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Tooth Abscess
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Tooth Infection and Tooth Abscess Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 25, 2015

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Posted by Sk (Redmond, Wa, U.S.A.) on 11/18/2009

abcessed tooth problem

hello, i have a molar tooth which has huge cavity in it and part of it is broken. like i can feel the empty space with my tougue , and can feel the nerve sometime. i am not using my left side of my jaw to chew the food since i dont want put pressure on broken tooth and also food might get stuck in the hole. Now the dentists gives me 2 choices whether to get root canal which he thinks might or might not survive. Or to just get the tooth removed. Does anybody have any suggestions if any natural remedy can help my condition.


Replied by Phil
Dearing, Ga, USA
Hello Sk. I don't know anything about this, but Robert that posted the Mini Beet Protocol on here under REMEDIES has some post on In one of these post he mentions about BUTTER OIL, being a cure all for teeth and cavity issues. It seems a though it is produced from raw milk. Just go to and search for Robert Von and mini beet protocol and you will find it. I can't remember exactally where on there it is, but I did read about this just the other night as I was searching for more info on the MBP... Other than what is already here on Earth Clinic.
Replied by Phil
Dearing, Ga, USA
Hello again Sk. I went back and found it: You go to, then in their serch box box type in Robert Von mini beet protocol, click search, then click Re: I'm already happy w/minibeetprotocol by: jafunk. Then look at the top of the page and click on food stuff to think about. There you will find what he has to say about butter oil... The entire article is a good read though. If all else fails, this is what came up on my computer.

I would urge anyone interested in the mini beet protocol to read this article as well. Lot's of good stuff.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA
Hey Phil,

Thanks for this info! I keep searching for more on the mbp and never find anything other than his site. I will definitely check this out.


Goldenseal   3  0   

Posted by Susan (Brookline, Ma) on 02/05/2012

[YEA]  Hi, I had a tooth-gum infection once -pretty sure it came form too much novacaine-as I asked for alot of it and tooth became infected right after this.

Brushing the area with toothe paste and gargling salt water and putting salt on the area - helped a bit, but what worked best was putting goldenseal- break up the capsule- and put it right on the area and brush it gently, and gargle it and also put some in an empty tea bag, wet it with your saliva, and then hold it there for several minutes a number of times per day.

The infection went away quickly after I used the goldenseal.

Posted by Anon (Austin, IN)

[YEA]  I was reading to see if golden seal was recommended for abscessed tooth, and was shocked that it wasn't. Several months ago I was suffering with an abscessed tooth, and my dad gave me some golden seal, (yellow root). He told me to just put it on the abscess for as long as I could stand it. It is extremely bitter, but within 6 hrs. the swelling and pain was gone, and after 12 hrs. the area wasn't tender at all. I felt another abscess developing again a couple of months later. Applied the yellow root and it was gone before it even started to swell.

Replied by Richard
Yorkshire, England
Is Goldenseal a powder? Did you mix it into a paste?
Replied by Julie
Deptford, London
[YEA]   I have used golden seal powder in the past for myself and my young daughter, applied directly to the abscess and held there as long as possible. Today I could only find the tincture and this can also be applied directly, but I wonder if the effect is less because it isn't going to stay on the abscess like the powder did. I'll let you know how we get on.

Grapefruit Seed Extract   2  0   

Posted by Jen (Carson City, Nevada) on 02/12/2012

[YEA]  I have found that grapefruit seed extract kills the infection and takes away pain. After trying many home remedies including cloves and vanilla extract (which helped quickly, but didn't last), I decided to try grapefruit seed extract. I put three drops in about 1/3 cup warm water and swished for about a minute. The pain usually goes away quickly. After a few days of swishing a few times a day, the pain was gone and didn't come back for over a month. Now, I use GSE anytime I have a toothache, and it's gone within a day. I'm trying to avoid a root canal. I also need to change my bad sugar habit and eat healthier to really heal the problem.

Posted by Katrinika (Morehead City, Nc Usa) on 12/09/2010

[WARNING!]  I wish somebody had mentioned in the tooth abscess thread that grapefruit seed extract should not be used full strength in the mouth. It was one of the few items mentioned in the thread that I had in the house when at 3:00am this morning I read four pages of the thread and decided to try it as part of a poultice in a bit of gauze, which I left in my mouth until the pain from it seemed so much worse than the abscess I was trying to relieve that I got up and took it out (about three hours). I've been sick and have missed a lot of sleep over the last five months... At 3am I'm not too cogent. I didn't read the bottle. Now I've got second-degree burns in the entire left side of my mouth.. Gums and cheek. It's worse than the tooth abscess, will last longer (with tissue sloughing and probable infection), and is likely to leave significant scars. Now there's no chance that I can avoid the antibiotics. I really could have used just a tiny warning.

Posted by Nickie (Ruislip, Middlesex, Uk) on 07/15/2010

[YEA]  To those suffering tooth abscesses, I recommend Grapefruit Seed Extract. Put about ten drops in half glass of water, stir thoroughly and swish around the mouth before swallowing. Do this a couple of times before sleep and next morning - pain gone! This stuff is great as it works for sore throats, incipient colds, upset stomach and fungal infections. You can soak your athlete's feet in it, it's safe for children, takes care of diarrhea. You can dilute and use as a topical antiseptic for open wounds and I dab it neat on insect bites and a precautionary dose each morning will protect from the trots if you are vacationing somewhere the water is dubious. It is a natural anti-biotic and anti-viral and, unlike amoxycillin etc, will not kill off the friendly gut bacteria and expose you to fungal infections. In other words, it's really effective and won't hurt you and because it is good for so many things you shouldn't leave home without it. Tastes bitter of course but you can put in orange juice to mask the flavour if you are a cissie. I've used this for ten years, sung its praises to all and sundry who usually ignore me but the abcess sufferers to whom I have given some are now TRUE BELIEVERS. Nickie

Replied by Bells
Asheville, Nc
Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic, so it is great for external and internal use for ANY KIND OF INFECTION. But just as with perscription antibiotics, it will kill all bacteria in a human, including the probiotics in your gut which help us all stay healthy. GSE is comparable to penicillin. So if any of you in suffering take this wonderful supplement, make sure to take high quality probiotics(perferaably enteric coated) for at least 2 months.
Replied by Jules
Denver, Colorado
About grapefruit seed extract, I will definitely agree that it's a potent natural anti biotic and have used it myself for various ailments. However, everything I've read points to the fact that it does no harm to the healthy flora found in our bodies. I do agree that a dose of probiotics is always good as well! :)

Homeopathy   1  0   

Posted by Ann (Folsom, Ca) on 10/08/2012

[YEA]  I am a 36 year old who started getting a severe tooth ache 2 days ago and didn't want to take the usual pain killers and stumbled upon mercurius solubis on the internet. Tried it and felt 80% relief. Today I went to the dentist. Took x ray and found that my left upper wisdom tooth has a cavity and has decayed and there is a pocket of infection. I am scheduled to see an oral surgeon. I don't want to take the antibiotics that she prescribed. So I am trying to do the Garlic tx as so many people has suggested and see if it will work for me. I will keep you posted.

Replied by Ian
So as we haven't heard back from you do we take it it didn't work?

Honey   2  0   

Posted by Sandy (sandhya) (Bangalore, Karnataka) on 08/17/2009

[YEA]  I took a couple of teaspoons of raw honey in my mouth and kept swishing it around for 20 minutes (procedure same as oil pulling), and the spat it out and rinsed my mouth. Voila! Toothache gone immediately!!

Posted by Jarrod (Fillmore, CA) on 01/18/2008

[YEA]  Apparently, there are three types of sugar. Glucose, fructose and sucrose. Sucrose is the only kind of sugar which is detrimental to the strength of your teeth. The other two turn out to be good. They trap bacteria and do other good stuff. I don't know all of the technical, scientifical (I know it's not a word, but it should be) theory behind it all, but I have tried this remedy myself and it works! I had a sore tooth for months. I had to stop rinsing my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide because the pain was unbearable. I bought some local honey and started eating a lot (two tablespoons with my coffee in the morning and more here and there when I had the time. Up to probably 10 tablespoons a day. I like honey, so this was easy. I don't think you need that much though. I also chewed on some honey comb that was in the jar. Not sure if that helped either, but it was a good gum substitute. Anyway, my pain is completely gone now and I can rinse with hydrogen peroxide! God bless!

Hydrogen Peroxide   5  0   

Posted by Tom (Windy City, Illinois) on 12/23/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I had a tooth /gum infection of an upper jaw molar (not the back one) that caused swelling on the left side of my face up to my eye including swelling the eye partially shut. I got prescriptions for antibiotics which brought the swelling down but still left what appears to be a bump abscess on my gum which would cause the tooth to become sore also.

The antibiotics clearly were not working to get rid of the abscess, so earlier today I tried injecting 3% hydrogen peroxide (no stabilizer) at several locations in the gum (2-5ml) in and around the abscess. Warning - doing this will really hurt like hell when actually injecting the hydrogen peroxide, especially the first few injections when the hydrogen peroxide is actually killing the infection under the gum but it seems to have removed almost all the abscess infection - there is little or no soreness from it now - however the area is somewhat sore from all the syringe pokes as I type - I'll have a better idea tomorrow if the infection is completely cleared up when the gum heals some but it's feeling much better already.

I don't know if injecting hydrogen peroxide is 'safe' so I can't recommend it for others, but it definitely seems to have the potential to stop at least some abscesses.

Posted by FR (NYC) on 10/01/2007

[YEA]  Hi, just wanted to share with you my cure for an infected gum -- hydrogen peroxide. Also wanted to respond to Subashini from Kuwait, because I may have an answer for her about the bad breath and oil pulling.

My story (I'll try to be brief)... got a piece of food stuck in the gum behind one of my front teeth. No matter what I did -- floss, oil pull, swish peroxide -- it didn't come out. I then went to a new dentist last week to have my teeth cleaned and the stuck particle removed. Lucky me -- the hygenist was just filling in for the day and during the teeth cleaning part, said she saw something dislodge but then "lost sight of it". Okay, fine, I thought. That night I awoke in the middle of the night with terrible bad breath. It was so bad it actually woke me up. Yes, I do have sensitive smell!! When I looked at the right front tooth the next day, I noticed that the gum was severely swollen, from the tooth to the roof of the mouth. The bad breath also persisted. I started my holistic regime of oil pulling, then later swishing with hydrogen peroxide. The oil pulling, like Subashini said, made my breath worse. YUCK! I tried swishing with sea salt. No luck. Finally I had the idea a couple of days ago to soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and then hold it (tightly) to the swollen gum for 10 minutes. I also pinched another h202 soaked cotton ball to the back side of the tooth where the piece of food had initially lodged. Interestingly, it didn't hurt, but certain areas of the gum turned white. 10 minutes later the white had disappeared. Glad to say that my bad breath smell immediately disappeared and has not returned. My gum is looking a little better. A couple more days of this (soaked h202 2x a day) and I think I will be back to 100%. I highly suggest this technique if you have a tooth abcess or swollen gums from an infection. It is the best way for hydrogen to penetrate, otherwise it just turns to foam if you swish it around in your mouth.

So Subashini, I think your issue may be an infection somewhere in your gums that the oil pulling is bringing to the surface. Infection smells like dental plaque -- quite disgusting. My suggestion is to pull up your top lip (then pull down the bottom lip) in the mirror in daylight and look for redness in your gums. If you can pinpoint an area, then soak it with hydrogen peroxide cotton ball 2x a day for a day or two. I would predict that your issue of bad breath will immediately go away, even after you oil pull.

Oh, one more thing. You will need to bend over a sink whilst holding the cotton ball to your gums and let your saliva run out. You may need to do round 2 during the same session. Most importantly, you don't want to swallow anything! Rinse well afterwards. Hope this helps someone, somewhere. All My Best,

Replied by Subashini
Kuwait, Kuwait
hi, i tried oil pulling with sesame oil. i have done it for nearly 10 months not even 1 day left out. still my irregular period problem has not solved... only good thing is tartar in teeth's have disappeared... generally i do not get bad breath. after started doing oil pulling i am getting it now. once i leave oil pulling again the plaque formation started in my teeth.... if i stop oil ulling bad breath stopped... i am highly optimistic charactor.... how much i can convenince myself to continue it,,,,it is not working well.... Also by searching the cold pressed sunflower oil... i am tired too much... normal sunflower oil within one day bad breath starting.... i don't know why... whom to get guidence from which website we do interaction with experts... is only giving fewer information.... please advise me if i am wrong... i strictly follow the instruction how to do oil pulling even though it happens to me like this..
Replied by Pureenergy
Los Angeles, Ca, US
While in college I smoked (I know, very gross), but was also vain enough to keep my teeth white - LOL. I tried all the over-the-counter stuff and my dentist advised me that none of it works (this was before the whitening strip craze) because anything that's going to whiten your teeth must be on your teeth for a minimum of three minutes for any effect to take place. I discovered Hydrogen Peroxide then and have been using it for 20-years now. If you look on the label, it will tell you it can be used as a gargle or rinse when diluted. I began diluting it and brushing with baking soda by dipping a wet tooth brush into the powder then brushing my teeth - great mix. It tastes kind of nasty at first, but goes away in a few days. In my later years, I now just take a swig of Peroxide before getting into the shower and rinse it around my mouth for 3-5 minutes. It's awesome. People constantly ask me how I keep my teeth so white and I fall asleep in the dentist's chair while my teeth are getting cleaned. I'm excited to try the oil pulling next. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!
Replied by Wen
Bronx, Ny
I like all the advice here, but what disturbs me is it is rare that anyone states exactly what they did. "oh, i used hydo perox" well, did you use it full strength on a cotton ball in your mouth or was it mixed 50/50 w/water? what strength hydro-perox? and the same thing with all the other touted remedies on here, it is very rare that anyone cites specifics details; it's just "i used this and this and this-and my symptoms disappeared".

i see "exact ingredients and measurements" is requested above this box, but no doubt, few read that sentence or want to bother writing out details(too much trouble).

Replied by Jr
For oil-pulling, try extra-virgin Coconut oil instead of sesame seed oil. 20 minutes and SPIT IT OUT! Don't swallow. The fats in the oil attract the bacteria... expel them.

Posted by Julie S. (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) on 05/02/2007

[YEA]  Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution has cured my toothache. I had a nasty cavity that was causing a lot of pain. I couldn't chew or put any pressure on my teeth on the left hand side. I read about the amazing cures with hydrogen peroxide & decided to try it. I took a shot glass and diluted it 50/50. From the first time I swished the rinse to the present, it has worked like magic! Not only has my toothache gone away, but my gums look & feel so much better! I also put hydrogen peroxide drops in my ears to prevent cold & virus. It has taken away earaches and sore throats.

Posted by Kim (Westport, MA) on 02/06/2007

[YEA]  I began using hydrogen peroxide and prohealth mouthwash to take away the pain of a lost filling as I have no dental insurance. I began to notice immediate results in pain, diminishing so I continued to gargle and swish on affected area several times a day for 3 days: ratio is 1:1 equal amounts. I still have the lost filling and on occasion when food enters and bacteria begins to grow, I swish the mixture and it cleans it out and I am good to go. I hope this helps. It sure did me!

Posted by Brandee (Longwood, FL) on 01/01/2007

[YEA]  Gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide cured my peritonsillar abscess. I would not have believed it if I read it on this site. But, I was facing a very painful procedure to drain a peritonsillar abscess and read on a different site that gargling with hydrogen peroxide sometimes helps. I did two gargles about 2 minutes apart. Less than 10 minutes later I coughed up (I know, GROSS) a whole bunch of blood and puss. Instantly my throat felt better.

Posted by Nancy (Houston, TX) on 10/31/2006

[YEA]  I had been to this site a week or so ago and remembered I had read Hydrogen peroxide was good for a mouth rinse. So when my tooth became sore and swollen I threw one capful of 3% in my mouth and also threw in a capful of water, swished it around the sore tooth and let it do its thing for a couple minutes, 2 times a day and the second day the swelling was gone and the tooth was much better! Today I don't have any pain! I thought of all the people who wont do this and who would spend hundreds of dollars at a Dentist's office instead. *SMILE*

Replied by Kt
Nancy, Thank you so much for this post! I had successfully used the garlic clove and/or tea bag for a tooth abscess. After painfully flossing and trying those remedies again when I could feel another flare up, I started having pain so bad my entire jaw felt bruised. I searched this site for what else I might be able to do. I had also taken some old antibiotics and Advil.

I mixed a cap full of peroxide with a cap full of water and swished for two minutes, holding my head to one side so the mixture could "bathe" the tooth. I felt something floating around in the solution and noticed a tiny piece of tea leaf that must have gotten caught under a crown next to the tooth I suspected. I felt some relief so I did it two more times and found small "slivers" of garlic.

As I type this my pain is finally gone and I wanted you to know I am so grateful for your post.

PS: I may have spoken too soon...the jaw pain is gone but I am still having some discomfort from the abscess.

Replied by Elaine
Minnesota, US
Another consideration for teeth / jaw issues is NECK! I learned this the wrong way after having a neck injury followed by much dental work 'seeking the cause'. Circulation and issues with the neck can affect jaws, also sinus, headaches and ears. Dentists and even chiropractors may not associate these issues, but I've learned from experience.

The first years, the dentist tried to find the cause by pulling a few teeth, doing root canals, etc. (wish I'd known then what I know now). The dental chair itself pressured the neck injury and compounded it. Then I 'kinked my neck' hanging a curtain, which resulted in rapid sinus swelling; I went to my chiropractor, and within hours the swelling was down. (Aha! I was learning 'everything in the head flows through the neck'! )

I just did it again - stressed my neck, ignored it and now have same-side lower jaw swollen for three days. I forgot the second issue - CIRCULATION. The best way I've found to improve this is to minimize solid food and do an infection-fighting, circulation-upping tea / liquid fast. Ginger, nettle, raspberry, turmeric, cranberry and similar (google Fire Cider) beverages.

I've learned these are not separate areas from teeth and jaw, they are part of 'the whole head'. If you're constantly suffering, please consider these:


Hope that helps someone so they don't go through brutal dental work unnecessarily.

Replied by Kt
Thanks Elaine, I just found your post because I didn't select "watch" here. I have had multiple head/neck injuries over the years from horses, automobile accidents, missteps on stairways or curbs in addition to ramming my head into the steel door frame of vehicles on three separate occasions. I am short and a final incident resulted in neck, to the middle of my back pain and severe nausea. An MRI revealed one of the vertebra in my neck is pressing on my spinal cord.

Years ago I had gone to a chiropractor just for sciatica but left the office in more neck pain and severe headache. I later found out the sciatica was caused by what I had been eating. Hidden sources of MSG compounded by GMO's are contributing to more ailments than is recognized and, with all due respect, physicians are being misdirected. It's frightening for me to think of what that "doctor" could have caused if I had continued to see him. He also made a fraudulent claim to Medicare.

The x-ray on two teeth revealed abscesses. After using the garlic cloves, an x-ray confirmed one abscess was no longer visible and the other was actually reduced in size.

I also use turmeric and ginger on everything in addition to making tea with either/or. They are great for treating any inflammation anywhere!!

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