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Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

Buteyko Breathing Method

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Posted by Alan (Rockville, MD) on 10/16/2006
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Asthma: Significant Reduction in dependence on Albuterol inhaler. I have very serious steroid dependent asthma. Patrick Mckeown has written two books Asthma Free Naturally and Close Your Mouth which feature the Buteyko Method for breathing. Simple technique of breathing in and out of your nose, and exercises called the control pause response--2 seconds breathe in through nose, 3 seconds breathe out through nose, pinch your nostrils and hold your breath. By how long you can hold your breath, this will tell you how well you are breathing. Try this method. You will breathe better, catch fewer colds and infections.

Replied by Sabirch1
(Lagrange, Kentucky)

Just focusing on breathing through my nose has helped my asthma soooo much. I had no idea I took so much air through my mouth until I tried to stop doing it! It's particularly difficult when eating, talking, laughing, coughing, exercising, etc. , but I would encourage anyone with asthma due to airbourne allergies to give it a try. I haven't had to take my rescue inhaler since I started it, and I feel so much better and have much more energy.

Cayenne Pepper

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Posted by Kl88 (Kingston, Ma, 02364) on 01/21/2011
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Issue: Asthma since age 3, ranging from mild to severe depending on triggers or illness.

Former Medication: 2 inhalers, one fast acting (as needed but sometimes up to 6x a day) and when severe, a steroid (2x a day)Reason for seeking a natural alternative: 28 years of medication that was doing more damage than improvement to my health.

Current natural alternative: Cayenne Pepper Dosage: a few good shakes of your store bought seasoning (I like the spices from the hispanic food section vs the standard) plus some water (just a gulpful). Start off with one shake and then judge your reaction. Mix it up and drink it down. You will want water after, and its a good time to get down 8 oz.

Reaction: Instantaneous relief. Seriously. It feels different, but its because you didn't just take in a ton of chemicals and adrenaline, in my opinion. Take some nice deep breaths and chill for a second. Only one time did I have to do anything else during a severe attack, and that was drink a cup of black coffee (no cream-it cancels out the efficacy for me) I feel so confident with this remedy that I let my fast acting inhaler rx run out and I threw out the steroids. I carry a bottle of cayenne pepper in my purse, just in case. I preventatively use my mix in the am and the pm. It doesn't give me an energy boost that is notable that some have mentioned. I hope this helps my fellow asthma sufferers.

Cayenne Pepper
Posted by Katie (Royal Oak, MI) on 05/07/2008
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I left my albuterol inhanler at work today so I was desperate for something. I have sinusitus that is currently turning into bronchitis and fortunatly, my asthma only is bad when I am sick. I just did the cayenne pepper treatment and so far I have noticed that the burning from the bronchitis has subsided and my breathing has cleared somewhat. Hopefully it will continue to improve. I think I am going to buy some Apple Cider Vinegar tomorrow to have on hand due to the strong positive reviews.

Cayenne Pepper
Posted by Jack (Toledo, Ohio) on 05/06/2006
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Take 2, 8oz glasses, fill one with cool to cold water the other with no more warm to hot water you can swallow in one gulp, in the hot water, put 1/8 to 1/4 level teaspoon of "cayenne powdered red pepper", mix very well, then pick up both glasses, down the hot water and red pepper in one gulp "quickly". as soon as you've done that, put the cold water into your mouth and rinse vigorously and swallow, repeat the rinse with cold water until your mouth is warm to hot, quit rinsing, fill your lungs with all the air they can hold, and hold your breath for as long as you can, then let the air "slowly out your "nose" repeat the breathing exercise 4 to 5 times, by the fifth time your pain will be gone!! if yr eustacian tubes are plugged up they will open in a few minutes, and you'll feel your sinuses draining down yr throat, you'll need to blow yr nose because this will drain your sinuses. this will also give up to 32 hours of asthma relief as well as cleans your blood of impurities while you sleep.

Chemically Induced Asthma Remedies

Posted by Deb (Waycross, Ga) on 05/11/2013

I have what doctors are calling "chemical induced, life threatening asthma". The airbag in my previous vehicle deployed for no reason back in 2004 and the propellent in the airbags is sodium azide. Sodium azide is 'carcenogenic, mutagenic and highly toxic to humans". I've had some SCARY breathing episodes since the air bag incident, the scariest being a few months after I was contaminated. By airways shut down completely and I lost consciousness for 22 hours. They said my airways was shut down so tightly that the paramedics could not get the tube down my throat, it took the ER doctor to do that. They kept me in ICU for 5 days. Being I was unconscious for so long, they didn't know if I'd have brain damage or something as they did not know how long I was without oxygen.

I am a stubborn soul... woke up... And recovered fine. But I still have this annoying breathing problem. They wanted me on Advair for the rest of my life... And that stuff is just too scary. I've been on it twice for a bit of time... But I just won't stay on it. I've had to do rounds of prednisone here and there... I can 'feel' when my body needs the extra help. I do albuterol as needed. I do not use the inhalers anymore, when they changed the propellent or whatever, the 'new' stuff makes me worse. So I have a nebulizer in my vehicle and one at home. I HATE that I have to put bad chemicals into my body... But I do like to breath :-)

I have tried various natural remdies, some have helped a little... I just want my old body back. I HATE having to worry about breathing... I HATE feeling hindered. My question... has anyone else been affected like this from an airbag deploying? And if so... has anyone had any success with any natural remedies for this type of situation?After spending the past 2 days reading on here... I went and bought some ACV.

In the past I took coconut oil, I started back on that today. I have MSM, those are HUGE pills! I haven't taken it regularly. I drink Noni juice. I use topical magnesium and have recently been nebulizing it. I read about nebulizing peroxide, so I did a little of that yesterday... Guess I will try that for a bit to see if it helps. I take vitamin C, turmeric... And have taken various other things. I take baking soda and water at least once a day. I was taking liquid vitamin D for a bit.

Thank you.

Replied by kevin

Use jaggery to soothe the lungs and nebulise colloidal silver and liquid n acetyl cysteine.

Replied by Flora W.
(Northern Michigan)

A book, "How I Reversed My Mom's emphysema" with NAC, beta Glucan, proteolytic enzymes and diet. Please get the book. It is worth it.

Chiropractic Adjustments

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Posted by Sue (Sarasota, FL) on 09/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Oil Pulling. I've been Oil Pulling since December 2007. I started because of dry eyes. I can't say that it helped my dry eyes but some of the benefits are truly amazing, in my case.

I've worn nail polish most of my adult life and, therefore, have yellow nails. After oil pulling for several months, the yellow disappeared. Now that's amazing. Additionally, without prompting, my dental hygienest asked if I was doing anything different. She said I know you drink red wine but you hardly have any stains whatsoever. I go every 6 months for cleanings. I also believe the dark circles under my eyes are much less noticeable. No one ever says... "you look tired." like they did before.

Lastly, to those of you who have asthma, I did too for about 15 years. Chiropractic fixed that. I had an x-ray which showed an old back fracture and my alignment was terrible. After about 9 months of treatment several times a week, I decided to stop my daily inhaler. Very nervous doing so. CURED. Chiropractic cured me. That's all I can say.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Cory
(New Orleans, La, Usa)

Yes, I have also gone down this path. After frustration with the western style "masking" of the symptoms, I came across this very detailed site:

The Gerest method is more pinpoint and focused but I have not been able to travel to a practioner, so I "guide" my chiropractor to the Spot, an a good one will discover the Thorasic points that need focus. I was medication free for 4 years until I let my chiro maintenace slip along with other diet taboo's.

Hope this can shed more light on the actual cause of asthma.


Coconut Oil

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Posted by Michelle P (Kenosha, WE) on 02/22/2008
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My 9 yr. daughter has been on every asthma medication known to man. She was diagnosed before she was two and has been on numerous antibiotics, steroids taken orally and inhaled and of course albuterol. These medications just seem to help the symptoms but nothing ever made her truly better. I found your site and decided to take matters in to my own hands. I started giving her 2 tbsp of coconut oil per day and eventually was able to wein her off all her medications. The coconut oil is amazing!!! I wish I would have known about this years ago. I started the coconut oil about 6 months ago and in those 6 months she has had only 5 minor attacks.

Replied by Chris
(Walden, Ny)

I have found drinking Kangen water has stopped my asthma. 2 yrs now and no medications at all. Amazing results for me.

Replied by Colleen M.
(Fenton, Mi)

How would I give my 4 year old 2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day? She is asthmatic and just started to try ACV. I would like to try coconut oil also.

Mama To Many

Dear Colleen,

I would probably start with 1/4 teaspoon of cold-pressed coconut oil three times a day. You could then increase by 1/4 teaspoon at a time. For a four year old I would probably not give more than 1 Tablespoon a day total, but there may be exceptions.

To get a coconut oil in a four year old, I spread it on toast, mix it in oatmeal, add some to steamed vegetables, add it to smoothies, etc.

You might also want to try milk kefir for your daughter. Regular consumption of milk kefir really turned my daugther's health around, including asthma problems.

~Mama to Many~

Coconut Oil
Posted by Mary-Ellen (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/06/2006
5 out of 5 stars

started taking coconut oil as i had been reading all the literature on it so thought i would give it a go and can't believe the difference in my asthma... also energy levels as i am a woman of 50 and at times have low energy levels due to hormones so anyone who reads this i say give it a go or you will never know..!!!!!!!!!!

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

Re: Coconut oil for asthma

Almost certainly, the key reason it works is the lung surfactant secreted by the epithelial cells is almost solely palmitic acid, which by weight in coconut oil is 9%:

Here is the reference for this:

Saturated fats play many important biologic roles. They are an integral component of cell membranes, which are 50 percent saturated fat. Lung surfactant is composed entirely, when available, of one particular saturated fat, 16-carbon palmitic acid. Properly made with this fat, it prevents asthma and other breathing disorders. For nourishment, heart muscle cells prefer saturated long-chain palmitic and 18-carbon stearic acid over carbohydrates. Saturated fats are required for bone to assimilate calcium effectively. They help the liver clear out fat and provide protection from the adverse effects of alcohol and medications like acetaminophen. Medium-chain saturated fats in butter and coconut oil, 12-carbon lauric acid and 14-carbon myristic acid, play an important role in the immune system.


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Posted by Wanda (Marysville, CA. U) on 12/29/2008
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My youngest daughter has had asthma since she was 6 years old. Her doctor told me that if we were ever out camping or such away from medical help, giving her a strong cup of coffee would help her until we could reach a hospital.

Posted by Kelly (Calgary, AB) on 04/09/2007
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I'm having a mild asthma attack at work and looked up remedies and tried the black coffee, and it's working. It's a good trick to know since you can grab coffee just about anywhere.

Posted by K (Antigua) on 10/14/2006
5 out of 5 stars

My husband was given a strong dose of coffee when he was young and since then he has never had a problem with asthma. He has sinusitis so we're trying honey and acv and oil pulling and im using acv for my eczema and excessive sweating(since i had the last baby). i will update in a month.

Posted by Brian (Newark, OH) on 05/28/2006
5 out of 5 stars

If I am out, and have forgotten my albuterol inhaler, and I'm having difficulty breathing -- I head to starbucks, caribou, or wherever else I can go for an espresso or a giant cup of coffee. The caffeine acts as an anti-inflamatory agent -- it helps to reduce air-way swelling. While it's NEVER a good idea to leave without your medication -- it's always a good idea to have an alternate, just in case (and hey, who doesn't want an excuse to splurge for capuccino or espresso every once in a while)!

Posted by Tamara (NYC) on 04/23/2006
5 out of 5 stars

i infrequently get asthma attacks usually cold weather or allergens set it off- sometimes stress or pet hair. I forgot my inhaler and i got a very scary attack on a warm day in april that was full of pollen. I was in a van travelling to work and couldn't catch my breath for quite awhile- when i arrived i had two cups of black coffee (i usually put milk or soy milk in my coffee) and i think it helped. However in the future i will try mullein tea or another type of herbal remedyas i dislike relying on the albuterol.

Posted by Tiffany (Weymouth MA) on 10/16/2005
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If you have asthma and you do not have your inhaler with u drink a hot cup of black coffee to stop an asthma attack.

Posted by Stephanie (Norfolk, VA) on 05/12/2005
5 out of 5 stars

I've had asthma for about 6 years now and I've found that a cup of coffee help attacks.

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