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Posted by Cdiffhelp (Pukalani, Hi, USA) on 02/19/2012

You are not alone...

This is my personal story, account and opinion on my experience with Clostridium Difficile (C Diff)... My hope is for my story to help bring awareness to others about the realities of C Diff, the dangers, and ways to help prevent others from contracting it. And for those who have it, to help you know you are not alone in your search for understanding, knowledge, and help in getting rid of this horrible disease.

I was hospitalized in Sept of 2011 while and after undergoing surgery to have a trans metatarsal amputation and ankle fusion surgery. As with most surgeries I was placed on IV antibiotics to prevent infection of the surgical site. Prior to going to the hospital for surgery, our home was thoroughly cleaned and bleached to make sure I would return to a sterile environment. My husband, having suffered from a nasty staph infection in the past, was very concerned of the risks of such a thing happening to me, following my surgery. Staph, being something I understood and was cautious of while hospitalized as well. I have always prided myself on being someone of good hygiene and rarely ever get sick.

On my third evening of being in the Hospital I became violently sick with diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. I spent the evening and well into the next day in the bathroom of my hospital room. Sitting on the toilet, while my head was in the trashcan, feeling sicker then ever I had in my entire life. I have had food poisoning before, and it was like that times at least ten... The nurse on duty that night kept returning to the room and checking with my husband, and coming into the bathroom to check on me. He told my husband, he had never seen someone so sick before. He was very concerned and was afraid to have me left alone in anyway. When my Surgeon came to see me the following day, my husband explained how sick I had been all night. I was now in addition to my pain medication, taking meds to help with the diarrhea and vomiting. The Doctor advised that I was fine, and just severely medicated the night before, and having a reaction to that. He then advised I could go home that day.

Upon returning home I no longer had bouts of diarrhea, but still had a lot of nausea and vomiting. I was given medication, which I had taken in the past anytime I had previous surgeries to help with the nausea and vomiting that can sometimes accompany pain medications and/or surgery. The medication was not helping this time, and was changed a couple times, with little relief. Now instead of having diarrhea I was extremely constipated. A very normal side effect of pain meds. My pain medications were also changed a few times due to the nausea and vomiting as well as not relieving much pain. After several weeks I was sick of the med game, and sick of the constipation. I stopped all use of pain medication. The following morning I awoke before the sun had risen with uncontrollable diarrhea and nausea. Having had a lot of surgeries, I had been through getting off pain meds before and figured I would ride this out for a few days and be fine. A week past, and then, to add to the 30 times a day diarrhea episodes which began at/around 5 am daily, I now was also dry heaving and vomiting like crazy. I was unable to keep anything down or in. I contacted my Primary Care Doctor and advised him of my current status. He said there was nothing to be concerned about, and that I was merely experiencing common symptoms of opiate withdrawal. To add to my symptoms I now also had severe pain in the right lower quadrant, just below where my appendix used to be and pain in my mid to lower back, as well as severe pain under my right breast. I also had pain after urination, urgency, and increased frequency. I felt like I was burning up all the time. My eyes would get hot throughout the day, and often my vision would blur. And I kept experiencing a high pitch screeching in my ears. And my head felt like someone was putting it in a vice grip. This continued on... After another week, and more weight loss and unable to tolerate even liquids, I again let my Doctor know. He now said he felt I was just suffering from IBS. I disagreed feeling at 40 yrs old and never suffering from IBS before, that it wasn't something that normally came on at such an age, without previously having symptoms of such earlier in life.

And so the weeks continued, as did communicating with my Doctor to all that was occurring. Throughout this time frame he prescribed a medication that was for acid reflux... something I never picked up from the pharmacy as I researched the medication and found several thousand posts from people who were prescribed it and suffered horrific side effects. Major depression and suicide topped the list. And as my husband asked, ummm it's for acid reflux and you have vomiting and diarrhea, wtf? My primary Doctor also advised me to take Imodium to slow up the Diarrhea. Weeks later when seeing my OB to make sure nothing female was happening with the urination pain, she also suggested I take a prescription strength diarrhea medication. Again something I choose not to do. My reason always the same-my body felt extremely toxic. Things were coming out my nose, my mouth and my #ss, and that means something wanted out. Bottling it up didn't sound like a good idea.

We sought out help of naturopaths, acupuncturists, Chinese herbal medicine people and such. All of which said much of the same thing. That I was suffering from a kidney deficiency, liver deficiency, spleen deficiency, and stomach deficiency. Everyone had herbs that would clear things right up, stop the diarrhea, stop the vomiting. None of which helped, and most of which had the opposite effect. And all were looking at the symptoms, as western medicine does, and not the source of the problem. This was something I found no one could address. I also saw my Chiropractor on a regular basis, who regularly commented something was causing extreme inflammation in my digestive track. He recommended I request lab work to make sure there was no underlying infection.

After almost 2 months of constant diarrhea, nausea and bouts off and on and off of vomiting, and over 20lbs of weight loss (20% of my body weight), my Doctor said this was physiological effects of opiate withdrawal but we could run a few tests, as I'd requested, to make sure there was no infection or parasites etc occurring. Nothing was found in the urine, blood or stool tests. My Doctor then advised me to give it another 2-4 weeks and see how I was feeling, and if I wasn't better, he would put in a referral for me to see a Gastro-Interologist. A couple weeks later I had a scheduled appointment off island on Oahu to see the Surgeon who had performed my amputation/fusion surgery. He recognized how ill I looked and commented about the weight loss. My husband and myself explained all that had been going on for so many weeks now. He immediately put in a referral to GI and to Urology. Upon returning to Maui, the GI dept called me to schedule an appt and advised me the Doctor was out of town till the following Wed. After the nurse asked me several questions and went over all I was experiencing, she said the Doctor could see me the same day he was back, and that this was urgent. She was concerned and advised me if I had any signs of dehydration to please come in and get an IV or go to the hospital if it was after hours. I let her know as bad as I felt and as much as was coming out of me, I was drinking water constantly to avoid dehydration and the need to go to a hospital, which I feared would only serve to medicate me and risk further illness.

One of the first things the GI Doctor brought up during my appt, was the fact that I was hospitalized and on antibiotics at the time of my surgery in Sept. He mentioned something called C Diff and the widespread issue it had become in recent years, and that people contract it generally while in a hospital and on antibiotics. He explained how the diarrhea generally begins 8-10 weeks after initial exposure. And some people often get ill or have an episode when initially exposed. He also went over the possibilities of things like Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease, Celiac Disease and Colon Cancer. Within less than 48hrs of my GI appt I was prepped and having an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. 3 Days later my GI Doc called and advised me I had C Diff. He said I had a very severe case and was going to prescribe the strongest antibiotic to fight this, so that more time would not be wasted in taking a lighter med that I might not respond too. He said it was a very good thing I had not taken the Imodium or the Lomotil that was prescribed to me, as this would have bottled things up, as I thought, and in 50% of cases, people suffering from C Diff experience toxic megacolon. Your colon explodes. How awesome is that? He also told me when we spoke at my original appt that he saw my primary Doctor had prescribed another medication to me. I cannot write the name here, as I would not want any drug companies trying to sue me for saying negative things. Just know the GI Doc asked if I was taken it. I said I never picked it up. He said that too was something he was grateful I did not take. He told me it was one of the worst drugs on the market... Comforting again... At this time my GI Doc prescribed 14 days of Vancomycin, and advised me I'd feel better within 2 days, but to make sure I completed the full course of antibiotics. Unfortunately I did not feel better in 2 days. I did not feel better in 2 weeks. My GI Doc was no longer working there, and the new one I spoke with then quadrupled my dosage of antibiotics and advised me to take them for another 14 days. Again I did not get better. The diarrhea was more than ever, my hair was falling out in droves, my body aches and joint pain were unbearable... Headaches every day. Nausea every day. Pain after urination and increased frequency. Low grade fever each day. Ears ringing like crazy. Eyes a hot blurry mess. The list goes on. So many things no one tells you that comes with the effects of C Diff. The toxins wreaked havoc on my nervous system and immune system is so many ways. This by no means is something that only affects your digestive system.

After much research I found my way to a Doctor in Oakland, CA. Dr. Neil Stollman. And incredible GI who thought outside the box. Long story a little less long, after several conversations, we were booking a flight from HI to Oakland and scheduled to have a procedure called Fecal Microbiota Transplantation or as often referred too a fecal transplant. I had first heard about this procedure from one of my best friends. Her sister is a nurse, who happens to work in a Hospital. One of very few in the US that does the FMTs. She wasn't sure what exactly they were doing it to treat, she just knew it was for diarrhea related problems. Their conversation had come about in discussing how long I'd been sick, and how often I'd been having the "D"... This was almost 2 months before we knew I had C Diff. So our journey would find us going to Oakland, CA for the FMT Surgery through Colonoscopy. I won't go into all the details on the procedure. This is something you can easily google and find out so much more about. Or you can email me and I'll do my best to share any info I have or answer any questions. What is most important in all this is one simple thing... There are other ways to rid yourself of this horrific disease. Not everyone responds to antibiotics. I am living proof of that. The studies show approx. 20% of people infected with C Diff are unresponsive to antibiotics. There are also a great percentage of people who do respond to the meds and have a complete recovery, just as there are a great deal who do great while on the antibiotics, but within 2-10 days the c diff returns. When people don't get better from the meds, most Doctors advise there is nothing else that can be done. Some stay on the meds for years, as it's their only relief while on it. The minute they stop C Diff comes back with a vengeance. Mind you the cost of these medications are extremely high. Without insurance coverage, a 14 day course is almost $1800. So when they quadroupled the meds, in my case, that was almost $7500. Can you imagine the people taking it for months on end?

While getting my second 14 day course of medication I asked the nurses in the GI Dept if they had ever heard of Fecal Transplants. They told me that it was something that was discussed about introducing to help in C Diff cases, but that everyone was in agreement that the "ick factor" was just to much. I then asked if you had what I have, and before I could complete the sentence, they all commented at the same time, they would go anywhere in the world they had to, to do the FMT and get the C Diff gone. Interesting they'd all use it for treatment, but would have no interest in treating others... Mind you that those who don't respond to meds, do not magically kick this on their own. C Diff causes kidney failure, liver failure; immune systems shut down...People get sepsis. People die...Not a few people, not a hundred people, not a thousand people. Do the research and you will be amazed and just how many each year... And for those taking antibiotics that manage to help sustain life, think of all that they are then susceptible too, being on antibiotics and having their immune system wide open for anything else to jump aboard.

The research I found on fecal transplants was based on people with reoccurring C Diff. None of the procedures Dr. Stollman had done were on people who were unresponsive to the meds. I am beyond thankful he still chose to do this procedure on me, even though I didn't fit the norm on those he had previously done. Once again being a Doctor who thought outside the box, and merely had a willingness to help and heal. No promises, no guarantees, and clear on the risks and the unknowns. What I did know, was that this is what I needed to do, and where I needed to go to do it. Can't explain how I knew, but I did. My family was in agreement and support 100%.

My results were almost immediate. I had no bowel movements until 4o hours after the procedure was performed. And within 4 days I had no Diarrhea. After months of having it, every single day... Being awoken between 4-5am with the crazy urgency, and spending the first few hours of each day in the bathroom, let me tell you, this was an incredible morning... I wish I could say everything went back to 100% normal immediately after the procedure, but sadly the C Diff does such a number on your body, that for many, it takes time to recover, heal and have the colon and digestive system find it's balance again. I can say that within 2 weeks of having the FMT done, I have gained back 10 of the 30lbs that I lost. Mind you I was down to 90lbs. My hair is no longer falling out. My face is slowly beginning to clear up, as is my back and shoulders. Acne being something I never had an issue with in my 40 yrs of life. I no longer have daily Diarrhea. And never a day had passed that I didn't since my C Diff nightmare.. Foods can be a trigger. But for the most part I eat a very clean, all organic diet, and stay away from foods that can cause or aggravate inflammation. I still battle with gas, bloating and mild abdominal pain, along with the pain after urination. Dr. Stollman feels in his opinion, as do other Doctors that this is because the Colon still being inflamed and needing it's healing time. And when the colon is inflamed, it very easily irritates the bladder (in women)... I no longer wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning to have my stomach explode. I no longer feel like a volcano is erupting inside me. Not talking about Diarrhea at all, speaking in regards to this insane degree of heat I woke up feeling all throughout my body each morning. I no longer have the severe pain where my liver is, my kidneys, and in the lower right quadrant just below my appendix. Again I could go on for days about the symptoms.

I explained so many times to my Primary Care Doctor, as well as my OB, and my Surgeon, how toxic I felt. You would think I'd been out partying all night long and putting in things of a toxic nature. Yet I was drinking nothing but water, and eating all organic, healthy foods. No toxins were going in, they were inside me. All I would be told by my primary Doctor was again, it's just IBS...It's just effects of stopping pain meds... Nothing to be concerned about. Guess what??? C Diff is very much something I should have been concerned about. It's something everyone should be concerned and knowledgeable about. According to the CDC; C Diff is the worst "SUPERBUG" out there. Please do the research. Learn about C diff. Learn about how it's contracted. Know your risks when you are hospitalized. Know your risks when visiting people in a hospital and in nursing homes. Know the risks of being on antibiotics and the things it makes you susceptible too. Even if you don't, just reading this, right now, will allow you to know and be aware of what C Diff is... And that is more than I knew before being diagnosed with it.

I am not 100% as of yet. C Diff has wreaked havoc on my body. But I know, and I have complete faith that with time, my body will heal and I will return to 100%. I don't want C Diff to simply be some crazy negative experience I went through in my life. One that all my loved ones went through with me. One that caused so much pain, so much worry, and so much fear in so many... This negative is something that needs to become a positive, and I believe simply in writing this, in getting the word out there, that it does exactly that. If my experience can help even just one person, than some how in some way, it makes a difference. I make a difference; in a way I never could have not experiencing it myself.

I am a firm believer that we truly are never given more than we can handle. That all things in life happen for a reason. My friends and family all know me as someone who they often describe as strong, positive and inspiring. Well let me tell you, C Diff took me somewhere I'd never been. I've been through some crazy things in my life, some very difficult things, but never felt like I would not survive it. Not find a way to thrive after it. C Diff made me feel like someone handed my ass to me. That's the simplest way I can put it. I never felt like I was dying, even when I was told many years ago that I had cancer. I never felt fear even when I was told I'd never walk again, years ago after a major car accident. My husband said it best when he said that in all the things he's been through in his life, nothing ever scared him to the core, like this did. He said watching me die every day was a fear unlike anything he could explain. He would not sleep at night, for fear of me stopping breathing. C Diff is no joke. It's no mild irritation in one's life. It's a very serious disease that takes thousands upon thousands of lives each year. And yet no one we ever spoke to about me having it, had even heard of it. Just as we had never heard of it.

I believe with everything that I am, as does my husband and my family, that having this Fecal Transplant with Dr. Stollman, saved my life. As did my diet, my use of probiotics, and drinking water-no matter how sick I was... I could not keep anything in or down for weeks on end, but I refused to simply give up and knew dehydration would be the last thing I needed. In all the research we did on C Diff, we found the Fecal Transplant is basically used in last case resorts. And I was shocked to find only a handful of Doctors that were admitting to doing such procedures at all in the US. Less than a handful, honestly. Every day with C Diff is like having a day robbed from your life. Antibiotics have side effects of their own as well. I wish they had worked on me. But I am grateful in finding something else that did. Something I truly believe in and support and would do AGAIN without a second thought, if ever I were to get a reoccurrence of C Diff. One thing I cannot stress enough is to be assertive when it comes to your health needs. I am assertive. I requested tests. I asked for help. I still didn't get the answers for such a long time. Learn from my experience in any way you can. If you have been on antibiotics, and in a hospital or health care environment and are experiencing diarrhea, go see your Doctor. Request to be tested for C Diff, not just the standard parasites, and bacterial infections that are looked at.

Please, if you are currently battling C Diff. Know that you are not alone. Know that it can and will get better. Know that you can take your life back. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Don't be afraid or ashamed to talk about "POOP". I would become the poster child for poop in a heartbeat to save lives. This disease doesn't just hurt the person who has it. For me, in my own experience, my biggest pain in this was watching everyone else who loves me go through it with me. The helplessness of my husband and my parents. Their fear, their stress, and their frustration with the medical care I'd been receiving, or rather not receiving. I can't change what happened. I certainly never asked to get C Diff. I cannot change all that others went through in my experiencing it. What I can do is anything possible to help others in not getting this disease, in fighting it if they do, and in resuming their lives after they've beaten it... AND YOU WILL. If you are reading this and have C Diff right now, know that YOU WILL BEAT THIS!!! And you too will find a way to turn a negative into a positive. I didn't choose to get this nasty superbug, but I did choose to do something about it, and I choose each day going fwd to do all I can to help any one I can.

Replied by Redbunny
(Nyc, Ny)

Thank you, cdiffhelp from Hawaii, for posting your tale -- and what a tale it is! I am so glad you found your way to Dr. Stollman and an answer to your long nightmare. Hope you continue to get better and better each day as you rebuild your gut health.

I've just been diagnosed with c diff, which came on big time after a course of amoxicillin. Ironically, I was glad for the diagnosis as I've been having bouts of symptoms for 2.5 years, starting immediately after an outpatient surgery. Even though a test from a local lab came back negative for c diff, no doc ever thought to have me retested. With my crash course reading, I now know there are many grades of tests plus false negatives.

On my third day of Flagyl, hoping it works. Have ordered Florastor and L-Glutamine. I've been making/drinking my own kefir for about 1.5 years, which may have helped me not get so horribly sick as you were, who knows.

Anyhow, thanks again for sharing your story. Your encouragement to advocate for ourselves and stand up to the "experts" or leave if we don't trust them is urgently important. Docs don't know everything. Often they don't know squat. Let's not be intimidated by white coats! In allowing us to hear voices like yours, this forum supports our taking the lead in our own healthcare. So big thanks to EarthClinic, too. Best wishes to us all for a vibrantly healthy 2013!

Replied by Sherri
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Wow! Cdiffhelp, I do not know how to even begin to thank you for taking the time to write your post. In the last few days I have grown so hopeless. But your post has reminded me I am not alone and I WILL get better eventually as long as I keep fighting and make sure I am getting adequate care from my drs.

I first had c diff three years ago really bad. It took the drs months to find it, as my first stool test came back negative. After I continued to lose weight that I couldn't even afford to lose, eventually a repeat stool culture came back positive. Flagyl did the trick and I don't remember having any recurrence except maybe a mild one that I took some leftover Flagyl for and recovered.

Fast forward to three weeks ago, I had just tried an ACV and water enema as part of a detox regimen. Within 30 minutes of that I started feeling off and then 30 mins after that, I started having the terrible diarrhea. The next two weeks I saw drs, had several (negative) stool tests, went to the ER a couple of times due to dehydration, and finally was admitted last Friday.

I was then given every test under the sun, including a CT scan and a colonoscopy/endoscopy. None of the results explained my symptoms. Two nights ago the hospital was ready to discharge me with no treatment at all, since I def didn't have c diff because of the negative cultures. I have never been so frightened in my life. I explained to every dr I saw all my symptoms (diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, foul smelling stool, and severe weight loss). And they still wanted to give me nothing.

Just as I was about to leave, my primary dr came in the room. I had low expectations for that conversation, since he really had not much to say a few days earlier when he visited me in the hospital. But he turned out to be an angel sent from heaven. He ordered 10 days of Vancomycin. I felt a tiny bit better yesterday and a tiny bit better today.

My next step is a consult on Mon with a dr who does the fecal transplant. I am long past being grossed out by it. I want my life back and have been ill for far too long. Thank you so much again for your inspiring post! Hope your health is still great!

Replied by Oregano
(North York, On, Canada)

Hello my dear. Don't give up. Try Mexican oregano oil. It is a God sent oil. Also take a S. Boulardii probiotic.

Replied by Ron
(Tampa, Florida)

Sherri my Mom nearly died from C-Diff she had it multiple times would get better with antibiotics then relapse she was finally cured with compounded Vancomycin which was taken orally by the spoonful but this is the last resort they say.

General Feedback
Posted by Lilrev (Pickering, Ontario Canada) on 01/08/2012

I'm so sorry to hear of those still suffering from c-diff and very happy to hear of those who have been cured! I've had c-diff for nearly three months; just finishing my third round of antibiotics... Second time for vancomycin but now it's double the dose. I don't know if anyone else has had abdominal swelling and pain and does that fit with c-diff? If anyone is continuing at their job, I'd really appreciate knowing how they are managing with lack of food and energy or the alternate of trying to eat but running to the bathroom all day? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Take care everyone and get better soon!

Replied by Cindy
(Sanbornville, Nh)

Cdifhelp, wow - that is quite a story. Thank you for telling it. I have heard about fecal transplants and can't believe something that is so successful has not gotten more attention. Uck factor? Who cares - works and no side effects.

Kefir and Vancomycin Taper

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Posted by Morninglaurie (Michigan) on 03/24/2023


I posted this on here a moment ago, but as a reply so I am not sure where it went.

My husband contracted c diff in the hospital…and began a years long battle with it. Eventually had a fecal transplant which took care of it for a while. But with frequent hospitalizations and antibiotics (he has multiple health issues resulting in kidney infections and sepsis) we seldom were off of the vancomycin —-and rarely got to the “taper” part.

We were at the point of wanting another fecal transplant, but during covid, obtaining “clean” fecal matter was a problem. His infectious disease doctor recommended trying kefir and a Vancomycin taper, sending us a study (small, and maybe a pre-study-I tried to find exactly what she sent us, but I believe the link above is it or discusses it).

The conclusion of the small study was that it was as effective or almost as effective as a fecal transplant.

He took 5 oz of Lifeway kefir 4x a day, and did the Vancomycin taper. It worked. He still takes kefir twice daily, and I eventually ordered kefir grains online and began making my own as the store was sometimes out of it. (Homemade is supposed to have twice the probiotics in it)

It has been at least two years now that he has been free of c. Diff.

Recently I was on an antibiotic that gave me diarrhea so I started taking 4 oz of kefir daily….it helped.

I hope this helps someone out there…c.diff is a terribly difficult thing to get rid of.

Replied by Morninglaurie

By the way, he had been taking probiotic capsules (100 billion, refrigerated kind- got the ones with the most different strains-the brand name escapes me) for years…no longer takes them, the kefir seems to keep him steady (the pills get expensive. The didn't keep him from getting c diff, nor did they seem to help with the Vancomycin taper. Just our experience.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Tommyboyss (Pennsylvania) on 01/01/2017

I have had a recurrence 5 times, I don't think I was ever healed.I still have problems 2 years later with pain, can't eat somethings ect.

I couldn't walk and spent almost a year in a wheel chair.

What helped get me to where I am today is : Saccharomyces Boulardii with mos, barley water, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal. I also ate a lot of fermented foods.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Minnie (Mn) on 12/20/2016

1 cup of Yogurt mixed with berries, protein powder (food grade Metagenics Ultra Meal), Triple Fiber by Now, once a day, mid morning preferable. Oil of oregano is an absolute must 3x a day for 2 weeks then taper down to twice a day for a week, then once a day for another week or two, but keep a maintenance at least 4 days a week!!! I take 4-5 drops per does, this is very strong so use raw honey and then some tea with honey or food, do not take this alone. Ultimate Flora Critical care 3x a day (I would research buying this online because it is so expensive in the stores).

Word to the wise, do NOT eat any chocolate, caramel, or any thick syrupy sweet for at least 6 months! Keep sweets to a minimum (make your own from gluten free mixes or recipes online).

Eat rice approx. 3x a week in a hot dish or with steamed veggies and chicken etc. Try to eat all of your meals from your home.

Once your gut is healed you should be able to eat out occasionally but beware of the restaurant you are eating at because some of them are just filthy.

Bleach your bathroom head to toe 2x a week for the first 6 weeks, then once a week. Do not reuse any towels for anything. Use paper towels to dry your hands and a clean washcloth for your face each and every time. Do not have a towel hanging and reuse it!

I have had this 2x since 2012. I hadn't been on antibiotics once. I did not have a relapse for almost four years after the first.

Fill up your kitchen sink in the morning and add dish soap and a cup of bleach, have a pair of gloves sitting right next to your sink and wipe down all high traffic areas such as garbage disposal switch, light switches, handles on the appliances, handles on your doors into your home and the counter tops. Your cellphone, mouse, keyboard, tablet. Anything you use for electronics but be careful the washcloth is not dripping but wrung out pretty good. I do this all the time and have had no problems with my electronics.

Put your underwear in a small garbage bag you keep inside a basket with a lid and only your underwear in there. After putting them in your washing machine (with bleach) wash your hands thoroughly and get a new bag (throw the used one away). You can use the plastic bags you get at places like Target, the grocery store etc. or buy a roll of small plastic garbage bags.

Use bleach to wash the washing machine and dryer really well, the floor in your laundry room with bleach as well.

If you have a steam cleaner such as the Tancs you can use that, it is certified to kill this spore. I use this steamer and it hurt to pay for it but in the long haul it has been a life saver! I personally use bleach and the steamer both, I want all spores DEAD!

Wash your jackets and coats frequently. It's easier to pay a little more for a better brand you can wash and dry frequently than a cheap one you can't. Columbia or North Face wash and dry like new. Don't wear your clothes more than once a day until you have this program under control for a good couple of months.

Do not keep your toothbrush on your bathroom counter but inside a drawer on top of a washcloth and change that out once or twice a week. No make up or blow dryer either. Do those in your bedroom.

I know this sounds like a lot but it's really not once you get a system it goes really fast and remember, you are in charge! This infection is a dangerous infection and one I don't wish on anyone for sure. The first time I had this I felt great after 3 days on flagyl, I kept the system I described for about six months and then relaxed some with such stringency other than the bleaching of the bathrooms and the towel situation. The second infection was brutal. I'm still on my regimen I described above and doing well. My intentional tract does get sore on occasion depending on if I had something to eat I should not have.

I wish you all well.

Oh one more thing, your keys and your cars! Wash those weekly as well with clorox wipes (the steering wheel, blinker handles and door handles etc.).

Multiple Remedies
Posted by John (Revere, MA) on 06/29/2014

I have an aunt who has c diff. Usually caused by too many antibiotics or acquired in the hospital. I take monolaurin to prevent catching it. It is from coconuts. Also have on hand Oregano essential oil if anything else is needed, but not taking it yet. Also use " the Ultimate Antibacterial Foaming Soap". Start with these I think they will help. Look up these products on the web. I not a doctor, but I believe these are helping me.

If you take antibiotics for c diff it would be wise to take a probiotic. I take custom probiotics, pure and human strain only.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by J (Greeneville, Tn.) on 01/23/2012

C diff -- My sister got a bacterial lung infection after aspirating a piece of pizza around Christmas time. Long story short, she became very short of breath and went to the ER. She was admitted to hospital and treated with steroids and vanco. Her levels got to high and she went home on oral antiobiotics. after one day at home became very short of breath again. We began to nebulize fghp which helped immediately and cleared up her lungs however the next day came down with c diff. she had all the symptoms and was very miserable. We began with digestive enzymes. Colliodal silver. Alkalinzing pill, oil of oregano and peppermint. 100% better the next morning and so far diarrhea has not returned. Hope this helps others.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Pamela (New Braunfels, Tx) on 11/15/2011

I contracted C-Diff after a dental implant and long use of strong antibiotics. Many think that just by taking probiotics you can get rid of C-diff. Nope. You must use something strong and doctors often use probiotics with some form of antibiotic.

Anyways this is what I am using. Turmeric Standardized 2 tablets twice a day, 2 Nutribiotic Maximum Strength Defense Plus (grapefruit Seed Extract) Lugols iodine 5 drops 2 times a day up to 4x a day. Or use iodine Plus-2 once a day. Twin Labs Betaine HCI with pepsin, 1 tab 1 or 2 times a day. Nature's Plus Mini Reds 2 a day, 1 coq10 200 mg, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, Vitamin D 2000 mg, Nature's way B- Stress Formula 1 a day. zinc, 1 selenium 200 mg. Garden of Life OmegaZyme Ultra 1 a day. Barleans Cod liver fish oil, Barleans Omega Twin, Florastor/and or Jarrow Formulas Saccharomyces Boulardii plus MOS 1 or 2 a day. And Garden of Life Ultra Primal Defense as needed.

My thought is that the Turmeric can kill the C-Diff and there is a lot of research on it. Oh yes and I eat yogurt daily. Good Luck. Use for at least a month to two months depending on the severity of the problem. Oh if you start getting to sleepy cut back on the Probiotics just a little, as they are yeast products and if getting to much can make you tired.

Replied by Pamela
(New Braunfels, Tx)

I wanted to make an update to this article. I'm just using the Standarized tumeric from nature's way now and not the grapefruit seed extract as I know the tumeric alone will kill C-Diff it as far as a herb antiobiotic and has been tested to be equal to Vancomycin in test studies (google turmeric and c difficile). And since we are trying to bring back flora overkill is not necessary with the grapefruit seed extract. Instead of using the HCI and pepsin, I'm using Future Biotics daily enzyme only if I have indigestion or heartburn it has Pancreatin 4X and betaine HCI and Lactobacillus 66 million in 2 tabs. Or if my tummy is hurting I reach for the Primal defense and/ or the Florastor.

When I use the co-q10 I'm using a product brand from vitacost called CoQ10 Alpha Lipoic Acid Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl -- 700 mg. It is their brand name, and an easy way to get these very powerful antioxidants and immune builder's in one pill at a cheap cost. I'm also using Nature's Plus Bioperine when I take the Standardized Turmeric as it helps enhance it use.

When I first started I could barely eat anything with out throwing it up or it coming out of the other end so I used the Garden of Life's primal defense and the Florastor and Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus EPS a lot in the beginning. Cod Liver Fish Oil is also a big part of this and I don't always use the Barleans Omega Twin just sometiems. Iodine is an important part of this because most of us are low in iodine and iodine will kill C-diff spores. I use Iodine plus 2 or the Iodoral 12. 5 mg. But I am in my 50 fifties and some may only need the lugol 5 drops 2 to 4 times a day. Vitamin D is very important to as it really helps rebuilding the immune system. As is zinc, and I do use the Nature's plus Source of Life multivitamin Mini Reds only 2 a day and most everything else I listed up there I use.

Once the stomach can recover than you can lower the probiotic so you don't end up with a yeast infection. But take as needed to rebuild the flora. I usually use 1 primal defense every other day and florastor everyday for now. But dosing down the more balance you get into is the best so far as I know.

I found that it is as equally important to rebuild the immune system as it is to taper off the powerful herb antibiotic turmeric, over time to the flora health, and your immune is healthly. Another good flora builder is a product called mannafest it has 22 different flora and is a nice drink as well. And when you get better the more you will be able to eat normal cultured food to rebuild the flora. You know foods that have to age a bit to be flavorful. Wishing you all the best.

(Seattle, Wa)

This is in reply to Pamela's post above.

She mentions 'iodine will kill' the c. difficile spores. I'm not sure if that's true, but it IS true that it will kill the s. boulardii, which is probably the best probiotic to take for c. difficile. I'd personally take iodine after making sure the c. difficile is gone.

Replied by Pamela
(New Braunfels, Texas)

I wanted to update I ended up using the 2 standardized turmeric 2 twice a day from and 2 of the Maxium strength Grapefruit seed extract twice a day (as the not using it wasn't getting the job done), and 2 of the Daily Enzyme Tablets 2 twice a day. I also used the Primal Defense a bit in the beginning and the Florastor. Then I tapered off the twice a day on the turmeric, grapefruit seed extract and the futurbiotic daily enzymes tabs to once a day (by the way it has betaine HCI and other goodies that are great a killing c diff. I did eat yogurt as well and continued the Primal Defense every couple of days as well as the florastor every couple of days. All taper done now. I didn't need all the other stuff so much to get rid of this but at the beginning I did need to boost up my immune system with some vitamin d and zinc, C. This has seem to do the trick with these ingredients I have been on this therapy about a month. It is pretty much gone, but I'm going to use it a few more weeks to make sure it is gone. Now simply slowly taper off of both just to be sure it is gone. I didn't need the iodine as much as I thought.

P.S. Use the above with my cat just a small full syringe type tube (minus the needle) and only used one a day and she no longer has C Diff either. Crushed up 1 standardized turmeric, 1 grapefruit seed extract and 1 daily enzyme and mixed with yogurt and filled syringe. Also gave her florastor and a primal defense occasionally (every few days as well). She's doing fine too now. And a little fish oil for the both of us. I'm so glad this worked for my cat as well because little people like cats cannot afford to lose too many pounds. This is a success story for us.

Replied by Rachel
(Wilmington, Nc)

This is what is working for me. I did not go to a doctor as I knew they would do endless tests and put me on anti-biotics in the end so I took charcoal caps first and that helped temporarily. Then I started taking digestive enzymes after meals. Added 1 Saccharomyces boulardii lyo capsule each morning with 2 Colostrum caps on empty stomach. Also, 1-2 turmeric caps after breakfast. 2 more Colustrum later in the day. I've been doing this for 3 weeks and think the c diff is under control or possibly cured. I really believe it's the colustrum and turmeric working the magic. I was planning to try the oregano oil, but this seems to have worked. I also added kefir to my diet and cut out milk temporarily. Hope this helps someone!

Replied by Sue
(Fairfax, Va Usa)

Yes to the Saccharomyces boulardii! I had c-diff about 6 years ago, a side-effect from antibiotics for Lyme, and my dr prescribed the Saccharomyces boulardii as you have described, and also Cholestyramin, a prescription-only drug normally used for cholesterol, which binds excess bile and inhibits absorption in the intestines (I'm not a dr but Wikipedia explains it pretty well). I think it also binds the c-diff. It's a powder that dissolves in juice or water, and I had no side effects. Between these 2 things, and also adding Iodoral (I tested very low in iodine), I was gratefully cured of that horrible disease.

(Baltimore, Md)

Hi Sue, are you still well? Can you give me the name of your doctor in Virginia?

Replied by Faithful

I had a dental extraction and the site was infected so the MD gave me clindamycin for 6 weeks at that moment I should of thrown the prescription away and ran straight to my Naturopathics office, but I decided to take the antibiotics I made to 5 weeks when I noticed my heart beating faster I stopped the toxic antibiotic immediately and researched the side effects then I was really scared out my wits! This what the doctor told me to take Saccharomyces Boulardii three times a day this is does not allow C diff. to take over as well as take Therelac (not three lac) and I also took turmeric pills and ate tons raw garlic and took Allicin garlic and ate organic sauerkraut. You have to do this for at least six months after taking this antibiotic to make sure that good flora is laid down. I also ate yogurt and bought highest quality 50 billion probiotics and drank lactose free kefir. I was also instructed by the doctor to empty the capsules of the 50 billion probiotics and put it in cool water and just drink it down to replensh the throat and stomach and coat it with the good probotics I did that too. This was all done to offset the possible negative aftermath of clindamycin

Replied by Sarah
(Ann Arbor)

The same thing happened to me and I use the same probiotics that you mentioned and it worked. That antibiotic should never be prescribed. It does more harm than good.

Replied by Sue

Yvonne, I'm doing well, but the doctor who helped me has moved away and is pretty much retired. But if you live in Baltimore, it would make sense to try the gastroenterology dept. at Johns Hopkins. Surely the experts there would know the latest research and most effective treatments.

I wish you the very best in defeating this dreadful illness.



Do you remember if you added the Iodoral after you took the s. boulardii and Cholestyramine to clear the c. difficile? Or did you take them all at the same time?

I ask, because iodine is an antifungal, and s. boulardii is a fungus (yeast). So I would think that the iodine in Iodoral would interfere with or negate the beneficial effects of the s. boulardii.

Thanks in advance,


Replied by Anon
(Not Canada)

Have you tried bitter apricot seeds?

Or thyme and wild oregano oil?

Replied by Sue

Kelly, I'm sorry but I don't recall if I took Iodoral at the same time as the S. Boullardii. I wasn't aware of any interference between the two. It was a long time ago...but the most important thing I can suggest is finding a doctor/practitioner who can guide you through this horrid, serious illness, rather than going it alone. I know it's frightening and wish you the very best.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Shivani (Bristol, Uk) on 05/16/2011

Hi! Wanted to let you know how much your site postings have meant to me. I"m caring for my 76 yr old mother. Hospital antibiotics gave her c-diff.

Her doctor has been as much use as a chocolate teapot, prescribing metrozidanol (flagyl) 3 times every time it came back. All he was doing was weakening my mother and strengthening the bacteria. They've told us since feb that vancomycin was only available intravenously. After her 4th re-occurence last week they've now prescribed it in tablet form. I can only put their failure to give her this medicine earlier is because of cost. Her doctor has also been no help whatsoever in nutrician, supplements or any other advice to support her recovery.

Luckily, I spent 7 months on a candida diet last year and this gave me some knowledge on how to help mum. I've got her on probiotics (thanks for the mention of saccharomyces boulardii). I've also been giving her grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano, spirulina, aloe vera juice, brewer's yeast, nettle tea, bee pollen and garlic capsules. I've also finally got her to give up sugar, wheat and dairy as I'm sure they all feed bacteria. I've also been juicing for her regularly, massaging her with lavender and tea tree oil, giving her reiki and crystal elixirs made to boost the immune system, heal her digestive organs and to remove toxins.

All of this does seem to be slowing it up a bit and she's not been as ill as in previous occurences, but I know I've not been doing the natural remedies long enough. I've just picked up her vancomycin so hopefully both treatments combined will help her combat it this time. She's lost so much I've just been to the sports nutrician shop for some protein shakes as the ones they gave her from the doctors are full of sugar. The NHS here in england is light years behind on it's awareness of nutrician and supplements. So thanks for all the posts that have helped clue me up on this vile disease, they gave me valuable support and knowledge.


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Posted by Marcus (Houston, Texas) on 02/23/2017

I got C.diff after having a heart attack and needing surgery on my back. I had also gotten strep throat multiple times. As you can tell, I was overloaded with antibiotics. Being a diabetic did not help as my physicians were worried about infections. I was home and recovering and had gotten bowel pain it had become worse and worse, At one point I could not stand up straight when I got out of the car. Doubled over the hood the heat relaxed the cramps, they returned daily / hourly. My son brought me some food which included deli pickles in juice. My mother suggested that I drink pickle juice, I did and it was like a miracle. Within minutes the pain was gone and I could stand with no problems. I thought I was cured, fast forward. I had quad bypass and the slew of antibiotics began and this time the C.Diff returned 10 times worse with hourly bouts of bathroom visits three four days. Again with pickle juice and this time pickles and no white breads, cut back on starches, after two more bouts each getting worse my Doctors at the VA AND A colonoscopy later, a GI specialist was seen and a culture was ordered. Finally an answer!

I was warned about future antibiotics use and such, they ordered Metronidazole along with the warning of it might not cure the C. Diff. I am slowly going backwards experiencing pain, cramps, diarrhea so I have returned to using deli style pickle juice and eating a slice of pickle twice a day. I know the vinegar is acidic and boy does it work.

Plain Food, Amino Acids, Probiotics

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Posted by Silvia (Princeton, NJ) on 05/09/2009

I was diagnosed with c.diff. in March after having taken antibiotics and had bloody diarreah for several days. The flagyl was working while I was taking it but a week after the 10 day therapy the symptoms were back. I went to the emergency room to avoid waiting for an appointment, but the doctors gave me levaquin, which is an antibiotic that makes the condition worse. Somehow it made it somewhat better, but when I went to see my primary doctor 5 days later he put me back on the flagyl, which didn't make much of a difference any more. I was then given vancocin, but decided to take 3 days off all medicines since I was going to see a specialist then. I had diarreah about 5 times a day. I started taking probiotics and 4 days later my symptoms were significantly reduced. I tried the vancocin once but was allergic to it -- it is a very strong antibiotic and actually its side effect -- just like the flagyl -- is mild diarreah, which is what I already had. I started taking cholestyramine, which binds the c.diff. toxin and causes constipation; also I started eating only white rice and white bread and some baked potatoes - very plain food, with aminoacid supplements (rice powder) and vitamins, esp. vitamin C. Also, I got about 5 different probiotic brands with several strains - you want those that give you billions of cultures - like 50 or 100 per serving. I have been free of symptoms for almost two weeks now and my last test was negative, although tests are not 100% reliable. You have to keep checking it every couple of weeks. All in all my advice is to stay off the antibiotics as much as possible and take lots of probiotics and keep a starchy simple diet. Certain herbal teas have also helped me -- calendula (or marigold) and plantago lanceolitis - 1 tablespoon per 400ml of boiling water is left for about 30 min. Strain and drink before eating 3 times a day.

Preventing Household Contamination

Posted by Kelly (Lancaster, Pa) on 03/15/2013

My dad doesn't have much time left and he is very attached to my baby boy who is blind (dog) he is coming home to finish out what time he has left... He does nothing but talk about how he can't wait to see his four legged grandson.. My dad has c-diff so how do I protect my baby so that he can spend time with his pap like he has always done??? Please if you can help me or point me in a direction to get this answer I would be so grateful

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

I've had c diff.... Yuk.... 6 months of agony from dental prescription of clyndamiacin..sp?... Lost 15 pounds and was miserable. I'm a small person. Couldn't eat without a bathroom nearby.

Take everything today to re establish flora on a mega scale and coconut products heal the intesines ... and I thought constipation was a problem... this is worse. There is a post from this week of using fecal transplant that was successful ... I don't know the proceedure but if you can get rid of c diff today, anything is worth trying.


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Posted by Ruth (Alaska) on 04/03/2019

I am 30 year old female, healthy, active, always have been conscious of what I eat and my health in general. I came down with a sudden fever, and after 4 days of fevers, chills, malaise, nausea, vomiting, some diarrhea, went to the hospital, which is very rare for me. I had a 104 fever, severely dehydrated and was given 2 liters of fluids. Nothing was found in my urine, blood, or throat swab, although the Dr. hoped it was the flu. I went home that night with hopes that I would get better. 2 more days, and the fevers, nausea, chills did not stop. I went back in and got an x-ray: nothing. CT scan revealed what looked like a kidney infection, although my urine was clean, and with that I started a 10 day course of sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim (Bactrim). I began taking one Asprega Probiotic pill per day 3 days into the Bactrim course.

After 6 days, I still had fevers, no appetite, some nausea, and extreme tiredness. I went back to in and saw the on-call doctor, she ordered urine and blood cultures, and gave me a shot of ceftriaxone, and changed the antibiotic to 5 days of ciprofloxacin. The cultures came back clean. I requested they continue to grow out the cultures to see if it was a fungal infection, since they hadn't found any bacteria yet. But that message must have not gone through, because they disposed of my samples. 5 days after finishing the Ciprofloxacin, I went back in for having diarrhea and generally not feeling like I was "better". The on-call doctor (doctor #3) ordered another urinalysis and a stool sample. The next day, the clinic notified me that I had C. diff and that they had called in a prescription for 10 days of oral vancomycin. I thought about it and decided I would get the script as a backup and go all out on trying to heal myself. I have insurance so the script was only $15.

I bought kefir, barley (for barley water), kombucha, sauerkraut, 3 types of chewable probiotics, another big bottle of Asprega probiotics, garlic pills, oil of oregano, beet juice, carrot juice, and organic Miso. The previous day I had also ordered probiotics online, nascent iodine, magnesium chloride cream, iron, calcium, vitamin C and D, and a book by John Brisson titled "Fix Your Gut", which I highly recommend. What a wealth of information. The last day I saw the doctor, let's call it

Day 1, I had 12 bowel movements.

The next day I started my treatment,

Day 2: 8 bowel movements,

Day 3: 7,

Day 4: 4,

Day 5: 3.

Day 6 is today and I'm on 0 at 8am, have been up since 5:30. I have no more cramping unless I eat something I shouldn't. I have now figured out, I take 1 bite and wait. I will get cramps within 15 minutes. I have only tried this on a couple foods, but it works. Eat slow. The first day I drank barley water (quite soothing and not bad at all although it sounds gross), I ate the barley with flavored kefir on it for breakfast and miso for lunch. Lots of water. I continued this diet and am still on it while introducing new foods and liquids like kombucha, carrot juice, beet juice. I am also consuming all of the things I mentioned earlier. I am overdosing on probiotics.

Every 3 hours I take double a full day's dose of each kind that I have. Every morning on an empty stomach, a shot of water with 2 drops of oregano and iodine in it. Plenty of rest and naps. I still have the antibiotics just in case. But I now realize that they should be a backup plan and not the first line of defense. Our medical system is ridiculous. Why was I not warned of this when I started 3 different types of antibiotics in a week? Why was I not given advice from my doctor on dietary changes that could have helped prevent this from happening? It really is a shame. Why was I not warned that this could come back even after taking dangerous antibiotics? Everything I have found out about C diff, I researched and found out myself.

You will beat this! You are your best advocate. You don't have to do everything a doctor tells you. Listen to your body. Take it slow. Do what is making you feel better. Try the barley water. You have to take care of this all day and be on top of it, but you will win.

Posted by Tomerodrique (Hendersonville, Nc) on 04/22/2011

I was on very strong antibiotics for three weeks for an abscessed tooth and about a week after discontinuing the antibiotics, I developed all the symptoms for c. Diff. The diarrhea I managed almost instantly with tumeric, but the cramping was so severe that it literally was almost unbearable. My daughter brought home Kefir. That was all I could eat/drink for six weeks. I did not have the cramping while on kefir but that was ALL I could eat. I mean all. I tried one bite of banana after six weeks on Kefir and the cramping returned full force. Finally I went to health food store and bought the capsules with billions of the good bacteria in them (have to be refrigerated). I started on them and within days could eat as normal. After stopping the capsules, about two weeks afterward, the c. Diff cramping returned with a vengeance. The moral of this story is to take the probiotics at the same time (separated by hours) as you are taking the antibiotic. It has come back, not the cramping, but the discharge from bowels that alerts one to the fact that the bad bacteria, c. Diff, is still there ready to act up. Now I notice the pharmacy is alerting people about c. Diff BUT it is still not telling people what to do to prevent it. You do not want to get this bacteria. It is bad, but I now know how to control it. Also, there is now a coated pill (so it lasts in a bottle) of acidophilus cultures but it is only in the millions of good bacteria, not the billions of the refrigerated capsules. They are cheap. Got online for $2.48 per bottle of 50 or 100. I stocked up on them.

I thank those who provide this life-saving site for us. Bless you and bless you, again!

Replied by Grace

There is a mega dose probiotic that is prescription only ask your doctor for it. It helps

Replied by Claudia

Hi. Thank you for sharing your experience. This bacteria is not fun at all. I'm on week 6 of Vancomycin and I'm terrified. Can you please share with me the name of the probiotics that you mentioned and where do you buy them from? Thank you 🙏

Probiotics, D-Mannose

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Posted by Tom (Laguna Niguel, CA) on 10/19/2013

To all fighting C Diff... My mother in law is in a care facility where C-diff runs wild. After 4-5 rounds of it and all the antibiotics, I took matters in my own hands. After a lot of rerearching and talks with health pros, I tried out the Probiotics and added also some D-Mannose powder. As explained to me the D-Mannose is a type of sugar and it lines the bladder walls so the "bad guys" bacteria can't hold on. So with a regimine of Probiotics and D-mannose, along with lots of water, she has been C-diff free for over 5 years now. It's worth the effort. Good luck to all.

Replied by Claudia

Hi can you please share how she was taking this probiotics, how many times a day and also the same question for the D-Mannose? Thank you so much

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