Natural Cures for Cardiac Arrhythmia

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ACV, Molasses, Magnesium, Cayenne
Posted by Keith (Carson Valley, Nv) on 04/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I'd like to add to the information and my condition and recent remedies and success.

I'm 64 and have suffered occasionally from arrhythmia since my 30's. During these years the arrhythmia only lasted at most 2-3 days. I'd only have an attack maybe 2-3 times a year and they were never really bad.

About 6 weeks ago I had the worst episode I've ever had. This one really scared me. I had the racing, skipped beats, weak beats, shortness of breath and low energy. As before, I expected it to end in a couple days. Well it's been 6 weeks and it's pretty much been going on since it started. It's been mostly mild to bad; and everything in between. I've had days without symptoms, but they were few and far between.

My flare-ups generally start when lying down. This last week, I almost dreaded going to bed, knowing that I would most likely have a bad episode. Being able to get a good night's sleep has been difficult.

I've been putting off going to the Dr. because, as many have indicated there's not much help to be gained and like most have said, I'd end up on drugs with unacceptable side effects or even worse surgical procedures or pace maker. I'm just not ready for that.

So I began my quest on the WWW and found this website along with others. However, this site is by far the most informative. After reading I decided to try some of the remedies others have had success with.

My only regret now is that it took me so long to search for and find relief.

I stopped at the grocery store yesterday after work and bought ACV, molasses, magnesium and cayenne. I'd had arrhythmia all day and was feeling miserable. I got home, took two tablespoons of molasses, two teaspoons of ACV, 200mg magnesium and cayenne.

In less than an hour I was feeling better! By bedtime almost all symptoms were gone and I had a normal heart beat and only a skipped beat here and there. I got my first good full night's sleep in a long time. I'm going to have to work with the cayenne though, the dose was too much, at least for me, and I had some diarrhea.

This morning I woke up feeling better than I had for several weeks and no symptoms. Before leaving for work, I took two tablespoons of molasses, two teaspoons of ACV and 200mg magnesium. I've gone the whole day and never once had an arrhythmia episode. I even had coffee as normal this morning.

I'm thankful I found this site and hope that others will find help here as well.


ACV, Molasses, Magnesium, Cayenne
Posted by Sharon (Tennessee) on 11/05/2015

Hi Ya'll, I'm back with some good news about what I have found that helped my heart arrhythmias! I have been almost symptom free now for two weeks. Read on:

I was having lots of PVCs at night, every night. I believe they were brought on by stress, but I've had problems with this type thing for 30 years. However, they were not much of a problem after menopause....until a several weeks ago. Then WHAM! Every night!! For hours!

I read a lot of posts on this site, and took to "heart" your advice. These are things I tried and what worked best for me;;

The Single best thing that seems to work for me is HEART CALM by Vita Biologics, 3 times a day. It is Magnesium combination with Potassium, Taurine and CoQ10. I tried other magnesium supplements, but this combination seems to work best. BY FAR!!

Also, I got HAWTHORN HERBAL TEA by FLora on, which contains; Hawthorn leaves and flowers, Hibiscus, Hawthorn berries, passion flower, licorice root, roasted chickory root. The bags are individual wrapped and fairly large to make a large mug of tea. I also added a tea bag of Chamomile with it. I happen to grow Lemon Balm, so I usually put a small handful of lemon balm in also. But I had tried the Chamomile and Lemon Balm together many times, and the HAWTHORN TEA seems to make the difference. HAWTHORN is a good heart builder.

The other thing I take is a couple droppers full of Motherwort extract. Although I had found Motherwort to help a lot over the years, it was not touching this problem by itself! (the last few weeks)

And one more thing I started doing is MAGNESIUM OIL during my bath time. I could not stand to spray it on my body dry- as it would itch and make me miserable. I found if I first washed my upper body and rinsed, then sprayed over my chest and upper arms- rubbing it in, then took my time in the bath, it did not itch at all, and I when I dry off, I leave the chest area wet with the MAGNESIUM OIL- as it should set on body for 20 minutes or so. The magnesium oil had NOT relieved the heart palpitations before I added the HEART CALM, however- I wasn't able to spray much on until I learned the trick about applying it to wet skin.

I believe the main thing that is helping and has almost completely stopped the problem of arrhythmias at night is the HEART CALM magnesium combination!! The very first night, after taking the HEART CALM and the HAWTHORN TEA, I had much fewer heart palpitations. I'm still doing the other things above, and eventually will drop off one of the things above, but will not quit taking this HEART CALM! If I run out of tea (or forget to drink it- HAWTHORN), I will notice if that makes a difference or not.

I am so delighted to give report this good news. I read it all here on this forum.

One thing that did not help by itself for me- was the blackstrap molasses (or any type) I don't think it had enough of what I needed, plus the sugar effect may not be the best thing for night. I tried that for several nights before I read about and ordered HEART CALM- and did not get relief from the molasses.

So, I take one Heart Calm in the morning, one in afternoon, and one an hour or so before bedtime.

A word of caution about the drug CIPRO. (for bacterial infections) It can cause heart rhythm aggravation and even a different type of rhythm problem. I found that I can not take that drug. It also causes headaches and stomach bloating in me.

HOPE THIS HELPS ALOT OF YA'LL!! My heart doctor almost laughed in my face when I suggested that I might need more magnesium or something lacking!!! Wait until I tell him the difference this combination is making! When EVER I decide to go back. Why is it that they give magnesium in hospitals for heart problems, but laugh at taking magnesium supplements when you're not at that point of severity??

I confirmed about the magnesium supplementation in book called The Magnesium Factor just this week. I may post another post on things I found out from that book.

Sorry this was so long.

Coconut Water
Posted by Kay Rn (Kentucky ) on 07/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Even though I am a Nurse that works on a telemetry floor I resist taking pharmaceuticals. However, when I developed my arrhythmia as mentioned by so many on this site, I tried their methods so they would not call me a noncompliant patient. Metoprolol gave me chest pain for the 4 days I took it, and could not tolerate it. I had not seen anyone mention Coconut water on this site but this is what I tried. I had been taking Magnesium called “Calm" which I had gotten at my local health food store and I took it when my symptoms were bad. But it was't as natural as food and I wanted a more natural supplement.

This is what I did and noticed: On hot days and sweating a lot, the arrhythmia were much more common afterwards. Also at night when laying down or on my left side it was real common and annoying, many trips to the ER. I bought my own EKG machine cause the doctors were not impressed by my discomfort...Apparently I feel every abnormal beat where many people do not. I started going to bed early to avoid the discomfort of the abnormal beating of my heart. I knew I was in Afib or would have rhythms of 3 quick beats in between normal sinus rhythm causing brief moments of shortness of breath. This is scary not matter how old you are....And at 48 years old they accidentally found an infarct in my brain. I'm not surprised given the abnormal beating of my heart and the confusion I was complaining about. That being said I started increasing foods that thin the blood, but this didn't solve the rhythm issues.

So with my experience on the floor I knew there are many things that can cause abnormal rhythms. Low blood flow to the heart (dehydration) blood pooling in the lower extremities because of standing for long hours (compression hose helps this), Electrolyte imbalances. The body doesn't just sweat out sodium, we loose other electrolytes that needs replacing.

I found that coconut water gives us Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Natural sugar. All of what Coconut water gives, is what we need for good neuromuscular health. So I started drinking an 8oz bottle a day. Problem solved. The days I forget to drink it, the arrhythmias come back slightly which reminds me I had forgotten. Some people as we get older have more trouble then others holding onto their electrolytes. I'm one of them.

The doctors never figured this out, they just kept giving me supplementation when my potassium dropped. We have to keep a good nutritional balance. Oh yes and Alcohol...This dehydrates and flushes the good stuff out. Its no wonder it can trigger abnormal heart rhythms, along with muscle cramps. Another reason to avoid it. Hope this helps.

Baking Soda
Posted by J. Davis (Texas) on 07/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My 83 year old friend had problems with extra heart beats for years and was given meds for it. The meds did not help. She started taking 1 tsp baking soda in water once a day and in a week healed the heart problem! She continues on this dose and has been taking it for 6 months now and heart problem has not come back. You cannot tell her that baking soda is just for baking bread!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by June (Cincinnati ) on 12/28/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have been through hell with arrrythmias!!! I believe that there are 4 or 5 root causes:

1. MSG: Taurine is an antidote for this. Best to avoid it, but it's hard. Many people get heart issues from msg I think! It's in a lot of food!
2. Thyroid: for me one drop of potassium iodide in a little water in the morning helped.
3. An irritated vagus nerve:/ colitis: 3 tablespoons of organic olive oil worked for me.
4. Vitamin deficiencies like b12, iron magnesium, etc. In desperation, I got a spectracell micronutrient test. (Google it) Was deficient in pantothenic acid!

If I avoid msg, take taurine if I've had MSG, take 3 tablespoons of olive oil every day and one drop of potassium iodide, and pantothenic acid, I'm good! It took me 40 years to get the right protocol. No help from modern medicine worked in the long run.

Hope this helps someone!

Posted by John (Sf, Ca) on 02/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I've tried all these, molasses+cayenne, ACV+baking soda, Lugol's iodine and magnesium both orally and spray-applied oil. All work fairly well to get rid of the arrhythmias for about 6 months, but they came back every day and I had to watch my diet very carefully to stay off heavy carbs and coffee.

Then I read the symptoms of low potassium. Since they fit me, I bought a bag of potassium chloride (KCl). In a large water glass, 12 oz, I put 1/16th of a teaspoon of KCl, and stirred it up. I sipped the water slowly, for over an hour. Then I repeated throughout the day.

Arrhythmias gone.

I just do that now, very little of the other stuff. I still occasionally take some molasses in warm water, it worked the best. Also magnesium helps lot of things. But the KCl in water is by far the best - I obviously have had an extreme potassium deficiency. I also have better strength in my muscles, and better energy. I'm a 56 year old male.

Yes, you have to be careful with potassium. But if you need it, you really do need it. Don't let naysayers scare you off. Try a little, as I did, and sip it slowly. If it's the solution, you'll know fast. I'm back to being able to eat what I want, including coffee. And no arrhythmias anymore, period.

ACV, Molasses, Magnesium, Cayenne
Posted by Teresa (Ks) on 07/31/2017


Having recently dealt with some heart fluttering, I came to this site out of curiosity to see what others are saying and doing.

I was so pleased to find your post, because, as a metaphysical practitioner, I am a firm believer in the connection of energy and the power of mind. I, too, know we are capable of healing ourselves in so many ways. Meditation with self-healing visualization always has a strong effect on my health. Meditation, intention, and belief in myself has alleviated my problem. I also recognize that we should take care of this vessel, and so, I try to pay attention to the synergy of the multiple things I put in my body. I am 64 years old and in really good health, thanks to NOT following years of "doctor's orders." I couldn't take the "god" complex anymore, especially after some very bad advice and treatments were given. My mother is 90, in amazingly good health, and on NO medications...even though doctors along the way wanted to put her on many things (a practice I believe is responsible for premature death of the elderly). At any given time, she resolved her health issues through diet, some supplements, and belief in her own ability to heal. People can call it quackery all they want--it doesn't change the truth and outcome. For 20 years, I have relied on nature to tell me what I need. Belief is a powerful thing, and if people believe that doctors and drugs are necessary, then, to them, they are. Western medicine is capable of doing some amazing things...but the ignorance and intolerance of holistic solutions is a tragedy.

I wanted to respond to you because I think we share a true kindred spirit regarding these issues.

Thank you for sharing!

Heart Rate Mantra
Posted by Rawhide (Kwajalein) on 10/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Subconscious healing through suggestion and visualization.

Hi, I am an 82 year old electrical engineer working at a US Radar site on the Kwajalein Atoll. I have experienced heart irregularities for over 10 years. At first I had occasional instances of rapid beating which I was able to stop by coughing. At that time I had a few skipped beats, but not bad. In the last couple of years my rapid beating has subsided but the skipped beats become more prevalent especially when working out in the gym to the point where during August of 2016 my heart at times would beat very strongly every other time getting down into the mid to high 30s per minute.

Also last June I had bouts of heavy bleeding in my urine. I underwent an MRI to diagnose the bleeding problem which revealed a severely enlarged prostate and a 4.3 cm ascending aortic aneurism. The urologist went in and cauterized the bleeders in the OR.

Being rather isolated out here I wanted something that would help me right now rather than waiting three weeks for an order of Taurine to arrive in the mail. So, having read about how the subconscious can heal the body, I started whispering to myself over and over “KEEP MY HEART RATE EVEN” during my 2 mile walk each morning and any time I rode my bicycle or walked shorter distances. At the same time I wanted to do something about the aneurism and prostate, so I began thinking “SHRINK MY ANEURISM AND PROSTATE”. It took several days to perfect whispering and thinking two different phrases but I found I could do it. I also try to visualize all the arteries healed and my prostate shrunk to normal size.

After 2 ½ months my heart rate has stabilized with only a few skips especially during workout. I am continuing with the two phrase healing and decided not to order the Taurine.

I hope this helps others.

Posted by Jm (Ca) on 09/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

58 year old male, cardiac arrhythmias for a few years with associated general tiredness, leg weakness. Read up on B12 deficiency and tried it - the METHYLcobalamin form, 1,000 mcg chewable sublingual tablets.

One a day, two if necessary. Arrhythmias gone. That simple.


ACV, Molasses, Magnesium, Cayenne
Posted by Ironstone Lookout (Calgary, Alberta) on 05/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

This has become an awesome forum and it has helped me immensely and I want to thank everyone who has contributed. I was having all kinds of sporadic arrhythmia which was becoming very concerning and very annoying. I have had this condition before but only very occasionally and lasting a minute or two. But last month it was triggered by unknown factors and sometime became scary. I have changed my diet to up my magnesium/potassium intake via natural foods but though slowed it down, didn't solve the problem. I now have started a regimen of magnesium, potassium, Hawthorne supplements, molasses and ACV and have completely put the brakes on the arrhythmia within three days. Wow!

My goal now is to slowly back off on these and figure out which one or what combination actually ceased the condition. Thank you everyone who contributed to this forum and gave such solid advice!

ACV, Molasses, Magnesium, Cayenne
Posted by Oldchief (Cedar Creek Texas) on 10/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Am 70 years old and developed some cardiac arrhythmia's over the last 8 months. Really disturbing since during the rapid heart beat sessions I wasn't sure whether or not "this was it." Have HBP which I am taking prescription meds for - Diovan and Atenolol.

I Googled "natural cures for cardiac arrhythmia's and found this site. We had "Calm" in the house but I never took it. After reading this blog, I decided to give it a try. All I can say is after a month my arrhythmia has all but disappeared. I am doing the ACV and molasses regimen as well. Doing 4 - 6 grams of C with Lysine. Got some "MagTech" caps with triple magnesium. Take 4 of those a day. Also recommend Astaxanthin too.

The Old Chief

ACV, Molasses, Magnesium, Cayenne
Posted by Gabriele (Wa) on 03/05/2017

There are indeed many different 'causes' for heart arrythmia. I have as a matter of fact been seen by a cardiologist (not a holistic one but still the rather stone age type of conventional one, and was cleared of any and all heart pathology, as well as of electrolyte imbalances and/or deficiencies. Also, every single test done on me (and there were many between the dozen of physicians I visited) came back negative. None of my symptoms matched their criteria or pattern for a dis-ease. I learned real fast that I am indeed the sole authority on my body, and what happens to and with it. The heart is so much, much more than what we are told it is, and it takes a very open mind to take that new information in.

There are a few seriously great books available on the subject of the energetic heart, not the supposed pump in our bodies (the least important and very minor function of the heart), and related physical manifestations of energetic disturbances. Everything is energy. Since there is no separation between energies it follows that everything affects everything, period. I also learned the most important lesson I could ever have learned, and it was very necessary to let my heart be the teacher: I can completely heal myself. Sure, the correct nutrition for the individual (one has to know oneself instead of following rules here as well, there are none), some supplementation - if necessary at times -, daily prolonged exposure to raw nature (wild forests, mountains, near fast flowing rivers, etc.) and unfiltered sunlight in the early morning hours, chemical free and toxin free food, a deep spiritual connection (note, I am not saying religion), working with instead of against nature and her laws, implementation of our plant friends (some of the best healing modalities we have at our disposal), and for some coaching, when needed, a fast forward thinking stellar physician or herbalist, these things I consider essential for holistic healing. The conventional medical field is ignorant about most of these things, relying on dangerous and ineffective methods of treatment. I am happy I learned my lesson and know that I can fully and completely trust my heart, in fact, my entire body. It does never betray me, even when some things appear very scary on the surface. When I went into cardiology in the beginning I approached the staff there with ideas they could/would not understand. Those were things not being taught at medical colleges. But that is okay as I realize that we are all at very different learning levels. Another thing often left out of consideration when ANY unexplained physical things happen to our bodies: Many people who are energy sensitive also react to energies hitting earth from outer space, even interdimensionally (try to inform a conventional doctor of that fact...). It is actually a well known fact that some heart arrythmia in some people are a direct result of extreme solar flare output. I could go on and on and on, but those who know what I am talking about and who have experienced this kind of symptom, are already far beyond the material aspect of nutrition and exercise, etc., etc. They ARE somewhat important, yes, but not the alpha and omega. With this being said I wish all of you who still have heart arrythmia or other 'problems' a speedy and full recovery, and complete healing (and yes, it is absolutely within your reach as long as you don't elevate your doctors onto a pedestal where they probably should not be, and as long as you do YOUR parts and listen and acknowledge your bodies, the physical as much as the ethereal ones, respect and honor them, and converse with nature in all her forms). Sending blessings to all out there:)

Posted by Orh (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/18/2020
5 out of 5 stars

HI U OLE PATTOTS, ORH here, have learned how to address my vagus nerve when my heart is in trouble. I now know to put an ice pack on my face and right neck. Have no clue why this works, but it does. I am also doing the restricted blood flow program and it is working. I think I am now eligible for the EECP program which will prolong my life for certain. This is a deal where a system pushes your blood through your heart as if you were in a work out. Don't get old.


Posted by Nancy (Missouri) on 02/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Blackstrap molasses! Sometimes--not often--I suffer from arrhythmia. Happened last night, still had it this morning. Tried Mag and ACV/baking soda without effect. Downed a big spoonful of blackstrap molasses, and my pulse became steady within a short time. Amazing!

Posted by Richard (Socal) on 11/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

MY GOD!! 3 grams taurine + 1 gram arginine had nearly immediate sedation of of PVC (10-20,000/day) to zero now for 24 hours without further dosing. Can't believe it. Have tried Mg, hawthorne, ACV, ashwaganda (helped a little), exercise (helps for about one hour). But this is profound. Thank to this forum.

Posted by Kc (Los Gatos, Ca) on 05/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have to report my experience here because it's nothing short of miraculous. I have been having a LOT of palpitations. Way more than usual. Being anxious already, it really worries me. I went to buy a whole food magnesium supplement today and I took two (368 mg for 4) and almost immediately, I didn't have any more palpitations. I am also drinking ACV but the palpitations were almost immediately resolved after taking the first two magnesium. Just so grateful to have come here finding a wealth of information! Thank you!!!

ACV, Molasses, Magnesium, Cayenne
Posted by Keith (Carson Valley, Nv) on 04/16/2015

Sorry for the late reply. I take 530mg cayenne/garlic 3 times per day with food. I've also added potassium. I've done more research as I've had a couple recent occurrences. I've found that, as others have, alcohol seems to be a contributing factor. I thought back about the correlation as others indicated and it seemed to be the same for me. I'm abstaining from alcohol and see if that helps. I have a feeling I'll be giving up that cold beer. I've found in reading that my symptoms are; a beer or two, the evening before and the next day I have a arrhythmia onset that lasts a couple days. Most of the indications are that alcohol depletes essential elements and dehydrates the body. At age 64 I guess some things are bound to catch up with you. I'll post more when I've had time to test my alcohol theory.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ash (England Uk) on 07/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I hope people are not put off by the suggestion that cider apple vinegar is not worth taking. The huge point is none of us really know exactly how the body uses different foods. If people with heart conditions say it helps them then who are we to say otherwise.. even if we are scientists, we are not so very enlightened that we know it all, otherwise we would have a cure. We are all looking for an answer and I think we can only help each other with sites like this. BRILLIANT to not feel so alone. I know that cider vinegar with mama can't harm and it always makes me feel better when I include it as part of my diet. Through studying what many people have found, cider vinegar appears to help the body soak up some of the poisons in our systems that may well contribute to triggering an arrhythmia. Best we all keep our own fact sheets and post results for other to decide weather to try or not. Namaste everyone.

Posted by Galaxy (Boston, Ma, Usa) on 05/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

A magnesium complex containing magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate and magnesium aspartate cured my heart palpitations and arrythmias. I take one 400 mg capsule every day at bedtime. I am so thankful for this website.

Posted by Alon Shomer (Jerusalem) on 11/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

The majority of arrhythmia cases I came across, were probably due to the accumulations of toxins in the pericardium, upsetting the normal heart rhythm.

Many compounds such as caffeine can make your heart increase its rate irregularly. As we age the ability of many tissues to eliminate by products is reduced. When such compounds accumulate in the heart outer layers, they will start to leak inside the heart and over stimulate its electrical system.

The surest and fastest way to eliminate these toxins is short water fast.

From my experience, the best remedy for arrhythmia is a 60 hours water fast.
Although mostly the results are achieved in the first session, it is very advisable to repeat it every month or two.

The Water Fast:

Water fasting is when you stop eating all food for the set period of time and drink water only.
It is advisable to drink 6 to 10 glasses of water during each 24 hours.

When completing the fast it is advisable to eat lite for the first day and then return to the regular diet.

Some people find starting with a 60 hour fast difficult, there fore if this is your case, I suggest to start with short fasts the first one for 24 hours, the next month do a 36 hour fast and the following month the 60 hour fast.

There is a lot of reading material available about short water fasting and anyone without experience is encouraged to learn about it prior to commencing a fast. You can also find people who professionally supervise fasters.

When fasting, the best method to determine the detox level is by checking the urine for color, smell, mucous and more. Other indications are tongue, headaches and more.

When encounter with harsh detox, an increase in water consumption, a glass or two, may reduce it. If this does not work, drinking some lemon juice with a little honey or maple syrup may reduce the detox rate. You must take in consideration that the use of honey may stop the detox altogether.

Please note that there may be an increase in arrhythmia at the beginning of the fast as the toxins leave the heart tissues. Controlled physical activity during such period may help to reduce the arrhythmia at that time.

Cardiac Ablation
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 03/11/2017

SHAWN,,,,,, sorry to learn of your problems. I too have AFIB and my Anti-aging doctor said I probably need to have an Ablation procedure. I started to tell her to read between the lines as I raised my hand. Thought better as she keeps me perking. I use MD's for counsel, and if their counsel does not jive with my research, then I ignore them. That is what we all should do.

Doctors are like car salesmen. Their business is selling cars. I promise you that when I go to buy a car, I know far more about this car than the sale man. The same goes for MD's. I promise you that EC folks that study know more about their problem than a doctor. For instance, a doctor recently chimed in on EC about the strength of H2O2 . He did not know his fanny from a hole in the ground. I wanted to burn him, but restrained. We all knew he was a novice, but no one challenged him. I can promise you that my doctors fear me far more than I fear them. They know that I know the subject.

Sometimes the EC text is of no interest now, but that can come back later to bite you in the fanny. That is the reason I try to read every post. We got some bright folks posting and you need to read all.


Posted by L J (Los Angeles, California ) on 07/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have to admit I am very amazed that your site doesn't mention COQ 10 at all for the heart palpitations.!!???? I found a book on heart conditions and there it states to take 300 mg a day works..although too much can give you too much I bought some at Whole foods and took enough which really helped stop the palpitations and if I feel Palps coming on and I usually do if I drink too much wine...especially red wine..I take a 50 mg capsule of COQ 10.... Or 100 mg...also drinking water when I have wine helps yes we all have to cut out the alcohol and or sugar....or suffer with other thing I found that works, is Ginger capsules...taking one capsule twice a day with full glass of water tends to digest all the food in the stomach which also can cause Palps..... Xoxo ...L J

ACV, Molasses, Magnesium, Cayenne
Posted by Sharon (Tennessee) on 10/08/2015

To Old Chief- in Cedar Creek, Texas. So glad it my comment on CALM w/ Calcium may have re-confirmed that helped you!! I would like to know if you are taking the 3 heaping tsps. it calls for, or just 1 heaping tsp. I'm still having problems almost every night right now, and don't know whether to increase the CALM dosage to 2 or 3 (like it calls for)..... those PVCs have me really going tonight. Brought on by adrenalin surges from "something!! " or lack of minerals needed in my body- or lack of something needed. The Cal/Mag/Zinc pills don't seem to help much if you take them at night- maybe don't have time to get into the system. But the CALM w/ calcium gets right in. If you take too much, can cause some loose stools. But I'll settle for that anytime- over PVCs!!!! I have not tried the C w/ Lysine. But I'm willing!! I'm taking the ACV twice a day, and usually take a tbls or so of molasses. I'm also on beta blocker- Sectral twice day, and Klonopin a couple hours before bed. My Dr. said to take it during the day too. Perhaps I should start earlier in the day with the Klonopin to get my body more relaxed for the upcoming night.

Friends, keep posting what works for you. I need to know. I've fought this for 30 plus years, but the last few weeks it's gotten much worse- esp. at night. There are a lot of changes going on in my life right now. Although, I don't think I'm upset- there probably is anxiety going on.

One other thing I've noticed is; if I feel "bloated", that seems to bring the PVCs on in spades!! Alka-Seltzer can help, but I've also found GAS-X or something similar may help.

thanks for any input!! I'm getting tired of taking hours to go to sleep because the arrhythmias are keeping me awake. I awake in the morning feeling fine (after they finally subside enough to get to sleep)

Posted by Orh (Ten Mile Tn) on 09/27/2020

ROY, ORH here, and I am the only soul on this site that will tell you to do EDTA Chelation and your heart pluggage problem is solved. It works and the cardiologists do not want you to know. I did 100 over the last 14 years and had zero pluggge when tested at age 77. Now 84, and have an electrical problem that cannot be addressed by ablation. In the room over the years with me were some 200 folks that had already done stents, bypasses, etc and their doctor told them to get their paper work in order because he could no longer help them. They lived a normal life with EDTA Chelation. Let me tell you another trick. Instead of a free flu shot, spend $100 and get a UBI, ultraviolet blood irritation. Procedure was done until 1955 when antibiotics came along. We start in Oct and get one each month until March.

For my arrhythmia, I take Eliquis, half of what the doctor says. I also do KATTSU to get my heart in sink. I do not take the other Rx garbage that makes you feel like you have been run over by a Mack Truck. Roy, read my posts because I have my own set of drums. Some love me, most do not. Guess what though, I still around and most others are gone. My problem now is facial skin cancer the I have dealt with all my adult life as a Gardner. I treat it with BEC 5 Curaderm. Got an appointment in Nov with my Dermatologist in case I fail. The 100 pulse thing is BS. Get concerned when it gets to 180 and 8 drops or Cayenne Extract in a 1/3 glass of warm water will not bring it down. Then go to the ER, because you do have a problem. I use doctors as consultants because I study the subject more than they. I usually know more than they. It's a sheeple thing.


Posted by Gemstatemom (Grangeville, Id) on 08/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had mild arrhythmia for many years, but it had gotten very bad a couple of months ago, enough to scare me and send me to the doctor. They basically said not much they could do, and that there is medicine but sometimes the side effects are not worth it. I started taking the Super Magnesium (2 tablets daily) from _____ and have not had a single episode since then.

Sea Salt
Posted by Terrie (London, UK) on 01/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Yes sea salt makes all the difference. I grew up with adrenal fatigue which turned into exhaustion/burnout 3.5 years ago. During this phase the adrenals don't produse aldosterone (anti-diuretic hormone) so the kidneys leak salt. As a result the potassium you eat is not absorbed - or very little of it - so that the balance is maintained in the body. When your levels are so low the heart cannot work properly. Until you start salting your water and food your potassium will remain very low. The heart problems - unless there is a physical malformaton or damage - are pure de-hydration.

In the morning drink a glass of water with a little salt in it. Experiment with the dosage. Shouldn't overdo it to start with. Try to eat at least one big green salad a day sprinkled with salt. Avoid in the evenings as you may get very thirsty in the middle of the night. I use Celtic Sea Salt, completely unprocessed and very tasty. Eat bananas too. You should see the difference in a couple of days.

Finally, I cant praise magnesium chloride enough. Magnesium is notoriously difficult to absorb. The absolute best & fastest way to replenish the body is transdermally. It's like balm for the adrenals.