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Posted by Darren (Long Beach, Ca) on 12/18/2012

Can you recommend and product or black salve pehaps that dissolves growing tumors (or could be sarcoids?) in dogs thx

Posted by Prm (Garden Grove, Ca, Usa) on 11/20/2012

I have an active almost 13 year old Ragdoll cat who is in good health except for a growth between the pads on his back foot. He had a smaller one on his front paw last year that the vet removed. Because of his age (and my lack of funds, being a retired lady living on a fixed income) I declined to have it biopsed. The new growth is growing from between his pads, is pink and reminds me of a small grape. It has a thin black vein-like line running from the pad and up along the growth, ending in a tiny black dot closer to the center of it. I'm hoping that someone knows what this is, and if there is a natural remedy of some kind that might eliminate it without him having to have surgery again. Any suggestions?

Posted by Isabelle (Garden Grove, Ca) on 10/31/2012

hello! This is a question for Ted. Dear Ted please help me to heal my dog she had a biopsy: MICROSCOPIC FINDINGS: MYXOSARCOMA, WELL DIFFERENTIATED, LOW-GRADE. I rescued her in june from the pound and since then I am giving her turmeric, sea salt in the water one drop of lugol, vitamins b, a pinch of c ascorbic with a pinch of bicarbonate and probiotic. All her infections and inflamation in her ears are gone. Now we have to deal with the tumor that was mostly removed from her periannal area. I am not going to go allopatic.. The anestesia was already a lot on her system, now I need to repair. I am a retired nurse an I will follow your suggestions to the letter. Thank you in advance. In a few days I am going to reactivate my old pay pal acc to thank you. I am always very grateful for all your help. Take good care of yourself too!

Posted by Andrew (Warren, N.j., U.s.a.) on 09/08/2012

Hi All, what a wonderful site! Ive posted years ago for myself and my Akita/malamute, now 10. 5 yrs and we are both on Apple Cider Vinegar for life, now 5yrs. It cured my dogs uti in 2 days. Thank you so much.

My question is now my dog has a "mass" issue where the gum on the bottom front teeth is growing over the teeth. I have taken him to the U of Phili vet school and a 2 local oral vets. They all say it may not be cancerous but it appears to be a fast growing tumor, and should be cut out and down into the gum/jaw. It will continue to "invade" other teeth, and expand under the gum line. I have seen it getting larger, over the last 3 months, (3/4-1 inch exposed), now the gum, which isnt discolored or bothersome, will eventually make it hard for him to eat and just expand. They all want $2500.00 prices to remove the teeth in front and whatever else below gumline.

The dog is approaching 11 years old and Im totally maxed out on credit cards. I feed him blue buffallo, and he gets a capful of acv, and now tons of fish oil caps, (5) along with vitamins. Obvioulsy, I cant apply anything topically. He has hypothyroid and his beautiful luxerious white mane is 60% gone, w/rat tail. Im not concerned with that( esthetics), but more about the tumor growing in his mouth. The Drs. all threw some fancy jargon about what kind of tumor it might be, which I cant pronounce. I had a chest xray done to be sure nothing had spread to his lungs, (ok) so for now we are calling it non cancerous. Does anyone have a natural option? Herbal? I really have to weigh out the age of the dog, the money, which I would have to borrow, ( I cant even pay my irs bill this year!) of an otherwise healthy, very mobile, sweetheart of a dog.

thanks to Ted and the great folks at Earthclinic- I tell everyone about this site and its "angels",

best to all, Andrew

Posted by Wendy
Columbus, Oh/USA
You might try adding turmeric to your dog's food. When my dog had a cyst on the inside of her leg (due to her compromised immune system and having IMHA), the cyst grew to about the size of a 50-cent piece and was pretty ugly. I started adding turmeric to her food and in about 2 weeks the cyst was completely gone; no redness, nothing.

Take a look at this EC link for more info: http://www.earthclinic.com/pets/turmeric.html

Posted by Renee (Orlando/ft. Pierce, Florida) on 08/21/2012

My dog had a benign tumor removed a year ago from his upper gum line. A year later it returned. My 10 1/2 year old black lab does have other fatty tumors on him. He eats grain free, and some raw food. I am trying to make the tumor shrink. Surgery at this point it not an option, and I don't like radiation or chemo at all. So holistic is best. I have him on Sutherlandia OPC (South Africa plant) that shrinks tumor, but it takes a while, and Insitol 6, which is a high immune booster, both twice a day, liquid and capsule for the latter. Now I was told I should add in shark cartilage powder. People tell me it has shrunk their dogs tumor down. If you have any information or suggestions on this please let me know! Only two months into this. Can I use Castor Oil in my dogs mouth? I heard it helps too. Help! Thanks, Renee

Posted by Longshot (Niagara Falls, On, Canada) on 07/04/2012

My shitzu has an extremely large lump on her chest. I believe in one of her mammary glands.

I have been putting castor oil on it, and lately it has been bleeding a lot but I don't know if this is due to the castor oil and is normal or due to the tightness of the area and her scratching,

She has also lost a significant amount of weight.

I have several questions because it's breaking my heart but I really can't afford like $600 to get it removed right now. I just need something to help in the mean time.

My first question is am I putting the castor oil on right? I soak a cotton ball an apply it thickly all over the lump and cover it and then I unwrap it during the day so it can breathe and cover it again in the evening. What should happen while using it?

Second, how and what should I apply to it when I'm cleaning it so ensure it doesn't get infected? That's the last thing she needs. Right now I clean it with a warm wet cloth and put an antiseptic (cream form so it doesn't burn) on it and then castor oil around the rest of the lump an bandage it.. It's also in a really hard spot so if anyone has a better idea on how I cover it that would be great lol

Three, is there anything I can give her internally as well? Ive heard of essaic tea but Nothing else. How much would I give her of that? She's a typical sized shitzu

And lastly is there any special diet I can put her on to give her some weight back?

If anyone could please email me at alybeswick(at)hotmail. com with answers to ANY or all of my questions I'd really really appreciate it.

Posted by Sophia (Burbank, Ca) on 06/21/2012

My 12 year old Golden Lab has been experiencing short spurts of difficult breathing late at night. I took him to the vet, and he told me that there seems to be a mass that he could feel midway along the right side of his neck. It doesn't stand out, you have to press in on neck muscle in order to feel it. There seems to be another one along his hip as well (feels kind of fatty when I press in on his hip), but again, it doesn't stand out. He recommended $500.00 worth of x-rays for starters before taking a biopsy. I can already see where this is going, and am trying to find some holistic or home remedies that may make a difference in my dog's overall health. I would like to know more about the use of tumeric, casteroil compresses, and the Budwig Diet. If anyone out there has a success story or two they could share, it would be seriously, and most greatly appreciated. Thanks! Sophia

Posted by Joan (Cadiz, Spain) on 06/12/2012

There is some fantastic information on how to treat Tumours in dogs but is there anyone with any advice on Brain Tumours - Dogs. Fingers crossed.

Posted by Nh Gardener
Sanbornton, Nh, Usa
Joan from Cadiz, Spain re. Brain tumors in dogs--If it were my dog I'd give him/her food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) in dampened food, starting with 1 tsp. Once a day, increasing to 1 to 2 tsps. 2 X/day, depending on size. DE absorbs and eliminates toxins from body, so it may help. Check internet for sources. I'd give 1 tsp. gently melted coconut oil once a day, increasing to 2 X/day. And I'd give him the Budwig oil-protein mixture of flax oil/cottage cheese 2 X/day, following instructions on internet for mixing (it's twice as much quark or org. Lowfat cottage cheese as flax oil, emulsified together). I'd give the website, but I'm not sure we're allowed to do that on Earth Clinic. Good luck.

Posted by Joe (Perth, Australia) on 05/30/2012

My daughter's dog Abby, 9 years, has a tumor on her urinary tract... Comfirmed by ultrasound, she has trouble urinating, vet says she has not long as it is inoperable, any ideas? Regards, Joe

Posted by Joe
Perth, Australia
Abby cannot urinate now.... Have to say goodbye.... will miss you Abby...

Posted by Ashleyb (Laotto, Indiana) on 05/28/2012

My 18 year old cat has had a cyst/tumor growing externally on his paw for nearly two years. It has never bothered him, he does everything he needs to do and could care less that it's there. Suddenly yesterday it started to bleed and open up a bit. I've done the best I can to keep it clean with peroxide and neosporin. He still doesn't care that it's there, it doesn't hurt him.

This is a holiday weekend, and even if taking him to a vet at his age were a possibility, nothing is open. He gets so stressed out, I am afraid at his age it would do much more harm than good. Even his vet agrees that he has never seen a cat react the way that he does and fears a heart attack.

Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. Ways that I can keep it clean, or help it heal. And possibly what I can expect the cyst may do from here on out. Will it heal itself? Do cysts/tumors heal once they've ruptured?

Thank you!

Posted by Natasha (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/18/2012

Hello :) I am desperate for some help, please. My little dog Maltese x shih tzu (miniature) has a tumor in his adrenal gland which has spread to a nearby blood vessel. It is 3x5cm and inoperable :( we don't know how long he has left but I really would like to try anything and everything to keep him as long as possible and of course out of pain. I have just started flax seed oil and cottage cheese, but he will not eat this. I have added honey but he still won't eat this. Can you please suggest how I can get him to eat this? How much should I be giving him a day? I also diluted apple cider vinegar in his water will this be bad combination with the flax oil and cottage cheese? Will this wipe out his meds??? Please please someone help me I am desperate for help he is everything to me.. Pls email me Natashabrolic(at)hotmail.com with information

Posted by Jenn (Brantford, Ontario) on 03/05/2012

My cat has some sort of tumor in his face/lip area. He had a red bubbly spot start protruding through the fur/skin & it was squishy if I pushed on it... I am assuming it's a blood filled tumor of some kind. I started using hydrogen peroxide & castor oil on him (externally) & the bubbly thing has receded & is almost completely flat again... But his lip is still hard :( I don't know what else to try to help him. I also started putting ACV in his water, not sure if that will even help any but I seen it was doing some good for others on here, so thought it couldn't hurt. Any other suggestions would be great.

Posted by Meredith
Phila, Pa
Have you heard of feline eosinophilic granuloma? It is frequently presented as lesions at the mouth. My cat has it and so far, he just has lip swelling. There is no cure, it comes and goes. Sometimes if he seems lethargic or sick from it, the vet gives him steroids, which I know isn't great long-term.

Posted by Wendy (Neuenhaus, Germany) on 02/15/2012

Hi, I am Wendy from Germany and need help!

Our 9 year old, 40 kg mongrel Floris has tumors next to his heart. Surgery is too dangerous. He has severe edema and diuretics will not help enough. We love Floris so much and are desperate for a solution to the tumors to disappear before his heart gives out! Please help! Warm greetings from Wendy.

Posted by Deborah
Chino Valley, Az
Hi Wendy, So sorry to hear about what is going on with Floris. My thoughts are with you both.

A product you may want to look into is called ES Clear by Pet Wellbeing. I don't work for them or benefit in any way from the sale of the product. However, a Pet Wellbeing product helped saved our pup's life from a cardiovascular-related issue. ES Clear is designed for cancer, but relates to tumor activity regardless of whether that activity is malignant or benign. You'll see the ingredients are quite similar to what is in the famed Essiac formula. Dose would be determined by pet's weight as explained on the product itself.

Also, apple pectin is a great way to clear harmful toxicity from a pet's body. It bonds with the toxin and helps the body remove it. You can get this in powder or capsules, but be sure to MIX THOROUGHLY with the pet's wet food for even distribution. Do not just sprinkle on top. 1/4 tsp or so for a dog around 25lbs is about right. Tumors near the heart sound to me as though environmental toxins could potentially be at play. This is so common these days for our pets (and for us as well), that clearing toxicity is only going to help his body function more easily. Pectin is an easy, inexpensive and safe way to help with gentle detoxing.

Last, if tumors are present you may want to consider pet enzymes. Enzymes taken between meals have been said to break down tumor material. There are some wonderful pet enzymes on the market. They can also be very helpful with fluid retention. Given with just a treat rather than a meal, they could possibly be very helpful. Dose would be determined by your pet's weight and by what is recommended on the box of the product you purchase.

Sending all good wishes your way, and no doubt you'll find some very helpful information on this site. Stay positive!

Posted by Wendy
Neuenhaus, Germany
Hello Deborah, Thank you very much for your comment. I feel a glimmer of hope! I will do everything possible and immediately order the products you mention. I hope not too much question but can you tell me more about the enzymes, I have no idea what I should ask for and where I can buy. Thanks again for your kind thoughts for us. Warm regards, Wendy
Posted by Deborah
Chino Valley, Az
Hi Wendy, So glad to hear you have some hope and that you are moving forward with some natural care for Floris.

As for digestive enzymes, I would read about these for dogs online as there is much good and clear information available. Both dog owners and veterinarians have much to say about the helpfulness of enzymes for today's pets.

As far as what/where to purchase, there are many good holistic sites online that may ship to you so I would see what's possible by researching it. You would be looking for canine digestive enzymes. There are many different products out there, so see what is available either locally if you can purchase from a holistic pet store or online. There are many good formulas available on the market and I'm sure most would be of help.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Posted by Wendy
Neuenhaus, Germany
Hi Deborah, Thank you very much, I will visit the sites and make a choice. I will certainly let you know how it goes. With warm greetings from Wendy and Floris.

Posted by Beka (Fort Collins, Co) on 02/05/2012

Hello, After reviewing your site there are a lot of great suggestions... Yesterday we learned that our lovely 11. 5year old border collie probably has a nasal tumor on the left side-that has cause blockage.... And she is have seizures. The docs have put her on a seizure medicine... Pb, and I am wondering what natural remedies people have for bleeding nasal tumors and seizures. Thank you!

Posted by Le Anna (Brisbane, Qld) on 12/30/2011

Hi, I have spent hours and hours read and researching the net to find help. My little dog has a large tumour in her stomach, not attached to the spleen, however it has surrounded the liver. Vet opened her up and closed her back up. I have started her on several things and stopped the vets med's. Today she had her first dose of coconut oil and actually went to the toilet, I was pleased. Can anyone give further suggestions please?

She is 13 years old and until recently she behaved as though she was still a puppy. She's a lovely little baby. Please help.

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