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12 Proven Natural Remedies for Acne


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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 07/02/2008 510 posts

For all of those with acne - sometimes a zinc supplement will make acne better - a clue that you might need some zinc is white spots on your fingernails.

Posted by Anonymous (Missouri)
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Zinc oxide cream: This is very inexpensive and it should be somewhere near the band aids and neosporin section at the store. Just dab on heads at night and in the morning they are dried up. If they're small then the zinc oxide will draw out more pus resulting in it being bigger than before you put it on. Just use the creme again and it will dry up the whitehead.

Replied by Piper
(Toronto, On)

Zinc ointment or commonly known as diaper rash cream is very healing. It is good for bringing up whitehead as well as for getting spots to heal faster. Apply at night as you don't want to walk around with white stuff on your face. As you sleep the zinc cream will help spots heal. Diaper rash cream or zinc ointment can vary in zinc content from 15-37%. I use the brand with the highest content I could find and it is worth the price difference.