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Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Body Odor. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.


Posted by Megan (Athens, Georgia) on 06/23/2018

For years I tried numerous remedies and supplements like chlorophyll, apple cider vinegar and charcoal internally and externally to lessen armpit odor. I don't have bad body odor but it definitely gets worse in the summer when it's humid out. I read on here that caffeine was a big culprit and cut back on it. That helped a bit but what stopped my pits from smelling was simply switching from a teaspoon of organic brown sugar to a teaspoon of xylitol in my morning and afternoon coffee. I wasn't trying xylitol for body odor, I was trying it to keep my blood sugar in the normal range (which it does), so this is an unexpected side effect. I am very pleased.

I hope others will test this and let me know if it's the same for them.


Posted by Taylor M. (Florida ) on 01/23/2018

I am so excited to be sharing with the natural community and contributing to the body of knowledge. I had been doing research for many years focusing on body odor and have tried several remedies and prescription deodorants until I did more research about the the organs and their individual connection to the human body. I realized that being healthy begins with the gut and having a healthy gut flora helps you to rid any disease. I began upping my probiotic intake as well as focusing on the urinary tract and I decided to try Cranberries.

I made fresh cranberry juice and drank a half of glass and noticed that my pungent body odor had vanished. In order to rid yourself of body odor you have to treat the underlying issue. So not only is FRESH cranberry juice good for the urinary tract, but it eliminates body odor as well!

Dietary Changes

Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/01/2018 233 posts

Experience with homemade deodorant and clean diet for Body Odor

I had bad body odor. I started to experiment with making my own deodorant not to save money or due to the toxins they contain, (I was unaware at that time) but because I couldn't get one that I didn't have to reapply repeatedly thought the day.

I found a recipe online, there are many, added coconut oil, beeswax (had to purchase) baking soda, cornflour, and the only essential oils I had, eucalyptus and tea tree. Since then I have added bentonite clay, shea, cocoa butter, and subbed the gmo cornflour for arrowroot and tapioca starch, and bought more feminine but still antibacterial essential oils, orange blossom and rosewood is a favorite.

The first day I used my product was a work day, I was very nervous. But with one application it lasted all day. And I found I have been using too much also, you just need a smidge. I make manly scented ones for my boys, the 11 year old has suddenly started needing it, and I can definitely tell when he has forgotten to use it!

Well the last few days I have forgotten to apply after showering (3am shift starts, don't judge) and I can tell you before I would have noticed a smell by the time I got to work. So no problem, there is some in my work bag and I'd just apply at work. But then I thought I'll just see. So I went all day without deodorant. And at the end of the day there was a slight smell IF I sniffed. Not at all possible before. No way.

I realised today when reading an EC onion post that since then I have learned so much about my health, toxins in every day foods, chemicals, additives, phytates, etc, the importance of alkalising and replacing vitamins and minerals, that my diet is so much cleaner, and that is what has got rid of the body odor. I consider what I eat, eating less wheat unless soaked or genuine sourdough, avoid sugar, avoid meds, added pure salts, added ferments, enjoy kombucha, my dairy is now cultured with kefir grains for easy digestion, and I simply cook and eat more natural. Before if someone had told me I could get rid of my b.o. from changing my diet, I would have laughed and kept on eating my junk.

Blessings of health to you all in this new year.