Tooth Abscess
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Tooth Infection and Tooth Abscess Remedies

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Posted by Jensen (Kailua, Kona, Hawaii) on 06/22/2013

I just had a root canal and a filling, I need to go back and get a crown thing. The tooth right next to it pretty much guarantee has a cavity. Likely another abcess. I hate going to the dentist. So I've been oil pulling for 10 days and my mouth has never been so clean and my teeth look great. Just wondering if I really need to go back or just keep oil pulling.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Jensen from Kailua -- please visit You'll be amazed . I oil pull too. If there is an abcess you will find what you need. I have been oil pulling for nearly two years. I deal with cavities , pockets and abcesses myself. My teeth are firm, the gums healthy and teeth also get whiter over time. Good luck. Om

Posted by Ahulani (Little River, Ca, USA) on 08/18/2009

[YEA]  I used 1 Tbs sunflower oil for 15 minutes yesterday morning for an abscessed tooth and by evening I could eat, although there was some discomfort still (I hadn't been able to close my mouth in the morning it was so painful.) By this morning the pain was almost gone and is now completely gone!!! And, in addition, some brown spots on my hand are fading. I am really amazed and will continue to see how else I benefit. Oddly (or not depending on how you see it) I picked out sesame oil to begin the treatment and the salesperson while talking to me and showing me some other things, "accidently" replaced the sesame with the sunflower. So, I am going with this gift!

Replied by Alison
Peachtree City Ga
Never heard of oil-pulling. Have dental infection. Can't get to dentist and they won't call in scrip for meds. I am going to get a bottle of coconut or saffron oil tonight. Can't wait to try it! Love this site. Thanks:)
Replied by Barb
I'm currently taking a product called fermented cod liver oil that remineralizes teeth and heals cavities. The premise is that if your bones can heal, so can your teeth. There was a little brown spot on a front tooth for many months and now after taking the cod-liver oil for a few weeks the spot is much smaller. It has to be fermented or any processing will kill the beneficial qualities of the cod-liver oil.

Posted by Elaine (Houston, Tx) on 07/05/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hope you can help with my tooth/gum/bone problem. Back in February I had a severe toothache (molar with a crown) along with a sinus infection. I used all kinds of Earth Clinic remedies, and they all helped: garlic, OP, tumeric, charcoal, cloves, etc. The major pain subsided and I was left with pressure pain only, as in chewing or clenching. Sometimes there is a dull ache. Then I noticed that the gum was very sensitive or rather the bone under the gum on the outside and inside (palate). Went to the dentist. He said the root was dead, calcified, but that there was infection present in the dead root that seeped into the surrounding bone. He said since the root is dead there is no blood supply so antibiotics (or presumably all natural remedies) cannot get inside to stamp out the infection. According to him there are two solutions: 1) root canal and 2) extract the tooth. I have been oil pulling (sesame oil) twice daily for almost three weeks now. All pain has essentially subsided except if I press with my finger on the tissue around tooth (bone underneath), then it is very sensitive, which leads me to believe that infection is still present. I feel that this infection is taxing my immune system and causing me to have low energy, tire easily and catch colds, etc. easily, which I normally don't. I sincerely believe that there are other options, I just haven't stumbled on them yet.

Replied by Debbie
Punxsutawney, PA
I would up my intake of Vitamin C alot to help my immune system fight off the bacteria. When I was having periodontal problems I started taking Vitamin C, bioflavanoids, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, a good bone builder supplement that must remain un-named, Magnesium and Boron. The dentist couldn't believe how I grew the bone back and how the pockets diminished. I went from being a candidate for a full set of dentures to having my teeth once again firmly anchored in my jaw. But if the tooth continues to give you problems, I would have it out; I think root canals are a major source of whole-body inflammation and do more harm than good to a person's over-all health. A root canal is like having a splinter in your jaw and is nothing but a well of bacteria and inflammation constantly seeping into your body. Root canals put a strain on your entire system 24/7.
Replied by River
West Of Seattle, Washington, Usa
Debbie, if you are able to rebuild bone in your jaw, please, please, share the rest of your formula including the bone builder. I am a dialysis patient with diabetes and the diabetes, though well-controlled, has really shrunk down the bone in my jaw, to the point that I cannot take regular implants for fear of opening up a hole into my sinus cavity. I am desperate to find out anything that will work, since I cannot afford a bone graft (many thousands of dollars, not covered by insurance) and am also concerned that getting a bone graft or any type of transplant may harm my opportunities to get the kidney transplant I need.

If you have information on ways to rebuild bone in the jaw, please share it with me. Many thanks.

Replied by Rebekah
Athens, Ga
I believe horsetail herb can be used to rebuild bone. I don't have a dosage to recommend to you but when I did a bunch of research on how to help my teeth, I kept being led back to horsetail. It wouldn't hurt to look into it. Best of luck!

Posted by Lisa (Coto de Caza, CA) on 06/04/2009

I have several sensitive teeth and was wondering if anyone knows what could help. Tried some remedies for Tooth, absess like garlic, but didn't work for sensitivity. Most teeth on left side sensitive to heat, cold and pressure, as well as one tooth on right. Dentists are not any help since he offered to do 6+ root canals for me-- no thanks.

Replied by Gigi
Driggs, Idaho
Hi Lisa: The best and quickest remedy I have found for sensitive teeth is oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil. You will feel the effects after the very first use. Hope you find it beneficial too. Smart to not go for the root canals - those dentists! Gigi
Replied by Tim
Hi, I don't know if you use a lot of lemon, but at least in my case, I used to drink a table spoonful or two of lemon juice with my morning class of water and my teeth become sensitive. As soon as I stopped that, the sensitivity stopped. I think AVC will do the same; that's why it should be taken with baking soda.

PS don't trust dentist, most of them try to sell you procedures that you really don't need, especially if they don't have too many clients. Yes they will drill completely healthy teeth if they need money, they are that greedy- they have needs like all of us. House payments and someone must pay for the their Mercedes too :-) This is a dark side of dentistry that nobody talks about.

Replied by Katy
Lynwood, WA
I used to have very sensitive teeth and could not eat citrus drink cold liqueds etc. I have done many things and I no longer have sensitive teeth. 1. I got a night guard. I believe this helped with certain aspects of sensitivity. 2. I had some dental issues corrected. 3. I started brushing with baking soda in a very specific manner. I no longer "brush". I dip my brush in a watery paste and set the bristles next to the gum line and "try to "push in" the baking soda below the gum line. gently miniscule, up down movements. 4. I have used dental oils which I have found on line. I have also tried making my own, using recipes I have found on line, as well as the ingredients on the labels of the commercial brand I have used. 5. I have used an "alternative dental paste that is wholy nutritional which I also found on the internet. I believe my sensitivity springs mainly from the deep etching at the gumline. The alternative dental paste is actually the product that took away pain and sensitivity and it has not returned with the regular use of baking soda. I no longer brush with regular toothpaste. I believe it is toxic to the oral cavity. I have not tried tooth soap. When I used regular toothpaste, I always had a film form on my teeth within hours of eating. My teeth and gums felt slimy and I had was always rubbing my tongue against the back of my teeth trying to smooth out the rough feeling on my teeth. I no longer have any of these issues. Warning. The oils range from 12 to 50.00 per bottle. The nutritional paste, cost about 80.00 for 5 ounces. Baking soda is about .50 for enough to last a year. The oils reach deep below the gums and work around the teeth killing germs that the brush can't see. This is a good precursor to the dental floss. The nutritional paste feeds the teeth, and gum tissues. I am on my 3rd jar. There is also a regular strengh that sells for about 45.00 for 5 oz. The baking soda is what I use now most of the time. I was scared I was going to loose my teeth and that is why I searched out all of these different alternatives. I think flossing is also extremely important. I have done oil pulling also. I took my mouth through a crisis spending at least 15 minutes twice a day brushing the gums and teeth. I believe you have to strengthen the gums and surrounding tissues to iradicate the sensitivities. When I was using the baking soda at first, I also mixed with a little salt and I actually had sores on my gums I had sores that I had to keep brushing, It was very painful. Some other things I did were to pop co q 10 capsules in my mouth and hold the fluids in the mouth for as long as possible.I did this also with vitamin e. The neat thing about the paste, is that you swallow it when you are done brushing and it is green. Don't waste time brushing in front of a mirror. Do your brushing in a location where you will not be in a hurry to finish. 2 minutes is not long enough. I like brushing while watching tv. My quality of life is so much better since I no longer have the sensitivity. Previous to this protocol, I had lived with sensitivity to citrus for at least 12 years.

Posted by Melinda (Macungie, PA) on 10/21/2008

[YEA]  I learned about Oil Pulling from your website and I feel so thankful for this wonderful treatment. I had an abscess under a tooth in my mouth that would not go away. I had tried antibiotics twice and it just went away for a while and came back. The last time I had an abscess I needed to have the tooth pulled and an implant put in - lots of pain and money.

I started oil pulling - for the first 2 weeks twice a day and then once a day. The abscess looked better and better but did not go away. Daily i would clean out any accumulated pus, and eventually i only had to do that every 3 days or so. Then - one morning after 2 months of this - when I went to clean it out to my great surprise a small bubble came out - the outside was clear and inside was a bright grass green color. After that day, the abscess completely healed. It has been three months and everything is just fine. Thank you so much for the information that you post here. I used 1 tablespoon of Cold Pressed Sesame Oil and I added a few drops of Oregano Oil to it for oil pulling. I am still oil pulling, switching types of oil every few months.

Posted by Aliesha (Newcastle, NSW, Australia) on 10/18/2008

[YEA]  My partner recently had immense toothache pain. One of his upper teeth had broken away revealing a large cavity, and the two bottom ones, had small black flecks on them - obviously needing fillings. He had seen me doing oil pulling on a regular basis, and although happy with my results, I don't think he thought it was for him. He was writhing around in pain, couldn't sleep and pain killers would not work. The earliest dental appointment was a week away. I finally convinced him to do oil pulling. To be honest, I wasn't sure it would work, as I thought perhaps his tooth was too far gone to be be saved, but he did it every morning for around 5 days. The pain completely disappeared in all teeth. He is now a big believer and is recommending it to all his clients. Thanks for a wonderful site.

Posted by Chris Nielsen (Vancouver, Canada) on 01/11/2008

[YEA]  Thank you!!! I had an absessed tooth and do not live anywhwere near a dentist. I am a herbalist so I lanced the absess and extracted the poisens. I then soaked a piece of cotton in echinacia and golden seal tincture with grain alcolol and dabbed this into pure goldenseal root powder. This seemed to help the tooth for a while. About a week or so later it started to infect again.I was already taking the echanicia golden seal tincture internally to boost my immune system.I found your info on oil pulling and gave it a try. Unbelievable !! It worked. My mouth felt clean and the absess has disappeared. My tounge was pink immediately after and i loved the clean feeling in my mouth. I am so grateful because my tooth absessed during the Christmas Season and getting to see a dentist anywhere close by is next to impossible. Thank you for this info!

Posted by Donna on 09/11/2007

[YEA]  I would like to share how I saved my two molars, side by side, from needing to be extracted or have a root canal. On the first day of the severe pain, I got the pain reduced to about 20% with five oil pullings, but no matter what I tried after that, I could not get it below 20%. I would have to take aspirin every 10 hours or so to reduce the swelling and the pain. For three weeks I tried everything - garlic cloves on the gum line, yellow dock, goldenseal, ect. What did the trick was Neem Seed Oil. I would put a couple of drops with another 20 drops or so of olive oil on an organic cotton swatch and wear it on my gumline. Mostly I wore it at night, but a hour or two throughout the day. I did this for about a month, and my teeth are completely fine. Hope this helps others. and thank you for the great site.. Without the initial oil pulling, I could not have reduced the horrible pain at first.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
I had one case of a woman who got septicemia like conditions (blood poisoning and the blood becomes dark brown) where the bacteria went so deep that it caused a major fever, and headaches. Chemically speaking a low concentration in the blood of aspirin, was found to eliminate or kill the bacteria. Chemically speaking the acetylsalicylates actually digests the thin bacterium walls which causes the condition (and has a potential as antiviral and antibacteria properties like an antibiotics on the merits of it being able to destroy very thin microbial walls) and it was essential that aspirin was used to wash out the cavities cleaning.

One case the teeth where cavities exist was so black that the oil pulling dissolves the bacterium that resulted in streaming black streaks during the die off, which I think is how oil pulling can kill certain cavity causing bacteria, not all mind you, the bacteria plaque are a bit more difficult to remove. I haven't been able to get neem oil, but the idea that it help somewhat is an interesting finding.

I believe that long term acid saliva is one factor which initiates enamel erosion as well as eating sour foods where potassium I think is what controls the saliva pH, while sodium controls the urinary pH, or extracellular fluids, in some ways. I still need to do further experiments in proving this of course!

Thank you for your contribution!

Replied by Donna

Just for more clarity: These two teeth had just been cleaned of deep cavities, and temporary caps were on them. I don't think the Neem would have worked if there were still cavities in the teeth. Thanks again.

Posted by Lucille (Jersey City, USA) on 04/23/2007

[YEA]  Wow! I just read this cure [oil pulling] for the first time and decided to try it with my organic coconut oil. I still can't believe it but the chronic sensitivity I had in two of my teeth is gone! It's hard to tell which teeth were hurting! And my teeth feel different.

Posted by Diane (Philadelphia, PA) on 01/02/2007

[YEA]  I have been oil pulling two times a day for about a month now and notice a vast improvement in my gums. I have had 2 root canals and at my last dental visit, they wanted to do a 3rd root canal to correct the previous two. Needless to say, I had severe gum pain and an abscess that caused me excruciating pain. My jaw would swell up to the size of chipmunk's. I was in constant pain. I started oil pulling with sunflower oil and notice that my pain had decreased in intensity by day 3. Within 7 days, I had no pain and my abscess was completely gone. I ran out of sunflower oil and am now using extra virgin coconut oil. My gums are a healthy pink--they are no longer receding. I had a loosened tooth that really needed to be pulled but the gums have tightened around the tooth and it is no longer loose. My skin feels softer and I'm no longer plagued with earaches. I tried oil pulling with Olive Oil but could not stand the taste. Once I finish up my coconut oil, I will go back to sunflower (it is a better tasting oil).

Replied by Jaqueda
What exactly is oil pulling? I just discovered the abscess. I'm not in pain but would like to start oil pulling before the pain starts. I only have organic virgin coconut oil. Please help. Thanx

Posted by John (Daly City, CA) on 12/12/2006

[YEA]  Today is Tuesday. Last Friday night and Saturday morning I had increasing pain at the root of tooth #12, upper behind canine tooth. It was getting worse. I found your web page and read about oil pulling with sesame or sunflower seed oil. Saturday morning I bought 8 ounces of sesame oil and started pulling 1 table spoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon at night. Same on Sunday, and Monday. The result was immediate. The first result cut the pain in half, the in half again, and now I can feel only a little discomfort at the root of the tooth. I do not know how this works, but am grateful that it does!

Posted by Kimba (Brooklyn, NY) on 12/05/2006

[YEA]  re: Oil Pulling -- 3 months ago, I had a really bad infection in my mouth, so painful that I could not sleep. Orajel helped, but temporarily. I came across this website and decided to give it a try. When I woke up the next day, the pain was gone! No soreness, nothing. Not even a twinge. I stopped doing it for a couple of weeks, and all my health problems came back. Abnormal discharge, candida, and other female issues. I'm doing this again in the hopes that my issues will go away for good. Will keep you all updated on my progress.

Replied by Anonymous
Mccomb, Mississippi
[YEA]   I have been having trouble with my teeth hurting for some time now, the extreme sensitivity has been for maybe 2-3 weeks. I have been brushing my teeth with baking soda. I was afraid that maybe my mouth was becoming too alcalyne, so I started rinsing with vinegar, diluted in water. That helped a little bit.

The last several nights, I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, I'd wake up in terrible pain. My teeth would be shooting pain all in my head and mouth. Last night, I got up and went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, trying to figure out what to do for it. I walked past a bottle of oil I had sitting there. I believe that God told me to take some of that oil and pull it, so I did. I didn't know that oil could help it, but I was ready to try about anything. I had heard of oil pulling, and had tried it for other things, but not that.

I don't know what all kind of oil I have in that mix. I make up mixes for various things. That mix I'd made up to apply topically to my husband's feet, so that he wouldn't have to take it orally. But had discontinued using it for that. I suppose that it has fish oil, pumpkin oil, cod liver oil, flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, and saw palmetto oil in it. These were all oils that I took out of the softgel capsules. I would guess that it also has almond oil, and/or grapeseed oil, and/or safflower oil. I have a bunch of carrier oils that I use to carry my essential oils. That's what I mixed in. God is just amazing. I am constantly amazed that he made a thing as amazing as oil. I am thankful for the night's sleep. I am thankful to be pain-free.

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Posted by Twinsauntymom (Ca, U.s.a.) on 11/06/2013

[YEA]  To tackle an abscessed tooth, first of all, pull oil. You can find the instructions for this here on It's gentle and extremely effective at deep cleaning your teeth. I would suggest using either organic extra virgin olive oil or organic coconut oil for this. Do NOT pull castor oil. It could make you rather ill.

Next, to help relieve the pain, gently massage castor oil into the sore area of your jaw, face and neck. Not inside your mouth, but on your face and neck. You will probably find that the pain will reduce within an hour or so.

The castor oil will penetrate to a depth of approximately 10 centimeters, so it will get into the infected area. Castor oil is antibacterial and will help to clean out the poison. It's also extremely effective as a painkiller. Sorry, I don't know why, I just know it works.

If you use the castor oil at night I would suggest wrapping your pillow in an old towel to prevent the oil from staining your bedding.

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Posted by Pam (Ft. Worth, Tx) on 08/12/2010

[YEA]  Found this site a few weeks ago during a nasty abcess, or infection I had with a tooth that had already had root canal therapy and a crown. I had swelling in my cheek, eye, as well as a horrible headache on the left side of my head. I thought I was going to die. My endondist was booked, and could not see me for 2 weeks My MD Dr. Prescribed antibiotics, but they were working very slowly. I started several of the home remedies on here, but the two that I could see visible results working after a few days, were the oil pulling with sunflower oil ( 1 to 3 times a day), and the fresh garlic on my gum. I tried rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, and black tea bags on my gum, but found that they both pushed the infection further up into my eye. The oil pulling and fresh garlic actually brought the swelling down. Saw my endodotist today, after 2 weeks of these remedies, and x-rays are clear. He can't explain it. He said keep my fingers crossed that this was an isolated incident that healed itself. I will continue the oil pulling with Sunflower oil it is amazing. I feel that I have been healed by these two home remedies.

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Posted by Jack (Scranton, Pa ) on 02/27/2010

[YEA]  Periapical Cyst: Eliminate it with Gauze, Water, Oil Pulling, Garlic Oil, Tumeric

A Periapical Cyst is formed after trapped puss cannot escape through the infected tooth's abscess, and instead finds a path into the jaw and cheek near the tooth abscess origin. The cyst usually gets quite large, expanding the cheek outward, putting pressure on the mouth and face. Until the puss finds a way out, it will remain. A possible cause is infection from biting down hard on the weak tooth, or through a narrow opening in the abscessed tooth.


For a whole week I suffered with this type of cyst, making my cheek look bloated as though I had a very thick slice of salami between my jaw and inside cheek. It hurt on touch, and made my lower face nerves numb from the pressure. It was a bit embarrassing in public, but my health was most important, as this can sometimes be life threatening if it moves too far into the face or down the neck. Once you see the puss, you'll know why.

The day it finally broke, that morning, I decided to stuff a Gauze pad into my mouth throughout the day, to even out the look of my distorted face. By afternoon, the puss finally found a way out of my cheek tissue, through a tiny blister hole it pressed against, just above my lower jaw gum-line. Once the flow began, I carefully massaged out the rest, spitting out the salty, yellow-green puss and blood into the sink and rinsing with a glass of 50% hydrogen peroxide/ 50% water mix to disinfect the mouth.

I didn't have to use the scalpel, thanks to the gauze pad, stuffed into my upper cheek just above the infected tooth on the lower jaw. The pad was small enough to fit in my mouth, but large enough to press constantly against the cheek tissue from 10 AM to 2:30 PM that day only to my surprise. The gauze was very irritating to my inner cheek, and swelling began at 11 AM. By 2 PM, to the point the swelling of my cheek tissue was pushing against and almost over my lower teeth. By 2:30 PM, a hole broke through the blister on its own and the puss began seeping out. (Read below for the full story). To say I was pleased this worked was an understatement, as I was about to give up.


If you have an tooth abscess and a cyst filled with puss in your cheek, try this:

1. Firm GAUZE PAD (or paper towel will work) folded near the problem tooth, against the cheek with the swelling and puss pocket. Gauze or paper towel absorb moisture and add constant wet pressure to the infected cheek, to help it form an outlet blister where nothing had been before the Gauze Pad was added.

2. Regular use of OIL PULLING as suggested on this site. I used Virgin Olive Oil and Canola Oil. Also, swishing with Hydrogen Peroxide and Water mix, and brushing with Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) helps too, drawing out toxins.

3. Tumeric Capsules or Tumeric powder to reduce swelling at first. Once you put in the Gauze Pad though, any later swelling is a good sign if it's building inside your mouth's cheek tissue, gums. This indicates it's trying to for a blister to escape through, as it was unable to make it through the cavity tooth.

4. Garlic Oil soft-gels, Liver Cod Oil softgels (A and D), Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamins are helpful to your body. Vitamin A treats the skin. I took a few more than suggested.

5. Water. If you're 200 pounds, I suggest 100 Fluid ounces of water per day (under a gallon). Water reduces infection. Imagine not drinking water, how will the infection leave your body if your organs are drying out, unable to flush infection from your body? If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Drink plenty of water, just don't over do it as it could kill.

6. Eggs. Eggs provide amino acids, omega fatty acids, protein, vitamins, etc. An egg helps provide plenty of nutrition for growth and health. Chicks thrive on the yolk especially. The yolk is key. Cooked or eat as you like.

After that, It could take as little as one day for the blister to form, or longer, depending on your intake of the ingredients. Altogether, I only used the Gauze Pad for about five hours before it opened up a blister in my inner cheek for the puss to escape. Of course, the week of taking the other ingredients no doubt played a role, but nothing sped up the process as fast as the Gauze Pad that final day to my surprise.

ORIGINAL SYMPTOMS, CAUSE and detailed SOLUTION: 7 days plus 1 day cured:

Friday night, I bit down hard on a slice of pizza, and intense, sharp pain shot down my cavity tooth. About fifteen minutes, the pain eased up mostly, but by evening that day, there would be no sleep. Throughout all day Saturday, the non-stop excruciating throbbing intensified full force, and the tooth was very sore to the touch, followed quickly by a fever including the chills, weakness, sore throat and congestion, but no vomiting or diarrhea. And I had a numb feeling on my lower lip and chin, which was slowly spreading to my right cheek.

From experience, I covered myself in heavy blankets and stuck my head over an oil filled radiator space heater, putting life on hold. Staying so hot that I "sweat out" the illness, with more water than I normally drink (2 gallons over 1 day) and plenty of replenishing vitamin C and A, D, and Calcium, with sunny side up eggs. By Sunday night at 6 PM, the fever was mostly gone; no more sore throat, weakness, chills or throbbing tooth.

Having not slept and barely eaten for two days in a row, the absence of pain allowed some shut eye, for 2 hours sprints, as I'd wake up with intense thirst. I continued drinking, but by that evening, the numbness in my face was continuing into the night, followed by swelling of my chin, and finally the right lower jaw of my face. The inflamed cheek expanded about 3/4" from where it normally rests.

Sunday throughout the entire day, I kept a warm wet compress rag held with my hand against my cheek and after seeing on EarthClinic that Tumeric reduces inflammation, I went out to the store and stocked up on the powder and the capsules (which are more tolerable to ingest). Also on pure Olive Oil for oil pulling/swishing, plenty of odorless garlic softgels, more vitamin C, cod liver oil softgels, and multivitamins.

I tried it all, and the swelling finally went down by the next morning (mostly thanks to the compress and Tumeric), but it was time to go to work with a huge Periodical Cyst/facial lump on my cheek, still filled with puss trapped under the tooth. I discovered quickly, food going into the tooth wasn't the issue, but when I first bit down on it, that caused trauma to the lower right jaw nerves, resulting in numbness and puss infection beneath the tooth root. Having no way out through the tooth, the puss found a path into my lower cheek bone and tissue. The lump was very firm, but didn't hurt much, but the pressure on my lips was heavy. I could barely smile.

That Monday, I felt very tired having not slept, and weak, so I attempted to sleep all day and continue with the treatment. By Tuesday, the swelling had not even shrunk an inch, and I had to go to work.

Continuing this all week, it finally turned to Friday night once again, and this thing was still on my face. I'm normally embarrassed by such things as this, so that night, I decided to put a GAUZE pad in my mouth to balance out the protruding bump, stuffing it just above the now swollen lower jaw. "Looks more even with my face", I thought.
Saturday morning, I could see swelling inside my cheek, so I replaced the Gauze with a new one and almost gave up as I drove up to the hospital, then decided to follow my instinct, and drove away. I was going to try and cut a hole in there and save the money. Throughout the day, I picked up groceries and shopped for foods that would feed the bones in my teeth, not sap away the calcium from them like so many junk foods. From 10 AM to 2 PM, the gauze was becoming more irritating against my inner cheek, swelling more than it had all week. At 2:30 PM, just as I got home, something wonderful happened. I tasted a very unfamiliar, salty, foul substance in my mouth. I stopped the car and glanced in the mirror, seeing a big ball of yellow-green puss sapping out of my cheek tissue just near the gum-line. Thrilled, I began spitting out over six tablespoons of puss and blood, carefully pressing on the cyst to allow more to follow out. Inside, I immediately rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide/water mix, to cleanse the mouth. An hour later of this continued treatment, the lump is completely void of puss, though it is still slightly swollen having gone through such abuse. My face is back to normally thankfully and I'm convinced all that work finally paid off, mere minutes before I was going to "cut a hole inside my mouth" from the misery. Absolute relief and joy, with some apprehension it could always return.

Having learned a lesson of a lifetime, I will no longer take my teeth for granted. I have been reading much on "Curing Tooth Decay", and will eat properly once more. A man named Doctor Price, back in 1936, wrote a dental health book about various isolated villages across the world who ate rye bread, eggs, cod liver oil, butter, cheese, some greens, and milk from grass fed cows, and they were immune to tooth decay. Alternatively, he discovered that many in America, who ate mostly white bread and sugar with skim milk, suffered from many cavities and teeth that had trouble fitting in their narrow jaws, despite brushing and flossing everyday. You can find out more online with a search for "Cure tooth decay". "

Replied by L P
Dublin, Ireland
Thanks for your testimony.

I have had a root canal followed by crowning of my molar tooth a few years ago. After accidentally biting hard an abscess has formed at the base of the tooth between the root and jawline causing my tooth to be lifted slightly out of its socket that causes pain if the upper tooth touches it (nearly quite often it does). Of course the obvious solution would be an extraction but if there's any alternative then I'd be grateful. Would you be able to advise me on my situation? Thanks!

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
L. P. From Dublin, Ireland: visit This is excellent info. Which I have used to my advantage. It shoud help you and I wish more people would have this info. All the best. Om
Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash
Activated charcoal on the gumline, tea tree oil, internal glutithione or Alpha lipoic acid or coconut oil internal or topical or both..... read the book, the root canal coverup online for free by doctor who invented root canals and now is against them.
Replied by Tom
Fort Worth, Texas
If you are dealing with the infection issue only, try using colloidal silver... A good brand, some not being so effective as others. Here's how to use it: Take at least a tablespoon or more into mouth and hold it there for a FULL minute making sure the abscessed tooth is being saturated by the liquid. Spit out.

Often, dental work leaves microscopic holes where infiltration by microbes can penetrate to the facial area. Especailly bad for this is the root canal.

Repeat thirty minutes later, making sure you have enough colloidal silver to saturate. Hold in mouth and spit out. Do it again thirty minutes later.

If the infection is much improved, then keep repeating until the infection is completly gone. You might need to drink a tablespoon in addition because the infection is likely to have gone into your system. Consume at least ten tablespoons over the course of a few days to clear the system.

Even when I have no infection in the mouth, once every few weeks I hold the silver in my own mouth to let the silver absorb into the "holes" in the mouth; just to keep potential infections from taking hold. I do this obviously as a preventative. (Learned to do this after being infected with the Bells Palsy virus.)

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