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Posted by Karen (Hongkong, China) on 01/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I've been embarassed about my BO for 18 years. I tried so many remedies such as diff. brand of deodorants but it doesnt work for me. I tried lemon juice and took a bath three a times a day but still the bad smell doesnt eliminate. I did it everything including washing the clothes thoroughly.. but then there's no improvement! Last month i tried to find a solution for my BO and guess what?! lucky me!i found it already! i've read all the comments and suggestions posted on EC site and have a try. I tried using ACV and baking soda for bathing it was really great for me! NO SOAP! i feel fresh everyday.I drink green tea instead of coffee. i also used green tea to rinse my face! it's all natural beauty tips.I also eliminate taking dairy product..(goodbye cheese lol).On summer i try to use milk of magnesia, zinc oxide ointment and essential oil or coconut oil. Today im very happy to share with you that great things happen to me!goodbye BO! Thanks a lot EARTH CLINIC!!be bless..:)

Replied by David
Tokyo, Japan

Does anyone think that shampoos and soaps actually cause BO? I've been shampoo and soap--free (thanks to borax) for about a year. I change clothes daily, but I often think I don't need to--even socks. Could shampoo and soap be stimulating the body to produce oils to replace oils removed and/or to remove toxins? I'm starting to think so, but does anyone have any thoughts?

Posted by Ron (Orlando, FL) on 06/02/2009
1 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with BO for years & I really need a remedy. I been taking Zinc Supplements. I Started taking about 16 grams of Chlorella which contains high amounts of Chlorophyll. I've been bathing with baking soda & sea salt. I've been drinking Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning. I drink tea all day with Lemon juice & honey. I eat cloves & rosemary herbs. I've taken sage Tea two nights a week.

I'd like to think my diet is very alkilinizing & drinks fluids, Im too poor to level out meals with meat. i dont take much sugar either

I need help because I'm TRYING to get a JOB . Ted, Somebody HELP PLEASE

Replied by Roxanne
5 out of 5 stars

Ted try MOM it worked for me, I suffered for over 30 yrs and MOM worked like a charm, gone is B.O, Bye and good damn riddance:))

Replied by Monique
Los Angeles, Ca

What exactly is MOM what is the complete name and what can you said it honestly do for you.

Replied by Rori
Carson, Ca

Hey Mom is Milk of Magnesia and it works at preventing odors. take a shower clean your pits and then I just rup some on underarms and let it air dry, then I apply a light oil or lotion and let it dry and it works at stopping odors.

Baking Soda is the best alternative to deodorant I've come across. Seriously if you are funky anywhere take some baking soda and at some water to make a paste rub on smelly area let sit for 30-90 seconds then hop in the shower. will kill any and all odors immediately then after shower I take a half or a teaspoon of baking soda and add enought water to my palm to dissolve it and rub hands together then rub on armpits let it airdry then I add a good moisturizing lotion because baking soda can be drying and a little abrrasive for some I have sensitive skin and then works wonders. No more Odor. You will still sweat but you won't stink at all. Just try it a box of baking soda is around 50-90cents and some people like to make the deodorant instead of this method they add corn starch and baking soda and put that powder mix on their pits to kill odor, that powder method was too harsh and gave me a rash that turned my pits black so I now to the baking soda and water and lotion and haven't had any issues. One year of no deodorant use. YAY hope this helps

Over the Counter  

Posted by Underarm (Toronto, On Can) on 09/01/2011

Choose a deodorant that doesn't stain.

A good deodorant is one without leaving residues and odours behind. I've been using UARMSOL deodorant for many years now, even when I sweat, I have no more underarm or armpit odours. I applied 1 pinch and it's all to it for the whole day without worries about any smell afterwards. There's no chemicals, oil or fragrances added. No staining clothes too. There's no after sport smell or odour masking. And the best thing is I don't have to shave!

Ozonated Olive Oil  

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Posted by Steve (Phoenix, USA) on 09/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have become a huge fan of Ozonated Olive Oil. First off it's definitely the best all natural underarm deodorant I've ever used. Only have to use it every other day. It works for insect bites, speeds wound healing, burns, etc. But I've found it really helps reduce wrinkles if used consistently over a couple week period. I suppose the oxygen is being absorbed into the skin and rejuvenating the tissue. I'm going to keep experimenting with this and see how far I can turn back the clock. It's not even that expensive. I bought a 1 oz jar online for only $5.99 and it usually lasts our family of four about three months. Great stuff!

Replied by James
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Check Out Earthonated's Ozonated Olive Oil, this is a great super strong ozonated product.


Replied by Colleen
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Steve, where did you find this oil? All the places I looked into online charge quite a bit more than yours. I know this is an old post, but perhaps you can tell us where you got it. Thank you.

Replied by Coregon
Medford, Or, Usa

Just a note, I found ozonated olive oil (by several different manufacturers... on Amazon.. Be sure to read reviews to find the most effective one).

Potassium Crystal Deodorant  

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Posted by Jenny (Brisbane, Australia) on 07/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Re BODY ODOUR - Used to have it in summer, but have not had it for years now since I changed to using a pure crystal deodorant. It is fantastic. Bit expensive to start with but cheaper in the long run as it lasts for about 12 months or more. Try it, it is fantastic.


Posted by Mariah (Lanham, U.S.A.) on 06/23/2008
4 out of 5 stars

I had tried several brands of natural deodorant and none of them worked. With any small amount of strenuous movement they immediately wore off (not a fun experience when you are around people). I tried the hydrogen peroxide & baking soda which did work, but it was a little messy applying the baking soda. Currently I'm using Thai Cyrstal deodorant which seems to be doing the job and it's much easier to apply then the HP & BS. I haven't done a full sweat filled workout to see how well the it holds up, but there have been a few hot, sticky days when I was out moving around quite a bit and so far, so good.

Posted by Julie (Las Vegas, NV, USA) on 05/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, my husband and I have been using Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist from health stores. It's just potassium, and it works great! It really sticks, and has no aluminum. When I need to remove it, I just use a little aloe vera. Hope this helps.

Powder With Cornstarch  

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Posted by Jeffrey (Pawtucket, Ri) on 02/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Several years ago I switched to natural deodorants from aluminum based anti-perspirants/deodorants due to health concerns and skin irritaton. Eventually even the natural ones began to irritate my skin, so I tried powder with aloe and cornstarch. It works amazingly well for days when I don't do much sweating, like a typical workday sitting behind a desk. Usually one application in the morning is all that's needed. I'm thinking of keeping some at work, so on warmer days or on days that I go for a walk or bike commute, I can do a quick wash of my underarms in the restroom and re-apply. My underarms feel so much better! Healing after a long time of being irritated and raw.

Rubbing Alcohol  

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Posted by Dorett (Lima, Ohio) on 06/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I read in a book that regular rubbing alchohol is good for boby odor. I was fasting and was having problem with odor from all the toxin that was coming out. i tried bathing two to three times a day to help eliminate the odor which only help for a short time. So I decided to try this remedy. This really help, I have been using it ever since. That is the 70% volume. I splash it under my arms after showering.


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Posted by Tom (Bristol, Uk) on 12/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Have detox baths 3 times per week with a cup of himalayan salts. Everyday when you shower soak a washcloth in hot water with himalayan salt dissolved in it and hold the warm washcloth under each armpit for a number of minutes. The salt will draw out any impurities and kill and bacteria. Dont use soap underarms just scrub lightly with this cloth after holding it there for a while. Thats it. No more smell.

Posted by Jennifer (Chicago, Illinois, Us) on 05/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars


I am battling several illnesses right now, and ever since I got sick I have the worst armpit odor! Soap doesn't remove it. I've tried baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide (separately) and they all work fairly well, but they all feel harsh on my skin and I don't like it.

The other day, I discovered a better solution: iodized salt. I had bought one of those himalayan salt stones for the showerbig mistake. Little crevices in the smooth-looking salt crystal actually SCRATCHED me and literally put salt in the wound! Will never do that again.

However, it gave me the idea of simply mixing some salt into water and applying that right in the bath after washing with soap. Works like a charm! The effect was immediateno smell whatsoever until the next morning (and then only faint). And I didn't even use deodorant!

I chose iodized salt because iodine is a powerful antimicrobial in its own right. I mix the salt with about two parts warm water (some will not dissolve) and keep it in a little jar in the shower. At the end of the shower (soap and rinse first), I just pour some of the saltwater into my hand and splash it under each arm, being careful to get the whole underarm. When the liquid gets low, I just add some water from the shower for next time

Plastic is best for use in the bath because of the risk of glass breaking. Might be convenient to get one of those dispenser bottles with the pointy top!

Replied by Jennifer
Chicago, Illinois, Us

UPDATE: OK, there's bad news and good news. The bad news is, the iodized salt I was using on my underarms stopped working after three days. Don't know why, maybe it killed off one sort of underarm-dwelling bacteria only to be replaced by another one that doesn't mind salt?

The good news is, I combined two other remedies from here on Earth Clinic and for the last two weeks they've been working great!

The remedies are "stop using soap" and fresh lemon juice in place of soap and deodorant. This combo eliminates ALL odor for me and lasts almost two days... Without using deodorant! Today it was 90 degrees in Chicago and my underarm smells exactly the same as my forearm, no joke. I still can't believe it!

Here's what I do. Once every 5 days or so, I take three small lemons and run them through my juice extractor whole. The remedy page suggested just squeezing them, but it's easier to run them through the juicer for me and anyway, the skin contains essential lemon oil which is a powerful germicide in its own right.

I put the juice in a small plastic spray bottle with two tablespoons of salt just for the heck of it. I think the salt keeps the lemon fresh longer, too, since I just leave it in the shower rather than refrigerate it. When I get in the shower, I spray under my arms, dampen a clean washcloth with warm water and rub back and forth a bit before rinsing. Then, when the shower is over, I spray the lemon again as a deodorant (no rinse).

It doesn't burn, except maybe the tiniest bit if I push too hard while shaving (no soap or gel), and it lasts me beyond the next morning! My health is kind of a mess at the moment (the reason I started smelling so bad), so sometimes I skip a day showering when I don't have to go anywhere. Ever since the no-soap-lemon-juice trick, I can skip a day and go out, even in hot weather! I wouldn't have believed it if someone told me, but it's true.

I've noticed a couple of things about this. The washcloth is key to making it last longer, and it should be a CLEAN washcloth, or at least a clean side of one. My washcloths are the giant spa kind and take forever to dry, so I fold them in half and keep track of what side is clean (I wasn't a washcloth person before this, only use them for this).

Also, I really do think the combo is what does it. I tried using soap followed by lemon juice and it didn't work quite as well. I think it's because the soap is very alkaline, so it cancels out the acidity of the lemon. Also, as people note on the no-soap page, it leaves a film that bacteria can feed off of.

Even though I didn't have real problems with this until I got sick, I've never smelled this fresh in my life! And without deodorant!!

So grateful for this site. :O]

Severe Body Odor  

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 04/13/2017

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, this is not original with me, but I read a Sports Illustrated article on the subject many years ago and decided to resurrect it based on a recent EC post. You have two kinds of is thermal and the other is emotional. The thermal kind comes from all your body, but the emotional comes from a different set of glands that are located on your feet, palms and armpits. If you are afraid of dogs then your scent glands tell the dog that and it causes it grief and it will bite you. Whereas, you nearby friend is not afraid of dogs and does not put out this scent so the dog is not alarmed by them. He wags his tail at them.

I have been in many a meeting where the room was cool, but some were sweating profusely under their arms. Dear hearts, they were in nervous city. Thermal sweat has no odor unless you don't bath and it turns putrid. Emotional sweat always has a foul odor, and if you let your armpit hair go, only makes it worse. Our dad always made us trim our under arm hair. He was ahead of his time. I had several friends who were clean, but stunk to high heaven. My regret is that I never told them. Guess I was not a good friend after all. Here is the article from yesteryear.

I know dang well that this will send 99% of you to school on sweat.


Posted by Gerald (Ny, USA) on 07/23/2015

Great tips listed for getting rid of the BO but the key is to treat any and all clothing that you've ever worn before (and sweated or smelled in). Spray full strength white distilled vinegar under the arms and private area before putting in the wash cycle. Then add a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. Splash vinegar under your arms at the end of your shower and let sit for about 5 minutes then rinse. It balances the pH which caused the BO and kills the odor. *Please note however, if you use the vinegar on your body but you do not treat your clothes, your odor will return as soon as you wear them because washing them with detergent alone does not destroy the odor causing bacteria. This WORKS!

Best wishes!

Posted by Xxunknownxx (South Gate ) on 03/08/2014

long story short , why does my body smell any suggestion would really help , remedies , medicine anything ... here is what I know so far

people thing I'm stupid , because I smell like Shht. they comment all the time ever since I was a child. Yet I am not able to smell my self but am 100% sure I smell. child hood experience , a kid suggested to the class it smell bad, middle school.. High School year , people suggested , it smell like Shht .. I was fat as a kid , I did take showers. I ate alot of process food as a kid, in middle school I became aware of this stench but it was a real toll on my mental strength , grew up anti social because of this , miss most of my school activities , did not do things most kids /teens get to do in life .. had real true friends who stick to me even when people commented how it smell / how someone needs to take a shower / how it smells funky ect .. now I need some help . I want to eliminate this for good .. I want to get my life together but can't seem to ..

questions I need answers to ...

why does a hobo who doesn't shower not smell as bad as me . I pass through homeless people with no sign of a hard core stench that my body seems to emit . also I have realize that it reaches a very long distance like 30 - 40 ft . I have verified it as one time as I was crossing the stop lights. I took no more than two steps and the people in the opposite direction where already coughing ..

question two , I know what we can't smell our self , the same way we can't smell our bad breath . so why is it that I can't smell myself >? not even a little hint as to what people had to suffer through .

question three , I take showers, very long ones , scrubbing the rear end of my tush and my hole body . at the end of my shower I am able to smell the fragrance of the shampoo. I leave the shower smelling like head and shoulders to my nose but the moment I go outside to see if the smells is gone , but not ever one minute goes by that a person walking by goes with out coughing. ill go to stores having people cough , every where I go its all you'll see , people reacting to my body odor .

This has literally ruined all my chances in life , my desire to go to college which I am trying to be toughen up mentally , after high school took 2 years off to get myself mentally ready and hoped that it worred off as I thought it might be some sort of puberty body hormonal change . Yet nothing..

I have change my diet, stop any intake of process food for as much as I can remember , started implementing some good eating habbits, like now I am not as chubby as I was once before , I use to weight 180 now at 143lbs. my diet consist mostly of whole grain rice , beans , some vegetable here and there, 95% consume nothing but water. I have taken probiotic , as I thought it might have to do something with my body flora as I never did take care of myself as a child eating nothing but sugary sweet which lead to me being over weight.

I have taken: chloryphill tablets, charcoal tablets, garden of life probiotics, zinc

yet nothing.

I feel fine, have never gone to the doctor do to financial reasons and due to the fact I have no health care.

I have checked for many reason as to why this can help it , I did some of my homework ,

1st Theory (TmAu) :

2nd theory (Leaky Gut) :

3rd Theory (Candida / Fungus):

Please, I have tried many things and I need some advice from the geniuses on these forums, I want to change my life, I don't know what being normal is. I have good friends who I owe my life to . never slightly once made a bad remark about my odor , and my family who beleives that I am clue less about it. I try no to worry them, I make it seem as if I don't know , I have mental scars that have help me handle some bad remarks from people so it doesn't hurt as much when I hear some harsh comments. I am very gratefull to have a job , but people are always people , and will always be curious as to why is there an odd person who don't say much , but always stinks up the place, now I will leave it in the hands of faith, and hopefully someone in these forums can help me understand why???? if not than ill do as I have always done and put on my mask, my fake smile and live my life as best as I can knowingly know I smell offensive yet to the eyes not give a single hint that I am aware as I don't react to the smell as others .. my the blessing of your god thank you .......


Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear xxxunknownxx,

You have certainly dealt with a lot with this issue, and I am sorry that people have been so unkind. You have done well in improving your diet, losing weight, and trying different things, enduring suffering and working. I am hopeful that your persevering spirit on healing will bring the desired results to you.

If you haven't already, do read the posts on Earth Clinic on this issue:

Then just try different things, as you have been. I will mention a few things that I will start with.

I would try Raw Apple Cider Vinegar added to the water you drink. 1-2 Tablespoons in a tall glass of water once or twice a day. It is fine to have a splash of vinegar in all your water if you acquire a taste for it. (I like my water with vinegar better than plain now.)

I would try different types of baths--Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Bentonite Clay, etc. These are all detoxifying. Having a couple of these a week (or more often if you like.) 1-2 cups of the Espom Salt or Baking Soda. On the clay, you will need to research this. The clay bath is a little more trouble, but people find them helpful.

You mention the possible issues of leaky gut and candida. Do you have other health issues? Also, do you have trouble with constipation? If you are not eliminating toxins out of the bowel regularly (at least daily) this can cause odor. I would look into colon cleanses.

If you do not have trouble with constipation, you can take the Bentonite Clay internally. I had a son who had a body odor problem when he was about 8, long before puberty. Showering did not help at all. It seemed to just come out his pores! I gave him Bentonite Clay daily for a while and it did seem to resolve. You Can mix 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of water and let that sit overnight. Then take 1 Tablespoon daily on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

Are you getting daily exercise? It is good for the body to gets out toxins that way.

I would also look into the turpentine section on this website and also look into parasite cleanses.

Whatever you try, try it for several months or more. It is possibly going to take a while to completely heal a long standing issue.

Keep us posted on how you are doing! I will be praying you find a solution sooner than later.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mike62

Xxunknownxx: A Vietnam veteran sometimes smells really bad. The meds they give him are toxins. Toxins, bad hormones, estrogen dominance, and pathogens are accumulating in the body. To get rid of them search raw food videos and become an 80/10/10er like me.

Replied by Man
Sojouring America
5 out of 5 stars

Take baking soda right after you shower and and take it and put in in your arm pits and sprinkling it all over your body. Keep some with you at all times. It will work. Put in your shoes too.

Replied by Man
Sojouring America

Oh, I forgot the most important thing. Use baking soda on your wash rag and stop using any soap or any shampoo. Use baking soda only. The odor problem will stop and it may stop overnight. How? for thewashing with a wash cloth fill your sink with hot water and saturate your wash cloth with water. then take a spoon full of baking soda and rub it into the rag. Use that to scrub your body and face and every thing. NO more store bought soap. Your self confidence will sky rocket.

To wash your hair take a quart bottle and and put in 5 tablespoons of bakeing soda and shake it up every time and then pour some on your hair and work it with your hands gently. and then rinse out . No more shampoo from the store.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Xxunknownxx, changing your way of eating is probably the safest place to start, although it is hard. You can try Paleo or some similar diet which eliminates grains and beans for a while. You probably will have to make "friends" with many more veggies than you are used to!!

Replied by Mt
Ottawa, Ontario

Try to eat one clove of garlic a day -do it at dinner (it has to be fresh and you have to properly chew it -it goes well in a salad or you can smash it and mix it with a tsp of honey, avoid chinese garlic). Do not try to over do it -too much garlic can lower your BP and also increase blood coagulation time.

Drink Stinging Nettle tea each day -about 0.5l.

Drink a tea from the dandelion root each day-about 1 cup

Include dandelion leaves in salads.

Make an ointment from Extra Virgin Olive oil (100 ml), Extra Virgin Coconut oil (100 ml) and a smashed garlic clove -after mixing the components let the mix stay for a day and after that filter out the large pieces of garlic. The ointment has to be stored in a glass container (keep it in a dark place).

Use the ointment on all your skin after showering (spread small amounts of it before you dry out).

For the showers use warm water followed by cold water -repeat three times.

Stop using commercial soap and shampoo. Go for natural solutions (Allepo soap).

Use the info from the video ( to get lacto bacillus culture. Mix some of it with water and apply it to all your skin each morning.

In the summer go to the seaside -expose full body to the sun and also wash in the sea multiple times a day -let the salt dry on your skin.

Replied by Brian
Sth Aus, Australia

All of the above are great suggestions except the stinky garlic. Anyway, the simplest solution is stop eating sugar or at least reduce it to a minimum because even veggies have a sugar content. So does rice of any colour. Prefer a diet of veggies that can be eaten raw, fruits that are bitter, moderate meat, natural dairy, eggs and moderate natural fats and oils and you'll be normal in no time. Cheers.

Replied by Me
Illinois, US

Hey I know exactly where you are coming from. I too suffered from bad body odor. You mentioned that you take Garden Of Life probiotics. I seriously recommend that you stop. Those pills contain a lot of dairy. I used to take them too. They made me smell like a sewer! Also beans made me smell horrible. Maybe you should try eliminating both? Good luck!

Stainless Steel Bar  

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Posted by Cientxa (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 12/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars

This stainless steel soap shaped bar really does work for body odor. I was skeptical when I read about it and my curiosity got the best of me and I ordered one. It works in the shower after bathing with soap. You rub it like deodorant over problem areas and there is no odor all day. It has certainly changed the way I feel about using deodorants, the fact that it is just a piece of metal.I have had a "sweating problem" all my life and this is the first time that something has worked instantly and continues to work daily.