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Tumor and Cyst Remedies

Aug 25, 2016

Is your pet suffering from a tumor or cysts of any kind? A cancerous tumor can have just as devastating an effect on your pet's life as it would on our own. Dogs in particular are inclined toward skin cancer. Cysts likewise can be miserable for your dog, cat, or other pet and can be a sign of a serious systemic condition.

Cysts can be solid but are usually filled with fluid. If released, this fluid can result in further infections of the skin, or the broken cyst can experience a secondary infection. For that reason, cyst care has to begin with cleanliness and proper antibacterial care. However, these infectious cysts are not something a pet's owner will "catch".

Natural Pet Remedies: We've already gotten a fair amount of feedback on tumors and cysts in pets, and thus far turmeric and castor oil are proving to be very effective home remedies for pet care. Check out the treatment options other pet owners have used for tumors and cysts below.

Remedies for Tumors and Cysts

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Blackstrap Molasses, Turmeric  

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Posted by Dave (Dillsburg, Pennsylvania) on 11/30/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have 13 yr old Akita, that had a tumor on his tail and was the size of a half of a golf ball. Kimo is absolutley been the greatest dog I could ask for and was worried about the tumor, he's to old to get the tumor removed and my vet Dr Dave is the best vet in the area. Kimo is like a 1 yr old health wise, but I did what earthclinic said to do to cure Kimo's tumor and I gave Kimo blackstrap molasses and tumeric and the tumor got bigger and pinkish and then it started to bleed and started breaking open about 2 weeks ago, Kimo is taking cephlaxine and is still taking blackstrap molasses and tumeric and his tumor is is now shrunk about half the size and is clearing up, I wouldn't believed it if I didn't see it and it was nasty to look at and thank god for your website.

Replied by Bonnie
Norwood, On Canada
How much molasses and tumeric do you give to your dog, mine is a miniature poodle with fatty tumours, Thanks
Replied by Sal
Phoenix, Az
How much turmeric and blackstrap molasses do u give daily
Replied by Adriana
Ny, Usa
Hello, I have a 16 year old chihuahua with the same problem(tumor) and a murmur. can you please tell me the dosis that you gave your dog and what it is CEPHLAXINE and the place where I can get it.

Thanks a lot, for your help.

Replied by Elise
Edgewood, Nm, Usa
Hi, my name is Elise. My dog max has 2 tumors right now. He is a parsons russel terrier and he is pretty small. His first tumor is on the left lymph node on his neck. It is the size, a little smaller than a baseball. The second is the size of a small grape on the bridge of his nose. With these tumors it is difficult for him to not make weird sounds while he breathes. He eats, but is constantly losing weight. The larger tumor recently started bleeding and reducing size, but my dad said that it was because the cells are dying on the inside and that's why the skin broke. My other dog, Moses just recently died so I want to find a way to help Max before its too late! Please help, thank you, Elise
Replied by Shaun
Los Angeles, Ca
My 9 year old male boxer, 40 lbs, developed a tumor around his penis area. it has gotten bigger over the last week. I have taken him to two vets, who biopsyed him to see what kind of cancer it is. I have increased his dose of organic coconut oil and and have started giving him one teaspoon of tumeric for the last 4 days. Tumor is getting bigger, but I have been reading everyone's post that it swells before it starts shrinking. I hope this is the case.
Replied by Donna
Brooklyn, New York
My first and only friend, Riki Riccardo over the past 2 month has developed this weird mass on her ear and now it's growing. Riki is a 13 1/2 yr old jack russel and rat terrier, her weight 17lbs. Please advice the dosage and should it be in her water or food?Any advice appreciated.. I'm really worried.
Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh/usa
For my 50-pound golden retriever mix, I put 1 teaspoon of turmeric in her food each and every time I fed her. For smaller dogs, try 1/2 teaspoon each feeding. Probably use the same amount of the molasses, also. Just experiment.

Note: It took approximately 2 weeks for my golden's 2-inch-diameter cyst to completely disappear after adding turmeric to her food.

Replied by Barb
Mechanicsburg, Pa 17050
Help Needed.

14 year old Shetland Sheepdog has/had a large growth above Left Front Elbow. (Hard to tape it shut)

Vet said she would need to take blood sample to determine what it was. We didn't have the $ to pay her. We left the vet.

Got on Earth Clinic.

Poured Castor oil on it and taped packed it the best I could and taped shut - 1 1/2 day gone buy with that on it. Went for more supplies today, , , Sat. 11/9/13 to remove bandage.

put in tub to wash and remove more hair and the dried blood on the Tumer.

Then the tumor or what ever it was just started squirting out all this chunky debre that was inside of completely emptied out the cavity is empty.

I poured provadine iodine in it, on it and waited till it somewhat stopped dripping blood, lots of blood.

We have it with gauge pack and tapped shut.

I need help.. Don't know what I should do with it. The cavity is loose hanging empty .. Has 2 small holes in it where the chunky cottage cheese debre squirted out of it.

Help, help

Thank you in advance

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Barb!

Despite the yucky experience, it would seem healing has been taking place and the body is working to expel this tumour.

Keep a closer eye on this thing. And keep doing what you are doing.

Is the bleeding stopped? Change dressing daily if not oftener to ensure the bleeding is in check.

Scroll down below/latest pet posts for "Jack Russell with Cancer" - Dennis from Mississippi posted his "Magic Milk "Tonic" that will fight the tumour from the inside via nutrition.

Consider adding turmeric to your castor oil - mix them 50/50.

Please keep us posted!

Replied by Dominique
Athens, Ga
For any bleeding- you can use cayenne pepper. I would try sprinkling it around the area and gently add more. Cayenne stops bleeding. It is wonderful. Do some research online- you'll see. I hope your baby is better.
Replied by Kiley
Lawton Ok
The tumor is closed and there is no bleeding or anything. Would castor oil cure him?
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Kiley!

To know if the castor oil will work onyour dog's tumor, you have to try it - no knowing unless you try it.

Some posts on the page indicate castor oil is contra indicated for malignant tumors; its hard to know what type of tumor your dog has with out further testing, however chances are its a fatty tumor/non-malignant.

Ted has also posted an excellent plan of action for treating tumors:

Replied by Marlee
I have a 3 week old puppy that just has a mass come on him just last night. this woman down the road said that its puppy strangles but he is not having a fever and is not breaking out or anything. I need some help I don't have any money for a vet and its my sons favorite puppy out of the litter that we were gonna keep. can someone please help me figure out what it is or what I can do for it?
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Marlee!

Can you provide a better description for your puppy's affliction? Is he losing hair around his eyes? Does he have pimples? Is his face swollen?

If the lady down the road is correct in her diagnosis of strangles, the most common treatment is steroids - cortizone, prednisone, etc. in combination with an antibiotic.

It could be that it runs its course and leaves your puppy with minimal scarring - but most puppies with this condition *need* to see the vet, and left untreated death is common.

There appears to be a genetic component involved with this disease -it would be wise to avoid breeding this pair of dogs together again and would be wise to not use any of the surviving puppies from this litter for broodstock.

For what it is worth, this advice was posted by a holistic vet in an online forum on puppy strangles:

Dr. E, DVM, Brooklyn, NY on said:

"There is an herbal medicine called Antiphlogistic Tablets or Chuan Xin Lian. Kan herbs makes the antiphlogistic in a liquid form as well. However, if you have a China Town near you , grab the Chuan Xian Lian. It is an M & M like pill and easily swallowed.

This is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Has been used to treat Mumps. If you are getting this from a Chinese medicine apothecary, pick up Yin Qioa as well. This can clear hearing and great for viruses and sore throat.

Also, make sure not to give low quality dog food (and definitely not dry food). Stay with the healthier brands ie. Merrick , Evo etc or do home cooking."

This condition is a *painful* condition for your puppy - and treatment with steroids is the ideal. If you cannot afford to see a vet, please consider contacting your local animal rescue to see if funds or assistance is available to you.

Replied by Colleen
Upstate Ny
I rescued two beagles about 4 months ago. My female is 12 and her son is 7. When I finally got them to my home, I noticed immediately Momma had quite a large lump under her front left leg, like in her 'armpit'. Its quite firm and doesn't cause her any pain if I touch it or move it with my hand. She also has a few small lumps, but I believe they are fatty tumors as they are identical to what my previous beagle had. The large one went down in size over the past few months, up until a week or so ago. I had to leave my home for a few days but they had a familiar friend taking care of them while I was away. When I returned home, I noticed the lump had grown in size and is much larger than it was before I left her, but still no pain at all. She isv ery healthy otherwise and fed very high quality holistic senior food since day one of bringing her in my home.

I lost my best friend of almost 14 years last year to bladder cancer and did a lot of research after she was diagnosed and am very skeptical on any treatments for my current babies that are anything but holistic or natural treatments. I think this lump on my Momma is possibly a lymph node. I checked all of her others and they are fine. can anyone please give me some ideas of what I might be able to give her or apply to it to help her? I know I read that stress can aggravate tumors and cause them to grow, and maybe leaving my girl a few days may have caused it to grow, but it's just a guess. Please help.. I love my beagles so very much. I had some truly awful experiences with multiple veterinarians in my area when I tried saving my previous girls life, and ended up losing her anyway. I spent so much money and would do all over again if I was forced to, but have to try something different before I go through that again.

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Colleen!

Please read up on Essiac tea on the Earth Clinic pages - you may find it applies to your beagles.

Replied by Amy
My 4 year old lab mix has had a bump (started as a small knot) on the top of her paw for a couple months now. I initially noticed it when she was licking at it and took her to the vet where the prescribed steroids and antibiotics. They worked a bit, the swelling went down but when I left it uncovered she went right back to chewing and licking it and it came back twice as large. She is now on her second round of steroids because my only other option was surgery but I would really like to try everything I can before I put her through the stress of surgery. It has gone down but has now formed a callus like hardness on top (about the size of a silver dollar) and there is a small bump on the callus that looks almost like a wart. I'm at a loss, and the vet seems to think the only way they can truly diagnose it is to remove the whole thing in surgery. There is still something under the callus but it's not nearly as large as it was because ive had it wrapped every day so she can't lick. Does anyone have any advice? I really just don't know what to do next.
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hello Amy!

Did your vet offer a diagnosis? I ask because it sounds like you are dealing with an acral lick granuloma, and these are super tricky to deal with.

If you are having success with wrapping the area you might consider applying a mix of powdered turmeric mixed with castor oil - make a thick paste and apply to the area and wrap and try this for 2 weeks.

And, there may be another component to this; boredom. Is your dog well exercised? A tired dog is a good dog - and then perhaps to tired to worry with a healing sore on the paw.

Read up on this condition to see if this is what you are dealing with:

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
1 out of 5 stars

Amy (Austin) ---

Dear Amy, have you ever thought of researching these drugs that your vet gives to your poor dog? There are a number of blogs on the 'net that are for the sole purpose of afflicted people trying to reverse the horrible "side effects" of these drugs you mentioned. Some of these side effects are not reversible and manifest for years after taking such drugs.

As well, antibiotics are a precursor of cancer. Now, why is your vet dealing with these? In the recent years Big Pharma is using medical students in educating them to solely sell drugs for huge profits. Look below your post on EC what has been posted about this. Big Pharma prohibits "cures" and "natural plant based medicines". Cure a patient, lose a business.

Recently there has been a tremendously astounding revelation made public world wide online : "The Truth About Cancer". Believe me, it is making waves everywhere. Please do research there. Now, assuming your dog has a form of cancer or a benign tumour. The first thing is to remember IT CAN BE CURED and discard any fear. Invasive procedures do not arrest cancer as the patogens are in the blood. But fear and anxiety are always used for "business".

What I would do and with success, is using ESSIAC tea for detoxing and removing tumours and cancer. Use only Essiac tea that has all the roots included and four herbs, no more no less. I obtained my tea from Essiac West online. I was successful in healing a big dog from suspected spleen cancer in six months, using also improved diet. Cancer and growths can be treated with herbal remedies rather than spending hundreds on toxic drugs.

Years ago I was still able to read the astounding cures of Essiac tea but by now the FDA has removed the numerous testimonies from the sites. Be aware that tumours during the course of treatment can enlarge before they implode. Then you apply turmeric into the site and later coconut oil. Instructions for Essiac for people or animals are provided.

Topically you can mix turmeric with cold pressed castor oil or use the tea. Good luck and God bless.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Janet
Please can you tell me if turmeric and castor oil is to apply on the tumor area or to give it with the food. I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. My dog has a mast cell tumor on the stomach by the right mamaries is really big and it looks like is spreading, going up like a 1/2 inch wide. I have been giving her turmeric w flax seed oil. Then I have been trying fot couple days olive oiL and today I tried coconut oil w turmeric. Another thing that I tried 2 weeks ago only one time was water with baking soda and it look like tumor kind of broke down and she got the right leg swollen from the right side of stomach to the pow. Took her to vet and prescribed her antibiotics and anti inflammatory pills. The vet could not do anything because of the swollen and seems complicated. My dog has an open wound also as big as a penny and skin is kind of breaking unto wounds. Fluid comes out of the wound and all I can do for her is just cleans her but she leaks herself and I can't control her. can you tell me pls if the swollen might be the fluid all over in her leg?
Replied by Chelsofly
I had a cat that had a massive open wound under its chin which had gotten infected. I was taught by an holistic animal vet to pack the wound with raw honey. It worked like a dream. It was a sticky mess and she would lick her fur ... which aids in the healing also. I was also told that if I did not have Honey, that plain Sugar (yes I did say plain Sugar! ) can be used to pack the open wounds and it will work the same way. I have used the remedy on my kids and dogs also and am a believer! Hope that could help you... Also taking Turmeric internally....
Replied by Wendy
I have A 24 pound Tibetien Terrier who has all sorts of bumps and little growths all over him. How much turmeric and blackstrap molasses do I give him?
Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia
What about probiotics? Tumeric 15to 20mgs per pound body weight. Molasses I have a note on molasses, never used it myself, but a quarter to half teaspoon dissolved in warm water.


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Posted by Jordan's Mom (Lansing, Mi) on 01/09/2011

I never could get any answer for my beautiful cat, Jordan, and the horrible tumor in his mouth, but am now dealing with a kitty with a large nodular mass on his neck & have been giving him bloodroot pills tho unclear about dosage & don't think I have seen any change. In ordering another product for one of my cats on the site Plant Cures, I notice there is what I believe is more common sense use & application of bloodroot.

This is a quote from the web doc, who I personally have had wonderful help for cats with bladder issues re bloodroot- "Everyone now thinks that Bloodroot is caustic and can "burn off healthy skin" just because of the association of bloodroot with the highly caustic chloride of zinc that is in these salves! Chloride of zinc is, in fact, what is in dry cell batteries and it is simply hydrochloric acid soaked zinc powder. Please wake up people!"

I believe the man has something there! I am thinking of trying his drops on my baby's tumor and still giving him bloodroot capsules.

Replied by Rose
Chiang Mai, Thailand
The scary stuff about zinc chloride is quite unfounded. It is a caustic but the safest one to use, and has pH 5.5 - not so far from neutral. Medically, it's injected directly into the bloodstream for zinc deficiency and for parenteral feeding. It's in baby food, cosmetics, livestock feed. Dr Mohs stated it was the best caustic for bloodroot salves because it does not effect normal tissue. Without its use, he would have achieved no fame. Dermatologists still use his paste today for skin cancers. (Though they still cut the tumor out before the immune system can push it out). It's basically the same stuff that Weldon Fells and Harry Hoxsey used. And it's what I used, too, to remove a melanoma. Pictures at natural black salve dot com

Bloodroot Cured Equine Sarcoid  

5 star (2) 
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Posted by Charity (Emmaus, Pennsylvania) on 09/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My horse was diagnosed with a Sarcoid on his front right leg and I called the vet out. She immediately handed me a bottle of xxterra ( one of the basic ingredients is bloodroot ) and I began to apply it. Within 24 hrs the Sarcoid tumor on his leg was 1/4 the size and not ooooozy like it was... It has scabbed over and according to other who have used it the tumor falls off on its own! what an amazing product.

Replied by Ruth
5 out of 5 stars
Turmeric with black pepper helps the turmeric work faster, also that is like black salve if it bloodroot and you have to be careful of infection after it cures you or your animal bless u all
Replied by Lawanda
Bloomingdale, Ga
Where can you buy bloodroot? How much would I give my small 15 pound 13 year old dog? Thanks.
Replied by Maria
Englewood Cliffs, Nj.
Can this product be used in a cancerous tumor? My 17 year old rat terrier has a hard mass in front right limb could be cancerous. Vet does not specify.
Replied by Patricia

33 Posts
I don't know if bloodroot works alone. Two products I used will only work if the tissue is cancerous. One is Cansema found at and the other is indian herb

They are each applied only one time unless you didn't put enough on the first time then apply it a second time.

Budwig Formula  

4 star (1) 
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Posted by Adrienne (Deary, Id) on 04/15/2015
4 out of 5 stars


It's been six months since our kitty Penelope was diagnosed with adeno carcinoma in her nasal passage, above her nose and under her eye. I have used a variety of alternative remedies, no chemo or radiation or surgery and Penelope is still in pretty good shape. She still cleans herself, comes over for petting and enjoys playing with a string...and eats very well.

I started with something from a vet clinic, lipids and green powder etc., that didn't seem to amount to much so I started giving her HP. That may have slowed the progression somewhat, but she hated it, even though it was only a drop or two in water given by syringe twice a day. She would hide all day after I gave it to her so eventually I switched to putting DMSO, HP and baking soda directly over the tumor (the tumor is under the skin). This seemed to cause the tumor to grow and there was more bleeding from her eye and nose. Eventually, I added Essiac Tea and then backed away from putting things on the tumor. When I stopped the DMSO, etc., the tumor shrank like crazy but is still there. I am giving her some antibiotic because of likely infection and am now starting the Budwig protocol. The bleeding has almost stopped altogether. So, it's been quite a journey, and, of course, I can't say where she would be if I'd done nothing. I can say that when I checked with the vet school about what to expect with this cancer I was told that the average life span of a cat given radiation for it is one year.

As for the Budwig formula, there is much information on line as to how to prepare it, but nothing concrete about how much to give a ten pound cat and how many times per day. If anyone can help with that I'd be grateful.

I've read that one should not do any oxygen therapies if they are doing Budwig, so I guess I can't do the DMSO and baking soda, but will continue with mushrooms, green powder and beta glucan, transfer factor, Essiac and turmeric and report back as soon as I see a change for the worse or for the better. Please let me know what amount I should be giving and how often if you happen to know.

Thank you, Adrienne

Replied by Lee
Jacksonville, Nc, Usa
Hi, Adrienne,

I hope your kitty is still doing ok. I am also using the Budwig protocol for my scottish terrier who was diagnosed with cancer and has a tumor on and all around his eye. It grew within 2 days. The vet really can't do anything and told me to keep him comfortable and he is taking Tramadol for pain.

I searched several Budwig sites, some relating to dogs and cats. My Scottie weighs about 23 pounds. Your kitty should be getting half of my Scottie's dosage.

Dosage for your cat:

1/4 TBSP flaxseed oil equals 1 scant teaspoon

1/2 TBSP cottage cheese equals 2 "" teaspoons

1/4 TBSP freshly ground flaxseeds

Also can add, if using:

1/4 tsp organic Turmeric powder (to make sure the Curcumin is still in it is the reason for organic)

2 short grindings from a small peppermill (freshly ground pepper is needed for the Turmeric to be absorbed and activated into the cells.

Make sure you only mix the oil and cottage cheese with a blender until it becomes one. I bought the immersion blender with the stick blender and the whisk 2 in 1. The amounts I am making are so small that the stick blender is not blending it so I use the whisk attachment.

Then I stir in the flaxseeds, turmeric and pepper with a spoon. At the moment I am not using the turmeric and pepper because turmeric is also a blood thinner, and the tumor is making my Scottie bleed pretty bad from his eye and also the oozing lesions from the tumor. I wash it and put triple ointment on it.

During the first week I fed him this 3x a day, now only once, because my boy sometimes does not feel like eating. I also mix a little liverwurst in it or some good canned dog food to entice him to eat.

I hope this helps you. Wishing you and your kitty all the best.


Castor Oil  

5 star (10) 
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Posted by Karen (Georgia) on 07/07/2016
0 out of 5 stars

My pit terrier mix has a soft pliable, black tumor on leg. Was told I could use castor oil . I got grocery sore brand. Used it along with warm water compresses. The next morning it was bleeding some. I put tumeric in food and cleaned it with Apple Cider Vinegar and then put coconut oil.on it. Should I continue with this? Trying to shrink before removal.Thank you.

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Karen,

I have no direct experience with treating tumors, however it sounds like cause and effect - ie your treatment is working. You might consider dosing the coconut oil orally along with the turmeric regime. I would keep it clean as you are doing, and discuss with your vet about the progress in shrinking, how small you want it to get, and steps for removal. Your vet may also have ideas on treating the open wound as well.

Replied by Shaun
My Dog has a tumor attached to his prostate and is causing urinary problems when it pushes up against a the colon and bladder, I would like to try and apply the castor oil. Would I do this to his lower abdomen where the tumor seems to be located or apply to the whole belly?
Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia
Shaun, I would try to not let him lick it, though you didn't say is it cancerous. Take him to the vet to find out.

Posted by Daniellem97 (Ireland) on 03/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all, cant believe it actually worked. After reading nearly all the reviews on this I was expecting the castor oil to work in a few days, it took 5 nearly 6 weeks.

We brought the cat to the vet and to get the tumor removed - it would have cost nearly 500 euro and because of my cats age of 15. It was risky to put him under, I found this site and decided to try it. at first the tumor (or cyst or large skin tag, not sure which) turned black and after about 2/3 weeks the black fell off and there was a pinky red lump still left, again we applied the castor oil and again the black scab appeared over it while it continued to grow, only a week later and this fell off revealing another smaller redish pink lump. We continued to apply castor oil this time soaking the growth in it, the growth was just under the cats eye, connected to the bottom lid and the cat is quite fiesty so it was hard to apply at times. 2 weeks went by and I was starting to lose hope as it just continued to grow and the cat started scratching it until it bled. But two days later and it all fell off completely and you wouldnt ever know anything was there.

Posted by Robbie (Illinois) on 12/22/2014
0 out of 5 stars

Since applying castor oil for a week to my cats fatty tumor it has opened and looks painful. It is under her arm and is causing the leg to swell hugely. Is this normal? should I continue applying castor oil since it is open? She has a cluster of smaller ones too. I tried adding turmeric to her food and she refused it. Please help.

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Robbie!

You might consider applying the turmeric topically, either mixed in with the castor oil or applied dried onto the tumor area itself.

Replied by Robbie
Illinois, US
Thanks so much I will give it a try :)
Replied by Betty
Texas, US
I have found that turmeric capsules put in pet food works better - they cannot taste it..available at health stores or herbal internet sale, I use Puritain Pride for quality.
My Yorkie also hates blackstrap, which did not work very well. Got rid of smaller lumps but the big ones are still there. Will eat disguised turmeric though. I am going to try topical organic castor oil. I have found organic is way better than natural. for myself anyway. and going to try topical turmeric. he also had pledora bugs from damp hay. Need a medicine for that.
Replied by Robbie
Betty, I put it in her food and she turned her nose at it and wouldn't touch it. Thanks for trying to help. :) I have added a pinch of baking soda to her water and also a touch of H2O2. The tumor is now only a 1/3 the size it was before and sores are healing.
Hey, I usually take amount needed / half of a ml and half of melted organic coconut oil in a medical syringe, shake ingredients together. Hold your pet by the fur under her chin, don't give her a choice for her own good, don't hurt her but simply put syringe at her back teeth and inject in her throat. This gets it done, its over.
Replied by Robbie
Illinois, US
Strange thing happening. I have been putting the castor oil on my cat's tumors and the skin on top became black and hard and fell off. Under this I can see the pink tumors. I applied castor oil and aloe vera to them and am hoping this continues the healing. Anyone else have this happen with the castor oil?
Replied by Shari
DO NOT give Turmeric capsules to animals!!! They are not meant for animal consumption and could cause illness and/or death. Do research before just giving your pets any old pill. Turmeric User Group on Facebook is a fantastic source of info. Turmeric is a very effective spice but you must use the right kind and it must be mixed with coconut or olive oil and some cracked pepper in order for it to be effective. Otherwise you are wasting your money.
Replied by Lizzy
Asheville, Nc
Hello, can you please tell me where you got this information about turmeric being bad for pets? My holistic vet told me it's absolutely fine to give turmeric to my dog as long as the quantity is not too high. I have been doing this for years with my pets, off and on and have never had any problems. I have never given it to a cat, however.
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Lizzy!

I am NOT Shari who posted about not giving turmeric capsules to animals, but like you I was curious about why it would be contraindicated in pets as my own holistic vet also prescribes it.

The only thing I can figure is that Shari specifically mentioned encapsulated turmeric, and there may be chemicals or ingredients in the capsules themselves [and not the turmeric] that might be problematic for pets.

I only use the free flowing form of powdered turmeric myself - but it is good to know to avoid the encapsulated form *just in case*.

Replied by Lizzy
Asheville, Nc
Thanks Theresa! I was giving our dogs powdered turmeric on occasion, but recently bought organic Turmeric in capsules to cloak the taste in a pill pocket. Will stop giving it to them and return to the powder.
Replied by Janice
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
I have a pet rat with a large mammary tumor. She has had surgery for mammary tumors before. They were benign but keep coming back in different areas. I don't know that she could survive another surgery. I am giving her turmeric and molasses orally. Should I try castor oil and turmeric on the tumor itself? Any feedback would be appreciated.
Kit L.
I use organic human food grade turmeric for my pets. Recently I read that it is a waste to simply mix it in their food, that we need to make a paste with it.

Human grade natural organic cold pressed coconut oil is also good but in small amounts, maybe upping the dosage ( mixed with food) weekly a bit so as to prevent tummy issues. I've never had problems, but I would advise to research and ask professional holistic veterinarians before taking any chances. Each pet is different with their own issues. We also apply ONLY a GOOD GRADE of frankincense diluted with a bit of fractionated coconut oil to the cysts and tumors. My sister has had tumors shrink to nothing using frankincense oil this way on her pets, and people too.


Replied by Char
Tampa, Florida
Robbie, I saw your post and have had a similar experience. My dog had a nasty black area on the back of her neck. I started rubbing castor oil into it several times a day, one day went to rub it in and the black area just came off and underneath it was a tumor that was attached to it, the skin had basically healed underneath and forced the tumor out.
Replied by Rachel
Hi Robbie,

Can you tell me, when you started applying the castor oil did your pets wound begin to smell? Until now my cat's wounds was not smelling but for 3 days have been putting the oil and it has begun to smell. Is this normal. I am worried.

Hoping someone can help, like Robbie, my cat's tumor began to turn black and scab, today he pushed the scab off and it's just the pink tumor now. However the pink tumor has still grown in size from when we began the castor oil 20 days ago, any advice on what to do?
I noticed a strong smell on my dog like that. I gave my dog Benadryl. 1/2 ml with small amount of antibiotic powder from amoxicillin capsule, about the size of half of a pencil eraser also per 10 pound. within 2 days smell was gone. I don't have a lot of money for the strays I have taken in. I have grown very close to them and love them. I have to help them any way safely that I can. Good luck
Replied by Dee
Adelaide Sa
A link to your source of information for the comment that Turmeric capsules can kill a dog would be great.. because I have done much research and have ONLY ever found information in favour of using it in animals. I have been giving it to my dog for many months .. and if you have found reputable information to the contrary I would like to read it.. thanks
Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia
Dee, I only have the dosage written down in my notes.
Replied by Deanne
South Australia
Hi Girls, I have been giving my little dog turmeric powder ( that I buy in 2kg bags for us) but also have been giving her Curcumin in capsules ( the concentrated extract from Turmeric) I bought them form Puritans pride for quality) she has been on the for a while now ans so far she is improving.. she has cancer Grade 3 tumor and was dying... she seems to be coming alive again now.. happy and going for walks and even put on weight.. of course she is on a cancer diet and other supplements as well but the capsules are ok for her

Posted by Adrienne (Az, US) on 11/05/2014

My dog has a possible sarcoma lump on her armpit. I have mixed castor oil and turmeric and have been applying it topically. Also giving turmeric capsules in food. After a month, the lump is the same size, but oddly the skin around it is red and bloody today. I heard that lumps seem to get worse before getting better, but the lump is the same color, the skin around it is red. I am wondering if the friction of the paste is causing a skin irritation since its in the armpit area. Anybody seen this?

Replied by Debbie
Portslade, UK
I would imagine the turmeric is burning the skin. I would stop using it.

Carry on giving it internally. And, some virgin coconut oil.

Posted by Jackie (Oh - Ohio) on 09/18/2014

My elder Schnauzer/maltese mix has developed a bulbous growth on the edge of his gum right next to his incisor tooth. My friend recommended trying castor oil on it. Would it be safe and could it help since it's in his mouth? Any suggestions?

Replied by Pamela Gilbert

Castor oil was so well thought of ppl called it the Hand of Christ, Palma Christi, been using Castor Oil on self and animals with good results for years. PS

Do not drink it, use as a pac, however, other than having diarrhea no harm will come to your animal, as always check for allergies

Posted by Melissa (Austin, Tx) on 04/17/2013

I've applied castor oil to my dogs tumor on the side of her body. My question is, The tumor is now looking VERY scary, ugly, deformed, bleeding, and oozy. What does this mean? Is it breaking down? I try to keep it clean and bandage it, but she usually ends up ripping them off and licking the site. I have stopped the castor oil and try putting neosporin. Sometimes it looks like pus is forming but then it goes away. Any suggestions thanks.

Replied by Kat
West Bend, Wisconsin
feedback for Melissa from Austin, Tx (4-17-2013)

Her description of her dog's tumor reaction from using castor oil pack treatment reminded me of the description I read of tumors being treated with a product called "Black Ointment". As the tumors are being destroyed and break down, they exhibit All the "symptoms" Melissa was describing! She might want to look up websites on "Black Ointment";some of them have photos of various tumors during treatment, from start to finish. Evidentially the Very nasty-looking "symptoms" should not scare you into stopping treatment;otherwise you halt the Complete elimination of the cancer. Treatment might even cause a fairly deep pit/hole, but this is a good sign, showing that the "root/s" have been destroyed. Hole will fill in from bottom out; just follow the "Black Ointment" treatment directions. (Or complete the castor oil treatments until nastiness stops & then maybe use aloe vera gel to help new skin growth).

Best Wishes & Blessings to You and your Furry Angel!!!


Replied by Shelly
Santa Rosa, Ca.
Hi! Feedback to Mellisa, from Austin, Tx.

Also additional support to Kati's reply to Mellisa. From my understanding when skin growths as tumors are being treated with natural health remedies, they will have ugly looking symptoms when they are breaking down from the natural destroying process. So, I would not stop treatment. I know it can seem bad but it is a good thing in a natural healing process.

I have experienced headaches, cold like symptoms, slight rashes, swelling of the face and lymph glands from taking nutrional supplements and eating lots of veggies and fruits. These symptoms lasted only a day or two. I have also experienced upon each wiping of my nose to seeing blood and dark dried blood on my tissue for about ten days. I believe these are all symptoms of toxins leaving my body. Have patience and faith that all this will end and healing will be done.

God bless you all and pray for healing for all that believe in God.

Take care! Shelly :)

Posted by Diamondtia (Glassville, Nb, Canada) on 08/10/2011

I have a goffin cockatoo that has a small tumor on the inside of his leg. I don't have any avian vets in my area. None within 2000 miles, so I do my best to care for my babies. I love them with all my heart. Two of them mutilate (both males). The one with the tumor, I have been heating the castor oil and putting it on his leg, then wrapping with gauze and leaving overnight.

I read about how it helps dogs, but will it help shrink the tumor in my parrot's leg? I know it bothers him and I give him natural pain killers. He mutilates that same leg. The tumor showed up about two weeks ago and I started the castor oil about 1 week ago. I sure could use some help with any suggestions.


Replied by Noelle
Elkhorn, Nebraska, Usa
I have two standard dachshunds that each have marble-sized fatty tumors on their lower necks (at the top of each front leg) Both dogs are approx 10 years old and overweight.

I am going to start a 'castor oil pack therapy' on them. Each has a different, separate condition that might also respond well to the packs. One (Jeau) has chronic pancreatitis, high liver enzymes, and a 'sludgey gall bladder'. The other (Linus) has intestinal adhesions from surgery and develops blockages that are painful. I will update in two weeks!

I also have a 13 year old bald dachshund (Telly) that gets warts that need surgical removal. They start out flesh -colored (he's considered a 'blue', so his skin is dark grey) but then they change to light pink and then dark pink. And they grow. I am going to dab some castor oil on these growths each day. He has approx 6 warts right now in varying degrees of needing removal. Will also update his condition in two weeks! (he's also paralyzed and gets frequent UTI's... Will castor oil help with this??)

Replied by Hannah
Try coliodal silver in his water and add a little food grade organic castor oil and turmeric in his food or on a treat.
Replied by Bernice
Try oregano on niece had a wart on hand and her grandma used oregano oil on it and 3 days later it was going away. It is very hot-spicy so don't get it in eyes or pet's mouth...its like a hot chile....I apply to my Chihuahua's chest so he doesn't sound like he has a breathing problem anymore.....kind of sounded like asthma before.

Posted by Nicole (Phoenix, U.s.) on 09/18/2010

Need Help Please: My sweet pup has a Nasal Tumor that has taken over her left eye, is protruding, but not broken through her skin yet and is also in the middle of her nose and the top of her head. I have been putting a Chinese Herb topically with vitamin E on it & it is now "suddenly" getting larger VERY QUICKLY. Last night I put Castor Oil on it & she seemed more uncomfortable.... Yet I realize that the tumor, as most write, gets larger before it goes away. She also is taking Herbs internally & just recently started on an NSAID.. Only giving her 1/2 dose prescribed. Question: Should I continue with both the Chinese Herb & vitamin E TOPICALLY during the day & alternate w/ CASTOR OIL.. Using it as well during the day & leaving it on all night? Or does that seem too much?

My goal is to get rid of the tumor asap w/out hurting my pup. Obviously Cancer hurts. Feedback from all dealing with a similar situation/Nasal Tumor or "who have had current success" using Castor Oil or? would be so very very greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who respond as I am scared. Also, please tell me how long it took to get the tumor to go away, did it bleed/ooze/get infected & if you gave anything natural to your pup for pain? Thank you again. My email:

P. S. At her last Vet visit after being on the Herbs for only four weeks, the tumor shrunk! It did not grow or stay the same which was a true miracle. But as I wrote above, I can see I have very recently made it much larger from what I am putting on the eye & tumor topically. Is this the STORM BEFORE THE EXIT OF THE HORRIBLE TUMOR?

Replied by Bangalorean
Bangalore, India
Is your dog better? I have a dog with the same condition and I'm treating her nasal tumour with homeopathic Hekla Lava 6x given 2ce a week. Other than discomfort breathing (mucus blocks the passage) she's eating well and active. Hekla lava seems to help with the mucus and with a bony growth on her right hindleg - but I can't see any improvement otherwise.

I will try the castor oil application as well.

Replied by Anthony
Dandenong, Victoria
11/28/2011 Please follow this thread- maybe this will give you some ideas. It helped my dog.
Replied by Bangalorean
Bangalore, India
Anthony, That comes up with a 'page not found' - I have found Kali Iod 6x helped my dog (the mucus and smell reduced) though the tumor is still there.

Posted by Molly (Texas City, Texas) on 01/27/2010

Our 10 year old dog..all of a sudden grew over night a hard lump on her left back leg right above her paw 3 weeks ago..

Since I'm a senior I could not lift my 85 pound dog into the car....I took a picture of my sweet Molly's back leg..and took it to the vet that had seen her for 5 years..( She is a farmers daughter country vet)

The look in the vets eyes was horrible..then she says that all she can do is surgically remove the tumored bone and attempt some chemo and radiation to the tune of $7000-$12000.00..but would not suggest it because doing that procedure would not prolong my dogs life any longer than not doing the surgery.. I almost passed out with fear..gained my composure and asked for any holistic methods out there since nobody in my town has $7000-$12000 laying around in their cookie jar....

Frantic I started searching for holistic ways to help my dog..I came across this site.. It is day 8 of putting castor oil on my dogs leg 5 times a day.. I am praying like the other people reports in here... that the egg shaped hard lump surrounding my dogs back leg will start to shrink.. So far no shrinking..

Question..If it in fact does start to shrink..and if it bursts..WHAT do you apply to the opening when it bursts??

Again this is only the beginning of the second week..No shrinkage as of yet..She is still eating like a champion morning and evening...going to the mail box down the drive way with me and going out to get the newspaper..on three legs and holding her back leg up.. she would walk/hop around the block on her leash if I let her.. (on three legs)

Her spirits are high for a 10 year old doggy..

One concern is last week after about 3 days of the caster oil...She started hopping on her good back leg and pulling her bad leg up..She is eating like a champ and still racing outside to the fence with my other dogs to inform the neighbors dogs in barking that she is STILL the big dog...



Replied by Mollybirdie - This May Help!!
Newton, New Jersey
Please please try the spice turmeric. Check the pages here for it that's where I learned about it many months ago my dog had a growth and I couldn't afford treatment, I posted about how it shrank within weeks, I put turmeric in his food (it's good for people too and they are now experimenting with it for cancer cures for humans) please read the turmeric postings on earthclinic! I posted about my golden retriever Zeus. Also google it on the internet! It's an Indian spice, it's not uncommon but it ain't basil or oregano, so if you can't find it in your town order it overnight from a good spice site - a nice big bag - it's not too expensive. You should feed it to him in his food twice a day, mix in with a little water or wet food so he'll it - use a level teaspoon full each meal. Also apply externally like a paste to the tumor. This should not give him upset stomach - my dog has super sensitive stomach but this didn't bother him a bit. In fact turmeric is antidiarrheal - read what the humans used it for here too. Great for pets and people and safe, though I think it makes my dog smell funny but who cares? I believe this may really help you and it can't hurt because it's not dangerous. I gave it to my dog and I take it too.

But please read up on it thouroughly first. It contains curcurmin, a super food, a super spice. Very good stuff.
I have a bag of it. My dog's big round growth of an inch shrank away and within maybe 5 or 6 weeks was a couple of millimeters only!

Please read the pet postings on turmeric and search the web for the latest scientific findings on it!
Good luck to Mollybirdie, my prayers are with you!

Thanks for the advice. I will try this on my baby dog. she has a tumor on he belly about the size of my fist. I'm broken hearted over her. I made her a sling to hold it up out of a sock that goes over only your toes and a strip of material, snug but not to tight. I'll let you guys know how this med. works. thanks again
Replied by Betty
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I wrote about my 17 year old Shih Tzu and castor oil shrinking her tumor. Molly from Texas wrote sounding desperate like I felt. I just want to say that as hard as it is try to be patient because this didn't work overnight. I'm on week 7, the large bloody one is completely gone and the small one is slowly shrinking and the large one in the wrist is smaller. You asked about what I did when the tumor burst. I continued to put the castor oil on and wrap it. If you read other cures using castor oil they refer to a castor oil wrap. That is what I used. Apply the castor oil, wrap it in cotton and secure with tape. Then bandage with a self adhesive bandage found in pet stores. One thing to be very careful of is if the tumor does burst then there is a good chance it could become infected and your Molly would need antibiotics. I should note that my Mollie is 10 lbs and I have been giving her a tsp. of flax seed oil, and 1/8 tsp of tumeric once a day. Hang in there.
Replied by Jilbert57
Brinnon, Wa
I tried castor oil on some lumps my dog had on his side. he is a 11 year old jack russell, and lumpy. the vet is keeping a check on them and they move around easily. Have you tried the Budwig diet FO/CC diet for your dog? I am on the second day of it with my jack but I don't know if it works on non cancerous tumors. Will report back here with any changes that I note.
Replied by Jilbert57
Brinnon, Wa
Reporting back after two weeks on Budwig Flax oil and cottage cheese. I can feel that the lump that was the largest and hardest over the left rib of my jack russell has gotten flatter, still hard. My husband, who didn't know I was doing anything special, was playing with him and said, Hey, I think Micks lump is smaller. I have been mixing 1T flax oil with 3T 1% fat cottage cheese with an immersion blender and feeding half in am and half in pm. He is on a special diet for urate stones. I will continue to give updates.
Replied by Rachel
Corona, Ca
I know this post is late but I thought I could share some research I have been doing. I have an older boxer who had a tumor in his left leg, my husband & I were talked into getting Care Credit and after a $1500 vet bill another one grew back a year later. The vet told us that our dog should have chemo therapy but I did not want to put him through that. I have since given him natural supplements and tried various homeopathic remedies to keep him healthy. Overall, he still has a great energy level but the tumor has gotten larger. It is the size of a baseball at this point. He does not seem to be in pain and from what we have been told it is benign. I stumbled upon a great site that gave some of the following helpful advice that I would like to share: (since i cannot post the link, here is the info)

Homeopathic Treatments:

Homeopathy views the symptoms of disease as signs of an underlying imbalance that must be corrected if your dog is to recover. Because they treat underlying conditions and not just the fatty tumor, homeopathic remedies take time to work. A homeopathic vet will choose which remedies to apply to your dog based on the dog's individual symptoms.

Dr. Jill Elliot, DVM, recommends treating your dog's fatty tumor with the homeopathic remedy Thuja 30C, administered at least once as an oral dose of three tablets. If your pet's overall condition appears to improve in the three weeks to month after the first dose, she advises a second dose and further observation to notice if the tumors are shrinking.

Dr. Elliott mentions that many holistic vets believe fatty tumors may result from over-vaccination. Thuja is commonly used to treat dogs that react badly to vaccines. Dr. Messonier adds Viscum Album and Arsenicum Album to the list of homeopathic remedies.

Herbal treatments:
Dr. Messonier also suggests a variety of immune system-strengthening herbs to treat dog tumors of all types. Among them are alfalfa, burdock, dandelion root, garlic, goldenseal and milk thistle. He also recommends using immune-strengthening mushrooms, including reishi.

Get guidance from a homeopathic vet before attempting to treat your dog's fatty tumors with homeopathic or herbal remedies. Locate a certified homeopathic vet in your area at the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy website (see References).

I am going to try a homeopathic treatment system this week and I will post again regarding the measurements, reaction and treatments I felt most helpful for our big guy, Sampson.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskchewan
Thank you so much for your research. I look forward to your observations. My dog also has a fatty tumor(2) actually. I have had them operated on before but they have come back. Am going to clean his liver with the Essiac tea and then think about homeopathy. Best of luck with your dog. Mary
Replied by Reb777
San Antonio, Texas
Turmeric does work... We have 2 dogs with the same problem and we have been using it with Pomegranate extract and Broccoli extract and also use the Turmeric Extract... Go to a holistic health store and tellthem what it is for and they will tell you how much per pound your dog is to use. Also don't feed them store bought dog food anymore... Make your own with Organic Chicken and buy some liver and cook it and mix in Broccoli and spinach and Shiitake Mushrooms. Also Beets are good for them too. Organic Coconut Oil is good for them. A good Krill Oil is good too. You can look up a good diet for dogs that have cancer and it will tell you more to put in it... The Dog Foods now have alot of not good stuff in it and is actually causing the cancers.... when you start them on a new diet it's ok to get them slowly into the new food by doing parts to parts on it till they get used to the new.
Replied by Bigwoods
Mpls, MN
What kind of castor oil is used? and where do I get it? thanks!
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Bigwoods!

Others with more experience should chime in, as I have only started working with Castor Oil.

I found castor oil at Walgreens, for about $6.00 for maybe 8 ounces.

Replied by Sandy
Raleigh, Nc
01/31/2015 is great for the Turmeric. I purchase Organice 1#for approx $12. The castor oil too.. organic..Heritage brand. If you use the caster oil packs I buy the flannel from them as well.

Posted by Betty (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 01/18/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Castor Oil is working to shrink my dog's tumor. I have a 17 year old Shih Tzu. She has a benign malinoma tumor on the pad of her front foot. In 2008 she had a major operation to remove it. This included the amputation of one toe so that the skin could be used to build back the large walking pad. The tumor came back 2 more times and was removed using a local anethesia. The last time it came back it could not be removed because there wasn't enough skin left. Since she is 17 we thought that she would pass before the tumor got too large. WRONG. The tumor grew and grew. It was about the size of 3 pencil erasers. A second tumor started on the same pad just about the first tumor and a third one had developed just below the pad in the wrist area. It became infected 5 weeks ago and she is now taking an antibiotic.

I found this site and began applying castor oil 5 weeks ago. I started by simply putting some on my finger and spreading it on the open, bleeding large tumor and covering it with a little pink sock. I would apply the Oil 6 times a day. I did this for 3 weeks. The tumor started to grow, which I expected because I understood it had to grow before breaking down. At this point I cut up a cotton shirt and applied lots of castor oil to all of the tumors then I wrapped it in the cotton, followed by adhesive pet bandage, followed by a fake fur, homemade mitten. I do this 2 to 4 times a day. I have been doing this for 2 weeks now. The large tumor is gone and healed. I have continued the treatment to get rid of the other 2 tumors and today I noticed that the small tumor is starting to shrink and the large one in the wrist is softer and smaller. I have taken pictures so I actually have proof that this works. I wanted to share this because I am so grateful for finding this cure. I would like to thank all of you who sung the praises of Castor Oil and took the time to write down your stories. I hope that this can help to give someone the hope that I needed and received.

Replied by Dee
Hayesville, Nc
Do you know of anyone who has used castor oil on a cat? My cat has a tumor that just keeps growing. My vet told me he could take it off a few yrs. ago, but that every time he had done that, the cat only lived a few months. I am going to get some castor oil TODAY and start putting it on her.
Replied by Angela
Keep using the castor oil. Place it on the area and use a heating pack to help absorb into their system. I JUST did this for our cat and it worked. Our vet was impressed with this remedy. I can't say enough how much I value all of you on this board. Thanks so much and good luck to you!
Replied by John
Briabane, Qld Australia
Hi my Labrador has this huge growth on his side that has started bleeding. We started applying castor oil about 4 days ago. It's gone down but has burst and is now quite open. More than pus is starting to come out of it. Is this supposed to happen? Also what did you do after putting castor oil on? Thanks, John
Replied by Om
Hope, B.c., Canada
Get a good quality turmeric and cover the wound with it. Later, when dry, you can use coconut oil to close the wound nicely. Turmeric is anti tumor, natural antibiotic, blood cleansing. Om
Replied by Antonio
Thank you, I am going to try that. Thank you so much.
Replied by Tracy
Would you be willing to show me what it looked like please. As I have a ten in half year old shepherd/lab mix who has what I was a told was a tumour and really hear a lot of good things about this oil. I have him on antibiotics but if it doesn't go down in size I will have an operation done to remove it. I have been doing this method to but not sure what to use for the war flap as it is basically in the very edge near the bottom ear. Please help with any Advice. Thanks in advance
Replied by Edith
I have an English Bulldog she's 9 year's old and I am going to try the castor oil cause I have tried everything and nothing has worked, praying this works.
Replied by Rachel William Joseph
Does castor oil burn if put on the cats open wound? Is it ok for her to lick it. My cat had surgery 2 yrs ago and had her uterus and mammary gland removed. After 2 yrs, there was an external growth which then opened and started bleeding. The vet told me to keep it covered and put sofradex to stop the itching and said it would dry. It seems to have become flatter and wider abt 1/2 inch dia and is very slow to heal. Looks like its bigger. I dont want to put her through surgery again. Will castor oil help? Will it hurt her?
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Rachel,

We have not found castor oil to burn open wounds.

It is not harmful for your cat to lick it. It may help hairball problems if she has any! If she gets too much castor oil though, she may get diarrhea.

Personally, I think castor oil is a good thing to try.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Rachel
Thank you for your response,

Would you know what kind of reactions I can expect once I start applying castor oil. I hear that the wound increases in size and then bursts, if so, how many days would this take. Should I continue the oil even after the wound bursts if it does?

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Rachel, India

It is not possible to predict as every individual reacts different. Once the wound is open apply haldi (turmeric) and when dry and healing, apply coconut oil. Keep feeding with some turmeric dissolved in coconut oil. patience pays off.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Rachel
Thanks a lot will do. Personally am not very good at dealing with wounds so I think Im panicking. My cat of course cries like a baby and I can't bear to see her in pain. This is an awesome site which helps understand everyones love n pain in dealing with their pets. I put castor oil on her today, fingers crossed
Replied by Djwbeynon
New Boston, Tx
In the cure for pet tumors what type of Castor Oil is used? cold pressed or normal?
Replied by Yadi
I read your post and I would like to know if you can post pictures, I think this will be the solution to my dog's problem.

EC: Sorry Yadi, Betty's post is from 2010 and she likely won't read your post.

Posted by Deborah (Crandall, Ga. United States) on 08/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I recently found this sight and started using castor oil on my 8 year old ridgeback bulldog had a tumor between his belly and frout legs for about a year now I am trying the castor oil on him I am rubbing it on the tumor and it is shrinking it was the size of a egg and now it is down to a golf ball size Thank you for the remidy.

Replied by Courtney
Fairhope, Alabama

Trying to get feedback on the Deborah's ridgeback? Many thanks, Courtney

Replied by Pamela
Odessa, Florida
My cat Clyde has a growth on his back paw pad it is getting larger and it is pink and closed no opening, on the same foot now he has developed the same looking growth in a cluster of 3 a little higher up. Will the castor oil work on cats and does it have to be covered? Just don't know if I should apply it to a closed growth and it opens it up and it gets worse. Please help us. He is the love of my life.