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Garlic for Tooth Infection - A Natural Alternative

Last Modified on Aug 24, 2015

Garlic for Tooth Infection
A tooth abscess or infected tooth is often one of the most painful experiences an individual is forced to endure. While most conventional treatment options include invasive remedies and even surgery, natural remedies are typically just as effective, if not more so, without the added discomfort of such treatments. Garlic is one of the most effective treatments for an abscessed tooth and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Abscessed Tooth Treatment Options

While traditional medicine offers treatments for an abscessed tooth, these options are often only minimally effective unless you go the extreme route. Often dentists or oral surgeons suggest over-the-counter pain medications to relieve the pain without actually treating the underlying infection. And, when a treatment is prescribed for the infection, it often involves surgical treatment or at the very least a root canal.

It is important to note that a tooth infection can become deadly if it spreads to other parts of your body, like your heart or brain. An abscessed tooth MUST be taken care of as soon as possible. Please visit your local dentist or emergency dental clinic if your dental infection is worsening.

Garlic - A Home Remedy for Tooth Infections

Natural remedies, however, can function to relieve pain as well as eliminate infection. This dual-faceted treatment aims at preserving the tooth while still treating the condition. Garlic is especially effective for treating the condition as it functions as both an anti-inflammatory agent as well as a natural antibiotic.

How garlic works:

Garlic is considered a member of the allium family. These vegetables contain a unique combination of flavonoids as well as sulfur-containing nutrients, which make them effective natural health remedies. These unique compounds function in several different ways to treat a tooth abscess. Initially, garlic reduces inflammation, which also helps reduce pain in the tooth. The treatment also helps eliminate infection, so it works to naturally correct the condition.

How to use a garlic:

To use garlic as a treatment, select a fresh garlic clove. Peel the garlic and rinse it with warm water. Then, place the clove in your mouth and crush it with your teeth. As you begin crushing the garlic, you should experience a natural numbing sensation. Continue chewing the garlic until the pain has subsided. Spit out the clove and rinse your mouth with warm water. Consider sipping on water with a few drops of peppermint or clove essential oil in it to freshen your breath.

As uncomfortable as an abscessed tooth is, the condition calls for an immediate remedy. Garlic is a safe, easy-to-use option that helps treat the condition at its core.

Continue reading below for more than 70 positive reviews from Earth Clinic readers who have used garlic successfully to treat a tooth infection. Tried this remedy? Let us know what you think!

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Posted by Charlotte (London, Uk) on 08/22/2015

[YEA]  I've been quite fortunate with my teeth, insofar as I have only ever had to visit a dentist once. I had an abscess on an impacted wisdom tooth and a cracked molar which was begining to show signs of decay. After he had prescribed antibotics for my abscessed tooth, he informed me that given its position (I have a lot of overcrowding in the rear of my mouth) it would have to be extracted under general anaesthetic. When I came back to him a week later, abscess having cleared up, he extracted my cracked, partially decayed molar, as he'd told me that it was gone beyond the stage where a filling would have sufficed. Then, as soon as he had taken it out, he told me that the roots were healthier than he'd previously thought, and that it could have been saved with a filling. I was really upset over that, as I take good care of my teeth and didn't fancy the prospect of losing one, I brush and floss twice daily and use a good mouthwash. Not only that, but my extraction was a complete nightmare, I bled out for so long that the dental nurse had to pack and repack my gum for over an hour. I continued to bleed, though not as heavily, till seven o' clock the next morning, and by that stage I was weak and feeling ill, somewhat traumatised, and very upset. As the dentist was abrupt and not at all sympathetic, and given my first impression of dentists in general, I swore that I would never go back. Just a little background, so everyone understands my dentist phobia, sorry if it was a little long winded.

Anyway, last Christmas, I cracked my left premolar whilst eating a hard centred sweet. There were no signs of decay, but the nerve had been a slightly exposed. I took care not to allow any food into it, but refused to go anywhere near a dentist for a filling. Then, last week, I was eating crisps (potato chips to Americans :-)) and a sharp end of crisp went right down into my exposed nerve. I actually cried out when it happened, as it had sent shockwaves of pain all throughout the left side of my face. It subsided, but the next morning it was niggling, which got grandually worse as the day wore on. Two days later, the pain was persistant - very much like the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia. I went to the pharmacy and bought a temporary filling which I put in myself, hoping that it would be enough to kill the pain. No such luck. It got progressively worse and the whole gum swelled. My mother told me to make an appointment with the dentist, as she believed that an abscess was forming, but remembering my last experience, I refused to go.

Instead I turned to home remedies and painkillers. Clove oil offered temporary relief in the beginning, but as the swelling grew, it had little effect. I tried oil pulling, which calmed it initially, but then seemed to make it worse. I rinsed with salt and water, but it made no great difference. The only thing that offered an, oh so brief, respite, was cold water. I was in total agony, and so desperate that I took to swishing alcohol around the efffected area, which only burnt my gum and inflamed it more.

Desperate and driven mad with pain, I searched online and found this site. Just last night I tried the garlic remedy.

I cut a clove in half and placed each on either side of the effected tooth. It stung like hell and I almost collapsed from the pain, but I persisted. I then chewed the clove on the effected side - still burning like crazy - then swallowed the juice and spat out the chewed clove. Last night was the worst of all. I actually cried with pain as I felt something pulsating within my gum. Today, when I went to lie down, as I hadn't slept all night due to the pain, I felt one excruiating blast of agony, then my mouth began to fill with a sticky substance, which brought immediate relief. The abscess had burst. I took care to spit out the pus - there was a lot of it - and rinse my mouth with salt and water.

Thankfully, apart from a little tenderness in the gum and the nerves in my lower jaw, the pain has gone and the swelling has disappeared, and this I attribute to the garlic. I have now been pain free all evening and all night, so yes, garlic really does work. It did what clove oil, oil pulling, alcohol (not recommeded, as it burns the gum, but I was desperate), salt and water by itself, a near overdose of ibuprofen and paracetmol (not recommended either) failed to do; it got rid of the abscess and relieved my pain. The pain I experienced on applying it was well worth it, so, yeah, I would strongly, going by personal experience, urge you try this if all else has failed, as it really does work.

Posted by Bellarose (Los Angeles, CA) on 08/20/2015

[YEA]  IMPORTANT NOTE: all products I used were 100% ORGANIC.

First time using this site & successfully overcame tooth abscess. Cured within 1 week. Dentist obviously gave me antibiotics which I did not take. Instead, above and beyond all therapies I implemented, RAW GARLIC worked immediate magic.

So heed to this message: if you can stand the temporary yet intense pain/burning sensation upon chewing on a fresh clove of garlic and placing the pulp with your clean fingers or tongue on the abscessed site for as long as you can stand it, it will immediately start working it's miracle. When done with this burning ordeal, swallow all the garlic you have in your mouth.

On the other hand, if you're unable to do so, then consume raw garlic (either sliced up or minced or whole) with fresh food (like a salad) or just chew it and swallow downing some water or liquid right after if you like. The goal is to get RAW GARLIC in your system as soon as you notice an inflammatory situation come up in your mouth/body. I consumed between 4-6 cloves daily and continue to do so to strengthen my immune system.

As a side note, the first 3 days after doing some research and going by what 3 of my FB peeps had simultaneously advised me, clove oil was my 1st form of attack and it literally burned the inside of my cheek, my gum and the corner of my mouth which caused me to stop using it. My inside cheek and gums looked raw with a whitish layer of skin peeling off. Not good. Anyway, surely it aided in the whole process however, in the future I'd only apply it no more than a couple times a day versus about 4-5 times.

Stick to the garlic and frequent peppermint oil and water (about 4 drops oil per cup of water) gargles multiple times a day, especially after eating. Also, I brushed my teeth after each meal with my homemade OraMD (2T sweet almond oil with 40 drops each of Spearmint and Peppermint oils) which I've been using as my toothpaste for about 4 months and LOVE.

One last resource I believe I'm drawing benefit from is using Colloidal Silver. I apply one dropper full in my mouth and tilt head so it covers my healed abscess tooth area for 30sec before squishing around and swallowing. I do this about 3-4 times a day and will continue to do so perhaps until the bottle empties.

May this help you as it's helped me regain my healthy oral balance.

Posted by Alli (Vancouver, Wa) on 10/16/2014

Has anyone had the abscess return after garlic treatment? My son who is almost 8, has an abscessed tooth. He saw two dentists yesterday, and the second one (a pediatric dentist) told us that when the other dentist filled a tooth last year (maybe Feb?) they went too deep and hit a nerve! So, bacteria got in somehow and is causing swelling on his lower jaw. He is not in a ton of pain (or possibly tolerates it well) but the dentist wants to remove his tooth. It's a baby tooth, so I'm curious, if I treat the infection, and continue to use garlic and/or Hydrogen Peroxide, can I wait until his baby tooth comes out? Or should we just have it pulled. They'd need to put a spacer in to keep the surrounding teeth apart until his adult tooth comes in. Any advice would be appreciated. He is currently taking antibiotics, and we tried garlic on his gums this morning, but it does STING! I tried it! I ate some too, and may give him some later today after antibiotics digest a bit.

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Hi Alli ---- no tooth pulling, etc.! I have some experience with abscesses and never go to a dentist. I have wised up. What helps really well is colloidal silver and if you team that up with DMSO, it is very effective. However there are some more things you can try. Very warm chamomile , celtic salt pack. I use urine therapy and it works like a charm. Go and google - healing teeth naturally - and you will be amazed what you will find. I have saved $$$$ for sure. Teeth pulling causes problems and is a business. Look out. I had swelling on the jaw, too and DMSO and silver cleared it up. Toward the end chamomile tea brought the abscess to a head. DMSO also removes the pain. Salt may be a little tough for your boy but it does work. There is so much you can do.

A smart Mom.

Namaste, Om

I wish your boy all the best.

Replied by Sandy
Hari OM,

What is DMSO. Can you tell me how you have used various things to cure your tooth/gum pain. I mostly encounter tooth/gum pain during severe winter. Right now for the past 3/4 days I have pain in my upper left gum and tooth. Please help


Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Sandy, US --- I am using a number of effective things for my mouth/teeth. EC has a special section on DMSO, please look it up. I find DMSO is very effective for pain and using for instance colloidal silver with DMSO to swish and also apply it on the outside of your face. I use 1/2 DMSO to 1/2 colloidal silver when the abscess is really bothersome. Believe me, I have treated two abscesses this year. You can start with less DMSO and feel how it works for you.

Also large amounts of vit C, and D3, vit. E. Even though I oil pull regularly and have for years, I still have bleeding gums occasionally. I am vegetarian. Turmeric, rubbed on the gums, stops bleeding and has more beneficial effects.

Swishing with beneficial herbs is also very good for gums. Chamomile stops bleeding too and heals well. I use it at the end of an abscess treatment to bring it to a head. The other herb which is really doing much is ESSIAC tea. Two tsp. of the solution kept for twenty minutes in the mouth and a few times a day really clears up trouble. It seems to be deep acting as well.

I have always ESSIAC on hand and am using it for detox at the present time. In the instructions it was stated that people with mouth cancer should use two tsp. in the mouth for twenty minutes and do it several times a day. I tried it on my gums and teeth with very good results. I did not dilute it as with the mouthwash .

My education came with - Heal Your Teeth Naturally- online.

However, since I do also urine therapy, all the above is for variation and experimenting.

I cannot trust a person who makes me pay for accepting mercury into my system and uses fluoride which has an affinity for brain and digestive system. To make people go to the bank for a loan to get teeth treated, is bad karma.

See what drilling will do to the teeth. Teeth pulling causes fallen in features in old age. As a senior I have only one tooth missing and one that split recently. My teeth have no tartar, they are clean and one cavity at the gum line of one front tooth is now disappearing. I have not spent any money on dentists for very many years. Clearing up cavities takes time but it will work.

I keep doing daily swishes in addition to oil pulling and it becomes a habit that pays.

I hope this helps people who have not the funds to satisfy the financial demands of professional people and who want to keep their teeth. Before I forget it, Celtic salt packs for abscesses and for teeth brushing is pain killing and very effective, too. It adds minerals to the tooth enamel. I brush my teeth with celtic salt, baking soda and Dr. Bronner's liquid kastile soap which comes in different essential oils and is very good for shampoo a well.

Well, this is a copious list. Good luck and keep your smile.

Namaste, Om

P.S. the link actually reads "healing teeth naturally" and "Paradise Now". Om

Replied by Sandy
[YEA]   Hari Om,

Thank you so much for the detail reply. Meanwhile I tried black strap mollasses and also brushed my teeth with Hydrogen peroxide. Pain and discomfort stopped immediately. But there is some discomfort now and then. Since many years I am eating from only one side of my mouth. When I went to a dentist few years back, they said there is plenty of boneloss and I have receding gums. Will urine therapy help my loss of bones in the jaw? I will also try what you have suggested for keeping my teeth and gums healthy.

Thanks a lot for sharing

Replied by Sandy
Il, US
Hari Om,

I tried to see the two links, paradise now and healing tooth naturally. But I really could not find anything much. Specially paradise now looks like some movie or something. Please help

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Hello, Sandy ---about UT, yes. I remember strongly that a previous Indian Prime Minister who used UT, lived into the 90's, said "if you keep your urine in the mouth, you will keep your teeth".

It is my number one remedy. Just an anecdote: years ago an English devotee of my guru's had visited him in India. She was suffering from an underactive thyroid, had grossly gained weight and lost her attractiveness. I met her later and she looked like a Dresden doll with beautiful skin, slim and radiant. The remedy: auto urine as advised by the holy person. All the people who are struggling with various diseases could do like wise. The diet has to be vegetarian and free of tobacco, alcohol and allopathic drugs. Herbal remedies are compatible.

It is an ancient remedy in almost all countries of the world where people adhere to natural means and the wisdom preserved over long times.

There is an old post of mine where I mentioned stepping on a deck nail which protruded from the sole of my foot. I peed into a bowl, placed my foot into it and meanwhile read an interesting book. There was no pain. Next morning I had to teach yoga class with standing poses and did not even feel what happened the previous day. If other methods had been used, it could have taken weeks to heal and with pain. Any open injury can be treated thus, not to speak of burns.

To return to your post, I had very receding gums but arrested it. One cavity has disappeared, so I assume, cavities I don't know about, will do so with time and habitual regimen. For calcium for teeth in particular, take only calcium derived from plants as it can be easily assimilated. Like, VOGEL from Switzerland. Plus Mag. Chlor. and high doses of vit. C. Turmeric is good for the gums. I also chew often on one side of my mouth as on the other side is a dead tooth. But as long as I do oil pulling and the items mentioned, it stays put without further trouble.

I hope this helps. Namaste, Om

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Hello Sandy ---

you can try

Paradise Now seems to have disappeared, sorry. But the above is the same web. Several pages. Please let me know if you found it. Thanks, Om

Replied by James
Crossville, Tn.
Thanks will try, went to dentist. He did root canal, didnt work, pray this does, will let you know.

Posted by Kathi (Dallas, Tx) on 10/07/2014

[YEA]  I was at work when my abscess started. No grocery stores close to my job. So I couldn't get fresh garlic but went to a pharmacy at Walgreens and got Garlic Oil put it on the tooth and gum. Immediately stopped the pain it is numb now. I will continue to use it until abscess is drained and gone.

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona) on 09/22/2014

[YEA]  Ok so here I am years ago a piece of tooth fell off, my mother asked me to go tot he dentist I didnt want her to pay for that, I got no job..long story short last week I felt some discomfort I looked and it was that big yello thing in my gum. I was scared as heck...

When to the doc today, got an apointment for root canal in 4 days. Just came here hoping for a home solution.

I chewed 1 garlic clove, left it there for a few minutes, this burns like theres no tomorrow. and I have to say I don't have tooth pain whatsoever, just the big inflammation so the pain was very severe to handle without having tooth pain in the first place.

I drank it and went for second round, it burned like theres no tomorrow. I drank it again and now just few minutes later I see inflamation has gone down and I feel a cool refreshing feeling in the area. Definately healing. I'll keep doing this 3times a day and water and salt rinses till my dentist apoinment. Hopefully the abcess is gone by then. All I can say is so far so good.

Replied by Charles
Michigan, US

Did the garlic end up healing your abscessed tooth??

Replied by Charles
Michigan, US

Did the garlic end up healing your abscessed tooth??

Replied by Charles
Michigan, US

Did the garlic end up healing your abscessed tooth??

Posted by Kt (Usa) on 03/31/2014

I was sharing your website with someone who had an abscessed tooth and told her to look for an Aug. 2012 post that encouraged me to tolerate the garlic burning when using the remedy for my abscess. Are we going to be able to pull up old posts to print?



EC: Scroll through the entries and you may find the one that you were looking for.  The entry in 9/2012 from Don Quixote talks about how the garlic stung for the first few minutes but ultimately cured his abscess.

Replied by Kt
Hi EC, I was finally able to check the link you provided and found the post by Don Quixote. Thank you so much but it is not the one I was referring to.

The post I read, back in Aug. had been posted July 5,2012. It was by happynurse66. It is posted below.

Posted by Gabbysue (Haltom City, Texas) on 03/03/2014

[YEA]  When my son was 18 he had a root canal. The dentist put in a porcelain tooth. I assume because it was a back tooth. He is now 27. He told me the other day that the tooth had started to fall out and he pushed it back in. He said it didn't hurt. My first thought unfortunately came to light. The next day he woke up with the left side of his face extremely swollen. I was afraid that when he pushed it back in he also pushed bacteria, etc. in. Not having insurance I came here to see if there was a home remedy. I read a tried and true story from Phil in Manchester, UK from 02/23/13. I knew my son would be too skeptical, so I had him read the story. Being in so much pain he agreed to try it. I gave him a sliver of garlic and told him to hold it on the sore gum for at least 3 minutes. Poor guy, his eyes started watering and I could tell it made the pain worse. After 3 mins he spit it out. About 15 or so mins he ran to the bathroom. The abscess had started draining. He stayed in the bathroom spitting and rinsing with water for 15 mins. The next morning he had no swelling or pain. I am so thankful that I found earthclinic.

Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
After reading several of Bill's post concerning Biofilms, I did some basic searches on this topic yesterday. Biofilms are particularly present in our teeth & gums. These Biofilms are like baggies, housing & protecting an array of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, and funguses. Controlled studies have shown Allicin, the active ingredient in Garlic, to be a somewhat effective Biofilm remover.

All the recent testimonies concerning garlic and gum disease being cured by Garlic is certainly topical proof of the clinical studies.

Replied by Francesca
Gila, New Mexico
[YEA]   Thank god for your website! I was in such agony due to an abscessed molar, taking antibiotics and tramadol for pain and received no relief until I found your website with the garlic treatment. The garlic relieved the pain and appears to be drawing out the infection and I am hoping that it will drain the abscess
Thank you for the information the great spirit is indeed great.

Posted by Ida (Us) on 02/11/2014

[YEA]  Thank you everyone! I just used garlic on my sore tooth and it has cleared up the pain. At first when I placed the garlic on the gum around my tooth, it hurt so bad that my ear and jaw throbbed in pain. After 5 minutes it subsided and I can feel the pain is gone and my sore gums are feeling better. My ear doesn't feel plugged up anymore, and my vertigo is gone. This is amazing!!!!

Posted by Taissa (Montana) on 10/30/2013

[YEA]  Wow. I mean, wow! I don't believe it.

I have had a really bad tooth infection for a month now. I have been on three big guns broad spectrum antibiotics trying to clear it up. Nothing will touch it. Nothing touches the pain. Yesterday out of desperation I decided to try garlic. I chopped two cloves, smashed it a bit, waited 5 min then swallowed it with water. I did this about 4 more times, then went to bed. Woke up, and the pain had lessened. Second day, I continued the protocol and tonight I'm pain free. I am seriously pain free. And I never even put a garlic clove on my gum yet because I was afraid that it would burn too much.

So here's what I do: Take two garlic cloves, peel, chop, then smash it a bit to where I see some juice come out, wait about 5 minutes and swallow it back. I put it on a spoon and just swallow. Repeated this about 4 times more.

This really works. The swelling and pressure in my gum is gone and the deep pain is gone. This is truly nature's antibiotic. I've been on three big gun antibiotics and it wouldn't even touch it. Amazing!

Replied by Reka
West Sussex Uk
Thank you for your help everybody, I have done the same and the bump disappeared from my gum but all the swelling went into my lip and face. What do I do now? The same side where the swelling was in my tooth at the root. Do I need antibiotics now? I look like I had a lip job. Please urgent help needed, I hope I didn't make it worse! Thank you!!!
Replied by Prioris
When one is in pain or discomfort in mouth area especially teeth, it can become really urgent just on basis of the pain alone.I understand your urgency.

I always have "fish" antibiotics on hand in case an emergency arises. everyone should. use natural if possible. all the antibiotics should be ok for at least 5 years except monocycline which has a 1 year storage. If it is the weekend, your really up the creek waiting till monday to see a doctor. my bad teeth events happen friday afternoon - lol - really. I have had people I know who had developed bad infections which could have become serious but was able to quickly nip the infection in the bud because I had antibiotics on hand. fish antibiotics are 10X cheaper than human antibiotics.

You really have to buy some things when you don't need them. you may never use them but just having them on hand gives you more options during emergencies. this way you turn emergencies into non emergencies. you have more time to think about it. of course, always take it with bromelaine.

I can't give you an opinion of what is happening to your face and what you should do. if you find out, please report back. the information will be useful to other people.

Posted by Faith (La) on 10/06/2013

[YEA]  I had a root canal extraction weeks later, I had a big fistuala at the site. Saw two different dentist that said, it was just post surgery trauma. Another dentist said a fistula is a bad infection it is attempt by the body to remove some of the pressure from the bone and tissue so it forms fistula. My MD looked at and said, raging infection and sent me to oral surgeon had the site cleaned out and did cavitation. Apparently the bone graft did not take and gutta percha was left behind and caused big infection. Seven days later stiill had swelling used garlic paste and in a three days. AMAZING swelling is gone. Garlic is miraculous.

Posted by Kelli (Atlanta, Ga) on 09/17/2013

[NAY]  Garlic totally did NOT work for me... As a matter fact it made my symptoms worse... I eventually had to go to the dentist to get treated properly. I had an abcess and applied the garlic to the infected area, hoping to ease the pain and get rid of the infection, however when I woke up a couple hours later my jaw was so swollen. I eventually made my way to the dentist where I'm on amoxicillin and pain meds, although I'm still in pain, glad to know that I got something I know will work... Guess it just depends on the individual..

Replied by Johnny Strait
Manhattan, New York
Garlic really DOES work. It takes 2 to 3 days for it to absorb into your system totally but anyone saying that it doesn't work, didn't use it. You can't just take a garlic pil and expect it to work. Screw that!!! You have to use minced or sliced garlic and the swallow it for it to work. You also can't just put a little bit of it in your mouth for 20 minutes and then spit it out and expect a miracle. For anyone to say that it made any infection worse is full of crap. ALL bacteria and ALL viruses, (including all forms of cancer), cannot stand up to raw garlic. They get blindsided by it and die from it. I use it on cuts and infections and they ALWAYS go away. It's NOT different for any individual. It works on everyone the same way. And that means chew it up and swallow 1 tablespoon every 4 hours for at least 7 days for an abcess. It will take alot longer for cancer but you have to take it for a lifetime once it's gone, just not near as much and not every day. It also is a mild pain reliver, an appetite suppressant, and helps you lose weight by giving you a higher metabolic rate.

Posted by Phil (Manchester, United Kingdom) on 02/23/2013

[YEA]  Well, all I can say is this site has seriously saved me from continued pain. I started getting some tooth pain in a tooth that is currently undergoing root canal treatment last night (Friday - isn't that always the way with dental pain?). Today I've had gum and cheek swelling and some pretty extreme pain. Yesterday I was able to manage the pain with ibuprofen however it has had little effect today. Around 2 hours ago I noticed that there were abscess heads around the tooth. With a small bit of pressure the abscess burst and a mix of yellow/creamy fluid along with what appeared to be blood began to flow out which obviously shows that there is an infection. However, the pain continued. In desperation, I searched for some home remedies due to not being able to see the dentist for another 42 hours. Now, I've never been a believer in home remedies which is probably due to the circles that I mix with; my fiance is a Doctor, her mother is a Veterinary Surgeon etc. However, after reading the thread I rushed to the shop and purchased some garlic. I split one of the cloves and cut a large chunk out of it. I applied the chunk of garlic to the side of the tooth that the fluid had come from... At first it was fine with the exception of a slight tingle in my tongue, however after about 30 seconds the pain really kicked in. I kept it there for as long as I could (about 3 - 4 minutes) and then swallowed the liquid and spat out the remainder of the cloves.

I didn't notice any difference at first (if anything it was now stinging as well as being generally painful), however 20 minutes later the pain literally disappeared. I was sat watching TV holding my mouth and it was as if the pain was just switched off! I'm now able to close my mouth and even chew which is ridiculous considering the pain I was in.

Everyone - this is genuine. If it worked for me (and as I said I'm a firm nay-sayer when it comes to home remedies) then it could work for you!

Posted by Barbara (Idaho Falls, Idaho) on 01/11/2013

I had an infection in my upper eye tooth. It was very painful. I couldn't get an appointment for another week. I tried something I had read about on this site and it worked for me.

I took a large clove of fresh garlic, cut it in half. I formed a little opening in the center and fit the garlic over the tooth. It did burn somewhat. I would remove it after a couple of minutes, then reapply. I did this for about 2 or 3 days... Every time I sat down to watch television. When I did get to the dentist, there was barely any sign of the infection, and no pain.

While thinking about this, just now, I'm wondering if I had cut the clove in half, without peeling it first, it may have made a shield between the garlic and my inner mouth area.

Posted by Aby (Los Angeles, Ca/usa) on 12/26/2012

[YEA]  I had a tooth infection and called my dentist with the sharpest and most unbearable pain I had ever experienced. He called in a prescription for painkillers and I began to take them, with little effectiveness. They would dull the pain temporarily, but the pain would return intensely before I could take my next dose. The tooth was so sensitive that I couldnt even meet my upper and lower teeth together, without excruciating pain. I wasnt even putting pressure on them, but merely touching them together I read all of the garlic yeas here, and immediately cut a clove in half, and placed it in my mouth in either side of my infected molar. That night I minced garlic and kept it in my cheek as a sorr of poultice, and changged it out throughout the night. Without painkillers, over the next 24 hours, my tooth pain was COMPLETELY gone. I cant stop tellin people how amazing this was.

Posted by Sayward (Columbia City, Indiana) on 12/13/2012

[YEA]  I am a garlic advocate. In 2006, shortly after I graduated highschool, I got this crazy sinus infection that spread and I was just an absolute mess. I wasn't working at the time and money was about as abundant as pepsi in the desert. So I got online at the library and started looking up cheap cures. 2 weeks of a garlic and honey mixture and I was back ontop of the heap.

Throughout these last years, I have been rarely sick, as I take raw garlic in food at least 3 times a week. I don't mind the smell, and I just love the taste so it works for me. ( I can't speak for the others around me. :P)

Anyway, to be on topic. If anyone is wondering about an abcessed tooth, or tooth decay, or just a toothache, I would suggest taking a raw clove, slicing it up into slivers, letting it sit for 5 minutes and then placing it around the affected area. Yes, it will burn. Just keep at it. After the burning subsides ( and it will, I promise! ) gently chew the garlic slivers and swallow them. If you are prone to GERD or just have 'tummy troubles' feel free to take a teaspoon of ACV or milk, as you see fit. (I prefer ACV as I have a general distrust of milk. Thanks Tom Green.)

You should experience a lessening of pain in the affected area. This does not, however, mean that the infection is gone.Wait 30 minutes, and rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Obviously, DO NOT SWALLOW. Please be sure to let it bubble around in your mouth.

For an infection of any size, the key is to remain vigilant and to continue this process. 2-3 times a day, repeat the process. Garlic first, then peroxide. Garlic contains allicin, which is a natural antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral. Allicin forms when the clove is cut or damaged, which is why I suggest letting it sit for a few minutes after slicing.

To answer more directly, it is my suggestion to continue the method until no more pain is felt, and on for another week. (If the infection seems to get worse, or you develop more symptoms, it's time to break down and call the Dr. An infection so close to the brain is very dangerous and can spread rapidly.) This allows time to make sure the infection has been wiped out and to give a chance for the tissues to heal themselves without being bombarded once again by bacteria.

Once the infection is gone and you're back to living your awesome life, maintain your health by eating raw garlic at least 3 times a week. It is excellent for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and is an immune booster.

(Just a little story here, my dad (who left us last year of pancreatic cancer) once had a toothache. He was a truck driver, and let's just say a tube of tooth paste was a once a year purchase. So anyway, he had a toothache, and just kept putting (_____)a-gel on it. Then about a month later he began to have sinus problems. He started taking a nasal spray to combat it. A few weeks later, when he was home, we noticed a small bump forming in the middle of his forehead. After another few weeks, the bump had grown to the size of a golfball. Mom made him go to the Dr. Low and behold, he had a sinus infection that had took hold in the bump on his forehead and he had to have it drained. The Dr. said that if he had waited another week, he would probably have been dead. Not of a sinus infection, but of the infection getting into his BRAIN. Dad had a dip in the middle of his forehead from where the infection was eating the bone of his skull for the rest of his life. (which btw was another 15 years.) Long story short, please do not take toothaches or sinus infections lightly. They can be deadly.)

Replied by Faith
I agree with you need that sinus infection and teeth infection can cause serious life threatening complications if not treated promptly. I think garlic is amazing and I've even used one drop of aged garlic the liquid type that is supposed to be super powerful, one drop of liquid garlic in my neti pot with 1/8tsp of salt in neti pot in sterliled water. My doctor, said, "First we try antibiotics and steriods, and suggest salt in sterlized water in the neti pot, then we wait and see, if the sinus infection does not get better and your getting worse and having a fever, nausea and dizziness we take it seriously and the next step is sinus surgery to clean out the sinuses." Unfortunately, sometimes this is the only way to clean out the sinuses and let it drain.

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