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Armpit Massage
Posted by Smiggy (Singapore) on 07/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with armpit smell for the last few years and tried some of the remedies suggested in this website and even changing diet a little.

I do see some result when I do a fruit and veggie detox and the smell is not so much. Although those natural spray like apple cider vinegar or baking soda helps but it only mask the smell and did not totally get rid of the armpit smell. (my wife ensures that I know it smells)

Recently, I am studying into meridian massage and it has come to my understanding that if a part of the body is not function properly, it is because of meridian blockage. Meridians are like rivers and streams all over the body (western medicine will not get this as they see nothing when they cut open a person) but it can be proven that it exist.

I understood also that since my armpits smell on a hot day and even after a shower or worst, on waking up, it must be blocked. (like a river, it smells if the outlet is blocked.) So each day, during showering, I start to massage the meridians under the armpit.

These 3 things I do when I shower:

1)Soap the armpit generously and find the deepest point in the armpit and massage slowly and deeply.
2) After that, clench your fist and rub down against the armpit and surrounding area.
3) Use index finder and thumb and massage or squeeze to release the tension in the muscles between the chest and armpit and between the back muscle and armpit.

This I do for one or 2 sessions and viola, all my smell is 90% gone and one week later, I could confidently go out without any armpit spray. Mind you, where I am staying is hot and humid and armpit spray is a must.

Now, I can say that its almost 100% cure. No drugs, no medicine, nothing to apply. Pure meridian massage. (if u are not sure about the meridian points, its ok, just follow the steps I shown)

Last but not least, do not get carried away and think that diet is not important. While I am not a vegetarians, I do not consume fast food and do cut down on processed food a lot.

I also believed the blockage under the arm is due to the years of doing sports and injuries on the shoulders and the injuries did not healed properly. So if u feel pain underarm when you massage it, take it easy and slow.

Like me, I am more or less having an armpit smell free live now. Hope this will help a lot of people.