C-Diff Remedies

Bentonite Clay, Oregano Oil
Posted by Adam (Dallas, Texas) on 10/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just thought I'd give my quick. 02 cents. I have UC Ulcerative Colitis... Had it since 1999 and I've been able to keep it in remission overall... I've been lucky. I take probiotics, multivitamin, cod liver regularly... No meds. I'm pretty healthy overall.

I got C-diff a few years ago... It stirred it all up and put me in the hospital for two weeks... Pretty serious. Once the c-diff and the damage it caused was cured... I've since kept it in check with diet and the supplements I mentioned... Pretty basic... No real meds.

Just recently I've had some funk down below... And I recognized the smell from when I was really sick before. I finally realized that I might have c-diff again... Everything added up once I started reading/thinking/paying attention to the symptoms.

So...I did some recent research... Came across this thread and others. I decided to try the Bentonite Clay... And oil of oregeno. I saw results overnight really.

I started using a lot of things at once because I am/was a little scared... But a combination of Bentonite Clay and Oil Of Oregano seems to have detox'd my gut and gotten rid of the c-diff... At least the really noticeable signs... Watery stool, little signs of blood, bad smell... None of which are normal for me. I noticed real results in days... And it was gone in about a week. I took both Oregano and Bentonite on an empty stomach... Faded out the oregano once I saw real results (5-6 days). Once it seemed like I was really about done... I started having some cramps/ pain...so I backed off most everything... And took aloe gel and creeped back in with clay and all the others... Except oregano. I'm having normal healthy bowel movements now. I still have some healing to do... My gut just feels taxed.... But I'm pretty sure I'm good to go in as few as days... probably a couple of weeks at most.

The clay is easy and mostly flavorless... Seems to be pretty safe overall and effective for countless things. I'll probably be taking a maintenence dosage from here on out. It helps with ph... Which seems to be pretty key in keeping things working but I've never payed attetion to it... Just when I'm scared. I chose a brand of clay that is just a liquid in a brown bottle I saw it at two different popular health food stores. I took it twice a day... Then a few times a day for a couple of days once I didn't have issues and noticed real change. My aunt works at a popular health food store... And she was helpful... Turns out she takes bentonite clay everyday... So that helped me take it with confidence... I wasn't too sure about it until I talked with her.

I also took/take:
Coconut Oil
L-Glutamine - empty stomach
Good Probiotics - Boulardi type
Aloe Vera Gel - empty stomach
Cod Liver Oil

I don't necessarily recommened all this at the same time so much... But it is all good stuff for the gut... I mix it up... And used each during the main detox week.

I ate/eat a lot less sugar, dairy... And drank tons of water. Laid off beer/coffee completely. That said... My appetite is healthy and I've always found that my systems rallies quicker when I eat a lot... And regularly... Just not a bunch of bad food... But not necessarily health food either... Just mindful of certain things and when I eat them. I eat alot of turkey sandwiches.

Hope this helps someone. Both the Clay and Oregano were new to me as I've always looked for Colitis info... Not so much c-diff. Both seem to be pretty effective for a multitude of things. I'd recommend them. Good Luck!