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Turmeric Cures

Last Modified on May 18, 2015

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Arthritis and Joint Pain   8  0   

Posted by Sonja (Swanley, UK) on 09/03/2008

[YEA]  I had knee pain for years. My knees were so swollen I could not even see them. The doctor prescribed NSAIDS, but I am not sure how much difference it made. I bought various things for arthritis, but nothing really helped. It did no harm. Then I started to read up on it, and most things i took contained Ginger, tumeric and others. I started taking Tumeric on its own 3 capsules a day and within 7 days my knees were almost pain free!!! i would recommend tumeric to anyone..

Replied by Martinick
Alexandria, Va, United States
I do not take turmeric inside - but use cream: it contains turmeric and other herbs and is very helpful in joint pain relieving

Posted by Linda (Eugene, OR) on 01/07/2008

[YEA]  I just want to thank the people who set up this website. I was experiencing paintful arthritis in both shoulders and I found your site and read about using Turmeric. That was several weeks ago and now I can truly say that taking the Turmeric has changed everything! The pain is nearly gone. I still have some slight discomfort, but nothing like I was going through before the Turmeric. I am praising God for His wonderful herbs and for inspiring all of the folks who write in with their testimonies. I take two 400 mg capsules three times a day and one 500 mg ginger capsule 3 times a day. This site is the best!!! Plus, I have contacted several people on the site who were so helpful and responded with great advice and encouragement. Health and blessings to all.

Posted by Cathy (Richland, Washington) on 09/17/2007

[YEA]  I have had terrible pain in my knees for the last 2 years and have had to give up most activity. Just paid for more xrays from MD and got same response.. its arthritis degenerative.. take lots of ibuprofen every day and reduce exercise.. like I could reduce from nothing! I ahve been taking turmeric and fish oil/flax oil combination oil for 4 days and I worked a 14 hour shift all on my feet and my knees don't hurt!!!!!!!

Posted by Phyllis (Taranaki, New Zealand) on 09/02/2007

[YEA]  Arthritis -- I believe in turmeric, but sweat a lot. Is this normal?

Replied by Kelly
San Francisco, CA
I study Ayurvedic Medicine and find it very interesting that there are comments about people noticing that they are sweating alot... This makes total sense as inflammatory responses are liver related and a pitta or fire symptom/response in the body. The tumeric must be reducing the inflammation but the fire has to move somewhere, and so the skin is taking over (probably to help relieve the liver's load as the skin and liver work together and are both channels for the body to detoxify). The fire is moving out the skin in the form of sweat! So I would say, yes it would seem normal to me in a body with excess heat.

Posted by Reem (Karachi, Pakistan)

[YEA]  I have used turmeric as a joint pain remedy and it has always worked for me. I usually take 1 tsp in hot milk and it relieves all forms of body pains, joint pains.

Posted by Bill (Califon, NJ)

[YEA]  I have had severe knee and lower leg pain for over one year. All the doctors say my knees have normal wear and tear but they always hurt and especially at night. I took 1600 mg of turmeric (800 x2 day) and after about six weeks the pain almost all gone and flexibility is returning.

Autoimmune Disorders, Skin Problems   0  1   

Posted by Janet (Durham, West Grey, Ontario) on 06/17/2013

[NAY]  I tried eating masses of tumeric sprinkled on my food--and always non radiated tumeric--like about 2-3 tablespoons with no change to the chronic conditions I have which include immune disorder, skin problems. Why? Is it because I have severe digestive problems that i'm not digesting the tumeric. Any suggestions? Oh, to add, I always take probiotics and enzymes, am on a whole foods organic diet for more than 20 years BUT I have Post traumatic stress disorder which I've learned from various healers wreaks havoc with the body, and mind of course! I've done extensive clearing and healing working with shaman, psychotherapists-and am better mentally, well, still some to go but certainly better but my body just keeps getting more and more ill. I wish and imagine good health for me! Any suggestions? To Joy, Peace, Janet

Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada
The only thing I can think of is that turmeric needs fat to be absorbed properly and is best taken with milk or oil and a little pepper and honey. I too have a autoimmune disorder that causes hand and feet eczema and it has help me greatly. Hope this shines a light. Sara

P.S. I also take black seed oil... Check it out

Replied by Frog513
Swansboro, Nc, Us
Hi Janet, You mentioned that you have been eating an organic diet for 20 years and that is wonderful! Are you still eating gluten? I too have an autoimmune disease and cutting out gluten (all grains really - including corn) has helped me tremendously. I feel great after being VERY ill for about 8 years. I am almost 2.5 years gluten free and I wouldn't go back for anything! I do eat organic as well, lots of fresh veggies, fruits, seeds, lean meat, chicken, etc... Dairy is also a trigger for me. If you are able, I would highly recommend getting to an integrative/functional medicine doctor and get tested for food sensitivities as well. I hope you can find some answers, I know how frustrating it is to feel poorly for so long. Hang in there and let us know how you are doing.



Best Types of Turmeric   0  0   

Posted by Mike Giller (Denver, Colorado) on 05/19/2013

Cayenne is the king of herbs and turmeric is the queen of herbs. A famous naturopath doctor who is an expert in indian herbals says turmeric is the best ayurvedic remedy as a rejuvenating herb. It turns on genes that make enzymes. The potency of the dried powder is negligible. The potency of the whole root is very high. You can get raw whole root turmeric at both whole foods and vitamin cottage also you can get red whole root turmeric, more potent than yellow, online from a farm in hawaii: 10 lbs shipped for $80. Put a week's worth in the fridge and freeze the rest or it will rot. Amazon has fermented turmeric. The acids in the ferment preserve the medicinal properties. Curcumin extracts are not effective because they lack cofactors the flavonoids in turmeric require oil to function properly as do all flavonoids.

Replied by Geo
Rapid City, Sd
Mike, What do you take as far as turmeric is concerned? Do you ferment your own? I have an autoimmune condition and would like the best available. I did just buy some turmeric extract from my health food store but if I understand you, that will not work. Thanks for your input.
Replied by Georgie
Sd, Usa
Mike, can you also comment on the benefits of the cayenne? Thanks!
Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado
Geo, there are a lot of wealthy people in this world driving mercedes benzs and living in mansions because I bought their supplements. You are right. Fermented turmeric is the best. This is what I did. I bought some raw whole root turmeric, water kefir grains, and organic whole dried cane juice online at the store that sells the most stuff A-----. I grinded up 10 grams of turmeric with 1 quart of water in the blender. I stirred in 60 grams of dried cane juice and added the kefir grains. Kefir grains are not fond of metal, that includes metal strainers, or direct sunlight. I let ferment at room temperature in the dark for 1 day. I started another batch with the kefir grains. I drank 1 cup 4 times a day. I put 2 weeks worth of turmeric in the fridge and froze the rest cause the stuff rots after 2 or 3 weeks. There is a bag that keeps produce longer but I was too stupid to do that. I did that for six months. Some of the beneficial microbes in the kefir escape from the grains and end up in the drink repopulating the digestive system. Of all god's goodies kefir is the best. There are 26 beneficial microbes, 3 kinds, that take simple nutrients like the molasses in dried cane juice and make complex substances that prevent and cure all illneses. They make enzymes. All food has more protons than electrons. Enzymes have more electrons than protons. The energy from kefir is electrical. Taking kefir is like getting plugged into an electrical box.
Replied by Geo
Rapid City, Sd
Mike, I agree with you and know there are plenty of people getting rich from the suffering of us unhealthy fools. I do drink raw milk kefir, make my own sauerkraut and use the Pickl-It vessels to ferment in - this has made a huge difference in the taste of my raw milk kefir. The book, Autoimmune The Cause And The Cure has some great info. The authors have a website called Nature Had It First. There is an article on there about turmeric and how it does the same as Humeria as far as TNF is concerned. At any rate, thanks so very much for your method of fermenting the turmeric root. I don't have any water kefir grains but will perhaps get some to give this a try! Thank you!

Bleeding Gums   3  0   

Posted by Sow_b (Sydney, Nsw) on 11/19/2009

[YEA]  Hello!

Firstly, your site is amazing!!! Thanks.

I cured my bleeding gum problem of many years by using turmeric powder as a toothpaste. I would first brush my teeth normally with toothpaste and then wash out and then my next round of brushing I use tumeric powder and apply it to the brush and start brushing away. The turmeric kills of any bacteria that lives in the gums which cause the bleeding and its great for your mouth as a whole. Whenever I used to ask my dentist how to cure my bleeding gums he would just tell me to come into his surgery for a scale and clean for the teeth which costs almost $200 australian dollars. I ignored it and it struck me that turmeric is a great anti-bacterial so that should fix my problem. I now brush this daily and my gums have never bled since, and it costs just a few dollars. Be warned, turmeric stains yellow and although this HARDLY ever affects the color of your teeth but if you want to be super sure then finish the last round of brushing using pure baking soda, this will remove any small turmeric leftover, keep your mouth in an alkeline state and super brighten your teeth!

Best of luck!

Replied by Adolfo
Miami, Florida
[YEA]   You can also use Sea Salt to eliminate bacteria and brighten your teeth. You know it works when people begin asking you what you are doing because your teeth are lighter now.
Replied by Hassan
[YEA]   Thank you. Turmeric was useful for bleeding gums. I think for long time turmeric can affect on teeth. because it is acidic. Thank You.

Boils   11  0   

Posted by Achoo (New Orleans, US) on 10/18/2014

[YEA]  My husband had boils all over his back years ago his mother put turmeric paste warmed the powder in hot water put the warm paste all over the boils and they were cured in a couple of sessions.

Posted by Tlcarteffects (Cleveland Oh) on 03/27/2014

[YEA]  My daughter started developing painful boils and I started giving her tumeric capsules and it worked like a charm. When she would stop taking them the boils came back. Daily she had to take the turmeric and I know she had hydradentitis supertiva, an incurable skin disease that hits around puberty characterized by painful boils in areas your body can sweat. This involves the hair follicle and sweat glands. I would highly recommend turmeric to anyone, as it is a powerful antiinflammatory and really cures boils as well as prevents future boils if taken regularly. These boils are antibiotic resistant also, unless they become infected if course. if a boil appears you can also make a poultice with turmeric powder and coconut oil and rub on area. This forces boil to heal 3x quicker than it would if left alone. But the trick to avoiding new ones is to take the turmeric on daily basis.

Posted by Tanny Abad (Paris, France) on 03/22/2011

[YEA]  Recently I've experienced to have a clusters of boils which is very painful especially those underneath my butt and armpit, it's really a pain in the ass and a real sucker. Sometime ago, while browsing the internet, Turmeric pop-up and it gives me an idea and I read it, I was amased the benefits of it, so went immediately to the supermarket to look for turmeric, but I can't find it, I live in Paris which is a different language, so turmeric is known here as Curcuma. I bought it right away and drink it 3 times a day, After 1 day I noticed that my boils started to drain and the pain is gone, Before reaching the 4th day my skin glows and skins that experienced boils peeled off automatically, for the meantime my skin changes a lot and for the better, It brings back my self-esteem and confidence, thanks for this wonder herb called TURMERIC...

Posted by Cindy (Astoria, Oregon) on 01/24/2009

[YEA]  In desperation I tried turmeric for a very large and painful abcess I had on my inner thigh. I've had problems with a boil there before and took 1 teaspoon of turmeric in water or milk 3 times a day. Day one the pain started to subside greatly... By day two it was shrinking and by day three it was about 75% smaller!! I'm amazed and relived BUT what I found to be extraordinary is that I noticed I have used my rescue inhaler for asthma only once in the time I started taking the turmeric. I am on an oral medication for asthma but still must use my rescue inhaler several times a day. The relief in my asthma is truly a mircle treatment for me. I plan to use turmeric daily for asthma and will play around with the dosage to see what will keep it at bay for me. thank you Earth Clinic!!

Replied by Isabel
Sydney, Nsw
[YEA]   Our 2 year old suffers from boils on his bottom. Very sore and aggressive. Read about turmeric and it works! I put some calendula cream on bandaid and then sprinkle on the turmeric tape it on over night and I see improvement over night. They shrink and dry out. Takes about 3 - 4 days of application, but they have always gone. I also give him turmeric in warm rice milk ( and cinnamon too ). He loves this.
Replied by Kasra
Tehran, Terhan, Iran
[YEA]   I also had a perianal abscess, I went to doctor and he prescribed me cephalexin 500 every 6 hours and I tried it for one week, the pain subsided but the abscess got the same size as it had, when I first tried turmeric I was worried about surgery and honestly I didm't think that it would help me with this abscess but miraculously the abscess got smaller day by day and after one week it gone totally .

Thank you earth clinic for this wonderful web site and everyone else for sharing such a great priceless experiences.

Replied by Amanda
Alexandria, Virginia
I have been suffering a tremendous amount of stress unlike any other time in my life. Normally I exercise, but I don't have time to do that as I'm trying to find a job after being laid off, keep my house from being taken by the bank, and I'm dealing with a discrimination lawsuit that is so massive that it would eclipse Tom Cruise's movie 'A Few Good Men' if made into a movie. Life is tough sometimes.

Because of all the stress, I've never had folliculitis quite like what I've suffered recently. Before my boyfriend visits from out of town, I shave my female 'danger zone'. However, as I get more stressed out, the hair follicules get more infected. It's led to a few painful abscesses deep below the surface of my right labia majora. I don't have insurance and really don't want to go to a doctor that will charge hundreds just to give me something that may not work. The infection turned into 2 painful abscesses the size of grapes that I could feel beneath my skin. However, I couldn't get the infection to drain. It stayed there and hurt more and got larger. I read they shouldn't be lanced because it's a staph infection and that's asking for trouble.

I ingested a bit of turmeric, but I needed something to work faster to alleviate the pain. I couldn't wait anymore because it hurt when I walked and I wanted to visit my bf in Florida in a week. I decided to mix the 99% pure DMSO liquid (comes in a blue and white plastic bottle I got off Amazon) with water, then mix in some turmeric. Last night I put the mixture on my skin with a Q-tip, then put a bit of an old rag dampened by the solution on top of the area (labia majora) and placed some plastic over it all and secured it with surgical tape. I went to sleep with the heating pad turned on high and as the heat rose, the bumps throbbed more and more. By morning a tiny bit of the infection rose to the top of my skin surface from deep below the hair follicle. The abscesses had subsided substantially with the pain reduced about 60%. I tried this process in the afternoon again, pressing down on the painful areas with a Q-tip and holding it there so the turmeric could reach the troubled areas. By the evening, all the lumps were gone! No more pain. I started to wonder if I was imagining the abscesses. Then I looked down and saw my lady area was bright yellow. I wasn't imagining it. :)

Tomorrow I will start taking turmeric capsules regularly to fend off future infections and hopefully clear up my skin because I'm also suffering acne at 41, which is NOT the funnest!

Good luck. I'd highly recommend this as a super fast way to rid yourself of abscesses or boils. I used tap water, but as always, distilled is always recommended to be best.

Posted by Havilah (Auburn, CA) on 08/06/2008

[YEA]  I have had boils and severe acne since I was ten years old. I'm twenty five now. The boils spread from my face to my back and arms, and then to my thighs and other areas in that region. I was unable to find a remedy. It was very frustrating and painful. I discovered this website last year and have used several remedies successfully for other issues. One day I discovered the section on boils and saw that many people recomended turmeric. I started taking app. 7 capsules of turmeric every day. I purchased the capsules from Wal-Mart. They are very inexpensive. Within two weeks my face cleared up. It's been four weeks now and no new boils have appeared at any place on my body. I get compliments from friends and family asking what I did to clear my face up. The turmeric not only cleared up the boils but the acne as well.

Posted by Ang (Auckland, New Zealand) on 02/01/2008

[YEA]  Thank you for your wonderful website! I tried your tumeric cure on my 8 1/2 year old son, who just recently had school sores (impetigo), and then started to develop a boil (which is exactly what happened last time he had school sores at age 5 - he then went on to have boils for about 4 months). I gave him a tsp of tumeric in a chocolate milkshake 3 x per day for two days and the boil totally dried up and didn't get big or painful...and, no more boils have developed after 1 week! Awesome!!

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