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Tumor and Cyst Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 30, 2016

Turmeric and Castor Oil  

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Posted by Sunsierrae (Erlanger, Ky) on 05/30/2015
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My dog had a blood red tumor on her torso and I treated it once a day with a teaspoon of tumeric in one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses. Then I rubbed cold pressed castor oil on it and let it soak in for five minutes. The tumor looks like it is drying up but the dried looking part looks black. It is almost gone and I did have it checked to make sure it was cancer free by a vet. Is this discoloration normal?

Replied by Jacqie
Goldendale, Wa

I have been watching in dismay as my 1 year old Border Retriever lump under her jaw has been steadily growing. It does not bother her at all even when I gently squeeze it. It has recently gotten harder. It's right in the area where her jaw meets her neck. The lump is now growing very fast and is slightly bigger than a golf ball now. I've been using essential oils of Frankincense and Sandalwood. I don't like how strong the scents are, however, for her nose.

I came across earthclinic site this evening and am going to try the castor oil on the lump and turmeric in her food. I'm assuming that you shave the area first? Not sure how to apply a pac. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I should add? Thank you to all of you who have shared.


Replied by Tygerswife
Richmond, Texas
I need some quick advice; I have a seven year old Brindle Boxer whom I adore; his name is Tucson. This week, he developed a golf-ball sized tumor on his right rear lower leg. He has other bumps all over his body too, but we thought he had been bit by something (snake? Bug? Spider? Fireants?) But the vet told us it is a tumor.

On your website I see that castor oil has been used in conjunction with other things to reduce or get rid of tumors with some success. The vet put him on steroids and antibiotics, but after the series and the medication is gone, I plan on trying to treat him with castor oil and turmeric. I will let y'all know how it turns out. I have also added prayer to the mix. It would literally DESTROY me to lose my baby; we have been through SO much together!

Thank you for this site and I am praying the cure will work.

Can you use the tumeric they have on the shelves in the store by the spices?

Thanks again!

Posted by Kathy Thomas (Henderson, Texas) on 11/15/2014

I am reading these posts about caster oil and tumeric for tumors in dogs. I am considering treating my dog, but one of the MANY tumors is quite large on her right shoulder. The size of my hand... Like I am holding a grapefruit. I am concerned about caring for something like that if it ruptures...

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Kathy, research on ESSIAC four herb with all roots from ESSIAC WEST online. It will remove those tumours and cleanse the system. I am using it for myself for detox. It could be your dog will be like new.

If a tumour does rupture, put loads of turmeric into the opening. Do not add pepper to turmeric - it is nonsense.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Bonnie
Madison, Nj
Our 14 year old Aussie has many lumps all over her body, but underneath a fantastically thick coat of fur.

She has recently started growing a very small growth on her upper eyelid.

Having read the various posts on Castor oil, tumeric, etc. I was wondering if anyone has had an aussie or very furry dog and used the castor oil/tumeric and if so, how. I do not want to shave her as the growths are all under neath. But I am also concerned with the very small one on her eye lid. Please advise. Thanks

Posted by May10777 (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) on 05/24/2014

I searched for help for my 9 year old mixed breed dog who weights over 80 lbs, with 2 fatty tumors. The vet wants to remove them but I wish to try something else first. He is not in any pain and if removed I understand they often come back. I read a lot of positive reports on Turmeric and Castor Oil. I started him on 1 teaspoon of Turmeric twice daily only yesterday. The only way I have been able to get him to eat it is in a little raw hamburger meat. The stores here are out of Castor Oil so will start that as soon as I can get some.

I hope it works. I will try to update but I don't expect it to be overnight. Thank you Earth Clinic.

Posted by Glsmith14 (Mobile, Al) on 09/24/2013

Turmeric: I have a 13 yr old lab mix that has some fatty tumors as well as something on her right flank and possibly the right one. I took her to a holistic vet for acupuncture as it helped a dog that we had years ago. She said that it could be a tumor but without X-rays she wouldn't know for sure. Maggie has had two bloat surgeries within the last 3 years and I don't wont to take the risk of putting her to sleep again. She is not limping and is still very active and eating well. I have decided to try the turmeric as well as the castor oil. I mixed the turmeric 1/2 tsp, with about a tablespoon of local honey and she licked it right down. I am not sure what to do with the castor oil. Do I make a poultice for her hip or does she ingest it? The vet ran blood work and everything looked pretty good except for her creatinine was a point over normal. The visit was close to 400$ and as with most of the folks here have other pets and limited income. So I am going to give this a try and will keep you posted. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. She eats taste of the wild salmon along with pork meat that I cook, about 2-1/2-3 cups daily. I have her blood test that I can send if it would help with suggestions. Thank you glsmith14

Replied by Rottiemom65
Ontario, Canada
The Tumeric you can put right into her food, I wouldn't suggest giving her honey everyday because of the sugar in it. I also used coconut oil in her food as well. The castor oil & tumeric I mixed together to make a paste then I soaked a piece of flannel in it, large enough to cover the tumor, then wrapped over the flannel with some gauze and self adhesive bandage. You have to diligent and do it twice a day. If the tumor is in aspot you can't wrap then apply the paste and leave it, but as soon as you notice the paste has worn off or the dogs has licked it off then apply it again. It doesn't work over night, it took us 2months of applying it and feeding her the tumeric and coconut oil, but now she is tumor free. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.
Replied by Rottiemom65
Ontario, Canada
I just noticed you said you feed her cooked pork? Please stay away from pork, and RAW meat is best, if you can afford it then try to feed her just raw meat, with cooked veggies, also a bit of oatmeal or rice with it. I have always noticed an extrmeme difference when feeding my dogs RAW
Replied by Sally
How do we keep a ruptured tumour clean after using turmeric and castor oil please? What's the best antibiotics naturally and what will help the open tumour heal up? xx
Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Sally (London) ---

Turmeric is a natural antibiotic. On its own it will keep the wound clean and heal it. When the wound is dry, use coconut oil which will naturally remove the scabbing without scar tissue.

Namaste, Om

Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Black Pepper  

Posted by Lissa (Uk) on 01/06/2016

Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me please.

My 13 year old Newfoundland cross Dalmation has a very large lump on her front leg. I have been giving her Turmeric/coconut oil/black pepper for last year for her Arthritis but when she was at vets a few months back for suspected stroke/vestibular they took some cells to see what the lump was but it came back unsure. So just before Christmas they took some more and it came back with 'moderate Mesenchymal cells', 'moderate Cytoplasm', 'minimal Pleomorphism', Haemangiotericytoma considered'. Spoke to vet last night and she said it was a carpal tumor and due to her age and her possible stroke she wouldn't be able to operate to remove. She went on to say they need her in for an x ray to see if it has spread to her bone and if it continues to grow (which it is) and splits open there is nothing more that could be done.

I am going out of my mind with worry and just want to help her the best I can and reduce the lump or better still eliminate it. She has the turmeric mix once a day (two heaped teaspoons turmeric, four coconut oil, 12 grinds of black pepper). Should I increase the amount or apply it topically? I was worried about applying it topically due to it possibly spitting open after vets said if it opens or abcess then that's it for her. Please please can someone help me?

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hello Lissa,

Contributors cite Essiac tea and sea buckthorn oil as helpful in treating cancer in all stages.

Turmeric, Molasses  

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Posted by Betty (Texas, US) on 01/02/2015

How do I administer the turmeric/molasses to my dog for tumor, as suggested in your article?

Posted by Donna (New York, US) on 11/09/2014

Hi my shepherd mix had a fatty tumor on her front leg. It grew quite large and then the skin started to split. I took her to the Vet and he said it would take 3 surgeries and about $2600 to remove but suggested I go home and research some remedies to get it to shrink. I found this site and began applying a turmeric paste to it and then gave her 2 times a day a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of black strap molasses in some wet food. In about 3 weeks the tumor started to oooze. It was in the evening so I just wrapped it up and let it drain. I brought her to the Vet. After examining it he said it had shrunk considerable and now was only one surgery and less than half the cost. He had me take her home and let it continue to drain. The next day she had her surgery and she is as good as new! It was amazing, I didn't think it was working but it did and it took awhile and yes it was gross when it was draining but certainly worth it.

Replied by Diamond
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Donna/ NY

Why did you have to take your dog for surgery if the remedy was already working? Wouldn't that have completed his healing?

Replied by Liz
California, US
My 13 yr old female Jack Russell has a large Orange sized fatty tumor on her lower stomach area. I'm a little nervous to use the turmeric castor oil method for fear it will ooze too much and I won't be able to contain it. Suggestions?

Turmeric, MSM  

Posted by Aliceisalive (Reno, Nv) on 12/06/2014


I have a question... I have done a lot of research since my dog has been diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumor in her mouth/gums and has had it removed twice. I am using a more holistic method to help her out! I've done a lot of research on Organic Sulphur (msm) and it's amazing qualities to shrink tumors as well as Turmeric! I was wondering if ANYONE knew if there were any interactions between the two? Please respond if you have an answer! Me (and Luna) would greatly appreciate it before I start giving both to her at the same time!

Replied by Nina
New York, Usa.
Do not worry, you can give Turmeric and MSM together. There will be no adverse reaction-on the contrary MSM makes cells more permeable, so the Turmeric will work better.

Turmeric though is not water soluble and it needs a fat for maximum absorption and a pinch of pepper(Cayenne Pepper). The pepper acts as a booster to the Turmeric.You can use coconut oil in the above mixture.So Turmeric prepared like this along with MSM is the way to go.

Hope this helps.

Vaccinations and Tumor Link  

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Posted by Pete (Ontario, Canada ) on 02/24/2016
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I spent a few hours reading all these posts on the Pet Tumor page and no one mentioned the cause of these tumours, growths lumps. I hope people read all the way to my post. STOP GETTING YOUR PETS VACCINATED! These "shots" are what is causing the ailments in your pets. I have researched this for over a year. Research what is in these vaccines, toxic poisons like phenol, anti freeze, mercury, polysorbate 80, live and dead tissues from aborted babies as well as dogs & monkeys etc...

Many of you out there don't even realize that these lumps develop right in the same spot or close to where your animals received their shots! Look up Dr Andrew Molden MD on YouTube. He tried to warn everyone about ALL vaccines causing harm, in people and in PETS. A few years ago this brave man was killed by the powers that be to "silence" him. It is up to us to spread the word. We have the right to say NO to any vaccines given to us or our pets. Dr's and vets were trained by these pharmaceutical companies. Also the government's pass laws so we the people can NOT sue, so what incentive is there for these pharmaceutical companies to spend millions if not billions on research to see if they are actually safe? None!

Also look up testimonials on vaccine damage to people and hear their stories on how they or their children were perfectly healthy until they received a shot. It almost makes one physically ill to be honest. So next time you are coerced by your vet to get your pet vaccinated say No thank you. Our two dogs will never get injured by a needle ever again.

You see I am the owner of a vaccine damaged dog. She is 12 and had shots years ago but now she is covered in lumps and bumps one of them even popped on her neck. I came here for knowledge on how to try and heal my dog. I'm hoping my post here will open some eyes and save many people the heart ache of having to deal with a vaccine damaged loved one. YHWH (God) bless, Peace & good health to all. Amein.