing him, decided to run a sample on him. I wish they would have had the gowns and masks ready just in case, but... the test came back positive for him and THEN put everything outside his room. So I was breathing in the spores for two days. I might point out that 2 weeks prior to that, I had finished a 5-day stint of Clyndamycin @ 125mg, that my dentist gave me cause another prescription showed I had reaction to it. An ER Dr. said this wouldn't have been long enough to have caused the C-diff. I figure I must've been a sitting duck! Anyway, I was put on the Flagyl first, then Dr. increased the doseage and after a couple of days I got really ill from that dose. Five days later I got put on Vancomycin for 10 plus days and I was getting every side effect listed! So I'm feeling worse from the side effects but the loosey-goosey stuff is not the problem. I didn't want to take anything anymore cause it's just scarey! I'm gonna try all this stuff, 1 at a time (ha). This barely stuff sounds great and that probiotic. So there IS HOPE! I will let you know. By the way, I gave all the background so it might help someone else to watch out in environments, etc.

(BC, Canada)

Clindamycin Is what gave my mom C-Diff. She was prescribed it from her dentist also 😕

Replied by Alicia
(Victoria, Australia)

Can you use pearl organic barley? I think I am having a relapse of c diff after 2 years as I have just taken antibiotics again I am so scared to go through this again!

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Alicia - Australia --- try pot barley which is not stripped of its goodness. All the best.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Pat
(Delray Beach, Fl)

I had C:diff, was on Vanco for 3 weeks and then tested negative. Now I have 10 to 20 (mostly 20) BM's a day a but all are formed never watery. What the devil is that?

Replied by Rhonda

What is the ratio of water to barley?

Replied by Crittergal
(Siskiyou County)

Sorry, I'm a bit late with this information; however, I just now have come across this chat forum. I've had (have?) C. Diff. You can obtain organic, non-GMO complete barley powder from a very reputable provider from the internet. Since it's a powder, you can just mix with water, juice, tea, etc. Hope this post is not too late to help someone.

Replied by Arlene
(New Hampshire)

I have recurrent C.diff. and often on Vancomycin..which seems less effective each time I use it. Am gluten intolerant...isn't barley full of gluten?

Replied by Tina
(Martinsburg Wv)

Does it matter what type or brand of Barley it is?

Replied by Didi54
(Montreal, Qc)

To Arlene, I would be very very carefull if I were you because of your gluten allergy. Read this and consult somebody who has the knowledge to help you with your condition. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/07/05/other-nonwheat-grains-can-also-hurt-your-health.aspx

Replied by L. Yellowbird
(Nova Scotia)

Please, can anyone tell me how many glasses of Barley water to drink, per day, to help C.Diff ? Also, how many capsules(?) of Oil of Oregano a day should be combined with the barley water? In desperate Need!

Replied by Debra S.
(Utah, U.s.)

Barley water stops diarrhea super fast. Thank you. Isn't that a good thing when anti-diarrheal meds are supposed to be avoided? I know, it's food, so way healthier.

Replied by Manish Shah

Where can I buy Barely from? Do you know if Whole foods store carry it? I tried searching on Amazon and they have Oragnic hulled Barley.

Replied by Judith
(Denver, Co)

You can get barley powder from Swanson Vitamins. I bought some because I thought I would need it, but so far lots of probiotics have worked.

Replied by Joy

Hello Manish Shah. If you have difficulty obtaining barley water consider making you own, it's very simple with lots of info on Internet. It's basically just boiling barley and draining the liquid off. Wish you luck.

Replied by Kellyd
(Seattle, Wa)

This is in reply to Agatha above. She says there's 'chitan' in barley. I believe she means chitin, which as she mentions is also present in crab and other shellfish.

But it's not present in barley. Barley contains chitinase, which is the enzyme that breaks down chitin.

But what I'm concerned about is this: Is barley water really killing off the c. difficile, or is it just stopping the diarrhea symptoms? I can't find any research anywhere that suggests it actually kills or even inhibits c. difficile...

Be Careful With Antibiotics

2 User Reviews

Posted by ANNA (STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK) on 07/31/2008

I was struck by c.difficile while taking clindamysin. i only took 3 dosages and went through great pain and fever,colitis. after a 10 day treatment of flagel, c.difficile returned., my gastroenteroligest then gave a heavier treatment of flagel for 10 days. this time it helped ,it was under control. my doctor explained it this way.,'it was a nuclear bomb going off in my colon and intestines and the clindamysin killed off all the bacteria'.

i was warned strongly not to eat dairy. i was weak and built my strength back up. i cannot have yogurt. i order a probiotic to keep the flora built up in the colon. i find banana's and white rice helps, keep a balance on fiber, be careful with anti-biotics when your prescibed for an illness. have your gastroenterologist phone# handy just in case of a relapse with c.diffice. i have a great gastroenteroligist who is there for me a.m. or p.m. with great understanding.

Replied by Sky
(Harrisburg, Pa, Usa)

Anyway,I am 43 and December 21st 2009 I had some dental surgery done and was put on clyndamyacin for ten days. About the third day in I developed diarrhea but my husband said all meds have side effects and I probably shouldn't worry about it. The next day I only took three doses instead of four and I was perfectly fine again.On 1-4-2010 a Monday I went back to the dentist for a follow up and told him what happened and told him I took all the meds just longer because I felt I didn't tolerate the four doses. He said that was fine and asked if I was okay now. I told him yes, no problems. Two days later my diarrhea started again for a few days ,then I was fine again for a few days and then it started getting worse. By the following Wednesday I started getting really concerned and went to the doctor. I told him what I was on two weeks earlier and my concerns about what I read about the side effects. He said to try yoghurt and rice and bananas for a few days and see if that helps, if not it could be something else you develop from antibiotics. To cure it I would have to go on another antibiotic, but it can go away on it's own. He probably said c-diff but that was a foreign word at that time. He said if I wanted to I could drop off a stool sample the next morning. I took it lightly at that point because I figured oh no big deal ,it will probably go away. Well that weekend was agonizing.I thought I was dying and have never felt the kind of pain I felt for those next couple of days. I read all of my natural remedies books and lived on slippery elm and pau'd arco tea ,but no relieve on the sools. I immediately dropped off the stool sample on the following Monday and didn't hear from the doctors, I didn't realize the test would take that long. By Thursday I didn't know what to do anymore because I had called every day and the test wasn't back yet,so the doc put me on metronidazole (flagyl) and by the next day my severe cramping was gone , I've been on this for 6 days now and I still have at least 10 or more stools,well ,diarrhea. I am so against antibiotics in the first place but thought I had to take them because of the surgery and of course I come down with the side effects.I have been online for hours,reading up on it and getting really scared that this may be a lifelong ailment to live with.I always considered myself a very healthy person,taking lots of supplements and vitamins, eating overall healthy,well for the most part and still I was not strong enough to fight this bacteria. So tonight I finally typed in alternative medicine for c diff and I can't tell you enough how encouraged I feel right now to beat this bug. Now a few questions maybe someone knows about already.

Can I take all my regular vitamins and supplements while going through this? I usually take fish oil,vitamin e,c ,grape seed extract,cherry bark extract,potassium for my restless leg syndrome and a calcium, magnesium mix,which I won't take for now because that usually helps me go the bathroom.

Another thing,I have oil of oregano which I take during colds,could there be some benefit to help fight this bacteria? And can natural antibiotics like Myrrh,boswelia ,ecchinacea and garlic be used along with the antibiotics?
I am very encouraged about the cabbage juice and will go out tomorrow and get some cabbage.Even if it takes a few days ,if it helps I will try it.

Can this bacteria be fought for good?

Replied by Sky
(Harrisburg, Pa, Usa)

I forgot to mention that I was also eating probiotic yoghurt when I was able to, but I guess I did it all wrong when I was eating with the flagyl... I bought some probiotic pills yesterday and the lady said to wait at least two hours or the acidophillus has no effect at all..... darn it, I wasted my time on that and money....making the cabbage juice today to try that too.

Replied by Joe
(Los Angeles, Ca.)

I have had this since 12/29/09. I thought it was a side effect of the z-pak antibiotic I was taking after have my deviated septum surgery.when I talked to my Dr. he said that the zpak should not have this side effect and to take pepto also prescribed some anti dirrareal med.and Flagyl. after a month there was no improvement and I went back to the DR. where they did a stool sample. about a week later I was told I have c diff and they then called in a PX. forthey other antibiotic for this condition since the flagyl did not work it seemed to be getting better but after a week of stopping the new med. The condition now is back to a very watery stool. Will it ever go away? What happens if it does not I heard this is a very dangerous infection. How does one live with this. I hate to go to work just incase I need to use a public restroom. Yes I have a phobia about public restrooms. How will I go on I am awaiting another visit to my DR. he is on vacation until 4/5. This is an awful situation.

Replied by Jewelc
(Lexington, Ky)

I had C-Difficile infection for 8 months in 2008 and lost 60 lbs. Below is finally what helped me conquer this beast and I have never gotten it back. I pulse dosed the Flagyl or Vanco (whichever antibiotic they have you on) while I slowly increased the probiotics.

For example:
Week 1 Vanco 2x daily , probiotic 2 x daily (at least 2 or more hours after antibiotic)
Week 2 Vanco 1 x daily , probiotics 3x daily
Week 3 Vanco every other day, probiotcs 3 x daily
Week 4 Vanco twice weekly, probiotics 3 x daily
Week 5 Vanco 1 x week , probitocs 3 x daily

It is very important to stay off of sugar during this time , because sugar feeds bad bacteria and causes it to grow, also just as important is the quality of probiotics, What worked for me was a well known brand found at any drug store that says LGG on the back of the box and another that had saccromyces boulardi which is a beneficial yeast. I took both of these together everyday.

Replied by Sue
(Va, Usa)

C-Diff - reply to Joe from Los Angeles

I sympathize. I had this condition a few years ago. My dr prescribed saccaromycides (sp?) probiotic, various supplements to strengthen me generally, tested my iodine which was extremely low so put me on iodoral, and also prescribed cholesteramine (sp?), which is really a cholesterol drug that works by binding to fats in the intestines. It is also being used for c-diff to bind the pathogens, and it, along with the rest of the regimen, worked. There is hope. Just make sure your dr knows about all this. If not, find an MD who is also a certified nutrition specialist; I imagine the LA area has many. Good luck!

Replied by Denise
(Manhattan, Ks)

I am suffering from my 3rd time with cdiff, First time was in May, 2009, and just recently March,2010. Was hospitalized both times for 2-3 days. I am on Flagyl and 2 other probiotics. I took Flagyl for 3 weeks and 1 week later I started having recurrent sx. So I am no on Flagyl again and planning to do the pulse dosing. It is so frustrating because the doctors etc. do not know much about this and I have spent hours on the web trying to discover the best probiotic and the best way to get rid of this. I have lost over 10 pounds and just want my life back. If anyone knows the best diet plan to follow please respond or any other advise.

Replied by Tom
(Missoula, Mt)

I am on my third bout of C. diff since the middle of February 2010. I contracted C diff after being treated with Avalox for pneumonia. I have been prescribed the standard protocol of Flagyl for the first episode, Vancomycin for the second and am doing a tapered pulse dosing of Vancomycin now. Sacharrmyces Boulardii has made a huge difference in my ability to live with C diff. I was taking as many as 20 450 mg capsules a day at the beginning of my third outbreak and only had about 2 bad days, compared with being bed ridden for 5 or 6 days with the first two episodes. I have now dropped down to about 6 or 8 capsules per day and can mostly lead a normal life. I don't think Sacharrmyces boulardii stops the bacteria, but literature indicates that it may destroy the toxins that cause the problems with the intestines. It also is very helpful for diarhea. Sacharrmyces boulardii is relatively inexpensive, about $12 for 50 capsules if bought over the internet.

Replied by Dorothy
(Charlotte, North Carolina)

I was diagnosed with C Diff back in May and I am already on my fourth course of antibiotics. I have had both Flagly & Vancomyacin. I am very interested in the Pulsed & Tapered Dose strategies for the antibiotics. Can anyone share the dosage and frequency used for either?. My MD will only perscribe the standard 4 times a day for 10-14 days. I have read several case studies on line that show both Tapered & Pulsed dosage with favorable results for patients with multiple relapses. They do not however provide any details and while it seems that most doctors are just guessing when they treat C Diff, I would like to hear what dosage & frequencies were effective for real patients! Any and all input would be appreciated. I am researching all the "alternative" therapies as well. I just started on the probiotics. So I will share the results soon.

Replied by Miri
(Kew Gardens Hills, New York)

I was diagnosed with c. Diff. On October 14, 2010, after being symptomatic for four weeks. I had been given Omnicef for pneumonia but had started to have the beautiful yellow, smelly, and loose stools even before taking Omnicef. A few weeks previously, I had taken Clindamycin for an infection in a tooth that needed a root canal. The fact that this spore is so tenacious has me discouraged and fearful of relapse. I am on a 3 1/2 week regimen of metronidazole and pray it knocks it out of me. I've not been able to attend my college classes and find myself falling behind. It is devastating to me, because I'm a straight A student and loath anything below an A. I also have endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, so I'm suffering four-fold. The good news is I am in good spirits and keep on going, because there is no other alternative. I'm frequently washing my hands and using Clorox wipes and bleach to clean. I have yet to do laundry, because I don't feel well enough. I also know I cannot ask any friends to do it for me due to how fastidious the spores are. The last thing I want is to put a friend at risk. I know I'm supposed to stay away from milk, but I just can't. I am taking Culturelle as a probiotic, and I thank whomever said to take it at least two hours after taking metronidazole.

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Miri, I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering with this nasty bacteria. Usually people will get C. Difficile after using macrolids or any antibiotics of a large spectrum. The problem is that C. Difficile is a part of our normal flora but once we wiped out our flora, this bacteria takes advantage of the situation and grows wildly. If you are taking Flagyl, you can add S. Boulardii. Because this yeast has shown very interesting anti-C. Difficile activity. The other thing you can use is oregano oil. The problem is the oregano oil cannot reach the low intestines and get absorbed very quickly from the stomach, duodenum and it will never reach the sites where C. Difficile is. I don't know if a slow release formulation of oregano oil exists. But that will be the best choice against this nasty bacteria. You can take oregano oil slow release( if it exists) and S. Boulardii. Also L. Reuteri is a lactobacillus bacteria that inhibits the growth of C. Difficile. You can add that to. You need also L-glutamine to restore the damage colon mucosa. If the above treatment won't help, then look for a hospital or a clinic that can grows your own probiotics from your stools to billions per capsule and that can help you to eradicate C. Difficile. Also Ask your doctor for a antibiogram to know for sure if Flagyl is working. Because if flagyl is not working, there is no need to keep taking it. Hope for you the best help.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Miri,

Recently, I have been posting here on my use of homemade kefir w/ living grains. Perhaps, you've seen the posts. Well, reading about your C. Diff I thought I should bring your attention to kefir and C. Diff. Kefir has almost 20 strains of lactobacilli, almost 30 strains of yeasts and almost 10 strains of streptococci/lactococci of which keep the intestine ecosystem healthy and our immune system strong.

Also, if you google kefir and C. Diff you will find some very interesting information of how kefir is being used to help rid C. Diff. I hope this information is of use to you.

There was an interesting article that would probably interest you in regard to this subject which I will include a portion of:

Clinical and Health Affairs
Resolution of Recurrent Clostridium difficile-associated Diarrhea Using Staggered Antibiotic Withdrawal and Kefir
By Johan S. Bakken, M. D. , Ph. D. Abstract

"Eight patients, each of whom experienced recurrent episodes of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea, were treated with staggered and tapered oral metronidazole or vancomycin combined with daily intake of kefir, an over-the-counter liquid probiotic dairy product. All eight successfully resolved their infection and did not experience any further diarrhea after completion of treatment. Further studies will be needed to determine whether gradual antibiotic withdrawal combined with kefir is a valuable treatment for recurrent C. Difficile-associated diarrhea."

If you decide to use kefir I would recommend making it yourself as it is so easy and far superior to commercial kefir. It is an amazing food that can help heal the body. Wishing you the best, Lisa

Replied by Jewelc
(Lexington, Ky.)

I overcame c-diff in 2008 after having it for 8 months. I think the thing that helped me the most was taking many more probiotics than was recommended to me by my MD. I took Culturelle and Florastar at least 2 each 3 times per day. Also, healthy diet is important and no sugar while trying to get rid of this beast. Jewelc

Replied by Catherine
(Portland, Oregon)

My C-diff was the cause of overdose on Cleocin. I was given this antibiotic for an insect bite during our vacation in July. The side effects from this drug were really evil and eventually the doctor ordered me to quit taking them. Two weeks later I had such bad abdominal pains I couldn't function. I dropped off a stool sample to the lab and two days later was prescribed Flagyl. Three weeks on the Flagyl and no change at all. I dropped off another stool sample to the lab & was prescribe vancomycin for 20 days @ 4times a day. Guess what? 2 days after I finished that dose, I dropped off another stool sample to the lab and it came back negative. I was starting to get bad again by the end of the week so the doctor had me return the following week to drop off yet another sample which came back positive. I had been told by the pharmacist that this is the last resort antibiotic and there is nothing else that can fix this problem.

I have been taking probiotics that I get from a supplement store and have a new treatment plan. I do two days on, one day off for 2 weeks now. My problem is that the days I don't take anything, I am very sick by the end of the day still. I'm sure this pulsing treatment thing will work because I've heard from many people how successful it is. I also drink 32 oz of gatorade daily which keeps my potassium up. I am extremely allergic to milk, bananas & mint so I am limited on how I get these nutrients that my body needs. I have noticed that I crave coleslaw. After reading the information earlier about the cabbage, it makes sense. I was really concerned about messing up my digestive system with a vegetable that is so thick, but I haven't had any issues at all with it. I guess I've been very lucky because I haven't been hospitalized with this disease. I had also read that people with acid reflux issues have an environment that's more comfortable for these spores to live in. The information that I have found on sites such as this one is very informative. I am just tired of being sick all of the time and really concerned for my husband who is probably at a greater risk to get this disease, too.

Replied by Coregon
(Medford, Or)

To Catherine from Portland with C-Diff: Have you tried colloidal silver for your c-diff? I think probiotics is the correct direction for this to clear up, however the 32 oz of GatorAde you are drinking each day could be slowing your recovery from this. It is very high in sugar (works against probiotic benefits), and dangerous levels of salt to be drinking long term daily, and also has sucrose and fructose in it (Splenda and corn syrup.. Weight gain and other health problems), and artificial dyes and flavorings. If you want to make your own sports drink (safer, more effective and cheaper) I found this recipe:

Ingredients for Homemade Organic Sports Drinks:

* Pure Organic Fruit Juice (No High Fructose Corn Syrup! )
* Water or Green Tea
* Organic Sea Salt

Directions: Fill your sports bottle with half juice and half water (or tea). Add a pinch of organic sea salt, shake, and enjoy!

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Catherine, You should take oregano oil slow release with S. Boulardii. This yeast antagonists against C. Difficile and also reduces the toxin loads. You add to that Flaxseed oil and some probiotics.

Replied by Danny
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Dear Lisa in Thousand Oaks,
I'm also in So Cal. Am very interested in how you make your homemade kefir. I resolved a case of c. Diff with store bought kefir once about 2 years ago, now treating for borderline suspected sibo (xifaximin) and want to start kefir immediately when finished to prevent another bout of c. Diff. Can you point me to a prior posting of yours that explains how you make your kefir? Wold be endebted.

Many Thanks,

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Danny, If you go to the kefir section here on EC you will see my posts regarding kefir and its benefits. I also post sites that you can learn more about it. Since you are here in CA, may I suggest you also consider using raw milk to make your kefir from. We are okay here in CA regarding raw milk. At least for now... If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them! Hope this helps.

Replied by Gene
(Winfield, Bc, Canada)

My story is similar to the ones that I have read in here. All starting with a prescription from a dentist or doctor for an antibiotic. My GP told me that Dentists are big culprits of prescribing Amoxicilan and Clyndamycin, both are "Broad Spectrum" which means they kill every bacteria... Good and bad. I was first given 7 days of Flagyl, and of course the c-diff returned 4 days after completion. My second case of c-diff was so severe that after I had emptied my body of anything resembling a stool, my bowel then went into spasm and continued to try and force anything out of me it could. I had nothing left but blood and mucous and the pain was so severe I ended lying on the bathroom floor sobbing which is where my husband found me and rushed me to the hospital. The pains and cramps made childbirth seem like a walk in the park. The hospital gave me IV Vancomycin and a morphine shot (which they say is necessary to stop the bowel spasms) and I was very grateful for it I have to admit. I spent two days in hosptial under quarantine and then sent home to continue my Vancomycin in pill form for 10 more days. I had been warned that c-diff can return over and over and decided to be pro-active about recovery this time so I phoned a Naturopath and this is what he told me.

First he said that Probiotics are 100% necessary for this. So are Vit B's and a whole host of other nutrients to restore the good "Gut Flora" after this infection. He gave me Immune Boosters, heavy dute suppliments L. Glutamine and put me on an IV of nutrients 2 X week for 4 weeks. He said that c-diff needs to have a very agressive approach or I could have it stay dormant for years and it could take me up to 2 years to just get back to normal.

I have taken Acidophilous anytime I take an antibiotic and the average number per pill is around 100 million in drug store brands. Everything I read on-line said I needed a much higher dose for c-diff recovery. So I bought one from the pharmacist that was 10 Billion per pill. However the Naturopath told me that I needed ones that were 100 Billion per pill to treat this particular problem. Hi comment to me about eating yogurt and taking health store pro-biotics and/or off the shelf brands was, "It's like trying to put a forest fire out with a garden hose". All are fine for maintence of a healthy routine but once you get something that has killed off ALL your good bacteria they aren't effective enough to do any good. Once healthy again then by all means go back to low dosage pro-biotics and eating yogurt if you choose but don't be fooled that they will help you once you are dealing with something as severe as C-Diff.

Hope this helps some of you. Naturopaths aren't cheap and usually not covered by medical but I think it is worth the money. Even my doctor told me that most doctors aren't trained in nutrition and this type of medicine and a Naturopath was a good otpion. I have paid literally thousands of dollars for my dogs at the vet.... Why would I not spend money on myself for this. The total cost was about $1200 for the IV nutriants and about $400 for the heavy duty probiotics and supplements. Oh and the next time someone offers me a prescription for an antibiotic I am going to be asking a lot of questions and thinking long and hard about whether I really need them or not, believe me.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

After reading your post I was just thinking about when I had that for 6 months and lost all my weight, it would be wise to also add a potent supplement of vitamins and minerals and omegas if you could keep them in your system long enough to absorb them.

None of the meds they gave me helped and only seemed to make me feel worse. I did use a lot of over the counter pain meds for the stomaches, taken with a saltine cracker.

You also might benefit from coconut oil or meat to heal the digestive tract.

Replied by Barb
(Indiana, US)

I have had c diff now for about a year. I have been through 6 different doses of vanco and the new meds called difficel and now I went thur a fecal transplant and it did not work. 4 weeks later I will have to go through another fecal transplant. I heard someone say that pain meds make the spores worse. I am having a terrible time with this; if anyone has any other ideas, please pass them along for me. I go next week for another transplant, please say prayers.

Replied by Timh
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Barb: One of the best local natural antibiotics is Oil of Oregano. Take 2 or 3 soft-gels before retiring. In the morning take a broad-spectrum high organism Probiotic (4-60 billion units).

Do this for one week then add 50mg Zinc w/ 5-10, 000 iu of Vit-A away from meals. Home made Kefir will also help populate the gut w/ good bacteria.

Replied by Ed2010

Probiotics can reduce the symptom. S. Boulardi is therapeutically used to flush C. Difficile. You can try S. Boulardi capsules.

Water kefir is rich in S. Boulardi. (S. Boulardi is good yeast)

To Kill you can Take 6 drops of Lugol's Iodine Solution 2 times a day after meal for one week.

Or Take 1 tbsp of Colloidal Silver for one week. If you are allergic to iodine, don't take Lugol's solution.

The herbal method. Take Black wallnut Tincture 30 drops 2 times a day for one month. Or as indicated in the Bottle.

Also, alkalize the intestine with Ted's Alkalizing formula before or after meal. Good Health

Replied by Didi54

hi Barb from Indiana, I think I'm following your route...would like to know if you have finally conquered the beast?


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Posted by Connie (Lincoln, Nebraska) on 10/07/2014

I first got C. diff after a round of antibiotics for diverticulitis. September of 2012. I have been in the hospital with it 3 different times. I was in the hospital Dec 2013 and went home on extended treatment of antibiotics. I ended them mid February"14 and by the end of the month I could tell it was coming back. At the same time I was introduced to a book "And they said it wasn't Possible" by Karen Hurd. I decided if I was ever going to get over the c. diff I needed to have a healthy bowel. The book said to eat 1/2 cup of beans 6 times a day. She explains it much better! Beans are a soft fiber. If you do not have soft fiber, the toxins, bile etc. is reabsorbed from your bowel, goes back to the liver, and is again expelled into the intestine. The soft fiber binds with the toxins and they are removed from the body. I did this for a week and then decreased and I still do 1/2 cup a day and often supplement with benefiber. I use canned navy beans or pinto beans. I wash off the liquid. They really have no taste and make a great snack. So the first part of March I still had some liquid vancomycin that I took for 2 weeks along with the bean diet. That was the last time I had diarrhea, bloody stools, stomach pain etc. I also ate chicken. Stay away from sugar as C. diff loves it. I have done Florastor and any other probiotics with high numbers.

In Sept '14 I could tell it was coming back, problem was, since I did not have the diarrhea etc. the doc in ER thought I was nuts (especially when I told him about the bean diet), and the hospital lab refused to test the stool sample. My GI doctor did not know why I was having problems as he said the cat scans he compared showed my intestine looked a little "irritated" this time, but nothing that should be causing me problems. I think the "bad guys" just outnumbered the "good guys(bacteria)". Two days later I was admitted with 103 degree temp, still no diarrhea. They finally tested the stool sample and I was positive for C. diff. I had been on a number of different antibiotics and this time they put me on Difficile.-it is $100 a pill after my insurance which is pretty good insurance.

I am going to try some of the other remedies that are in this article. I know I have fought it off a number of times with big doses of the probiotics and right now I have the fullness way down low which I know means its trying to come back.

Bentonite Clay

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Posted by Kimberly (Lincoln, Ne) on 12/01/2009

c. diff - the only thing that worked for me was betonite clay. I tried probiotics, yogurt, kefir( yogurt drink). The clay helped tremendously

Replied by Wendy
(Ada, Mi)

I was wondering when taking the bentonite clay were you on any antibiotics for the c.diff. For instance, I am taking vancomysin currently for the c.diff but was wondering if I can and should take the bentonite clay while still on the antibiotics or if I should wait? I have been on flaygl for like 6 days (that didn't work) and now I have been on vancomysin for 10 days and the doctor is extending it for another 7 days. I went to the health store and purchased it and also some super dophlis but I didn't know if I should try the bentonite clay right now? Any suggestions? I need this nastiness to go away. I should also mention this is my second time getting this in 5 years....all because of antibiotics.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Hello Wendy, I don't have the answer to your question on the bentonite clay, but I suspect that the answer is that the worst thing that would happen would be the clay might bind with the antibiotic, which might turn out to be a good thing because most people develop c diff after a round or two of antibiotics, which probably results of an overgrowth of bad organisms after the good guys in our guts are killed off by the antibiotics.

If this is true, then the bentonite clay and taking Probiotics should be more beneficial than another antibiotic. If the expense of probiotics is a problem you can pull up cultured cabbage recipes on-line and make your own much cheaper. Hope you get rid of that unwanted side effect quickly.

Replied by Jennifer
(San Francisco, California, United States)

Hi Everyone - I am new to this forum and thankful for what I have read so far. I have been dealing with C Diff since August 2008 after taking Augmentin prescribed by my sinus doctor, been on Flagyl 4 times and I have lost 15 pounds. So Frustrating!! I am getting so tired of it all, I am looking heavily into Probiotics and taking the time to really read, learn and take action.

Right now, I am eating Activa yogurt which is helping a little and Yakult another type of yogurt. I am researching Probiotic foods, to make some major changes to my diet. Has anyone heard of Buttermilk as a good Probiotic? What specific foods and supplements do you suggest and what has worked the best for you?

This is the first time I have heard of Bentonite clay and am intrigued. I will look into this as a possible next step. My doctor says that since I have had 3 reoccurreces of C Diff since my original bout, the chance of another reoccurence is quite high.

I am doing all I can to ensure that this dose not happen and I am healthy once again.

Replied by Sky
(Harrisburg, Pa, Usa)

I have left several posts about my c-diff but no responses at all.This thing is very frustrating and I am trying to find help and answers.Went today to get more probiotics and the person there told me it is very important to take the probiotic that has Saccharomyces Boulardii in it.

I asked her about taking bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth to absorb the bacteria which I read on EC. She was concerned that if it attracts the bad bacteria it may also attract the good which then becomes a vicious cycle. Does anyone have any information regarding these issues. I am trying to feed my body as much good bacteria as I can and also is it possible to over-do it on the good?

There are so many questions and worries that I have at this point and I'm stuck on finding out more. One says how great the bentonite clay is for your body,a nother one says it messed up their body and so on. I am starting to get very confused about what to do , but need to find a solution to get rid of this bacteria. The medical sites don't know anything other than to keep you on more antibiotics.

Replied by Kaleid
(Dayton, Oh)

Bentonite clay is very beneficial but do not use diatomaceous earth! Diatomaceous earth may be powdery to us when you first look at it but microscopically it is made up of tiny shards like glass. It is mostly used to kill pest with soft body parts like slugs. Do not take this internally. Don't even touch it with your fingers. Bentonite clay is completely different than diatomaceous earth. Bentonite clay is a highly absorptive material that cleans your intestine and absorbs toxins. I hope you read this before it's too late.

Replied by Sky
(Harrisburg, Pa, Usa)

Hi Kaleid, thanks for the info,but I have googled the Diatomaceous Earth and read other articles about the food grade kind and I see no danger. I've been taking it for over a month now and I feel great now. Is there maybe a difference like always with food grade and industrial grade?

Kathy K.
(Kensington, Md)

Yes, never ingest Industrial diatomaceous earth.

Replied by Janet
(South Bend, In)

I am going through c-diff for the 3rd time. First hospital put me on clear liquids and I was really ill, 2nd time Dr just gave me anti bacterial prescription and no diet and I was really ill, the 3rd time the Dr at the hospital put me on baked skinless potatoes, mashed potatoes, white pasta, white rice, white bread and clear boullion with no salt. No butter, oil or seasoning. This along with anti bacterial drug and I never got the diarrhea.

Replied by Julie
(Spring Valley, Ny)

Hello, I wanted to add this to the list of suggestions for treatment of C-Diff... In 2002 I had C-Diff for 1 month with no relief... Then, someone very knowledgeable(whom I STILL call my guardian angel! ) at my local healthfood store recommended that I take in combination 2 things: 1)Bio-K plus liquid.. This is a very potent strain of acidophilus (CL-1285)which has been studied and proven effective specifically against C-Diff.. You need to start with 1/4 bottle(each bottle is 2-3oz), and work you way up to entire bottle, dosing2-3x /day...

2)Mag O7 capsules, by aerobic Life!!! . The Mag o7 is an oxygen supplement bound to Magnesium... C-Diff is anaerobic and cannot survive in presence of 02... I believe I took the caps first and then 1/2-1hr later the BioK so the caps wouldn't kill the BioK.

I had instant relief but needed to stay on for 2-3 weeks to feel completely better... Hope this helps someone, because C-Diff is misery!


p.s. I am on this website because more recently I have been suffering from a different type of abdominal pain(weird gas pockets), especially when I lay down, and also seem to have developed milk intolerance (but not lactose, oddly enough as their is an actual test for this) and was wondering if this was maybe a possible result of my prior C-diff infection... Well maybe I will just try my old remedy and see if it works, but also will try the bentonite, because that sounds like it will absorb toxins.. just what I need! ...

Replied by Tanyalaura

Hi Julie, just wondering how many of the O2 capsules you took daily anddid you have to take an antiiotics or just that and the Bio K? Thanks so much - TANYA

Replied by Deborah
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Did the cdiff disappear?

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Jacqui (Scottsville, Kentucky USA) on 05/23/2009

Hi, Two weeks ago I was given antibiotics for complications of the flu bug, they call the Antibiotic the Zpack, a 5day course, I also had an Antibiotic shot.

The day after starting the pack I felt really well, but as the days went on, my throat felt not quite right, and the day of taking my last antibiotic pill,as the day progressed I could feel the original symptoms start back, hence early hours I awoke with terrible lower back pain, which ended up with me being admitted to Hospital, after tetss done etc a day later I was diagnosed with C.diff. I am now on 1500MG of Flagyl antibiotic which is not nice to take, I feel very lethargic, weepy, in other words just extremely miserably ill.

I read on this site of other people having had this awful C.diff and using the Bentonite Clay,where would I purchase this from please, I know one can purchase this clay at Farm Shops, but would be afraid to use that incase it has other additives??

As well as the 1500mg Flagyl daily, I am taking Aloe Vera Gel,and Acidophilus tablets trying to get my Colon flora back to normal. I would take the Bentonite Clay if I knew where to get it and maybe anyone who knew could email me. I would be very grateful for any advise.

What I want to know is...WHY do Drs give Antibiotics to patients knowing there is a chance they will strip the patients' good flora from their Colon and end up like myself with C.diff, it is appalling,and reading through there are many people around in the same situation as myself, these Flagyl are causing heartburn, fuzzy head, sickly feeling, is probably the liver trying to deal with it all.

I hope someone can help me please as to what I can do, and to advise me where I can get Bentonite Clay from.

Thank you. Regards Jacqui

Replied by Sandra
(Portland, OR)

Hello there. Thanks to all who make this wonderful resource available to us! I usually buy bentonite clay online from Mountain Rose Herbs but I have also found it in bulk at Whole Foods around the vitamins section. I hope this helps.

Replied by Silvia
(Princeton, NJ)

i bought it from earth's living clay. Carol who runs the business responds to questions if you have any about the use, so it's better than a random chain that carries it. I am taking it to prevent and control c.diff. relapse (i've had it for the past 3 months) one 2 oz mixture in the morning before you've eaten and one in the evening - at least an hour after you've eaten. you mix 1/4 cup of the clay with 2 cups of water and shake the mixture before you pour the doze. Also, make sure you use all plastic or glass materials for the spoon and bottle and cup from which you drink, since metal will interact with the clay and strip it of its positive function. keep us updated on how you beat this horrible disease!

Bentonite Clay and Barley Water

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Posted by Cat (Florida, US) on 09/14/2014

Thank you so much for the useful info! This morning I drank the barley water and bentonite clay and already feel a lot better. No stomach ache or nausea!!

Replied by Kathleen
(Portland Oregon)

I like iherb.com, really good prices and fast delivery. But you should be able to get Oil of oregano right off the shelf at any health food store or Whole Foods. In Portland, we have it at the grocery store in the health department.

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