Natural Cures for Cardiac Arrhythmia

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Pattie (Lake St. Louis, Mo) on 03/13/2011

I would just like to say; I love your site. I believe God first in all things. Luke was a Dr. So we have need of caring for ourselves at times while the Lord works out all of our issues and promises to heal us by his stripes. He does and sometimes we can play a part in it.

I had bad heart arithymia about 8-9 years ago.

I was at the point they were going to put the pacemaker in, as I was in filbilation all of the time. A new heart Dr.Was added to the practice and he told me lets try something they had been working on at the university. So I had two weeks to get better basically (from what I remember), he put me on slow magnesium 2 pills a day. My heart before the end of the two weeks started to beet normal. However if I don't take it for several months the fililations returns. I for some reason am normal to low on the blood test, but they don't know why.

In some states and countries you may have to get the slow mag from the pharmist, you have to order in st. louis and then pick it up but it saved my life.