C-Diff Remedies

Posted by Tome (Hendersonville, Nc) on 04/02/2011
1 out of 5 stars


I filled a prescription for Clindamycin two months ago at Wal... And was not warned about this aggressive bacteria and came down with it. Very nasty, could eat only Kefir for a month. I filled another prescription for Clindamycin two days ago and finally another pharmacy warned about this bacteria and cautioned not to use pain medicine or anti-diarrheal medicine to treat it as both will make it worse. Unfortunately, this Patient Information Leaflet did not advise patients that to prevent the c. Diff. You need to take acidophilus along with your antibiotic. I tried successfully the acidophilus from the health food store. My dentist told me about acidophilus that is coated and will last a long time outside the frig. Big price difference. Health food store refrigerated acidophilus capsules cost $22 while the coated acidophilus pills only cost $4.79 for 100 captabs. The caplets contain much less acidophilus than the refrigerated capsules, but I think the capsules are overloaded because the acidophilus does not last well and a lot of the acidophilus is lost once the bottle is opened. I am just guessing on this. This is a very bad bacteria that actually can (and in my case did) come back a couple of times. I just went back on the acidophilus regimen and it cleared up promptly. The Patient Information Leaflet should have advised us how to prevent this nasty bacteria but it did NOT.