Effective Natural Remedies for Burns

Cold Water

Posted by BB (Santiago) on 10/02/2013
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I put foil on my fingers but it did not work then the next day I put my fingers in super cold water for 30 min and my pain went away

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Littlewing (Boston) on 06/12/2017
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Colloidal Silver for Burns

So glad I read this - no kidding, burned my thumb yesterday (bacon grease spatter). Hurt like heck, a small bubble formed.... had that underlying "burn" pain for quite some time. I put colloidal silver on it, took the pain away immediately. Waiting a bit, dabbed some more on then put a band-aid on it. Six hours later I had already forgotten about it. No pain, a small red circle where the bubble was, but other than that - NOTHING. No pain, no general redness, you wouldn't even know there was a burn. BRILLIANT!!!

Posted by Angela (Federal way, WA) on 06/06/2009
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burn help: Try collidial (sp) silver sprayed on for not only pain relief, but quick healing to even better than before skin, after a burn. Even on 3rd degree burns!

Colloidal Silver Gel

Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 04/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I burned the tip of my middle finger last night when it went through a potholder hole and touched the oven rack at 375*. I immediately held it under running cool water to remove the heat and make it feel better. Several minutes. Then I applied a drop of lavender essential oil. I topped it off with a dab of colloidal silver gel. This was the best thing I think I have done to help a kitchen burn. I was able to do dishes without any pain last night. Today I can see and feel the charred skin, but I have zero pain and have done nothing else since my initial treatment. Three steps - cool the burn, lavender essential oil, colloidal silver gel. ~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 11/26/2018
5 out of 5 stars

A friend had told me about a burn she had that nothing worked for until someone gave her some colloidal silver gel to try on it. Apparently that worked very well.

I bought some to keep on hand. (Silver Shield is the brand she told me about.)

My daughter and I have both used it for kitchen burns and have been very impressed! It stops pain for hours and then can be reapplied. I love that it is so easy. I tend to get a kitchen burn when rushing around the kitchen and don't have time to trouble with anything complicated at the moment.

~Mama to Many~

Comfrey Burn Paste

Posted by Green (Wa) on 09/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

For burns, 1st degree to severe 3rd degree, mix into a paste equal parts of wheat germ oil and liquid honey, and add comfrey leaf or comfrey root (chopped fresh or dried powder). Mix into heavy spreadable paste, and spread 1/2 inch or more over whole burned area, and cover lightly with gauze bandage. Over next several days, add more paste to areas where it has been absorbed into the skin to retain 1/2 inch of paste over all burned areas. Don't remove paste, just add more as needed. This comfrey paste keeps well for months in tightly covered glass jar at room temp.

Cool Water

Posted by Lorrie (Cameron Park, California) on 04/25/2010
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Burn remedy

I was working in a sand candle making business. After forming the candle they had to be dipped in 250 degree wax to coat them. A large candle I was hand dipping slipped out of my hand and made the hot wax splash up on my hand past my wrist. My boss was there and grabbed me and filled a coffee can with regular cold (but not too) tap water. She had me keep my burn completely immersed for at least 30 minutes. When I removed my hand from the water, not only was the pain gone, but I also didn't blister and there was no permanent skin damage. A couple of years later I was working in a pizza parlor. The oven is usually around 500 degrees. I was scraping the stone that the pizzas sit on when it got stuck behind the stone. When I tried to pull it out my right hand came up and hit the top stone. The whole thumb side half of the back of my hand was burned. I grabbed a wet towel and put it around my hand till I could get to a water source and fill a bucket. I immersed my hand for a full 30 minutes (much to the displeasure of my boss). Once again not only did the pain go away, but also there was no blistering or any lasting scar. The skin was slightly discolored for a day or so. It seems that the most important thing for a burn is to seal it off from air. Also part of the shock of a burn is a rapid evaporation of fluid to the affected area. Simple water - not too cold - seemed to do the trick in both cases. It's been over 30 years since both incidents and I have never had any scarring or weakness of the affected areas.

Replied by Msg
Somewhere, Europe
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interesting. in my house whenever anyone gets a burn on their hand, the remedy is to go wash dishes! the results are as you describe.

Replied by Bret
Sweet Home, Oregon, U.s.
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While attempting to mow a friends back lawn, I accidently touched the mowers engine, within seconds, I had lost feeling in my right middle finger and had a nasty blister forming on my right ring finger. After rushing home, I filled a small glass with water and added 3 cubes of ice. This happened maybe 20 minutes ago. That's right, as I'm typing, my right middle and ring finger are still submerged in the cold water. Aside from limiting mobility, I can't even feel the pain right now.


Posted by William (Michigan) on 07/13/2020
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Here's a good one if you have any burn from Heat or chemical or road rash:

if you apply dry cornstarch to the burn and leave it for 10 minutes the burn will never hurt again. It won't sting, it won't pang, it won't ache. You will still have a hole in the skin and a sensitive area but no pain after 10 minutes.

It's a miracle. I've used it 50 times, even on third degree burns over my whole back when my shirt caught on fire at the stove and it was polyester and melted to my back.

It also works on chemical burns when I spilled turpentine down the front of me.

Replied by Orh
Ten Mile, Tn

William, ORH here, for some reason, I don't buy your line, but I will try it if I get a burn. Lots of gamesmen on EC and I can spot em. D knows I have this power. Many years ago, she thought I was a kook. She has learned better.


Replied by Rosemary
Ontario, Canada

I've had success using flour: immediately scoop some flour onto the burn.

Result: absolutely no blisters, ever and pain gone in 10-15 minutes or sooner.

This said, I haven't tried this on a burn that the skin sloughed off at the moment of burn.

Also, delaying application of flour to the burn area, is less effective.

I'll try the cornstarch the next time I have a burn. It's handy to keep a little bowl of flour by the stove; this is where most of my burns occur.

Posted by Bill (Michigan) on 09/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars


If my skin is ever burned by flame or heat all I have to do is cool it off with water dry it off and put cornstarch on it dry and just leave it on for 10 minutes dry cornstarch in for 10 minutes. All pain of the burn no matter if they are third degree or just little light burns you'll never be in any pain from the burn ever after you put cornstarch on it and just leave it dry for 10 minutes. I've been using it for 30 years.


Posted by Pammy (Malibu, California, United States ) on 07/02/2010
5 out of 5 stars

One of the most amazing treatments I have ever used is DMSO for burns. I have had serious burns and minor burns.

Usually I just open the container and slap a big tablespoon of DMSO on the burn. It is best to do it right away. I keep it on for about 1/2 hr. I keep a jar in my kitchen for the possibilities of getting burned at the stove. It takes the pain away immediately and the pain never comes back. You can apply a little each day for awhile, but I have not found that necessary. I wish every one knew about this as burns can be so painful. And the burns heal up nicely.

It is either Canada or Alaska that they use DMSO in ER for burns. Blessings to all. Pammy

Replied by Christopher
San Diego, California

MSM works faster and is a derivative of DMSO

Posted by Bill (Santa Ana, ca) on 09/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I burned my finger one day at home. I quickly grabbed the DMSO washed my finger, poured it over the finger. The pain and swelling stopped immediately. No subsequent problems. While winter hiking in the Sierras a girl in our group burned her hand on a hoy stove. I applied the DMSO from my back pack. She came to me the next morning to say she had no distress at all from the burn. I also used it on my mother's face when she fell on the cement, smashing her glasses and nose. It moved the blood right out. The next day she had on a yellowing of the skin. Great stuff. I carry it everywhere.

Replied by Josh
New York, NY

DMSO or Dimethylsulfoxide is used to carry things threw your skin, it penetrates nearly anything, its used for cancer treatment, brain swelling and lots of things but topical use on yourself? I dont think so. the reason it cleared up your mothers blood is because it sucked up the blood in solution and carried it trough the skin, and while it doesnt hurt to have dead blood cells floating around, you could just whip it off. Large amounts of dmso causes a garlic odor on the breath and sometimes the skin for days. Because it so readily penetrates the skin, it can carry things with it that are otherwise impossble to contract such as bacteria and toxins. So if you insist on using it THOUROGHLY wash the area befer hand and only wash with things you wouldnt mind floating around in your blood.

Flaxseed Oil

Posted by Maria (Toronto, Ontario) on 10/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Burn Remedies -- Flax oil is a very good remedy for burns - when cooking etc. Just apply it to the burn. It relieves pain quickly and speeds up healing. Good luck.


Posted by Gert (Alabama) on 09/06/2018
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When I was 4, I severely burned my hand on an open oven door. My grandma immediately put my hand down in the crock of flour--it was cool, no air could touch it. She made me keep it there for hours (seemed like it, anyway). No blistering at all. By the time my dad got home with the car to head for the hospital, I was ok enough to not need the trip.

Posted by Gottaloveit (Montgomery, Al) on 07/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

OK so I burned my hand taking a skillet out of the oven set on 400 degrees around seven pm...it is now 1130 pm...and I've had to constantly keep ice on it to numb the pain...it has already blistered....I couldn't sleep because once the ice melted the pain immediately came back..so I started browsing the web for a remedy...in a new apartment and didn't have access to baking soda so I randomly tried flour instead...can't compare to baking soda but it most definitely has made the burn much more bearable...I can actually sleep with this mild discomfort...although the burn i's on the palm of my hand...I filled a bag with the flour paste and put a sock over it

Posted by Helen (New York, NY) on 04/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

A friend recommended flour for burns and I tried it when I burned my hand when hot oil splattered and it works! I keep a small jar of white flour in refrigerator and use it whenever I get a burn.