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12 Proven Natural Remedies for Acne

Shalini's Acne Remedies
Posted by Shalini (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) on 09/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars

First of all, thanks very much to Earthclinic for all your help!

I've been struggling with acne for a long time, and after trying out some remedies from EC have found a combination that made a dramatic improvement in my skin. I was quite astonished at how fast it healed, compared to the turtle speed of most acne meds.

I've eliminated all soaps and medications, and am using only natural products. In the morning, I apply a baking soda mask for 5 minutes. It stings a lot, and be careful not to scrub, just leave it on. This disinfects your skin and gradually shrinks acne. At night, I apply a turmeric mask for an hour. Be careful with turmeric because it will stain - on my tanned skin it just blends in. To moisturise, I use coconut oil, less in the day and more at night.

I also take coconut oil internally, one tablespoon morning and night. I also take two tablespoons of granulated lecithin, and 3000mg of high quality fish oil. The fish oil showed me an overnight improvement, and even helped me sleep better.

Here's what didn't work: ACV is not my friend, unfortunately. Evening primrose oil did not work at all. Blackstrap molasses is incredibly helpful for my menstrual cycle, but again no difference in skin.

Hopefully this will help any acne sufferers out there, good luck!