How to Use Baking Soda for Burns

| Modified on Jul 09, 2024
Baking Soda for Burns Remedy

Baking soda, made into a paste, makes an excellent natural remedy for a burn. Baking soda is especially suited for burns that happen in the kitchen as it is so handy!

As with all burns it is important to cool the burn first. Hold the burn in cool water to remove the heat. Next mix equal parts of water and baking soda in a bowl. Spread the baking soda paste onto the burn. As the paste dries out the pain will probably return. When this happens, rinse the baking soda off of the burn and reapply fresh paste.

If you will be unable to reapply the baking soda paste, covering the area with plastic wrap will keep the paste moist while you sleep or continue working.

Continue reading to see how our readers have used baking soda to treat their burns!

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Posted by Cb (Canada) on 06/03/2017


I burnt the whole pad of my thumb and side of index finger when trying to pick up a metal pan off of the stove that was indirectly heated by one of the burners. I don't think I ever burnt myself so bad. I could not take my fingers out of cold/ice water without being in unbearable pain.

In desperation, I went on the internet and found this baking soda remedy. It took a few minutes but it worked! Amazing! Pain is gone and skin has a much improved appearance.

Baking Soda
Posted by Rysi (London) on 02/16/2017

I burned my hand on the cast iron stove top. I did as you do with burns immediately start soaking it in cool water. Well I had it soaking for almost two hours! Every time I took my hand out that burning sharp pain sensation came. I found this baking soda cure and it worked!

Make a baking soda paste. Apply it to small burn. Once it dries and starts to hurt again knock off the dried baking soda and reapply. I continued doing this until I no longer felt the burning sensation.

So cool water for up to 30 min then baking soda trick.

Baking Soda
Posted by Kori (Idaho) on 10/28/2016

So I put a skillet in the oven because I ran out of pans to use. I pulled it out and left it to cool, about 1 min or 2 later I totally spaced that I had put it in the oven and fully grabbed it with my bare hand. It got a good amount of contact with my hand before I felt the pain. I had heard a couple weeks back about coconut oil for burns so I ran over and grabbed a handful of it, the burn was too painful to continue this method so I put my hand under some cold running water instead. I wrapped a bag of ice in a paper towel and left it on my hand for the next two hours or so, but the moment I removed the ice the pain would come back in full force! I got desperate and started looking up other options when I came across the baking soda method. I was about to go to bed and actually wanted to be able to get a little sleep, but the pain was too much still. I coated my hand with the baking soda/water paste and immediate relief! After a bit the pain did start again, but I read this is normal. I did about 3 more paste sessions, within 5-10 min. of each other, the last paste I left on my hand and covered it with a ziplock so it wouldn't get all over the bed. Was able to fall asleep quickly. In the morning I wash shocked to find no blisters or anything! I was thinking it was definitely a 2nd degree burn and was going to get nasty and oozy, but not at all! My skin still feels a tiny bit crispy and tender, but overall totally useable after just one night! I'll totally use this method again in the future.

Baking Soda
Posted by Michael (Australia ) on 10/13/2016

Saved by sodium bicarbonate. I burnt myself on my hand and the whole day my hands were in pain (because I was in school) but now it's fine

Baking Soda
Posted by Angelique (Tallahassee ) on 07/03/2016

I burned my finger on a waffle iron. Immediately put ice on it and then immersed in ice water. While it did not blister, this only seemed to heighten the pain- especially when I removed my finger from the water. The pain became so intense I could barely stand it. I desperately searched for a home remedy and found this site. Thank goodness!

I made a heavy thick paste of baking soda and water. About thirty minutes later my finger felt a ton better-so much so I am able to write this post.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U ANGELIQUE,,,,,,,,,,, you did good, but the next time you get a burn, cover it with DMSO. I knew the supervisor of the DMSO plant at the Crown Zellerbach plant in Bogalusa, La.

He told many stories about the benefits of DMSO for his employees. They never had the flu, nor colds. He had a burn from a steam pipe and applied DMSO and it never blistered.

It is an amazing natural compound that is down played by all our Allopathic doctors. You can use it on a million dollar race horse, but not yourself.

Dr. Jacobs did most of the research for Crown Zellerbach and recently passed at age 93. I have his books on DMSO and MSM. For you old dogs that have aches and pains, you need to read up on MSM. It is a compound from mixing DMSO and H2O2. It will help with your old age pains. We buy ours at the farm co-op and is 100% pure, but for horses. About 1/3 the price for the same human compound. Put a 1/2 tsp of it in your morning coffee. You will then run with the kids.

I's a story teller, but this the gospel truth.


Replied by Eliza

I am not an old dog, but do want to order some DMSO and MSM. Do you have a suggestion for how to find a farm co-op to purchase DMSO/MSM? I live in a very suburban/urban (no farms nearby) area. I want to save the extra money, too. Why over- pay for something if there is a less expensive product that is the same exact ingredients and don't have to be subjected to usual high prices?


Replied by Namaw

Do you have a tractor supply company near you? That's where I get mine. If not, look for a place that supplies animals like horses, goats, etc. If they sell fencing and large animal supplies like hay or straw, it's a good bet they'll have dmso. You may have to do an internet search using other terms, like 'equine supplies' or '4" welded wire fencing' to get you on the right track.

Replied by Namaw

Do you have a tractor supply company near you? That's where I get mine. If not, look for a place that supplies animals like horses, goats, etc. If they sell fencing and large animal supplies like hay or straw, it's a good bet they'll have dmso. You may have to do an internet search using other terms, like 'equine supplies' or '4" welded wire fencing' to get you on the right track.

Baking Soda
Posted by Paul (Ohio) on 07/13/2013

It worked pretty well for my burnt thumb :)

Baking Soda
Posted by Natalie (Minnesota) on 06/21/2013

WOW!!!!! My mom burned her finger on the stove yesterday and was in incredible pain. She kept her finger in ice water all night. When it was time for bed she couldn't handle the pain because she had to take her finger out of the water. I found this site and applied the baking soda paste to her finger. The pain stopped within 5 mins and she was able to fall asleep. When she woke up the pain was gone and also was the wound / blister. She slept with the baking soda on her finger and it healed it completely. Her burn was really bad, so please give it a try if you are in pain because of a burn. We are soo amazed at what baking soda can do!! :)

Baking Soda
Posted by Jordy (Glendale, Oregon And United States) on 09/27/2012

This afternoon wile making fried bread I splatterd my whole foot with oil it hurt so bad I couldnt stand it I tried every thing from cold water to tooth paste and honey nothing worked so I foud the baking soda paste and it worked instantly. I cant believe it thank you a zillion earth clinic this is the only burn remidy I will ever use now.

Replied by Chelsea
(Duluth, Mn)

THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! I always knew that baking soda was a neutralizer (it's amazing in paste form when it comes to stings too).

Today I was making soup for dinner and it splashed up onto my hand. My dad being the LPN here at my house told me to run it under cold water for a while then ice it and put it under more cold water. That helped, butwheneer you take it out of the water and it HURTS! Then I happened upon this site looking for ways to stop the burn, and I discovered, you can use baking soda as a burn remedy. But I do have one caution and that is when you first put it on the burn, it does hurt... A lot... Like you just got the burn again. But I put on a decent sized glob every 15-20 minutes and it's just fine. =D

Replied by Nellie
(St Joseph, Mi)

Don't ever ice a burn. You can compromise the circulation.

Baking Soda
Posted by Angelina (Keller, Tx) on 07/05/2010

Baking soda for burns...I reached into a 500F oven and touched the inside of my forearm on the door. It was an obvious 2nd degree burn, just over 1" by 2" with the the center area raised and white, and bright red around it. It hurt worse than any burn that I remember, so I immediately came to Earth Clinic. I tried the egg white first, which probably would have worked if I had stuck with it, but I found that every time the egg white would warm up on my arm, the pain was extreme. So I switched to baking soda paste (equal parts baking soda and water mixed until it forms a thin paste) and the results were remarkable. At first I had the same experience when it would warm on my arm...more pain. But then I read some comments about reapplying every few minutes, so I did just that. Apparently, this is the key! After 6 or 7 applications (each time it would dry and begin to crack off I would rinse it and reapply) the pain was completely gone and did not return. And the white area was now pink and flat. Really, I am astounded by this remedy! I never had to take a painkiller to sleep, as I initially thought I would, as the pain never returned. I bandaged it with more paste to sleep, mostly as a precaution and so that I didn't rub it on the sheets. This morning I have a red area on my arm but no other indication that I had experienced such a nasty burn. I HIGHLY recommend this remedy!

Replied by Dmakepiece
(Philadelphia, Pa, Usa)

I burned my hand very, very painfully when I accidentally poured boiling water on it. If I took it out of cool running water for a few seconds it would feel like I could die from the pain. I tried the aluminum foil fix, which didn't work for me. The baking soda paste did work, but it took a few times changing the baking soda and water mix. After about 3 times I felt good enough to leave it on my hand covered with a paper towel and inside a plastic bag. When I went to sleep I made a new paste and put my hand, the paper towel, and the plastic bag inside a sock. This morning there was slight redness and only a small area hurt.

Replied by Lorik24
(Walden, Ny, Usa)

I have used EC as a reference for the past 3 years. GREAT site!!

Last Christmas eve I had burned my hand/finger just hours before leaving for a large family event. I tried ACV, and cold/cool water. Neither helped. So I came to EC and read about the baking soda paste remedy. I applied the paste about 4-6 times in a hour. Pain relief was almost immediate. After the final application it was time to shower and get ready to leave. You know how after you've gotten a burn, and you get that area wet, or are showering how it brings that burn feeling right back. Well after the baking soda paste remedy, I showered and had no pain at all. The next morning I expected not only pain, but swelling and/or blistering. I got neither. About 3 weeks after all of this I did get a blister (I had to think to remember 'why' I would even get a blister). This popped, peeled and was gone in about 2 days. I never had any issues or scarring... Baking soda paste is the only burn remedy I will ever use now.

THANKS Earth Clinic once again!!!

Baking Soda
Posted by Starfish1967 (Montville, Nj) on 07/05/2010

My 3-yr. old daughter burned her fingertip on a hot burner and it immediately blistered. for hours, she could not take her finger out of cool water for 2 seconds without crying. I tried the baking soda paste with a plastic baggie over it at bedtime and she fell asleep right away and woke up in the morning without even remembering the burn! It was a lifesaver.

Replied by Jackie
(Baltimore, Md)

Egg whites that's the way to go but you have to elevate it to lol but it works.

Baking Soda
Posted by Phyllis (Calumet City, Il) on 01/29/2010

I burned my hand with boiling water while attempting to pour my water for tea and completely covered my hand. Well the pain was unbearable. My first thought was let it pain pass. That did not work so I was advised to run it over cold water (I only did that for a minute or so). Not wanting to stand over the sink I made the worst mistake I put a ice bag on it. This calmed it for a moment and then it began to hurt even more. After I removed the ice pack the pain was more intense. I tried then to put it in room temp water. However, the nerves in my hand had become so sensitive that even laying a towel over it hurt. So, I pulled up this site in an effort to stop the pain and I tried the Baking Soda...

AWWWW wet my hand with cold water very quickly and then put a nice then layer of baking soda on it and it was like putting on a fire....

Thank you so much for the advise.

Baking Soda
Posted by Blanche (New Iberia, La) on 01/29/2010

I was straining an almost boiling liquid this morning and some spilled on my hand. I remembered reading the baking soda remedy on this site, and as I had some right on the counter, I ran my hand under cold water and patted it on thickly. It stayed on pretty well and I just left it and went on my business. The skin on my hands is pretty thin and I usually get an ugly blister. Then it breaks and the skin stays brown looking for weeks. Here it is tonight and there is no trace of burn at all. I am amazed. I would have never believed it.

Baking Soda
Posted by Rhonda (Rockwood, Tn) on 10/08/2009

I had read about this at Earth Clinic and finally thought to try it. It works so well! I burned my hand taking a pan out of the oven. I ran cold water over it and, without drying it off, sprinkled baking soda over the wet burn. The first two burns I tried this on the pain went away immediately and I never had to reapply. The third burn was more severe (grease popped out on my hand) and I had to reapply the baking soda several times.

Replied by Danni
(Elko, Nevada)

I burnt my hand grabbing a hot cast iron pan, The potholder slipped, anyways I've had ice on it for about 5hrs and it would just hurt as soon as I took it off, so I googled to see how i could make it stop hurting so I could sleep and saw baking soda. I truthfully didnt think it would work but it has! yay so I recommend everyone to use this method

Baking Soda
Posted by Latoya (Dallas, Texas) on 06/23/2009

baking soda relief: My one year old burned her hand on an iron. Nothing could relieve her pain and she cried for an hour. I googled pain relief for burns and found your site. It was a lifesaver!!!! My daughter's crying subsided within five minutes and she immediately fell asleep. She is now still sleeping peacefully:)

Replied by Bret
(Sweet Home, Oregon)

I burned my hand just earlier today on a hot lawn mower engine (long story, don't ask) I've had my fingers ((RT. Middle and ring finger)) in ice water the better part of 3 hours. I can take the ring finger out for maybe half a minute before the pain flares back up. I have a bowl of baking soda paste in front of me, and while the relief is there, it doesn't last that long. Am I doing something wrong?

Replied by Lisa
(Lafayette, La)

Brett, it might be a little late, unless your fingers are still in ice water this morning, but I always have success with Vick's Vapor Rub on my burns, paper cuts, small abrasions that throb with the sound of your heartbeat (ouch! ). Try that. Good luck, hope your fingers are better and your lawn looks good.

Baking Soda
Posted by Elaine (Chicago, Illinois) on 01/22/2009

Baking Soda Paste stopped the pain in my severe burn.

Tonight I picked up a very very hot pot without a pot holder. I badly burnt half of the palm of my hand. It hurt really badly. I put ice on it and that did not help. I remembered seeing something on Earth Clinic about baking soda paste to stop the burn.My daughter made a paste using baking soda and water.There really is not a measurement here; just combine both ingredients until it is pasty. I applied the paste to thickly to the entire affected area. I used the person's advice above and covered it with a baggy and put a sock over it. I fell asleep on the sofa and woke six hours later; took it off...not one bit of pain or blistering. You would not even know there was a burn there!! I am amazed and thrilled!! I would love to know how that works!!

Thank you once again Earth Clinic for saving the day!!

Replied by Fireyv
(Chicago, IL)

Baking Soda Paste cured burn. I was baking a cake for my women's small group at church. I had a bad fall on Friday, 3 days earlier & injured my left hand so my 12yr old son was trying to help me by taking the cake out of the oven while I rested. He burned his middle finger on the oven rack. It had already started to swell & turn red. I had heard something about putting a cut potato on burns...but that didn't work at all & he was complaining about the pain. So I googled burn remedies & this site came up. I scrolled down & red the reviews about the baking soda & water paste. I mix what seemed to be 3-4 table spoons of water to about an eighth of a cup of baking soda. I made it so that it was very thick. I saturated his entire finger with the paste, wrapped it in a piece of paper towel, then wrapped it in saran wrap.Within about 10-15 minutes, the pain was gone. Who knew? Thank you. Yv

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