Burn Cures

Apr 10, 2017

Natural Burn Cures

Over the years, we've received reports of many natural remedies for burns from our readers. As careful as we are, it is still relatively easy to get burned. Since so many everyday substances can cause a burn, it's important to be aware of potential risks. If you find yourself with a minor burn caused by one of those everyday substances, we have a variety of natural cures that should have you feeling better in no time. A few of our favorite home cures are aluminum foil, egg whites, and aloe vera.

What Causes a Burn?

A burn is an injury that actually destroys the different layers of the skin. Depending on the severity of the burn, it can damage the different skin structures as well, including sweat glands, oil glands, and hair follicles. Typically a burn is caused by a heat source, but skin damage can also be caused by extremely cold substances too. Some of the most common causes of burns are fire, hot liquid or steam, hot metal or other objects, electrical currents, radiation, sunlight, ultraviolet light from a sunlamp, and chemicals.

How Do I Treat a Burn?

Immediate treatment is key for preventing a more severe burn. To begin treatment, first cool the burn and then apply a selected treatment for burn and pain maintenance. You can cool the burn by running cold water over it or applying an ice pack.

What Natural Burn Remedies Should I Use?

While more severe burns need medical treatment, most common burns respond well to natural treatment methods. We’ve discovered an assortment of common treatments including vinegar, toothpaste, honey, and a variety of others. However, our favorite treatments are aluminum foil, egg whites, and aloe.

1. Aluminum Foil

As unusual as it sounds, aluminum foil is one of the best remedies for a minor burn. After cooling the burn, wrap it in aluminum foil and leave it wrapped for several hours. This treatment functions in a number of ways including keeping the burn cool, protecting it from additional damage, and delivering restorative minerals as foil contains aluminum and other regenerative minerals.

2. Egg Whites

Again, egg whites should be applied following the immediate cooling of the burn. This treatment creates a protective coating over the burn that prevents further damage. It also restores important proteins in the skin to begin the rejuvenation process.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe is one of those remedies you can apply immediately to prevent further damage and to treat the burn. Aloe naturally cools and heals the burn as it is an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic agent.

The next time you get burned, remember these easy home cures and apply one immediately to prevent a more severe burn and to initiate treatment. Continue below to read feedback from hundreds of our readers who have healed burns using a number of interesting remedies! Let us know what treatment you tried.


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Posted by Angela (Nyc, New York) on 07/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

So I was cooking soup on the stove, and I accidentally touched the burner and that was the most exrutiating pain in my entire life!!! I tried ice but as soon as I took my finger off of it I burned again so I tried alcohol and it really worked so it didn't burn anymore!!!!! ;))))))

Posted by Jenna (Phoenix, Arizona) on 04/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

As a healthcare provider I have learned what works and doesn't, don't use butter! I burned myself on a iron skillet nothing has burned me worse before. All I had around was hand sanitizer which was a high percentage of alcohol. Reccomended 100%.

Replied by Charlena
Brent, Al
5 out of 5 stars

Hot grease splattered on my hand.. The pain was awful. After keeping it in cold water about 2 hours I searched and found these remedies. Tried alcohol first... Wow! Alot of relief with alcohol but the pain kept returing in one small area so I tried the foil method. I was not impressed with it at all. Moved on to the toothpaste. Its been 15-20 mins, I have rinsed it off now and am pain free! Absolutely amazing! Alcohol and toothpaste win!

Replied by Mikbethnz
Auckland, New Zealand
5 out of 5 stars

I used hand sanitizer which is all I had in the cupboards and it soothed the burns on my fingers instantly. The pain returned within minutes so I applied more hand sanitizer (small drops) and each time the pain lessened! The pain was minimised to the point where I didn't even notice it! It was gone within an HOUR!! I returned to playing the piano without pain yay! Thank you Earth Clinic!

Replied by Kdo090578
Houston, Tx, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I used hand sanitizer on a burn from a curling iron and now a couple of hours later after constant reapplying the burn is pretty much gone. The burning sensation was also relieved immediately from each application.

Replied by Senamon
Jacksonville, Il
1 out of 5 stars

I burnt my finger bad earlier, and I remember a friend telling me that if you have a burn that you can rub on your ears, it will take the sting out, I have tried hand sanitiizer all day but the burn comes back, I rubbed my finger on my ear and the burning has subsided. Apparantly, there is a substance our bodies produce that comes out of our ears that remedies burns...

Replied by Karen
5 out of 5 stars

I tried what Charlena said and wow it worked great. I burned it on hot oil, too, so the rubbing alcohol immediately helped with the pain, then put white arm and hammer baking soda toothpaste on it and that reduced the pain from a 10 down to about a 1 now. Good luck everyone. :)

Replied by Someone
5 out of 5 stars

Yes rubbing alcohol. It worked for me.

Posted by Kallie (Berlin, Germany) on 01/16/2011

i was baking cookies and when I went to go get them out I burnt myself on the rack in the oven and I jumped and ran over to the sink to put cold water on it and then I went to the computer found this website and herd that alcohol works so I took an alcoholic pad swiped the burn and imidialely it stoped hurting. it really works.

Replied by Clarinetgirl55
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky/united States
5 out of 5 stars

I burnt my pinky finger and ring finger really bad this morning while straightening my hair. I put alcohol on my fingers and the bubble that had formed on my pinky automatically started to go down and my fingers stopped hurting!

Replied by Carri
Wales, United Kingdom, Wales

I was in work when one of the pieces of the griddle flew off and I instinctively caught it. And burnt the tips of my fingers and palms. My boss administered first aid and applied a burn patch which just made it worse, so I took that home and carried a cold can of red bull around for the rest of my shift. I came home and have just came on here to look for a rememdy. I applied alcohol but it only subsided for about 3 minutes. After summing the guts up I have wrapped my fingers in foil and already the pain is a lot less than it was. Still hurting but a lot less. It is very daunting wrapping your fingers up when you know it's going to hurt but I put my hand under the tap and wrapped one finger at a time.

Replied by Symone
Port Huron, Michigan, United States Of America

My left fingers BURN so bad because I made hot fudge in the microwave and I made a mistake and spilled it. Right now I have a bunch of ice cubes and a big bowl of water for my hand. It has been hurting for hours now : what should I do?

Replied by Rebekah
Sherwood, Oregon, Us

Water usually only gets rid of the pain for a few minutes. I have found that if it's cold outside and you go out it takes the pain of the burn away. Once I burnt my ear straightening my hair and it hurt so bad and I didn't know what to do so I left it. Soon after that it stopped hurting. I know it sounds dumb but it really works! I also heard tea helps- anybody know what tea?

Replied by Trinity
Pelham, Canada

I was baking cookies when my cooking glove fell off and the pan burned my hand. I put it under cold water and after about 10 seconds and put a alcohol swab on it- the pain was instanly gone.

Posted by Josh (Joilet) on 02/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

put a little alcohol in your burns and it will go away. It will burn for a moment but it will get much better. I tried it and it worked.

Replied by Denise
Bridgewater, Canada
5 out of 5 stars

I burned myself on tim hortans green tea, i went to the hospial and got bandages on it than a teaspoon of alcohol on my burns, it works! baking soda didnt work for me though. but my burn was big all around my leg, wait for your tea to cool off completely, dont even take the bag out, i was wearing shorts!!! be careful after all the cup does say hot!!!

Aloe Vera  

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Posted by Stella (Cleveland, Ohio) on 04/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Dear All -- If you don't already own an Aloe Vera plant then please go buy one! My husband had a bad accident over the weekend, he was lighting a gas smoker grill and it blew up, burnt his whole arm and hand it was pretty severe, he was in a lot of pain. We looked on earth clinic and tried the ACV & ice water, unfortunately it didn't relieve the pain enough, he tried the store bought stuff and nothing worked at all. Mind you he was hoping to not have to go the emergency room since we don't have medical insurance. Finally a friend brought over an Aloe Vera plant and squeezed the juice of a leaf on to his arm, it Immediately soothed the pain. He has been applying it 3X a day the pain has stayed away, the redness is almost gone and there is minimal blistering that is healing Fast. We already went to the health food store to buy our plant I myself have also been using it on my face and hands and it is wonderful!! Thank God for the Awesome Gifts of Nature that he has given us.

Aloe Vera and Egg Whites  

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Posted by Montene (Wichita Falls, Texas) on 11/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

YEA, YEA!!!! Egg Whites & Aloe Vera

Today while trying to soften some glue I heated it in the microwave. When I picked it up it had melted a hole in the side of bottle. Hot, hot glue went all in the palm of my right hand. Tried the cold water thing but it didn't help. Got computer going and found out about egg whites and aloe vera. Layed a piece of gauze over burned area and with a large eye dropper alternated egg white and aloe vera. Kept the gauze wet all the time but still must have taken over an hour for all the pain to stop. That has been 4 hours ago ....... the palm is red but there are no blisters and is only sensitive in the worst part of burn. This is first time I have heard of this remedy and thankfully it has worked.

Replied by J
Toronto, On

I saw you comment, the egg white provides a barrier when dry, the gauze on top of the wound scared me a bit ( will stick to the wound ) and real aloe is a great repairer, running under cold water is to relieve pain but mostly to negate or stop the continuance of the actual burn , like putting a fire out, egg whites are only good for 1st and very small area 2nd degree burns... And wash the outside of the egg first as well as make sure they are within the fresh date code... salmonella is what we want to stay away from when applying to a wound.

Aloe Vera and Vanilla  

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Posted by Jenny (Austin, TX) on 07/25/2006
5 out of 5 stars

when i was little and got badly sunburned my dad would always mix pure aloe with some vanilla extract, and it always makes the pain stop and keeps me from peeling.

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Tea Dropper (Prince George, BC, Canada) on 07/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, So my sister and I just tried this apple cider vinegar from b____. We had it sitting in the back of our cupboard and one day we decided, what the heck, mine as well try it out! She had a really bad burn on her leg, so we thought we would try it on externally. Within a day, her burn was minimal compared to what we are sure it would have been!

So anyone who decides to spill hot tea all over their legs, apple cider vinegar poured onto a damp cloth and placed over top of the burn helps majorly!

Tea Dropper.

Posted by Felicia (Ellensburg, WA) on 03/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I once saw years ago a mention in an article that ACV was good for burns. I remember my mother putting it on me when I was young and dumb and got a sunburn. But I don't remember it ever doing much. Strangely though several years ago I got a fairly bad burn on several of my finger tips taking chicken out of the oven. At the time all I could think was that I had to get some ACV, don't ask me why but I did, especially since my experience so far wasn't good. But I got it out (not even the good natural, unfiltered kind) and I soaked my three fingers in ACV for about 45 minutes which was about how long it took for the fingers to quit throbbing. Instead of getting blisters all that happened was about a week after the incident a small patch of dry skin appeared on the finger where I received the worst of the burn. So the skin was still damaged and I still lost it, but there was no blister or lingering pain or tenderness. Same exact thing happened when my young son burned the palm of his hand on a light bulb. When he did it he immediately said through his tears, "Oh, no, not the stinky stuff, Mom!" I had him soak it for about 45 minutes and he experienced the same result I did, just a small patch of dry dead skin about a week after the incident. I now know that ACV isn't very good for sunburns because you would need a vat of the stuff to soak in, but for everything else burn related, I swear by Apple Cider Vinegar. It works miracles!

Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 06/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

If you are burned by fire immediately pour ACV over the wound, there will be no pain or scar. Try it and be amazed.

Replied by Cured
Niceville, Fl
1 out of 5 stars


Warning - I have recently began using ACV for just about everything from cleaning the house to hygene/health. A few weeks ago I got a blister from trying to pull start a leaf blower. The skin was already gone from the blister/burn. I think I waited a day or two and it started healing somewhat on its own. I then applied ACV full strength (grocery store brand) to the burn a few times. I quit cause it seemed to make it worse. Maybe my result would have been better had I don't it immediatly or there was a no no with the exposed skin. Who knows so I probably won't try it for that again but just about anything else it has worked amazingly.

Replied by Tried It
Plano, Tx

it's possible the ACVdoesn't work well for those with sensitive skin. I personally have had great success with ACV on burns and so has my eldest daughter. My youngest has many allergies and sensitive skin (eczema, etc. ) and she does not experience the same results. It seems to make her worse. So, I stick to good old aloe for her. Not quite as great as the ACV for me, but pretty good nonetheless.

Baking Soda  

5 star (26) 
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Posted by Rysi (London) on 02/16/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I burned my hand on the cast iron stove top. I did as you do with burns immediately start soaking it in cool water. Well I had it soaking for almost two hours! Every time I took my hand out that burning sharp pain sensation came. I found this baking soda cure and it worked!

Make a baking soda paste. Apply it to small burn. Once it dries and starts to hurt again knock off the dried baking soda and reapply. I continued doing this until I no longer felt the burning sensation.

So cool water for up to 30 min then baking soda trick.

Posted by Kori (Idaho) on 10/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

So I put a skillet in the oven because I ran out of pans to use. I pulled it out and left it to cool, about 1 min or 2 later I totally spaced that I had put it in the oven and fully grabbed it with my bare hand. It got a good amount of contact with my hand before I felt the pain. I had heard a couple weeks back about coconut oil for burns so I ran over and grabbed a handful of it, the burn was too painful to continue this method so I put my hand under some cold running water instead. I wrapped a bag of ice in a paper towel and left it on my hand for the next two hours or so, but the moment I removed the ice the pain would come back in full force! I got desperate and started looking up other options when I came across the baking soda method. I was about to go to bed and actually wanted to be able to get a little sleep, but the pain was too much still. I coated my hand with the baking soda/water paste and immediate relief! After a bit the pain did start again, but I read this is normal. I did about 3 more paste sessions, within 5-10 min. of each other, the last paste I left on my hand and covered it with a ziplock so it wouldn't get all over the bed. Was able to fall asleep quickly. In the morning I wash shocked to find no blisters or anything! I was thinking it was definitely a 2nd degree burn and was going to get nasty and oozy, but not at all! My skin still feels a tiny bit crispy and tender, but overall totally useable after just one night! I'll totally use this method again in the future.

Posted by Michael (Australia ) on 10/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Saved by sodium bicarbonate. I burnt myself on my hand and the whole day my hands were in pain (because I was in school) but now it's fine

Posted by Angelique (Tallahassee ) on 07/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I burned my finger on a waffle iron. Immediately put ice on it and then immersed in ice water. While it did not blister, this only seemed to heighten the pain- especially when I removed my finger from the water. The pain became so intense I could barely stand it. I desperately searched for a home remedy and found this site. Thank goodness!

I made a heavy thick paste of baking soda and water. About thirty minutes later my finger felt a ton better-so much so I am able to write this post.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U ANGELIQUE,,,,,,,,,,, you did good, but the next time you get a burn, cover it with DMSO. I knew the supervisor of the DMSO plant at the Crown Zellerbach plant in Bogalusa, La.

He told many stories about the benefits of DMSO for his employees. They never had the flu, nor colds. He had a burn from a steam pipe and applied DMSO and it never blistered.

It is an amazing natural compound that is down played by all our Allopathic doctors. You can use it on a million dollar race horse, but not yourself.

Dr. Jacobs did most of the research for Crown Zellerbach and recently passed at age 93. I have his books on DMSO and MSM. For you old dogs that have aches and pains, you need to read up on MSM. It is a compound from mixing DMSO and H2O2. It will help with your old age pains. We buy ours at the farm co-op and is 100% pure, but for horses. About 1/3 the price for the same human compound. Put a 1/2 tsp of it in your morning coffee. You will then run with the kids.

I's a story teller, but this the gospel truth.


Replied by Eliza

I am not an old dog, but do want to order some DMSO and MSM. Do you have a suggestion for how to find a farm co-op to purchase DMSO/MSM? I live in a very suburban/urban (no farms nearby) area. I want to save the extra money, too. Why over- pay for something if there is a less expensive product that is the same exact ingredients and don't have to be subjected to usual high prices?


Replied by Namaw

Do you have a tractor supply company near you? That's where I get mine. If not, look for a place that supplies animals like horses, goats, etc. If they sell fencing and large animal supplies like hay or straw, it's a good bet they'll have dmso. You may have to do an internet search using other terms, like 'equine supplies' or '4" welded wire fencing' to get you on the right track.

Replied by Namaw

Do you have a tractor supply company near you? That's where I get mine. If not, look for a place that supplies animals like horses, goats, etc. If they sell fencing and large animal supplies like hay or straw, it's a good bet they'll have dmso. You may have to do an internet search using other terms, like 'equine supplies' or '4" welded wire fencing' to get you on the right track.

Posted by Paul (Ohio) on 07/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

It worked pretty well for my burnt thumb :)