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Tooth Abscess
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Tooth Infection and Tooth Abscess Remedies

Last Modified on Jul 27, 2015

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Bee Propolis   0  0   

Posted by Paige (San Jose, Ca, Usa) on 10/23/2010

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Hello: I recently took the advice on Earth Clinic -of using some of the suggestions on my daughter's tooth abscess after some dental work( peroxide, baking soda etc. ) The situation has greatly improved. I did however make some kind of mistake with the bee propolis... Although it seemed to really help/work- I bought too high of a dosage and now the sticky brown resin is on her teeth! Any suggestions? Thank you!

Bentonite Clay   1  0   

Posted by Diane (Sacramento, California)

[YEA]  Montmorillite form of Bentonite clay. I had an absessed tooth that broke off. The absess was not really painful but my dentist advised a root canal because the tooth was dead. How I wish I would have tried the clay first and just had a temp crown put on. I continued to have a soreness at the root. The pocket of infection had been there for years. I didn't want to do the antibiotic thing or have more work done, so I tried the clay. I simply tucked a pea sized bit of clay with a bit of cotton up at the root where the pain was. The next morning it was somewhat better. I continued for months until every bit of the soreness was gone. It took time but I just know I probably could have healed it without the root canal. I still do it once in awhile because I know dead teeth in your mouth infect the body eventually, per Dr. Weston Price. The one advantage?...It takes almost no effort to do.

Bentonite Clay, Multiple Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Riverlover (Nc) on 12/26/2013

[YEA]  Well after a month, I've come out on the other side from a tooth abscess where I allowed the infection to spread to my jaw. I thought I could keep working and just take some natural antibacterials to treat it. Not so. My jaw line became swollen, my tooth on the lower jaw was loose, and the pain was indescribably intense at one point.

15 years ago, I had an abscess, and I naively trusted my oral surgeon and allowed all of my upper teeth to be pulled at the age of 35. I just didn't know better. I will never trust dental professionals again, so I went after this on my own.

At first, I threw pretty much everything listed here at it. I took/applied lots of colloidal silver, oil of oregano, garlic, tea bags, turmeric and salt water, H202, and more. What finally helped me turn this around was Bentonite Clay. I got both the powder and the liquid clay. My cheek and gums were raw at first from all the treatments I'd been applying, but it didn't hurt, it just felt weird as it drew out the infection. I alternated between making a little putty with the powder and leaving between infected gun and infected cheek for 20 mins and doing bentonite swishes with the liquid for 10-15 mins. I did one of them once a day. Maybe I COULD HAVE DONE IT 2XS/DAY, who knows. But the swelling went down after the first day and disappeared after the 2nd day. at least externally. There was still some swelled pockets inside my mouth that went away after 4 more days.

The pain level diminished greatly. After using the clay, I first used 50/50 H20 & H202 to rinse. Then I switched to a periodontal wash I got at Whole Foods, with all sorts of good stuff in it. (golden seal, oregano, Gotu Kola, olive leaf, grapefruit seed, xylitol, chlorophyll, etc)

I apply a similar periodontal rub/gel on the gum before bed, after rinsing and brushing with a natural toothpaste.

I take 20K iu of Vitamin D3, 8K mg of buffered C, 400 mg Q10, molybdenum with 2 meals, and try to stay very hydrated. I think the most important thin I take hasn't been listed here and that's Olive Leaf Extract (OLE).

Look up this amazing antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pain killing, liver-helping herb. I started this shortly after the clay. I try to take one ev 2 hours. Sometimes every hour. I will keep up with it for a while. There are no side effects.

Now, one month later, its -almost- like it never happened. The tooth is firm, I can eat & smile without pain, and I feel really good. I think this might have been a blessing in disguise. Its gotten me refocused on my health. The abscess has left behind a severely recessed gum however, so now my job is to remineralize the bone and tooth & try to rebuild the gumline. Hence the D3, Vit C, and Q10. As I understand, I'll also need some L-lysine & Threonine.

My fingers are crossed that the tooth in question isn't actually dead and has a chance at rebounding. I will update if it is in fact a goner & doesn't hurt anymore simply because the nerves are shot...

So anyways, I hope this helps someone out there, maybe bring about healing faster than a month! It was about a 7 day recovery once I began the clay treatment to draw the infection out. Blessed Be.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.
HI U RIVER LOVER, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

You have helped far more people than you know. Our Knoxville dentist covers the world teaching and we will pass your experience on to him. All us Earth Clinic folks should take what we learn here as a mission to help others with this individual knowledge. Hell man, most medicals folks have no clue. They just prescribe what the last tight ass pharmaceutical rep in a short skirt told them at the hi dollar dinner. That's where we are.

I truly believe the best thing to ever happen to the U.S. Health is Obama Care. Now, we will have to look after our own health. Ain't that great?

=====OLE ROBERT HENRY=======

Replied by Kko699
Southern California, US
Hello Riverlover from NC- I was wondering if you ever had any further issues with the abscessed tooth? I have tenderness on the gum area above one of my top front teeth and I am considering using the Bentonite Clay to pull out the toxins. I believe I am catching it early, the tooth is sensitive, and the gum line above the tooth is a little bit swollen - just thought I'd try to get an update from you before I begin. Thanks for posting with such important detail, I found it helpful in determining my course of action.

Take Care, kko

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us
Those darn receeding gumlines...msm kicks the infection and heals the gum, use both msm cyrstals in the mouth at bedtime and tablets during the day. GO SLOW and fix those receeding gumlines, it's part of our collagen mix, missing in most diets.

Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C   2  0   

Posted by Janis (Hudson's Hope, BC Canada)

[YEA]  Tooth abcess and Alkalizing diet For Susan 3/3/08. I don't take medication. So I did some research and found a cure for my abcess tooth. All day long I took Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin C.... I would take these pills or liquid hourly. In about 18 hours swelling was gone. (The exact amount I took, sorry can't say for sure.) Once swelling goes down get back to Dentist. Alkalizing your body. The best and most healthy way is through a vegan diet. Raw fruits and vegs. This diet also heals most disease.... Good Health

Replied by Lisa
Barrington Hills, IL
[YEA]   I'm writing in response to Calcium, magnesium helping toothaches or abceses. I too have found cal-mag very effective in reducing tooth pain. I've been taking cal-mag for almost 20 years with good results. When I don't take cal-mag for a week or so my tooth begins hurting and when I take the cal-mag regularly I have few tooth problems.

In the past few months I have had to take 10-12 large cal-mag soft gels to help my teeth. I think that I became resistant to the rock mineral and oyster shell based cal-mag. has caused me to have very loose stools.

A helpful clerk at a health food store showed me natural cal-mag made from seaweeds. So far it's fantastic. I only have to take 3 small tablets with perfect results. No tooth pain! No loose stools! Maybe it will work for you too.

Cashews   2  0   

Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 01/03/2011

For future reference, here's something:

RAW cashew nuts! But there would seem to be evidence that they may not even have to be raw, in which case a can of cashews might work, too.

Gram positive bacteria, which cause tooth decay, acne, tuberculosis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Francisella tularensis, and leprosy are killed by anacardic chemicals (salicylic acid with an unsaturated aliphatic side chain) in cashew nuts, cashew apples, and cashew shell oil. A sixth time with cashews required several days. It is possible that just eating a couple of ounces each day for a week or so would work also and might avoid any intolerance to cashew nuts. I have tried this successfully on another occasion. It is said that the people of the Gold Coast use cashew leaves and bark for a toothache. Vietnam has the highest per capita consumption of cashews, so this would be a good place to look for epidemiological evidence. Indeed, Vietnam has had a much lower rate of caries than other grain eating areas for the last several thousand years. The active chemicals are anacardic acids with a 15 carbon unsaturated side chain. The side chain with three unsaturated bonds was the most active against Streptococcus mutans, the tooth decay bacterium, in test tube experiments. The number of unsaturated bonds were not material against Propionibacterium acnes, the acne bacterium [#3 Kubo, et al 1993 p1018. Heating these anacardic acids converts them to the alcohols (cardinols) but does not destroy their activity against S. mutans [#4 Himajima & Kubo 1991 p419. I suspect that these chemicals are volatile, however, which is why I used the raw cashew nuts. Also it has been determined that high heat causes decarboxylation of anacardic acid [#14 Patel. Eichbaum claims that one part to 200,000 to as high as 2,000,000 parts of solution of anacardic acid is lethal to gram positive bacteria in 15 minutes [#4 Eichbaum. Somewhat higher ratios killed tubercle bacteria of tuberculosis in 30 minutes.

Chemical molecule structure of the anacardic acids: acids&go=&form=QBLH&scope=images&filt=all

Replied by Geralyn_d
Atlanta, Ga
[YEA]   I have used cashews for 11 years to control a cracked wisdom tooth. It did get abscessed when I got lazy about 4 years ago. A couple cashews chewed up morning and night to control it (do not brush the nutty Film off)... Then 3 or 4 times a day when it abcessed and it was back to normal in less than a week. But duh! Limit sweets and brush after eating the stuff... A candy jag is what got mine abscessed.

This year I discovered that cashews could get rid of my ulcer. Dr OZ pointed out that h-pylori was affected by cashew products. So after my Dr. Couldn't verify the h-pylori I tried 2 cashews every waking hour for 2 weeks. After the third day the pain was much less but I stuck with it for 2 weeks. I did a repeat of 2 weeks after a week off just to be sure. 4 months later feeling great! My friend who also had h-pylori was tested 4 times before diagnosis. She suffered a lot taking the antibiotics for it and still has A painful gut 6 months later... Hmmm... After 2 years of suffering I am pain free!! I love my cashews!! I use the "raw" ones too.

Posted by Charles (Hendersonville, North Crolina) on 09/25/2008

[YEA]  Tooth abscess bacteria are usually a gram positive bacteria. Anacardic acids in raw cashew nuts are extremely lethal to those bacteria. To see a discussion of this access
Sincerely, Charles Weber

Castor Oil   1  0   

Posted by Twinsauntymom (Ca) on 03/01/2015

[YEA]  Castor oil takes away pain and swelling from my tooth abscess.

I have had a long-standing problem with a tooth abscess made me miserable. My lower and upper jaw were throbbing and tender. My glands on that side of my neck were swollen and tender, and the pain went up into my sinuses.

I had experienced the pain relieving properties of castor oil before, on my arthritic joints, and thought I would try it on my sore jaw. I gently rubbed a little castor oil all over the sore area of my face and neck. I warmed the oil first, to make it easier to spread. Within 30 - 40 minutes the pain was much less, within another 20 minutes or so, it was completely gone. I applied a little more oil before bed, and put an old towel on my pillow to protect the bed linen.

When I awoke, I was still completely pain free. The swollen glands were back to normal and the facial swelling was gone.

The abscess flares up now and then. At the first sign of discomfort I apply the castor oil and the abscess never gets too painful at all.

Cayenne   2  0   

Posted by DENNIS (BYHALIA, MS) on 01/04/2008


Abscess tooth WITH SUPER SORE swollen jaw.

This recipe is famous for getting that abscess down (even beneath a crown tooth)
3 parts Slippery Elm, 2 parts baking yeast, 4 drops cloves, 1/3 teaspoon cayenne pepper, and open two activated caracole capsules and mix..

Add a little water enough to make a paste. It will be gummy due to the slippery elm. Then pack this mixture around the gum. The slippery elm, and charcoal, draws out the inflammation, the cayenne stimulates the cells around the tooth to release toxins and the cloves are added as a pain remedy, especially toothache. repeat every three to four hours as needed.

NEXT: Back it up by taking two capsules of turmeric in the AM and also two in the PM..TILL SWELING AND PAIN GO AWAY.

AND BY THE END OF (DAY Three) totally healed!



Replied by Purelife
Columbia, Sc
[YEA]   Truly we have to thank God for these natural cures. I were having some kind of tooth infection. I check EC found
the remedy you posted, must say it work like a charm since I did not want to call out from work. Had slippery elm bark used that instead of the powder, it worked fine it was instant relief. Going to try the tomato juice and cayenne pepper. Is this store bought juice or fresh press, please let me know?

Cell Salts, Flower Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Maypeacebewithall (Singapore) on 04/13/2012

[YEA]  I have used cell salt no. 9 Mag Phos to relieve my mum's and my brother's toothache a few times. I crushed the tablet in some water and asked them to drink and hold it in the area of their tooth pain. Swallow it after a few minutes. The tooth pain subsided within minutes, sometimes as fast as when holding the solution in their month.

Once my brother had an excruciating tooth pain which shoot up to his head. He said that your tears will just rolled down automatically from the intensity of the pain. I dropped a few drops of flower essence into his decayed wisdom teeth and set an intention for the flower essence to heal him in his highest good and the severe pain also subsided within minutes. The flower essence I used is made from the painkiller plant.

Lastly, there was another time where I applied Aura Soma Physical Rescue oil to his cheek where his tooth pain was located. I poured some oil onto my palm and just rubbed onto his cheeks. Then, I placed my palms on his cheeks and send healing prayers to his decayed tooth. And his pain also subsided within minutes. Intention and Faith seems to be very important. Combined with the appropriate "tool", it can work miracles! Hope my above experiences can help others.

Charcoal   1  0   

Posted by Kristi (Cleburne, TX) on 05/28/2009

[YEA]  Regarding Tooth Abcess:

My son has recently had to deal with tooth abcess and gum pain due to a mouth injury. He eventually had a root canal.

We tried many concoctions, but the only thing that gave him relief from the pain was to make a paste with a very small amount of water and activated charcoal (get this at a health food store or your pharmacist). We put the thin paste on a piece of paper towel and tucked it in between his gum and lip. He left this on for hours at a time. After a few times it helped the swelling, redness and pain. He did this until he could get an appointment for a root canal.

Clove   0  0   

Posted by Mercy (Tx, US) on 01/03/2015

Last month I had two extraction and about three days ago I started to experience pain on all my teeth, I didn't pay too much attention but I had a suspicion that one of my extractions had gotten infected even though I took prescribed antibiotic (not normal for me).

Well to make a long story short the second day I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain on one of my teeth but it kept changing from tooth to tooth so I made an appointment with my dentist. He took ex-rays but said he didn't see any infection and everything looks fine. He said I can get a root canal but he is not able to do it himself because I have a strange canine that has two roots and the split of the roots is very deep from the surface.

This morning when I got up my face, jaw line was swollen and that particular tooth hurt really bad. I felt feverish and achy, right away I remember my Indian and Caribbean ancestry where we used nature for healing as a first alternative and then... I went to another website which I don't know if am allowed to mention and read up on it. I first brush my teeth and tongue with sea salt ( this cleaned my teeth so beautifully) then rinsed with warm water and salt. After that I followed up with pure 100% virgin cold pressed Olive Oil and held it in my mouth for about 10 to 15 minute which I spit out at the end of the 15 minute.

Then I took a teaspoon of ground clove and with my clean fingers rubbed it all through my infected area inside my mouth and the entire gum, after about 30 minutes the pain went away and the swelling started going down. I kept doing this every couple of hours or so. Am glad to tell you that the swollen has gone away in about 8 hours later, the tooth area is still tender but I will continue until is completely cure the infection.

I also realize that I have abandoned my upbringing and I need to have a more holistic approach to my overall health. After feeling better I went to the grocery store and began the "Daniel Fast" (which I have been doing every year around the same time) only eating foods that mother nature provides us with, this even includes the oil and condiments that I use to prepare my meals. Please be careful with sugar, agave and white flour because even though it is from the ground it is processed and one of our worst enemy for our general health and teeth. I should also say that I have not eaten meat for over 30 years but I do eat fowl and fish but not while am fasting. However I am seriously considering giving that up too. May God and good health be with you for all the days of your life!!!!!!! Let there be love and peace on earth.

Clove Oil, Peroxide   0  0   

Posted by Kat (Austin, TX) on 12/18/2006

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I am using clove oil and peroxide... suppose to cure toothache. It does work but it doesn't when you lie down to sleep! I am still trying to fall a sleep in pain please help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand 388 Posts
Dear Kat: In that case, before going to sleep take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/2 glass of water. Also try to use baking soda as a mouthwash to neutralize the acid first before a clove oil peroxide. If a local store has a half a pound of powdered xylitol, a teaspoon of xylitol taken internally and used as a mouthwash can also help. For remineralization of tooth, some molybdenum supplements may help.

Cloves   8  0   

Posted by Susan9k (South Dakota, USA) on 07/17/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I just found this website and all I can say is - Thank You! I've been applying essential oil of clove to my tooth, (my lower right side, canine) and taking 2 aspirin a day as needed. These two things have really helped. (past week or so).

Last night and this morning, I added 10 drops of tea tree oil to 8 oz. of water and swished until glass empty.

I'm now going to call my local pharmacy to see if they sell colloidal silver. OR, order online. I've heard about c.s. for years, but I was too chintzy to pay $$ for one bottle. But, with a possible dental visit now looming in front of me, I've changed my mind about being chintzy! Lol

Question: Any reccomendations for what kind of colloidal silver? Particular brands? What?

It's been years since I last went to a dentist.. and I'd like to keep it that way.

Best Regards,


Posted by Davey (Austin, Tx) on 12/04/2014

[YEA]  I went through some of the worst pain I've ever experienced back in 2011...

I was so proud of those teeth! They came in was I was 25,26, just when I was convinced that my top wisdom teeth would never come in. The bottom pair had come in years earlier, but they had only partially erupted, and are presently hanging out down around the gum-line in perpetual ambiguity.

They grew and grew, these new teeth, and to my initial delight, they never seemed to stop growing. They were my pride and joy for a little while, these giant, glistening white pillars.

At some point they were no longer something to be proud of, these honking chunks of glorified calcium protruding from the recesses of my upper jaw. They got in the way when I chewed my food, slowly grinding away on the lower teeth that couldn't compete. First the left-top wisdom tooth decayed away to almost nothing, in a matter of months. It resulted in the formation of a giant crater in the back of my jaw, this after 28 ys without a single cavity.

I had no idea what to do when the shooting pain in the back of my mouth began. I'd been through an exceptionally painful ordeal once before, but this had occurred when I was just 6 years old. Were it not for a medical breakthrough just prior to the onset of my ordeal in 1988, this would literally have been a fatal condition. I spent a very long time in the hospital, experiencing a great deal of pain, and those are some of the earliest memories I can recall clearly (as if they happened yesterday). The abscess in my tooth was the first trauma that came close to reminding me of those early experiences.

I remember the first time I chewed up some cloves. I'd been popping pain pills for weeks, totally unlike me, which goes to show how bad the pain was. A friend of mine told me that they were able to clear up a tooth abscess using chewed-up whole cloves, and convinced me to try the remedy.

The pain was dramatically reduced the first time I chewed up some whole cloves and used my tongue to apply them to the abscess. The swelling and tenderness in the gum around the tooth also began to subside almost at once.

Over the course of the next week I continued to chew up whole cloves and apply them every two or three hours. By the end of the week the infection was cleared up and the pain and swelling were gone.

3 years later, I'm going through the same thing with the wisdom tooth on the other side. Thankfully, I know what to do this time- I'm chewing up cloves and placing them in the abscess, which seems to be a better remedy than clove oil to me.

Never, ever swallow clove oil, btw, whether it's from a bottle or from a few chewed cloves. Very toxic. Always spit, but let it swish around in the mouth for a while. You will want to spit a lot after using clove a dental antiseptic/ analgesic. Do it, then drink plenty of water a little while after you are done spitting.

Posted by Bosco (Beaver Falls, Pa) on 09/08/2009

[YEA]  Clove Oil helped my aching tooth. It was a friday night when my tooth started to ache (go figure, and on labor day weekend so no dentist available for 3-4 days, always my luck). I spent labor day with an ice pack on my jaw and cheek all day. I used anbesol so many times i began to like the flavor. I had to figure something out because the next day I had to open my store and run my business and had to sleep. So I saw this about clove oil. I tried a couple drops of pure clove oil on a gauze pad and held it between my teeth. As soon as it became saturated, it was unbearable and I had to spit it out. At that point the pain went from 7 to 10 (on a scale of 1-10). When I finally got my jaw frozen again, I decided to try again. This time I mixed 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 2-3 drops of clove oil in a small dish and dunked a gauze pad in. It tasted much better that way. I held it between my teeth for as long as I could before the pressure was causing more pain than the tooth was. Needless to say, the pain went away completely for the next 4 hours. To be sure I didnt wake up in the middle of the night with massive pain again, I dunked another piece of gauze in and held it for about 10 minutes. The nextg morning I woke up with no pain. Didnt need more until about noon. Great Remedy

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