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Posted by Gina (Rizal, Philippines) on 04/17/2009


I've been suffering from Body Odor since I was in my Senior year in High School, my relationship with my neighbors and friends have been affected by my body odor. I easily get humiliated when they cover their nose or scratching it when they go near me. They do not see the good side of me but instead judge me by my stinky smell. Now I stayed most of the time alone with my children and husband who can stand my smell until I tried the site promising my B.O. to be forever gone. His solution did work temporarily but as the days went by my body odor came back..why??.I don't know? That's what I noticed, whenever I try new product on my armpit, it worked at first and after sometime the bad odor comes back again. Until I used Baking Soda with water. It did keep me from body odor for the wholeday until my next shower. It did boost my confidence, I can now mingle with other people without being humiliated. Just the same with other users of it, I developed a red and dark rashes with stingy sensation the first time I applied it. But it did wash off after 1 week. My problem now is that whenever I stop using it, my odor worsen than the first time I used it. And when I'm using it, my used clothes stinks terribly by my underarm is still odorless. And when I wash my shirts, I make sure that the armpit part of it is thoroughly wash with bar soap and dry it under the sun to kill the bacteria inhibiting on it coz if don't do this, the armpit part smells as if it wasn't washed at all---the reason why I don't rely to a laundry woman and a fully automatic washing machine. My next move is to try medicating internally---to go on veggies, drink apple& cabbage juice, chlorophyll and the likes. But Hydrogen Peroxide... I say no to it! I tried it but it did not work. The vinegar neither works! The Corn Starch and Powder didn't work for me either. I'll try also desitin or ointment for infant rashes. If none will work..I'll consider botox and operation just to keep me body odor free. May God have pity on us....please Lord keep us Odor Free...

Replied by Sid Davis
(Springfield, Missouri, USA)

Hello, Gina from Rizal.

When I saw your post I immediately responded with information about 20% zinc oxide ointment. Instead of my information being associated with your inquiry, it was placed at the very end of this section under Zinc Oxide Ointment. Hopefully, on my second try this message will appear under your inquiry so you can easily see it.

This almost certainly is the the answer to your problem. It is far more effective than any deodorant, and has never failed to work for my wife or me, even when we lived in a subtropical part of the world. It is inexpensive and only needs to be used every other day or so depending on your local climate. After your shower and you dry off, just smear around a small quantity (about the size of two green peas) under each armpit. Go read what others and I commented under "zinc oxide ointment" now on page 4 of this discussion about Body Odor.

Also, you mention that you have residual smell in your clothing even after washing. This, I suspect is from bacteria that is not killed in your current washing method. Maybe something like a cap full of lysol added to your laundry tub, or even more simply placing your clothes in scalding water before washing would do the trick to kill the bacteria. Also, I think natural fibers like cotton are less likely to retain odor than synthetic fibers, but that should be a thing of the past once you begin using the zinc oxide ointment.

Let us all know how this works out for you.

Sid Davis

Replied by Selena
(Chula, GA)

This post is for Gina from Rizal, Philippines. Your complaint is body odor but you mention having botox done as a solution (this is for sweat glands). Does your odor come from sweating? If it does please look at my post under excessive sweating. Taking Magnesium fixed my embarrassing problem and I am so happy I want to tell the world. Maybe they should link the body odor ailment section with the excessive sweating. If your problem is not sweating, then try Chlorophyll. It is supposed to be good for getting rid of odors.

Replied by Maria
(Bellflower, CA, USA)

Gina from Rizal. I have the same problem as yours but I started to have body odor when I was in 4th Grade. It was a rainy day and I grab someone's jacket to go outside. And after that I suffered with body odor. It is humiliating. People cover their nose when I am close to them or when they come close to me. I tried many kinds of deodorant and nothing works. I am socially isolated. I wish I can just go hide in the farm or something but I can't because of my family. I had surgery to decrease the swelling on my hands and armpits but I still stink! A month ago, I had botox done to my armpits, but I still stink!

I was frustrated. I pray to God everyday to help me. My prayer was answered when I searched the web and found this website(Thank you for having this website to people like us). I read this website two nights ago and I went to the store at 1230 am to buy the stuff I need. I was desperate, I used it the following day. IT WORKS! After having my busiest day ever at work, I did not stink. I thank God for showing me this website. My co-worker made a comment that I smell good! It's been 2 days now that I used it and I am elated for being bo free.

Replied by John
(Alexandria, Va, Usa)

Hi I have the same body odor problem. I have hyperhidrosis so I sweat a lot. I cant step outside without sweating and as soon as I start sweating I start to smell. This started back in the 6th grade and has been controllable until last year my senior year. I smelled so terrible I that I started to stink up the whole class. It became so bad that I started to skip school to avoid ridicule. My doctor prescribed hypercare but all it did was burn and itch my armpit. I missed 70 days of school and my gpa dropped from a 3. 4 to a 2. 6. I wasn't able to get accepted to any of the colleges I applied for. I cant even take a step outside without smelling so terrible. I tried baking soda but my armpit get rashes and I've been drinking ACV with the mother and showering with it also. How long until it takes effect. I'm desperate here...... SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!

Replied by Vc2mc
(Springfield, Arkansas)

When I was coming of age, I had problems with armpit oder. My grand-mother had me to wash with regular table salt under my arms and I instantly noticed a different. I didn't sweat as easily under my arms.

Replied by Alexz1105
(Sa, Tx)

Marie, what did you do that worked for you? Please respond.

Replied by Toni
(Brea, California)

I've been suffering for bad body odor since grade school. I tried every deodorant available including acv. Thank God, I found this website. The only deodorant that worked for me is milk of magnesia. Hope this will help you.

Baking Soda
Posted by Janet (Whitehead, Northern Ireland) on 04/01/2009

Baking Soda (use as a deodorant)

I read somewhere online that Bicarbonate of Soda absorbs odours and I always put a bowl of it in the fridge to keep it fresh, so I thought I would give it a go as a deodorant. I was amazed to find that it really works. I just ran some tap water over my fingers, dipped them into the Bicarb and patted it under my arms after a shower. I couldn't believe that there was no odour all day, at all, and even the next morning before my shower. It stung a tiny bit because I had just shaved my armpits so the next day I tried the Bicarb again but this time I put a couple of drops of Grapeseed oil in the palm of my hand, added a couple of pinches of the Bicarb and made a small amount of paste which I then rubbed under my arms. It worked even better as the oil was soothing. You do have to use a really tiny amount. You could always dust more on later dry if you thought you needed it but I didn't need to. You could also add one drop of your favourite essential oil if you wanted to smell of something. I will be using Bicarb as deodorant from now on as it is so cheap and natural.

Replied by Tia C.
(Pittsburg, Ca)

Just wanted to comment on the baking soda as a deodorant. I discovered this trick about a month ago trying to think of something i could use after waxing because it's advised not to use deodorants due to open pores. I usually use a drop of lavender oil and the baking soda in the palm of my hand after showering. Works great!

Replied by Jaya
(Salosan, Pi)

Hi! I am suffering from terrible b.o and bb too. I also notice that I get a sour stomach. I am chronic asthmatic, due to my medication I am constipated. I also have migraine, had a mild stroke too. What is the best advice you can give me. Thank you

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Jaya, Sounds like you have a lot of internal cleansing to do. I would check out the many detox remedies here on EC- and there are many!

You may also be dealing with systemic candida which could easily have occurred with all your medication.

Also, work on cleaning up your diet.

And look into the Body Ecology Diet which you can google and learn an incredible amount on their site including recipes.

I just helped a friend over the course of 9 months radically change her lifestyle. She was plagued with migraines and had been on migraine meds for over 3 years. She would often hear me speaking on various issues and remedies and diet but wouldn't say too much. Then one day she asked me if I could help her revamp everything and she was ready to finally take that step. She went to my acupuncturist who she then began working with twice a week. The migraines began to abate but she continued on her meds. I encouraged her to wean herself off and she did. Next step was changing her diet and cooking her own meals 3x a week for her family. The family loved it and it encouraged her. Three weeks ago she began to explore superfoods and has fallen in love with them. Everyday, she comes into her ballet class enthusiastic and full of life now! She tells me everyday how different she feels.

So, I encourage you to take the first step to change your lifestyle and restore your health. It can be done with commitment and encouragement. Wishing you the best of health, Lisa

Baking Soda
Posted by Veronica (Singapore) on 03/08/2009


Hi guys, i found this site a few months ago when i was looking for a body odour cure. I have this really bad stinks from miles and no amount of bathing or scrubbing helps.I have tried applying baking soda on my worked wonders. the smell was totally gone. BUT, it always left huge white circles in my clothes which was so embarassing. So i tried the acv on my armpits before showers... this does not help at all... i still stink!! PLSSS help... my BO is killing me and everyone around me!!!!

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

try bathing with grandpa's pine tar soap and then using the baking soda. a good way to use the baking soda is to mix it with a little virgin coconut oil and smear this paste under your arms. both baking soda and VCO help with odor - so you will be getting a 2 in one - and the baking soda will stay where you put it this way. let it sink in for a few moments b4 dressing.

another thing that you can try - are those crystal deodorant stones. i use one of them and it works for me.

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, TX)

oh and i just re-read your post - if you want to use ACV as a deodorant - you need to apply it after your shower instead of before.

Replied by Leah
(Las Vegas, NV)

In response to Veronica from Singapore: I would take a look at what you're eating. If you eat mainly fresh veggies and fruit and overall a more natural diet, I think you're b.o. issue will diminish greatly. A raw vegan diet will help a great deal with body odor.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello Veronica,

If you haven't already tried leaving off soap to get rid of that body odor, please do so. If you do decide to try this, put a cup or two of apple cider vinegar in your bath water to get the soap you used in the last bath off your skin or you'll still stink a day or two after you stop using it. All you need for keeping the body clean is water and a good thick, all cotton wash cloth. You can always use a loofah sponge if you feel like you need to scrub clean. I would also suggest you leave off any smelly stuff you have been using like perfumes, lotions, colognes, etc.

Replied by Marcelle
(Corry, Pa)

Add an essential oil to it!

Baking Soda
Posted by Angel (Manila, Philippines) on 02/08/2009

Hi,i tried 2 used baking soda yesterday in the afternoon after my shower, but after a several time my armpit sweat, and had a bad smell again,why this happen to me? I thought this remedy cures my bo..What im gonna do? How many baking soda put in my armpit? Anybody could help me in this problem?

Replied by Sue
(Boston, MA)

Have you tried applying a mix of corn starch and baking soda? This mixture seems to have done the trick for me, it is very soothing, and takes care of any odor issues.

Replied by Crzybeau
(Las Vegas, Nevada, United States)

Try drinking liquid mint flavored chlorophyll 3x a day (2 tablespoons in 8oz water) and take a good quality probiotic. Also try adding more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Minimize/eliminate processed foods, coffee, soda, sugar in general. Get tested for any food allergies as well. Hope this helps ;)

Replied by Kiko
(Bag, Cord)

A cheap Milku 2in1 underarm and foot powder solved my smelly and sweaty armpits. It reaaly worked and im happy with it. One day when I used milku powder it controlled my heavy sweating but there was a bit only of sweat, after class I smelled my armpits and they did'nt smell bad promise! :) I was amazed. You can buy milku at watsons drugstore in the powder section :)

Baking Soda
Posted by Marie (Cavite, Philippines) on 01/06/2009

Please help me! i'm now confused on what i will use to prevent my BO.. cause there's so many procedures and chemicals that has been written by some and now, i really do not know which is the best. i don't want to try it all because some products are hard to find. i actually tried baking soda, it's pure sodium bicarbonate and it really helped me to fight BO on the first day but now, i want to stop from using it because i've got irritations under my arms. it's like red rashes and when i apply baking soda,my underarm gets painful. it felt like it's burning! ouch! now, i don't know what's the cure for this SILLY BO and also the cure for the red angry rashes because of the baking soda? i really want to remove this BO because i don't want to be away from other people just because i don't want them to smell my BAD odor. i really appreciate those who will be able to reply on my problem.

Replied by Dave
(Tokyo, Japan)

You might try borax. This is a main ingredient in bathing salts, so it can't be too tough on your body. You can put it in a bottle and let it soak for a day or so that it's kind of like a soft mud. I noticed that since I started using borax (after reading some entries on this site) instead of shampoo/conditioner and body soap, the BO has really gone down, dandruff and rashes have gone away, and I like the way my hair feels. I have to wonder if the residual chemicals on my body in typical shampoo is a factor in BO and other problems.

Replied by Shawn
(Sulphur, Louisiana)

For irritated armpits, use eucerin ointment at night time to heal the area. I used eucerin also during the day to protect the skin around the armpit area that is inflamed. I also used an unscented antiperspirant to cover the area around the armpit to provide a protective film so the baking soda would not burn that area...very effective. Now I am trying desitin ointment as suggested on this far very good...more confindence...hope this helps someone.

Replied by Jane
(Wichita, Kansas)

Try dabbing apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball under the arms before you get in the shower. Wait 2 to 3 minutes, then wash it off but don't use soap. I've been doing this for a few weeks now and found it is much better than baking soda for body odor. It actually lasts 2-3 days - unbelievable! I shower as usual in between applications but don't use soap on my underarms. 3 days has been the max so far before the body odor returns.

Hopefully you can find apple cider vinegar in the Philippines. Doesn't have to be organic either. (I don't use it). Good luck!

Replied by Jiji (Pinay)
(Dallas, TX)

Apple Cider Vinegar for Body Odor

This is in response to Marie...I did try using Baking Soda for a few days and got the same reaction. It started with itchy, red rashes and that burning sensation. I completely stopped using it. Then those red rashes turned into a much darker color. Here's what you might want to try, which I am actually doing now after reading it from one of the comments. Take a couple cotton balls, one for each armpit, and saturate it with apple cider vinegar (better organic if you can find some). Rub on the cotton ball for few seconds and leave it alone for at least 10 minutes or as long as you want before you shower or rinse. Do not use soap, just run the water down to wash out. In my experience, I get a good coverage all day long. Please give it a try for a few days and I would love to see you post your feedback.

Replied by Gina
(Oslo, Norway)

Hi Marie; I also had side-effect of baking soda; but I got rid of my body odor this way; 10-20 g chlorella algae daily for a year; you will notice improvement after a few weeks, depending on how "toxic" you are.

Supplement with B-vitamins and Zink may contribute to healing

I hardly ever have to use antiperspirant any more, but virgin coconut oil + some drops of essential oil works as a deodorant and also inhibit odor.

Ps if you cannot afford chlorella; you may try lugols iodine as a supplement instead. 8 drops daily of the 5 % lugol Then add 400 mcg of selenium and 50 mg of zink daily until improvement; then reduce to 3 days a week.

Replied by Kal
(BK, NY)

I'd suggest trying Apple Cider Vinegar-just apply it to a cotton ball before showering,wait 3-4 minutes,and rinse.I've seen someone here suggest not using soap-try both ways,(with and without), and see which works best for you.I really hope this helps! Good Luck!

Replied by K.Lynn
(Mt. Healthy, Ohio)

1/06/09 to marie from cavite phillipines. Marie the bo and rash may be something coming out from the inside. Try cheap grocery apple cider vinegar under armpits while showering ( acv 1st) wash everything else then come back to armpits and rinse w/ water ONLY. If you are not alreay on internal cleansers listed on this site (i.e. acv, obs, flax seed, H2O2,etc.) try one or two ( acv w/ organic baking soda (bs takes sourness out of acv)), to start and see if you don't feel better. the rash can be indicative of candida sometimes when it's in an area that we sweat heavier. many blessings, I hope this helps.

Replied by Marie
(Cavite, Philippines)

thank you all for your time and effort on how to solve my problem. i am planning to buy ACV at the supermarket but i really hope that there is apple cider vinegar there and im hoping that it'll work on my underarm.. but to become 100 percent sure, i have to consult first a dermatologist. so that this irritation and rashes won't happened anymore. and i'm planning to tell my mother about this also 'coz she didn't know about the rashes that had occurred in my armpits. i don't want her to know about my problem as much as i could handle it but i think in this case, i should tell her immediately to help me solve it. again, thanks for all your suggestions! i do appreciate them all! thank you guys! :)

Replied by Ashley
(St. Louis, Missouri USA)

Zinc oxide worked for me. I followed the instructions from Sid under the Zinc oxide ointment heading at the last of this section. I was totally amazed at how well it worked, since it is not even sold as a deodorant, but a skin cream. Live and learn.

Baking Soda
Posted by Sharon (Selangor, Malaysia) on 11/20/2008

I have face some irritation on both of my armpits problem after applied the Natrium Bicarbonate as suggested from your Earth Clinic website to use Baking soda to prevent body odour. Besides that, it was wet on both of my armpits after sweating even though it claimed that will stay dry after application. The baking powder i purchased contain 100% sodium bicarbonate even though they labeled it as " Natrium Bicarbonate" .May i know what is the content for the Baking soda that you suggested. As in Malaysia, the baking powder for cake preparation contain natrium bicarbonate, sodium & flour. Or should I mix in some flour / body talcum if I'm using the Natrium Bicarbonate. How about the correct way to use Baking Soda? As it won't able to stick on the armpit after application even though I wet my armpit before hand. Or shall I mix it with water before application??

EC: Most people in the USA are probably using Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, which is also 100% Sodium Bicarbonate.

Replied by Mary
(Boston, MA)

Hi, Sharon. I also experience irritation with the baking soda on the armpits, especially if I apply it after shaving. I've tried all methods - wetting it, applying it dry. What works best is to wait a few hours after shaving then apply a very light dusting to the armpit. I believe the irritation happens because of the clumps in the baking soda, so trying grinding the b/s down in your palm as finely as possible before applying it.

Baking soda is definitely NOT an anti-perspirent. I do question why people want to stop perspiring. I don't think it's healthy. The body needs to sweat out toxins through the pits!!

Good luck!

Replied by Sharon
(Selangor, Malaysia)

Hi Mary, thanks for the feedback. Emm, I will sweat a lot even though staying in an air cond room as no proper air ventilation as the air cond been set with very high temperature by other colleagues even though Malaysia is a hot & humid country. After sweating, found that the sodium bicarbonate will melt and leave on both my armpits. Is that mean that I need to wipe it dry and re-apply the sodium bicarbonate again through out the day? Other than sodium bicarbonate, is it advisable for me to add in some cornstarch? Im so desperate to cure by BO problem which been haunted me for years since my high school days. Thanks & take care Sharon :P

Replied by Kate
(The Milddle, US)

Hi Sharon,

Here is my recipe for a baking soda deoderant:

1/4 C Cornstarch
2T Kaolin Clay
2T Baking Soda
1/4t Lavendar Essential oil

Shake well (until Essential oil is mixed in pretty well) then let sit overnight.

I apply this with a powder puff under my arms and haven't had any problems.

Replied by Mary

Sharon, I don't think you would need to reapply the sodium bicarbonate after sweating since it lasts all day (until you shower it off). Also, I would also warn against using any kind of talc under your arms. It is a known carcinogen. I read about someone applying apple cider vinegar to his armpits before he got in the shower, then rinsing it off so you might look into that. Also look into your diet. If you have bad body odor since high school, it may be something you're eating every day. Onions cause bad body odor for me. The more I eat, the worse it gets! Took me a long time to make the connection. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Replied by Sharon
(Selangor, Malaysia)

Dear all, Thanks a lot for the reply & idea. Yeah maybe I should cut down onion, garlic , egg, dairy products in my diet. Yeah, I tried apply the honey vinegar at night, but maybe due to the sugar content that's why I felt sticky. Currently, I stopped using Baking soda for temporary & stick back to the deodorant and see what's the result. Besides that, I just started taking "Fitorac", it is a powder form of health supplement which consist of 21 kinds of organic vege & fruits. The main function is to detox & nourish the liver. It is a product from Elken, maybe you all can check it out. Hopefully I will help me to detox & eliminate my BO. By the way, Kate where can I get the kaolin clay?? Thank you & keep in touch. Sharon :P

Replied by Kate
(The Middle, US)

Hi Sharon,

I think most Health food stores carry it. If not, you can probably purchase it online. Not sure, but you could possibly do without it. You were already wondering about adding cornstarch to the baking soda, which is what reminded me of my recipe. Maybe you should try the baking soda and cornstarch combo and let us know if that works? I know bo isn't something you want to test too much, tho. Good luck finding what you like best.

Replied by Tess
(Palm Beach, FL)

Sharon, don't add honey to the apple cider vinegar when you apply it to your armpits! The remedy does not call for honey, just straight up apple cider vinegar. Apply acv, wait a few minutes, then get in the shower and wash it off with water, not soap. That will hopefully work great for you.

Baking Soda
Posted by Ernest (Boston, Massachusetts) on 07/22/2008

Thank you so much for this website!! I have finally found a solution to my BO. I used to have really bad BO and I tried all the deodorants and antiperspirants but nothing worked as quick, as good and as long as pure baking soda.

Antiperspirants worked but they have aluminium and they left a layer of gunk on my underarms which I wasn't comfortable with. I used deodorants which would work OK for a few hours but eventually by the end of the day, even in an air conditioned office with temperature control the stink would get mixed up with the deodorant smell to make up for a really horrible smell.

Baking Soda worked perfectly the first day I tried it!! It does both things the way it's supposed to:
1. It lets me sweat as it's naturally supposed to happen and
2. No bad smell all day!!

For me it has been a miracle cure.

Baking Soda
Posted by Wendy (Somerville, USA) on 06/09/2008

I am a believer! I have been using Baking Soda as a deodorant for the past couple days and I am tickled pink with the results!

I can't believe I've suffered with boils (from my foliciles being packed with deodorant residue) and stinky pits for the past couple years and this was all I had to do. All the scrubbing and shaving in the world didn't get me these result. I tried numerous deodorants and antiperspirants to no avail, then gave the crystal a whirl. That worked for a while much to my delight. But I think that something in my chemistry changed which then stripped me of the progress I'd made.

Not knowing what else to do, I typed in "perspiration and natural remedy" and found this site! I am eternally gateful! I won't even get into the savings I'll have now from not buying the expensive ineffective stuff.

I will spread the word!

Replied by Mo
(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

I am happy that someone else is excited about using Baking Soda as a deodorant. I have posted that I have been using it successfully for the past months. I also mentioned that I use VCO when I have to shave because I do not believe it would be wise to use it after shaving. I am a believer and have been spreading the word slowly - can be a sensitive topic!!!

Baking Soda
Posted by Mo (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on 05/24/2008

I read about using Baking Soda as a deodorant and have been using it for the last 3 months. I had tried everything - crystals and a product with lemon juice and its essence - all very good but it did not always protect the entire day. I am very happy to say that Baking Soda has been the best I have ever used - 100% effective - lasting the whole day and longer. When I shave my underarm I use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) for at least 2 to 3 days in order to allow healing before resuming with Baking Soda. (Please do this to avoid burns). VCO is also very good but has not consistently protected all day long. I have been spreading the word to health conscious friends.

Like others, I think this site is a god-send. Thank you. I have started using Baking soda as a facial and all over body scrub; then I apply ACV and finally VCO to my face. I have been quite consistent for the last 3 months including Ted's advise regarding large facial pores. I cannot believe that my skin looks so beautiful and smooth at the age of 41. I always had beautiful skin now I look even younger - it simply is amazing!!

I have now starting being more consistent with drinking ACV 3 times a day because I need to loose at least 16 llbs. Since the birth of my third child 11 months ago - it has been a very slow process. I am hoping that in a few months I can be write a post like many others - saying that I am loosing weight. I also plan to ingest VCO and also start using it for all cooking as well. I began eating 1 tablespoon of Black Strap Molasses every morning. I try to eat a very healthy diet. So I guess soon I will not only look good but feel great as well.

Thanks again for this wonderful site!!

Replied by Greggitta
(Carlisle, Ma, United States)

I have had terrible under arm odor on the right side for decades. I've tried a lot of things. I started ingesting Virgin Cocout Oil 2 days ago - shooting for 1 tablespoon twice a day. (Also virgin coconut butter which is delicious! ) I started because of some of the other well documented health benefits. The body odor stopped yesterday. No bathing before bed last night and I still woke up this morning smelling like a rose. I can't wait to go dancing. ;-)

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Greggitta, have you tried lemon juice? I don't think that I used to have such a problem with transpiration smell as you but I had a bit of a problem anyway. Since I started rubbing half a lemon under my arms morning and evening a few weeks ago the smell stopped completely right from the first day. It has been very warm here and even though I don't take a bath everyday anymore because of my dry skin I never, ever smell. I have the idea that the lemon killed the bacteria that was causing the smell. I will try now rubbing the lemon only once a day, I think that it will work. I ingested VCO for awhile but I never thought of checking the odor as I was using deodorant anyway. Still, I feel the lemon works better than any deodorant I ever tried. I even take a lemon with me while on a trip as one lemon lasts me a few days and I am trying it out for the white spots on my skin as well. I just carry it in a plastic bag.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Correct me if I am mistaken but I read somewhere that body odor is caused by bacteria on the skin. If you kill the bacteria, you kill the odor. Even bathing in ACV would be beneficial, or a few drops of Tea Tree oil on a wet flannel. Coconut oil under the arms would also do the trick.

Baking Soda
Posted by ALEXIS (AUSTIN, TX) on 04/30/2008

Just wanted to thank the site and contributors for helping me. i had laser hair removal on my underarms about 3 years ago. the smell from the hair follicles being clogged, was horrible. nothing helped. tried the baking soda and i can't believe it but the odor is gone. you don't know what this has done for me. tried every deodorant on the market, but to no avail. i am also going to tell my daughters who have had laser treatments as well. who would have thought for only 34 cents, i could have peace of mind again. thank you, thank you, thank you, p.s. i bought one of those little puffs used for face powder and sprinkle the soda in my palm and just pat onto my underarms. it worked after the second application and all odor was gone. amazing!!!

Baking Soda
Posted by Joe (Huntsville, AL) on 03/20/2008

I read where someone wanted to know what the smell came from under her arms? My response is what is smells like....cornchips!.....very stinky when you use a washcloth to clean your pits and it leaves a smell so strong it almost knocks you down!!! yuuuuuuuuck! I have begun to use baking soda for the first time today, and so far (it's noon) no smell! I'm going to keep using the baking soda and maybe try a few other remedies suggested on your site....MANY THANKS!

Baking Soda
Posted by Suhfyera (Singapore, Singapore) on 02/15/2008

Hi, I'm from Singapore but am currently residing in London. Been here for only two and a half months and about two weeks ago i noticed that my left armpit (and only my left!) would smell nearly all the time, except maybe the first ten mins after showering. Thought maybe it's the climate change but still, it was very distressing becos i don't normally have BO unless i'm sweating profusely (like i did back home on the equator) or after working out, and definitely not coming from just one armpit which is so odd! Also, it was a different BO from the working out BO (anyone know what the cause of this one-armpit smell is??), and my regular deo was not having any positive effects. But i found this site trying to figure out what was wrong with me and next morning i tried patting on a thin layer of bicarb after showering. Strode off to the supermarket and back, worked up a sweat, and ta-daaa no smell!! yayyyy! who knew something so simple would work so well. i'm so totally pleased, thank you EC. Will try ACV and oil pulling next to help with my sinuses..

Baking Soda
Posted by Tracy (Frederick, MD) on 01/21/2008

RE:1/17/2008: Patti from Albany, USA writes: "I wanted to find out from Erin (Fremont, MI) what type/brand of Natural Deodorant she uses (hope it's okay to ask for the brand).

Please tell her that the best thing that I have found is Baking soda. I have gone organic and was trying every organic deordorant on the market and I would still stink!! It was making me crazy, then I came here and read about everyone using BS with great results and IT IS TRUE! After my shower, I pat some in each armpit (I'm pretty liberal). And I have absolutley no underarm odor. Even in my wool sweaters which can really trap the smell...So, I put BS in a pretty bowl in the bathroom and use that. IT WORKS!

Replied by Patti
(Albany, USA)

I wanted to find out from Erin (Fremont, MI) what type/brand of Natural Deodorant she uses (hope it's okay to ask for the brand). I'ved tried several brands, but nothing seems to stop the underarm odor. Days when I know I'm going to be doing activities that will make me sweat, I'm forced to use regular deodorant (aluminum & all) to keep from offending people.

Replied by Erin
(Fremont , Mi)

Breast Cancer History Breast cancer runs in my family. My aunt is fighting it now. Not to mention from using regular store bough underarm deodorant as a teen myself I use to get lumps under my arms/right in the pit area. They had to be lanced and drained at the hospital. From that point on I did alot of research and found that the aluminum they put in the deodorant clogs the glands under your arms which inturn are very close to the breast. I have not used store bought deodorant for about 15 yrs now-I only use all natural from health food store and never had a problem again. Just wanted to let you ladies and men too know to STOP USING REGULAR STORE BOUGHT DEODORANT ONLY USE NATURAL. Thank you have a wonderful week all

Replied by Raven
(Cebu City, Philippines)

Using "Aluminum chloride" on my underarms has cured my excessive underarm sweating which caused the awful body odor. No more sweat, no B. O. I bought it over the counter at a drug store. Its very effective. You apply it last thing at night in bed. Its a roll-on. One or two swipes is enough. But make sure your underarms, feet or affected areas were dry for at least an hour before applying. Then wash it off with soap in the morning. No more any need to apply deodorant or antiperspirant afterwards. Just dust some Baking Soda instead. And your SWEAT-FREE and ODOR FREE the whole day. But make sure before applying the aluminum chloride that 24hours had passed before or after shaving. Application is every night for two weeks then every other night then gradually twice a week usage. But baking soda is maintained everyday. I'm using the brand DRICLOR by Stiefel Lab Ltd. Its a very expensive topical deodorant compared to the usual ones. Price is almost 6 times higher. But in the long run, using it only twice a week, it proves to be the cheapest and most effective. 185ml lasts for 3 months at the least.

Replied by D.ron
(Madison, Wi)

Aluminum destroys the nervous system preventing the glands from sweating... Not a good solution. Once the aluminum is in your body it travels to the brain causing more havoc.

Baking Soda
Posted by Susan (Phoenix, AZ) on 12/23/2007

Please help! I am so thankful for this website. I have been having severe underarm body odor for several years now and in the last 8 months, deodorant hasn't been working. I tried baking soda several weeks ago and my armpits don't stink, finally! My only problem is that my armpits are bright red and rashy. If I don't wear the baking soda, it goes away, but it comes back when I apply the baking soda. It almost seems it is "eating" my skin. Is this possible? Is it an acid or a base?

Replied by Pat
(St. Louis, MO)

I, too, have had success with baking soda, but ended up with a red angry rash under my arms. I did use it just after shaving. Could this be the problem?

EC: We usually wait at least 3 hours after shaving before application. It's the only problem with this fantastic remedy.

Replied by Pat
(Ballwin, MO)

I have stopped using "soap" for anything! I use bath gels that are clear, not the white ones. I also apply ACV after showering, with a cotton pad. The ACV prevents bacterial growth that causes the odor. I tried baking soda, but also had red angry rashes. I changed to corn starch baby powder and now have no rash and no odor. The ACV works by itself, but feels a bit sticky from the sugar content. The baby powder with cornstarch prevents the sticky feel and has a pleasant odor.

EC: Pure cornstarch is great, but please be wary of any products containing talcum powder. Read up on the caveats of talc here:

Replied by Sam
(NY, NY)

Baking Soda for BO- what to do when you shave

If Baking Soda is used after shaving your armpits will become extremely sensitive even irritated. I use VCO [VIRGIN COCONUT OIL] after shaving for a few days until any small wounds (invisible to the eyes but there nonetheless) heals. VCO's effect is not as long lasting as Baking Soda - so on a very hot day a few application might be needed. However, VCO expedites the healing then one can return to the Baking Soda. Hope this helps!

Anyone has a better interim solution than VCO - please share.Thank you.

Replied by Nodame
(Cabuyao, Philippines)

Hi guys, I just want to share the solution I found for my body odor. I think I started having this awful odor in my underarms when I was in high school. It was so embarrassing and didn't enjoy my teenage life. I had always stayed at home because I was always afraid that my friends would smell me. It was terrible and I tried different ways to solve it but nothing worked. I took shower 3 times a day but just after a minute out of shower my underarms would stink. My clothes smelled bad. I really prayed that God would heal me and he answered my prayer. What I did was, I bought a bottle of Active charcoal. Here in the Philippines you can buy it for $3.47. It contains 50 capsules. I take it after lunch and dinner. When I shower I use a loofah in my underarms but I only scrub lightly. After shower I pat baking soda on it. On the first day I did it, it worked immediately. I've been doing this for 3 weeks now and I always smell good. The temperature here is always 35 degrees and I always sweat but I don't worry anymore because I don't smell bad. I'm so happy that I can do anything I want now. I washed my clothes with baking soda too, I mix it with the detergent. It was effective. I also tried rubbing allum on the armpit of my clothes and it was effective too. Now all my clothes don't smell bad anymore. I also had the vaginal smell but it was gone since I started taking active charcoal. I hope these solutions can help you too. Don't give up.

Replied by Marissa
(Glendale, Usa)

I've been using a different kinds of deodorants since 2005 but still I have my smelly armpit and I feel so pity for myself and ashamed for having this. Until I found this website FINALLY!! Baking soda works great and I really feel comfortable at all times! Thanks a lot!

Replied by Fra Fra
(Mineral Wells , Tx. Usa)

You might try spraying some H2O2 under your arms and when it drys, add the baking soda. It was really helped for me.

Replied by Oxygen Therapy
(Miami, Florida, Usa)

I have been using a 3% solution of H2O2 with baking soda for the past 2 years as a deodorant and I never have underarm odor. Simply mix a 3% solution from your 35% FG H2O2 (I would not use the stuff available at the grocery store because the impurities in it will be absorbed into your delicate underarm. Afterall this was why I stopped using deodorants). Spray some on a cloth and dip that cloth into the baking soda and rub in on. Wipe off any excess.

Replied by Sunny
(South Gate, Ca)

What does this mean (FG H2O2)?

I buy hydrogen peroxide from the dollar store, do those have impurities? If so where do I buy my hydrogen peroxide? Thanks!

EC: Sunny, that would be Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, a formulation of the chemical without additives and therefore considered safer for internal usage than standard drug store H2O2.

Baking Soda
Posted by Star (Michigan, USA) on 09/11/2007

For years I have been using baking soda; because In my 20's I use to get cyst or boils under my arms from deodorants So at first I stop using products with aluminum, but even that made my underarms irritated, and eventually I needed surgery under my arm from the boil, and after that I did know what to do so! because I mention it to my grandmothers friend, and she said use baking soda! and I tried and have been using this for many years, maybe twenty; however be forewarned! that if you are gonna shave, you need to wait a hour or two before applying, and I use the best baking soda on the market, that well known brand because the others don't work as well, and added benefit of using baking soda, you might find you don't need to use it everyday.