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Tumor and Cyst Remedies

Last Modified on May 23, 2015

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Castor Oil   9  0   

Posted by jes (alloway, nj) on 08/14/2007

[YEA]  i am not sure if i read this cure from this site or not but if i did i want to thank whoever it was that posted castor oil as a substance to shrink tumors in dogs. it really really worked! my vet told me that the lump on my dog's paw was a non-cancerous tumor and that it should be removed because there is not enough skin on the paw to stretch for the growth of the tumor. i decided to see if there was any way i could shrink it before i decided to put him under for surgery. and so i tried the castor oil twice a day for three days and and the tumor is gone, with the exception of just a little left over skin that stretched from the growth of the tumor, its completely gone!!!! i spent $2.59 on castor oil instead of $200 for surgery. plus i saved my 10 year old boxer from having to go under for surgery.

Replied by Julia
Butler, AL
Jess, from N.J. stated that she cured her dog with castor oil. It wasn't mentioned if the oil was applied or given internally twice a day. If given internally, how much should I give Dutches? She is a 12 yr old golden retriever.
Replied by Jess
Alloway, New Jersey
to answer the question for your dog dutches, i applied the castor oil topically. right on top of the tumor. i wouldn't suggest giving it internally to your dog since castor oil is a stimulant laxative. you might end up doing alot of cleaning up! i hope it works for dutches
Replied by Rebekah
Jax, Fl
[YEA]   This worked. I applied it several (3 ) times a day and thank God, it worked. I truly don't have words to express the gratitude I feel for this site. My Sadiebelle was miserable and had already went to the vet for this and endured a painful procedure that left me in tears. The thought of having to return for another procedure when I noticed it growing back was devasting for my husband and I. But then I checked this site and sure enough, earthclinic cured my girl. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)
Replied by Victoria
New Milford, Ct
Can you tell me if Sadiebelle's cyst had ruptured? How long did it take to clear up? My Boxer has a cyst that she just won't let heal, as she keeps licking it as soon as it seems to be almost dried up. Although it is never completely gone it does look like it has shrunk alot, once the stuff inside (mostly blood)oozes out.

I am not sure that I can use the castor oil on the cyst when it is still open and bleeding a bit, as the bottle says not to use on an open wound.

Replied by Ann
Asheville, Nc
My dog Molly has a spindle cell tumor on her paw. It is starting to bleed alittle. I have started using castor oil along with aloe vera and it seems to make it bleed more. I was wondering if it is ok to use castor oil along with aloe vera oil on the tumor and if it is suppose to make it bleed
Replied by Kathy
Brisbane, Qld Australia
I have used castor oil on every huge wound on horses and big ones on dogs with no ill effects (for over 12 years), I have done it ever since a old bushie told me to use it on a horse that opened his chest on a steel fence post and vet advised to put down, horse healed without a scar and full muscle movement. It keeps flys away, though on a dog that can lick his self we had to bandage at first then, he then had a ice cream container on his head for a day. I am about to use it on a squamous cell carcinoma on a horses nose to see the effect will keep you updated... Oh and my mother had it placed on her foot when she sliced the ball just about off when she was a child and she has not had any problems with it, it doesn't burn but it does heat up so don't rub in at all pouring over is best and if you can not cover it it is better as have heard of it blistering. But have used on back legs of unhandled horses and if it hurt to apply they would have kicked me for sure, I hose down first so they get used to the water movement then pouring castor oil is not even felt and after the 3 day they just let me pour it on. It seems to settle the nerve ending and stop the pain...
Replied by Harsh
Meerut India
Hello I have a 7 year old rottweieler who has a tumour in his right side of mouth. I tried everything about it but no effect. Actually plz suggest me how to use castor oil and turmeric powder in this case. Any help is appreciated Thank you
Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Use sea buckthorn oil in full dropper daily. You can scroll back on the recent pet section and find more info. Namaste, Om

Castor Oil and Aloe Vera   1  0   

Posted by Panchoe (Calcutta, W.b., India) on 10/11/2011

[YEA]  Oh Ted, Im Panchoe from Calcutta, India.

You are just great. My dog had a fatty lump a few days back, I found this article after googling. I just dunno how to thank or express my gratitude for this miraculous remedy for Dog lumps. I tried Castor oil with aloe vera topically on the affected part in my dogs body. After applying it for only 5 days the inflammation has gone down to 5%. I'm still applying the magic potion, expecting it to get vanished. THAAAAAANKS A LOT TED! May all the animals bless you for helping them out!


Castor Oil, Chaga   0  0   

Posted by Debbie (Manitoulin Island, Ontario) on 01/07/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have a 12 year old beagle with mammory cancer. The tumour was bigger than a baseball on her lower stomach. I have started putting castor oil on the tumour after applying very warm water to it, 3 times a day. I have also been feeding her a homemade liquid drink called Chaga. Chaga is a tumor on a birch tree. It is cut off the tree with a knife and is black. I boil a piece of Chaga in boiling water, until the water darkens. I store the boiled liquid in a bottle in the fridge, and give her about 3 ounces a day. Can also break up some doggy treats to put in it with a little tumeric spice. She loves it. I believe this restored her health considerably. She was very sick, and now has lots of energy. The tumour is shrinking slowly, however her health in general is back to normal. How ironic, "Tumor growths on the longest living thing on earth could be the answer, and right in your backyard". Won't stop looking for answers until it is gone, and certainly can't afford those outrageous vet bills. Also feed her salmon to give her the Omega 3 required. She really thinks that is a real treat.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Debbie!

THANK YOU for sharing about Chaga!

It looks like a very helpful fungus!!

Please keep us posted on your Beagle's progress!

Replied by Turbo
Austin, Tx Usa
Chaga is actually in the Funghi family, medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries in Asian, Japanese cultures to enhance the immune system. They have also been known for their cancer fighting benefits. My 12 year old Lab has nasal cancer, I am using medicinal mushrooms (including Chaga) and herbs to try and treat him. Check out Paul Stamets/Mycologist. It has only been a coupleof weeks but I am hopeful from reports from some others. Best wishes for all in the healing of our sweet best friends.

Cayenne Pepper and Salt   1  0   

Posted by Vince (Philadelphia) on 02/05/2007

[YEA]  Don't think I told you that Diablo had had a growth on his lower back, near his hips that Looked BAD. It was like cauliflower on a stalk. It was small but looked dangerous. I put some moistened cayenne and salt on it. It didn't bother him at first, but later I saw him lick it. A few days later it was Gone, never to return. I don't know if he bit it off, or it shrunk and shriveled. You have to try things, and figure the best way to use it.

Coconut Oil   1  0   

Posted by Helen (Christchurch, New Zealand.) on 07/01/2012

[YEA]  Thankyou so much for this site. I found out about coconut oil on this site but have some suggestions based on my experience of it. I am using it for my old golden retriever to help extend his life as he is in heart failure(also on diuretics and Vetmedin). The coconut oil makes him more energetic, and I believe helps his old joints but the most noticable effect is it makes his "old dog lumps" resolve, even ones he has had for years. He is lump free at the age of 16. I tried the extra virging cold pressed coconut oil but it didn't help my own rheumatism and seemed to help my dog less too. I have also noticed my nasal polyps have suddenly gone. When I stop the coconut oil my retriever grows new lumps but they are gone within two weeks of starting the coconut oil again. I am also using coconut oil to prevent seizures for my red boarder collie/ blue healer cross. In his first year of life he has had at least four grand-mal seizures, which honey rubbed on his gums brings him out of. Hopefully the coconut oil will keep him seizure free. Coconut oil is amazing.

Replied by Marie
Question for the coconut oil. You give the dog coconut oil to eat? and how much? or how often?
Replied by Vcn
Mesa, Usa
Yes, coconut oil is excellent for dog's health. I use it to cook my dog's meal. A popular Holistic vet near us recommends not to use olive oil for dogs b/c it disrupts their digestive system.
Replied by Cj
Gr Mi
My furry boy was just diagnosed with a tumor Friday. It is pressing down on his brain stem. They think it is a Choroid plexus tumor. I have been reading for some kind of help for him and right now am drained. He just turned 9. He is 42 pound dachshund/cocker rescue baby. They put him on Steroids to see if that will help shrink around the tumor. I have been reading things today that say it will actually shrink the tumor. He has had four doses of the Steroid meds and was doing better yesterday. He stayed awake all day and into the late night. Today he is making noises as though he is uncomfortable but yet he likes to go out and walk and is wagging his tail and licking me as he has done. Coconut oil is mentioned, I've read and heard hydrogen peroxide will help. I am now so confused and I feel as though time is not on my side. Can anyone help me with what I can do for him please? Doses etc? As with the peroxide. I don't know how much to give him. Please help? Thank you, CJ
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey CJ!

Start by reading up on the Earth Clinic brain tumor page:

Given the weight of your dog the nutritional doses in the formulas on the tumor page could reasonably be halved.

The linking to topics is goofy - but this is posted on the real time page for you also:

12/09/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "The best person to know how to help your dog is Skip Lenz, a pharmacist and PhD. He knows the most about low dose naltrexone for pets and how to compound it properly. He will work with your vet to find the best path to follow. He ships all over the world. You can call and talk to him yourself. He is very devoted to helping animals. Best wishes.

Replied by Lily
Mississippi, US
How to you administer naltrexone to the dogs? Do you rub it on the spots or give it to them orally? if so, how do you get them to eat it?
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Lily!

I have no first hand experience with naltrexone but I did some research for you.

If you have it in liquid form, you can add water and draw it up in a syringe and drip that into your dog's mouth. If you have a tablet then hide it in some cream cheese or other soft food.

I hope this helps!

Replied by Nayibe
Raleigh, N.c.
Hi Theresa: You already helped me with Bailey allergies. She is doing great. I took her to the vet. today and in spite she found her better. She did a cytology on two tumors that she has on her mammary glands. Of course I don't know the results yet. But I have been reading all the posts about tumor and cysts home remedies on this page. What is your advice at this point. The only thing she told me was to change her food. 75% vegetables and 25% protein only mackerel, mixed with turmeric and cayenne pepper just a little bit. Can I start the castor oil ? I will keep you informed. Thank you again.
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Nayibe!

Fingers crossed for the results of the cytology!

If this were my dog I would brew up Essiac tea and use it as a fluid to soak the kibble. And while castor oil can be taken internally - USP and BP grades can be taken internally, but have a laxative effect - you might have an easier time of it doing an oil pack; you wrap the area with the castor oil pack and let it sit for around an hour and then remove: the pack can be reused a few times. You should seek out high quality castor oil if possible as the regular drug store stuff doesn't pack the same punch.

I can see you doing the oil pack on your girl's belly, and giving her a nice chewy to distract her for a while. She gets the benefit of the castor oil pack and cleans her teeth to boot.

Can your girl have beef? I like to feed beef ribs or beef neck bones; I pop them in a 350 over for half an hour or so, just to the meat on the outside is browned and tasty but the bone is still very much raw on the inside. Feed the bone only when she is in the wrap, so the wrap = good stuff, and then take it away after the hour is up so she doesn't gnaw off more calcium than she can comfortably process ;-)

Replied by Nayibe Guarin
Raleigh, N.c.
Hi Theresa: No results yet about Bailey. I will start the castor oil packs and also the food. Thank you again and I will let you know about her results.
Replied by Nayibe
Raleigh, NC
Good morning Theresa. I replied to you yesterday in another conversation. I don't know if you already received it. I told you that vet called me yesterday with bad news. She said that the tumors are malignant. I am devastated and confused. I already started with the castor oil, turmeric and I bought the essiac tea. I don't know what to do. What is the best for her at this moment. The vet wants to remove the tumors. I told her I will call her back. I don't even ask how much it will cost me. I can't afford it. Is the removal necessary? Please help me to do the right thing for Bailey. Thank you thank you. God Bless.
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Nayibe!

I got the bad news and did reply. The best way to find my replies is to go to the PETS tab and then select "Latest Pet Posts". This brings you all the recent conversations and just scroll down -you may need to go to the next page via the bottom tab, but all the latest posts should show if you visit the 'Latest Pet Posts'.

I copied and pasted my reply from earlier today - take a peek, in particular read the link about Bernie, and then check back please. I will have more on Thursday.

Here is the reply from earlier today:

Re: Cat With Fibrosarcoma From Vaccine

Wed, 01 Apr 15 11:18:53 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 04/01/2015

Hey Nayibe!

I am sorry to hear the biopsies revealed cancer :-(

You and Bailey have been together for quite some time; now is the time to really turn inward and turn the inner ears on. I say that because IF Bailey is going to leave you soon, it is important to know that her leaving is part of the plan, part of Bailey's solution to a problem that you may not be able to articulate, and the natural progression of her soul path. So in your natural attempt to keep her with you, please listen - and give permission for her to leave when the time does come, as all of us must do one day.

Now, a plan of action:

Essiac Tea - Om has much info on this tea, there is the original and then the knock offs, so get the original and brew it and add to her food 3x day or so.

Chaga - steep it and add to food as you do the Essiac. Read up on Chaga:

Read up on EC how Chaga helped a Beagle with mammary cancer [scroll down]:

Castor Oil pack/wrap - you have the info on this already, this seems very promising IMHO.

One thing to also consider - this thinking outside the box - is putting mind over matter and the laying on of hands. Consider EFT:

Consider Tellington Ttouch: [scroll down and read about Bernie's tumors please - *many* good ideas]

And it never hurts to hold and hug and say a prayer and ask for healing.

{{{{{{{{{{{Nayibe & Bailey}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Replied by Nayibe Guarin
Raleigh, NC
Hi Theresa. I read your response this morning and I went and bought the essiac tea. I am preparing it. I also have done the castor oil packs. I couldn't find chaga , but I need to go to another store tomorrow. What is your opinion on the surgery. I don't understand the fact that bailey is fine , she is happy, eating good. running happy as never before. Could this be happenning to her? Thank you for all you do,
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Nayibe!

I have typed out lengthy responses on how I have both done the surgery and in other cases chosen against the surgery and they end up being 6 pages long. So the short version:

If Bailey were my girl, I would not do the surgery; the reality is that chances are great that the mammary tumors will not grow faster than she ages, meaning something else will likely be the cause of her eventual demise rather than the mammary cancer.

She is feeling good right now, so why screw that up by making her recover from surgery and anesthesia? The anesthesia, particularly at this age, is a huge hit to her immune system which in turn allows for other conditions such as yeast to get way out of control.

I would monitor the lumps; if they quadruple in size in the next 6 months I would revisit the idea of surgery, but for now with the Essiac and castor oil packs know that you ARE doing something and these are huge in terms of fighting any cancer and boosting her immune system to fight should this become a battle.

Do visit the Tellington Ttouch link on Bernie and about the cancer fighting supplements they used - you might get some ideas there too.

Keep us posted on Bailey please!

Replied by Nayibe
Raleigh, N.c.
Good morning Theresa. Some updates about Bailey. The vet took a chest x-ray yesterday and the good news is that it doesn't have spread. She said that she will consult with a pet oncologist to see what is Bailey's prognosis. she insisted in removing those cysts to avoid spreading . I also read your opinion about it. I am very confused at this moment I don't know what is the best for her. Remove or not remove them. She gave her Free and Easy Wanderer and Mammary PMG. I am also giving her the essiac tea, and the CC with flax seed oil and putting castor oil with turmeric on her tumors. The are real small. I know I need patience. Please Theresa help me to make a decision . Thank you again.

Hi Theresa . I forgot to mention that the vet said that she would use local anesthesia. Does it make any difference on Baileys skin reaction to it?. Thank you

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Nayibe!

From what has been prescribed, it sounds like you have a smart and savvy vet. Given that, and that she feels strongly on her approach to treatment, I would choose to follow her advice.

The tumors are hard and tiny and have not spread, and your vet can do local anesthesia [as opposed to general, where they are completely knocked out], and Bailey is in otherwise good shape, I think it would be reasonable to remove the tumors. The thinking for NOT removing them is that it could well be the tumors never pose a problem during the rest of Bailey's life - it could well be that Bailey passes of old age and not due to any complication from mammary cancer. But you have a competent vet who is savvy and who uses both western and alternative approaches to healing, I would not have a problem following your vet's advice in removing these small tumors.

About my concerns over anesthesia. The main thing I do not like about the *general* anesthesia is that it takes a while for the body to filter it out, and I have noticed changes in my animals when they have been knocked out - their hair coat turns dull, they got flaky and dry skin; the Free and Easy Wanderer is liver support so this is just what the doctor ordered [literally! ]. The other thing about knocking them out completely is that the skeleton relaxes to the point where joints will subluxate, so your dog gets knocked out with the bones in the right places, but can wake up with bones all out of wack and in need of a chiropractic adjustment. With the local anesthesia there is less of a tendency for Bailey waking out of it with bones all out of wack; her body will still need to filter out the anesthesia drug, but she will be on liver support and that makes me feel so much better about it :-).

Replied by Nayibe
Raleigh, N.c.
Thank you, Theresa. I will keep you updated on Bailey's health. God Bless you.

Colloidal Silver   1  0   

Posted by Jen (Santa Ana, Ca) on 08/20/2011


Replied by Emmy
Bloomington, In
Is it safe to give a dog a shot into a tumor? I have never done this before.
Replied by Krysty
St. Robert, MO
Do you make the CS yourself? I have a CS generator, electric, & I pour the CS into my dog 's water bowl.

Essiac Tea   2  0   

Posted by Dennis (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 01/24/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi Ted, I have a couple of questions. I follow Dr. Christopher's herbal remedies. I have a cat with an abdominal mass, I have been giving her Essiac Tea but she started having diarrhea. What other cures do you recommend?

Posted by Kathy (Orlinda, Tn, US) on 11/24/2009

Confused about Essiac tea for tumors in cats.

My cat 19-year old has a tumor on his back leg that is increasing in size pretty quickly. The vet is pretty sure it's cancer. I've been reading posts here and elsewhere about Essiac tea, but I have some questions/concerns:

1. Some say that alcohol is toxic to cats, and it seems that the Essiac concentrate has alcohol in it. I've seen that some say to boil the concentrate in water to remove the alcohol, but I'm not sure how much of each to use. Is it necessary to let this mixture sit for a while and how long is the mixture good? Can someone explain this process?

2. I see that Essiac comes in capsules. Is it OK to open those & put the powder in the cat's food? If so, how much?

3. I've also read that rhubarb is toxic to cats. Is this the same rhubarb that's in Essiac? (I know Essiac contains "turkey rhubarb."

I guess I've read so much that I'm kind of confused. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Jane (Salem, Mass) on 08/26/2009

9 year old boxer with history of tumors one was cancerous but removed with sucess. Currently he has many fatty non cancerous tumors, however one has grown quickly to the size of a golf ball on his front, right leg...very concerned... please help with any suggestions on the best way to use Essiac Tea and any other suggestions or remedies.

Thank you,

Posted by Carla (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 02/11/2009

[YEA]  11 year old female cat diagnosed with hemangioscarcoma on 12/3/08. Tumor was on her spleen and was the size of a clemantine. Because of tumor size,the vet gave her 1 to 3 months to live. He removed both tumor and spleen, ultrasound showed no mass anywhere else and lungs were clear but gave no hope. Couldn't find much info on feline cancer/natural cures other than this site. They only do studies on dogs and cats respond differently. I made my own plan of treatment and she is thriving as of 2/11/09. She plays with her toys and runs around after my other cats daily, hasn't done this for years! Coat is the most beautiful I have seen it.

Immediately got her on Essiac Tea (Esiack Caps 450mg by Now Foods) 1-450mg cap in morning 1 hour before her breakfast and 1-450 cap 1 hour before her dinner. It is important to take on an empty stomach, 1 hour before meals or 2-3 hours after eating. I mix 1 cap in 1 ml of water in a small glass that I allow to sit for hours (while at work and again over night). To administer, I suck the Esiak Tea back in the plastic syringe. I kneel and sit on my feet, trapping her between my knees with my ankles crossed so she can't back out. I pull her chin up slightly and squeeze it into the side of her mouth between teeth and cheek. I also have her on 1/5 cap (at both feedings) of maitake mushroom (NewChapter Organics veg cap- 1000mg?) to build immunity. She takes Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula (4Life) which is only natural transfer factor from cow colostrum and egg yolk (think mother's first milk) also a powerful immune booster. This is not lactose free but 4Life makes one that is for cats with inflammatory bowel. A 300mg cap Tri-Factor administered 1 cap per day first week, 2 caps per day 2nd week and 3 caps per day week 3. Stop at 3 caps daily. This will pass the blood/brain barrier important for brain cancers. All above are human grade elements that will do no harm. All (except Esiak) are mixed in with her food. Vet prescribed a pet vitamin in liquid form-Pet-Tabs Iron-plus due to her severe anemia, 1 ml daily for 21 days after surgery which I also mixed in her food and stll give her half dose of till the bottle will be done. Very important* took her off all grains and cheap grocery store brand foods. I feed Pet Guard brand (health food store). She can't tolerate chicken so she eats only the Premium Choice beef at the moment. I credit Essiac Tea, Transfer Factor and my begging prayers to God daily as to why she is still with me.

Replied by Jessica
Lodi, Ca
Carla, I was wondering how you cat is doing on your redgime of nutrients? My 8 yr. old cat Frankie was diagnosed two days ago with with the vet told me to be cancer of his stomach after I found a lump on him hind right leg. My cat has progressily lost weight over the past most at a rapid pase and I am very concerned. The vet informed me that the cancer was too far along to operate on him and I refuse to put him down. Was wondering what natural ways there could be to help while I seek a second opinion. Thanks.

Posted by janet worcester (Inkster, Michigan) on 04/27/2008

I cooked 2 Tablespoons of isaac tea with tablespoon Brer Rabbit Molasses put in a empty yogurt cup for my dog. I am hoping to cure two lumps in my dog.

Posted by Gayle (Tulsa, OK) on 12/31/2006

[YEA]  Over 3 years ago, our cat, Flora, developed a mass (tumour) in her abdomen and lost a significant amount of weight. She was about 12 years old at the time. I started giving her a dropper of concentrated essiac tea once a day and mixing about 1/2 teaspoon of the powdered herbs in her food. The tumor went away and she put weight back on. She is now 15 years old and doesn't look or act like a 15 year old cat. I've continued to give her the dropper of concentrate at least once a week up to every other day. I've also given the powdered essiac herbs to our dog for allergy eye drainage that would easily get infected. Since we started the dog on this, her allergy eye problem has been gone for over a year now. Again, about 1/2 tsp once a day.

Replied by Ginger
Columbus, Ohio
Friday, 9/7/2007. I Have a "Question" and an "EMERGENCY NEED" to contact "Gayle"... (ESSIAC TEA 12/31/2006: Gayle from Tulsa, OK)! Can you "PLEASE" contact her for me and give her my email add.? I have a 14 year old CAT (Patches) in critical condition. Her Vet can not operate, and expects me back "SOON"... to "put her to sleep". They don't call it, what it really is! (Taking Her Life!) I "Must Know" QUICKLY: Which version of ESSIAC TEA, she used for her CAT. "4 Herb" or "8 Herb" and specifically, "WHICH HERBS" are in it! One Version has "RED CLOVER" in it, which can be "FATAL" to "CATS"! Patches is just to precious... to just give up on, and not even try to save her. And I fully believe: She can be saved by the ESSIAC TEA and other natural means - if I can just get it in her "A.S.A.P."!!! PLEASE HELP ME - SAVE MY PATCHES! I, NEED HER!!!
Replied by Jay
Cumberland, New Jersey
Gayle i have a question about the essiac tea you used on your pet for abdominal tumors. i also wanted find out more about the condition your pet was in before you started the treatment and for how long she was in this state before you started treatment. my dog has been having the exact problem your pet seemed to have and its been for 9 months. i am hoping it wont be too late to help him. i have only been giving him blackstrap molasses to try to help. please contact me as soon as you can! i appreciate it! gecik/at/

EC: Sorry, we wish we had Gayle's email address to contact her -- she never sent it!

Replied by Catherine
Brackettville, Texas
I have both a cat and a dog with tumors. I was reading the posts to try and find help for them. I came across the posts on Essiac and the request for info on where to find Essiac without red clover. Here's what I found I will be ordering some and let you know the results.

EC: Catherine, just out of curiosity, what brand of dog and cat food are you feeding your pets?

Replied by Gayle
Tulsa, OK
In answer to Ginger and Jay, I use the 4-Herb capsules and 4-Herb Liquid Concentrate from Herbal Healer -

I'm so sorry that I did not see your posts until this late date and did not provide an e-mail address for you to contact me. I hope that you found help elsewhere before this.

Replied by Carrie
Las Vegas, Nv
Hi Gayle from Tulsa. I am going to try this route. My 10 1/2 year old Annie has a huge mass in her stomach. Blood tests normal, xrays show large mass. Her behavior is fine, she has lost weight, and throws up her food and goes to the bathroom number 2 on my bathroom floor. Peas in her litter box. I want to help her but will not give the vets any more money especially 500 for an ultrasound. They tell me that I have a long road ahead even if i find out what it is exactly. I want to save my beautiful Annie. What food are you feeding the cat? I currently feed her kd and a natural frozen food from whole foods. How often should I give her the tea and for how long? Should I order a lot? Please get back to me ASAP, so i can help my little one. She is in no pain either. Thanks so much.
Replied by Heidi
Manila, Philippines
Hi Gayle, I'm from the Philippines.. I was wondering how to get the essiac tea and powdered herbs? My cat has a tumor and she's now 12 yrs old. I went to and I dont know what powdered herbs to buy.. I'm looking for the 4-herb capsules and 4-herb liquid concentrate but I can't find it. I hope you could help me.. Thanks! You can email me at heidz_qb(at)yahoo(dot)com... thanks! I'm hoping for your immediate response soon.
Replied by Heidi
Manila, Philippines
Hi, I've found the products but I'm not sure if they deliver to our country. Do you know any alternative sites that sell those kind of medicines? Please help, thanks!
Replied by Mapleleaf65
Vancouver Bc, Britush Columbia Canada
I suggest you can ask someone from Singapore to send you the meds-
Replied by Vickie
Lansing, Mi/usa
I just ordered the Essiac concentrate & the herbal pills from Herbal Academy for my cat who has a large growing mass alongside his neck. I have tried many other things, nothing has helped. The castor oil thing is too hard to try in this area. I tried for a few days. He is an uncontrollable psycho to do things too, even just pills, sometimes. Hope this can be of help to someone. The liquid concentrate is a huge bottle & I ordered the smallest one, maybe not so huge if treating a dog, tho.
Replied by Christine
Wallasey, Merseyside England
My 12 year old cat Molly has a tumor up her nose and is losing her sight. I have read about Essiac Tea. As I live in England I don't know where to purchase this. I am really desperate to try Essiac Tea, could you please help if you have any information about it and where I can purchase it from. My email address is - chris6666(at) I would be very grateful for your help. The vet says it might not be possible to operate to remove the tumor as it is uo her nose and if it get any larger I would have to put her to sleep. I really do not want it to come to this as she is so precious to me.
Replied by Lindy
Mill Park, Victoria, Australia
Hi Christine, I have sent you an email about where to get Essiac but wanted to post on this site as well. The website that Catherine from Brackettville, Texas mentions above is the correct ORIGINAL Essiac site as there is only ONE company that makes the Essiac as per nurse Rene Caisse's formula. I purchase mine from one of their distributors - All Things Healthy in NZ. They are great to deal with and reasonable on price.

My cat Ally is a 16 yr old Blue Burmese. She has a tumour in her mouth, at first it was under her chin but now has one under her jaw in her neck. The vet said it is in her soft tissue and not operable. I started her on essiac in August and the lump under her chin has disappeared but the other one hasn't yet. She had previously had 4 teeth removed which I think started the cancer feeding. I am now rubbing castor oil on it twice a day but only began this a few days ago. My problem now is that she is having trouble eating, I don't know if the tumour is getting bigger on the inside and causing her problems as she can't keep her tongue in now, it pokes out a little all the time. She had a little blood in her food and I wiped it from her mouth last night when she tried to eat but I cannot see any cause when I look in her mouth. The blood appeared from the side the tumour is on. Could the castor oil be causing this?

Does anyone have any suggestions to get her to eat so she isn't in discomfort. She can still drink fine. Any help appreciated, she is very precious to me. My email if anyone wants to reply directly is : allycat5(at) otherwise a post on here is fine.

Replied by Krystal
Southwick, US
Where did you get the essiac concentrate?

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Posted by Kerri (Oregon, Ohio) on 07/23/2012

Hello All: I learned Saturday that my 10 yr old mix (Golden Retriever/Border Collie) has an enlarged liver, masses/nodules on the liver & (1) 2 1/2 cm on on her spleen. Her liver panel came back okay. The vet said an area of her liver is holey/or looks like swiss cheese. The history is, she had a large sarcoma removed from her back leg in Oct 2011 & has done well up until this point. She has very little appetite, weak limbs, panting. But she has good days & bad days.

My challenge is during this past year, my vet is very against anything holistic, "natural remedies", organic, etc.. I had ordered C-Caps from Pet Remedies & my vet said not to give them to her, but I did anyway & within a few months what seemed to be masses were virtually gone & saved her from another surgery. I do have milk thistle/dandelion drops for her now. She is currently on meds from the vet & l/d soft food for a special liver diet.

These website note "to talk to your vet before giving them anything". What do you do when your vet has a history of saying no to anything but what they recommend?? I am at a loss. Chloe has an appt for a biopsy & bile acid test on Wednesday. I am trying to do a bit of research to be prepared. I have also not found a holistic vet in the Toledo, Ohio or surrounding area. Thank you all for reading. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. God Bless you all.... Thank you. Kerri (Oregon, Ohio)

Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh/usa
I searched for holistic vets in Ohio, and found this list (not sure if any of these are in your area):

Use the advanced search option to search for vets in Ohio. Once you get the list, you could call some of them and see if they know of any in your area.

I also contacted my own holistic vet here in Columbus, Ohio. While they do not know of any vets right now in Toledo, they let me post their website for you. They also said that you could call them. Here is their site:

Good luck!

Posted by Cwwright (Stonington, Ct, Usa) on 10/20/2011

My 11 year old cocker poo has a rock hard fatty tumor on her chest, under her pectoral muscles and pressing on her shoulder joint. Vet says to wait because surgery in that particular location is terribly difficult. She's a therapy dog and so special to me and others and I hate to see her in this much pain. I ordered a lot of the items suggested here, such as essiac tea concentrate, shark cartilage, alkalinity drops, castor oil etc but I can't figure out how you are applying the castor oil. Are you shaving the location first or just pasting this mess onto their fur? How do you bandage this location over the fur? Do you then give them a bath everyday to keep the rugs, furniture clean? Will the castor oil be able to reach this tumor, under her pectoral muscle? Thanks for any help provided.

Replied by Linda
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I too would like to know if castor oil is only applied to growths, both fatty, and cancerous, which are on the OUTSIDE of the skin, or at least partially exposed, so they can safely leak outside of the body.

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Posted by Julieboolie (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States) on 03/26/2013

My sweet 9 year old Vizsla dog was just diagnosed with an aggressive glial cell brain tumor located in his occipital lobe. He had 5 siezures last wednesday 3/20 and after recovering from those he had an MRI and a spinal tap to determine what was going on. It is not surgically treatable and we can't afford radiation and really don't want to put him though it. We want to find something that will shrink his tumor holistically. He is really strong, and healthy otherwise. I have read about many treatments such as the Budwig diet, frankinsence, DMSO with aloe vera, essiac tea.... He is taking an anti siezure medication and steroids. The neurologist gave him 3 to 6 months to live and we are trying to be as hopeful as we can. I give him reiki about an hour per day and he also gets tong ren. I am looking to change his diet and do anything else that will help! Do you or does anyone have any suggestions? It is scary and any help, insight or suggestions would be amazing! Thank you!!!!

Replied by Namiko
Oak Bluffs, Ma
Google food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy. I use it and it works, it's easy, it's cheap and it's worth a try. There is tons of info about it on-line, good for both humans and animals. Good luck.

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