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Natural Cures for Bad Breath and Halitosis

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Mary (Staffordshire) on 04/27/2017

Health shop sells black activated charcoal toothpaste in its own right. I used 1 tablet of activated charcoal daily but find that whenever I eat ice cream, sweet or even chew gum bad breath comes back. So I started to use 1 tablet of acidophilus 3billoin today.

I want to be able to eat any food without thinking of bad breath, I am hoping that both activated charcoal and acidophilus will work better.

Having said that activated charcoal have worked though but I just wanted a complete cure.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Paul (Near Boston, Ma) on 04/19/2013

I have had Bad Breath for years but did a good job masking it and like many I tired many things that did not work. Finally I researched the internet and found activated charcoal and gave it a try and I notice a difference the 1st day. In the morning my breath is not is bad and during the morning to lunch period it's not horrible like it used to be. What really got me thinking in the activated charcoal is that a year ago I had a sewer vent pipe that would give out a terrible smell. I fixed the smell by installing a carbon filter which basically traps the toxins like the activated charcoal. Knowing this and knowing that my BB was from the inside I tried the AC and its working great. I think many people concentrate on the mouth when in reality its coming from the inside. I will try the hydrogen peroxide as well but AC is been great!