Natural Cures for Cardiac Arrhythmia

Posted by Alon Shomer (Jerusalem) on 11/26/2017
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The majority of arrhythmia cases I came across, were probably due to the accumulations of toxins in the pericardium, upsetting the normal heart rhythm.

Many compounds such as caffeine can make your heart increase its rate irregularly. As we age the ability of many tissues to eliminate by products is reduced. When such compounds accumulate in the heart outer layers, they will start to leak inside the heart and over stimulate its electrical system.

The surest and fastest way to eliminate these toxins is short water fast.

From my experience, the best remedy for arrhythmia is a 60 hours water fast.
Although mostly the results are achieved in the first session, it is very advisable to repeat it every month or two.

The Water Fast:

Water fasting is when you stop eating all food for the set period of time and drink water only.
It is advisable to drink 6 to 10 glasses of water during each 24 hours.

When completing the fast it is advisable to eat lite for the first day and then return to the regular diet.

Some people find starting with a 60 hour fast difficult, there fore if this is your case, I suggest to start with short fasts the first one for 24 hours, the next month do a 36 hour fast and the following month the 60 hour fast.

There is a lot of reading material available about short water fasting and anyone without experience is encouraged to learn about it prior to commencing a fast. You can also find people who professionally supervise fasters.

When fasting, the best method to determine the detox level is by checking the urine for color, smell, mucous and more. Other indications are tongue, headaches and more.

When encounter with harsh detox, an increase in water consumption, a glass or two, may reduce it. If this does not work, drinking some lemon juice with a little honey or maple syrup may reduce the detox rate. You must take in consideration that the use of honey may stop the detox altogether.

Please note that there may be an increase in arrhythmia at the beginning of the fast as the toxins leave the heart tissues. Controlled physical activity during such period may help to reduce the arrhythmia at that time.