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12 Proven Natural Remedies for Acne

Nutmeg and Olive Oil
Posted by Reyna (Va Beach, Va) on 09/09/2010
5 out of 5 stars

WOW AMAZING!!! Last nite for the first time I tried something new, n to my amazement, IT WORKED! I've been reading all about these home remedies for scaring, black/white heads, volcanic pimples, & large pores. I at 1st fell in love with applying a thick layer of nutmeg and milk. I especially liked this cuz the nutmeg is an awesome exfoliator. I left on for 2hr n wen I rinsed off, I seen my pores were reduced & pimple size too, but I still wasn't satisfied. That's wen I started trying the raw garlic which burned like he'll and made I believe inflamed my pimples more (Ive had horribly bad acne since I can remember) ime 26yr old female & am soo tired of these huge holes and lrge pimples and my nose has ALWAYS been covered in blackheads NO MATTER WUT IVE TRIED IN THE PAST:( ok enough blah blah here's wut use came for, lastnite I had some leftover ground nutmeg & milk paste I took outta my fridge, to which I added more nutmeg get this, EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL!!! Yes I know, oil? What? To treat acne? YES! Oh YES! Like I said, I've been reading up on these things & came across my awesome n I wana say life changing info about E. V. O. O. Sooo I decided to put two and 2 together and it work, like a miracle! I took turns massaging this mixture one cheek at a time then my nose chin n forehead. I left this on overnite and now in the morning my results are soo unbelievable I came straight to my iPad to tell ALL. I had a huge swollen red pimple on my chin, a nose covered in blackheads, my cheeks wer red and full of small pimples. I rubbed it in a circular motion and let as much nutmeg fall off as possible then rinsed with cold water. My huge volcano on my chin is GREATLY REDUCED in redness & size, my red cheeks Gone! Little pimples, Gone! Blackhead covered nose soo lite and BEARLY noticeable, & I also have a deep hole in my cheek that just appeared one day, it is reduced in size and my pores look amazing! I mean I gotta dust off my bed and am definitely gonna have to dedicate a couple pillow cases cuz this is a messy ass treatment, but TOTALY TRULEY WORTH IT!!! This is the first thing EVER that has actualy worked wonders on a first time use. Well I hope this helps people cuz I knw how acne can damage ones self-confidence.

Ok quick review, here's what u need; it has to be

Extra Virgin Olive oil
Ground nutmeg
Dedicated pillow cases

Mix oil and nutmeg to create a paste and massage into face, I love the tingly fresh feeling it leaves. Leave on overnite

In the morn use circular motion to rub off wuts left of the nutmeg then rinse with cool water & be amazed.

P. S. I had a splash of milk in my mixture the 1st time which I will probaly do again tonite. N like I sd, it's gonna look like u murdered ur poor pillow case (unless u sleep face-up) and u prolly gonna have to dust your cover of a little nutmeg, but it's a VERY small price to pay to get these miraculous instant overnite results.