Effective Natural Remedies for Burns

Aloe Vera
Posted by Pamaley (Sacramento. CA) on 11/13/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Aloe Vera [AV] is miraculous for burns but I think it's in the plants skin. It should be a standard household item just for burns. It may save a life and definitely prevent the agony and suffering of a burn.... yet it's not even listed in the First Aid at the Mayo Clinic website...sad how money weighs more than lives.

Anyhow, I have included some pics of my burn as proof of AV's incredible healing power.

On my left hand I had a burn so severe that it had a double blister. It only took 6 days to heal thanks to AV.

My right hand finger had a small burn, that I didn't really feel so it got no AV. Notice the pic with both hands. The small burn was still healing while my left finger was completely healed. I cannot imagine how bad it would've been or the pain if I had no AV.

It's best to put the leaf on asap to better heal it. This burn hurt so bad I was putting a new leaf every 5 mins, thn 10, thn 20...until it no longer hurt and I left a leaf on. Thereafter I changed leaf 3xs a day...til it healed. Its important to have it on constantly, especially the first 2 days. If you leave it off the burn may com back, that's how I got a double blister. I thot it was healed but it wasnt and developed another blister.

I love my AV plant. The older the plant, the more powerful and lower leaves are the oldest....so get an AV plant today..

Aloe Vera
Posted by Stella (Cleveland, Ohio) on 04/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Dear All -- If you don't already own an Aloe Vera plant then please go buy one! My husband had a bad accident over the weekend, he was lighting a gas smoker grill and it blew up, burnt his whole arm and hand it was pretty severe, he was in a lot of pain. We looked on earth clinic and tried the ACV & ice water, unfortunately it didn't relieve the pain enough, he tried the store bought stuff and nothing worked at all. Mind you he was hoping to not have to go the emergency room since we don't have medical insurance. Finally a friend brought over an Aloe Vera plant and squeezed the juice of a leaf on to his arm, it Immediately soothed the pain. He has been applying it 3X a day the pain has stayed away, the redness is almost gone and there is minimal blistering that is healing Fast. We already went to the health food store to buy our plant I myself have also been using it on my face and hands and it is wonderful!! Thank God for the Awesome Gifts of Nature that he has given us.