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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Rae (Maryland ) on 05/04/2020
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Hello, my name is Rae. I'm a 22 year old young man with mild to severe body odor. My odor doesn't come from my armpits, but from my pores. I've been experiencing this issue since I was 20. I notice that when I eat certain foods like chicken, cheese, garlic, etc it makes my body produce a lot of sebum, like I get really oily on my face, back, neck, shoulders, chest, the smell is literally amplified or something it gets so bad. The only time I don't smell is when I choose not to eat. Someone told me it could be malabsorption, or even a disease.

I've tried chlorophyll and it did not even work.

I've been using the activated charcoal and it helps me significantly if I drink it with water and don't eat all. But I'm tired of this now, having to drink charcoal before bed or before meals. I need a permanent solution. Can someone help me?

I also heard probiotics help as well I wanna try those too.