C-Diff Remedies

Be Careful With Antibiotics
Posted by Sky (Harrisburg, Pa, Usa) on 01/27/2010
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Anyway,I am 43 and December 21st 2009 I had some dental surgery done and was put on clyndamyacin for ten days. About the third day in I developed diarrhea but my husband said all meds have side effects and I probably shouldn't worry about it. The next day I only took three doses instead of four and I was perfectly fine again.On 1-4-2010 a Monday I went back to the dentist for a follow up and told him what happened and told him I took all the meds just longer because I felt I didn't tolerate the four doses. He said that was fine and asked if I was okay now. I told him yes, no problems. Two days later my diarrhea started again for a few days ,then I was fine again for a few days and then it started getting worse. By the following Wednesday I started getting really concerned and went to the doctor. I told him what I was on two weeks earlier and my concerns about what I read about the side effects. He said to try yoghurt and rice and bananas for a few days and see if that helps, if not it could be something else you develop from antibiotics. To cure it I would have to go on another antibiotic, but it can go away on it's own. He probably said c-diff but that was a foreign word at that time. He said if I wanted to I could drop off a stool sample the next morning. I took it lightly at that point because I figured oh no big deal ,it will probably go away. Well that weekend was agonizing.I thought I was dying and have never felt the kind of pain I felt for those next couple of days. I read all of my natural remedies books and lived on slippery elm and pau'd arco tea ,but no relieve on the sools. I immediately dropped off the stool sample on the following Monday and didn't hear from the doctors, I didn't realize the test would take that long. By Thursday I didn't know what to do anymore because I had called every day and the test wasn't back yet,so the doc put me on metronidazole (flagyl) and by the next day my severe cramping was gone , I've been on this for 6 days now and I still have at least 10 or more stools,well ,diarrhea. I am so against antibiotics in the first place but thought I had to take them because of the surgery and of course I come down with the side effects.I have been online for hours,reading up on it and getting really scared that this may be a lifelong ailment to live with.I always considered myself a very healthy person,taking lots of supplements and vitamins, eating overall healthy,well for the most part and still I was not strong enough to fight this bacteria. So tonight I finally typed in alternative medicine for c diff and I can't tell you enough how encouraged I feel right now to beat this bug. Now a few questions maybe someone knows about already.

Can I take all my regular vitamins and supplements while going through this? I usually take fish oil,vitamin e,c ,grape seed extract,cherry bark extract,potassium for my restless leg syndrome and a calcium, magnesium mix,which I won't take for now because that usually helps me go the bathroom.

Another thing,I have oil of oregano which I take during colds,could there be some benefit to help fight this bacteria? And can natural antibiotics like Myrrh,boswelia ,ecchinacea and garlic be used along with the antibiotics?
I am very encouraged about the cabbage juice and will go out tomorrow and get some cabbage.Even if it takes a few days ,if it helps I will try it.

Can this bacteria be fought for good?

Be Careful With Antibiotics
Posted by ANNA (STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK) on 07/31/2008
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I was struck by c.difficile while taking clindamysin. i only took 3 dosages and went through great pain and fever,colitis. after a 10 day treatment of flagel, c.difficile returned., my gastroenteroligest then gave a heavier treatment of flagel for 10 days. this time it helped ,it was under control. my doctor explained it this way.,'it was a nuclear bomb going off in my colon and intestines and the clindamysin killed off all the bacteria'.

i was warned strongly not to eat dairy. i was weak and built my strength back up. i cannot have yogurt. i order a probiotic to keep the flora built up in the colon. i find banana's and white rice helps, keep a balance on fiber, be careful with anti-biotics when your prescibed for an illness. have your gastroenterologist phone# handy just in case of a relapse with c.diffice. i have a great gastroenteroligist who is there for me a.m. or p.m. with great understanding.