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H. Pylori Cause

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Posted by Danny (Manchester) on 07/10/2015

I have been reading threads like this for almost a year and vowed once I solved this problem of bad breath I would inform as many as possible.

Been through it all : people asking who farted, screwed up faces, avoiding people etc because of the evident bad breath. I could tell a hundred stories and a thousand "cures" I tried but finally I got a positive stool test for H Pylori. I'm currently on the triple therapy treatment and my bad breath has gone. There's more than chance that it will come back and I'm prepared for that but the great news is that I know now. I've recently learned that stomach acid needs to be balanced I.e find out if you have too much or not enough (google it) then fight the bacteria off in your gut then begin to live life again.

Get tested for H Pylori and Sibo, be sure when testing for Sibo to get the hydrogen AND methane test. Once you've got the culprit then smash it with what you decide is best, naturals or antibiotics. Figure out what your stomach acid is like low or high and address then low fermentation diet for a couple months.

Personally the triple therapy antibiotics plus cabbage juice and hydrochloric acid is working for me but that's just my case and everyone is different. I have low stomach acid so I stopped the PPI with the triple therapy and my wieght is going back up slowly after losing nearly two stone, my nasal passages have cleared up (result of digestive tract clearing) and bloating reducing.


Replied by Gerard

Hi, I was reading your post and I experienced the same exact symptoms of bad breath, and after testing positively for H pylori, I was put on a month and a half triple therapy, the second day my bad breath has diminished to null. but I'm scared it might come back, any update from your side? or anyone on this forum has gone throught the triple therapy while experiencing bad breath? I'm on my second week of therapy

H. Pylori Cause
Posted by Louise (Chicago, Il) on 02/17/2011

After about 10 years of chronic halitosis I have finally been cured. I am a healthy 36 year old female but had halitosis no matter what I did. I wanted to get to the root of my problem so I tried oral hygiene. I brushed, cleaned with baking soda, vinegar, various mouth washes. Nothing worked. I then was seen by a ear, nose, throat doctor. I was told I had post nasal drip that could be the cause. After I used a neti pot to clear my nose for weeks with saline, I still continued to have bad breath. I next tried eating different foods, I tried about 10 different diets from gluten free to vegetarian. Nothing worked.

I finally went to a GI doctor. After some testing I was diagnosed with H Pylori, a bacteria in my intestinal lining. It is very common. About half of the world has it!! I have been on a triple antibiotic treatment for it for 3 days now and my halitosis disappeared after the first day! It's a miracle. This could be the source of halitosis for most people and they aren't even aware of it. Yogurt, probiotics, mint, etc, are just temporary cover ups for a long term problem that needs serious treatment.

Replied by Dr. Fever
(City Of Manila, Philippines)

May I ask what antibiotic or medicine your doctor gave you? Thank you.

Replied by Nancy
(Lusaka, Zambia)

I have been diagnosed with H. Pylori as well and have tried the triple therapy treatment for 3 times, but no improvement. I was told H. Pylori has become resistant to antibiotics. Can you please tell me what antibiotics you used to get rid of it? I am desperate.

Honey Water Gargle

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Posted by Abdul K (South Africa) on 07/13/2016

Try this mouthwash out before going to bed after brushing your teeth. In the morning there will be no plaque on the teeth. It whitens the teeth and strenghtens the gums. An acquaintance who suffered from bleeding gums and could not find a medical cure tried it and was cured of his bleeding gums. He used it before going to bed, on awakening and after meals. A dentist in west London who tried it stated that it was the best mouthwash ever.

In a glass of warm water add a teaspoon of pure honey and stir well. Gargle your mouth swishing between the teeth. Also gargle your throat. It kills the bacteria lodged between the teeth. The same bacteria is found in of diseased heats. Save yourself form heart disease.

Try it out and recommend it to your family, friends etc. and specially to the medical fraternity who pump useless drugs.

Save money on commercial mouthwashes that do not really do anything.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Mc (Europe) on 11/14/2016

I just tried hydrogen peroxide yesterday before sleeping for bad breath. 50% lukewarm water and 50% peroxide. I woke up with an even worse smell. If I weren´t sure of what it was like before, today I´m absolutely sure it smelled like feces. Did anybody here had a bad reaction at the beginning to get better later? Should I give it another try?

Replied by CB
(San Luis Obispo)

No, I wouldn't give up on the H2o2 remedy. But you might want to try a water pic device before you do the hydrogen peroxide gargle. You might have some kind of tooth or gum infection that is causing the bad breath and must treat that first. I've previously discovered an area in my upper gums that generate terrible smells when the water shoots through the area. If you use the water pic, don't add anything to the water so you can smell if anything is going on when the water hits it. If you use a mouthwash in the water pic, you will mask the smell of the infection. It's a great diagnostic tool in my opinion.

Other things to try are cleansing your sinuses using a neti pot with sea salt and a dash of hydrogen peroxide daily. I have also heard that infected gallbladders can cause bad breath. Good luck to you!

Replied by Mc

Thank you so much for your comment, CB! Actually, my problem began 3 years ago, after I moved to Europe. At that time, I caught a flu and wsa prescribed cortisone shot and azithromicin a day before moving. After this the nightmare began, perhaps 15 days after. I always had minor bad breath, but then it got out of control.

I went already to 4 different dentists, and I have no problem at all with my teeth and gums. Tried several toothpastes, with and without fluoride. Mouthwashes (List... being the one who makes my breath the worst after use). Floss, tongue cleaning. Professional cleaning. Nothing helped. I do have a whitish coat deep in my tongue, not so thick, though. And I feel that in this area and back of my throat (behind uvula and down) there´s more mucus, which keeps the bad taste. I also know that I don´t need to talk in order to people to notice the bad smell, just breathing is enough.

So I went to general doctor, who prescribed Nasonex, which didn´t work. Then I went to an ENT, who didn´t find anything wrong with nose, throat and tonsils. I recall to having used neti pot, but not so often, but the few times I used I saw no difference. Perhaps I should have persisted on it.

I went to a gastro a couple of months before it began, had an endoscopy and ultrasound, but there was nothing wrong. It was 3,5 years ago.

I have lactose intolerance, so eating dairy - which I don´t do often - causes a bad taste, but every food does the same. Perhaps exception for lettuce, which keeps my breath a bit less foul for longer.

I´m always trying new things, changes in diet, but the emotional toll is what is taking more of my energy. I´m always using probiotics, trying some supplements like Vitamin B, C, Zinc, but not in a regular basis.

I tried H2O2 before, which didn´t work, but I decided to give it a new try after reading the thread. For sure the mouth feels cleaner, and the difference is I felt my nose less stuffy, even though I just gargled. But I don´t know if it gave more room only to bad bacteria, so the bad smell in the following morning. My mouth was absolutely drier. I´ll try it again as suggested. Thank you!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

MC,,,,,,,,,, have you considered that your bad breathe may be coming from your stomach. If you think that is a possibility then you may want to try ozonated water. You may want to consider that you have H pylori . If that is the case then ozonated water will help address your problem.


Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Mc,

About your breath issue. You mentioned in your description the coating on your throat. From that I deduce that you have found the problem; Thrush infection or virus infection. I've kept my throat free from infection by gargling every other day with colloidal silver. Also you might have a sinus infection (maybe low grade) that keeps feeding the problem. So, if me, I'd also learn how to do an irrigation. Earth Clinic has a video of me discussing colloidal silver and I discuss the importance of keeping the system clean of infections by using CS. You can access the video on the colloidal silver page of this site or by googling youtube earth clinic dave Thomas colloidal silver.

Replied by Ernesto

I think that the antibiotics remedy for flu (which is a terrible idea by the way because the flu is a viral infection and antibiotics do nothing) killed your good gut bacteria and your digestion has been severely affected. I would recommend you try taking some probiotics like acidophilus as we'll a state digestive enzymes. These enzymes are plant based but you might also need animal based ones. I found quite by accident that eating pork regularly significantly improved my digestion.

Replied by Tatiana

Have you tried oil pulling?

Replied by Jay

I have struggled as well and done lots of research. Your situation could be yeast overgrowth. After antibiotics use white patches on tongue. Increased sinus congestion, bad breath. Also I'm gonna get checked for H pylori. Hope this helps. It is a terrible thing and you can't stop til you find the answer. We support you.

Replied by Bri

You should not mix the Hydrogen Peroxide with water, use it straight! Also you should brush your tongue and teeth with it in your mouth. Rinse it out use toothpaste to brush again then use Peroxide as a gargle. That should work. If not I would use activated charcoal. It works miracles.

Replied by Roxanne
(Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Maybe try Apple Cider Vinegar and Himalayan pink salt. Salt helps with the smell.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Serena (Calgary) on 06/27/2016

I forgot to brush my teeth one morning before work, and while standing about 4 ft from her and talking, my daughter was practically crying at the smell. I decided to try a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide that.I found st the Dollar Store, bought a package of plastic shot glasses while there, and took them both home. I immediately started using it by filling those shotglasses 1/2 full of HP and swished around my mouth, for about 30 seconds, morning and night. I made gargle at the back of my throat, too. It worked like a miracle! Right after the 1st time using it I could tell an intense difference in my mouth, I didn't taste that "tinny taste" that halitosis sufferers know so well, and gained confidence!

I started my 15 yr old son, as well, and within 4 days, yes only 4 days, the kid didn't even have morning breath anymore! He has the sweetest smelling breath ever! All this for a Dollar Store purchase!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by A D (Canada) on 03/10/2015

Thank you thank you for posting this. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE TO THE RESCUE. I have researched bad breath a lot but never heard of hydrogen peroxide.
I have the stinkiest breath for a long time which has robbed me of my life .Even though I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth , gum , roof of mouth and inside of my cheeks and floss many times a day and used many advertised mouthwashes nothing helped.
My ex-wife used to say our bedroom was stinking from my breath. At work people were keeping their distances from me and some were getting really mad at me thinking my bad breath was from lack off of oral hygiene . I was going to Las Vegas and out of desperation I googled " bad breath clinic " in the hope of getting some help there and this page was one of the search results.
The day I read this page I googled " hydrogen peroxide for bad breath " and I found a page where it says to combine hydrogen peroxide and warm water 50/50 and soak the tooth brush in it to kill bacteria on it. Then scrape tongue , brush teeth with toothpaste using the decontaminated brush then swish and gargle for 45 seconds with the 50/50 mixture.So that day before going to bed I did exactly that.

The next morning I knelt by my bedside rested my head on my hands to say my prayers. When I pray in order to keep my mind from drifting to other thoughts I say my prayer loud which helps me concentrate on my prayer and normally I smell my own stinky breath bouncing of the bed and hitting my nose full force . But that day I didn't smell anything. I thought my nostrils were plugged and so I went to the bathroom and smelled my deodorant. My nose wasn't plugged I could smell the deodorant. Next I looked in the mirror and for the first time in my memory my tongue was pink, the inside of my cheeks were pink. Normally both were coated and looked whitish. I scraped my tongue and smelled nothing. The stink was gone , the ever present bad taste in my throat was gone. Thank God Almighty finally something which works for me. I cried for joy because all my life I have been humiliated by my bad breath, given up on social life and in short I was a spectator of others having a life and written off myself. So many times I had concluded my life wasn't worth living and had it not been for responsibilities I would have taken the easy way out long ago.
Again Thank You People for sharing this finally there is hope of social life and life for me. Who knows even romance!

By the way when I told one guy about my problem with bad breath and how hydrogen peroxide helped me he said usually the cause of such aggressive bad breath is yeast infection ( candida/ thrush) and he said people can easily get yeast infection from many things including drinking beer, wine and eating nuts . So if yoy have a good doctor it is good to get tested for oral yeast infection.

Replied by Charles
(New Jersey)

Try about a mouthful of apple cider vinegar and swish it around for about 30 seconds and then gargle, spit out immediately and rinse your mouth with cold or warm water because the vinegar is acidic and can wear down your tooth enamel same thing with too much peroxide if you use it without rinsing with water after.. A tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar diluted with 8 ounces of water and a teaspoon or tablespoon of honey is good to drink, it helps in aiding weight loss and also works as an antioxidant. I'm glad you were able to overcome your bad breath.... Cheers! :)

Replied by Tiredofbeingtired
(Los Angeles)

Thanks for this! How warm is the water? What kind of water do you use? distilled, tap etc........Does this still work if you use cold water? PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND ASAP Many blessings to ALL of us who suffer!

Replied by Anne

Yes, it actually works. My husband had bad breath which was causing me to not want to kiss him. He also had a tooth that was growing inside the gum. I think that may have also been part of the problem because it was infected. He went to the dentist and took the tooth out and the dentist told him to mix his mouthwash with a little peroxide when he gargles. The bad breath is totally gone! I use it too and do a breath check with my sister who is obsessed with her breath and she didn't smell a thing. So, you can gargle with the mixture and brush while it's in your mouth for best results.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Em (Maine, US) on 12/06/2014

Had an awful odor between a natural tooth and a crown, at the gumline. Did everything I could think of to eliminate it, short of using a jackhammer. In less than a hour after rigorous cleaning, scraping and brushing with a teeny DenTek brush, it was back.

Found this site and with it, the wisdom of hydrogen peroxide, along with various user examples of how it worked and was applied. Got myself a bottle and in just one day, I was freed of this awful curse!

I used it for several days then finally decided to stop and see what would happen. It has been over a week and so far, the odor has not returned. Success, and for less than a dollar.

My dentist had said sure, come on in, you will need an x-ray and probably a trip to the periodontist but we'll see you. Had I not found this site, I would have subjected myself to unnecessary radiation, extra costs and who know what else from a periodontist.

So thank you, everyone, for your wisdom and input.

Replied by Mz
(Cheektowaga, Ny)

It was such a blessing to stumble upon this cure. I had suffered for years. I had tried everything: elimination of dairy, various expensive mouthwashes and "systems", nasal irrigation (to reduce post nasal drip/sinus problems), water pik, pills and tonsillectomy (tonsil stones).

My hygiene had always been impeccable, so I had no idea why I had bad breath. My ENT found tonsil stones and recommended that I gargle with diluted peroxide and use an antihistamine nasal spray. It didn't work. I finally begged to have my tonsils removed. The bad breath went away for a few weeks before returning. Something told me to try peroxide again. Voila! My breath smells like...NOTHING. I needed the combination of a partial tonsillectomy and hydrogen peroxide (diluted 1:1 with water). My tonsil stones were hidden between my tonsil and the wall of my throat. I couldn't "hit" the problematic area with mouthwashes while my tonsils were still present. Interestingly, the tonsillectomy alone wasn't enough. I needed this mouthwash for maintenance. I use it twice a day and I'm free of bad breath!! Thank God. This stuff is the answer to my prayers.

I just had to share. P.S. I gargle ~45-60 seconds

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mb (Maine, US) on 12/02/2014

It is hard to fully express how grateful I am for the information on this site. The input has saved me from an expensive, grueling dental appointment and likely gum scraping followup, which no one wants to undergo!

After noticing a distinct odor coming from between two rear molars every time I flossed or used a tiny brush to clean the area, I was distraught and called my dentist. They said to come in for an x-ray and exam (spend more money for nothing) and then I would probably have to go see a gum specialist. So I started researching and found that hydrogen peroxide can be very helpful for gum issues, so I bought some and added it to the baking soda concoction I use as mouthwash.

After only two applications, the odor is completely gone! Previously, I would scrub and clean and even put some toothpaste in the space, but the odor would return in less than an hour. Today, I ran the ultimate test and checked it with the tiny brush before even rinsing or cleaning my teeth, right after getting out of bed! No odor!

This is amazing and I am thrilled, so thank you everyone for your wonderful information about this life-changing, CHEAP solution to what is a common problem and can really cramp a person's style.

What I do is fill my water irrigating device with about one part H2O2 3% plus one part water and two tablespoons baking soda, then run it with special attention to that back area and keep the liquid in my mouth for as long as I can (2-3 minutes). Easy peasy, life is good!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mayda (Philly, Pa) on 11/18/2011

Curing bad breath.. Hello everyone I had a bad breath problem for over 20 years.. I solved it by using a tongue brush and hydrogen peroxide I dilute the peroxide a lil with water I also use therabreath (dr katz) mouthwash and toothpaste.. It works great- you can buy all of these products at rite aid, walmart or walgreen I PROMISE this will kill all bad breath!! USE THE BACK OF THE HAND TEST TO PROVE WHAT I'M SAYING AFTER YOU BRUSH AS I TOLD YOU, WASH YOUR HAND AND LICK THE BACK OF YOUR HAND THREE TIMES AND LET IT DRY IF IT SMELLS THEN YOU HAVE BAD BREATH YOUR TONGUE IS SUPPOSED TO BE PINK NOT WHITE IF YOUR TONGUE IS WHITE YOU HAVE BAD BREATH... GOOD LUCK AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU MADE OUT I WILL CHECK BACK IN A MONTH OR TOO... GOOD LUCK.. MAYDA

Replied by Abler
(Bklyn, Ny)

Hi Madya, I use to use Dr. Katz therabreath products and it worked really well for awhile until I started using the sprays that go up your nose. That's when I think I got an infection because that's when the really bad smells was coming out of my nose. I immediately stop using that product... That was 5 years ago, I tried everything to get rid of those horrible smells but nothing worked until I heard about the antibiotic/penicillin Augmentin. After taking that I got it down to BB smell. Then I tried using natural remedies to get rid of that smell some worked briefly!

Then I came across this website and read all things people were trying. I decided to try the HP last week... YAY! ... It worked really well... That smell is gone. I haven't used HP for a few days and still the smell is gone... I also had to change my diet... No meat for awhile. I'm so thankful for this site because so many of use are suffering from this problem and desparately looking for safe solutions.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Noel G. (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) on 08/18/2011

I suffered from halitosis for 20 years. It is intermittent due to my sinusitis and post nasal drips. Everytime I have symptoms like asthma and cough I usually consult our employee health department, luckily Im working in government hospital I can easily get those medicines. However post nasal drips and halitosis persisted despite of antibiotics, this makes me frustrated. I started to research hydrogen peroxide with silver colloidal silver we used in the hospital to disinfect ICUs frequently touch items. We use this solution due to Acinotobacter baumanni which is hard to kill with other disinfectant. Our disinfectant is made in Belgium called Bioxeco. Furthermore I read alot of aricles that one sources of halitosis is due to anearobic bateria and H202 prevents the growth of it.

I dilluted the stock solution of 5%H2O2 with colloidal silver to 3% by (6ml of H202 solution 4 ml of distilled water = 3%).

Procedure to clean mouth with solution.

1, Brush teeth with branded toothpaste. Dont rinse.

2. Wash the toothbrush with tap water.

3. Pour 10 ml of 3% H2O2 (any volume will do) in cup.

3. Wet the toothbrush with H202 and start brushing teeth, palate of mouth and tongue for several minutes.

4. Use the remaining solution for rinsing.

My halitosis is gone after the brushing. I checked by licking the back of my hand and smell it. I dont smell anything unlike before it smells bad.

I also begun inhaling 3% H202 with colloidal silver for post nasal drips and sinusitis for 10 days now but post nasal drips did not stop. Furthermore I started drinking ACV using the recommended dosage published in this site for 4 days now and hoping to get a positive result after 2 weeks or more. I will soon update my situation.

Finally, I am so thankful for this site. It helps me alot and the anecdotal research is worthful to consider. I believe that some of the remedies may or may not work for others, but for sure those individuals that doesnt exerperience changes may have underlying serious conditions that must be given attention. Such as one person form Bangladesh having white patches in toungue. He must perform various serological procedures that may confirm his conditions. Maybe he can do his research by surfing ( white are the underlying disease with white patches on tongue)

Replied by Raj

Hi, Thanks for this great solution for Bad breath!! I plan to use this..but one question: After rinsing with 50/50 peroxide solution, should I rinse my mouth again with water? If not, can I take the breakfast in the mrng after rinsing with solution? How safe it is to take food after rinsing?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Noy (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 09/27/2010

I had bad breath to the extent that it was already affecting my social life. After stumbling into your website, I read the Hydrogen Peroxide may work. I tried it with equal parts of 3% concentratiion and water and gargled for about two minutes. The bad breath disappeared immediately. I have intentionally not used it for ten days now and still I don't have bad breath even first thing in the morning. Thanks so much....

Replied by Andy

Can you please tell me where, did you buy hydrogen peroxide in dubai.. as m suffering from the same problem and would want to cure this issue. can you also tell me if its safe to use hydrogen peroxide..

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Maureen (Brooklyn, Ny, Usa) on 09/13/2010

I have got to thank every one of you who posted recommendations for the use of hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash for bad breath. I have been off white sugar and white flour for 10 weeks now and the candida death caused my mouth to be infiltrated w/ bacteria and my breath was stomach wrenching. One wash w/ peroxide created such a foaming action from my throat all the way through to my teeth that I could not believe the die off of toxins... I'm talking like white golf balls of foam, scraped my tongue after, brushed and rinsed and may I say sweet breath ever since. Doing it again tonight!!!! Delighted. This site has been such a positive place for safe, and natural remedies and I for one am so very grateful. Such wise and intelligent people here. God Bless!!!

Replied by Zsaqwe
(Brownsville, Texas)

Did you use food grade? If so how much % of food grade peroxide to water? My daughter has bad breath since a baby and I wonder what is wrong. She is very clean with her teeth. She eats well. I want to help her. I ordered food grade and it is on the way. I will teach her how to use it for bad breath. Please expand in the way you dissolve it with water.

Replied by Michael
(San Francisco, Ca, Usa)

I have the same experience: I completely eliminated sugar, wheat, corn, dairy, and excess meat from my diet about a week ago, and my partner told me last night that my breath had been bad for 2 days now. I didn't know until reading this, (and several other sites that mentioned low carb diet breath, ) that it may be from candida dying. Even though that is a good thing, the smell of it is not! Does anyone know how long this side-effect will last? How long will the bad breath persist from such a change in diet? Thanks

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Elusia (Boston, Ma) on 09/08/2010

Oh, my god. This site is amazing. I stumbled onto Earth Clinic last week in my desperate search for a yeast infection cure. I'm trying many of the suggestions and am delighted by the pooled knowledge. This morning I woke up and almost passed out from the horrible breath that was coming from me - like something had died inside of me and then I'd ingested moth balls. Disgusting. I came here and then tried the diluted HO remedy. Had to do it three times to really see it working. The 3rd time I held it in my mouth for several minutes. I could feel it bubbling, and when I spit, there was a huge amount of bubbles in the sink. I tested my breath on my fiancé, and he said, "I don't know. It works so well I'm not sure I believe it. " Hah! Believe it, babe. I've been chewing gum with aspartame for years because of my fear of bad breath (I teach privately, one-on-one, and have been terrified of my breath). Now I can stop chewing that cancer-causing crap and stop wasting money on expensive "all natural" and ineffective products. Thank you, everyone!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kevin (Chicago, Il) on 06/14/2010

Bad breath: the hydrogen peroxide really works. I always felt like the smell was coming from deep down in my stomach especially because I have very clean white teeth and gums. Almost instantly the smell went away just by gargling the peroxide. Afterwards I tried to isolate whether it was the peroxide or some other changes I have made and came to the conclusion that it is definitely the mouthwash. The only thing is that I do not dilute it in water.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Bwire (Nyc, Ny) on 04/20/2010

hi, i have great oral hygiene, and suffering from halitosis for years. i just went to a breath clinic, nothing seems to work... HP does not work neither. Since I brush, scrape my tongue, mouthwash, floss 3x at least a day, I always have a clean feeling in my mouth, but as I hear from friends my breath smells like fart :((( Im devastated and hopeless that even one of the best halitosis doctor could not help... any ideas? thanks a lot.

Replied by Joanofarc83
(Morton, Illinois Usa)

How are your bowel habits? Have you tried de-toxifying?

I had a similar problem in the past. I use ACV and Baking Soda and currently added liver de-tox supplements. I also stopped using milk products especially in my coffee. Good luck to you and don't stop looking for a cure.

Replied by Msg
(Somewhere, Europe)

i do "oil" pulling with water and it helps.

Replied by Sara
(The Beach, Canada)

I think you should concentrate on treating your gut as apposed to your mouth. Try digestive enzymes and ACV. As well I know for a fact that tonsil stones can smell that bad. if you press on the area around the tonsil and a white compound comes out you are dealing with tonsil stones. Hope this helps

Replied by Gingin
(Columbia, Sc)

Just a suggestion: try mixing a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of water and drinking it down! Don't gargle, just drink it. I had chronic bb for 20 years and was SO desperate. 3 dentists said it wasn't my teeth, 2 periodontists said it wasn't my gums, one of them said he believed it was a gastric problem.

Then saw 3 Gastroenterologists and had upper gi and endoscopies with no resolution. Tried the baking soda and as soon as I woke up the next morning, I could tell the smell was gone, which has since been confirmed by a coworker and my husband kissed me the other day like he hasn't in years!