C-Diff Remedies

Posted by Connie (Lincoln, Nebraska) on 10/07/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I first got C. diff after a round of antibiotics for diverticulitis. September of 2012. I have been in the hospital with it 3 different times. I was in the hospital Dec 2013 and went home on extended treatment of antibiotics. I ended them mid February"14 and by the end of the month I could tell it was coming back. At the same time I was introduced to a book "And they said it wasn't Possible" by Karen Hurd. I decided if I was ever going to get over the c. diff I needed to have a healthy bowel. The book said to eat 1/2 cup of beans 6 times a day. She explains it much better! Beans are a soft fiber. If you do not have soft fiber, the toxins, bile etc. is reabsorbed from your bowel, goes back to the liver, and is again expelled into the intestine. The soft fiber binds with the toxins and they are removed from the body. I did this for a week and then decreased and I still do 1/2 cup a day and often supplement with benefiber. I use canned navy beans or pinto beans. I wash off the liquid. They really have no taste and make a great snack. So the first part of March I still had some liquid vancomycin that I took for 2 weeks along with the bean diet. That was the last time I had diarrhea, bloody stools, stomach pain etc. I also ate chicken. Stay away from sugar as C. diff loves it. I have done Florastor and any other probiotics with high numbers.

In Sept '14 I could tell it was coming back, problem was, since I did not have the diarrhea etc. the doc in ER thought I was nuts (especially when I told him about the bean diet), and the hospital lab refused to test the stool sample. My GI doctor did not know why I was having problems as he said the cat scans he compared showed my intestine looked a little "irritated" this time, but nothing that should be causing me problems. I think the "bad guys" just outnumbered the "good guys(bacteria)". Two days later I was admitted with 103 degree temp, still no diarrhea. They finally tested the stool sample and I was positive for C. diff. I had been on a number of different antibiotics and this time they put me on Difficile.-it is $100 a pill after my insurance which is pretty good insurance.

I am going to try some of the other remedies that are in this article. I know I have fought it off a number of times with big doses of the probiotics and right now I have the fullness way down low which I know means its trying to come back.