Effective Natural Remedies for Burns

Milk of Magnesia

Posted by Jodi (Bowmansville, NY, USA ) on 01/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My friend told me about Milk of Magnesia for burns. When her daughter was little she has rashes so bad on her bottom that she had to leave on the diaper quite often because of her acidity level in her urine. One day her mother was watching her and she told her mother to be very careful because of the rash. She left for a few hours and when she came home the rash was gone. She had applied Milk of Magnesia directly on her granddaughter and not long after the skin rash was gone.

My friend also told me about using it on burns, so I have tried it. My daughter and I have both burned our hands so I tried it and it worked. You need to soak it near an hour but it leaves no red marks and it feels better.


Posted by Celine (Jacksonville, Florida) on 07/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I rarely get burned but this burn was a bad one on the tip of my finger. I tried almost all of the remedies that I saw and none of them really worked out well. Then I tried the mustard remedy and I soon as I put mustard on my finger the burning went away. It started burning a little bit but I just rinsed the mustard off with cold water and put more on my finger.

Posted by Uptrender (Rolla, Missouri, Usa) on 09/12/2011
5 out of 5 stars

When I get burned, I first run cold water on it for a little while, then pat it dry and grab the bottle of mustard out of my fridge and coat the burn with it. It's cold and immediately soothing. The plus side is, that the mustard helps prevent the burn from turning into a blister. If it starts to hurt again, rinse it off with cold water, pat dry and apply the cold mustard again.

Posted by Lexibot (West Plains, Missouri) on 01/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Mustard worked for me when I burnt my finger this morning while I was stocking the fire. After about 45 minutes of slight annoying pain, I searched and found this remedy, it works nicely. All I did was numb the finger for about 3-5 minuets with an ice cube, then squirted some plain yellow mustard on my finger and spread it around, the heat went away in seconds. All I felt was a minor sore feeling from the throbbing. Now 2 hours later, I don't feel barely a thing!

Posted by Tehani (Los Angeles, California) on 02/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My mother was bottling peaches from her garden and in the process, the glass jar slipped from her hand and the hot boiling water from the stove splattered on her left arm. She burned almost half of her arm, from the wrist to the elbow. She called me immediately and asked, if I know a good remedy for burns. She didn't have any medical insurance yet, and her burn needed medical attention. I told her, to use Frenche's yellow mustard, the classic yellow one that you put on hot dogs. I learned of this remedy living in Tennessee, when I burned my finger and a friend said to use mustard. I would assume you can use any mustard however, that's the one that she had in her refrigerator and it is also the one I used for my burn. I wasn't quite sure if it would work on her, since her burn was severe. So, she applied it and covered all the burn areas generously. Immediately the burning sensation had diminished. She just kept applying and reapplying and her burn healed fully within 3 and 1/2 weeks without a scar. I guess the scaring part depends on your skin type because I tend to scar easily. Just make sure the mustard is on the burn area until it's healed. The mustard will dry and flake off but just reapply more. At night, she would reapply several coats of fresh mustard and waits for it to dry. Then she used a white roll of sterile gauze that you can buy from any pharmacy, and wrapped it all around her burned arm, to prevent her bed from getting stained. Truly the yellow Mustard performed like a champion.

Posted by Steve (Toronto, Canada) on 08/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I laughed when I seen yellow mustard as a remedy to a burn, but so far I've had it on my finger for almost 40 minutes and I feel no pain at all. The remedy says to wait for it to be fully dried so I'll wait abit longer before I took it off but wow it works. I burned my hand when trying to take out chicken from the oven. Turned out there was a hole in the glove, bummer.

Posted by Suzy (Novi, Mich) on 07/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

When I was in grade school a lunch lady told me about putting mustard on a burn after a girl in the kitchen burned herself badly.
I have used mustard ever since and it works miracles.You have to IMMEDIATELY apply the mustard in a thick layer. It will still burn for a few momments but as the mustard dries it takes the heat with it. especially helpful on burned fingers since the burns do not blister!

Posted by Sandra (Birmingham, USA) on 06/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

A coworker told us that she had put yellow mustard on a burn and the pain stopped right away. Others in the room stated that they too had the same experience. I've not heard of using yellow mustard for burns but, as one who is always getting burned on the stove, I will be giving it a go.

Posted by Jeannie (COSP, CO) on 09/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was told about the Mustard remedy for burns over 10 years ago. At first I thought it sounded crazy. However, I had hot grease splash on my right hand, covering most of it. I immediately got the "plain yellow mustard" and smeared in over the entire burn. Today, there is no sign of any scaring at all. You need to put it on failry thick, and the key is to leave it on until it is ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY DRY. If you remove it too soon it will not work! Believe me, I've done that.

Posted by Donna (AZ) on 05/31/2006
1 out of 5 stars

i tried using the mustard on my burn and it didn't help at all.

Posted by Ginger (MS) on 03/05/2006
5 out of 5 stars

After being burnt, if you have nothing else on hand, reach for the yellow mustard. Squeeze on, smear on. It works... It didn't even let it blister up, like they usually do.

Onion Juice

Posted by Kristina (Waukesha, Wisconsin) on 03/11/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, my grandma was a chef for forty years and whenever she got burned she would cut a fresh onion in half and apply it directly to the burn, I am not sure for how long. It would heal very quickly. I don't think she needed to do it more than once.

Place Burn on Earlobe

Posted by Diana (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ) on 01/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

This is a quck, foolproof way to instantly stop the burning & pain from a burn that affects a small area... Say you are lighting a candle & some hot wax gets on your hand or you accidentally burn your finger on a hot pot.... IMMEDIATELY place the part of ur skin that is burning on your earlobe. You will start to feel relief instantly & if the pain hasn't subsided completely, proceed to move up the side of your ear or transfer to the other ear. Within a very short period of time, the pain of the burn will BE GONE... Your earlobes may feel pretty warm, but the spot where you were burning will be cool & painfree! This can help prevent the burn from blistering as well. This works by halting the burning from progressing, the earlobe draws the heat out from the spot where it has been burned & your earlobes are the PERFECT temp to cool the burn w/o feeling the need to keep it under ice cold water!!! This works very much the same way tin foil does.... But even better, b/c it doesn't get worse bf it gets better & it works much faster!!! But in order for it to be most effective, you have to apply the burned area to your earlobes ASAP!!! It takes a few times to remember to place the burned area against your earlobe, but b4 u know it, it will become an automatic reflex!

Plaintain Tea, Nettles

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 08/23/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Yesterday my teenage son was seeding a bunch of jalepeno peppers without gloves (even though he knew he should use gloves! ) After he did that, his fingers were burning up and he was very uncomfortable. He washed his hands well but it didn't help at all. He has a pretty high pain tolerance, so I knew it must have been very painful. He tried a burn salve but it didn't help. I made a strong plantain tea (and cooled it) for him and he soaked his fingers in it. That gave immediate relief. But as soon as he took his fingers out of the tea, the pain returned. He soaked his fingers on and off all afteroon, but that was getting old. He was getting ready to take Tylenol for pain when I thought of Nettles. If you touch the nettle plant, you will sting your fingers. And nettles (in tea or capsules or tincture) is the cure for this pain. So, I figured, since nettles cures skin pain caused by nettles and other plants, perhaps they would help his jalepeno burn. (He had no noticeable redness or blistering or anything. ) He took 4 nettles capsules and 20 minutes his was no longer in pain! Praise the Lord for such strong medicine in such a humble (but apparently not so simple) plant!

I don't know that nettles would help pain from other types of burns, but I would expect it to work well with burns from plants. However, I may just try it to help pain from any type of burn in the future!

By the way, his jalepeno recipe turned out great and he will surely make it again... With gloves on. :)

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~

Plastic Wrap

Posted by Natali (Phoenix, Az ) on 03/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

A lot of people here are suggesting the foil method. However, I don't have any tin foil on hand to try it out. I had been contently soaking my fingers in ice water after being burned by super hot liquid, but came across a post warning of this. The person stated that soaking your burn can increase the pain and likelihood of blistering from the skin swelling with water. Since this made sense to me, I read more posts. It seems the foil works by blocking air from the burn, so I figured plastic, also less daunting than foil, would have the same effect. It did! The waves of pain are further apart and the intensity is diminishing. I recommend this method for those wary of having foil rubbing against such a sensitive injury.