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Tooth Infection and Tooth Abscess Remedies

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Jaw Cavitation Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Britee (New Jersey) on 12/28/2013

Hello, Anyone have Cavitation surgery and know of less invasive ways to get rid of a cavitation. Really nervous to do this but have TMJ and the biological dentist found a cavitation and seems so invasive and makes me sooo anxious. I don't know if I can do it. Any alternative treatments?

Replied by Oldriska
Prague, Cz
Hi Britee, sorry I can't help answering your question because I haven't had that surgery myself (although I do have TMJ and a nerve damage in my face). I suggest you look up "Cavitation Surgery Forum" on Curezone, there's a lenghty tread about this treatment there and you are likely to find personal experience of people who'd been through this. Hope this helps. Oldriska
Replied by Britee
New Jersey
Thank you so much. I have been on that and every site trying to find some alternatives or help but it looks like it is what it is.... I think the only way is to go in and clear the infection.. ugh.. thanks for the response.

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Posted by Wongas (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 06/17/2012

[YEA]  For Gum Disease = 1x Multivitamin each day

Tooth Abscess = 1/2 tsp crushed Magnesium Chloride in a Glass of Water 2-3 times a day

With both of these remedies you will notice results within a few hours. Pain, tenderness and swelling will gradually reduce until it is complete gone in a 2-3 days. If you have some Magnesium Chloride just before bed, you should notice your abscess has greatly improved by the morning (instead of worse as usually happens). But as the day progresses you will notice it start to become tender again. I believe the reason this happens is because your magnesium levels are still very low and you need to take some more in the morning, and again at lunch time if you feel it necessary, to get your levels up to a satisfactory level.

I am convinced by my own experimentation that both of these conditions are the result of a nutritional deficiency. One being Magnesium deficiency and the other being a deficiency of some or several nutrients in a Multivitamin. I'm yet to nail down exactly which nutrient/s cause gum disease but I know that it's not Vitamin C (well not solely) because I have tried High dose Vitamin C and it didn't work.

My gum disease was confirmed by an xray when I went to the dentist with a suspected tooth abscess. The infection was between the roots in the gum and had not yet reached the tooth. When I asked my dentist how one gets gum disease he said that it can occur when you are run down and your immunity is low; maybe after a hard weekend (wink, wink). As soon as he said low immunity a light bulb when off in my head, 'DEFICIENCY!!! ' My dentist prescribed antibiotics, but I went home and started taking a multivitamin each day. And sure enough it got better! Due to being inconsitent with most things in life, my gum disease has often returned in the past year and I have successfully treated it each time with a Multivitamin a day.

My tooth abscess on the opposite side of my mouth, was not confirmed by xray but the reason I am certain it was an abscess is because the Multivitamin didn't work at all and the tooth had partially broken away. After much research and experimentation I healed the abscess and gum with Magnesium Chloride. I am now seeking to try and remineralize my broken tooth (something I've heard many rumours about) by taking the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as per Weston A. Prices claims. At the moment I'm taking Cod Liver Oil for A & D, a separate vitamin E capsule and still need to find a good source of Vitamin K. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Posted by Nadine (North Bergen, NJ) on 01/01/2008

[YEA]  Hi, I've recently begun taking Magnesium Citrate in powder form on a near daily basis along with blackstrap molasses. I'd had a very painful toothache for several weeks (in addition to or resulting in an earache..) and without dental insurance I really can't afford a dentist. After about 3-4 days of taking a teaspoon of magnesium the pain was completely gone! I also no longer have any sensitivity from sweet or very hot/cold foods and beverages. I've made this remedy part of my daily routine and hope to discover more health benefits of this great mineral.

This brings me to something I hoped perhaps Ted or another reader may shed some light on; I came across something called Transdermal Magnesium Therapy which allows the body to absorb magnesium through the skin, and it's supposedly superior to oral supplementation. Several articles mention that magnesium chloride is the preferred form, although they don't describe the application method. They only refer to Magnesium Oil which is a little pricey. Is there a homemade version of this therapy? I appreciate your help, thanks in advance!

Replied by Nevadasmith
Smithfield Township, Pa
You can make your own magnesium oil by buying magnesium chloride ice melt. Make sure it is not a blend that simply contain magnesium chloride. A small amount of other salts is OK like 1% to 3% sodium chloride or calcium chloride or potasium chloride.

Mix equal parts of the magnesium chloride with hot water and let it dissolve and you have magnesium oil. Or simply add 2 tablespoons of magnesium chloride to a foot bath or up to one cup to the bathtub and soak in it for 20 minutes to a half an hour.

My wife and I do this and we also take magnesium citrate powder adding one scoop to a pint of water and drinking half of it in the morning and the other half later in the day. It can take up to 6 weeks to correct a magnesium deficiency. For some people this works to eliminate high blood pressure, backaches, muscle cramps, etc. After correcting your magnesium deficiency you may want to add calcium to your supplements with the magnesium to maintain the proper balance or simply eat magnesium rich foods. One of the richest food sources is rice bran.

I strongly recommend reading the book, The Magnesium Miracle, by Carolyn Dean, MD.

Multiple Remedies   4  2   

Posted by Lindy (Atascadero, California) on 10/16/2014

[NAY]  I don't know what to do about my mouth issues. I have a cavity in my molar and the corner of my tooth broke off, exposing the gum below it. I started oil pulling. It was okay for a few days and then my mouth around that area started to ache. I put clove oil on it and it helped the pain almost immediately. Then my gums around the tooth started swelling and I now have a few pockets of puss. I've tried garlic, tea tree oil, clove oil, oil pulling, bentonite clay, hydrogen peroxide and it doesn't seem to be healing. I don't know how serious this is. I also don't know if it takes time to get rid of the infection or if I'm not being aggressive enough. I really don't feel like chewing another clove of garlic, it burns!

Replied by Christine
New Haven, Ct
Dear Lindy,

Sorry you are going through this and that the remedies aren't helping. You may already know this, but tooth infections/abscesses can be very dangerous. If things aren't improving, you really DO need to see a dentist as soon as possible. If you start to see a red line on your face or neck, please go to the ER immediately. It means your infection has started to travel and can turn deadly if it reaches your heart or brain.

I found this online:

If treated, the outlook is good. The pus can usually be drained and the tooth can be saved if it is not badly broken down. If left untreated, the abscess may burst on to the skin of the face, or into the mouth. This may leave a channel (a sinus tract) between a persistent focus of infection and the skin or mouth, which can discharge pus from time to time. Other complications are uncommon. However, they can be serious, even fatal in rare situations. They include:

  • Osteomyelitis - an infection of the nearby bone.

  • Sinusitis - spread of infection to the nearby sinus in the face bone.

  • A dental fluid-filled cavity (cyst) which may develop.

  • Cavernous sinus thrombosis - this is an infection and clotting of a blood vessel in the brain. It is very serious.

  • A serious, potentially life-threatening infection of the floor of the mouth. This could spread to the face, brain or neck (symptoms of serious infection are listed below).

So, the take home message is - if you have a dental abscess then you should get it treated. This is not only to relieve pain, but to prevent possible serious complications. Symptoms that may indicate that a complication is developing, and where you should seek medical help urgently, are:

  • If you feel very unwell with a high temperature.

  • Having difficulty opening your mouth, swallowing or breathing.

  • Having swelling of the floor of your mouth, face or jaw.

  • Being in severe pain despite taking painkillers at maximum dose.

  • Having a spreading infection of your face.


Keep us in the loop with your progress!

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US
I always tell people to keep antibiotic like amoxicillin on hand in case of tooth infections. It gives you time to think and figure out what you want to do. It stops the pain and keeps the infection in check. Going to the dentist in pain gives the dentist the power.

Sometimes the antibiotic itself will take care of the infection. I have seen that in a few people. You can get it from calvet dot com. Use a probiotic 3 hours after for precaution. I keep antibiotics on hand for emergencies if one arises.

I have had dental problems happen 3 times friday afternoon which is the worst time.

I had an infection above my tooth that I handled with h202 and dmso (don't allow it to come into contact with inside cheek. Use it inside gum).

I tried to fight an infection deep under the tooth towards back in many ways but was unsuccessful.

Posted by Maureen (Connecticut, US) on 03/29/2014

[YEA]  I came on here recently in search of a way to naturally treat my tooth abscess and I am happy to say it worked!

I have a terrifying fear of the dentist, based on a history of tooth problems that started when I was a toddler. I was literally dragged into the dental chair by the assistant, slapped across the face by the dentist, then filled with silver fillings where I didn't need them. It went downhill from there over the years, so I try to avoid them, their massive expense, their fluoride and other poisons.

The abscess appeared in the back of my mouth, where I have a broken molar....thank-you sadistic silver filling dentist. The pain was excruciating!

This is the list of what I did for a week and so far, so good:

warm salt water rinses, wet tea bag over abscess, clove and/or peppermint oil on a cotton ball, brushing gently with baking soda (I don't use commercial toothpaste anyway), coconut oil pulling and a concoction I found somewhere on the net that I tweaked a bit....

the contents of 3 capsules of activated charcoal, 1 capsule of echinacea, a couple of dashes of cayenne pepper, a few drops each of peppermint & clove oils and some coconut oil.....mix it into a paste of sorts. I didn't measure, but eye-balled it until the consistency seemed right. You may want to use gloves because this is messy stuff. I placed it onto the abscess a couple of times per day. Coconut oil turns into liquid when it is warm, so I put a cotton ball in there to help keep it all in place.

Using a mix of these remedies...and a bit of ibuprofen...the swelling went down and the pain disappeared. I am still rinsing with warm salt water, oil pulling and placing a cotton ball with clove/peppermint oil on it once a day to make sure the infection is well and truly gone.

My abscess didn't exactly pop in the manner that many on here have described, but I did get some puss and blood at times as the swelling went down. It was a slower process, rather than the dramatic dam bursting I was expecting, but it worked. There is no pain, swelling or even much sensitivity there now.

I wish everyone luck in their quest to alleviate this pain as naturally as possible.

Love & Light :-)

Posted by Gokhals (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 02/28/2013

[YEA]  Had toothache of terrible intensity a couple of weeks ago. I bit hard on some food at our local farmer's market. My third molar, which has been sensitive for several years due to harsh scratching of the enamel near my gumline by an overzealous (and possibly blind) dentist, just got twisted in a funny way, and a bolt of pain shot through my top and lower jaw.

I ignored it, thinking it would go away. Two days later, it had built up into a throbbing flame on the left side of my face. After one bad experience with a dentist, I did not want to risk it again. Also, I did not want to eat antibiotics, expose myself to xrays, do toxic fillings or root canals.

So I tried the whole combination of remedies listed at earthclinic, starting with raw garlic. Oy! The Allicin bowled me over with its own heat, but the throbbing went away soon as I chomped on the garlic. I reeked of garlic at work, but the effect on the pain was amazing. When I was not chewing garlic, I had cloves clutched between my teeth. Three times a day, I swished concentrated salt water around my mouth, drank my morning tea with a teaspoon of turmeric and raw cream; drank warm milk at night with another large spoonful of turmeric, ate two table spoons of cold pressed flax seed oil daily after I swished it around my hurting tooth. From time to time, I also did some Ayurvedic style oil pulling with either coconut oil or flaxseed oil (the flax seed oil seems to work better). I commenced eating 1. 5 tsp of fermented cod liver oil twice daily. In addition, I was gently brushing my teeth with baking soda and/or coconut oil, drinking nourishing broths, resting the inflamed, side (from chewing), sleeping a good 8-9 hours nightly and sitting out in the warm sun when I could.

By the end of day 7 my pain was gone, the infection was gone. I will continue turmeric in warm raw milk for a week. I will continue to give my tooth 'chewing rest' for another week. My face is not hurting, my gums feel better, and my complexion has become remarkably smooth.

I will now make an active attempt to remineralize my scraped enamel and take better care of my gums.

I wanted to thank you all for generously donating your cures here at Earthclinic. Dr. Hal Huggins by the way is a remarkable doctor. I recommend all his books, podcasts and articles.

Replied by Gokhals
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
Update to the tooth saga. It turned out that it was the molar next to the one with the eroded gumline had cracked, and had become infected. From a small fracture it had developed into a full scale crack right down the center of my right second molar after I wrote the above post. Over the last several months, I checked out the pros and cons of all my options - clamps, crowns, root canals, pulling out one half of the tooth and attaching a fake one to the larger half etc. I finally decided to do nothing.

The reason was this: I came to the conclusion that I would rather live with a cracked tooth than chemicals and foreign metal implants in my mouth; that given the choice between autoimmune and other degenerative disease vs. missing out on 1/32th of my dental capacity, I was better off choosing the latter. Both halves of my molar are now doing well. The larger half is firmly rooted, while the smaller half is rooted but moves around like a door on a hinge when I bite down. I have learned to bite gently on the right side of my mouth. Giving my tooth time to heal and strengthen has been an experience that has taught me much - about myself, about slow and steady healing, about all the health issues that stem from dental treatments, about the dental profession, about the medical and dental scams that abound, about the institutional imperative and about accepting the fact that teeth sometimes break, but its not the end of the world, and that panic leads to overtreatment, which leads to side effects that frequently are far worse than the disease the treatment was trying to cure.

Posted by Zach (Anon, Indiana) on 11/14/2012

[YEA]  This along w/ Baking Soda and Salt helped. Here is what happened

Tuesday-Friday - Sinus infection, near the end of it on Friday, an abscess tooth popped up, pain started Friday night. Took 2 x 200mg Ibuprofen for pain before bed.

Saturday - Intense pain, gums above tooth hurt to the touch. Minor inflammation, took 2 x 200mg Iburprofen, once at noon, another at 10p. M. Swelling increased before bed.

Sunday - Abscess bubble formed above tooth, intense pain, 2 x 200mg Ibuprofen for pain, once at noon, once before bed. Inflamation increased, spread to side of mouth, under nose and slightly under eye.

Monday - Intense pain again, 2 x 200mg Ibuprofen twice at same times for pain. I read about the garlic treatment and attempted to do it. Held 1/4" piece between gum and cheek. 5 minutes of intense pain, then subsided, held for 30 minutes in total. Felt no more pain in tooth. Abscess bubble increased, and multiple ones formed. Inflammation increased in same areas.

Tuesday - No Ibuprofen today. Did the garlic again for 30 minutes on my drive to work. Again, no pain in my tooth, but pain at bubbles and felt like inflammation was getting worse. Entire left fact hurt to the touch. Attempted to pop bubbles w/ a needle but nothing came out, became scared and almost went to emergency room for penicilin. Heard about a solution to pop abscess. It was taking a cotton ball, putting equal parts of Baking Soda & Sea Salt on bubbles (not on teeth though). First application at 7 p. m. for 20 minutes. Gums had turned white, and pain had increased in area. 2nd application of same at 8 until 10:30. Gums so swollen, it hurt to shove the cotton ball inbetween my cheek and gum. Woke up at 3:30 in the morning, 3 abscess bubbles had all popped, and started draining into my mouth (gross). Instantly rinsed mouth out w/ Sea Salt and Hot Water. Drained bubbles best I could for 10 minutes. Went to sleep.

Wednesday. Woke up at 7. Both abscess bubbles were completely gone (not to mention a bitter taste of poison in my mouth) Rinsed again w/ salt water. Inflammation almost gone (from my left side being so swollen, I could see it from my eye) These two things did wonders for everything and I highly recommend it.

Not saying some should not seek medical attention (I was close to going to the emergency room) But spending $600 to be told what is wrong, as oppose to $20 to solve everything (naturally I might add, minus the Ibuprofen). This is a good solution. Please spread this to anybody suffering from an abscess tooth.

Posted by Catcobra (Portland, Or, Usa) on 04/20/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Last night, I couldn't sleep due to an adverse reaction to a root canal I had already been to the dentist 4 times for the same tooth. There was an infection in the root. When he opened up my tooth to perform the root canal the infection spread up through my gums into my cheek right near my eye. The pain was unbearable and the swelling continued to get worse and worse. I could press on my sinuses and feel it in my teeth.

The dentist prescribed me Clindamycin and Methylprednisone (Medrol). I also came down with a UTI (which makes me think that my body is obviously not balanced creating a breeding ground for bacteria). For that I'm taking Ciproflaxcin.

Last night, I used my knowledge of spices and vegetables that had antiseptic qualities and made an extremely concentrated soup of turmeric, curry, freshly cut garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, and celery. I slow cooked with a lid on to make sure the vegetables soaked up the cartenoids and other benefits from the soup. I would then add more turmeric before eating.

I then rinsed my mouth out with a turmeric/sea salt room temperature mix. Swishing it through my teeth until the concoction became cold.

Following this I opened an activated Charcoal capsule added a tiny bit of water to some gauze and placed it in between my cheek and my teeth. I held that there for about a half and hour.

I then rinsed once more with the turmeric solution to dispell the excess charcoal.

Following this I cut a clove of garlic, slowly biting into it so that the antiseptic qualities from the juice would sanitize the wound around me teeth. I did this for about a half an hour to an hour holding the tiny pieces against my gums. Yes, it burns but the burning creates an almost soothing effect after a period of time.

After the garlic, I then rinsed my mouth out with water and then decided to try oil pulling with coconut oil. I heated up the coconut oil so that it would melt and added a few drops of oil of oregano and swished it through my teeth for a few minutes at first. The texture was horrible but I could tell a difference. I tried it a second time for longer.

This morning I woke up, hoping it would be completely gone. The pain has considerably lessened. There is still some swelling but not close to how it was yesterday. I also took minerals, oils, greens, and probiotics. I will try and update this as time progresses but I can see that I've already been through the worst of it.

Posted by Lee (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 03/08/2012

[NAY]  I have yet another abscess (always on my face) so I thought I'd try some of the natural cures on this website. At first I tried the turmeric with warm water 3 times a day... Then I tried the tomato paste directly on the abscess, bandaged up over-night... Then I tried the bottle suction thing to draw out the infection. Unfortunately none of these worked. So before my face exploded, I headed back to the doctor for yet another dose of antibiotics. Until someone has experienced regular abscesses (especially on the face where everyone can gawk), it's hard to understand the mental and emotional toll it takes on a person. Here's hoping I find a cure one of these days!

Posted by Danielle (Palm Harbor, Fl) on 10/11/2010

I am in severe pain right now and since its 4 in the morning I cant go buy clove oil or anything. Ive taken 500 mg of vikodin and nothing. Taking a washcloth getting it wet and throwing it in the mircowave for 15 seconds and folding it up and sticking it in between my tooth and cheek seems to help a little. It draws the infection out. Warm water and sea salt works too but only for a few minutes (margarita salt works too). I hope this helps someone because this pain is unbearable.

Replied by Debbie
Bonita Springs, Fl
Warm water and cayenne pepper work well for me.

Posted by Indiansummer (Seattle, Wa.) on 01/15/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Abscessed tooth

I have been coming across this site about 4 weeks ago, I was searching the Internet for a natural cure for an abscessed tooth (I had my teeth cleaned 4 days prior to it, could that be the cause of the abscess?) and came across this site. I have applied raw garlic and also consumed it, used black and green tea bags with sea salt on the abscessed tooth (I contribute the abscess opening and draining to this remedy), took 2 times 2 tablespoons of Nano Silver for 10 days, 875 mg of organic Grapefruit Seed Extract 2 to 3 times a day for I don't know how long, 5000-9000 mg of Vitamin C (with added Calcium) per day, Vit. D (to improve immune system) 20,000 IU's daily for the last 15 days. Aged Garlic Caps. 3 Caps 2 to 3 times per day for the last 7 days or so, I drink at least 1 cup of green tea per day. I started oil pulling 10 days ago with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil mixed with 5 drops of oregano oil (Carvacrol content above 55%)1 to 2 times per day, 1 to 2 drops of oregano oil on gauze applied directly on tooth, I leave it on over night. About 5 days ago I also started taking alpha lipoic acid 400-500 mg per day. The result: the pain has left, the abscess has opened and drained, but the tooth is still somewhat tender and has still been filling with a little puss every day, that I have to drain. Is there anything else that can be done - besides going to the Dentist? Does anyone have a suggestion??? Feedback is appreciated, thank you!!!

Replied by Indiansummer
Seattle, Wa.
Update: I went to see the Dentist today and was told that the tooth I had the abscess on needs to be extracted. Years ago I had a root canal and crown done on this tooth, and to my understanding the root now is fractured (the crown is loose due to the crack). According to the Dentist the options are extraction and either an implant or a bridge. The cost share on my part would be appr. $3500.00!!!

A week after I wrote my first post, I finally decided to go ahead and get the Oil of Oregano made from the wild mediteranean oregano (I had used the "regular" oil of oregano and didn't seem to have much success with it). I continued treating the tooth with oil of oregano applied to a small piece of gauze, left on fissure above tooth, overnight. In addition I started taking the mediteranean oregano in caps. from the original producer. I haven't had any pain, nor drainage ever since. The fissure above the cracked root tooth is still there though. Is there anyone out there that has knowledge about how to avoid getting the tooth pulled? If the tooth would be a molar I most likely would go ahead and have it pulled but it is tooth no. 12 and pulling it would be very noticable to other people. Any advice? Anybody??? Please!!!

Replied by Anonymous
La, Ca
From my research, I had two root canals removed and implants put in well worth it. First get an extraction by an oral surgeon and have an implant put in because if you just leave an open gap you can have bone loss and it cause the jaw to lose it's balance which may cause headaches etc.. You might be able to have the extraction first because if it is infected you want it out of our body asap. It can really very dangerous to your health to have an ongoing root canal infection. Get on a payment plan to the dentist.

Posted by Kris (Burlington, Vermont) on 10/11/2007

[YEA]  My tooth that had a filling in it broke apart and all that's left is the filling that's stuck in the gum. Anyway, it started hurting hours ago, so I did 3 things:

1) Drank a cup of my own urine. I held my nose and drank it quickly. This is a known cure.

2) Took an ice cold shower for one minute. I'm in Burlington, Vermont, and it's October, so it was very cold. This is hydrotherapy. After the cold shower, I slowly turned the water to warm but kept my head away from the water. A wonderful feeling of relaxation came over me.

3) Visited your site and saw that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) was recommended for tooth/gum pain. So I poured about a tablespoon of it on my hand and put it right on the tooth/gum where it hurts. Minutes later, the pain left.

Thank you for your website. You are a blessing for doing this! Praise God for your efforts because you're helping people get well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Oil of Oregano   2  0   

Posted by Sharron (Grove, Ok) on 04/06/2011

[YEA]  So my poor husband has been suffering for several months with 3 teeth that needed root canals. Our insurance wasn't due to renew for some time, so I came onto this site and found some home remedies. He took Hydrogen Peroxide internally -- I diluted drops in water for him. He started with 2 drops and went up to 18 then worked back down. We stopped at 18 because he started tasting it then. He rinsed his mouth with a glycerin mouthwash (a popular natural brand has it for its base. ) He applied clove oil to the sore places and put it on his floss and flossed with it. All of these things kept everything stable while we were waiting for the insurance to kick in.

However, in the past two days, his pain has become unbearable. He was moaning and crying out... Writhing in pain! He's tried all the OTC pain medications at their presciption dosage and even a powerful pain medication he got at the dentist yesterday. Nothing helped. He did not sleep at all last night.

I came to check on him at 5 am (he was in the living room. ) He was distraught from the pain. I got on this site and another one and found suggestions for tea bags and oil of oregano. I reasoned that I could put the oil of oregano onto a wet green tea bag and get "more bang for my buck" so to speak.

He put it onto the sore area, and within a few seconds was calmer. He spat out the excess fluid as it accumulated for a few minutes -- perhaps 10 minutes? He then took the bag out and slept solidly for 7 hours!

He just ate something a few minutes ago and was rubbing at the sore area. I fixed him another tea bag with 6 drops of oil of oregano on it. Within a few minutes, he was falling asleep again.

Highly recommended!

Incedently, he did see the dentist yesterday and is scheduled to have these teeth removed next week. This will get us through though!

Posted by Marla (KCity, U.S.A.) on 05/29/2009

[YEA]  I had what I believed was a tooth abcess a few years back. My gum was very sore and if my toothbrush even lightly touched that area it was verrry painful. At the time I didn't have dental insurance.

I simply put 3-4 drops of Oil of Oregano in about 1/4 cup of warm water and swished it around in my mouth; particularly on the side where the abscess/soreness was. I did this several times a day. In a few days I was pain free. In between rinses I also used my finger to dab a bit on my gum, but it does burn some.

I recommended this remedy to other people and it worked for them too. Make sure the Oil of Oregano you purchase comes from the Mediterranean; the kind the cures isn't the same kind of oregano you buy for cooking.

Oil Pulling   11  0   

Posted by Laurus (California) on 06/26/2014

[YEA]  I would like to share my first experience with Oil Pulling

June 19,2014 2014

Started Oil Pulling I started late in the evening for severe tooth pain I was able to get in three 20 minute OP sessions my whole bottom left jaw is swollen with a ball and in severe pain, I am crying its so bad I cannot handle it I must take medicine even though I am very hyper sensitive to all medication and I'm scared to take it but I know I must there is just no way out of it the pain outweighs the fear, the gum in the back of my tooth is brown and purplish blackish I also have a hole where a root canal was done on the next tooth (molar) but never crowned.

June 20 2014 Oil pulling every 2-4 hours . I woke up about 5 am feeling dizzy and disoriented And weak I feel really scared and panicky I thought it was from my hypoglycemia but I checked my sugar three times and it was not low (I was in disbelief but the meter is accurate) so I got something to eat anyway , I talked myself calm, and I put myself to sleep I feel very warm I turn the air down. To 67 degrees I Oil Pulled for 20 minutes. In the morning the pain was less I was relieved but by mid day the pain was just as intense as the day before I had to take pain medication again because it is unbearable I was crying but I'm keeping up with the oil pulling, its hard to rest the pain keeps waking me up

June 21 2014 Still oil pulling every couple of hours but I added 2 pressed large cloves of garlic to the olive oil 4 oz. this however was quite strong and it burned in my mouth it was quite spicy so I added 4 more oz. to the glass of olive oil this was just right even maybe a little weak I will adjust with a little more garlic next time, I am also rinsing with sea salt water after the pulling, I also put a cabbage poultice on my cheek but I can only stand this from 2-5 minutes because it burns my skin and I cannot tolerate it for long but I keep at it several times a day. it is night and I have an unbearable headache So much pressure I can't even rest my head on the pillow because the pressure is just too much to bear, every time I turn my head it makes me dizzy and I feel nauseated this is bad I take medicine again.

June 22 2014 The pain is less intense now it's still there but tolerable I won't be taking any more medicine the swelling is subsiding I am grateful for this but there is still a ball right above the jaw line and still swollen but not as much but like I said getting smaller I am still oil pulling about every 3 to 4 hours now still with a sea salt rinse and a tooth brushing after I am able to get up walk around a bit now but still weak, it's 9:44pm now I added a fresh carrot, apple, lettuce juice now for two days I feel I will sleep better tonight as I can lay my head on the pillow now and rest, my cheek has been tingling now for two days I can feel the infection moving around and dissipating it feels a bit tingly a bit like a moving around tingly feeling like when dental anesthetic is wearing off I feel it through the left cheek, jaw, and lower lip, I will oil pull one more time before I fall asleep I also looked at my gum and the very back of it is now a pinkish color and midway is still brownish purplish blackish but I feel seeing some pink gum is a good sign I am feeling hopeful

June 23 2014 Slept ok pain is better still slightly swollen it's just sore to the touch now and when I open my mouth , there is a very slight chronic pain but it's even more tolerable, I'm in better spirits, I'm going to OP. it's 10am now I just checked my gums they are more pinkish but I see a really deep pocket behind my last molar and inside and slightly around it, it is still brownish purplish. for the past three days to describe the gum pain I'm experiencing is like my gums were scraped by the dental hygienist just the bottom lower left and bottom front and also upper left corner this includes the front and back side of the gums. It's 10:40 pm now and I feel a little more pain maybe because I'm getting tired and want to rest I don't know but the swelling is still going down I'm going to oil pull now after I eat a banana. It's 11:20 now I'm done with my regiment and was looking at my gum it's the same and I was also looking at my tongue which I noticed while brushing it has little raised bumps towards the back there's just a little and there the color of my tongue and do not hurt but I thought was strange and even stranger yet I noticed my tonsils my right side was half it's usual size I didn't even know they were swollen all of my life , but. throughout my childhood I had a lot of tonsil infections but I thought I overcame this as I grew older but I am surprised to see the right one is half it's size, that it has been all my life , the left is still I guess swollen hmmm. The pain is better now

June 24 2014 The pain deep down inside my jaw is gone (yay) but I still have slight pain around the gum line (it feels like a dental gum scraping still) but it is very tolerable there is still slight swelling but you really wouldn't notice only if I pointed it out, feeling good throughout the day my energy is up and I feel like there is a fog lifting I feel more alert and happy but not just because of the teeth issue I have Lupus and complications from lupus, hypoglycemia, CFS, Reynauds, erythromelalgia, I only oil pulled 4 times today,

June 25 2014 I slept better last night I can barley feel the ball on my cheek now, absolutely no pain right now. I OP 4 times today always 20 minute sessions, there is virtually no pain now.

June 26 2014 No pain at all yay! And just a slight bump near my jaw bone the back of my gum is nearly all light pink except inside the pocket but it's getting a lighter color I will continue to oil pull at least 4 times today and everyday for one year to see if my overall health improves and I will be trying sesame oil next as well as sunflower and coconut I am very excited and convinced it is helping me I have experienced great results so far I am very hopeful!

Replied by Victoria
It does help immensely. You are wonderful, thank you.
Replied by Tashimoto
Vancouver, BC
Thank you for taking the time to chronicle such a detailed account of how you remedied a tough situation. Most appreciated.

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