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12 Proven Natural Remedies for Acne

Avoid Peanut Butter
Posted by Jennifer (Napa, Ca) on 12/06/2020
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Peanut Butter!

If you have teen or adult acne and you eat peanut butter or nuts or seeds/oils, it will increase inflammation and create massive infection within your clogged pores.

Please stop eating peanut butter and or seeds and nuts and seed oils if you want to get rid of your acne.

My friend had terrible acne his entire life since he was a teenager and we tried everything to help him with no success until we finally read an article about how unhealthy peanut butter is and how much massive inflammation it causes within your skin and causes acne, so please stop eating peanut butter and or nut and seed oils and it will clear right up!

Some people can tolerate peanut butter, but if you have acne, don't eat it!