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Baking Soda
Posted by Brian (Lake, Fl) on 05/17/2018

Hi, I recently switched to baking soda deodorant, all natural ingredients. Yesterday I found a lump under the skin in my armpit, sensitive if I mess with it. Has anyone else experienced this?

Baking Soda
Posted by Sarah (Florida) on 11/21/2015

I had been using clinical Dove and it stopped working. I switched to regular Dove. Most deodorants irritate my skin. I really wanted to stop using all the crap and read about the baking soda.

I would sweat even after applying the Dove but found that if I took some baking soda on my hand and rub it under my arms, it worked like a charm.

Until, I got this rash after a few days of using. It didn't really hurt or burn, just really dark. So, I stopped using it.

Maybe I should have mixed it- or maybe I just can't use it. I would love to because it really worked.

I have a question about the coconut oil. Does it stain your clothing?

Baking Soda
Posted by Trish (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/05/2013

HELP!!! I too have a horrible rash from the baking soda. It started under both arms, it's finally down to one, but I've had it for 4 months!! I have tried tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and nothing is working. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!!

Baking Soda
Posted by Harper (Smyrna, Ga) on 10/15/2012

911 HELP!!!! I have been trying to find a REALLY good natural deodorant... I used a common BS recipe that MANY people/blogs/sites SWEAR by.... And made it for my son and friends and initially it was AWESOME!!

Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Other Fragrance/ES... Changed up the Coconut Oil for Shea Butter and once again with Coco Butter.. to no avail.

THE GOOD: Well, we didn't stink at all... Lol it does perform well in that aspect... Lol Even after extreme cardio/Run outside!

THE BAD: No matter which variation I used all of us (5) had irritation under both underarms. FAR WORSE on the left side though.
1. itching and burning after half of the day (ESPECIALLY AFTER A WORKOUT)
2. We are African American so our armpits turned the LITERAL CRAYON BLACK... And then began to shed skin... (GROSS) with burning and extreme sensitivity... (WHYYYY SWEET BABY JESUS! ?) lol

******CAN ANYONE HELP! ?******

1. Help us get our armpits NORMAL AGAIN?
2. And figure out what went wrong! ?
3. A really good alternative/natural rememdy that REALLY works?

*** The pain ONLY left when we went back to store brand traditional deodorants... :(

I even tried ACV w/lemon juice in distilled water!! HELP PLEASE!

Baking Soda
Posted by Doctorwho732 (Broomfield, Colorado, U.s.) on 05/29/2010

Body Odor and Baking Soda

Hey everyone. So I've been going the holistic route in healing and I decided to try going without chemical deodorants. I've been without conventional deodorant for about 5 to 6 months now. However, I haven't been able to find any natural remedy that works. The baking powder one eliminates the odor, but causes me to have painful armpits. I also tried the acv remedy and it hasn't worked either. My BO is terrible and I would love some advice on what to do. I was thinking of maybe trying the baking soda with cornstarch to see if that helps any. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

Baking Soda
Posted by Gina (Oslo, Norway) on 01/07/2009

Hi Marie; I also had side-effect of baking soda; but I got rid of my body odor this way; 10-20 g chlorella algae daily for a year; you will notice improvement after a few weeks, depending on how "toxic" you are.

Supplement with B-vitamins and Zink may contribute to healing

I hardly ever have to use antiperspirant any more, but virgin coconut oil + some drops of essential oil works as a deodorant and also inhibit odor.

Ps if you cannot afford chlorella; you may try lugols iodine as a supplement instead. 8 drops daily of the 5 % lugol Then add 400 mcg of selenium and 50 mg of zink daily until improvement; then reduce to 3 days a week.

Baking Soda
Posted by Marie (Cavite, Philippines) on 01/06/2009

Please help me! i'm now confused on what i will use to prevent my BO.. cause there's so many procedures and chemicals that has been written by some and now, i really do not know which is the best. i don't want to try it all because some products are hard to find. i actually tried baking soda, it's pure sodium bicarbonate and it really helped me to fight BO on the first day but now, i want to stop from using it because i've got irritations under my arms. it's like red rashes and when i apply baking soda,my underarm gets painful. it felt like it's burning! ouch! now, i don't know what's the cure for this SILLY BO and also the cure for the red angry rashes because of the baking soda? i really want to remove this BO because i don't want to be away from other people just because i don't want them to smell my BAD odor. i really appreciate those who will be able to reply on my problem.

Baking Soda
Posted by Sharon (Selangor, Malaysia) on 11/20/2008

I have face some irritation on both of my armpits problem after applied the Natrium Bicarbonate as suggested from your Earth Clinic website to use Baking soda to prevent body odour. Besides that, it was wet on both of my armpits after sweating even though it claimed that will stay dry after application. The baking powder i purchased contain 100% sodium bicarbonate even though they labeled it as " Natrium Bicarbonate" .May i know what is the content for the Baking soda that you suggested. As in Malaysia, the baking powder for cake preparation contain natrium bicarbonate, sodium & flour. Or should I mix in some flour / body talcum if I'm using the Natrium Bicarbonate. How about the correct way to use Baking Soda? As it won't able to stick on the armpit after application even though I wet my armpit before hand. Or shall I mix it with water before application??

EC: Most people in the USA are probably using Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, which is also 100% Sodium Bicarbonate.

Baking Soda
Posted by Pat (Ballwin, MO) on 07/19/2008

I have stopped using "soap" for anything! I use bath gels that are clear, not the white ones. I also apply ACV after showering, with a cotton pad. The ACV prevents bacterial growth that causes the odor. I tried baking soda, but also had red angry rashes. I changed to corn starch baby powder and now have no rash and no odor. The ACV works by itself, but feels a bit sticky from the sugar content. The baby powder with cornstarch prevents the sticky feel and has a pleasant odor.

EC: Pure cornstarch is great, but please be wary of any products containing talcum powder. Read up on the caveats of talc here:

Baking Soda
Posted by Pat (St. Louis, MO) on 06/16/2008

I, too, have had success with baking soda, but ended up with a red angry rash under my arms. I did use it just after shaving. Could this be the problem?

EC: We usually wait at least 3 hours after shaving before application. It's the only problem with this fantastic remedy.