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Tooth Abscess
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Tooth Infection and Tooth Abscess Remedies

Last Modified on May 18, 2015

Cloves   8  0   

Posted by WM (Marion, IL, USA) on 12/02/2008

[YEA]  infected teeth: oil of cloves is great fror pain also for lower teeth, bite down, find the high point of the masseter muscle, relax bite massage counter clockwise with the fingertip, counterclockwise an outside view, for the upper teeth the point is in the joint of the jaw, 15 seconds ought to suffice, do both sides, as nerves often cross in the spinal area. for infection, bring milk in a pan to a simmer, take off heat, add any kind of edible mushrooms, as soon as you can tolerate the heat..take a tablespoon of the liquid, rinse it around the mouth till you have to spit it out..never swallow it! the time the pan is emptied, the infection should be gone.

Posted by Ellen (Arlington, TX) on 08/31/2008

[YEA]  I woke up with a horrible toothache around 5:30 AM, this morning. I took two Tylenol and used Chloraseptic spray on the gums surrounding the tooth that was hurting. Nothing really worked. Actually the pain progressed until I couldn't do anything but sit in my computer chair and deal with the agonizing pain. I found this site a few weeks ago and had used two other recommended cures for other issues with great success. So it finally occured to me to search this site for a cure for toothache. Under the topic of tooth absess I saw clove oil and powdered cloves were used by many for relief of tooth pain. I immediately went to the kitchen and rubbed powdered clove on the surrounding gums. Within minutes my pain had diminished to bearable levels. I ate and then applied more powdered clove. The pain is gone! I am so grateful for this website. It has made a huge difference in my life in the last few weeks. Thank you all.

Posted by Jamie (Mesa, Arizona) on 01/10/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Pertaining to clove powder, it is incredible. The tooth pain is gone but unfortunately, the abscess is still hurting but I just may be able to sleep today.

Posted by Helen (Merrill, Wisconsin) on 08/22/2007

[YEA]  Ok after reading all the posts here, I ran to the grocery store and bought cloves, garlic, grapeseed oil (the store didn't have coconut oil) and tumeric. I put powdered cloves on my abscess for the pain. Pain is instantly gone. I will apply the garlic, oil, and tumeric later and let you know how that works!

Replied by Cc
What was your outcome?

Posted by Sue (Ottawa, Canada) on 03/26/2007

[YEA]  Cloves are nothing short of a miracle. I'd been in severe pain with an abscess and not even the most potent painkillers, antibiotics or extra strength oragel were helping. I read about clove oil on the internet and went to the local health food store to find some. They didn't carry it and neither did the drug store, so I bought powdered cloves and emptied the contents of a teabag and put the clove powder in. Within 5 minutes I was PAIN FREE for hours. I actually got some sleep! This is an unbelievable remedy and I only wish it were taken more seriously. No one with a toothache needs to use anything but cloves!

Posted by Kathy (Canonsburg, PA) on 11/20/2006

[YEA]  Oil of cloves and peroxide for Abscess tooth cured my abscess overnight. Because I have no dental insurance I decided to look on the internet for natural cures for an abscess. My cheek was so swollen for a couple days I looked like a 'chipmunk". It was swollen inside my mouth to the size of a dime and I got no relief. Yesterday (Sunday) I alternated between the peroxide and oil of cloves and today it is gone. I can't believe it. I could hardly eat or talk yesterday. Thank you thank you for your valuable website.

Coconut Oil   2  0   

Posted by Molly (Florida, US) on 03/30/2015

[YEA]  I've suffered with bad teeth all my life and have tried all kinds of home remedies for toothaches and infections. I just recently stumbled on using coconut oil, and it works better than anything else I have tried. I have turned around two infections now in a single day by coating the gum and tooth with coconut oil and oil pulling over the tooth for several minutes. It's worth a try.

Replied by Su
I read somewhere that olive oil has special qualities that really help with oral infection, so I am also using that for oil pulling. It seems to "pull out" more than the coconut oil.

Posted by Jerry (Hamburg, NY) on 07/16/2007

[YEA]  Coconut oil got rid of tooth infection. I've used coconut oil on a regular basis now for a few months in cooking mainly. Never experienced side effects no matter how much I used. Stopped using for a week or so due to busy work schedule, and got a bad infection in a tooth. My cheek was quite swollen and getting worse by the hour. Instead of going to a dentist for antibiotics, I got back on the coconut oil. Took one teaspoon orally then just used as I normally would in cooking. In less than two days the swelling and infection was gone!

Colloidal Silver   5  0   

Posted by Leslie (Cape Coral, Fl) on 10/15/2013

[YEA]  HI all, I went to the emergency room for an abcessed tooth. The doctor gave me an antibiotic. I laid here in pain for 2 days and remembered Colloidal Silver. I am not kidding within minutes the pain went away and the swelling is now going down. I paid $30 in the healthfood store for a bottle of Colloidal Silver and I now plan to buy a generator to make my own.

Posted by Lorene A (Montgomery, Tx) on 09/23/2013

[YEA]  Tooth pain cure - Colloidal Silver - 500 PPM

Forget root canals, folks. I absolutely LOVE this site and use it all the time now... For the remedy for tooth pain which is usually a fungus/bacterial infection: I have used antibiotics in past for this but do not want to use them anymore. Went to Health Store and they told me that Colloidal Silver is the alternative "natural antibiotic". My pain was very high around upper gum area and unidentifiable as to which tooth, only vicinity. I put 2-3 drops from dropper (undiluted) of CS to the area and in a few hours - PAIN GONE! It was fantastic. Antibiotics took 3 days to do this. CS goes to the infection to kill it. It is safe if you don't over use CS. I also used Clove Bud oil to "numb" the pain and that worked very well. I only used CS 2 days as the pain went away so quickly... And I know it was a tooth infection. The last time I went to a dentist for this they wanted to do 2 root canals and 2 crowns to the tune of $5, 000. ~~ so root canals are one big mistake. Dentists take advantage, same as MD's. Be careful before you do any dental surgury... as it is not healthy way to go....

Posted by Lisa (Coto De Caza, Ca, Usa) on 01/02/2011

[YEA]  Had a tooth infection in the back tooth that needed a root canal. The infection was at the root of the tooth and in the jaw bone. Tried garlic, cloves, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics, and everything else of EC. Nothing worked. Went ahead and got the root canal and it was still infected. Tried a 3 more rounds of antibiotics and it didn't work. After a year of this tooth being infected, the dentist wanted to pull the tooth.

I heard about colliodial silver so decided to try it. Used about 4 drops in just enough water ( a few drops) to be able to swish in mouth for about 5 minutes, then spit out. Did this 3 times a day for 3 weeks, then 1 time per day for 2 weeks. Within a few days the aching in my jaw stopped. When the dentist took an X-ray about 2-3 months after the treatment, he noticed the infection was gone and the bone growing back.

Posted by Ron (South St Paul, MN) on 03/12/2009

[YEA]  ...I had a filling break while eating some popcorn one night. Within 2 weeks, a cavity formed, which wasn't surprising to me. I've dealt with carries/cavities more than once. For years I've taken plant derived- colloidal minerals (60-80 different minerals). All of my cavities seemed to stop dead in their tracks, but I couldn't pin-point why, or what I was doing. I scheduled a dentist appointment and was expecting to have him do a root canal. I don't have insurance, I pay my bills and wanted to set up some kind of payment plan. The dentist wanted $500 down, and not having that kind of money, I told him "Thank you, but I'll have to figure out something else." Immediately, I went home, cracked open my medical books and started doing a little research. I learned that cavities are caused by a bacteria.I already knew that Silver was an antibiotic, but didn't know how to consume/make it (I also figured out why my cavities, in the past, have stopped while taking the liquid minerals). I did some looking on line, came across directions on how to make colloidal Silver, and for the price of 1 foot .22 gauge Silver wire, a soldering gun and 3 9 volt batteries, I now make my own. Haven't dealt with any mouth problems since!

Posted by Mary (New York, New York) on 12/26/2008

[YEA]  Four weeks ago, i was eating pop corn and some of the brown stuff that's on it, stuck in my gum. it took a while to pull it out and the gum throbbed alot. the next morning the gum was inflamed and an abscess formed. i tried gargling with salt and water and hydrogen peroxide, gargled with apple cider vinigar, tried putting neem extract on it, ate a bunch of cashews as cashews have a mild poison that works well on gum disease, tried raw garlic with salt and turmuric both eating it and putting it on the wound, which really burned and burned my inner cheek pretty bad. Most of these things just controlled the abscess. it would drain but then it would come back again and the gum was refusing to heal. this went on for about 2 weeks, finally i tried colloidal silver. i drank 4 table spoons per day, and i soaked a cotton ball in colloidal silver and placed it on the wounded gum. within hours not only did the gum drain, it started to heal. after two days of colloidal silver on cotton ball and drinking it, my gum looked clean, pink and as if nothing ever happned. bottom line, colloidal silver for abscess is a very quick remedy. though, make sure to get a good colloidal silver. some companies sell cheap stuff that's immitation, more like ionic silver. i bought a bottle of mesosilver on amazon. expensive but reputable company, which did the trick for me.still beats going to the dentist for him to rip out the tooth or do a root canal, still a lot cheaper. i am as well learning now how to make my own colloidal silver so that i can keep it on hand, should i get sick again.

hope this helps someone.

Replied by Rebecca
Savannah, GA
could someone please help me with how to make my own COLLOIDAL SILVER? have tried garlic directly on abscess tooth/gum? for 2 days now with just a little success. Help! have no health insurance at this time and would also like to NOT have to go to the dentist with teeth problems... too expensive!!!! thanks so much anyone who could help me.
Replied by yourboyken
San Francisco, Ca
yes i found a video on youtube that helps you make COLLOIDAL SILVER.
Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales
got to It's the only place I have found a WHOLE video on ROBERT BECK who tells you how to make your own colloidal silver from a few batteries, a bit of wire, and his version only takes 7 mins to brew it. He uses tap water, but I prefer Distilled water. I hope this Love Andrea cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Replied by Atomicus
San Diego
There are well over 650 different viruses and bacteria that colloidal silver 3000 to 18000 PPM can address. Tooth infections are just a small part of the benefits of colloidal silver. If you do more research you can find clinical trials in other countries that prove that HIV can be addressed with colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver, DMSO   1  0   

Posted by Carolyn (Lubbock, Tx) on 12/09/2010

[YEA]  I had a abscessed tooth that was giving me fits. This is what worked for me. 2-3 oz. of very warm water, add 2 tablespoons of 10ppm colloidal silver and only 6 drops of DMSO. Swish this around your bad tooth. I try to keep it in my mouth about 2-3 minutes then spit it out. Keep doing this till you have used all the water mixture. Do this 2 times a day and in 2-3 days the infection and pain will be gone. It really worked for me.

Dental Abscess Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Maddtom (Colorado, Usa) on 07/28/2013

Folks, recently discovered not so painful soft "lump" on outside upper back tooth. This tooth has been bothering me for couple of months. Very painful for a couple of weeks and then no pain. I know it will need to come out very soon. Question is: how to mitigate and even eliminate this infection. I pull EVOO at least twice a day and have for more than 6 months. My overall health is excellent (65yrs). Like I said I know this tooth needs to come out and I want to eliminate this abscess before I go in (if possible)... Thanks for any info. ThomasM

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
MADDTOM from Colorado: I really like posts like yours because I have a lot of experience now with good results re my teeth to pass on. I am a senior with ALL my teeth except one I lost many years ago. Even in that case I should have known better but thanks to EC I have a completely new and far more effective tooth care regimen which empowers me to know what is in my mouth and to keep business away from my health.

Recently I saw a dentist after years and the first thing was that he expectd me to accept fluoride. Then, when I told him that when I was much younger a very well respected dentist who taught a a university, sent a piece of mercury down my gullet, saying:don't swallow it! When I told this dentist about it, He mentioned that it probably "went right through. Hmm! Very casual attitude.

I have now been oil pulling for about two years. At the beginning there was a molar that felt loose and the dentist said it had to come out. Then I found: That changed everything. Oil pulling had given me a fresh breath daily, a clean and healthy tongue and probably detoxed my system without any trouble. It also fixed the loose tooth more firmly in its socket. I don't like to lose a tooth since it has such an effect on the facial features. Oil pulling had also brightened my teeth somewhat.

However, thanks to the site above, I am now trying to heal a cavity on my front tooth. My gums that had always been a problem, are looking really good and the previously exposed tooth necks are almost all right at the gum line, looking really good.

But now, to heal any cavity, I am using MMS (Jim Humble's website) and wow my teeth are getting actually white. I did not really expect that. I thought my yellow/grey teeth would never but they are really nice looking. I am working on some pockets and to eliminate possible sites of infection. I keep the MMS solution in my mouth for two minutes twice a day. If I forget it once, or I am too tired, I use Xytol in my mouth before falling asleep. Of course, I will not forget my oil pulling as it has an overall effect on the body which may vary with the individual. You will find that present practices of dental care are far from beneficial to ones health and thinking of the sums that have to be surrendered!

Anyway I am taking responsibility for my health and again thanks to EC have initiated more changes to the great improvement of my health. The sites mentioned also deal very well with abscesses and pain.

All the best! Om

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