C-Diff Remedies

Bentonite Clay, Oregano Oil

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Posted by Adam (Dallas, Texas) on 10/09/2011

Just thought I'd give my quick. 02 cents. I have UC Ulcerative Colitis... Had it since 1999 and I've been able to keep it in remission overall... I've been lucky. I take probiotics, multivitamin, cod liver regularly... No meds. I'm pretty healthy overall.

I got C-diff a few years ago... It stirred it all up and put me in the hospital for two weeks... Pretty serious. Once the c-diff and the damage it caused was cured... I've since kept it in check with diet and the supplements I mentioned... Pretty basic... No real meds.

Just recently I've had some funk down below... And I recognized the smell from when I was really sick before. I finally realized that I might have c-diff again... Everything added up once I started reading/thinking/paying attention to the symptoms.

So...I did some recent research... Came across this thread and others. I decided to try the Bentonite Clay... And oil of oregeno. I saw results overnight really.

I started using a lot of things at once because I am/was a little scared... But a combination of Bentonite Clay and Oil Of Oregano seems to have detox'd my gut and gotten rid of the c-diff... At least the really noticeable signs... Watery stool, little signs of blood, bad smell... None of which are normal for me. I noticed real results in days... And it was gone in about a week. I took both Oregano and Bentonite on an empty stomach... Faded out the oregano once I saw real results (5-6 days). Once it seemed like I was really about done... I started having some cramps/ pain...so I backed off most everything... And took aloe gel and creeped back in with clay and all the others... Except oregano. I'm having normal healthy bowel movements now. I still have some healing to do... My gut just feels taxed.... But I'm pretty sure I'm good to go in as few as days... probably a couple of weeks at most.

The clay is easy and mostly flavorless... Seems to be pretty safe overall and effective for countless things. I'll probably be taking a maintenence dosage from here on out. It helps with ph... Which seems to be pretty key in keeping things working but I've never payed attetion to it... Just when I'm scared. I chose a brand of clay that is just a liquid in a brown bottle I saw it at two different popular health food stores. I took it twice a day... Then a few times a day for a couple of days once I didn't have issues and noticed real change. My aunt works at a popular health food store... And she was helpful... Turns out she takes bentonite clay everyday... So that helped me take it with confidence... I wasn't too sure about it until I talked with her.

I also took/take:
Coconut Oil
L-Glutamine - empty stomach
Good Probiotics - Boulardi type
Aloe Vera Gel - empty stomach
Cod Liver Oil

I don't necessarily recommened all this at the same time so much... But it is all good stuff for the gut... I mix it up... And used each during the main detox week.

I ate/eat a lot less sugar, dairy... And drank tons of water. Laid off beer/coffee completely. That said... My appetite is healthy and I've always found that my systems rallies quicker when I eat a lot... And regularly... Just not a bunch of bad food... But not necessarily health food either... Just mindful of certain things and when I eat them. I eat alot of turkey sandwiches.

Hope this helps someone. Both the Clay and Oregano were new to me as I've always looked for Colitis info... Not so much c-diff. Both seem to be pretty effective for a multitude of things. I'd recommend them. Good Luck!

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Adam, have you considered including iodine in your daily regimen.

Here is an interesting article called "The End of Antibiotics and the Rise of Iodine" and it has some interesting comments on C - Diff.


Replied by Adam
(Virginia Beach, Va)

Adam, this is Adam from Virginia Beach! So yeah, I did a course of Flagyl for 10 Days and alternated Probiotics in between, and things were back to, if not better than normal after 10 days.. Of course I thought things were good, so I stopped the probiotics right at the same time the Flagyl was done... A week later it's back... I'm sure the Flagyl worked to a certain degree, but obviously it didn't eradicate it fully and I should have stayed on the probs. So rather than go right to the Flagyl again, I was reading up on the methods and the clay and oregano oil sounds fascinating...

Question though. I bought bentonite clay in powder form, how much would you take and how often daily? and I have 150 mg tabs of oregano oil... However, if the clay is a natural drawing out agent, wouldn't it draw the oregano oil or sacc. boulardii? Definitely would be interested on an update with your status as well.

Replied by Scottie
(Boaz, Al/usa)

This is in reply to Adam from VA Beach, posted 2/12/2012 -- Hi Adam, I only know about Sonne's (liquid Bentonite) #7 Detoxificant Clay which I got from their website. Supposedly, you can take 1-4 tbsp in an 8 oz glass of water 1-4 times per day. Have you learned any more about the powder form of Bentonite Clay? Has the Oil of Oregano worked so far for you??? My husband was diagnosed with C-Diff and treated; when checked by flex sigmoidoscopy, then told it looked like he also has either ulcerative or crohn's colitis... The GI said the diagnoses in these cases can change according to the symptoms and patterns of the colitis. I'm very interested in knowing more about the Oil of Oregano, if there is a reputable place to get it from via the internet?

Replied by Jennifer

This is probably really old. You may or may not get this. I'm trying to help a friend with UC. He's 18 and had had UC for two years. The past 3 months he has had C. Diff several times, been in and out of the hospital with severe cases. We are thinking he has it again. Do you suggest the Bentonite Clay and Oil of Oregano started immediately? Flagyl has definitely not helped in the past.

Replied by Janet
(Salt Lake City, Nevada)

Do you have to take them for the rest of your life? Does c-diff come back if you don't take them?

C-Diff Articles

Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 09/17/2008

We recommend the interesting article in today's Wall Street Journal called: Rising Foe Defies Hospitals' War on 'Superbugs'


Replied by Lbb
(Austin , Tx, Usa)

My chocolate lab has had recurring C. Difficile infections for the past 4 years beginning when she was a puppy. We tried the vet route of metronidazole and it would just recur every month like clockwork. I even tried treating her for 3 weeks instead of the 7-10 days the vet would prescribe (ordered the metronidazole from a fish supply site) but it would still recur. I tried the probiotic sacromycees boulardi for a year with no avail. I then saw a post on curezone.com that someone had cured their c. Difficile infection by using oregano oil for 6 months. I started my dog on just the oregano oil in February 2010 right after another bout and continued daily (4 drops in capsule dropped in her food bowl at dinner) and continued through the end of August. It is now September 28, 2010 and she has not had any bouts of diarrhea since February before I started the oregano oil. Her bms continue to be formed and normal in consistency. I used Nature's Answer oregano oil and gave her 4 drops daily for 6 months.

C-Diff Caused by Colonoscopy

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Posted by Betty (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) on 04/22/2011


I had a screening colonoscopy, which I should never have had. I was not having any trouble at all with my stomach and could eat anything that I wanted. I was Just talked into it by my doctor. I am 77 years old. After the procedure, the doctor told me that everything looked fine. He removed one polyp and said that I had a little diverticulosis, which anyone my age would have.

About three or four days after the procedure, I began to have stomach pains in my upper abdomen that progressed to really being painful. I called the doctor and told him and he ordered me to come in for a CAT scan. I did the prep the next day and went in. After the scan he called and said that I had diverticulitis, which I had never had before. I really think there was something done to my colon that should not have been done. He gave me levaquin and flagyl to take for 14 days. After this I continued to have diarrhea and cramping. I called him again and he ordered a stool culture, which I did the next two days.

After this, he called and said that I had C. Diff. I was devastated, all this for having a colonoscopy that I did not want. I am now on Flagyl. I refused to take the vancomycin, because it was so expensive. Even with my insurance it was going to cost me $500. He agreed to me taking the Flagyl if I took two probiotics with it. He told me to get Florastor and take four times a day and Flora Q to take two times a day. The pharmacist had to order it for me. I have been on this for two days now and have not seen any relief yet. The antibiotic is causing more diarrhea than the C. Diff. I would advise anyone that is not having any trouble to never have a screening colonoscopy. At my age, I should have known better. My family and the doctor was greatly encouraging me. My gut was telling me I did not need it. I will listen to my gut next time.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
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Betty, for my chronic colon problems, I use milled flax seeds daily, aloe vera softgel every other day. I also use magnet therapy for the reduction of inflammation and promotion of healing. I sleep on a M pad at night, and wear a M belt during the day. This is a good baseline regimin, imho. Good luck.

Replied by Cheryl

Colonoscopy caused c diff.

C-Diff Protocol

Posted by Pamela (Williston, Florida) on 12/02/2014

Just wanted to write and let you know that I also had C Diff. I don't have it anymore. And I had a very serious case of it.

It (C Diff) was not responding to lower doses of apple cider vinegar (w/the mother inside) and peppermint essential oil so I had to increase the dose and then it became effective. Sometimes you do have to use a stronger does to kill some things. This is what I used and it worked.

Now for the Protocol.

3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (with mother, unpasteurized and unfiltered, I used Braggs brand) and 12 to 15 drops of peppermint oil in 16 oz of water (once a day - Twice a day for the first two days. And then only once a day after that. And follow this protocol for 3 to 5 months. Listen to your own body here. But wouldn't go less then 2 months on the protocol for sure.

IMPORTANT!! NOW WHEN YOU FIRST START THIS PROTOCOL START WITH USING ONLY 5 DROPS OF PEPPERMINT OIL AND 2 TABLESPOON OF APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (WITH MOTHER) with 16 oz of water. TO TEST YOUR TOLERANCE of this protocol FOR THE FIRST DAY OR TWO. Lay down after taking the dose for safe measure in the beginning. (I didn't have any problem, but better to be safe) Actually the peppermint was kinda nice it soothed my upset stomach.

But after the first two days, proceed to the 15 drops of peppermint oil, with the apple cider vinegar. Please understand sometimes it does take a stronger dose to kill some pathogens. I unfortunately did not get good results on lower drops of peppermint oil and needed to use 12 to 15 drops, 20 drops sometimes, however, "do not" not under any circumstance exceed 20 drops of peppermint oil per dose, diluted in 16 oz of water. These are pretty darn tough pathogens and this higher does is needed to kill them. If you simply can't handle 15 drop lower it to 10. I don't think less then 10 drops will help you though, but better to do this for sure than nothing. These are very virulent pathogens and can lead to death if untreated.

Doses should be taken at a minimum 3 hours apart. No more than 2 doses a day.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT. Please do get all of the items listed in this protocol before starting it as you will need all of them to get well. This includes the food items like kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt, Apple Cider Vinegar Unpasteurized and unfiltered with the mother, peppermint oil, specific probiotics and enzymes listed, baking soda, Turmeric, and other supplements listed in this document.

After you're well (3 to 5 months), twice a week for maintenance. (2 tablespoon of apple Cider vinegar (w/mother) and 5-10 drops of peppermint oil with 16 oz of water. Not that it should come back. It's just an effective pathogen killer for so many organisms. So it is better to stay ahead and keep yourself cleaned up. Stay with the turmeric daily, it has so many health benefits. Remember death starts in the colon. This is just a great program to keep your stomach, organs and intestines in good shape. By the way I have 35 years experience in studying alternative medicine just for the record.

Also you need to add Turmeric (curcumin 95%) at 1000 mg twice a day. Or 2,500 mg. twice a day, with the peppermint oil and apple cider vinegar protocol. Take at separate times of the day not at the same time. And always use baking soda apart from vinegar and oil protocol (a few hours)

Other items essential to this program are: (Through the week) Kefir (the best most strains of probiotic), yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles. cottage cheese, fresh fruit, raw flaxseed and fresh veggies too (eat as you wish just try to include them daily and weekly. Course you can have cooked meals with meat if you like too. These probiotic and enzymes food are important for your recovery.

MUST HAVE: Garden of Life RAW probiotics women 50 & Older (Because it has 33 probiotic strains and is a broad spectrum probiotic, and potent). Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra ( It has 13 strains but it also has soil based probiotic which is very important), Any brand name of Saccharomyces boulardii, Nature's Plus Acti-zyme (1 daily). Futurbiotic Daily Enzymes complex 2-3 times a week.

For the first three days of your protocol simply use the food type probiotics, like yogurt and kefir, and Saccharomyces boulardii. Be careful adding Primal Defense Ultra and the other brand probiotics listed here. Better to only take one and see how you respond to it, and maybe only once a day. Or every couple of days. The key here is listen to your body. They are needed very much to help you, but sometimes people in really weakened states need to go slow. The food probiotics like kefir and yogurt in the beginning may be the easiest to tolerate. The 3 probiotic supplements are necessary, as well as the enzymes and can not succeed with out them.

To help with keeping ph levels in balance I use 1 tsp. of baking soda twice a day every 3 days. But you can use it everyday if you like. Make sure it doesn't contain aluminum or any other items.

After your feeling a little better a good daily multivitamin supplement is a good idea. My favorite is Nature's Plus Source of Life RED mini (of course find one you like as this is not essential to this program), And try to eat mostly low sugar (glycemic) whole foods as often as possible. Best of luck to you.

The names of these products are only listed because they contain the essential items needed for this program. If you can find them in other products be my guest, but I couldn't.

This program is also used and very successful for IBS, IBD, H pylori. Ulceration Colitis, Ulcers, Constipation, Diarrhea, and a pretty darn good parasite cleanser. It is a good program for general health as well and can be used for general upkeep and well being.

C-Diff Warnings

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Posted by Dkh (High Point, Nc) on 09/18/2009


Please warn your readers that C-diff is now more dangerous then it used to be. My Dr. one time laughingly told me that he knew he had caused a couple of his patients to get C-diff. Just because of course he had prescribed a anti-bioitc that his patients needed to recover from something else. C-diff was a common or fairly common after effect for some folks after anti-biotic treatment, as the anti-biotic causes diahrea which disturbs the bodies natural flora or bacteria in the intestinal tract.

However, about ten years ago or around that time, the bacteria became more resistant to being cured by flaygl or vankomycin. My mother got this disease and it was not from anti-biotics another thing to note, she got it from a colonoscopic exam.

After weeks of treatment with vankomycin, flaygl, dehydration, not being able to eat and yet gaining forty pounds of fluid she died.

This was unique at the time, but not as much any longer. One of the main reasons for her death, which is why I write at this time of year, is that she caught this illness at the typical cold and flu season, in the height of it. This year we are experiencing a pandemic flu that is predicted to overwhelm our health care system. Therefore what happened to my mother may happen again, Dr.s offices telling patients with c-diff it is just flu and to use a otc product to stop the diahrea, which is the worst possible thing to do.

This bacterium is like a cork screw it literally eats into your colon, with the many feet of colon we have, it is easy for the bacteria to be in a fold and after treatment is stopped it crops up again in a couple weeks. You are not healed of this until you have at least 3 negative tests, two weeks apart. Then anytime you get a return of symptoms it may have come back and you need to get into the Dr. asap.

People can become dehydrated and their entire system weakened especially if it gets to the point where they can no longer eat anything by mouth.

If her life saves one, then God has used it for a purpose, because friends this is a stupid way to die. It should not happen. In order for it to not happen it has to be taken as serious as it can be, not that it will be, but if you do not know, err on the side of safety and do not, let anyone tell you it is just the flu, or it is a easy thing to get over.

Replied by Sherri
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Dear DKH,

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your story and tell you that I am so very deeply sorry for the passing of your mother. It makes me so angry and sad to read what the doctors did TO her. My heart and prayers are with you and your family.

Replied by Richard
(Clearwater Fla)

Same situation happened to my father in the hospital, they only used flagyl and vanco and refused to do anything else. Doc said he is too old and no cure for this at his age and he died Feb, 2016. This post was from 2009 and still no cure?


Hi Richard,

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Father.

I have seen a few things developed for C diff recently. Fecal transplants have a high success rate but difficulty delivering the material to the intestine. A new pill has been developed to bypass this, and to avoid possible problems with a live donor, research is looking at developing the correct bacteria (and other factors) in the lab. Both look promising for those suffering from C diff and other bowel problems, like Crohn's. I can't get the link to post, but if you Google "Pill for C diff" several articles from JAMA, science magazines and newspapers will show up. Successful trials with small groups of people have been done, with success rates in the 94% range.

Hopefully, others will receive more effective care in the future, regardless of their age.

C. Diff and Antibiotics

Posted by Helpwithcdiff (Savannah Ga) on 08/22/2016

I got C Diff two months ago from my hospitalized Dad who had it several times - then I went on antibiotics for another minor, unrelated issue, which made me vulnerable to it after I had been exposed, and sure enough I got it too.

I was put on a course of Flagyl for five days; it worked but then five days later C Diff came back. Another longer, stronger course of Flagyl was prescribed; 500 mg for 10 days 2X a day; it worked but five days later C Diff it came back. I've since found that Flagyl isn't very effective in general. C Diff has become a superbug - and Flagyl has been used so much it is losing effectiveness.

The third time it came back, I was put on TAPERED or PULSED Vancomycin, which doctor said was normal protocol when Flaygl fails twice. This is not a normal ten day or even twenty day course of Vancomycin, which is better than Flagyl but not as effective as tapering or pulsing it. With Vancomycin "tapered" or "pulsed, " you take it 4X a day for ten days, then 2X a day for 7 days, then 1X a day for a week, then every other day for four weeks. Total of seven weeks. There are variations - sometimes 8 weeks, sometimes weeks of every 3 days included.

The strategy is this: C Diff has found a way of surviving, protecting itself, by planting little spores (its babies) in protective colonies covered in biofilm. The antibiotic can kill the adult C Diffs floating around freely - so you get better. But it can't penetrate and kill the biofilm colonies of babies. So when you go off the antibiotic, you're OK until the biofilm colonies break open, grow up and became adults and guess what? You get full-on C Diff again. The babies are all grown up now, and planting their own babies even.

What tapered Vancomycin does is kill off the adults - then when you slow down your dosages, and the babies start to hatch and grow - but you hit them with dose of antibiotic. So the idea is to get rid of the baby colonies this way (I assume before they plant their own babies?).

I'm only at the end of the once a day week - no diahrrea but I can feel the C Diff pains in my tummy, feel it starting to come back, before I take my morning pill. Soon I will go to every other day - a bit worried.

But the other strategy of tapered/pulsed Vanco is that you have time to replenish your gut with the good bacteria. That is ESSENTIAL - some docs don't recommend that enough. You need a two pronged approach - kill the bad, replenish the good - to really fix the imbalance in your gut allowing C Diff to flourish.

This means dosing yourself with huge amounts of probiotics. I mean a lot. I was taking some - but just a regular amount. I've realized with this tapering that to stop the tummy pains (indicating C Diff returning) I needed to take way more than was recommended, and have found certain dietary changes (through this website and other research and just my own experimenting) that help.

Probiotics - (forgive spelling) S Boolardi is most important, but also Rhamnosus, L. casei, and L. Acidilophous. I have the Jarrow brand Boolardi 5 billion, and the Flora Udo's Choice Hi Potency 8 - 43 billion. These are the refrigerated kinds you get at the health food stores. My mistake was only taking it once or twice a day. NO. You have to super dose it. I am now taking two tablets of the Jarrow Boolardi and two of the Flora Udo's three to four times a day. That's huge but I am trying to replenish my good bacteria.

Kefir - I take Lifeway shots with 20 billion probiotics. Also have the big bottles with 12 billion.

Yogurt - the kind that has probiotics in it. Organic is good. When C Diff is full-on, Kefir and yogurt are the only thing I can drink.

Kumbacha Gingerade - another drink you can get at the health food store - it's great!

Barley water - never heard of that before I read this website. It works. Recipe I found was 1 cup barley (groats or pearled barley) to 6 cups water. Bring to boil, then let simmer for half hour or so. Drain the water off.

Activated Charcoal capsules - also highly recommended here at this website.

Tumeric and Ginger Root capsules - I was putting tumeric in tea but not enough.

Slippery Elm - someone recommended this and I am trying it.

Saurkraut, Kimchi, Miso - these are fermented foods with probiotics. I got these but haven't been very diligent about eating them. Honestly I think the above protocol is sufficient.

Beer - I'm a drinker and like my wine. Before I knew I had C Diff, I noticed that I was way worse after having some wine. C Diff loves sugar, and wine has lots of sugars. But beer is fermented (and if you make it yourself, it probably has probiotics in it) and what does it have in it? Barley! Barley has Chitin in it which breaks open the biofilm colonies. So don't have a wheat beer or rice beer (some of the cheaper beers are made from other grains). Make sure you have a beer made from barley. Malted beers are barley. Craft beers tend to have more barley in them. Check it out.

Avoid sugar, meat (has C Diff - I can eat seafood and sometimes chicken but that's it), raw veggies, nuts, wine, liquor.

But what few people are mentioning on this thread is DIFICID. I am surprised that more doctors aren't aware of or prescribing this. That is supposed to be the next step after failed Flagyl and failed Vanco. Dificid is almost always effective and stops C Diff for good. It is the only thing that cured my dad's C Diff. (He also had Flagyl (failed) and regular (not tapered) Vancomycin.) If, for me, the tapered Vancomycin and diet above does not work, I will go on Dificid. However it's expensive - $4000 for ten day course of it. I don't have insurance but plan on getting some soon. Even with RX coupons, it's still around $3500. But there's a manufacturer's coupon if you have insurance (not Medicare) that will make it affordable. Besides, with C Diff - as we all know - it's worth it. Anything is worth it to recover.

The final almost always effective treatment, besides Dificid, is a fecal matter transplant. This has 93-97% effectiveness rate.

So if you've not gotten rid of your C Diff on Flagyl or Vanco, try tapered Vano with the diet above, and the Dificid, and finally, a fecal matter transplant. The FMT is kinda gross, but again, worth it if you get rid of C Diff.

Good luck my friends!

Replied by Phyllis

Has anyone here tried natural remedies w/no more antibiotics after C-Diff. I did and have recovered. It took time. I was more than sick and lost 30 lbs. sitting in a chair for 5 months after Cipro. I thought I would die but I did what I could reading and fixing myself as I was too frightened to see another allopathic physician. That was very scary. Too many very bad experiences so I ended up at a naturopath and recovered further and with giving up gluten and sugar have further healed my intestinal tract. It will work.

Replied by Rachel

Hi Phyllis, I'm so happy to hear you've found success. I would love to hear exactly how you did it as I'm getting pretty desperate. Thanks for your time! And best of luck to you!

C. Diff and Antibiotics
Posted by Cobeal (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/25/2013

C. Diff and other bacteria might live in a person's intestines. If C. Diff lives in you AND you are prescribed certain antibiotics that are effective against other bacteria present in your intestines THEN you MIGHT experience an overgrowth of the C. Diff which can result in symptoms.

If you put several types of bacteria in a dish where you can see them on something they feed on you will likely see colonies of these several and to some extent they limit the growth of competing colonies.

It is like this that C. Diff can be present in the human digestive tract without symptoms.

Once an antibiotic is introduced that kills bacteria other than C. Diff this opens the door for C. Diff to flourish and become symptomatic.

Antibiotics do not give you C. Diff. It is either inside you or not. If not then you have to be exposed to it somewhere.

It is highly unlikely that while you are taking antibiotics you also come into the type of contact necessary to become infected with C.Diff.

It is very likely and probably 100% or very nearly 100% of C. Diff overgrowths are due to a person already hosting that bacteria and then taking a course of antibiotics which kills the competition.

Replied by Nancy
(Houston, Texas)

I didn't see the original post regarding this question, but I don't exactly agree with the response posted. Regardless, I'll pass on some information.

The beneficial yeast in mangosteen and lychee fruits can cure C. Difficille. I researched it for several days. The research goes back to 1927-I think was the first year it was discovered. This information isn't new, because a pharma company created a "probiotic" to treat C. Diff-only thing is the beneficial ingredient isn't exactly a probiotic, it is a YEAST, and the drug also often makes ppl sick. I opted to look for the fruit and not buy the drug.

The fruits usu aren't avail here in the states, they are considered an exotic tropical fruit. At the health food store, the produce mgr recommended a brand of 100% mangosteen juice (himilayan, if I remember correctly) from the supplements section. It was expensive. Best thing I did was buy it.

I was on some terribly strong antibiotics. I needed them for a bad jaw infection that was destroying the bone, it was the worst experience. The infection had been there for years and was strong; I'm thankful the infection was located with a 3-deminsional x-ray and that the antibiotics were available. But I've never been so sick from antibiotics. After taking the antibiotics for a week, I could barely stand up from so much abdominal pain, I bought the mangosteen juice. Within about 30 minutes of taking my first dose of the mangosteen juice, I felt abdominal relief. I began taking it 3x a day, then went and bought mangosteen capsules to take during the day while at work. It made all the difference.

The research stated the mangosteen can't prevent C. Diff., but once you have it, it can get rid of it.

I really don't know how the mangosteen benefited me, because all the research said the beneficial yeast can't prevent c. Diff. , so I must not have developed it. But, my gut was in a lot of trouble from the antibiotics, and the antibiotic was directly linked to C. Diff. , which is why I did all the research. Whatever was going on with me because of the antibiotics, the mangosteen saved me.

I was so grateful for the mangosteen information I found. I always tell people, you've got to take responsibility for your health. We have the internet, so research, research, and then more research. Hope this helps.


Can it kill the spores?

Replied by Trudyg

I wonder if the mangosteen would help the IBS-D that I've had all my life? I've been checked for every possible cause and tried every remedy I've heard of, but not this yet. When I ask, people say charcoal, etc, but they don't have a clue how chronic this is--I have diarrhea every single day, no matter what I eat. I get up at 4 a.m. so I can eat and let my bowels do their thing and be able to leave the house at 7, then often I am still stopping on the way to work. The only thing that gives me consistent relief is immodium and Lotronex.

Replied by Ed2010

Hi Trudyg from Al:

There are plenty of reasons for IBS-D:
intestinal inflammation
Lactose Intolerance
blastocystis hominis

First don't take immodium, in the long run the intestines will lose its continence. To find the exact cause of diahrrea, involves process of elimination this will take time as it can be anyting.

First you need relief, then you need treatment. Even in case of treatment, you have to try many remedies that suits your body.

So Let us assume you have parasitic infection (whether bacteria, virus, amoeba and or worms). This assumption is apt for most of the cases.

As a first step, Take 1 cup of Home Made Kefir 2 times a day that fermented for atlease 24 hours.

The reason for 24 hours fermentation is, It increases the good yeast growth (along with good bacteria) and abundance of Lactic Acid. This lactic acid is the remedy for diahrrea. And the Trillions of bacteria and Yeast fights against the parasitic infection. Also, the kefir contains the enzymes that is necessary for the digestion of food. If the food is digested well there will not be constipation or diahrrea. Ofcourse we not killing any pathogens, we assisting in the process of digestion and elimination so you get immediate relief.

Take 1 gm of vitamin c 2 times a day. North american diet is deficient of Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the immunity.

Take home made carrot juice 300 ml a day. Vitamin A in carrot juice will heal the intestines, removes fat from liver, increases iron in the blood, and rich in other minerals such as magnesium, phosporous etc.

Follow up your progress here. Many will help. More people are cured by getting help from patrons of EC.

Good Health

Replied by Sue
(Fairfax, Va)

Hi, here's what helped me, prescribed by my dr: in addition to an excellent probiotic which I was taking daily; added saccharomyces boulardii (Floristor, or other companies make it as well (some with added MOS which is fine), less expensive, follow the dosage on package/bottle); also, twice a day, L-glutamine powder which is available most places, a half-teaspoon dissolved in a cup of water, and in the same water, dissolve a tablespoon of IgG 2000DF, which is an immunogobulin concentrate that rebuilds intestines. I use a brand that starts with XYM_ _ _ _, but maybe there are other brands. Stir the 2 powders in and drink. Not unpleasant. No food for a half-hour before and after. The IgG 2000DF is not cheap but it helped immediately. So worth it to me. Good luck!

Replied by Jd
(Hartford, Mi)

I agree with the person that suggested homemade Kefir. My neighbor was having a terrible time with IBS. I suggested she try doing homemade kefir and I got her started. From the first drink, she was better and won't go a day without it now. It's worth a try.

Replied by Ffpl
(Sacramento, Ca)

Only a small percentage of adults carry c-diff, about 2% to 5%. The vast majority of the time people contract this bug in a healthcare setting like a hospital or care home and around the same time are given antibiotics for an existing condition and as a result get the clostridium difficile infection (CDI).

Replied by Texas

I was recently diagnosed with C-Diff and went to the emergency room and they gave me Vancomycin to take every 6 hours for 10 days. I had taken Clindamycin a couple weeks back and I had a little stomach gurgling after I finished but I had no idea it could cause me to have this problem! I started taken probiotics (refrigerated 60 billion active probiotics) several times a day and it seems to have helped with the stomach pain, gas, and diarrhea. Thank God! I go to the gastro doctor tomorrow so I'm declaring by the grace of God that I'm healed from this terrible thing. I believe there should be a mandate by the government that a label warning people of possible C-Diff if you take certain antibiotics.

Replied by Patty
(Houston, Tx)

I have had digestive prob for many years, but because of family death and responsibilities, I became so consipated and bloated that I was incapacitated. Tried enemas, pressure, exercise, potassium, almost everything..then went to doctor...(prob bad decision) he gave me w different antibiotics and I took them.. after all this, and not having eaten much of anything, I ate almost 1/2 gal of BLUE BELL ice cream to soothe myself..That night I started vomiting, had diarrhea, high fever (I'm 71)and after about a week went to doctor again. I was sooooo sick...she sent me to gastro doc..he sent me directly to emerg room...they then hospitalized me. I was severly dehydrated and had not had anything but water stools for probably 1 1/2 weeks or so...they put me on iv and began giving me potassium for two day and saline, etc...antibiotics, you name it...then my kidneys started to fail...I was on 2 meds to stop the diarrhea, but it didn't stop..after 6 days they finally sent me home where I still took the two anti-dirrhea med without the symptoms subsiding. I don't remember exactly, but I finally stopped having so much diarrhea and got a little better, but never regained my strength, etc.

Recently (may 2015), I was at drugstore and asked the clerks (3 of them) behind the counter when the blue bell was coming back...they all chimed I "that was poisoned) ..all of a sudden, it made sense. I WAS POISONED BY BLUE BELL ICE CREAM) I cld my doc who advised me to go to my gut doctor and he took and stool sample and with the lastest technology, they tested my stool. Well it came back with C diff...of all things...i thought it would be listeria, as that was the "poison" in blue bell.. soooo...he has prescribed Metronidazole (Flagyl) today and I have taken the first of 42 pills and am terrified that the horrible diarrhea will come back and don't know what to do...should I take probiotics, while taking the Flagyl, what should I eat, should I get mangosten, kefir, WHAT TO DO???? In addition, I have undiagnosed lung problems..have had 3 xrays done, no diagnosis yet, could be TB, pneumonia, cancer of lung...I'm a mess...will address this next week with lung doc (I hope) anyone have any thoughts?

EC: Hi Patty, you might also want to check out our ice cream and sinus infections page here. There are quite a few brands of ice cream that make people very sick.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

As per the lung thing, yrs ago my health began deteriorating from what appeared to be some kind of lung issue and I had the standard radiology and nothing further for diagnostics; until yrs later and much research, Mycoplasma infection was the only identifiable cause. I personally witnessed a Cow nearly die from this condition (which is somewhat common in livestock after drinking contaminated water source like ponds where parasites & pathogens can occupy). Several months of vet administered high dose antibiotic got her well enough to calf once again but the calf was also infected and compromised and soon died.

Colloidal Silver (oral and/or nebulized), Borax, and the herb Uvi Ursi (read label for recommended dosage as there are limits w/ this herb) is a good treatment start for any mycoplasma infection. Mycoplasmas have chronic debilitating affect on immune function and leave one very susceptible to any little bug that comes along, and like in your case, can be nearly fatal.

Replied by Darlene

I am very eager to help anyone who will listen... I have had two surgeries on my bowels. Second was for small bowel obstruction in which they removed my bowels and cut them apart and put them back. Now they are extremely scared which has made me a human experiment with food. I am severely allergic to gluten which I believe I was for years... IBS, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in the 80's thyroid in the 90's and then the dreaded diverticular disease... the rest is history.

KEEP A FOOD DIARY! Gluten is in everything from make-up to hard candy all processed foods unless GF labeled. It is in the eggs we eat unless free range and the meat unless grass fed. Vegetables can cause their own set of issues if it is not locally grown fresh or organic. Your body will tell you what it wants LISTEN!

Research anti-inflammatory foods and eat them. Get help I went to therapy for 8 months to change my brain. I would cry when I talked about food to anyone. Now I am empowered and I decide what I want to eat not the industry. If I didn't I would not be here today. Change your brain change your body! :)

Replied by Cindy

I totally agree, Doctors might not perscibe so readily, if they had a warning label.

Replied by Alli
(Las Vegas)

Unfortunately that is not true. I contracted cdiff and I have not been in the hospital in over a year and I have not taken an antibiotic in over 10. I am not around small children or elderly people and know no one that has had it, nor do I take tums or other antacids. I got mine from food poisoning while I was healthy, but I am guessing my stomach was feeling the effects of long days and lots of stress and my immune system was weak from exhaustion. Total nightmare.

Replied by Kathy

Mangosteen, the true superfruit, is an inflammation fighter... getting the Mangosteen is no longer difficult as I use it daily... I don't have c.diff that I know of... I have been around ppl who have it with a vengeance but I don't know if that exposed me to it or not. but I take the Mangosteen just in case... it's fights all sorts of inflammations.. c.diff included. I also use a squirt of Colloidal Silver orally... one time a day when I feel a cold or sniffles coming on..it fights the tougher infections such as c.diff, botulism, MRSA (staph infections) which become resistant to antibiotics... but they do not become resistant to CS. I hope this helps.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Esa (Edmonton, Alberta) on 09/21/2016 3 posts

Just a story. No question.
Hope that is alright.

My husband went to hospital and it was found that he had diabetes. While there, they gave him antibiotics. His is immune suppressed because of a liver transplant in 2006. Within 3 days after he came home, I had to call emergency again. He spent nearly the next 1.5 yrs on and off being treated in hospital for c-diff. When he came home, he had strong antibiotics to take for the rest of his life because the 3 fecal transplants did not move the infection. In fact all of this led also to a diagnosis of dementia. After a while the causes and effects get intermingled to the point where one gets confused about the order of things. We treated him at home with only castor oil (cold pressed) poultices for a minimum of 2-3 hours per day. He had what we thought was a stroke one day, and he needed to go back to hospital again. His diagnosis this time was epilepsy. When he came back home the last time, he no longer was being prescribed the strong antibiotics. I asked the doctor about that and he said that they did not find any c-diff in his system. I do not know where the dementia plays in all of this, however, he shows signs of dementia on the occasional days, and while he is much slower mentally and physically than he was before he was diagnosed with diabetes, his mental state continues to improve. I asked the doctor about this at his last checkup and she said that if he is getting better (it's been about 3 months now) then it wasn't dementia. I'm not sure what to make of that, but I'm not asking many more questions. We are just pleased that we can spend our later years together.

A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce) site is where I learned of the castor oil packs. I'm sure that is what kept him alive long enough to receive the organ transplant in 2006.

Charcoal, Fermented Foods

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Posted by Dale (Rushville, Ny, Usa) on 12/21/2010

First, I am no one special, just someone who has experienced c-diff, now for my second time. The first was 15-20yrs ago the second (presently). My first (as anyone who has had the dubious pleasure will attest to) was a visit to hell. It truly feels like you will never get better. I don't really worry about the flu, surgery, or many other medical issues... C-diff gets my full attention. Anyway, I have to say, I had hoped that, since my first experience, the "people trained to fix us" would have "perfected" their treatment of this insidious ailment. I was wrong!!!

This year, for me, has been the "year from hell". It began with a couple of months of a very sick gall bladder, and removal, then another bout of diverticulitis, and now another visit from the beasts of c-diff. (I'm 57 and "they" lied about the golden years). All that to get to this... After starting on flagyl for the treatment of c-diff, and after 1wk with no relief, my doc prescribed the "next in line" Vancocin. This is apparently such an old med that most pharms don't carry it in stock and I had to wait a day to get it. Well, as a result of my previous experience, I really didn't want to wait, so visited this site and some others, and read about others battling c-diff.

Long story shortened a bit... I bought some activated charcoal (absorbs c-diff toxins) , and went to an oriental store for some "kimchee"(fermented cabbage)(also spelled Kimchi I think). That was 2 weeks ago. I did not start the vancocin because within my "waiting time" to pick up the meds, I thought I started feeling a little better and my stools seemed to be smelling a little less obnoxious. I still have not begun the vancocin and am eating the Kimchee. The pain is gone, am regaining some strength, and starting to feel somewhat human again. Of course, as we c-diff veterans have come to know, time will tell!

As with any info you may glean from whatever source, do your own research! This post may be worth nothing to you, or maybe a gift from God. I pray it is the latter. I find, for myself, that I am more and more willing to try what others, who have "been there", have tried and have found success. I wish you well!

Replied by Feelbetter
(Phoenix, Az)

Kimchi did it for me. I have lost 20 lbs over the past month and been in ER twice. One course of Flagyl and two relapses. I had washed everything with Bleach, eaten Yogurt, Kefir, etc. And purchased two expensive ProBiotics, but still felt ill and relapsed five days ago after taking Flagyl. I had my daughter purchase some Kimchi for me and I ate it last night (it's delicious if you like cabbage and hot spices! ) and I feel 1000% better today.

I'm going to keep be really aware of what I put into my body and continue with the Probiotics, Yogurt and Kefir, along with Turmeric and other Middle Eastern spices in my brown rice, but Kimchi really seemed to do the trick. I am so happy and relieved that I feel like a human being today for the first time in over two months!

Kimchi is for me!

Replied by Feelbetter
(Phoenix, Az)

Update from yesterday: This morning I had my first normal poop in over two months. Yesterday, my energy went through the roof, my depression cleared and I was able to get more work done in one day than in the previous two weeks.

Try the Kimchi if you are suffering with C-Diff. It is basically fermented Napa Cabbage with garlic, red peppers, chilis and spices.

I think that relapses can be caused by C-Diff spores laying around your house after an illness, so make sure you wash everything you can with bleach. I am lucky that the curtains in my room are white, so I was able to take them down and wash them as well. Wash all surfaces, including walls, and especially things you touch all the time like your phones, TV remotes, etc.

One source I found said that it can also be transferred via nasal route, so be very careful with your nose and mouth.

This thing can be beat, I just don't think that the Western medical community knows how to do it.

BTW- I didn't fill my second prescription for Flagyl, as I knew that it would make me feel worse.

Trying kimchi

Hi there, feelbetter. Curious if you can respond with how your longer term outcome was after kimchi.

Replied by Cindy

I'm a little confused. I have been told unless you are pooping on yourself and you don't wash hands, it is the only way you can spread to other surfaces. How would c diff get on curtains if it isn't airborne from what I am told? It's only the spores that live, and they only come from fecal matter? No one can continue to wash and bleach like curtains. The first time I had we bleached everything down. The second time we just were cautious and bleached counter tops etc. wash hands real good. Wipe down phones and lap tops. Thanks

Replied by Jennifer

YOU are someone special! Thanks for your help sharing what worked.

Words have the power to heal, I believe, so I hope that you give yourself more credit. Anyone caring for a stranger to get better Is VERY special.

That's YOU!

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Norma (Upper Arlington, Oh) on 12/18/2012

I would like to know from Lloyd who posted today 12/18/12, what colloidal silver generator he has.

I have been taking CS for months now and have not been sick with a cold or flu. I recommended it to a friend who had been to many doctors because of the pain in her teeth and jaw. No doctors could help her. After the first day of taking CS her pain was diminished. Now it has gone away. She asked one of her doctor's if he knew about CS and he said yes. She asked him why he didn't tell her about it. He didn't have and answer. I also spray it in my dog's eye which was seeping. No more seepage. Also, a friend had pink eye, we sprayed it in and on his eye, next day it was gone. Amazing stuff. That is why I want to get a generator. Just haven't been able to decide which to get. Lloyd, if you could email me, that would be appreciated. Landrov101 (at) aol dot com

Many, many thanks to Ted and everyone on EC who are helping each other to continue with good health.

Replied by Elizabeth

4 pure Silver half dollars, put into one quart jar of clean water, let sit for 4 days in a dark place and presto! You can see the silver particles shimmering in the water. This is an old fashioned way my grandparents kept milk sweet and made their own Silver solution.


Sorry---it should have read 4---pure silver $5 coins. Maybe there are other size coins---these were what I used and it saves me a huge amount of $$ compared to buying it at a Health Food Store. Blessings to all who try this---it is SO good.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Joanie (Seattle, Wa) on 10/14/2009

I take colloidal silver when c-diff symptoms return and it works very well. I get the silver from ___ and an 8 ounce bottle lasts for 6 months or more. It's good for killing over 1,000 types of bacteria and it can be used in place of antibiotics which will prevent one from getting c-diff in the first place.

Replied by Sarah
(Detroit, Mi)

Have you tested negative for C.diff after taking the colloidal silver? I was told that silver helps but I want this disease gone.

Replied by Ken
(Lindon, Ut)

I was told by my doctor (who is also very open to alternative treatment) that colloidal silver is not very effective treatment with C-diff. I have tried it myself with little or no positive results.

So now I am trying some of the other suggestions (such as pulsing and taking clay). I will post my results as something positive happens.

Replied by Virginia
(Port., Ore.)

Try oil of oregano it seems to really work as well as colloidal silver.

Replied by Tabvan
(Mechanicsburg, Pa)

Silver Sol is better than colloidal because it is smaller particles and can enter the red blood cell and be carried to all parts of the body. It is not ionic but a new solution by a Dr Pedersen and has a patent. My c-diff started the end of Feb 2010 and I am on my 4th round of pulse with Vancomycin. I was hospitalized 2 times for a week each. And 2 times in the ER overnight and then left go home because the vomiting stopped. I started with two doses of Flagyl and got deathly ill during my 2nd dose which was my first week in the hospital. I had IV Flagyl and Vancomycin was started. I am now pulsing 3 weeks at time since the week long treatment didn't help. Just started on 2 times a day and so far all stools are formed. This has been a LONG year.

Replied by Tabvan
(Mechanicsburg, Pa)

Wanted to ask the question about stools floating when we have C-diff. It is formed but sinks does that mean we are not healing?

Replied by Lloyd
(Charlotte, Nc)

Concerning colloidal silver and its effectiveness on C Diff mentioned above by Sarah; I had an interesting conversation with a mother who came to my office today. (I'm an attorney.) She brought her 5 year old. I'd forgotten I'd given her some colloidal silver months ago when she told me of her son's problem with C Diff. I was guessing at silver's effectiveness in dealing with bacteria but we have assumed it not only can kill viral infections but also bacterial and fungal. I have one of the little silver generators and give away bottles of it to anyone who might like to try it. Well, she thanked me and said over a two week period her son drank the silver water and it cured him. No problem now for months. And she immediately told me of another story. Her husband was cynical relative to his son but when he saw what it did for his son wondered if the silver solution might help a four inch by four inch layer of inflamed skin on the back of his right shoulder. She said it was like a layer of "skin on skin. " He drank the silver every day and the wife applied it topically. Over a period of days the "spot" began giving off a liquid and in a week it shrank until it went away completely. I suspect he had been bitten on the shoulder by a spider and that became an ongoing infection. I thought her idea of a topical application was clever. She had run out of the silver and I immediately handed her a new one.

I'd sure like to hear from people who try colloidal silver for its effectiveness on C Diff. The trick is: for a system wide infection it has to be used daily for weeks if not months. You know if its working if the patient gets a new burst of energy after a week or two. The "energy" is the immune system being relieved in its stressed condition by the fighting power of the silver. It's like the reinforcements arriving.

Replied by Lloyd
(Charlotte, Nc)

An update: The day after I wrote the post on the effectiveness of cs on c diff... The one about the mother and her son and the husband (not a c diff case), well, the day after I wrote it, the following day she came back to my office and I asked her a few more questions about the boys c diff. (And today is his birthday... He is four. ) She knew he had c diff because he was positively diagnosed. The boy had been receiving chemo treatments for cancer. He had the c diff from out of an iv treatment. After six months of treatment for the c diff he began having psychological problems and the mother decided to stop all treatments even though the doctors wanted to try different experimental drugs to cure the c diff. (Chemo was completed. ) At the same time she tried the cs and in one week the condition (extreme runs) had nearly gone away and the next week was completely gone. That was many months ago with no return symptoms. I asker her what the doctors thought about the turnaround. And she said she had not gone back to them since cutting them off after six months of c diff suffering. As we discussed this, and I was feeling very proud, she ask the boy, "Son, who healed you?" I expected him to speak my name, but the boy just calmly said, "Jesus."

I laughed about that, being corrected by a 4 year old. You know all the great ideas and helps on this terrific site are really not ours at all.

Replied by Aidea
(Tucson, Az)

I know there are many different companies that make Colloidal Silver and many different strengths! I was wondering if anyone has tried a strength of 2000ppm which is SUPER STRONG? Most sold in stores is only 50ppm by comparison. Has anyone tried this? For something like C. Diff treatment?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Aidea;

About using 2000 ppm Colloidal Silver for CDiff. I've taken high ppm myself with no side effects... over a few weeks. I also know people successfully used CS to kill C Diff apparently with great success. Wondering why you think you need high ppm if 50 ppm twice daily would work? To kill infection in body I take three tablespoons twice daily on empty stomach. If you want more atoms of silver I'd just drink more of the CS.

Dandelion Root

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Posted by Joly (Arkansas) on 12/06/2016

For C Diff, probiotics which were helping for a couple weeks, the real cure happened overnight, I had read all about dandelion root, how it can cure cancer and help with multi problems from skin to high blood pressure, so I went to the health food store and bought dandelion tea, and solitary dandelion capsules, one tea bag steeped in 8 oz. Hot water, and two capsules, cured c diff overnight, now I continue this everyday and feel wonderful.


Posted by Char (Ft.myers, Lee County Florida) on 10/22/2012

I have just -almost recovered from C'diff. I have 'red rice yeast , and am reluctant to take it, as what I have now is a yeast problem now. I have now taken Probiotics. I am so drained, and need to eat, but what can I eat not get sick again. Liquids are fine and staying in ( I think). I am 82, 119, (normal 124), and need to know what to eat. Please help! I not ever been sick like this ever. Thank you so much for help or reference.

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Just Take 1 cup of home made milk kefir a day.

Dietary Changes, Multiple Remedies

Posted by Jmo (Seattle, Wa) on 12/13/2011

I have been recently diagnosed with C. Diff. I got it from taking Cepro for a week for a kidney infection. I am 31, healthy and have hardly been on antibiotics my entire life. My sister got C. Diff a few years ago from taking antibiotics for a UTI. I knew the dangers of antibiotics, and wished I had taken more probiotics after. I wanted to write in for others who suffer from this horrible bacteria and what my sister and I have found to be helpful. When I was diagnosed, the doctor did not tell me about this illness, they made it seem like I had a little bacterial infection and all I needed to do was take antibiotics. There was no discussion on diet how CRUCIAL probiotics are and how it is contagious. If I hadn't known better I would have thought it was no big deal, just as they make it sound. It is a sad shame that I have to research this on my own. I suppose there isn't enough information for this disease and perhaps they don't want to scare people about this rapidly growing epidemic.

I have found that diet is very important. Before I was diagnosed I found certain foods I could have a fairly normal bowel movement. I did not explore too much and found the following to be very helpful: Eggs, squash, gluten free products (to avoid more yeast build up) AVOID SUGAR-that means fruit too(bacteria love sugar), Ezekiel bread, garden burger, proteins such as salmon, turkey. Low fiber vegetables-I did not find too many that agreed with me. Certain cheeses seemed to be alright, like the lighter cheeses. Multigrain cereal, like Barbara's brand. 1TBS of Flax meal a day.

My sister maintained a gluten-free, sugar-free diet for two months after going off antibiotics. This helped tremendously. She took the following and continues to do so on some. Acidophilus bifidus-400 billion Bentonite Clay, taken after antibiotics & probably a few weeks after probiotics. Garden of Life-Primal Defense. Nutribiotic GSE Grapefruit extract. Colloidal Silver-drink a small glass. Colostrum powder. Sacro B. Flore-Restore. I found Turmeric is powerful.

I think it is important that anyone going through this to always watch your diet for the rest of your life. Try to keep your body alkaline. Avoid excess sugar, greasy fatty foods, and alcohol. Read up on books that deal with natures antibiotics. Hopefully someday we find a cure and nobody has to go through this life altering illness.

Replied by Shauna
(Irvine, Ca)

Hi, I've struggling with c-diff for 4 months. I really want to try what your sister has found to be successful. I'm not able to find some of the things she tried.

Fecal Transplant

Posted by Rob (Manhattan, Ny) on 01/23/2013

Some fascinating news on Fecal Transplant science.. http://www.radiolab.org/blogs/radiolab-blogland/2013/jan/22/poop-magic-gut-cure/

EC: Someone just posted interesting feedback on FT yesterday on our Ulcerative Colitis Q&A page:

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , don't have a dog in this hunt , but a few days ago fecal transplants was a heated topic on E.C.. Well, the Alopathics are now into the fray so there must be gold in them thar hills.


As usual, I just stir the pot and get the heck out of Dodge..... so have at it.

Of course we must have a 20 year double blinded test that involves millions in university research grants.

I figure if the natural folks think it works, then they will take some poop from a healthy kin , stick it in a capsule and go about their merry way. Naturally, they will pass on their adventure to EC and we will be light years ahead of our modern medicine ......as usual. On the other hand, poop may be patentable.


Replied by Tg

ORH--they do more than take it in a capsule. They mix it up into a slurry with oatmeal and other stuff and shoot it on up in there, hold and hope the good part "takes". My ibsd is so bad that I would if it got any worse. Lots of folks I know have done it, with good results.

Replied by Holly
(Dunkirk, Md)

I may be using the fecal transplant technique if the above natural methods and meds from drs don't work. Here's a link to Johns Hopkins that currently performs this procedure. Hope this helps someone...

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