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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

| Modified: Aug 10, 2020
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Body odor is an embarrassing situation which can become discouraging if deodorants, bathing and perfume fail to address the problem. Some short term solutions to body odor can even cause health problems. Natural remedies for body odor such as activated charcoal and diy deodorants eliminate body odor and can resolve underlying issues that cause it in the first place.

Many products on the market are designed to cover odors with a stronger scent or stop the body from sweating. Neither is a good solution. Covering odors does not address the problem that caused odor. Usually this solution only ends in two strong smells – the odor itself and the overpowering smell of the scented product.

Products that stop the body from sweating are interrupting a necessary bodily process. Sweating helps the body to cool off and get rid of toxins. Aluminum is commonly used in deodorants to stop sweating. Unfortunately, there is concern that aluminum may contribute to cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

The good news is that there are safe natural solutions to the problem of body odor that can help keep the body smelling fresh and improve overall health as well. These solutions can be broken down into two categories – internal deodorants and topical deodorants. They can be used in combination if needed. Depending on the severity of the body odor and level of toxicity in the body, it may be necessary to continue internal remedies for many months.

Natural Remedies for Body Odor Used Internally

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a carbon that has been treated with oxygen. This resulting charcoal is highly porous and adsorbs toxins from inside the body when taken internally. Not to be confused with absorption, adsorption is defined as the adhesion of a chemical species onto the surface of particles. Adsorption is a different process from absorption, in which a substance diffuses into a liquid or solid to form a solution.

For body odor, 1-4 activated charcoal tablets can be taken once or twice daily with a full glass of water. If you have a charcoal powder, 1/4 teaspoon of charcoal in 8 ounces of filtered water is the optimal dose for 24 hours of body odor prevention.

Note that activated charcoal should be taken 2 hours apart from any medications. There is a theoretical risk of constipation, so plenty of water should be taken with it and lower doses considered by those with chronic constipation.

Activated charcoal even works in the most hot and humid climates. Watch Earth Clinic's video, filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to see charcoal at work for 24 hours!

In addition to long term relief from body odor, activated charcoal can be used instead of a topical deodorant but it does cause a temporary black stain to clothing, so most people opt to take charcoal internally for BO.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay also draws poisons out from the body. For internal use, sodium bentonite clay should be used, not calcium bentonite clay. As with charcoal, it should be taken 2 hours away from medication.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps your body to maintain balance. If you never sweat, apple cider vinegar can help you to restore an appropriate amount of perspiration. If you seem to sweat more than the average, apple cider vinegar may help your body to perspire at a more natural rate. 1-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water once or twice a day is a typical apple cider vinegar tonic for health balancing.


A liquid chlorophyll supplement is a natural internal deodorizer that may reduce body odor from the inside out. Alfalfa tablets can be used for this same purpose.

Dietary Changes

A highly acidic diet can cause your body odor to be worse. Consume more whole foods and less processed foods and sugar can improve your overall health as well as decrease your body odor. Foods like onions and garlic can cause the body to smell like them, even beyond the classic, “garlic breath.” Consuming fresh parsley with onions and garlic can help as parsley works as a natural internal cleanser.

Topical Natural Deodorants

To maximize the effectiveness and even reduce the need for them, pay attention to reducing bacteria under your arms. It is bacteria under the arms that begins to smell as you sweat. Many of the remedies below work well because of their antibacterial properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also be used topically to reduce underarm odor. After you shower, use a cotton ball to apply apple cider vinegar to the armpits. You may wish to dilute the vinegar with water, usual equal amounts of each. If you have just shaved your underarms, this remedy will likely sting!

Baking Soda

Baking soda absorbs odors and is commonly used in natural deodorants and DIY deodorant recipes. For some, this is a great remedy. However, for many, baking soda can irritate the underarms and even cause a rash.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial. You can apply it straight to your underarms. However, it is an oil and can cause staining on clothing. For best results you may wish to apply it at night and wear old clothing to bed. By morning the oil should be adequately absorbed. You can add essential oils to your coconut oil to increase the antibacterial properties and have a scent you enjoy. Add 1-3 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of coconut oil. Tea tree and lavender are two popular options for natural deodorant.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria in a gentle way. Wipe your underarms with 3% hydrogen peroxide using a cotton ball. Or buy hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle for an easy application.

Rubbing Alcohol

Because rubbing alcohol kills germs, it can be used the same way as hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria under your arms. If you put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, you can add a favorite essential oil for a fresh scent. Use one drop of essential oil per tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.

Cotton Clothes

Wearing cotton clothing will allow your skin to breathe better than synthetics, reducing your risk of sweating. Synthetic clothing also is more likely to retain odors, even after laundering.

DIY Deodorant Recipe without Baking Soda

Because baking soda can be irritating to some when used as a natural deodorant, this recipe is baking soda free!

  • 3 T. Bentonite clay
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup shea or cocoa butter
  • 4 teaspoons beeswax
  • ¼ c. Arrowroot
  • 20 drops essential oil

Melt shea or cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax in a double boiler. Remove from heat and stir in bentonite clay and arrowroot powder. Add essential oil.

Pour this liquid into silicone molds or empty deodorant containers. Allow to cool completely.

What Causes Body Odor?

Certainly sweating is associated with odor, especially when it mixes with bacteria on the body and the bacteria multiply in a warm, moist environment. Consuming certain foods can cause odor, like onions, garlic and alcohol. However, these things tend to resolve after bathing or in time after food has been digested and eliminated from the body.

Certain medical conditions including diabetes and kidney disease may cause a body to emit a particular smell. Some diets (high protein, low carb diets, for example) cause the body to eliminate ketones, causing an odor. Hormonal changes and stress can cause the body to have a particular odor.

Toxin overload in the body can cause body odor. Constipation can cause body odor as the body is not effectively getting rid of waste.

Do you have a natural body odor solution? Continue reading to learn which home remedies worked best for our readers and let us know what your favorite is!

Acidophilus Applied Topically

Posted by Dee (Texas Hill Country, Tx) on 02/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I solved armpit odor problem by mixing cornstarch and acidophilus powder (maybe 1/4 c. cornstarch and one or two acidophilus capsules), and applying it to my armpits with a powder puff. These good bacteria must have broken down the self-protective biofilm the stinky buggies made.

Alkaline Soap, Baking Soda

Posted by Steve (Waco, Tx) on 09/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Occasionally I get armpit odor, only on my left side though. The smell can be quite intense as others have said like ammonia big time. Not really sure what causes it, maybe diet or stress related but its so intermittant I cant tell. I do not use any deodorant nor have I used any for quite a few years. Baking soda has always cleared it up instantly. I'll shower and wash with soap (no dye or scent) and still be able to smell it on the left side. Once out of the shower and dry, I take 1-2 tsp of soda and lather it up while my hands are wet and apply to air dry. The smell gets more intense for a few seconds and then its 100% gone, usually for 48 hours or so. I might do this routine for a couple days and then forget about it for weeks/months until I notice the odor again. Wish I knew for sure what was causing this!

Replied by Bailey
Orlando, Flroida

Here is a thought for everybody... I ordered one of those infrared lights for my face, it is for collagen and skin pigmantation. This light came with 3 different colors red, green and blue. The blue light is for acne and I do not have a problem with acne. After reading how the blue light works for acne.... By killing the bacteria under the skin, I thought well I don't have a problem with acne but I do get a stong underarm odor when I am out in the sun-heat. I know that BO is caused by bacteria so I thought I would give it a try for my underams. When I am out in the sun my BO is strong and different than just working out BO or everyday BO. I normally do not have a problem with BO until I am out in the heat and sun and I will immedietely smell worse than a man. I tried using the blue light therapy on my underarms and the next day-after going outside in hot Florida heat, I did not stink as I normally do when I am in the sun-heat. Now, I haven't had it long and only did it once but I did notice a big difference. It would be wonderful if I found a new cure for underarm BO. I would love to hear if anybody else is willing to try this and hear if it does help or does not help. I ordered mine off of Amazon and you can get a cheap one.... The one I got the wand glides on your skin for 3 minuntes. I would love to hear all responses.

Replied by Mary
Minneapolis, Mn

hi Bailey from Orlando-is the infrared light continuing to work how many times did you have to use it?? I to have the issue of when I go into the Sun or heat outdoors. Is it expensive??

Replied by Hauwa
Abuja, Nigeria
4 out of 5 stars

Use iodine under the the ampit for body odor. Onne application last for a week. This effectively takes off even a very strong body odor. I do not know of any permanent cure for body odor

Replied by Abdulqudus

Hauwa, how is the iodine used?

Posted by Barbara (West Virginia) on 02/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have found out that in most cases the odor is cause by bacteria. Kill the bacteria, odor gone. Alkaline soap with baking soda & vodka will kill the bacteria. Then put on some calamine lotion (zinc) in all the places that collect moisture. Stop using deodorants and anti-perspirants, they are very bad for you. Also wash all of your cloths in Borax, an all natural laundry detergent and never use fabric softeners, they leave behind chemicals on your skin and help cause the stink!

Replied by Catpat
Hillsborough County Tampa, Florida

Thank you for this site. My problem is a severe onion odor under my armpits for the past 56 years. I have tried BS, crystal stones, lemon, lime and lavender oils, talc powder, antibacterial soaps, Drysol, and even bleach. Every one of these remedies worked for a period of time and then eventually stopped. Lately the smell returns within minutes of my (long) shower. This problem has been the bane of my existence. Can a digestive disorder be the problem? If so what are some of the remedies. How safe is 'ACV with mother'?

Replied by Kally
Oxenford, Queensland Australia

Hi have you tried drinking chlorella - my husband, daughter and I use this and none of us ever need deodorant also bi-carb as deodorant another good one is using silver water all three work a treat for us.

Replied by Kk
Seattle, Wa

I have the same problem. My underpits smell regardless, even if I just took a shower. It started in my 20s, now I am 39. Smell was kind of toxic at some point.

I started ACV about 2 weeks ago, Lugol's 10 drops/day. DE, HCL acid after meals, Magnesium with vit B. I have red clay coming, cystein and MSM.

I tried befoe taking H2O2 internally (I got to 15 drops a day) and on that I did not have armpits smell at all. I had to stop H2O2 because of nausea and severe redness of the face/sun sensitivity on it and thining of the skin.

I took antiparasitic meds already few times I tried to do enema before but nothing unusual came out with enema. Fasting made me pale and weak and I could not excercise.

Anybody knows how to detoxify well and continuosly? How to do liver/kidney detox?

I am afraid to take herbal detox pills (organic.. ), because of cleanness issue, I never know how they get to clean them since I do not know how to clean my herbs besides putting them in a boiling water.

Please let me know, I know I have to detox well and all the time.

Replied by Tina
Houston, USA

Good sources of foods that are rich in probiotics several times daily. Kefir, kombucha, sauerkrauet and fermented veggies are great sources of cheap and good probiotics.

Also good quality chlorella will reduce or help eliminate the issue. Good luck.

Replied by Kk
Seattle, Wa

Thanks Tina! I'll try this and will report back!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2113 posts

Anytime my B.O. increases I know, by experience, my Kidney functions have decreased. So if chronic B.O. is a problem, a good detox program would certainly be advised.

Replied by Lyndsey
St. Louis, Missouri

When it comes to detoxing, I think a lot of people get it wrong. They end up doing things that are similar to fasting, like the honey and cayenne pepper drink and such. I did my first detox at 21, through my chiropracter that was also trained in naturopathic medicine. He explained to me that what was most important was to give your body's natural detoxification system, comprised of a team of organs, all the nutrients necessary to do the job well, while also making sure that you aren't adding any new toxins to the body.

There are so many toxins in our food, air, and water that the body hardly gets a break from filtering out the new stuff constantly coming in. There's no time to clean out all of the old stuff that has built up. The best detox system, and the one that I do, is making sure that you are eating foods that are fresh, organic, and raw (if possible). Also, make sure that everything you are eating is NOT a potential food allergen. Get ahold of a list of all the foods that people have been found to be allergic to and don't eat any of these foods for 28 days. This means there are very few grains and nuts that you will be able to consume, and absolutely no dairy. Soy shouldn't be in your diet either, which can be tricky. There are breads out there made only from non-allergen grains. I found mine at Whole Foods. Night shade vegetables like eggplant are not good to eat, I think tomatoes are on that list too. It goes without saying that sweets, alcohol, caffeine, and nicoteine are not on the menu either.

After 28 days of eating pure, natural, fresh foods, drinky plenty of purified water, and getting enough exercise (like long walks! ), you are ready to start adding food groups back to your diet. This is how you discover if you have any food allergies you didn't know about.

Contrary to popular belief, allergic reactions do not only come in the form of rashes, sneezing, coughing, swelling, phlegm or other similar visible physical reactions. Allergic reactions to foods can come in the form of fatigue, anxiety, depression, and an overall mental and/or physical imbalance that you aren't even aware of.

After your 28 day detox, pay attention to how you feel and start keeping a food journal. Each week, add back a new food group, and each day try a different food from that group. I discovered that I am allergic to cow milk, but not really to cheese, yogurt, or icecream.

This was a really positive experience for me. The detox was hard, finding ok foods was a bit difficult, but it was really helpful to find out which foods were making me feel bad (and making me smelly! ) It was difficult to change the way I eat, but rewarding in the end. Now I can't imagine eating some of the stuff I used to, and if I do eat something unhealthy, I really feel it!

I hope this was helpful. Good luck!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2113 posts

For many folks and not to their own advantage, a truncated version of the ideal diet that Lyndsey just posted is really the only practical way to go. In this compromised category of "people-on-the-go" in less than ideal situations, the diet must eliminate, say, the top ten or even twenty most harmful foods and beverages AND incorporate the top ten or twenty most beneficial foods, herbs and beverages. And of course their is conflicting dialogue and beliefs across this subject I.E. dairy or no dairy. With the best and worst foods and beverages taken care of, the next stage would be supplementing (which can become extremely confusing for a novis in this day in time), so the best way to cut that tape is to use the highest quality, most nutritious "multivitamin/mineral" at your disposal. Some brands sport hundreds of nutrients in a single tablet. Two multi's w/ every meal would be standard recommends.

Replied by Madeline
New York

Try a using a wet pad with a little betadine on it to wipe the underarms with. Rinse off with another wet pad. Follow with your favorite antiperspirant/deodorant. This cured my similar problem (had it for many decades). I love being free from that curse. I wish I had figured out this solution earlier in life. I hope you try this and I wish you the best.

Aluminum in Deodorant

Posted by Tony (Philly, Pa) on 06/12/2013

Hi. I stopped using deodorant with aluminum in it. I'm using toms deodorant which is natural. It's been 2 months now. My underarms are a weird red/black color and super dry. It's strange, but this has been since I stopped the aluminum deodorant because my aluminum levels were very high. Is something going on and the aluminum in my underarm skin? Can anyone help? I feel like I can never fully clean my underarms, and I don't know why? Thanks!

Ammonia Odor

Posted by Kleemarti (Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough) on 10/19/2010

About 2 months ago I noticed when showering that when I applied soap to my skin I got a strong odor of ammonia. At first I thought it was the soap but after changing brands the smell remained strong enough to burn my eyes. My only choice was to bathe with baking soda which works. I am in decent health for a 64 year old except for reflux which I have been using the vinegar recipe to help with. What causes this smell? Help please.

Replied by I Smell
Atlanta, Ga

I just searched and it looks like either:

1. You are too acidic.
2. An infection with helicobacter, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers, or by eating too much protein.
3. Foods you are eating.

Replied by Zsaqwe
Brownsville, Texas

I remember that it happened to me too. I also smelled like ammonia when I was bathing. That was long time ago. I toughed it was normal. I started two months ago drinking ACV with mother and all body odors are gone. I feel like when I was a kid. I am still amazed and I am even scared. Drinking ACV with mother have changed so much my skin for the better that I don't know if it is normal. Body odor is normal why is it gone? Please, somebody answer what is ACV with mother doing to me? I love the change but is it normal? I am over 50, why my skin is softer it feels great. I drink one tablespoon of ACV with the mother mixed with V8 before bed time. Today I added another drink before lunch. I feel the odor change in the whole body hair, feet, armpits and even mouth.

Replied by Brijorg
New Haven, Ct
5 out of 5 stars

Kleemarti from Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough, I had some pretty bad reflux not so long ago. The #1 remedy for this I found on manukahoneyusa. There are types of foods and drink to avoid and those you should take but most important smear 1 tbls of the active manuka honey on (in my case) a 1"x1" piece of rice bread (no wheat gluten) and chew well and swallow do this about 20 minutes before each meal. Initially you will feel a slight sting (healing sting) but the honey will coat the esophagus and start healing. This actually works for many digestive issues. The honey has to be applied to something (bread apple, banana, etc) or else it is absorbed into the bloodstream too quickly.

Now knock that reflux out, the manuka saved my life.

Replied by Brijorg
New Haven, Ct

Make that 1 teaspoon:)

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

An ammonia smell coming from your trunk is usually a sign of a liver disease. Have it tested. Get some milk thistle with artichokes. Artichokes scrub the liver. Also, eat meat once a week and go on a fish and chicken diet. Incorporate salads with artichokes. Drink dandelion tea.

Replied by Beng
Halifax, Canada

May I know what V8 is... Thanks

Replied by Dennis
New Orleans, La

What is this mother you say that is taken with the acv?

Replied by Dennis
New Orleans, La

@ Beng V8 is a tomato and vegetable based drink they sell in all stores. Stay away from the splash brand, that's more like a regular juice. Look for the original v8.

Replied by Mj
Manila, Phils.

@Dennis, Apple Cider Vinegar is Apple cider vinegar. see the link

Replied by Holly
Fayetteville, Ar/usa

An answer to the "mother" question, found on the _____'s website:

ACV - Mother Nature's Perfect Food

Natural (undistilled) organic, raw ACV can really be called one of Mother Nature's most perfect foods. It is made from fresh, crushed apples which are then allowed to mature naturally in wooden barrels, as wood seems to "boost" the natural fermentation. Natural ACV should be rich, brownish color and if held to the light you might see a tiny formation of "cobweb-like" substances that we call the "mother. " Usually some "mother" will show in the bottom of the ACV bottle the more it ages. It never needs refrigeration. You can also save some "mother" and transfer it to work in other natural vinegars. When you smell natural ACV, there's a pungent odor and sometimes it's so ripened it puckers your mouth and smarts your eyes. These are natural, good signs.

Replied by Dc1

I had a lot of reflux a while ago and had an operation to fix a hiatus Hernia. Now I am definitely not saying you have one of those. Nowadays I get a bit of pressure and burn if I have normal milk or dairy.

In your digestive system you have an enzyme called Lactase which helps you digest Lactose (the naturally occurring sugar in milk). The Lactase it seems is mostly designed to help us digest our mothers milk so for this reason we start to produce less of it with age, some of us more than others, causing Lactose intolerance.

If you have something in your stomach that you cannot digest maybe your stomach becomes more acidic? I don't know all I know is that that is what gave me reflux.

I now drink 'Lactose free milk'(which has lactase added to it) which you can buy in the supermarket in most countries I think. You can also buy Lactase liquid or tablets to take with dairy, if needed, from health food stores.

Hope this helps. Go see a doctor though or you'll drive yourself insane. As someone once told me its usually the simplest answer.

Anti-Candida Diet, Grapefruit Seed Extract

Posted by Granny Laura (Waco, Tx Usa) on 02/03/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I used to have severe body odor before I got tested for allergies and saw a doctor for Candida.

I'm talking about showering using betadine to wash under my arms and then using one of the three "industrial strength" deodorants that I rotated daily. I would still smell "soured" under my arms within 2-3 hrs.

It gradually got better after thousands of dollars worth of medical treatment to get my health better.

From what I have learned over the may be caused by candida and toxins in your body. Try washing w/tea tree soap or GSE (diluted, of course). Try to keep carbs down to 40 gm or less a day. Rotate your deodorants, never using the same one 2 days in a row, the bacteria get resistant.

I don't have that problem now but I still have Candida synmptoms if I don't stay on the anti-candida diet. I found that even a couple of drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract help me to not have BO at all.

Oh yes, if your BO is that bad then your breath isn't going to be fresh, either. Bad breath usually comes from poor digestion, I'm in love w/digestive enzymes just now. lol Those and GSE should help.

Replied by Crzybeau
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello Granny laura, I would like to know how exactly you did it to get rid of your underarm odor. I believe its due to candida and I want to stop this embarrasing problem. Please help. Im desperate and depressed :(

Replied by Healthnut
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa

This Yay is not for anti-candida diet because I don't follow that, but I've always had a very strong/unpleasant body odor, it started with puberty and I think it's because I got parasites (pinworms) as a kid and never told any adults because I didn't want to suffer the humiliation of having them pulled out of me like other kids did. I think the pinworms would go away and come back and I just dealt with them and this has caused my very strong unpleasant BO, because parasites release toxins in your body and the horrible smell is the evidence. I've used natural deodorants from healthfood stores for the past 15 years, they are not that effective but I use them anyway. I can't use anti-perspirants, they cause huge sweat balls under my armpits that hurt and they make me smell worst.

Last night I had a breakthrough, I bought GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and put it in fresh pressed coconut milk/water and drank that. I put about 30 drops. today, I woke up wiht no BO whatsover and that is almost impossible for me, I have a super strong odor, usually an hour or two after washing/shower. I am besides myself, happy and decided to look up GSE and BO and sure enough people have used it. I also rubbed GSE under my armpits. I'm doing my own parasite (pinworm) cleanse by eating 11 cloves 3x a day, cranberry juice, I'll incorporate the other ingredients prescribed by I hope this helps a lot of people out there. God bless you all!!!

Replied by Mary Lee
Coaldale, Colorado

I know you probably are ok with GSE but has anyone ever mentioned charcoal to you? You can get the powder or tablets almost anywhere. It will adsorb the toxins in your body. That is what is causing your problem. God Bless You too!!!!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Avie (Uk) on 03/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I pour a couple of caps in warm bath water which I find reduces body odour across the day. Also clothing made of Bamboo and Merino wool is very helpful too.

Posted by Rachel (Jamaica, Ny) on 05/10/2012

I am currently taking Apple Cider Vinegar for body odor! What I notice is that when I am in high anxiety situations it doesn't work. My armpits will have a moist feel to them and my deodarant never seems to absorb into my skin. When I'm home and I feel no anxiety it seems to work! I want to know why this is! I am currently taking Apple Cider Vinegar with baking soda internally because someone wrote in that having parasites(I had an issue with pin worms) can cause body odor because the parasites release toxins which is causing the body odor.

My question is would there be an alternative to getting rid of body odor because of anxiety sweating while detoxing using Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda? Would taking a parasite cleanse also assist in eliminating body odor?

Replied by Nycbgirl
Las Vegas, Nv

While going through menopause my BO was so out of control that I didn't know what to do! So the first thing I did was change to deodorant that was made out of salt crystal, it's wonderful! No odor at all ever!!!! I bought it at Walgreens for about 7 dollars. Then I went on a diet and changed my eating habits and as a result I no longer have an odor on my skin.... Sometimes I smelled yucky, my husband said I smelled like a mans locker room! Thanks! Anyway I have been off the diet for a few weeks and the odor is coming back so back on my clean eating program again... as a side note the baking soda worked for under my arms but I developed an itch so bad that I had to stop using it.

Replied by Joyce
Cambridge, Canada
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, Also try rubbing or use a spray bottle to apply Apple cider vinegar to your armpits about 5 minutes before showering. Shower and dry well. No need for deodorant. Make sure the oral form of ACV you are using contains "Mother. " (organic).

Replied by Michelle

Rachel, food grade DE should help with the pinworms. 1 tablespoon 2x's a day in whatever kind of liquid you like to drink. ACV and baking soda taken internally are amazing, so keep it up. I use a mixture of 3parts arrowroot, 1part baking soda, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and orange essential oil as a deodorant. It's amazing, hope it helps.

Replied by Meiya
Makati, Manila

My problem about my b.o. is always coming back, I used powder odorless deodorant because I don't like the smell of perspirant, and it left stains at my clothes.. Just want to ask how to use the baking soda?

Replied by Yvann

I have a question. If I use ACV, let's say 3-5 mins before taking a bath, do I still have to use deo after? I'm just a bit scared that if I don't, I'll smell. Btw, I have hyperhidrosis (sweats excessively) and I am an anxious person so yeah. It's a tough life having bromhidrosis. :(

Posted by Mthomas (Columbus, Ohio) on 03/22/2012

Just wanted to share some info. I stopped using deodorant with aluminum in it years ago, only using one kind sold in health food stores, it was the only one that worked, then 4 years ago, I moved on to only apple cider vinegar which I have been using ever since, organic is of course best, I don't dilute it, I just put it on and go, have never had a problem smelling like acv, but what I really wanted to say is for anyone using baking soda with it or as sub for deodorant, you are defeating the purpose because baking soda has aluminum in it. Just thought I would make others aware.

Replied by Heather
San Diego

You are misinformed. Most baking soda does not have aluminum in it. It is an advertising thing Bob's Redmill started putting on its products because it was being bombarded with phone calls inquiring about aluminum content.

That said, BAKING POWDER often does, and you should look into that separately.

The main brand of baking soda in the US (orange box with hammer) has been contacted by multiple people to verify this. They state there is no aluminum in their products. You can google it.

Here is a link to an article on the subject.

Posted by Londonlola (London, Uk) on 03/02/2012
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hi All, I discovered this website several weeks ago and have been so excited about the body odour remedies. I tried BS about a year ago which worked but stained my under-arms so badly. Then having found this site, started drinking ACV which I think has improved my energy levels. I also apply ACV to my skin after cleansing. The skin appears brighter and so soft. My big issue is body odour though. I started applying ACV to my under-arms which worked for a couple of weeks but I started noticing the stained under-arms so have stopped. Drinking ACV has made no difference to my BO. However I am going to try all the other remedies listed on the site in turn - GSE, milk of magnesia, colon cleansing etc. Great site!

Posted by Pleased With Results (uk) (Guildford, Surrey) on 11/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have an occasional excessive sweating and body odour issue - right arm pit only! I have been suffering on and off with this since August (last bad case of this was a few years ago) and have ruined so many clothes and am so self conscious I just had to do something. Luckily I found the earth clinic website yesterday and all the wonderful advice from posters.

Today I applied Cider Vinegar to my armpit and left for a few minutes before showering (not organic with mother but I shall definitely be investing in some). I also applied a different deodorant from my usual one and have been dry and non-smelly all day.

Am also making a conscious effort to move my arms more/massage my underarm and drink lots more water.

Thank you to all contributors on this website!

Posted by Holly (Chicago Suburbs, Il, Us) on 01/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I switched to more natural soaps and the deodorants without aluminum and so many chemicals since those irritated my skin, and was using them with success for at least 1 1/2 years. However, I started having problems after I started a new job. I do not know whether it was stress, diet, different clothing fabrics, or some other factor. I started getting recurring rashes on my armpits so at first I thought my deodorant was contaminated, but buying new ones did not help. I suspected moisture was a factor, probably causing excess bacteria or fungus growth. The aluminum-free deodorants do not stop moisture, but that was not causing a problem before. Eventually odor was also getting hard to control also, like never before. I even switched back to an aluminum anti-perspirant and a deodorant soap, but that was not helping.

I turned to this site (of course) for a deodorant remedy after deodorants were no longer effective and started using ACV with "The Mother" about a month ago. I use a cotton round to apply ACV in the morning, keep it on for a while, then rinse it off in the shower. I often use it before bedtime too and just leave it on, especially when I was trying to heal the rashes, which ACV probably only helped to heal and did not irritate at all. I also do not rinse it off if I am just staying home.

The vinegar smell is very strong at first, but it fades after it dries and with time, or after rinsing. Now I have no more odor problems as long as I keep up with it daily. I also do not have a problem with rashes anymore. I have not used soap or deodorant on my armpits at all since I started doing this. What I love about ACV is that it is not messy, there is no residue, and it is great for the skin! I even use it after hair removal (I use an epilator), but I see others saying the opposite, so be careful.

Even though the vinegar smell fades, I can still smell ACV a little bit up close. It is not a bad smell (and no odor most importantly), but I am always a little self-conscious wondering whether others can ever smell any vinegar on me up close. My husband does not notice it, but he does not have the greatest sense of smell either. He does hate the smell though when I first apply it of course! Either way, there have been too many benefits, so I am sticking with this as long as it keeps working!

Posted by Linda (Atlanta, Ga) on 10/06/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Drinking ACV made my body odor go away.

P.S. A quick fix for Body odor is a drop of handsanitizer on the armpit

Replied by Mel
Selangor, Malaysia

My place is very hot and humid all year, so I sweat all day. Sadly, this causes my armpit to smell really bad, but usually my deodorant can cover it up (I rotate deodorant every 2 days - the theory behind it is so that the bacteria will not immune with deodorant). But recently, I found that the smell gets worse, but only on my right side (the left still smell, but not so much) and it happen so sudden!!! I thought it was because of my hormones, but after sticking to healthy diet for a month, still, no effect. I try using lemon and lime, but the effect is no better than normal soap. And baking soda irritates my skin. Four days ago, I try using hand sanitizer as deodorant, just for experiment. And for 4 days it works wonders!!! My armpit didn't smell AT ALL!!! But this is only 4 days, don't know when will it get back to being smelly again.

But just now I try to drink ACV as lots of people in EC suggested. I wanna drink it, but man, IT IS SOOOO SOUR!!! 1 tablespoon ACV diluted with 1 glass of water, and my throat feels the pain. I wanna try with honey, but some people in EC say AVC not suppose to be consume with honey. Is it really?

Maybe I should just use it for topical use only... Wish me luck!!! P/S: But seriously, if you're travelling for a couple of days, just bring along hand sanitizer for your armpit. No hassle!

Replied by Lon
Stanhope, Nj

I've been having very good luck with Milk of Magnesia, the cheap kind without any other additives. The more expensive brand has bleach or something added to it, which we don't want, so check the label. I dab it under my arms with a piece of gauze.

Posted by Loulabelle (Central, Nebraska) on 04/27/2010

In reading the posts on ACV and body odor I felt it important folks know that the generic brands are made from petrochemicals and NOT from food products like apples. Only the brand that starts with an "H" is made from apples along with the organic brands.

If the folks were using the store brand or generic brands then that could be why the ACV didn't work to rid them of the body odor - it's the apples that make it work! :o)

Posted by Ms. Robert (Dumfries, Va, Usa) on 01/21/2010
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

UnderArm Odor

Hello, I have read many posts here and tried several remedies. The most successful was Organic ACV, it has worked for almost 8mos, the most amount of time for any remedy so far. Well now I'm back to the normal horribly embarrassing smell I've had to deal with for 14 yrs.

I stopped deoderants last year, the ACV was effective but now when I use it, either apply and wash off, or apply w/ baking soda & leave on all day, it's almost like I have no protection. My arms smell horrible, and of course my clothes as well.

Is there any hope for me? It seems that almost any remedy I try may work for a few months then I'm back to the ususal stinky, strong odor!

Replied by Crazydogjack
New Castle, Pa, Usa

I had the same problem. Never tried the ACV for it. I bought a crystal body deodorant stick at the health food store and it works great!

Replied by Ms. Robert
Dumfries, Va, Usa

@crazydogjack. Thanks for the advice. I will pay a visit to the health food store to get the crystal body deoderant stick. I will post results after sometime.

Replied by Mary
Minneapolis, Mn
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

ACV also worked temporarily for me. i did try the natural crystal deodorant roll on and it also stopped working. is the crystal deodorant stick better?

Replied by Sugar
Candaba, Philippines

help me to cure my armpit odor.. having this problems lessen my self confidence at all.. where can i buy crystal body deodorant stick here in philippines?? help friend..

Replied by Mohini
Suva, Fiji

I have tried using baking soda to get rid of under arm odor. I either just pat baking soda after my bath or mix it with a little talcum powder. I have noticed that inspite of intense sweating, my underarms do not smell. Try avoiding deo sticks, they are not good for the skin as they block your pores and do not let them "breathe". Hope this remedy helps.

Replied by Mary
Minneapolis, Mn

Well as i stated before nothing seems to be working for me. I now think that the ordor is not coming from my underarms but from within my body somewhere. I notice it more when I have sinus issues. Could this be a connection?? Has anyone had anything like this or heard of anything like this before. Could the odor be connected to my sinus problems?? I don't take anything for my sinus problems now that i found out that antibiotics can do more harm than good. The smell that I have is a sweaty, stinky smell like I have been running or working out for hours. It usually happens when I am at work which is the worse time that it could happen. Anyone someone please help!! Ted you know of anything like this??

Replied by Pr
Houston, Texas

Hello, it sounds to me like you might have problems with candida (fungus infection) which might be why you have recurring sinus problems. A person can have fungus growing in them for years and not know it because you can't see it. Fungus overgrowth is a killer that is truly deceptive as it quietly grows poisoning your system. We end treating the symptoms of it's poisons with more antibodies which makes it worst. You might want to get your doctor to check you for fungus.

I use Milk of Magnesium for deodorant and Magnesium oil. They both work great for odor under the arms and other areas. But if your odor is from inside especially when you have sinus problems I would check for fungus or bacteria infections.

Replied by Claudia
Höör, Sweden

Here is a remedy that I came up with after a friend shared with me that she used a Salt Toothpaste under her arms instead of deodorant!!! Make a paste of the following:

Baking Soda
a drop or so of castor oil
essential oil of peppermint, and/or cloves
a few drops of witch hazel (non-alcohol type)/you can omit this if you wish

mix together - apply under arms after shower - a small amount works. rub into your armpit as if it were a cream. you should stay odor free all day.

good luck...

Replied by Marymichellehealth
Regina, Saskchewan, Canada

Hi: regarding the meat thing, my husband is a huge carnivore! He salivates, i am sure, walking down the meat isle at the grocery store. He feels great on the paleo diet! No body odor! He is so clean! he does not even wear deoderant, nor does he have to?! So I dont think body odor is based on meat consumption.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa

I have tried to avoid using deodorant, but all for naught. The latest rage is to use magnesium oil in lieu of the commercial stuff. That does not work for me. I could not stand myself. Things that contribute to odor are fat and hair. Get rid of what you can.

Replied by Marie
Crowthorne, Uk

Please do NOT use crystal deodorants! They are actually aluminium in raw form. You are simply adding to a much worse long term problem.

Melbourne, Australia
179 posts

Thank you Marie, I just looked it up and found crystal deo ingredient stated ammonium alum. I recall a poster recommending alum found in the spice aisle for mouth sores and Ted responded it was aluminium and therefore toxic. So people trying to avoid aluminium in deodorants are unwittingly using aluminium anyway. I can recommend making your own with a base of coconut oil, many recipes online, or milk of magnesia

Replied by Janice
Coloma, Mi

Thanks Marie...I have been using the crystal deodorant and wondered about it's contents. The lady at the health food store said it doesn't have aluminum in it but I wondered about it. I'll stop using it now.

Replied by Fra-fra
Mineral Wells, Texas, Usa
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I use a natural deodrant stone from Thailand. The ingreidence say: Natural Mineral Salt, contains no harmful chemicals or aluminum. It is a product of Miracle....... Directions: simply wet the top of the crystal stick and apply underarms. This works for me, hope it helps others.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I use liquid Cristal roll-on convinced that it was safe. It says Mineral Salt Protection. Paraben free. But in the ingredients I see: Aqua, Potassium Alum, Cellulose. It is made in the USA. One doesn't really know what to use... what is safe and not! They do have a website so I will contact them.

Replied by Randy
Jersey City, Nj

With regards to aluminum in the crystal deodorant, 'potassium alum' and 'aluminum' are two different things. I believe the crystal to be safe and I use it every day.

Replied by Ms Robert
Usa, Virginia
5 out of 5 stars

Mary from Minneaplois really got me to thinking... It only makes sense that the really horrible underarm odor is internal. I took her advice, got me a good colon cleanser, I already use crystal deoderants, and added probiotics to my regimen. It makes sense that keeping the colon free of fecal matter reduces or rids the body of embarrassing odor, from breath to underarms. So, while I agree that using ACV, & other remedies can be successful, don't forget to keep your digestive system healthy, it all starts there. Be aware of the unhealthy foods we eat that can contribute to unhealthy digestion, and lets load ourselves with the one thing we've heard forever, WATER! I began this a week ago, and already I've seen remarkable results. The underarm odor is all but gone, and I just feel better.

Replied by Carol
Montvale, Nj

I wanted to say if you want to conquer body odor try living clay. You will not have any odor with just a heaping teaspoon a day in a tall glass of water. I only use natural deodorants and it is not enough. I also use green tablets (rawfoods. Com) and vitamic c (emergency packs) 2 a day. The best is the clay, you don't need to take anything else, it is great for body odor, you will be amazed. The website is living clay. com it is like drinking dirt, but it goes down fast.

Vitamin c is great at higher doses, and the greens are great for the breath and odor. but the very best for under the arm stink is CLAY.

Hope this helps, I feel that I have exhausted everything there is and this is my best advice.

if you want the best protection on certain days take the clay once in awhile, may be hard to swallow everyday. They do make tablets, but not the living clay website, have to purchase a different brand, have not tried the tablets, so don't know how effective.

Replied by Mary
Minneapolis, Mn

Hi Ms Robert from Dumfries --just checking in to see if you found something that works. I have not found anything and again I am sitting at work with the same embarrassing issue of underarm odor and it has been 2-3 hours after I took a shower and can hear the whispers. People need to understand that we do not want underarm odor or BO but that is the hand we are dealt. It bothers me big time that I have this issue because at family gatherings I am constantly sneaking off to the bathroom to try to wash under my arms because I can tell that people smell it but don't say anything directly to you about it. This is sooooo embarrassing that if you do not have this problem, you for sure cannot understand the humiliation associated with it. Someone please help!

I did ask my doctor to test me for fungus and she just laughed and said, "You do not have fungus!" How does she know if she did not test me for it?? Another thing that I discovered in addition to sinus issues I also have allergies and a lot of the time I thought it was my sinuses it really could have been my allergies. Anybody have ideas on how this could be associated to underarm odor or bacterial under the arms?? It is more noticeable during the warmer months and when I am in the sun. the sun really triggers it and I try to not get close to anyone. I spend a lot of time to myself because of this problem. I know it is embarrassing to my kids when they are at family functions also. Not sure if they overhear people talking but sometimes the looks on their faces tell it all. Please, Please, Please somebody help me. I have tried just about everything on this site for this issue.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

Read Your bodys many cries for water by Dr. Batmanghelidj.

For the atmosphere at work, take some baking soda and put it in a container around your desk or under it or sprinkle on carpet under you and change the air as it sucks up the odors. I used it in trash can with dirty diapers... Dog vomit, spoiled meat, rotten fish and odor gone. Put a pouch of it in a small bag you carry or a pocket and it will help.

Stress causes bacteria to grow in mouth and body and the bacteria eat our mucus and sweat and make it stink when the bacteria organism poops it out. If it is your stress level then try supplements for stress like B's and D and magnesium.. Positive affirmations help your self esteem if your fear of body odor cause you more stress and a vicious cycle.... I had this with a dental problem. No issues in the mouth but pain and dentist problem that was constantly stressing me and I felt helpless... Every week appointment I had horrible breath but at no other time than those 6 months.

Replied by Te
Charlotte, NC

You need to get rid of smelly clothes because the odor is trapped in it.

Replied by Kathy
Some, Where, The Usa

I remember reading somewhere that body odor can come a deficiency of one of the B vitamins. A TBSP of BSM may help... possibly some B complex.

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, USA

Dear Mary, So sorry about this miserable and embarrassing problem! I am already noticing some helpful suggestions being posted for you. I have been thinking about what might work and have a few questions that might help me and others to help you.

  1. Do you have any other health problems?
  2. Do you currently take and medications or supplements?
  3. How long has this been going on?
  4. How is your digestion working? In other words, do you have trouble with constipation or diarrhea?

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, USA

Mary, I thought of a couple of more questions to add to my last post...

  1. What is your diet like?
  2. What do you drink? (soda, tea, coffee, water, etc?)
  3. Do you have female symptoms? (irregular or heavy cyles, etc.)

Looking forward to hearing from you...

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mary From Minneapolis
Minneapolis, Mn

Hi Mama To Many-thank you for your concern. I do appreciate each and every suggestion from everyone. I have high blood pressure just diagnosed a couple of years ago and high cholesterol also diagnosed a few years ago. I do take a diuretic for the hbp but nothing for the high cholesterol because I am afraid of what the statins will do to my overall health. This has been going on well before I was told that I had hbp or hc because I first noticed this problem 20 yrs ago but thouht it was my deodorants not working. Which caused me to change my deodorants multiple times. When I realized that the deorants were making me smell worse I stopped using them and have not used deodorant since. As for my digestion I guess I can say that it is not regular as it probably should be. do you think that could be the problem?? my digestive system?? God Bless You for Caring about others.

Replied by Mary From Minneapolis
Minneapolis, Mn

Hi Mama to Many- Yes I am embarrassed to say I drink coffee in the morning (at least three cups) and will have a couple of diet sodas occasionally. I do drink plenty of water as I keep a 32 oz jug in the fridge and try to drink a complete bottle every day. I don't have female symptoms because my periods stopped many years ago. I guess I went into early menopause. Not sure why it stopped but my doctors do not seem to be too concerned about that. Even with the coffee and diet sodas and the early menopause I had this condition before all of these came into play. I did not start to drink coffee or diet sodas until apprx. 5 yrs ago but the problem started many years before then.

Replied by Mary From Minneapolis
Minneapolis, Mn

Hi Kathy from Some, Where- What is BSM?? thank you for your concern.

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Hi Mary from Minni - Well, first off, don't be embarrassed about drinking coffee! I would drink it all day every day, except it aggravates my gall bladder, so I am motivated to stay off it. But I do love it - okay, sorry, I am off topic. I asked about the other health conditions as sometimes other things will help with the overall puzzle. And, if you were on a lot of toxic medicines, that could cause body odor. My husband occasionally works with chemicals and afterwards we can smell them coming out of his pores even after he changes and showers. Scary! Slow digestion could cause odor. If you are not eliminating toxins out of your system regularly, you may be having a build up of toxins, which your body could try to eliminate through your skin. Since you have had this problem for so long (bless your heart! ) it may take time and diligence to get it solved. So, I would encourage you to persevere.

First, I would add Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw, unpasteurized) to your daily regime. 1-2 T. Morning and evening. You can add it to water. The goal here is to get your body more alkaline and less acidic. (Disease/toxins thrive in acidic environment. Think of a fish tank, how if the ph is off, the fish die! ) What I do to get my vinegar (which helps a ton of health problems for me and others) is put 1/4 cup in a half gallon mason jar and fill with water. I then add 20 drops of lemon or orange essential oil and 20 drops of Stevia. (I use the alcohol based extract - the other kinds have powder and fillers and such. ) Anyway, I drink my "Vinegar Tea" all day long. (A half a gallon of this a day will cover your water needs and should keep your system moving! ) I love it now. The vinegar has been known to lower blood pressure, so just be aware of that. It also helps people with high cholesterol!

Second, if you can tolerate it, add 1 T. blackstrap molasses morning and evening. It has to be blackstrap. This is a very concentrated form of nutrients. People find it helpful for many things, including constipation.

Third - charcoal tablets. 4 in the morning and 4 at night (but not within 2 hours of any medication as it will adsorb them. ) Charcoal adsorbs (really it is adsorb, and not absorbs) toxins. It may take some time, but I would do this for a minimum of 3 months and it would be very safe to do it indefinitely Some like to add a probiotic when taking charcoal, but I have never had trouble with it causing imbalance. You can get charcoal powder (I am taking about Activated Charcoal Powder from the health food store, here. ) and put 1 t. In a glass of water twice a day instead, but many do not like the grittiness. The most important thing is to find a way you can tolerate taking it regularly. Oh, charcoal can lower blood pressure, too.

Fourth- Epsom salt baths, for detoxifying. 20 minutes in a hot bath with 2 cups epsom salt. Try to get in as deep as possible. I would do this a few times a week. The Epsom salt also is a cure for constipation, so be warned. My toddler empties his bowels within minutes of getting into an Epsom salt bath! You can add lavender essential oil ( a few drops) to make it even more relaxing.

Next - Bentonite Clay - 20 minutes before your shower, mix bentonite clay with aloe or water and make a paste. You can apply this to the armpits to help draw out toxins at the source. Then you can wash it off in the shower. Try this a couple of times a week.

Lalitha Thomas, who wrote, Ten Essential Herbs, would almost certainly tell you that you want to include some blood purifying herbs in your regimine. She would probably recommend Chaparral. I am new to it, but she loves it to detox the body and help all kinds of health problems. You could take chaparral capsules - 4 before lunch and dinner.

Exercise- try to get some exercise at least 3-4 times a week. A mile walk is good. Sweating does help your body get rid of toxins through the skin and is just good for you in so many ways.

Okay, I have tried to list some relatively easy and inexpensive ideas first. All should be safely done together, but to see how your body is responding, I would start one and wait a few days and add the next. The vinegar and the charcoal are the most important, I think. Long term use is where you will see the benefit.

Some harder things but things that may be critical would be dietary. But it is a good time of year for some of what I would suggest. I would encourage you to eat lots of fresh fruit, salads, etc. Avoid sugar, fried foods, processed food, fast food, etc. If you can make your own salads, I would also make your own salad dressing to avoid things like MSG and other chemicals in food that will not be helpful to health. Nuts make a great snack - lots or protein to keep your blood sugar stable. (But watch out here, as many have msg or artificial sweeteners added. ) You could find a chart listing alkaline vrs. Acidic food and try to focus on the alkaline foods. The fruit and veggies will also help keep the digestive system moving.

If you can't get your digestive system to eliminate at least once a day (ideally twice) with the above measures, you could add some of Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel formula. This has the herb Cascara Sagrada in it which works very well. And it has other herbs in it so it doesn't cause griping pains when you take it.

Some other good all around supplements to help your health would include Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Odorless garlic (counter-intuitive, but it is anti- everything (fungus, yeast, bacteria, viral etc. ) Also, for some reason, I keep thinking Turmeric. Not sure why. But I have seen it help some amazingly with some serious health problems.

Some other things to research would be "oil pulling" (on this website), liver cleanses, anti-candida diet - but I don't want to be overwhelming. Just start with a thing or two, and as it becomes part of your routine, add some more things. It may take multiple different things to help and may take months. But I think we were designed to heal and I think herbs and such were created in part to heal us. But healing can take some time - we healed my son's asthma with simple herbal treatments (nettles and quercetin) but it took a year for him to heal. My little girl's migraines are completely controllable with an herb( feverfew). I sometimes think, How can something so simple work so well? But they do. Sometimes it takes some time to find what works best. It took many months of trial and error to find what helps my daughter's asthma. It was harder than my son's.

Something you can try in the meantime while you are trying to heal is rubbing alcohol. For years, that is all I did for deodorant. I used rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball instead of deodorant. I used it after a shower or as needed. You can even buy at the pharmacy, those little alcohol squares in a little package to keep in your purse for when you need to freshen up when you are out.

Please keep us posted on your progress. I am praying for your wisdom and healing in this! God bless you!
~Mama to Many~

Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
191 posts

Hi Mama, You are so very correct, what you have suggested will not only get rid off bad odour but lot of other health problems. God bless you. Baldev

Replied by Mawgee
Shelton, Wa

Hi, try magnesium oil for body odor. After shower spray all over body and rub in well (not on nipples or other sensitive parts). You can buy magnesium oil at health food stores. But you can also make your own with magnesium chloride flakes, much cheaper than buying the already made oil. I get mine online, but you can get them at health food stores also. Sometimes it burns a little the first couple uses but that goes away after couple uses. I hope this helps.

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales

Hi xxxxxxxx I have found that B.O is stronger when your body is trying to detox some thing. I stopped using deodorant, and I can still smell it leaking outta my armpit's..... It's horrible!!!! I am also convinced, the MOLD, in my boyfriend's home has a lot to do with it. He will not have it!!!!! AND........... He work's as a printer... CHEMICALS. My health went seriously down hill since I've been with him. Now 'HE'S starting to show the same symptoms as me, you just can't tell some people. AND, the bloody DENTIST.... I had beautiful teeth and was a quick healer, before I went near them!!! I AM ANGRY....... I was being treated as a 'head case' for ag's, now I got a shopping list of problems. What I am trying to say is, look at your enviroment, and people you associate with. Also 'stress' will cause bad b.o, it's trial and error, trying to find the cause, and hearing other people talk about your problem will stress you out. If I were you I would tell them, "I know what you're saying behind my back, but I am unwell and have no control over my illness causing my BO problem!" That will shut them up! f they ask what is wrong with you, just say, "It's personal, I don't wish to discuss it thank you." I wish you luck. Love andrea c xxxx

Replied by Gail
Villas, Nj

Underarm body odor is caused by a zinc deficiency. Take 50mg twice a day for awhile then you can lower it to one. Take with meals as it can cause irritation on empty stomach. Another symptom is white spots on nails though that can be absent and many skin conditions especially psoriasis and acne. Foot odor is usually magnesium deficiency. May this help you.

Replied by Kathy
The Usa

Years ago when I lived in a house with a severe mold problem, we were near dismal swamp, I had a horrible perspiration stench. I also ate a lot of processed food. I was told to try "C_____-Dri" and it worked great. It has to be applied thin (it's roll-on) because it can cause itching if you use too much. After you get used to the amount you can tolerate it is a wonderful product. I could get it from a pharmacy at a discount because I purchased it by the case. I don't know if it is still on the market because I moved to an area that was dry and no longer needed it. I also stopped eating so much processed food. Could have been the combination of the two factors... I just don't know.

Replied by Nancy
Cleveland, Ohio

To Mary: I am very sorry you are suffering from this situation. Along with everyone elses suggestions, I would also advise you avoid caffeine while in the office or in the morning at least. Both coffee and black tea are known to cause terrible body odor. Best of luck to you.

Replied by Kathy
The Usa

Sorry for the delay, Mary... By now I guess you are aware that BSM is Blackstrap Molasses. I am in the process of trying to eat to heal and it's hard to sit here long enough read and answer, sometimes. There is a directory here on EC that defines abbreviations. I am not sure how to pull it up but I know I've seen it. Maybe someone will read this and advise.

EC: Here is a short list of acronyms:

Replied by Kathy
The Usa

Mary... I neglected to advise you that if you are deficient in one of the B vitamins you still must take them all because if you don't, you can cause a deficiency in one of the others. Because the B's are water soluble they are not stored in the body and can be replaced every eight hours. I have seen bottles of B-Complex that contain 100mg. of all the B's. That may be better to try first since you don't know why you may be deficient.

I feel it's better to try to find the cause of the BO rather than cover it up.

Replied by Brenda

You do not have to get rid of the smelly clothes. Dip the complete underarm part in ammonia and quickly put it in the washing machine. The ammonia can be slightly diluted with water. You can also add ammonia to your wash cycle but you will still have to dip the underarms of the clothes. You can use a face mask so that you don't have to smell the ammonia. The chlorophyll works for me (liquid or pills). Take it about 30 minutes before your shower, so that it will have time to work.

Replied by Teena
Melbourne Australia
179 posts

As per Wikipedia, potassium alum in your crystal deodorant is in fact aluminum.