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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda  

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Posted by Ellasunflower (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/06/2017
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I wonder if I'm the only person experiencing this - I'm trying to stop using traditional deodorants (too many chemicals in my opinion). As a natural alternative, I've tried using apple cider vinegar and baking soda (at times even lime). All these make my armpits stink even more! I've tried combining them with coconut oil, but they always end up smelling pretty bad...Like I smell like apple cider vinegar right now! I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this?

Posted by Alicia (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) on 06/18/2011

I LOVE this site!!! I have learned so much. But I do have a question about the BS / ACV combo for armpits, as ther are so many posts on it, I was hoping someone could shed some light on it for me. Am I supposed to use BOTH? Or use baking soda after the ACV? Is it better to use the BS wet or dry? I read some posts where wet usage was recommended but I ended up with a white drippy mess :) Is it better to just pile it on dry

I really hope someone can direct me properly, I have bad odor under my left arm only, incidentally this is the same armpit where I have developed a large cyst several times from store bought deodorant, I have tried all types-even the crystal which did nothing for me. I am polycystic to begin with so I try to watch what I use on my skin.

One last question about the baking soda: I shave frequently so how long should I wait for the ACV or BS application? Thanks so much everyone for your time and valuable posts, I love this community and am spreading the word about Earth Clinic.

Replied by Linda
Alpharetta, Ga

try hand sanitizer- 1 time in the morning and if necessary repeat once or twice during the day. You can buy a tiny bottle for your purse, in case the smell comes back. Hand sanitizer kills the bacteria. hand sanitizer is basically rubbing alcohol.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne , Australia

Instead of going to the trouble of buying a hand sanitizer... Why don't you just buy a small bottle of eucalyptus 100% pure essential oil or tea tree oil essential oil. That is pure with nothing else. There are other essential oils that you can use that kill bacteria as well. You could dilute them with some water and put them in a little bottle for use when you are out.

Replied by Tessa
Somewhere, Ca

For those of you who notice a stronger smell from one armpit, especially if you have or have had a cyst from other toxic deodorants, using a clay like bentonite or Aztec clay and making a paste with water and applying it to the underarms and surrounding lymph nodes helps to draw out the toxins, and may even reduce pain in the area. Leave the paste on until it dries, about 20 minutes, then rinse off.

Posted by Bce (Bce, Jamwest) on 08/07/2009
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Better But With Side Effects


Replied by Mary
Minneapolis, Mn

I too have the reaction to the sun as you do. Have you gotten any answers yet?? If so, can you please post them here or contact me.

Replied by Joseph
Thomasville, Nc

I don't know what kind of reaction to the sun you are getting but...If you are taking antibiotics it is called photosensitivity. If your family has mediterranean blood, then it may be fungus. It kind of looks like darker patches of skin. If this is the case a dandruff shampoo (common blue store bought bottle) a couple of times a day works for me.

Replied by Ms. U
Manila, Philippines

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Posted by Mona (Albany, GA) on 08/08/2008
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I found several postings about dabbing ACV on underarms and then powdering with baking soda as a deoderant/anti perspirant. I felt like my deoderant was failing me and was looking for a more natural approach. This is AMAZING and truly works. I never would've believed it, but I have absolutely no odor what so ever. I encourage you to try this. I also take a bath with 1 cup ACV + 1 cup baking soda and my skin is so soft. I will be enjoying many more ACV "recipes" now that these 2 have been so successful.

Replied by Suzi
Missoula, MT

Mona....please tell me exactly how you apply ACV and BS to underarms...this sounds fantastic

Replied by CK
New York City, New York
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Hi I found this site after months of painful acid reflux. I'm 28 and was suffering for about a few months. It was so bad my throat was constantly swollen and I had a extreme headache from the acid.

I tried over the counter medication and prescription and none of it was helping. I tried apple cider and boom! I had relief. I spent the next two weeks strictly taking apple cider along with yogurt and aloe and a gentle diet and I was good to go.

Now I've been testing apple cider vinegar and baking soda to see if it will work to reduce my body odor. I dont smell too much but I wanted a natural alternative to deodorant and harsh soaps.

1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in the bath tub it instantly cleaned my body and I've never smelled like nothing before. My skin feels great as well. I recommend this website and I recommend trying because it really changed my life!

Replied by Carol
Brooklyn, New York

Lime or lemon works great as well. Just cut a fresh lime of lemon and rub it on the underarm and the odor will disapear. You must reaply every day but it cuts the odor. Fresh juice only ond not the bottled kind.

Replied by Smiggy

The problem with all these external remedies is it is temporal and did not resolve the problem. I suggest you try armpit massage or armpit meridian massage. (see my post on armpit massage for BO issue)

I was struggling with these smell for a few years now and in one week, I more or less got rid of 90% and it comes back only if I don't shower for 2 days. This is really an achievement considering that sometimes, I do smell a little even after shower especially in our hot and humid weather.

Posted by Lana (Somewhere, Israel) on 05/25/2008
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Body Odor Remedies: Hi All!
Just wanted to share with you - after drinking the standard recipe for ACV and soda [1/4 tsp soda and 2 Tbs ACV in a glass of water] twice a day for a couple of months, I have no need to use deodorant of any kind! If I do perspire, it has no odor. My hubby even claims that my poo has no smell. How's that for a complete natural deodorant?

Replied by Marie
Las Vegas, USA

What is the recipe for the ACV and baking soda. Is it safe to drink it?

EC: Read more here:

Posted by Andrew (Perth, Western Australia) on 02/23/2008
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This works for me and I am in sunny Perth:Splash on organic ACV followed by a powdering of aluminium-free Baking Powder (Na Bicarbonate and Calcium).

Posted by Janette (Asheville, NC) on 06/19/2007
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I have been having an issue of intense and slightly putrid body odor coming out of my right armpit lately for some bizarre reason. I cannot figure out what is causing it. The thing that has stopped it in about 20 minutes is acv and baking soda remedy. One remedy dose lasts about a day. Now I just have to figure out what is going on in my body to cause this issue! Usually it happens when I have taken a medication or an OTC med like ibuprofen, but I haven't touched anything in months. Another question I have is whether people notice that they have a stronger scent come from one armpit than another?

Replied by AC
White Plains, NY

I've just stumbled onto this website tonight and I am grateful. I have been trying to get rid of an embarrassing armpit odor for a while and refuse to go back to the deadly over-the-counter deodorants. I have tried burts bees deodorant, which didn't work well for me after a while and made me smell strongly of lemon and mint... I've tried the baking soda but it irritated me so much, after a while that I would have 60-90 second scratch fests. (I know not good). I've discovered that whenever I eat red meat the smell is prominent. When I eat fish or chicken not as bad... I've even taken body mint which worked for a week, but now I'm getting desperate. I love meat too much to stop eating it. So, next I will try the borax and tea tree oil because I've noticed that once I wipe the sweat away, the odor seems to go away as well, even temporarily - So, I think that tea tree oil will kill the bacteria causing the problem, hopefully all day long.

Replied by Monique
Charlotte, NC

I have always had problems with excessive underarm odor, and was unable to find a deodorant or antiperspir- and that would work for me. The ones that claimed to combat the most difficult odors were too strong and would turn my armpits black. I have found that clear gels are the best.

My right arm pit began to smell several years ago for no apparent reason. At that time I was using solid deodorants. For me, the odor was being caused by a clogged hair folicle in the armpit. This caused a large lump that was filled with a turned back hair, sebum (oil), sweat, and deodorant. When I switched to a gel, and didn't apply deodorant immediately after shaving, the problem ceased.

Replied by Carla
Boston, MA

I am responding to Janette from Asheville, NC. You are not alone! My underarm odor has always been a little strong, but controllable. In the last few years have noticed that my left underarm has an "Odor" of it's own! As a professional woman in my 30's I am mortified by the increased smell and at a loss until I found this website (just last night!). This website is truely a "God Send"! I am going out to buy every single item that was mentioned on the cure page. Like most of you I have tried dozens of deoderants and nothing has worked. If anyone has any further information as to why only one armpit smells, please pass this knowledge along! Some of us are desperate!

Replied by Pam
New York, NY

Try plain baking soda. I read about it on this site and it works wonders. No underarm odor WHATSOEVER! Just rub a little bit under your arms after your bath or shower. You'll be odor free ALL DAY! Good luck. It helps to wear cotton or natural fibers of course.

Replied by Coregon
Medford, Or

My theory on why one armpit has odor and other one doesn't is related to lymph glands in the underarm area. If they are not flowing freely, the odor seems to happen. In my case, it was sitting for a long time using my laptop.. Arm close to my side, especially the right one. Not sure this was the cause, but seemed to help when I massaged under the arm in the shower.. You'll find tender spots. To prevent lymph blockage from happening, try taking breaks and moving the arms in circles, or massaging under arms if you are doing activities that keep your arms at your sides (typing, driving, writing, on phone, etc. ) Note: Tight clothing under arms will also create the same problem. Hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Acidophilus  

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Posted by Willow (Lexington, Ky) on 06/20/2011
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I accidentally cured my body odor problem when I was treating myself for bacterial vaginosis. I am on a strict regiment of herbal supplements and vitamins. One of these includes acidophilus and apple cider vinegar (with mother). After experimenting with several types of acidophilus, I wound up taking a gelcap version that requires refrigeration. It has 2 or 3 BILLION live active cultures. This is the dose that I maintain daily. After being on this for a month and half, I noticed I didn't have to fight with body odor - which I always felt was a symptom of some other underlying issue. I used to prepare my day around the fact that I would sweat through deodorant. I was using rubbing alcohol daily after showering to kill remaining bacteria. I packed deodorant EVERYWHERE I WENT. I truly feel I got to the root of the evil bacteria by taking probiotics and ACV though. I tried everything from various natural deodorants, to no deodorant, to the horrible "anti-sweat" deodorants. The acidophilus and ACV has truly helped maintain a healthy pH. I just make this very much a part of my daily life and I have no more issues.

Hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Misha (Hiram, US) on 04/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to say this site is amazing. I have suffered from body odor for years I have taken 2 showers a day constantly trying to stay on top of my hygiene I am an excessive sweater as well (genetics) and nothing has seemed to work I have been using ACV (soak cotton ball with acv) along with baking soda (dust underarms with baking soda) and coconut oil (rub coconut oil in) it is great!! I have not worn deodorant in 4 weeks. I have absolutely no body odor whatsoever. I'm still in shock. I have tied every deodorant even natural brands and nothing has ever worked for me. I suffer from anxiety which makes things worse as far as sweating but now I am more confident I know I'm not offending anyone I keep waiting on this to wear off it won't this site has saved my life!!!

Replied by Atlanta55
Atlanta, Ga

I have the same issues you wrote about - how long did this take to work? I have tried EVERYthing, and nothing has worked so far....thanks so much for your time! Any other tips you could share would be great. Thanks so much!!!

Armpit Massage  

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Posted by Smiggy (Singapore) on 07/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with armpit smell for the last few years and tried some of the remedies suggested in this website and even changing diet a little.

I do see some result when I do a fruit and veggie detox and the smell is not so much. Although those natural spray like apple cider vinegar or baking soda helps but it only mask the smell and did not totally get rid of the armpit smell. (my wife ensures that I know it smells)

Recently, I am studying into meridian massage and it has come to my understanding that if a part of the body is not function properly, it is because of meridian blockage. Meridians are like rivers and streams all over the body (western medicine will not get this as they see nothing when they cut open a person) but it can be proven that it exist.

I understood also that since my armpits smell on a hot day and even after a shower or worst, on waking up, it must be blocked. (like a river, it smells if the outlet is blocked.) So each day, during showering, I start to massage the meridians under the armpit.

These 3 things I do when I shower:

1)Soap the armpit generously and find the deepest point in the armpit and massage slowly and deeply.
2) After that, clench your fist and rub down against the armpit and surrounding area.
3) Use index finder and thumb and massage or squeeze to release the tension in the muscles between the chest and armpit and between the back muscle and armpit.

This I do for one or 2 sessions and viola, all my smell is 90% gone and one week later, I could confidently go out without any armpit spray. Mind you, where I am staying is hot and humid and armpit spray is a must.

Now, I can say that its almost 100% cure. No drugs, no medicine, nothing to apply. Pure meridian massage. (if u are not sure about the meridian points, its ok, just follow the steps I shown)

Last but not least, do not get carried away and think that diet is not important. While I am not a vegetarians, I do not consume fast food and do cut down on processed food a lot.

I also believed the blockage under the arm is due to the years of doing sports and injuries on the shoulders and the injuries did not healed properly. So if u feel pain underarm when you massage it, take it easy and slow.

Like me, I am more or less having an armpit smell free live now. Hope this will help a lot of people.

Avoid Caffeine  

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Posted by Anonymous (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 04/25/2013
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Even if you don't think caffeine is causing your body odor problem (I didn't), PLEASE TRY IT!!

Just avoid it 100% for a few days. You've got nothing to lose. Stick out any headaches or withdrawals, because the benefits could be huge.

NOTE: Decaf coffee can contain up to 60% the caffeine of regular coffee. It IS NOT 100% caffeine free.

It takes caffeine hours to leave your system, (even when you don't feel it anymore, it's still there about 4 hours after you consume it - google the half life of caffeine in your body if you're curious). Also, your liver is responsible for removing it; so it's an unneccessary burden.

Avoiding caffeine from ALL coffee and tea removed 90% of my underarm odor problem. Additionally, I get less anxious. After having coffee, I immediately begin sweating, and stinking, all over but particularly in the underarm area.

When I finally do need energy and know sweating/stinking isn't a problem beause I'm at home or something, I'll allow myself some coffee. But a MUCH SMALLER serving than I ever used to have. Caffeine is more powerful than I used to give it credit for, and as a result it caused anxiety, blood sugar crashes, poor sleep, and BO for the longest time while I wondered what was going on. Not just coffee, but tea as well. Although tea does have a milder effect.

An added benefit of avoiding caffeine is that when I have it, it doesn't take much to really charge me up and give me pep - because I haven't built up a resistance to it or dependence on it. I feel like I have some conrol over if/when these things happen now, which is great!

So if you regularly consume caffeine and sweat too much or your BO is stinky, PLEASE TRY IT!

Replied by Leah
Philadelphia, Pa

Thanks for this tip! I'm definitely cutting down. As for the remaining Bo, I can give you my recipe for home made deodorant that actually works: equal parts corn starch and baking soda mixed in a bowl, slowly add coconut oil till you get a dry paste, add a smidge of extra virgin olive oil till it is the consistency of butter icing. Store in a glass jar at room temp. I was a stink beast for so long and this is the only thing that stops bo in its tracks. Just use your finger to get a little bit and wipe on underarms after shower or after sweating as it goes on better if you are a bit damp.

Posted by Mittie (London, Uk) on 02/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Body odor tip: avoid caffeine! I discovered after I stopped using deodorant many years ago that I have nasty smelling perspiration a few minutes after drinking a cup of black tea (which I am a real guzzler of, truth be told). Last year I experimented by cutting out black tea for a few days and voila, no smelly BO, zip, zero. Anyone who is having issues with body odor should try this!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Good idea but what can a person like myself do who has body oder but who never touches caffeine?

Replied by Amom
Clayton, Delaware, Us

My 8 year old daughter also had an odor issue - her underarms smelled 'oniony'. I had her using deodorant, but have found that (evco) coconut oil and baking soda do the trick. Using equal parts, melt the coconut oil, then stir in the baking soda. I put it in a small plastic container and put it in the freezer (just until it hardened). She uses a swipe of it under each arm every morning, and what a difference! I couldn't believe it...

Avoid Deodorants  

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Posted by Piper (Toronto, On) on 03/23/2010

A friend works for a toiletry manufacturer and he explained to me how antiperspirants work. Applied aluminum clogs the pores to stop you from perspiring and doesn't need to be applied every day because the aluminum stays in your pores.

After that I stopped using commercial antiperspirants and deodorants as I figured that can't be a good thing for my body. I have used a mineral salt deodorant stick ever since.

Posted by Erin (Fremont , Mi) on 01/15/2008
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Breast Cancer History Breast cancer runs in my family. My aunt is fighting it now. Not to mention from using regular store bough underarm deodorant as a teen myself I use to get lumps under my arms/right in the pit area. They had to be lanced and drained at the hospital. From that point on I did alot of research and found that the aluminum they put in the deodorant clogs the glands under your arms which inturn are very close to the breast. I have not used store bought deodorant for about 15 yrs now-I only use all natural from health food store and never had a problem again. Just wanted to let you ladies and men too know to STOP USING REGULAR STORE BOUGHT DEODORANT ONLY USE NATURAL. Thank you have a wonderful week all

Replied by Amina
London, UK

Does this apply to all deodorants or just the ones you spray on??

Posted by JD (Knoxville, TN) on 08/12/2007
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A few years ago, I started to get a very strange sensation in my left armpit. It felt like the lymph nodes in that area were swelling. I switched from one commercial brand of deodorant to another to try and stop the uncomfortable sensation, but nothing worked. Then I went online and started to research what was in deodorants! YIKES!!! After my internet research, I decided to stop using deodorants with aluminum (basically all commercial brands). Well, the weird sensation disappeared after several days and I have to say that my BO started to smell a lot better too. I am not convinced the commercial deodorants do much at all, other than stop you from perspiring for a time. But you have to ask yourself -- why would you want to stop the body from perspiring? The armpit area is loaded with lymph nodes!

Replied by Lanpho
Burbank, CA
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This is true! I've done this for two weeks and I'm odor free. Deoderants make you stink more. Rub H202 and Baking soda on keeps me from BO for 12 hrs or more in 90 degrees weather. Like someone suggested, bar soap is no good either, but if you must, shower gel is better. Thank you for the suggestions everyone!