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Turmeric Cures

Last Modified on Jul 18, 2015

Cold and Flu   7  0   

Posted by Anna on 05/11/2006

[YEA]  1 tsp of turmeric cured my cough. 1 tsp of turmeric, 1 tbsp of honey mixed into a glass of warm milk. drink warm or hot. I am reliving all that I learnt as a child in India after reading material on your site.Thanks!

Curcumin Tablets   0  0   

Posted by Bella (Perth, Wa) on 11/01/2011

I went to the health food shop and the guy told me that the active ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin.

He had Tablets that have 6.074mg of Curcumin per tablet in them. Does anyone know whether these will work or would I be better off Taking the Turmeric in the warm water. I am 30 and have had HS for at least 18 years it has gotten steadilty worse over the years and I am praying for a cure if not some relief.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
Hi Bella, Curcumin is a fat soluble part of turmeric. Here is a list of the known composition of turmeric on page 2 (although it is 76 pages it is really more like 13 as the rest are all the references).

I think it is good to take the powder to get the full benefit of everything in turmeric (providing you have it with both water or milk and a little fat) and take the capsules when your in a hurry, exhausted or out. Some people have success with the capsules and they are very convenient. The discoverer (Leela) of one water soluble component, turmerin, posted on ec. It's at the beginning of the page, bare in mind that the dose she recommends is for prevention not treatment.

We use the powder and take 2 capsules (400 mg ea turmeric) when it's not convenient to take the powder. You can also apply turmeric as a paste and leave on for a while before removing. Caution: put an old towel, that you don't mind getting that lovely (not) turmeric stain, under you and rest for an hour before showering off. It can draw pus out so don't do it before you are going out.

The tablets of 6.074mg you mentioned seem to be a low dose as most studies with good results used 3.6g - 8 grams of curcumin a day. I must say though I have no experience of the extract its only what I've read. All the best.

Curry   0  0   

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 08/08/2009

Curry and sinuses: I sometimes make a recipe using browned turkey, lentils, some kind of oil, cream of mushroom soup, curry or turmeric powder and black pepper. It is fantastic. One of the times I made it I felt a very pleasant warm fizzyness in the back of my head and sinuses that felt really nice. I've been trying to replicate that particular batch but I haven't stumbled on the correct combination of ingredients. Does anyone have any ideas?

Replied by LJ
What Happened To Eden, Wisconsin USA
I suggest the next time you make this Curry recipe with the browned turkey, which sounds really tastey, that you use more Tumeric, up to 2 teaspoons, and use a healthy oil such as Grape Seed. Canola Oil is genetically modified, therefore it is very unhealthy. You could also try adding some sliced fresh mushrooms and green pepper, plus black pepper. Turmeric works better with black pepper.

Cuts and Wounds   1  0   

Posted by Sleighb7 (Ontario, Canada) on 11/18/2013

[YEA]  I scraped my foot very badly, kind of a road rash burn, a week and a half later it was infected and not healing, applied tumeric powder on the open wound, plastic wrap over tumeric and a bandage, applied new poultice twice a day, is healing very quickly now, no infection. Can't recommend enough. It has been two days so far will continue to apply till wound is healed.

Posted by Honora (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand) on 05/18/2011

I read a reference to a problem with a wound that wouldn't heal. The woman used grated turmeric applied as a poultice and the wound finally healed.

Cystic Acne   2  0   

Posted by Stephanie (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) on 04/17/2008

[YEA]  Turmeric for Cystic Acne. I have had cystic acne on my face for years and have spent thousands of dollars on acne medicine that doesn't work. I finally came upon Turmeric and so far, so good. I apply it to my acne as a paste. I mix Turmeric spice and unrefined sesame oil till it makes a paste. I have been leaving it on for an hour or more a day for the last 3 days. I immediately noticed that the acne comes to the surface and begins to drain and has reduced in size considerably. I am only on day three and had about 7-8 fairly large cystic acne on my face. It is clearing nicely and I will update as to the finished results. Turmeric does turn everything yellow, including your skin. The yellowing of the skin will go away with washing. However, traces of turmeric will be left on your face and will stain pillowcases, sheets, clothing, sinks, and countertops.

Posted by Julia (Lac du Flambeau, WI) on 06/21/2007

[YEA]  I have suffered off and on for several years with cystic acne, mostly tried antibiotics, products with salycic acid, my son who now 15 also gets the same type of acne as my sister and even my mother did. she used to get cortisone shots injected in the 70's. I got on internet last night and saw massive responses to turmeric, and ran out to store and drank my first glass, which was disgusting. Hold your nose, chug it down, and chase with juice or pop. I put neosporin on the 3 on my face, and this morning swelling is down by 50%, and pain is gone. the disgusting taste is worth it trust me. I am amazed that something this inexpensive works so well, do doctors know? they must, but don't get money for advising patients to use something that only costs a couple dollars at a grocery store. My son is going to try today.

Replied by Judy
Colorado Springs, CO
I have been taking turmeric for cystic acne also, I mix it with warm milk and honey and it doesn't taste so bad.

Cysts/MRSA   3  0   

Posted by Steve (Pretoria, South Africa) on 02/02/2008

[YEA]  I have been fighting a battle with boils/cysts since February 2007. From Feb to Apr 2007 I have been lanced in the operating theater 3 times, and 5 times in the surgeons consultation rooms.

The cysts would appear on the right loin, lanced, then another would appear on the left loin.

I have seen an urologist, internist, ear, nose and throat specialist, and surgeon whose answer to everything was lance it.

It was a battle which started to effect my work, personal life. Within 48 hours the boil will start, and then grow till ready to burst. I couldn't plan any holidays, trips.

Then after May 2007 it went away, and I was ecstatic about this "remission" as it turned out. Lo and behold October 2007 it can back with a vengeance. Which I had once again lanced. This seems to correspond with Earth Clinic's theory on rain and MRSA because no boil appeared during these winter months.

Then I decided to take my health into my own hands and made an appointment with a natural health practitioner. He did help a lot in reversing free radical damage, etc but he said to cut caffeine and aspartame. Which I did, but the boils re-appeared. My GP said that the medical profession can't help my further.

I then went Cyberhunting and came upon I have read the testimonies of almost everybody and decided to give turmeric a run for its money. I also decided not to report back within a couple of days to ensure tried results before any feedback.

2 Boils started to appear on my left loin. In less than a day the boils were red and inflamed. I immediately went to the nearest supermarket to purchase turmeric. Within a couple of hours the pain seemed less. The next morning the pain was CONSIDERABLY less and the boils shrunk to 1/3 of its original size. And on day 3 zip, gone, nothing, nada.

I have been using Turmeric for 1.5 months and it is still gone.

I want to thank earthclinic and Ted for their efforts and I would like to state today that you guys have saved my life, literally. I was on my way to fournier's gangrene and I do not think I would've survived that.

Some comments on the Turmeric journey:

It does give you constipation and dehydrate you. Drink plenty water and buy some extra electrolytes.

For the padded problem try Milk of Magnesium, 2 teaspoons should turn on Niagara falls.

I am currently experiencing with dosage, and I am currently running on 1 half teaspoon morning and night. Remember we are all different so test what works best for you.

I wish you well.

Posted by Diane (Jacksonville, FL) on 11/16/2007

[YEA]  Feeling it was worth a try... i gave 1 capsule every other day with one tablespoon of peanut butter to my Lhasa Apso. She had a lump that the vet wanted $200. to biopsy. Within one week, the lump came to the surface and drained. It was sooo gross and smelly. But it is gone! I will continue to watch her and report any post symptoms. This is pretty incredible!

Posted by Chris (Atlanta, GA) on 02/18/2007

[YEA]  After a long history of cysts infections around dead teeth in my upper jaw and several surgeries I have finally found my cure THANKS to your great site. Thursday morning my cyst got infected awfully, read about turmeric here on friday and started taking two caps right away. next morning the pain was gone except for pain when i would pressure the area. Today, Sunday, even that pain is almost completely gone and i feel like a new person! still taking 2 turmerics a day, will go down to one for the next 4 days or so and see. special thanks to FRAN

Diabetes   1  0   

Posted by Reid (Herrin, IL) on 08/06/2008

[YEA]  Diabetes:

I was diagnosed about a year ago. I was put on metformin. I found that taking 2 caps of turmeric with each meal dropped my sugar levels to normal after 2 hours of eating. I found that taking 4 cap. of turmeric with metforman once a day dropped my sugar levels too low around 60.

I now am off all prescription diabetes medicine. The way I did it was I took chromium normal dose for 30 days. Tumeric with food for 30 days. Ginger and cinnamon with meals for 30 days. After that I stopped the metformin.

I watch my diet and don't over eat and stopped ALL sodas. My levels I check once a week now in the morning (fasting) and they are allways under 100. Before over 130.

Replied by Jim
Hebron, Indiana Usa
Reed, why stop drinking sodas? I assume you mean soda pop. I love the stuff and usually drink diet pepsi. What does the soda do to my body?
Replied by Tricia
Elmont, New York, U.s.a.
Diet soda is one of the causes for diabetes. It is an excitotoxin. What is wrong with water?
Replied by Baishakhi
Wichita, Ks
Reid, where did you get these turmeric caps???
Replied by Jessica
Bfe, Ky
Jim are you kidding? u must be kidding right? u reeeeally need to do some reading on soda in general, but especially diet, which is even worse.

Diarrhea   8  0   

Posted by Aldo (Seoul, South Korea ) on 04/22/2010

Last week my wife's sister was visiting us from New Jersey. Somehow she must have eaten something that didn't agree with her and she got Diarrhea. She suffered with it for a couple of hours. Then, finally told us (my wife and I) about it.

I simply said to her, let's try some tumeric. I have seen that work before for diarrhea, maybe it will work for you too.

We mixed half a tsp of tumeric into about a 5 ounce glass of water. I told her to mix it well with the teaspoon and then drink fast as it tends to quickly settle on the bottom.

"It tastes like dirt!" she said. "It isn't that bad!" I retorted with a chuckle. Then she drank about another 3-4 ounces of water as a chaser.

About 2 hours later we heard some good news from my sister-in-law. No more diarrhea! She was most impressed (and not to mention relieved!) that a simple herb could help - and fast!

Ok, that's it, just 1/2 a tsp of tumeric and 2 hours later - relief! Hope this info. helps someone else.


P.S. We used organic tumeric in powdered form.

Posted by John (Colton, CA) on 02/12/2008

[YEA]  I should've written this earlier, but just been busy... which is a testament to its success.

The only thing I can think of is that I ate some bad (very bad soup) for dinner on January 31st (2008). Later that evening I started having bad diarrhea. Liquid coming out of me from the wrong place. I've had diarrhea before, but this stuff was different. I nearly drank a whole bottle of Pepto (large) and NOTHING changed. I went to the bathroom a lot! I was getting raw... I had completely forgotten about this website.

Last year I came here to cure myself from a kidney stone (lemon - olive oil) and it worked. But re-finding this place was such a pain. I had a bookmark crash in mid January (long story).

I read the testimonies for both the Apple Cider Vinegar and Turmeric. I went with the latter. To be honest I don't like the smell of vinegar. I wouldn't be able to keep that down. I bought my Turmeric from Stater Bros.; McCormic brand for about five bucks.

Okay. I know I F-ed up here, but be warned. This cocktail is bitter as hell. I actually spit out part of it, which looked like I had vomited on my shirt. Which I suppose isn't too far off. I'm so gald I only had to take this once. I don't want to do this again anytime soon. This happened on February 3rd.

As I wrote, I had been looking at the Apple Cider Vinegar cure too. I ended up messing the measurements. I was suppose to take one teaspool NOT one tablespoon with a warm glass of water. That got me real paranoid.

I felt the results within four hours. I went less and more... firm. By that evening I was back to normal. Let me clear that; I was releasing something that was far solid that didn't require me to to visit the bowel every thirty - forty minutes.

I'm back to my old self now. This stuff works! I'm so glad I re-bookmarked this wonderous place. Dudes you saved my ass, quite literally, especially since that afternoon (Jan 31st) I had a root canal. Believe me, I didn't need that grief. Thanks!

EC: Recipe: 1 tsp of turmeric in a glass of warm water cures loose stools. Take this only once a day.

Replied by Chelleybug
[YEA]   Hi I was just reading your comment about the turmeric and I take turmeric capsules I make at home.. Just a thought over it being in water.. I can't take it in just water like that...

Posted by Michelle (USA) on 08/29/2007

[YEA]  I had the worst case of diarrhea I'd ever experienced, and not sure of the cause -- 48 hours of running to the bathroom every 15 to 30 minutes. I wanted to try a natural cure before resorting to medication, but none of the "cures" I'd read were feasible. I found this site and read the advice to try 1 tsp. of turmeric spice in a glass of warm water (only once a day) and tried it. I could feel my stomach settling down as I slowly downed the drink. For the rest of that evening until the morning I was able to rest and not go to the bathroom at all. In the morning I had some loose stools again but not as bad as they had been. I waited a little while until just before I was set to go on a long drive and then took my 2nd day's dose. That was about 10 hours ago and I haven't had any bowel problems since. I'm still amazed at how effective this was.

Posted by Erica (Orange, NY) on 12/18/2006

[YEA]  I was suffering from such a bad stomach virus for 10 days. I must have been going between 10 and 20 times a day. I was at the end of my rope because immodium and pepto did not help at all. And then i found your website. I can't believe the results of taking 2 doses of turmeric a day have done. I am a believer. i am going to get the apple cider vinegar to take daily to give me all of its wonderful benefits also. I love this website.

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