Natural Cures for Cardiac Arrhythmia


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Posted by Dianne (Arco, Idaho) on 01/01/2014

First off, I have to say that I just found your site, and read through many of the posts, and noticed that the dates were a few years ago.

I had A-Fib, took all the meds, to no avail, and then had an ablation, having it all return in a month. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I'm quite an internet researcher on natural and alternative methods of health care, so now I'm doing all the natural things to help my arrhythmia. I take Chinese meds with Dan Shen in them, which really help, the L-arginine, and taurine, in large amounts, which also help my Fibro problems. I take a ton of supplements, which includes hawthorn, cayenne, salvia, which is the Dan Shen. I'd rather take more than not enough, and the Chinese doctor and herbalist said you can't take too much. the fish oils, etc. and the regular regimen of multi's, etc.

When I have an episode, I take two droppersful of the cayenne extract in a little water, and sometimes, add Ylang Ylang essential oil, rubbing it over my heart, and on the heart vitaplex, which is listed on any site as for arrhythmia and I've also taken a homeopathic called Aconitum Napelus only as directed. I've read other places that this can be helpful.

And the sorghum is good, as well. I also have magnesium oil that I rub over my heart.

In saying all of this, I guess I'll try almost anything, as it is a fearful thing to have your heart racing and out of rhythm. Maybe one of these remedies will help some of you.

Well, here we are at the beginning of another new year. May all of you have a happy and healthy one.


Posted by Geri (Dothan, Alabama) on 06/21/2009

Cayenne pepper effects on heart racing and arrythmia...

I have been using cayenne pepper for several months for racing heart and arrythmia. Within less than a minute my heart is back to normal!! I use 1/2 teaspoon in warm water, less than a cup, one teaspoon in 8oz is recommended, but I get the results from 1/2 tsp., also I use cayenne pepper liberally on most of my food, like salads, baked potato, omlets, etc.. I have tried MANY natural cures, but never had one work so fast. The Phamaceutical companies will probably try to get this miracle cure declared illegal! If people could try it, doctors and drugs would lose billions! I don't mind the heat at all for the results I get. It IS a good idea to have some food in your stomach, though. Wonderful site, Earth Clinic!!

Replied by Jt
(Salisbury, Uk)

I used to purchase small gelatine capsules from the pharmacy and fill them with cayenne. Much easier to take that way.

Replied by Patty
(Newport Beach, Ca)

Thank you so so much for this post! My heart has been out of rhythm for months and I too have felt moments of impending doom! I have been taking the cayenne in capsules because it was too difficult on my throat. I have had a regular rhythm for the first time in months! I too do the magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, omega's, and vitamin C. I also have added herbs from the Tao of Wellness store for heart and blood in addition to acupuncture. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Replied by P J
(Alpharetta, Ga)


Be careful about the dose of cayenne. As a vasodilator, a large dose can seriously drop your blood pressure. This happened to me, after I took 2 - 500 mg capsules on an empty stomach. I started seeing black and almost passed out but was able to lower my head over the side of the sofa to allow blood flow to my head and my heart rate to settle down. Follow the recommendations on the bottle.

Replied by Robyn
(Woodburn, Or)

I have to agree with the writer of this post! I have A Fib, and have been in it for several hours now. However, I juiced 2 grapefruits, 3 oranges and 1 lemon, 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and green magma barley grass and my ticker went back into normal rythm. I also took 12.5 mg of Atenolol. I am trying to go all RAW in my diet and I juice veggies and fruits twice daily. I highly recommend Green Magma Barley grass.

Replied by Bruce
(Florida, US)

I have occasional afib but it usually goes away in a couple of hours. However, two days ago it started so I decided to try the cayenne pepper treatment--unfortunately no success. But, I decided to give it another shot a day later and my afib stopped immediately. Maybe there is something to this treatment...

Replied by Tana

Yes - that's what I do & take with 1/2 cup milk to be kinder to my tummy.

Replied by Dallas
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Cayenne pepper helped me somewhat, for arrythmia. But then, after a while, joint pain and tendinitis kicked in. The cayenne pepper sensitized me to nightshades and now I can no longer eat tomatoes, potatoes, peppers etc. So, while cayenne helped a little, in the long run I have nightshades to add to my long list of allergens. What did help me was to get off of a vegan diet and eat meat again. At least it helped me for a year or so. Now, the arrythmia is back again. Sigh!

Replied by Perry
(Wisconsin Rapids, Wi)

I mix my cayenne with magnesium citrate and take 100 mlligrams two or three times a day. I put it into capsules so it goes down easily. The magnesium has a natural soothing effect on the stomach, and yes, it helps with the heart issues, but I'm unable to say for sure that it alone is making the arrhythmias subside, since I also incorporate the other nutrients as well as ACV. Coffee seems to have very little to do with my arythmias, as they would come as often and as strong with or without coffee.

Replied by Barbara
(Hudson, Fl)

I do that too. I get the #3 capsules. Much easier to take since I have non-toxic goiter from Hashimoto's thyroiditis and can't swallow large pills. The cayenne has helped me.

Replied by Lisa S.

I just took 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper in a cup of herb tea and started It has subsided now but is that what I should expect always?

Coconut Water

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Posted by Kay Rn (Kentucky ) on 07/12/2016

Even though I am a Nurse that works on a telemetry floor I resist taking pharmaceuticals. However, when I developed my arrhythmia as mentioned by so many on this site, I tried their methods so they would not call me a noncompliant patient. Metoprolol gave me chest pain for the 4 days I took it, and could not tolerate it. I had not seen anyone mention Coconut water on this site but this is what I tried. I had been taking Magnesium called “Calm" which I had gotten at my local health food store and I took it when my symptoms were bad. But it was't as natural as food and I wanted a more natural supplement.

This is what I did and noticed: On hot days and sweating a lot, the arrhythmia were much more common afterwards. Also at night when laying down or on my left side it was real common and annoying, many trips to the ER. I bought my own EKG machine cause the doctors were not impressed by my discomfort...Apparently I feel every abnormal beat where many people do not. I started going to bed early to avoid the discomfort of the abnormal beating of my heart. I knew I was in Afib or would have rhythms of 3 quick beats in between normal sinus rhythm causing brief moments of shortness of breath. This is scary not matter how old you are....And at 48 years old they accidentally found an infarct in my brain. I'm not surprised given the abnormal beating of my heart and the confusion I was complaining about. That being said I started increasing foods that thin the blood, but this didn't solve the rhythm issues.

So with my experience on the floor I knew there are many things that can cause abnormal rhythms. Low blood flow to the heart (dehydration) blood pooling in the lower extremities because of standing for long hours (compression hose helps this), Electrolyte imbalances. The body doesn't just sweat out sodium, we loose other electrolytes that needs replacing.

I found that coconut water gives us Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Natural sugar. All of what Coconut water gives, is what we need for good neuromuscular health. So I started drinking an 8oz bottle a day. Problem solved. The days I forget to drink it, the arrhythmias come back slightly which reminds me I had forgotten. Some people as we get older have more trouble then others holding onto their electrolytes. I'm one of them.

The doctors never figured this out, they just kept giving me supplementation when my potassium dropped. We have to keep a good nutritional balance. Oh yes and Alcohol...This dehydrates and flushes the good stuff out. Its no wonder it can trigger abnormal heart rhythms, along with muscle cramps. Another reason to avoid it. Hope this helps.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U NEIGHBOR, KAY..............

Since I also have your problem, I researched coconut water. Wow, where have I been? It is the latest rage and everyone and their brother is now making the product. As usual there are some charlatans and their water is not fit to drink. Here is an interesting article that explains how each process' their water.

I will try your recommendation and thank you.


Replied by Pat

Thanks! I will try the coconut water. I, too worked in hospitals all my life and have a hard time taking drugs.I take metropolol only as needed as I also feel every beat and know when I'm in it! Taking the drugs they prescribed did not prevent me from having Afib and made me feel awful as I have low/normal blood pressure so I will only take them "as needed". I tried everything they told me to no avail! And I refuse to feel lousy all day to make them happy! I take Taurine and alot of other supplements that make me feel good! Resveratrol, VitC, VitE, probiotic, Hawthorn, Garlic and fish oil (also keep my blood thin) I am 64 and they want me to take blood thinner but don't want to. I am going to start taking "Nattokinase (also a thinner) with the others.Hoping coconut water helps!

Replied by Barbara
(Edna, Texas)

My main suspects:

1. aldehyde-candida produce this in the gut, mold mycotoxins carry and spread this, found in most synthetic fragrances, plastics, etc.

2. cocoa-theobromine can cause arrythmias

3. magnesium or potassium deficiency-magnesium is the "master mineral", candida use this to digest sugar and your body needs it to function properly (heart rhythm. Potassium needs magnesium to be transported properly in (or out of) every cell in the body_think Afib.

4. acacia and other trees, cut grasses-release aldehydes into the air

5. molds/algae-I think most of them outgas aldehydes into the air or through your skin

Candida-use magnesium for their own metabolic work (depleting your reserves), while your body needs magnesium to reduce aldehyde to a less toxic chemical (aldehyde can be deadly_Afib and heart failure, I think) and candida metabolism produces alcohol which is converted to aldehye, then to acetic acid. Some people cannot metabolize aldehyde properly. It is not eliminated from the body and can build up to toxic levels ("Holiday Heart"! )_very interesting. Aldehyde is very dangerous (worse than alcohol).

Electrolyte imbalances, aldehyde from candida in the body, aldehydes from the environment (plants, molds, plastics, perfume, cologne, candles with synthetic fragrances, etc.) add to our toxic load and eventually we can have some very serious symptoms, including mental problems, burning face, sinus problems, female problems, disequilibrium/off balance, vertigo, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, irregular heart rate, Afib, etc.

"Dead in bed syndrome" is possible in people who are diabetic. Blood sugar drops during the night and chemical changes cause Afib and possibly death. People notice symptoms while they are awake, but not while they are asleep. Try to prevent drastic changes in blood sugar, especially during the night.

Replied by Henry
(Baja Mexico)

Your symptoms sound exactly like mine, I'm going to buy some coconut water today. Thanks so much, I'll let you know if it works!

Replied by Paul Hayworth
(Lake Cathie NSW Australia)

natto two aday been taking one aday for for 4 years now. Two INR will be 1 on two

natto buy from

Coconut Water
Posted by Laverne (Sandy Springs, Ga) on 01/14/2016

Drinking coconut water has definitely reduced the number of arrhythmia episodes that I've experienced. I drink 8 ounces twice per day, upon rising and retiring. It contains a natural source of magnesium.

Its worth a try! By the way, I read the tip on this site. Thank you all.

Colloidal Gold

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Posted by Gail (Wheelers Hill, Australia) on 01/27/2009

I was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia 27 years ago this was something that I would not only hear in my head but would also feel in my throat. 2 months ago I started taking colloidal gold ( 1 full dropper full once per day) I now have had a constant regular heartbeat for the past 2 weeks. It is an amazing feeling . The colloidal gold is also credited with cleaning out the veins.

Replied by Robin
(Boulder, Co)

I too feel it in my throat. It starts as skips and goes into afib where I feel it less in my throat. Did you continue using this and are there any side effects?


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Posted by L J (Los Angeles, California ) on 07/30/2016

I have to admit I am very amazed that your site doesn't mention COQ 10 at all for the heart palpitations.!!???? I found a book on heart conditions and there it states to take 300 mg a day works..although too much can give you too much I bought some at Whole foods and took enough which really helped stop the palpitations and if I feel Palps coming on and I usually do if I drink too much wine...especially red wine..I take a 50 mg capsule of COQ 10.... Or 100 mg...also drinking water when I have wine helps yes we all have to cut out the alcohol and or sugar....or suffer with other thing I found that works, is Ginger capsules...taking one capsule twice a day with full glass of water tends to digest all the food in the stomach which also can cause Palps..... Xoxo ...L J

Posted by Dallas (Amesbury, Ma, Usa) on 02/14/2011

Kolin's post on the cayenne page is a GREAT description of an arrythmia!

Kolin (Nottingham, England) on 02/13/2011: "Yesterday I had, unusually while awake, a strong episode of atrial flutter, my chest felt like a washine machine full of golf balls!"

Gotta LOVE it. Next time it happens, I hope I remember this cayenne remedy. Another remedy to keep the golf balls out of the washing machine is CoQ10 on a regular basis. I started with a heavy dose and it worked right away. I was astounded. Then I worked my way down to a lighter dose. Less expensive.

Dietary Changes, Taurine

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Posted by Dayle (Amesbury, Ma) on 05/24/2016

I tried so many of the remedies on this site, and could find no relief. The arrhythmia was getting so bad, at times I felt like I would die. I even was getting desperate enough to consider going to a doctor - which I only do if I figure I am going to die. Then, I read about taurine on this site. I had been vegan for several months. I had wanted to be vegetarian, not vegan, but since I am allergic to eggs and dairy, it made me pretty effectively vegan. In desperation, I switched over to eating meat again and taking taurine as a supplement. Voila! In short order, the arrhythmias disappeared! I thank God for Earth Clinic!


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Posted by Carol (Oh) on 03/11/2018

I started taking EDTA for the purpose of cataracts, irregular heart beat, high blood pressure. Within 2 days of taking this, the irregular heart beat is even more irregular with even higher blood pressure. With the EDTA I take potassium, magnesium coq10 and selenium.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am considering discontinuing use, but I'm really hoping this is normal and if I continue taking it, it will clear up.

Any thoughts?

Replied by Randolph
(Malaga Spain)

How much vit C did you take daily for the arrhythmia? Many thanks.

EDTA Chelation

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 04/04/2010

Well, it's me again and I am still searching for a way to address my heart situation. After a visit to two Knoxville, Tn cardiologists, I am at a loss as to what to do next. First of all I have been doing EDTA Chelation for over a year just to avoid just what is happening. I have been with over 300 heart by-pass folks and no way will they do another by-pass or stint. They don't even go to a cardiologist anymore. They use chelation to keep their arteries open.

My tests show that I have both a restriction and arrhythmia. I continue to do chelation but my cardiologists insist that I have a cardiogram and stints and bypass as they deem necessary. I refuse and they refuse to address my irregular heart beat. It pisses off heart doctors if you do chelation. There is no big money for them. Chelation cost's $ 3000 and by-passes are in the hundred of thousands.

Not only that , it pisses them off if you have an Anti Aging Doctor who does hormone modulation or supplements as I do. You got to do big pharma's stuff. You got to stay sick and visit them every few weeks.

At 73 , I thought I was in good shape. Upon reflection it appears that my heart damage was done when I was younger and in job stress as well as when I had Sleep Apnea. I will do better in the next life, if I don't come back as a goat.

Doctors don't like for you to challenge them. Just be a good little boy or girl and follow orders. It's a GOD thing. As a card carrying Redneck, I don't do that. They can kiss my grits.

Excuse my vent, but I had to or explode.

Replied by Saba
(Mentor, Oh)

I have read some good things about CAYENNE PEPPER and heart health. Maybe it will help you too. God Bless.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Robert...Although EDTA chelation therapy clears plaque from within the smaller blood vessels, current research has found that it does not have much effect on the bigger arteries near the heart.

A relatively new discovery, recent research has also found that dilute solutions of hydrogen peroxide -- by way of chelation IV therapy -- DOES successfully clear plaque and obstructions near the heart.

There is a therapy called CHELOX THERAPY that combines both the EDTA and Hydrogen peroxide chelation therapies which has been quite successful. See this link here:

As well -- regarding your heart arrythmia problems -- you might like to try three further protocols:

* Taking magnesium supplements -- such as Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate.

* Taking baths with two cupfuls of Magnesium chloride or Epsom salt crystals. This method uses transdermal absorbtion by the skin of the body to absorb the Magnesium. I also use a simple garden sprayer -- 8 oz of water plus 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salts -- and just spray it all over my body after a shower and let it dry and be absorbed. This is the fastest, safest way to get your magnesium levels up. See this link:

* Take mega-doses of vitamin C. Linus Pauling, a double winner of the Nobel prize went on to study vitamins. He has proved by research (which the medical profession has completely ignored), that taking 4-6 GRAMS of Vitamin C with 4-6 GRAMS L-Lysine, an amino acid, removes plaque and heart blockages. Pauling also referred to the arterial plaque as "Arterial Scurvy". See these links here:

The two magnesium protocols I've mentioned also got rid of my regular episodes of racing heart. I also found that I could sleep much better, and it raised my energy levels. I'm over 60 y o bye the way. My determination of my own problem was that my calcium intake was both too high and unregulated because of low magnesium in my body.

Magnesium is very important for your body and is involved in over 300 major enzyme processes. It is also involved in the regulation of calcium in the tissues(think arterial plaque) and magnesium is also critical to the heart muscle(or heartbeat) -- being the important part of the relaxation process.

Replied by Mikec
(Iloilo, Philippines)

Bill, Will magnesium malate work for arrythmias?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Mikec...I can think of no reason why magnesium malate should not work for arrythmia. The malic acid from ACV is converted to sodium malate salt when Baking Soda(Sodium Bicarbonate) is added to ACV in solution. Malates will provide more energy for the cell Kreb's cycle. The magnesium part should act in the normal way to relax the heart muscle more as well as help balance any excess calcium, acidity and tension created in the heart muscle.

The more usual magnesium forms to supplement are mag chloride, mag citrate and mag gluconate. I have seen and bought magnesium gluconate from GNC in SM Mall in Baguio and Manila. I have also seen various magnesium supplements at Healthy Option shops in SMs like Asia Mall.

I found that both taking Magnesium Bicarbonate water and absorbing magnesium sulphate(Epsom Salts) in solution transdermally was the best way to get rid of my own arrythmia problems. I bought a large milk carton of Epsom Salts crystals from Healthy Options recently and it cost only 99 pesos. I put a couple of tablespoonfuls of Epsom Salt crystals in a garden sprayer and, after my shower, just spray myself all over and let it be absorbed transdermally. This is the most economical way to absorb larger amounts of magnesium than supplementing -- and with this method there will be no intestinal problems.

Replied by Ron
(Tavernier, Fl)

I just want to thank the person that mentioned Vitamin C Therapy and Linus Pauling. It appears Mr Pauling had the answer years ago and the drug and medical industry has spent years trying to keep it a secret. My doctor told me " It doesn't matter what you do, you will never correct this problem yourself without medical treatment." Of course by medical treatment he meant to shock the heart, pacemaker or some other medical witch doctor baloney and of course the dangerous and deadly drugs. Here take this drug it will calcify your arteries, cause cancer and you can bleed to death but at least you will not have a stroke. Some choice.

Vitamin C Therapy is the answer to all of your problems with the heart. Take my word for it because I had A fib worse than any of you, it was a 24 hour 7 day a week problem with a heart beat of 155 beats a minute. In the mornings, I would wake to a heart beating out of the chest, not sometimes but every morning... Once again my thanks to the person that posted the part about Linus Pauling and I want to thank you for saving me from this problem as micro nutrient therapy is the answer to the riddle I was beating my head against the wall trying to find. No thanks to the dangerous and deadly incompetent medical industry with their dangerous chemicals and primitive medical practices.


How much C and what form of C is recommended according to Linus Pauling protocol? I take whole peeled lemon in green drink daily. Cayenne pepper and iodine drops and hawthorne drops help return my norm.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

To all: The entire cardiovascular and cancer research pretty much, done by Dr. Linus Pauling (d. 1994) and his less well known co-researcher Dr. Matthias Rath who actually was Dr. Pauling's mentor in Vitamin C therapy after he retired at 65 in order to pursue this, can be found in a few key documents on Dr. Rath's site here:


Among the discoveries made by Dr. Rath the following rank highest:

1. The discovery that atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes are an early form of scurvy caused by a chronic vitamin deficiency of the vascular wall. Read about it in Dr. Rath's book 'The Heart'. (PDF, 1. 43 MB)

Looking at the TOC inside, Arrythmia is in CH. 6, on Page 96. This has been freely available online since 2001, and the Pauling scientific studies were released in the early 1990's just a few years before Dr. Pauling died. But some slides are like an open-face book, there are two pages per slide. So in the PDF doc, if you put 96 into the page box and expect to get there, you'll note there are only 96 pages or slides total, so you'd be on the very last page. The correct number to put in the box above is '48'. This gets you to Chapter 6 Arrythmia. In here is the case studies, dosages and frequency, etc. For the various supplements, minerals, Vitamin C and amino acids!

Replied by Richard
(Menlo, Iowa)

I Would like to hear from Ron from Tavernier Fl To see how the vit. C therapy is Working for him. And also from Jane to see If the Iodine is still helping her with this nightmare. Or from anyone else that's having luck controling there AFIB. Thanks. Richard

Replied by Anne
(Chicago, Il Usa)

Richard, I developed arrythmia issues last year and was put on 25 mg Toprol, which I have recently stopped taking (didn't like the side effects and slowly reduced the amount). I researched it and from this website learned that lactic acid can build up in all our muscles (including the heart).. And can cause the arrythmia. I believe that I had exercised so much, was eating yogurt (has lactic acid in it), and the combination of electrolytes being down, the lactic acid from both working out and the yogurt, could have contributed to the arrythmia.

I have recently read a book call The Magnesium Factor by Seelig and Rosanoff which has explained how most Americans are seriously low in magnesium. Since stopping the Toprol and reading the book, I take 1 tsp of magnesium powder before going to bed (I use a product called CALM I found in the health food store, not sure who makes it... ). I'm having a 48-hr halter monitor test Thursday and Friday this week (cardiologist was upset when I told them I gradually stopped the Toprol on my own... They say people don't usually go off it. I didn't want to stay on it for life! ). Not sure how old you are, but some of us remember Jim Fixx who got Americans running, and then up and died of a heart attack one day, which was pretty confusing to the masses. It could be that lactic acid & low levels of magnesium (an electrolyte) contributed to it. By the way, I also don't drink coffee and instead use a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses (has potassium) in hot water as a drink at work. Hope this helps...Anne


Can you please tell me the difference between regular and unsulphured Black Strap Molasses? which one is preferable to use for arrhythmia?

Replied by Richard
(Menlo, Iowa)

Thanks Ann, I hope you test goes well. I received a very nice e-mail from a Woman named Candy about a site that sells non toxic Iodine. I think I'll give it a try along with mag, vit. C and fish oil. Still hoping to hear from Ron from Tavernier Fl. and June who had great luck with Iodine.

Replied by Anne
(Chicago, Il Usa)

Thanks, Richard. I also wanted to mention you should look under the 'Ailments' tab at this site and click on arrythmia. Some interesting info There (see June from Cincinnati's post on12/28/09 using 'real elemental iodine'). I also learned somewhere on this site that apple cider vinegar is helpful in cases of arrythmia. Will like to hear about how your situation improves. I live in a high-rise and have developed tinnitus noticeably more at home.. am wondering if all the 'waves' in my building could be an issue for both the tinnitus and arrythmia....Anne

Replied by Pattie
(Lake St. Louis, Mo)

I would just like to say; I love your site. I believe God first in all things. Luke was a Dr. So we have need of caring for ourselves at times while the Lord works out all of our issues and promises to heal us by his stripes. He does and sometimes we can play a part in it.

I had bad heart arithymia about 8-9 years ago.

I was at the point they were going to put the pacemaker in, as I was in filbilation all of the time. A new heart Dr.Was added to the practice and he told me lets try something they had been working on at the university. So I had two weeks to get better basically (from what I remember), he put me on slow magnesium 2 pills a day. My heart before the end of the two weeks started to beet normal. However if I don't take it for several months the fililations returns. I for some reason am normal to low on the blood test, but they don't know why.

In some states and countries you may have to get the slow mag from the pharmist, you have to order in st. louis and then pick it up but it saved my life.

Replied by Jo
(New York)

Pattie, Please tell me the exact name of the supplement, the brand name and the total amount you took. Also, please tell me the name of the Dr. you worked with (who is doing studies at the university). I have a family member who has had this for 4 years and trying to get off medication. Please help. thank you.

Replied by John Thomas
(Salisbury, Uk)

I am trying out Angioprim, oral chelation. See their website for scores of previous users all over the world that you phone up and ask about their experiences.

Replied by Jt
(Salisbury, Uk)

Following surgery for a blocked carotid artery, I found out about ProArgi-9. Wonderful stuff for clearing arterial plaque. You simply take a scoop each morning and night in a glass of water. Much easier than chelation systems I have tried.

Please do Google it and find out about Dr Prendergast, the inventor. My surgeon has never heard of it and does not want to know about it!!!

Replied by Mike
(Stockton, Ca.)

I was having angina, I already have a double bypass, Atherosclerosis, a pace maker, and VA could only offer nitro as a cure. I thought, I am going to die. So I started researching homeopathic cures, and found basketfuls on the www & YouTube, and tried a bunch of them with a 95% turnaround in two months, no angina, no high blood pressure, clear arteries, no diabetes, no COPD, no body cramps.

I would now recommend two great products, Serrapetase removes anything nonliving from your system and arties, scarring from heart attacks, etc. And Nattokinase will remove blood clots. I am waiting on my first order of Nattokinase to arrive, and I just quit Serrapetase as I feel my system is super cleaned now. I want to see what affect the Nattokinase will have on arteries in the brain and possible headache cure and varicose veins. Doctors in Europe & Japan are using these instead of doing by-passes, angina, etc. I used the Serrapetase for about six months, and will use it occasionally in a lower 1/2 dose and maybe every 3 months, I will use it for a month.

I want to calm some fears for pacemakers & wires and stints, Serrapetase had no affect on these items in my veins or heart. I didn't short out or anything. BUT it did a job on plaque and I can tell the difference. I went from a 1/2 block a day to 2 miles, and can run up and down my stairs like a 16 year old. I am 68.

I thank Arginine for giving me strength. weight lifters use it too! ACV & Highlands pills for stopping leg cramps. Good tip. Take along some highland leg cramp pills when you walk. Your legs won't feel tired. And dilate before you go.

Just a WARNING!! Don't use these if you recently had any surgery or getting ready to have surgery. They can stop healing.

A good morning drink to clean arterys & end hardening, is to use 1 8oz warmed glass of water, add 4 tbsp lemon juice & 2 tbsp. honey.

A good night drink, 2 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar in 4-6 oz of water. Ends those night or early morning leg cramps forever!! If you feel any body cramp durning the day, use this method. The cramp is saying give me calcium, magnesium & potassium, one of those is deficit.

Wish you well!!

Replied by Marcia
(London, Uk)

Hi Mike from Stockton

I have fairly high blockage on descending arteries and get breathless easily, was 65% after NO intervention during an exam. That was 6 yrs ago. I continue along my merry way without stents etc and do Yoga, take nutrition and the occasional glass of wine weekly. I am trialling EDTA powder orally and, other than clearing out the bowel, can't assess any other benefits over 3 weeks. Take about 1500mg in divided doses over 24 hours on empty stomach.

You mention Serrapeptase - taking it for 6 months. How do you evaluate the blockages have cleared - you mention running etc. Did you have an angiogram to confirm?

Would you share the amount you took, and similarly for Nattokinase.

Many thanks.

For the user who mentioned homeopathic remedies I would love to know the names and dosages that worked for you. Understandably its different for each person but seeing a Homeopath may help me also.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

Have you tried Molasses? It has 4 YEAS.

EDTA has been historically used to clean the arteries. Nattokinase has obsoleted EDTA. Unless there is a blood flow problem, I wouldn't think this would work for Arrhythmia.

Replied by Mt
(Ottawa, Ontario)

See info about grapefruit juice/ rosemary and thyme on

Replied by Roman
(San Jose, Ca)

Recently Dr Mercola published few studies that found that both marathon runners and long distance runners have arrhythmia. He claims also that researchers found that long continuous exercise is not as beneficial as short high intensity bursts, lasting only 20 min or so he calls it (HIT). I also wanted to add that I personally developed arrhythmia at age 58, shortly after completing my cross country trip on a bicycle in the year 2000. It supports of what Anne from Chicago said, about strenuous long term activity and possible "lactic acid buildup". I did not have any issues beforehand. I still have the AFIB, my pulse is very low (well conditioned athlete) but the hurt rate is irregular and the Drs for long time wanted to put me on blood thinners (for the last 13 years, but I refused). So far so good, but would like to get rid of the AFIB, now I'm 70 and still bicycle a lot. Taking Mg glycynate (400Mg) but not sure if it helps.

Replied by James
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Roman, I was a jogger of 6-8k 4 times a week when I came down with AF at 56. After 4 years of several cardios/EPs treating symptoms and Meds that never work or lose effectiveness, Im med/allopathic medicine free. Its not any one activity/diet etc that brings on arrhythmia, but any and all including raising LA in our bodies that depletes the number one mineral our hearts crave, Magnesium. Strenuous exercise is moving up the ladder, however it has a long way to go to catch 1.Alcohol and 8. Caffeine as Mag depletors. Your Mag intake is too low. 400mg is fine for normal people, but were not normal. Plus, gylcinate is very difficult to absorb and hold in, possibly only getting 100mg in your blood. I take on average, 800mg along with a few other things and increase that to 1200-2000mg depending on heart feeling and getting back to NSR. I use Mag Malate and Mag Oil.

I also am back to drinking moderately, mostly wine a few times a week and drinking coffee 1-2 cups in the morning. Just know I have to load up on the Mag when I do this.

Replied by Bruce

Hi Roman and James, I am also a runner, for over 20 years now, age 56. I have had irregular heart rate for about 10-15 years now. Mine is slow and irregular. It happens about every 2 weeks and lasts for up to 24 hours. Then it goes away for another 2 weeks or so with an occasional irregular beat here and there in between. I feel like I've tried cutting out just about every food I can, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, glutamate, etc. I've also tried many supplements, potassium, magnesium, taurine, all the vitamins and still have it. Even took a month off of running just to see if it mattered. During the days after an episode I can eat anything and do anything without an episode. But for some strange reason I seem to be on a schedule of every 2 weeks. Sometimes I will go back to back some weeks but usually it's every 2 weeks. Sometimes it will only last 12 hours but usually it's closer to 24 hours, never more than that. I been to the doc, did the ekg, echo. They say my heart is fine and recommend the usual blood thiners, etc. I also have little to no dizziness, chest pain or other symptoms. I wish I knew what to do to get rid of it. I'm a little concerned with going overboard on the magnesium but am also tempted to try more. Currently I take about 300 mgs of supplements also eat foods high in magnesium like spinach, nuts, etc. I use to run alot, like 70 miles per week, now more like 40 mpw, have run over 100 races along with 7 marathons. I also sweat a ton when I run except in the winter it isn't too bad. Just wish I could figure this out. I'm worried one day my heart's just going to stop, I mean at a young age, relatively speaking.

As I'm writing this I'm in afib now. Should be stopping soon, it's been about 23 hours. When it happens my hr gets as low as 37 bpm. Normally it'a about 48-60, lower at night, higher during the day. Not sure if the cayenne or other remedies would work for me. Probably will need a pacemaker at some point. Just hope I figure it out before that. If there's an answer that is. Do either of you think I should try to double my magnesium doses, maybe up to 600 mgs a day? A little concerned about too much. Maybe I worry too much. Oh well good luck to all you folks. Hope to hear back from some of you. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Carly
(Pnw, US)

Hi Bruce.

Info Fyi...54 Year old, not super fit, not super unfit, non smoking woman here. Average person, average weight. Moderate drinker.

I get low heart rate (48 BPM) and heart palpitations. It's weird, when my BP is high, I have a low heart rate, when my BP is low....the opposite. I notice that my heart rate picks up if I eat something. Maybe it is a blood sugar issue?

Since I began taking 40,000 units of Serrapeptase about ten days ago, my blood pressure has been WAY lower, and NO palpitations! From what I have read about Serrapeptase, it makes the blood thinner, and helps clean out the arteries by consuming fiberin. Something you may want to google....Serrapeptase.

I have also been upping my magnesium, (Threonate and Malate) and taking at LEAST 500mg a day. As a man, I believe you could safely take 200mg more than that, until you have loose stools, which is the most reliable way to know you have reached your limit. Mg is also complimented by vitamin B6. Read up on that too if interested. There are Many co-factors for magnesium.

Another thing...consider chiropractic for the Vegas Nerve. I also started getting my upper back (C7) adjusted two weeks ago after reading that may help some people with AFIB. My upper back has been a source of misery for me for decades....and I was thinking...even if it didn't help the palps, maybe I could get some back relief. It is helping both, I believe.

Just some alternative type of things to consider, and possibly "Google". I know how awful palpitations are, and hope you figure yours out! Good luck!

Replied by Timh
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B: Insufficient bile flow which is a condition called cholestasis and/or cholesterol gallstones can and do cause heart irregularities.

It would prove advantageous to broaden the scope of your heart support nutrients w/ advanced nutraceuticals like Carnitine, CoQ10, and d-Ribose. Dr Sinatra goes into some detail on these nutrients in his publications and media presentation; along w/ warnings on the dangers of statin drugs for reducing cholesterol.

If you haven't made the switch from processed salt to Sea or Himalayan Salt, then now is the time to do that. These "real" salts have other major & trace minerals which provide a complete balance to body chemistry.

Replied by Bruce
(Massachusetts, US)

Hi Carly,

Didn't see a reply button on your post so went to the next one down. Not sure on how this site works just yet.

Anyway, thanks for the reply. I will try another 200 mg of magnesium as you suggest and monitor. Today I took some others advice and bought some ACV and cayenne pepper, just to try. You never know when that one thing may make a difference. I will also look into your suggestion about serrapeptase (never heard of it). I like your other suggestion about the cervical spine. I've had problems in my neck area in the past, mind pain and stiffness, and had considered that to be a possible problem. Sometimes get numbness in my finger tips too. It may be worth checking out and getting an adjustment in that area.

Again, thanks for the tips. I love these kinds of sites. I've solved more problems on the internet. You never know when you'll come across that one bit on information that makes the difference. Think I'll keep visiting this site. I'm always having one problem or another that I would like to improve. Sometimes I have some things to share also. Not sure if they allow links to other sites here. Some sites I've visited claim that glutamate is a big problem. Found a nice lecture video of a Dr Blaylock on this topic, He calls them excitotoxins and in high doses they can penetrate the blood brain barrier and cause a wide range of problems. Let me see if I can post the link. If the site doesn't like them then they can delete them I suppose.

Scroll down this page a bit to get the Blaylock video, pretty interesting:

Good luck to you as well

Replied by Andy
(Monterey, Ca)

This happens with a lot of runners. You are sweating out all your minerals. There are 60 basic minerals all to be taken in liquid form. Lots of collodial minerals available online. Get the one that comes from Utah. Probably take 90 days to correct. Good Luck.

Replied by Carly
(Pnw - Usa)

Thanks Bruce!

I am glad you are finding alternative ways of looking at your health issues here. I have been posting and reading (mostly reading) Earth Clinic for years now! Amazing how fast time goes by.

Re E.C.: there are so many people on here that are MUCH more informed on natural cures than I am. We all share what is true for us, and people can either take it, or leave it...the point is sharing our experiences and attempting to maybe help even one other person. Nothing is written in stone for each individual...nor should it be!

Doctor Blaylock is an interesting read. Also, look on youtube for some talks by a Doctor Frank Shallenberger. He has some very interesting lectures as well. Not all will apply to you, but the ones that do, are just awesome.

MSG and glutamates....horrible stuff. Taurine (an amino acid) counteracts MSG. It competes with it in your system. My husband would get heart palpitations after eating a French dip with the au jus at a certain restaurant. I tasted the au jus, and it literally burned my tongue. Not because it was hot...because it felt like so Damned CHEMICAL. So anyway, that was when I looked up what counteracts MSG....turns out is it the amino acid Taurine.

Because my husband continues to eat fast / ie CRAP foods....I make sure his daily vitamins include a 500mg of taurine daily. He has not had another horrid reaction for a couple of years now.

I am rambling...just wanted to say that I am glad you found Earth Clinc, and welcome aboard!

Replied by Bruce
(Ma., US)

Carly, Glad to be aboard. This seems like a good site. No registration either which I like. Post away, no hassle.

I didn't know taurine counteracted MSG. I found out about taurine on a running site. This runner said it cured his arrythmia. I tried it for a couple of months and continued to have my episodes so I stopped. But recently started taking it again. I have the 500 mg also. I've always thought MSG was a problem for me, a trigger. Whenever I eat chinese food, soups and other stuff with MSG I seem to have a problem. I read all labels now. I'm surprised your husband even goes near it, I don't anymore. But I guess if the taurine cancels the effects then why not. It does add flavor.

Bought some CoQ10 today. I'm trying everything, getting desperate to find a cure for this. I take so many supplements now. I do feel better in many areas since I started taking supplements. I think when you exercise aggressively like I do you lose a lot of nutrients through sweat, etc. I always thought I was getting enough through food but I think I was wrong. I now feel better, sleep better, think better, less stressed, since adding supplements. Just wish the darn afib would go away. Like so many other problems I've had in the past I usually find the answer at some point.

Nice chatting

Replied by Michal


I am 30 year old runner (15 years o training) and I have had arythmia problem for 5-6 years. I have irregular heart beat after end of the training (not during) sometimes when I stand very quickly or lay down from standing postion - my heart stops and beats very slow but very strong and there are some extra heart beats. During the stress there is the same situation. Lot of circumstances when I have it. I tried lot of magnesium - didn't work. Suplementation with vit C B Q10 CAL MAG D, MAG, ZInk, Kelp, selenium, chrom with wanad - most of them from nutrilite. Nothing has changed. My heart beats slowly but very strong after my entrance on the second floor upstaris it stops then it beats irregular- I don't feel tired by my chest is doing everything incorrect. during that I have something like reflux but with empty bubbles of air - nothing else. I also tried Taurin and Argin from about month - nothing changed. Do you have some solutions for me?? I will be very glad and greatful of every opinion. My e mail is: nogaje(at)

Replied by Anon

Potassium you did not list but maybe forgot...msm for elasticity in veins -

Replied by Timh
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I'll agree with the first responder to this post, as it appears the problem is in the circulation and not the heart itself. There are several different cleanses you can do for the arteries & veins. For veins take Rutin, White Oak Bark, Horse Chestnut, Butchers Broom. For arteries Cayenne/Ginger, Hawthorn, Garlic, Gingko Biloba, ACV, Lemon Juice, MSM/Vit-C/L-Lysine.

Another problem source to consider is Parasites, especially Ascaris aka Roundworm. If you have indoor/outdoor pets or are around tame or wild animals as a hobby or trade, you are likely exposed to parasites. Ascaris stages are very damaging to arteries and the heart. Someone only days ago posted here on E.C. of a recent heart surgery or ablation and after recovering from that procedure is back to the heart pains which she has now found are caused by parasites (is doing para cleanses now).

Epsom Salt

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Posted by Mary (Yutan, Ne) on 06/24/2014


Hello, I did the 2 TBSP of Epsom salt mixed with 8 oz's of water because I was having what felt like a skipped heart beat. I sprayed it all over my body & did notice that the skipped heart beats stopped within 20 minutes. Also I slept much better than I have in a long time. However the next morning I did have diarrhea. So my question is can a person get diarrhea from spraying the Epsom salt water combination onto their body this way? Not sure if it was from the spray or not. If from the spray then any suggestions on how much to spray in order to get the benefits of the magnesium. Thank you

Replied by Mary

Yes it can. Any overdose of magnesium will have that effect, which is what is in Epsom salts. Similar to Vit C it's best to start low and then work your way up till you find your tolerance level(it helps but has no lose bowels).

Replied by Elena

Don't think the above answer is correct. Magnesium was applied externally and should not have caused a diarrhea.


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Posted by Alon Shomer (Jerusalem) on 11/26/2017

The majority of arrhythmia cases I came across, were probably due to the accumulations of toxins in the pericardium, upsetting the normal heart rhythm.

Many compounds such as caffeine can make your heart increase its rate irregularly. As we age the ability of many tissues to eliminate by products is reduced. When such compounds accumulate in the heart outer layers, they will start to leak inside the heart and over stimulate its electrical system.

The surest and fastest way to eliminate these toxins is short water fast.

From my experience, the best remedy for arrhythmia is a 60 hours water fast.
Although mostly the results are achieved in the first session, it is very advisable to repeat it every month or two.

The Water Fast:

Water fasting is when you stop eating all food for the set period of time and drink water only.
It is advisable to drink 6 to 10 glasses of water during each 24 hours.

When completing the fast it is advisable to eat lite for the first day and then return to the regular diet.

Some people find starting with a 60 hour fast difficult, there fore if this is your case, I suggest to start with short fasts the first one for 24 hours, the next month do a 36 hour fast and the following month the 60 hour fast.

There is a lot of reading material available about short water fasting and anyone without experience is encouraged to learn about it prior to commencing a fast. You can also find people who professionally supervise fasters.

When fasting, the best method to determine the detox level is by checking the urine for color, smell, mucous and more. Other indications are tongue, headaches and more.

When encounter with harsh detox, an increase in water consumption, a glass or two, may reduce it. If this does not work, drinking some lemon juice with a little honey or maple syrup may reduce the detox rate. You must take in consideration that the use of honey may stop the detox altogether.

Please note that there may be an increase in arrhythmia at the beginning of the fast as the toxins leave the heart tissues. Controlled physical activity during such period may help to reduce the arrhythmia at that time.

Flaxseed Meal

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Posted by Overcomer (USA) on 10/27/2023

For anyone dealing with arrhythmias that have tried everything and more with no relief…….. try ground flaxseeds. I have been dealing with the worst pvcs, pacs, svt all of it and afraid of losing my life due to them and my physicians and specialists not caring. Seeing all of it and telling me all I can do is take pills! Won't do an ablation because my pvc burden is only %6. So I prayed and cried out to Yahweh and asked His Holy Spirit for guidance. I went to Dr. where I remember reading the flaxseed was could for cardiovascular. I read through it again, and stated right there that flaxseeds have been shown to inhibit heart arrhythmias!!!! So that very night I took 3 tablespoons of flaxseeds, threw them in my grinder And added it to 4 oz of organic milk and my arrhythmias came to a halt. A few pvcs every now and again but nothing close to what I had been experiencing! 🙌🏽 praise God for communities like this and Dr.axe!!!!!! We can help each other here! Praise Yeshua for his goodness!

Food Allergy

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Posted by Shane (Palm Beach, Queensland/australia) on 12/05/2011

Hi there. I have heart arrythmia (well HAD it) for about a year. I would have an episode where my heart was beating all over the place or skipping beats about once a week to once every 2 weeks. The episodes could last for most of a day and sometimes longer. They left me worn out and feeling crappy.

Now I am a big fan of oats and would eat them regularly but it seems that oats are not my friend. There came a time when I stopped eating oats for 3 months and for the entire time my heart arrythmia stopped (as did my frequent heartburn). I then ate oats for one week and low and behold both my arrythmia and heartburn returned. That was when I noticed the correlation and so I again stopped eating oats for a few months. The heartburn and arrythmia ceased immediately. Recently I ate oats again and the symptoms returned.

I therefore now do not eat oats. I can eat bread and I eat cornflakes every morning but no oats.

I've asked doctors about this but they seem to discard it and tell me I shouldn't have stopped taking the medication (which I took for only about 1 week as it seemed to make the arrythmia worse), even though I seem to have cured my problems without drugs.

I have found no scientific evidence for my case and have searched the internet for reasons for why it works but there seems nothing. In fact I have found a number of sites recommending oats for heart problems, so I can't explain it, but hey... cutting out oats from your diet to see what happens can't harm anyone so I hope this helps someone with the same problem.


Replied by Rebeca
(Des Moines Ia, Usa)

Could it be that you are allergic to oats? You might want to read a free book.... The Pulse Test by Dr Arthur F. Coca Somebody posted it here and it has been a help to my son who was told by his doctor that he is allergic to something.

I hope this is a help to you and you find health.

Replied by Carl
(Floridale, Florida)

Thanks for your comments. I have also had trouble after eating oatmeal. Many other foods seem to cause V tach, skipping and extra beats too, but usually when trying to sleep. I think sweets and flour products, fried food, beef, gas causing foods, beans, red sauces, tomatos, milk, cake, etc, all contribute. Coffee drives it crazy (Chickory is my substitute- limited amounts). No colas anymore for me. Episodes begin just as I am fading into sleep and last off and on all night. Can't hardly sleep. Gets much worse in early A. M. When heart slows, skips, bangs, wakes me. I was prescribed Toprol, maybe helped some, but won't continue on it for long. Have felt terrible for a year or more, no energy and have battled GERD for years, progressively worse. I think the GERD causes the V tach, maybe the V tach caused the GERD, though. Doctors don't care, just want to treat one, not the other and prescribe only chemicals. I was ordered to stop all supplements by the cardio Dr. I think diet and magnesium and other things on here will help. Right now I will try to eat a lot from about 8am to 2pm, then maybe almost complete fast till bedtime so I can sleep. On of my best nights was after I fasted all day, but I have to eat. I think we need more info / research on the connection between digestive system -GERD- and arrythmia. BTW, ACV helps with GERD.


Gastric - Cardio Syndrome

Replied by Colin
(Melbourne, Victoria Australia)

Carl, from Floridale, Try eating a red Delicious apple after dinner and also as required during the day for your GERD. I was placed on Nexium (for life) at age 70 because of Gerd and a Hiatus Hernia.

Persevered for a month or so as I had been on Nexium for about a year and was back and forward between apples and pills in that time. Gerd is now resolved and I swear by this method.

Replied by Amy

Hello fellow arrhythmia sufferers!

So happy to have found this website. I have read all the posts of natural remedies and cannot wait to try. I have pac's or ectopic beats everyday and night now. Have been to EP doctor and have had 2 ablations. 1st one did cure the tacchycardia but irregular beats persist. I will try acv with soda, mag, cayenne, molasses, and even giving up the yogurt and oats. I refuse heart meds and truly believe in the gi connection and a vitamin deficiency. God bless all of us to find the cure! Amy

Replied by Ellen
(Nh Usa)

Have you been checked for Lyme disease? That was the culprit for mine. Find a good LD doc and things will get better. Ellen

Replied by Amy
(Illinois, US)


Replied by Elaine
(London, UK)

Possible you are allergic to oats. Corn allergies can also cause arrythmias in some people.

General Feedback

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Posted by Steve (Cleveland, Ohio, United States) on 05/30/2012

I developed an arrhythmia in 1996 two years after a car accident where my stationary car was struck by a drunk driving a 15 passenger van at high speed. In the accident I sufferred some damage to my neck, back, struck my head etc. I have since learned that damage to the vegus nerve can cause cardiac arrhythmia as well as numerous other problems. The doctor assigned by my insurance plan put me on a regimen of 600mg of ibuprofen every six hours for pain, not only in my back and neck, but also for an arthritic knee. Which had been operated on previously. I have learned since, that Ibuprofen and other "nsaids", in high dose (over 400mg/day), can damage the myelin sheath which is the equivalent of electrical insulation on our nerves. I have read that this can cause nerve impulses to leak and activate muscles along the path of the nerve which can result in twitches, spasms, or arrhythmia. Long term use even at lower dosages can also have the same affect.

If a person already has arrhythmia, then I imagine use of these types of drugs may make the problem worse. I also learned that most nsaids cause red blood cells to clump together unnaturally, Which leads to stroke. Especially if one already has an arrhythmia. The first course of action we need to take is to find a physician who wants to cure us instead of treat us with the pharmaceutical industry crap for the rest of our lives which in most cases causes a host of other problems requiring more wonder drugs.

Thanks to my naivete in trusting my doctors I have become disabled, suffered two strokes, developed constant diarrhea, dizziness, temporarily lost the ability to swallow, and temporarily went blind in my right eye. On top of this I developed M.R.S.A. while in the hospital. Western Medicine SUCKS! The criminals at the A.M.A. , F.D.A., the drug conglomerates, Insurance companies, Politicians with price tags around their necks, and the so called JUDICIAL SYSTEM that covers and protects their miserable asses all need to be completely destroyed and rebuilt, with the best interest of humanity as the goal instead of the bank accounts of the scumbags in power.

Replied by Biddy

Hi Steve, Thank you for your contribution. I totally agree that it would be such a treat to find a doctor who is actually interested in healing this Arrythmia instead of dosing you up with as many drugs as possible! I have just been told I may need to have an ablation and I really don't want to go down this road! Having researched Ablation it sounds very invasive indeed not to mention dangerous. It's Magnesium for me and Vit C and no more coffee or chocolate! :-(( Or Alcohol! ) Must try the Epsom salt baths and spray! What a great site! I wish you well and I will also steer clear of Ibuprofen also. I don't take it but now and then I might take a few for low back pain. I hope you are keeping well Ted and I'm sorry you've had to go through so much. Biddy

Replied by Mr. Ree

I had a cardiac ablation from a dr who put me on atenolol.. I had to be wheelchaired into the hospital and 3 days later walked out in perfect health... I had it done at New England Medical Center, Boston... The operation is nothing.. The anxiety before it is not good. But knowing what I do now, I'd have it done in a heartbeat (pun intended. ) Before I went in my resting pulse was 160, if I walked it would go up to close to 200 and I would just about pass out... The punchline is I never even had HBP once in my life.. But a dr talked me into going on it for "preventative reasons. " I was ignorant of the facts back then... 10 years ago and feeling fine.. They ablated 12 places where the extra heartbeats were coming from... The procedure is nothing.

Replied by Sasha
(San Fran)

I had irregular heart beats, one cardiologist said it was PVC. Sometimes, my heart would beat so hard my body would shake was making me so uncomfortable and scared. The cardiologist said I could ignore it or take medication. I don't function that way so I looked deeper for the cause. Read about possible dental issues causing heart issues,

We hired a dentist that does dental cavitation surgery to open up every extraction site in my mouth. A study showed that 80% percent of these sites have toxins, in them . I also had my root canal extracted, due to my fears that they could be causing this issue. This is personal choice because I wanted to be well The cavitation dentist located a huge infection wisdom tooth extraction site he found gauze left behind from years back, and jaw bone infection, this infection did not show up on the MRI or digital x-rays, low level sepsis! I went on heavy duty antibiotics, after the surgery. Pounding heart, PVC , irregular heart beat whatever you want to call it was gone NO more Heart Problems

Replied by Donna
(Hartford, Ct)

Sasha, I have been wondering about the 3 root canals I have and thinking they may be the cause of my atrial fibulation problems. Thanks for sharing your story. It makes me wonder if the same can be true for me

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