C-Diff Remedies

| Modified on Mar 24, 2023
Kefir and Vancomycin Taper
Posted by Morninglaurie (Michigan) on 03/24/2023
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I posted this on here a moment ago, but as a reply so I am not sure where it went.

My husband contracted c diff in the hospital…and began a years long battle with it. Eventually had a fecal transplant which took care of it for a while. But with frequent hospitalizations and antibiotics (he has multiple health issues resulting in kidney infections and sepsis) we seldom were off of the vancomycin —-and rarely got to the “taper” part.

We were at the point of wanting another fecal transplant, but during covid, obtaining “clean” fecal matter was a problem. His infectious disease doctor recommended trying kefir and a Vancomycin taper, sending us a study (small, and maybe a pre-study-I tried to find exactly what she sent us, but I believe the link above is it or discusses it).

The conclusion of the small study was that it was as effective or almost as effective as a fecal transplant.

He took 5 oz of Lifeway kefir 4x a day, and did the Vancomycin taper. It worked. He still takes kefir twice daily, and I eventually ordered kefir grains online and began making my own as the store was sometimes out of it. (Homemade is supposed to have twice the probiotics in it)

It has been at least two years now that he has been free of c. Diff.

Recently I was on an antibiotic that gave me diarrhea so I started taking 4 oz of kefir daily….it helped.

I hope this helps someone out there…c.diff is a terribly difficult thing to get rid of.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Elizabeth (AB) on 02/11/2023

Sorry---it should have read 4---pure silver $5 coins. Maybe there are other size coins---these were what I used and it saves me a huge amount of $$ compared to buying it at a Health Food Store. Blessings to all who try this---it is SO good.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Elizabeth (AB) on 02/07/2023

4 pure Silver half dollars, put into one quart jar of clean water, let sit for 4 days in a dark place and presto! You can see the silver particles shimmering in the water. This is an old fashioned way my grandparents kept milk sweet and made their own Silver solution.

C-Diff Caused by Colonoscopy
Posted by Cheryl (Louisville ) on 01/31/2023

Colonoscopy caused c diff.

Barley Water
Posted by Misha (BC, Canada) on 09/02/2022
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Clindamycin Is what gave my mom C-Diff. She was prescribed it from her dentist also 😕

Posted by Marsha (TN) on 07/22/2022

Could it be the apple instead of raspberries that were healing as apples have so much that help the gut/intestines as well as the liver.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maggie (USA) on 04/22/2022
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The apple cider vinegar worked for me. Thank you for posting.

Barley Water
Posted by Mad Scientist (Joshua Tree, Ca) on 04/16/2022

Yes and yes to the nausea and upset stomach, although these only came when it was pretty bad (first time I went septic). I am going AMA (against medical advice) and not taking a combination of Cipro and Metronidazole. They did not do a stool culture and told me it was Colitis. It seems really odd to me that they would not do this test. The thing is, at 63 years old, I never had colitis before the C. Diff. so I am making probiotic suppositories with L. Reuterii. The probiotics are 70% more available this way as they do not have to survive the stomach acid. I have apple cider vinegar and I think barley in the pantry, so I think I will brew up some Barley Water.

C. Diff and Antibiotics
Posted by Deborah (MI) on 02/07/2022

Can it kill the spores?

Charcoal, Fermented Foods
Posted by Jennifer (WI) on 01/26/2022

YOU are someone special! Thanks for your help sharing what worked.

Words have the power to heal, I believe, so I hope that you give yourself more credit. Anyone caring for a stranger to get better Is VERY special.

That's YOU!

Barley Water
Posted by Doris (Toronto ) on 01/13/2022

Can this be made with pot barley or just pearl barley? Thank you!

Raw Milk
Posted by Lori (Dallas) on 10/07/2021
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I know of someone who drank raw milk and never got c-diff again.She had it off and on for about two years. She was put on antibiotics for almost a year and basically destroyed her immune system. She still drinks raw milk.

Probiotics, D-Mannose
Posted by Claudia (Florida ) on 09/16/2021

Hi can you please share how she was taking this probiotics, how many times a day and also the same question for the D-Mannose? Thank you so much

Posted by Claudia (Florida ) on 09/16/2021

Hi. Thank you for sharing your experience. This bacteria is not fun at all. I'm on week 6 of Vancomycin and I'm terrified. Can you please share with me the name of the probiotics that you mentioned and where do you buy them from? Thank you 🙏

Charcoal, Fermented Foods
Posted by Trying kimchi (Nashville) on 09/14/2021

Hi there, feelbetter. Curious if you can respond with how your longer term outcome was after kimchi.

Posted by Beamer (Brisbane, Australia) on 08/15/2021
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C-Diff cured with Raspberry

My dad had been on PPI's and ended up with diarrhea for a number of years. He tried probiotics. He took whole bottles a day of acidophilus and other specialised probiotics. He took antibiotics - different courses of different kinds including a regime of 3 at the same time. (he is a doctor and tried the latest antibiotic treatments).

One day he asked me if I knew of anything that might help his bacterial infection. He believed Proton Pump Inhibitor use was the cause of years of this.

I told him to try raspberries. I remembered listening to an interview of a pig farmer who reduced the mortality of their piglets to almost zero with apple and raspberry cordial. It was 1% real raspberry. I told him it could be cooked or frozen raspberry, it just needed to have real raspberries in it. He changed their strawberry jam to raspberry jam with breakfast and his problem went away. It can be raspberries in any form as long as they are real raspberries.

Barley Water
Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 02/05/2021

The reason barley water may help, is because it contains beta-glucans which may bind w/the c-difficile or their toxins and carry them out of the body. This is why s. boulardii with Bio-MOS helps too -- it also contains beta-glucans.

Posted by Ruth (Alaska) on 04/03/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I am 30 year old female, healthy, active, always have been conscious of what I eat and my health in general. I came down with a sudden fever, and after 4 days of fevers, chills, malaise, nausea, vomiting, some diarrhea, went to the hospital, which is very rare for me. I had a 104 fever, severely dehydrated and was given 2 liters of fluids. Nothing was found in my urine, blood, or throat swab, although the Dr. hoped it was the flu. I went home that night with hopes that I would get better. 2 more days, and the fevers, nausea, chills did not stop. I went back in and got an x-ray: nothing. CT scan revealed what looked like a kidney infection, although my urine was clean, and with that I started a 10 day course of sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim (Bactrim). I began taking one Asprega Probiotic pill per day 3 days into the Bactrim course.

After 6 days, I still had fevers, no appetite, some nausea, and extreme tiredness. I went back to in and saw the on-call doctor, she ordered urine and blood cultures, and gave me a shot of ceftriaxone, and changed the antibiotic to 5 days of ciprofloxacin. The cultures came back clean. I requested they continue to grow out the cultures to see if it was a fungal infection, since they hadn't found any bacteria yet. But that message must have not gone through, because they disposed of my samples. 5 days after finishing the Ciprofloxacin, I went back in for having diarrhea and generally not feeling like I was "better". The on-call doctor (doctor #3) ordered another urinalysis and a stool sample. The next day, the clinic notified me that I had C. diff and that they had called in a prescription for 10 days of oral vancomycin. I thought about it and decided I would get the script as a backup and go all out on trying to heal myself. I have insurance so the script was only $15.

I bought kefir, barley (for barley water), kombucha, sauerkraut, 3 types of chewable probiotics, another big bottle of Asprega probiotics, garlic pills, oil of oregano, beet juice, carrot juice, and organic Miso. The previous day I had also ordered probiotics online, nascent iodine, magnesium chloride cream, iron, calcium, vitamin C and D, and a book by John Brisson titled "Fix Your Gut", which I highly recommend. What a wealth of information. The last day I saw the doctor, let's call it

Day 1, I had 12 bowel movements.

The next day I started my treatment,

Day 2: 8 bowel movements,

Day 3: 7,

Day 4: 4,

Day 5: 3.

Day 6 is today and I'm on 0 at 8am, have been up since 5:30. I have no more cramping unless I eat something I shouldn't. I have now figured out, I take 1 bite and wait. I will get cramps within 15 minutes. I have only tried this on a couple foods, but it works. Eat slow. The first day I drank barley water (quite soothing and not bad at all although it sounds gross), I ate the barley with flavored kefir on it for breakfast and miso for lunch. Lots of water. I continued this diet and am still on it while introducing new foods and liquids like kombucha, carrot juice, beet juice. I am also consuming all of the things I mentioned earlier. I am overdosing on probiotics.

Every 3 hours I take double a full day's dose of each kind that I have. Every morning on an empty stomach, a shot of water with 2 drops of oregano and iodine in it. Plenty of rest and naps. I still have the antibiotics just in case. But I now realize that they should be a backup plan and not the first line of defense. Our medical system is ridiculous. Why was I not warned of this when I started 3 different types of antibiotics in a week? Why was I not given advice from my doctor on dietary changes that could have helped prevent this from happening? It really is a shame. Why was I not warned that this could come back even after taking dangerous antibiotics? Everything I have found out about C diff, I researched and found out myself.

You will beat this! You are your best advocate. You don't have to do everything a doctor tells you. Listen to your body. Take it slow. Do what is making you feel better. Try the barley water. You have to take care of this all day and be on top of it, but you will win.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sue (Fairfax) on 11/06/2020

Kelly, I'm sorry but I don't recall if I took Iodoral at the same time as the S. Boullardii. I wasn't aware of any interference between the two. It was a long time ago...but the most important thing I can suggest is finding a doctor/practitioner who can guide you through this horrid, serious illness, rather than going it alone. I know it's frightening and wish you the very best.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 11/06/2020


Do you remember if you added the Iodoral after you took the s. boulardii and Cholestyramine to clear the c. difficile? Or did you take them all at the same time?

I ask, because iodine is an antifungal, and s. boulardii is a fungus (yeast). So I would think that the iodine in Iodoral would interfere with or negate the beneficial effects of the s. boulardii.

Thanks in advance,


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anon (Not Canada) on 09/25/2020

Have you tried bitter apricot seeds?

Or thyme and wild oregano oil?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sue (Va) on 09/25/2020

Yvonne, I'm doing well, but the doctor who helped me has moved away and is pretty much retired. But if you live in Baltimore, it would make sense to try the gastroenterology dept. at Johns Hopkins. Surely the experts there would know the latest research and most effective treatments.

I wish you the very best in defeating this dreadful illness.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Yvonne (Baltimore, Md) on 09/24/2020

Hi Sue, are you still well? Can you give me the name of your doctor in Virginia?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kellyd (Seattle, Wa) on 09/18/2020

This is in reply to Pamela's post above.

She mentions 'iodine will kill' the c. difficile spores. I'm not sure if that's true, but it IS true that it will kill the s. boulardii, which is probably the best probiotic to take for c. difficile. I'd personally take iodine after making sure the c. difficile is gone.

Barley Water
Posted by Kellyd (Seattle, Wa) on 09/18/2020

This is in reply to Agatha above. She says there's 'chitan' in barley. I believe she means chitin, which as she mentions is also present in crab and other shellfish.

But it's not present in barley. Barley contains chitinase, which is the enzyme that breaks down chitin.

But what I'm concerned about is this: Is barley water really killing off the c. difficile, or is it just stopping the diarrhea symptoms? I can't find any research anywhere that suggests it actually kills or even inhibits c. difficile...

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Deborah (Michigan) on 09/03/2020 12 posts

Did the cdiff disappear?

Posted by Florafauna (Frankfurt, Ks) on 07/07/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Searching for help for a friend, I stumbled on a website dedicated to helping people with C. diff that was created by two brothers for their beloved mother: https://peggyfoundation.org/

It appears to be full of helpful information, including: https://peggyfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/C.-difficile-OMJ-article-lo-res.pdf

I hope this helps someone out there! Both in cure and prevention...

Barley Water
Posted by Ellie (Newport ) on 07/04/2018

Yes. That should work.

Barley Water
Posted by Silvia (Woodland, Ca) on 07/02/2018

Hello on the thread in which people are talking about barley water for c diff. What type of barley do you think they are using? I got some from the Nugget Markets, some organic barley. Will that work??

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Kathy K. (Kensington, Md) on 06/12/2018

Yes, never ingest Industrial diatomaceous earth.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 04/18/2018

Kefir without the flavors would help you, start with a tablespoon and if you are okay, then work your dose up higher and try a good multi digestive enzyme and here is a post on EC about barley water:

Amanda (Minnesota) on 04/05/2017:

Omg I just want to thank u commenter and this site! I have had c diff 2 times in 2 yes. I'm healthy and youngish. Anyway, this last time after the antibiotic was finished, it was about a week or so later that I either got c diff again or was getting it. I stumbled upon this site and read numerous, if not all posts. I went and just got pearl barley. Like 1 commenter Put 2 cups of it and filled crock pot up put on low/ warm. Drank and drank it for a day plus. I actually added more water in there after I took it out. Another commenter said they were taking that yeast probiotic on the hrs ever hr. I take florastor. And that combo, I think I'm cured!! I just can't believe it. Thank u to everybody!!

A side note that peeps should be aware of. Drink plenty of water. I think the barley kind of dries u up...

Posted by Jmb (Okc) on 04/17/2018

Hi. I've had a fecal transplant, and it's not 100% effective for treating C. Diff...it flared back up after 35 days. It is very hard to get rid of.

Barley Water
Posted by Nancy (Mi) on 10/10/2017

Are you sure that Cholestyramine "binds and removes" C. Diff? Did you test after its use to ensure that you are now testing negative for C. Diff?

C. Diff and Antibiotics
Posted by Kathy (Tx) on 07/11/2017

Mangosteen, the true superfruit, is an inflammation fighter... getting the Mangosteen is no longer difficult as I use it daily... I don't have c.diff that I know of... I have been around ppl who have it with a vengeance but I don't know if that exposed me to it or not. but I take the Mangosteen just in case... it's fights all sorts of inflammations.. c.diff included. I also use a squirt of Colloidal Silver orally... one time a day when I feel a cold or sniffles coming on..it fights the tougher infections such as c.diff, botulism, MRSA (staph infections) which become resistant to antibiotics... but they do not become resistant to CS. I hope this helps.

Posted by Bonneebee (Land Of Lincoln) on 05/30/2017

Hi Debi (Usa 10/19/2015)

I hope your h. pylori is gone by now (5/30/17). H. pylori will not go away on its own. Several years ago, my husband was successfully treated for h. pylori with sulfer drugs & Pepto Bismal. It has not returned.

Saccharomyces Boulardii
Posted by Lynette Taylor (Texas) on 05/23/2017

Where do you purchase Perisept 62?

Barley Water
Posted by Kelly (Nashville ) on 05/13/2017

How much sachromyces b. Did everyone take for c-diff?

Barley Water
Posted by Amanda (Minnesota) on 04/05/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Omg I just want to thank u commenter and this site! I have had c diff 2 times in 2 yes. I'm healthy and youngish. Anyway, this last time after the antibiotic was finished, it was about a week or so later that I either got c diff again or was getting it. I stumbled upon this site and read numerous, if not all posts. I went and just got pearl barley. Like 1 commenter Put 2 cups of it and filled crock pot up put on low/ warm. Drank and drank it for a day plus. I actually added more water in there after I took it out. Another commenter said they were taking that yeast probiotic on the hrs ever hr. I take florastor. And that combo, I think I'm cured!! I just can't believe it. Thank u to everybody!!

A side note that peeps should be aware of. Drink plenty of water. I think the barley kind of dries u up...

Saccharomyces Boulardii
Posted by Charles Evergreen (Usa) on 03/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

C-Diff. I am in the Primary Infection

As of February 15,2017 ER hospital Visit, 600MG IV Clindamycin, + 300 mg every 8 hours, the very next morning I had morning Diarrhea typical of a C-diff infection. Everyone who takes Clindamycin, will get C-diff within ten days, with very insignificant 1 out of 250 prescribed. did not. [webMed 2016 clindamycin reviews by patients.]

On the third day I researched SACCHAROMYCES BOULARDII which prevents second infection stages of treatment.

Next I got Florastor Max with Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745. BioCodex France. I took too boxes in 10 hr period, woke up the next morning with a normal bowel movement. Today is March 23,2017 and I have not had another case of Diarrhea.

March 9th,

I have a very fresh stool sample I took right at the ER. Tested by the PCR method. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Your stool sample degrades to Untestable in 4 hrs or less. Then the way you handle it will adversely affect the results. So get it done right at the hospital so they can run it upstairs to the lab. Timing for all your C-diff feces testing is crucial to your life, which you will get back. That very day my fece sample came back with C-diff B-Toxin. That means it's Virulent, and a killer. 30 days to sudden toxic death syndrome. Only with B-toxin.

Next step treatment, Vancomycin. A nuke for the second stage of C-diff Treatment. I have it right here on my desk and decided not to take it.

I found another study that said 5 % to 25% of every one who did not enter their second stage treatment, but instead worked night and day at replenishing their friendly intestinal flora, the only way to keep C-diff Bacterium safely at bay, they were later tested, and found to have neutralized the C-diff toxin producing mode.

[Never take Flagil. It's not an antibiotic. It's a deadly poison only used to kill deadly amobias that you ate out in the jungle or drank the water from the river, or you got Giradia from a Spiffy up scale restaurant that got into your water via an Ice machine which hadn't been cleaned. Yes, amoebas can grow in a commercial restaurant setting Ice Machine. I never since then Giardia and Flagyl ever allow a server to give me water or anything else with ice in it or as a base for like your shrimp. Period.]

About research. If you didn't it's not to late, but Ya gotta note, if you had. what would you have missed out on with your C-diff. Huh So if you research Vancomycin, you will find it is like Aspirin. It is an Ototoxic drug. This means that you must get a Base line hearing test before you take it, and then the hospital can monitor your hearing to see if Vancomycin is adversely affecting it.

You get tinnitus with vancomycin, then you go completely irreversibly deaf. Period. It's always something. If I have to, I will take it, however not until mid April after my hospital gives me my base line hearing test we just scheduled. With monitoring, you can prevent total deafness. without, you lost your hearing forever. Take flagyl then. You research that and you will find it never works, not even the third time around. It gives you skin cancer, and destroys the visual purple of the eye. I know, I had to take 10 days of it.

So now I have nothing else to tell you, except go purchase Perisept 62. 4 fluid OZ to one gallon of water.

Read the instructions first. then make it stronger so you can wash all your clothes in the machine.

The guys and girls who sell it to you are well informed about it. I just finished washing all my black clothes in it, my black interior in my car, my lap top, my Led screen 39 inch Viso, no worries mate. the stuff just goes on, it must be moist for 2 minutes, and then so, it kills all the C-diff highly contagious bacterium.

You in third stage you will have to spray everything down with that, or continue to be RE-INFECTED.

Right now clostridium difficile is living for up to 90 days on everything you touched, Everything, plus it loves the washer and dryer. You are prime time to purchase and use Perisept 62.

Only that name is EPA rated to kill C-diff in two minutes. 2, not one, not 1 and 1 half minutes but 2.

If you wipe it off, or it dries before that time. You wasted your time, your money and your peace of mind.


Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 02/28/2017

Hello Aidea;

About using 2000 ppm Colloidal Silver for CDiff. I've taken high ppm myself with no side effects... over a few weeks. I also know people successfully used CS to kill C Diff apparently with great success. Wondering why you think you need high ppm if 50 ppm twice daily would work? To kill infection in body I take three tablespoons twice daily on empty stomach. If you want more atoms of silver I'd just drink more of the CS.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Aidea (Tucson, Az) on 02/27/2017

I know there are many different companies that make Colloidal Silver and many different strengths! I was wondering if anyone has tried a strength of 2000ppm which is SUPER STRONG? Most sold in stores is only 50ppm by comparison. Has anyone tried this? For something like C. Diff treatment?

Posted by Marcus (Houston, Texas) on 02/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I got C.diff after having a heart attack and needing surgery on my back. I had also gotten strep throat multiple times. As you can tell, I was overloaded with antibiotics. Being a diabetic did not help as my physicians were worried about infections. I was home and recovering and had gotten bowel pain it had become worse and worse, At one point I could not stand up straight when I got out of the car. Doubled over the hood the heat relaxed the cramps, they returned daily / hourly. My son brought me some food which included deli pickles in juice. My mother suggested that I drink pickle juice, I did and it was like a miracle. Within minutes the pain was gone and I could stand with no problems. I thought I was cured, fast forward. I had quad bypass and the slew of antibiotics began and this time the C.Diff returned 10 times worse with hourly bouts of bathroom visits three four days. Again with pickle juice and this time pickles and no white breads, cut back on starches, after two more bouts each getting worse my Doctors at the VA AND A colonoscopy later, a GI specialist was seen and a culture was ordered. Finally an answer!

I was warned about future antibiotics use and such, they ordered Metronidazole along with the warning of it might not cure the C. Diff. I am slowly going backwards experiencing pain, cramps, diarrhea so I have returned to using deli style pickle juice and eating a slice of pickle twice a day. I know the vinegar is acidic and boy does it work.

Posted by Lauria (Black Mtn. Nc) on 02/18/2017

I'm in the hospital with it now and can't wait to get home to start this. Thank yu for sharing.

Barley Water
Posted by Kubakuba (Ohio) on 01/11/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Barley water absolutely works for C-Diff. I get C-Diff once a year and this is truly a life saver for me. The relief is almost instant and I am usually up and running again after only a couple days of drinking this. I also take Saccharomyces Boulardii with a flare-up. Thanks Earthclinic!

C. Diff and Antibiotics
Posted by Rachel (Minnesota) on 01/03/2017

Hi Phyllis, I'm so happy to hear you've found success. I would love to hear exactly how you did it as I'm getting pretty desperate. Thanks for your time! And best of luck to you!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tommyboyss (Pennsylvania) on 01/01/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I have had a recurrence 5 times, I don't think I was ever healed.I still have problems 2 years later with pain, can't eat somethings ect.

I couldn't walk and spent almost a year in a wheel chair.

What helped get me to where I am today is : Saccharomyces Boulardii with mos, barley water, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal. I also ate a lot of fermented foods.

Barley Water
Posted by Mel (Southern Utah ) on 01/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My husband suffered with 2 bouts of cdiff. Each time he was on 4 weeks of heavy duty antibiotics. I used 1 cup pearl barley in 4c. of water in a pot, bring just to a boil, then turn off heat and let steep for 30-60 min. Then strain the water from the barley and drink the barley water. My husband preferred it warm. He noticed relief from stomach pain and frequency within 12 hours. This barley water saved his life.

C. Diff and Antibiotics
Posted by Phyllis (Wa) on 12/25/2016

Has anyone here tried natural remedies w/no more antibiotics after C-Diff. I did and have recovered. It took time. I was more than sick and lost 30 lbs. sitting in a chair for 5 months after Cipro. I thought I would die but I did what I could reading and fixing myself as I was too frightened to see another allopathic physician. That was very scary. Too many very bad experiences so I ended up at a naturopath and recovered further and with giving up gluten and sugar have further healed my intestinal tract. It will work.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Minnie (Mn) on 12/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

1 cup of Yogurt mixed with berries, protein powder (food grade Metagenics Ultra Meal), Triple Fiber by Now, once a day, mid morning preferable. Oil of oregano is an absolute must 3x a day for 2 weeks then taper down to twice a day for a week, then once a day for another week or two, but keep a maintenance at least 4 days a week!!! I take 4-5 drops per does, this is very strong so use raw honey and then some tea with honey or food, do not take this alone. Ultimate Flora Critical care 3x a day (I would research buying this online because it is so expensive in the stores).

Word to the wise, do NOT eat any chocolate, caramel, or any thick syrupy sweet for at least 6 months! Keep sweets to a minimum (make your own from gluten free mixes or recipes online).

Eat rice approx. 3x a week in a hot dish or with steamed veggies and chicken etc. Try to eat all of your meals from your home.

Once your gut is healed you should be able to eat out occasionally but beware of the restaurant you are eating at because some of them are just filthy.

Bleach your bathroom head to toe 2x a week for the first 6 weeks, then once a week. Do not reuse any towels for anything. Use paper towels to dry your hands and a clean washcloth for your face each and every time. Do not have a towel hanging and reuse it!

I have had this 2x since 2012. I hadn't been on antibiotics once. I did not have a relapse for almost four years after the first.

Fill up your kitchen sink in the morning and add dish soap and a cup of bleach, have a pair of gloves sitting right next to your sink and wipe down all high traffic areas such as garbage disposal switch, light switches, handles on the appliances, handles on your doors into your home and the counter tops. Your cellphone, mouse, keyboard, tablet. Anything you use for electronics but be careful the washcloth is not dripping but wrung out pretty good. I do this all the time and have had no problems with my electronics.

Put your underwear in a small garbage bag you keep inside a basket with a lid and only your underwear in there. After putting them in your washing machine (with bleach) wash your hands thoroughly and get a new bag (throw the used one away). You can use the plastic bags you get at places like Target, the grocery store etc. or buy a roll of small plastic garbage bags.

Use bleach to wash the washing machine and dryer really well, the floor in your laundry room with bleach as well.

If you have a steam cleaner such as the Tancs you can use that, it is certified to kill this spore. I use this steamer and it hurt to pay for it but in the long haul it has been a life saver! I personally use bleach and the steamer both, I want all spores DEAD!

Wash your jackets and coats frequently. It's easier to pay a little more for a better brand you can wash and dry frequently than a cheap one you can't. Columbia or North Face wash and dry like new. Don't wear your clothes more than once a day until you have this program under control for a good couple of months.

Do not keep your toothbrush on your bathroom counter but inside a drawer on top of a washcloth and change that out once or twice a week. No make up or blow dryer either. Do those in your bedroom.

I know this sounds like a lot but it's really not once you get a system it goes really fast and remember, you are in charge! This infection is a dangerous infection and one I don't wish on anyone for sure. The first time I had this I felt great after 3 days on flagyl, I kept the system I described for about six months and then relaxed some with such stringency other than the bleaching of the bathrooms and the towel situation. The second infection was brutal. I'm still on my regimen I described above and doing well. My intentional tract does get sore on occasion depending on if I had something to eat I should not have.

I wish you all well.

Oh one more thing, your keys and your cars! Wash those weekly as well with clorox wipes (the steering wheel, blinker handles and door handles etc.).

Posted by Cris (Lake Tahoe) on 12/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My boyfriend got C-diff after a dental extraction and course of Clyndamiacin (sp?) I don't understand why the doctor did not tell us to take probiotics as this antibiotic is famous for causing C-diff. It came back 2x with 2 hospital stays. The third time it came back he couldn't keep any food down. We immediately gave him Kefir yogurt smoothie with Reuteri probiotics. He was able to keep it down and better in a matter of hours. We make sure he takes the pill each morning with the Kefir on an empty stomach. So far, so good. I think he may need to take the probiotics permanently.

Dandelion Root
Posted by Joly (Arkansas) on 12/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For C Diff, probiotics which were helping for a couple weeks, the real cure happened overnight, I had read all about dandelion root, how it can cure cancer and help with multi problems from skin to high blood pressure, so I went to the health food store and bought dandelion tea, and solitary dandelion capsules, one tea bag steeped in 8 oz. Hot water, and two capsules, cured c diff overnight, now I continue this everyday and feel wonderful.

Raw Milk Kefir Fast
Posted by Namaw (Bama) on 10/26/2016

Can you elaborate on the dairy kefir fast? Was that ALL you had and for how many days? Some 'fasts' are broader. I really need to get this ibs-d thing under control and I already take dairy kefir daily. I don't think I have c diff, probably a fungus like candida, but it's so much worse now than 2 months ago. I'm ready to try turpentine, but have to plan on having several days off when I can stay close to the restroom.

Raw Milk Kefir Fast
Posted by Kim (Il) on 10/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I cured c diff by going on a raw milk kefir fast. It works every time. The probiotics in kefir way outnumber any probiotic you can buy. It overcomes the c diff and wipes it out.

C. Diff and Antibiotics
Posted by Alli (Las Vegas ) on 10/03/2016

Unfortunately that is not true. I contracted cdiff and I have not been in the hospital in over a year and I have not taken an antibiotic in over 10. I am not around small children or elderly people and know no one that has had it, nor do I take tums or other antacids. I got mine from food poisoning while I was healthy, but I am guessing my stomach was feeling the effects of long days and lots of stress and my immune system was weak from exhaustion. Total nightmare.

Castor Oil
Posted by Esa (Edmonton, Alberta) on 09/21/2016 3 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Just a story. No question.
Hope that is alright.

My husband went to hospital and it was found that he had diabetes. While there, they gave him antibiotics. His is immune suppressed because of a liver transplant in 2006. Within 3 days after he came home, I had to call emergency again. He spent nearly the next 1.5 yrs on and off being treated in hospital for c-diff. When he came home, he had strong antibiotics to take for the rest of his life because the 3 fecal transplants did not move the infection. In fact all of this led also to a diagnosis of dementia. After a while the causes and effects get intermingled to the point where one gets confused about the order of things. We treated him at home with only castor oil (cold pressed) poultices for a minimum of 2-3 hours per day. He had what we thought was a stroke one day, and he needed to go back to hospital again. His diagnosis this time was epilepsy. When he came back home the last time, he no longer was being prescribed the strong antibiotics. I asked the doctor about that and he said that they did not find any c-diff in his system. I do not know where the dementia plays in all of this, however, he shows signs of dementia on the occasional days, and while he is much slower mentally and physically than he was before he was diagnosed with diabetes, his mental state continues to improve. I asked the doctor about this at his last checkup and she said that if he is getting better (it's been about 3 months now) then it wasn't dementia. I'm not sure what to make of that, but I'm not asking many more questions. We are just pleased that we can spend our later years together.

A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce) site is where I learned of the castor oil packs. I'm sure that is what kept him alive long enough to receive the organ transplant in 2006.

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